Dylan Klebold--Jew


"The idea that Dylan picked the date of the killings because it was Hitler's birthday, that's ridiculous," Michael Moore said. "People don't realize the Klebolds are Jewish. That would not have been Dylan's reasoning."

Mastermind of the Columbine Massacre

Inspired by the hate crime called the "holocaust"--the gift that keeps on giving


You would never know from the "mainstream media" that Klebold was even Jewish, much less that he was driven to hatred of all of mankind except jews for allegedly heinous crimes like the "holocaust".  Thus the holocaust hoax has become the gift that keeps on giving--12 children and one teacher died in Columbine solely because this Jewish hate campaign, based entirely on a fraud, drove a Jew to insanity.  The obvious cover up, conducted by the police and the Jewish controlled media immediately after it was discovered that Klebold was Jewish, should make Christians worldwide suspicious of their entire evil agenda.  Even though 24,600 web sites found by Google and 46,400 found by Yahoo state simply and clearly that Klebold was a jew, ONLY Fox News made mention of this, in the VERY small paragraph above, while every other mention of this fact has already been washed from every Google and Yahoo search of every recent news article.

Is this a harbinger of things to come?  Or things that have already happened to our "news" and "history" since jews brought 100% control of it in 1904?  To remove every single trace of Klebold's jewishness from our national consciousness so quickly required great deceit and huge LIES [something all jews are very capable of], BUT also great planning and coordination, intelligence and communication, things no jew has.

What do Jews do in response to the unspeakable crimes committed by Jews who are driven by such hatred?  Why, they blame it on the guns, of course, not on jews, nor Talmudism, nor the Kol Nidre Oath, nor Judaism http://www.jlaw.com/Commentary/columbine.html    To demand gun control in the whirlwind of their holocaust hate campaign is akin to demanding anti-gravity laws in the midst of a tornado--it might distract a few idiots from the main issue, but it won't cause the violence to subside one iota.

Dave Cullen of Salon wrote: "Schools, parents and communities can work to combat ... anti-Christian prejudice ..., but fighting against indiscriminate hate is much thornier". http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/09/23/columbine/index.html    How could Dave have missed this obvious connection between the holocaust hoax and the Columbine shooting?  What created this "anti-Christian prejudice"?   Why does such a thing exist in America's public schools, and why aren't writers like Dave DEMANDING an end to it?  Why don't they acknowledge the holocaust hoax as the fraudulent hate campaign that it is?

While the justice system sentenced Mark Manes, 22, to prison for selling a TEC-DC9 semi-automatic handgun to the underage Harris and Klebold, which is a felony in Colorado, they did nothing to Simon Wiesenthal who is conducting the anti-Christian hate campaign called the "holocaust" which caused all of this in the first place.

Harris railed against just about every conceivable minority, right alongside their majority counterparts: "We hate niggers, spicks ... and let's not forget you white P.O.S. [pieces of shit] also. We hate you."  http://www.salon.com/news/feature/1999/09/23/journal/    Why didn't they add Jews to their hate list?  Is it because they WERE Jews?  Why doesn't the mainstream media report this connection?  Is it because most of them ARE Jews?

Harris, caught stealing tools and electronics from a van in January 1998 with fellow Columbine gunman Dylan Klebold, successfully finished his juvenile diversion program in February  http://www.denverpost.com/news/shot0528b.htm giving us some insight into how effective our "correctional system" is at correcting people.  "The crime started over a year before April 20th, and yet the official report basically pretends that that had no basis on anything, and has no reason to be included in there," Rohrbough, whose son was killed, said. "That, in itself, shows the police department clearly withholding information from the public."  http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2000/05/17/reacts/index.html

Why are the police engaged in a cover up of the Littleton Massacre?   To cover their own complicity in causing these teens to go on a hate rampage?   To cover the fact that this was an anti-Christian hate campaign by Jews who were upset about the Holocaust?  To comply with threats from jews like those at the ADL who've successfully excised all mention of jew crimes like this from our mainstream media [and thus from mainstream public opinion].



Why didn't the media label this a hate crime? http://www.apopulistreview.com/speakup/_disc4/00000014.htm


The media: From white supremacist to innocent Jew. http://www.nationalist.org/docs/history/klebold.html


Eric Harris was Jewish too? http://www.overthrow.com/leadstory052799.html

"Christians, especially, seemed to be hated by the two killers, and they made a number of obscene and derogatory comments about those of their fellow students who were Christians whom they intended to kill. Is this something Klebold learned from his Jewish mother? We don't really know, and we certainly won't find out from Tom Brokaw. One thing which is clear from their video, however, is the almost total sense of alienation felt by the young killers. They really hated the world." http://www2.mo-net.com/~mlindste/adv12259.html


"The online publication writes that the diary, actually a journal with just a dozen entries over a year's time, opens with the rant, "I hate the f------ world'' and continues with a reference to Hitler.

"Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone said Wednesday he hadn't seen the Harris diary in a while but doubted the authenticity of the excerpts in the stories by Salon.com, a 4-year-old network of 10 Web sites that cover everything from news to arts and entertainment. "The theme sounds the same but not the words,'' Stone said. "I think we've got a bogus deal there. I don't believe those are legitimate excerpts.''

"The Salon stories say Harris advocated an end to the world in a diary that echoes the same themes of widespread hate on his well-publicized Web postings: "If you recall your history, the Nazis came up with a "final solution' to the Jewish problem: kill them all. Well in case you haven't figured it out yet, I say "Kill mankind.' No one should survive.''



"Jefferson County sheriff's investigator Kate Battan, the lead Columbine investigator, is quoted as saying Harris and Klebold were driven by the desire for fame, not a particular hatred for jocks, minorities or Christians."

This is a HATE CRIME by every definition of the words, yet John Stone and Kate Battan "think" the theme is the same at the same time that they "think" that these are not the exact words?

Why don't they KNOW something--anything?  Why don't they LOOK at the diary to confirm this crucial piece of information?  Why are they using smoke and mirrors here?  What are they trying so desperately to cover up?

"Dylan Klebold was a name that everyone, unfortunately, was speaking of this year. He and Eric Harris were the ones who went on a shooting rampage in Littleton, Colorado, killing 12 students and a teacher. He was part of a group of misfit youth, fascinated with things German and Nazi, from music to swastikas. His funeral was conducted by Rev. Don Marxhausen, the pastor of a local Lutheran church. Dylan Klebold’s great-grandfather was Leo Yassenoff, a successful construction businessman in Columbus, Ohio. His name can be found all over the town including on the Jewish Community Center. He was one of the leaders of the Columbus Jewish community and served as superintendent of the Temple Israel religious school. He had everything – everything but nachas, yiddishe nachas."



"Oh, yes, and also no mention that one of the killers was a Jew. Although his father was a Gentile, 17-year-old Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan Yassenoff, was a synagogue-going, shul-trained Jewess. She attended Temple Israel. That makes her son a Jew according to Jewish law, although we would consider him only a half-Jew. But Brokaw and the other TV reporters never mentioned this. All we heard was that the two killers were neo-Nazis who liked German music and German insignia.

"Now, this sort of deliberate deception happens all the time, unfortunately. Most Americans believe that the media are biased, but they don't understand how blatant the bias is. They don't understand how arrogantly and deliberately they are lied to by the media bosses. The NBC Nightly News program of April 21 is a good example. Perhaps you saw it yourself and remember the details I have just described for you. If you didn't see it, you can order a video cassette of the program and view it. An outfit called Burrelle's in New Jersey, which is in the business of recording and selling television news programs, will sell you a copy of the April 21 edition of NBC Nightly News for a reasonable price."



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Dylan Bennett Klebold

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Dylan Klebold

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-- b. 9-11-1981 -- 17 year old son of Mr. Thomas Klebold (then 52) and Mrs. Susan (Yassenoff) Klebold (then 50), younger brother to Byron (21 at the time).

Tom is a geophysicist, Sue works with handicapped people. Both are from Columbus, Ohio and went to Ohio State University. Sue is from a prominent Jewish community there, granddaughter of the late philanthropist and construction magnate Leo Yassenoff, who built the local Jewish community center in Columbus that bears his name. Dylan attended Normandy Elementary School in Littleton, Colorado, for first and second grade and then transferred to Governor’s Ranch Elementary School where he was part of the CHIPS (Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students) program for gifted and talented children. His parents told investigators he was somewhat sheltered at Governors Ranch Elementary and believed his transition to Ken Caryl Middle School was a little difficult for him because he was so quiet and shy. Transition from elementary school to middle school is difficult for many adolescents so his parents were not overly concerned.

During his earlier school years, The Klebold homehe played T-ball, baseball and soccer. At Columbine Dylan was active in the school play productions as a light and sound coordinator as well as being involved in video productions and Columbine High School’s Rebel News Network -- he made a couple of videos with Nathan Dykeman, one of the Rebel News Network annoucements (8mm) and another made Nov. 1998 to show Nate's father where Nate lived, went to school, etc (VHS). Dylan was a computer assistant at school and helped maintain the school computer server. Their neighbors described them as nice people -- the picture-perfect neighbors -- and it's said in one report that Sue was stunned by what her son did, saying that she never had a hint of what was going to happen.

Okay. Judging from what I've learned, I could buy that his parents didn't know that he and Eric had collected so *many* weapons and made that many pipe bombs. But c'mon. Never had a hint? Students in the bowling class Dylan and Eric attended first thing in the morning said that he would shout 'Heil Hitler!' every time he rolled a good ball. Did the teacher simply ignore the behavior? I know that's something I would like to know about my son if it was going on. And fifty pipe bombs and four assault weapons, not to mention propane bombs are a bit much not to notice anything. Sherry Higgins, mother to a friend of both boys, says she was told the video they made of shooting Columbine was a spoof, a "bang-bang, Dick Tracy-type thing that they were trying to put together." In hindsight, she admitted it should have been a clue.

Dylan's 18 year old prom date noticed something. In fact, Robyn K. Anderson helped purchase two shotguns and the rifle used in the assault. That particular report also discloses that the owner of Dragon Arms, a gun shop in Littleton, reported that five teen-agers tried to purchase an M-60 machine gun and a silencer-equipped assault pistol in early March. The five were captured on a store surveillance videoptape that was turned over to police.

Dylan was described by many who knew him to be a follower and he latched onto Harris. He was also described as lacking confidence in himself - 'painfully shy', some folks said - but didn't have a quick temper. Dylan played Fantasy Baseball on a regular basis and excelled in school. Was making plans for the future right up till the week and day before the massacre -- already had put down money for a dorm at U of A where he planned to major in computer science; the whole Klebold family drove to Arizona with Dylan on March 25, 1999 to pick out Dylan’s dorm room.

But this 'shy' demeanor so many remember him by isn't shared by everyone who knew him. His and Eric's behavior at Blackjack Pizza where they met and worked definitely didn't fit that profile: When they were bored, they would buy dry ice at the nearby Baskin-Robbins and make little bombs to detonate behind the pizza place. Dylan was once fired for bringing a pipe bomb to work but was rehired when Blackjack needed workers. At least twice, the previous owner let Dylan and Eric set fire to aerosolcans, once in a mop sink and another time in an oven. They were constantly playing with fire behind the store, once allowing a blaze in a dumpster to grow so wild that the fire department came out.

Nathan Dykeman, a close friend of Dylan's, told police that he'd seen Dylan making a purchase behind Blackjack Pizza, paying something like $200-$300 dollars to Philip Duran (another worker at the pizza place). Nate thought Dylan was buying drugs and being staunchly anti-drug, gave him a hard time about it. Dylan told him then that he'd been buying a gun. With the weapons purchased Eric and Dylan made a video at a campground where they were practicing shooting the sawed off shotgun. The videotape of the target practice was made by Harris and Klebold in March, and was shown Nate two weeks before the Columbine shootings. Dykeman told cops about the videotape three days after the killings.

Just weeks before the massacre, Dylan turned in a school report that was so graphically violent that the teacher told his parents about it. "It's just a story," was Dylan's explanation, bought easily by his parents. The story was about a lone warrior clad in a trench coat who in gory detail beat, stabbed and shot to death a group of "college-preps," then set off bombs to divert the attention of the police. The language used to describe the prep 'enemies' was so strong that the teacher, Judy Kelly, wouldn't even grade the paper till she'd sat down and spoken with him about it. The families of three victims named Kelly, along with other school employees, in their wrongful death lawsuits, contending she should have done more to call attention to Dylan's violent fantasies. (See samples of Dylan's writings.)

The Klebolds cooperated with Denver police fully immediately following the massacre but later refused to release information about their son. They managed successfully to keep Dylan's autopsy from the media though it has since been released and should be showing up here soon. They didn't have near that success with the five confiscated video tapes the teens shot in the basement of Dylan's home. It was in these videos that Dylan's true dark side showed. No sheep, he. No hapless follower blindly tagging after Eric's lead. This was a shotgun-cracking angry young man who wanted to hurt people and showed it in words and body language.

In the videos he and Eric shot in theDylan Klebold, Brooks Brown, and Nick Baumgart basement (wherein they showed off the way their weapons fit under their trenchcoats) he and Eric both go off about the 'stuck up bitches' they go to school with, Dylan referring to two by name: Rachel and Jennifer. The wav clip I have excerpted from the videos has been censored so much due to the language he used to describe them that it's almost incomprehensible. But if you listen closely you can hear the gist of the angry diatribe. And to think: even after the videos were disclosed there are still folks who swear these shootings were random. An interesting aside: Rachel Scott, the first to die, was the prom date Nick Baumgart, Dylan's childhood friend and a mutual friend of Eric's.

October 1999 the Klebolds announced intent to sue the Jefferson County police department. The basis of their claim was that if the police had treated the Browns' report when Eric threatened Brooks, things would've never escalated to this tragic ending. Several families of the victims who died expressed support of this position, including Daniel Rohrbough's family.

There was some controversy regarding Dylan's death; he was shot once in the left temple. Investigators believed that if Dylan was going to shoot himself, he would've shot himself in the right temple. But the coroner ruled it a suicide. Furthermore, the Klebolds' lawyer Frank Patterson confirmed for the family that Dylan was left-handed. I've scanned and uploaded Dylan's autopsy summary if you wish to see it. I've not been able to obtain a full copy.

See more pictures of Dylan


Klebold, along with classmate Eric Harris, killed 12 fellow students and one teacher on April 20 before both apparently committed suicide. Both students were juniors at the Littleton high school, apparently members of a shadowy student group known as the Trenchcoat Mafia.

Reports of the Klebold family’s Jewish ancestry first appeared on April 23 in the Columbus Dispatch of Columbus, Ohio, where Dylan Klebold’s maternal great-grandfather, the late Leo Yassenoff, was a respected Jewish community leader and philanthropist.

Also known as an outstanding football player for the Ohio State Buckeyes in his youth, Yassenoff’s influence was so lasting in the Columbus Jewish community that the city’s Jewish community center still bears his name.

The elder Yassenoff and his son, Milton Yassenoff, were members of the Columbus Reform congregation, Temple Israel, the Dispatch reported. Milton’s daughter, Susan Yassenoff – now Susan Klebold, the mother of Dylan Klebold -- was also active in the temple during her youth. Susan Klebold grew up in the Bexley district of the Columbus metropolitan area.

But The IJN spoke this week with a prominent member of the Columbus Jewish community, a longtime resident and leader of that city who has known members of the Yassenoff family. According to this source, Leo Yassenoff’s son Milton was an adopted child.

Another source reports that Milton Yassenoff was a Jewish orphan, legally adopted, who maintained a level of Jewish involvement during his life. Milton Yassenoff married a non-Jewish woman, the former Charlotte Hough of Ohio. Their daughter, Susan, could therefore not be considered halachically Jewish since her mother was not Jewish.



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While jew articles like the above make an issue of a jew not being a jew if the mother is not a jew, the Knesset in Israel has resorted to testing DNA to make sure jews are jewish enough to be eligible for the law of "return", which requires that only ONE grandparent be a jew.  By this law, Klebold was "halachically"a jew.

The good news is that, while attempting to prove that Klebold was not a jew, this jew source confirmed he WAS!!

But even worse, if this article is correct and Klebold's father was not a jew, and Michael Moore who MET him was wrong--then Klebold was even worse than a jew, he was a mamzer.

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