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Feminism & Our Irresponsible Media

Gun Control vs. SMH Control

For more than half a year after Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris shot fellow students in Littleton, Colorado, the media successfully and completely concealed the fact that Klebold is yet another product of an SMH (single-mother household). Nobody ever had the impression from the media for this entire time that both of these children were nothing but ordinary children from ordinary families.

Dylan Klebold was "ordinary" only by a fact beyond his control, but not of his mother's, that almost 100% of mass murderers, assassins, and school shooters were born to or grew up in SMHs, where they are 8 times more likely to become murderers than children who grow up with biological fathers. To believe that adoption of Klebold by a married couple would change the social pathologies attributable to being born to and partly raised in an SMH is akin to claiming that it helps a little bit to lock the barn door after the horse is gone. The damage caused by fatherlessness is no easier to repair than reassembling two Boeing 747s which collide midair—and, overall, far more catastrophic.

Concealing this fact about fatherlessness from the public for half a year caused the debate in Congress to focus on gun control rather than SMH control. We know that 230 million guns "kill" 200 children each year, but we also know that 28 million SMHs kill 70,000 children each year, and that 140 of those 200 children killed by guns were killed in SMHs. The best form of "gun control" would be to outlaw SMHs, cutting in half the number of children killed by guns each year (from 200 to 99).

Households With Children Number Children (million) Gun-related deaths Rate of gun deaths/100k houesholds Gun deaths with SMHs Outlawed
Families 42 60 .14 60
SMHs 28 140 .5 39
Total 70 200 .29 99

The 101 extra gun-related child deaths each year attributable to SMHs are only 0.1% of the extra 70,000 child deaths directly attributable to fatherlessness, so the overall benefits of outlawing SMHs are hundreds of times greater than the benefits of cutting these far more visible gun-related child deaths in half. The fact that 99.9% of these fatherlessness-related child deaths are rarely mentioned in the media, are not as melodramatic as students' shooting up schools and fellow students, don't occur en masse, and require 12 independent scholarly studies to even detect, don't make them any less catastrophic, to either society nor to those directly affected by them.

Number (millions) Related Child Deaths Child Deaths per 100,000
SMHs 28 70,000 250
Guns 230 99 0.04
Ratio SMHs:Guns 0.12 707 6,250


Eliminating guns would save at most 200 children's lives, but eliminating those who misuse and abuse guns, children, and statistics--feminism and SMHs--would save 70,000 children's lives every year, plus make guns much safer for all of us.



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