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The “Circle K” and the “Circle U.” You know the story…


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Vipers At Work in the Pits

by Eric C. Martinson


It is nothing short of astonishing that a number of supposedly shrewd Italians have allowed the Jews to label them as "organized criminals". Anyone with any knowledge of the Federal Reserve; the Stock Market; the insurance industry; the various types of commodity houses and so on is well aware that the Jews; not the Italians; are the true originators and propitiators of "organized crime."


The Jews have accomplished this clever transposition on the Italians through their Hollywood movie studios; their mainstream media; and the Zionist Jew bureaucrats who permeate Washington D.C. The Jews; however; also preside over a brazen extortion program of which many non-Jew Americans are unaware. This particular Jewish organized crime that I would like to discuss is the Kosher Food Tax.


Considering the stranglehold the Jews have on the news media and publishing houses; apprising the general public of this Jewish scheme is no easy task. If all American citizens were fully informed of the scandalous indignity being done to them by this Jewish extortion; many would likely respond by refraining from purchasing certain products.


The Kosher Tax consists of a certification by a highly coordinated association of rabbinical Jews. For example; if a product's packaging is embellished with a "U" symbol; sometimes accompanied by the word "Parve;" it indicates that the product has received the blessing of the Union of Orthodox Jews (UOJCA).


If a product sports a "K"; it similarly is Jewish code for Kosher. Many times this "K" is surrounded by a circle; like you may have seen on the signs in front of the Circle K convenience stores or on the handle of a pistol manufactured by Kahr Arms.


There are numerous symbols that indicate Kosher certification. The Council of Orthodox Rabbis; the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations; New Jersey Kosher; Massachusetts Kosher; Beverly Hills Kosher; Los Angeles Kosher; and Star-K Kosher all have their own individual symbols; and mind you; this is only a fragment of the entire Kosher Jew certification list. Some examples of these types of Kosher Jewish symbols can be examined at


I could just about guarantee that every single one of you have at least some items in your kitchen that have these symbols displayed on them; if not many items. If a product has a Kosher certification symbol on it; it indicates that the product's manufacturer paid a Jewish "fee" for a rabbi to "bless" the product. There are literally hordes of these scheming bastard rabbis who travel to and from various production facilities making these "approvals". Some of these agencies employ hundreds of such rabbis.


Usually; a company must initially pay an annual fee for the use of a Jewish certification symbol; such as the "U" or "K." The company will then pay an additional fee each time the rabbi or rabbis appear to conduct an "inspection". Thus; these fees must be paid repeatedly for the products produced.


Companies which produce goods which use ingredients or components from other facilities which have already been blessed or "certified"; must again pay another Jew tax on their finished product. Needless to say; it is easy to see how many of the products purchased are taxed several times on their way to the consumer; who ultimately must assume the burden of the product's rip-off inflated price. It has been indicated that many of the companies who rely heavily on the symbols are paying as much as thirty percent of their profits toward this parasitical Jew contrived extortion.


Some people believe that the Kosher symbol indicates that a product is pork; dairy; or animal fat free; but this simply is not the case because the symbol in reality has nothing to do with these erroneous assumptions. Anyone who believes that the Jews don't eat pork is a dupe.


Of course; the Jews are already aware of the symbols; but in the case of a non-Jewish business; the swindle begins with a rabbi or Jew associate informing the company's owner or owners that without a Kosher certification symbol; the product is unsuitable for Jewish consumption. They are then advised that this unsuitability will inevitably lead to a boycott by the Jewish community. Thus; the victim is coerced; blackmailed and threatened into entering an agreement to pay the rabbis.


This racket has grown in leaps and bounds. In the 1950's; as little as two hundred products were under a Kosher tax. As of 2000; the manufacturers of nearly twenty thousand products were being fleeced by this Jewish scam. What's more; many of the products under the Jew tax are not even food items.


The significance for non-Jews goes well beyond the inflated price they pay as consumers; because the ultimate destination of the funds; although somewhat obscured; is easily discernible.


The rabbis involved are lining their pockets as well as the coffers of well-known Jewish organizations such as the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Without a doubt; a significant percentage of Kosher tax dollars finds its way in tribute to the illegal bandit state of Israel; as do donations and funds from virtually all Jew-influenced organizations.


In other words; the unwitting non-Jews in the US are supporting this blood-sucking rogue regime of the Middle East; otherwise known as Israel; with their tax dollars from Washington; not only this; they are also assisting the baneful Communist Zionist Jews in murdering Arab men; women and children with seemingly innocuous food and household purchases.


This is nothing short of an ignominious mockery of our culture and the principles upon which this country was supposedly founded. It is a particularly blatant insult to all Americans; Arabs; and Muslims; as well as Italians before mentioned.





The Kosher Food Tax is the biggest consumer fraud existing in America. Examine every item in your cupboards for either the (U) or (K) labels.




The Kosher Food Tax is the biggest consumer fraud existing in America. Examine every item in your cupboards for either the (U) or (K) labels. These symbols represent a Jewish "blessing" and when these small symbols are detected; it means that you have unwittingly paid a tax to a Jewish religious group. They will not always be on the front of the package; they may be hidden amid the small print near the label's seam. This cryptic code has to do with a Hebrew "secret;" a heist; which illuminates the Jews' power in the United States.


The circled "U;" sometimes with the word "Parve;" stands for Union of Orthodox Jews (UOJCA); the "K" stands for Kosher (KOV K). Both will not be found on the same package. These symbols mean that the product's producer paid the Jews a kind of "tax" to have some rabbi "bless" it.


Don't confuse these letters with the letter "R" which stands for registered trade mark or a letter "C" which stands for copyright. These two letters will probably be there too. You have now discovered what the Jews call "hechsers;" a rip-off code found on most grocery items.


In 1959; the Wall Street Journal estimated that this massive Jewish payola at about $20 million. That is almost forty years ago. Since that time; the Jewish owned Wall Street Journal has remained silent. The rip-off is thought to be in the hundreds of millions today. The Jewish Post of July 30; 1976 reported that Rabbi Harvey Sentor admitted that Kov K was a "profit-making concern." The UOJCA extracts exactly the same levy as Kov K; and in exactly the same way.


Jews; of course; defend these "blessings" in any way they can; but what this rip-off really boils down to for the Gentile is legalized extortion. After all; the Jews represent but 2.9% of the population. It is not an option for the Gentile to have this "tax" removed from products he buys or have the little Jewish letters erased. He has to pay this "tax" to the Jews whether he wants to or not.


If this were nothing more than a bizarre religious ceremony; giving rabbinical approval to food and food products prepared in a specific way to meet an unusual diet; then why are steel wool and kitchen utensils also included? The Jews have a strange diet indeed! If these "blessings" are so important to Jews; why do they charge for them? You would think that they would be willing to give this service free--for benefit of their own people--and perhaps pay something to food product companies for providing this Kosher identification. Instead; it's the reverse--companies have to pay to have the Kosher identification.


Since Jews represent a small percent of America's population; why is it that they place most of the burden of this "tax" on the shoulders of the Gentile? Why have the Gentile consumers been so silent for so long about this perennial extortion by the Jews? And since this burden comes off as a "tax;" don't Gentiles have a right to know where and how this money is spent? How on earth do the Jews get away with this daylight robbery? The answer is that the Jewish blessing agencies wield enormous power through Jewish domination of the retail and distribution trades..and Jews own America's press. Non-compliance by a food producer would quickly bring about a Jewish boycott of the product. Bankruptcy!


Here is how this clever scheme works. An Orthodox Rabbi will approach a company and warn the owners that unless their product is certified as Kosher; or "fit for a Jew to eat"; they will face a boycott by every Jew in America. Once they succumb to this BLACKMAIL; they are required to keep the total amount paid the Rabbis every year a strict secret!


The growth of this Kosher racket has been nothing less than phenomenal. In 1960; only 225 food products paid the Kosher tax. By 1966; this figure grew to 476 and jumped to 1000 by 1974. Today; a whopping 17;500 companies have been intimidated into paying this multi-level tax.


How The Kosher Tax Operates


The Union of Orthodox Rabbis which issues the (U) symbol controls 80% of the Kosher certification business. They employ some 300 Rabbis who travel nation-wide "inspecting" food processing plants. First; the company must pay an annual fee for the use of the copyright symbol--the (U) or (K) or a version thereof. Second; the company must pay a separate heavy fee each time a team of Rabbis shows up to "inspect" their plant (Certain meat packers are required to hire Rabbis full time at extravagant salaries). Third; the company must pay these fees over and over again for each different product they make.


Thus; General Foods pays dozens of separate fees. Also; each sub-contracting company which provides any type of ingredient which goes into the finished product must also pay separate fees to the "visiting Rabbis". Sometimes a single product may eventually be taxed as many as a dozen times right down the line before it reaches you the consumer! Last; but not least; these fees must be paid annually and they are increased each year.


Only by increasing the public awareness of the Kosher Food Tax and doing our best to refrain from purchasing products with the "K" or "U" symbols; can we begin to end this outrage being perpetrated upon our people. With the purchasing power of the dollar less all the time; we cannot afford this outrage to continue unchecked.










From: <[email protected]

To: <undisclosed-recipients:

Sent: Saturday; July 05; 2003 4:57 PM

Subject: The ADL and the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax: Fact and Fiction


The ADL and the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax: Fact and Fiction


For many Gentile consumers; it comes as a shock to realize that they pay a Jewish tax on each and every pre-packaged food item with a "U" or "K" stamp on the package. These are the two main organizations within the United States that issue Kosher-certification and its accompanying tax; though there are 273 other Kosher-certification organizations that have other symbols within the U.S. alone.(1)


The ADL (or Anti-Defamation League); an offshoot of B'nai B'rith that got its start after the Atlanta chapter head of B'nai B'rith was arrested and convicted by a jury of murdering a 12-year-old girl; Mary Phagan; in a cruel manner(2); has long since countered Gentile resentment towards this Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. Typically; the ADL says that such resentment towards the extra fees paid on food for the rabbis' certification is the hallmark of anti-Semites. While it stands to reason that in some isolated cases this may in fact be true; there is a growing concern among many others over these extra fees that Gent ile consumers are forced to pay; particularly with the downward trend of the economy.


In an article called "The Kosher Tax Hoax;" the ADL sought to allay many Gentiles' fears and concerns over the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. However; upon reviewing the "facts" presented by B'nai B'rith's ADL; one quickly sees that it is filled with outright lies or; at best; half-truths.


From the beginning of the ADL's article; it suggests that it is false that "only a small segment of the American population desires such markings; and that even the meanings of the labels are guarded secrets deliberately kept from non-Jews to trick them into paying the 'kosher tax.'"


If you are a typical non-Jewish reader; it is easy to see that both these statements are true; not false as the ADL claims. Have you personally desired such markings? And; if it is not a "secret" of sorts; why do they not display a symbol that makes it clear that a fee is indeed paid to a Jewish organization for Kosher certification?


Lubomyr Prytulak; a retired Canadian psychology professor; has long argued that a Star of David (or; Magen David; as it is often called) should also accompany the Kosher certification to make its meaning well known.(3) This makes sense; and it would be more fair to Gentile consumers; most of whom are unaware of the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. If the ADL and Jewish organizations were genuinely concerned with honesty; they would have done this long ago.


Jewish organizations do not necessarily seem to be concerned with honesty in this matter; however. In some advertisements of products bearing "K" or "U" symbols in magazines; these symbols will often actually be "hidden" or "masked off." However; when these same items are advertised in Jewish publications; these symbols might actually be larger and have an arrow pointing to them.(4) This is; of course; deceptive advertising and goes to show that there are concerns among Jews or the companies that sell these Kosher products of the meaning behind these symbols becoming known.


While the ADL suggests that the claim "only a small segment of the American population desires such markings" is an anti-Semitic lie; the truth speaks otherwise. In fact; according to the Kosher-certification agency Star-K; "Integrated Marketing Communications reports that approximately 2.5 million Jews consume kosher food products."(5) So what about the other 297.5 million people in the United States? Why are we then forced to pay for their Jewish religious dietary habits; why are we forced to pay for the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax?


The ADL argues that "the cost to the consumer for this service is a miniscule fraction of the total production overhead; it is so negligible in practical terms as to be virtually non-existent." Is this true? I certainly would have no problems if Jews wanted to certify products as being Kosher or not at entirely their own costs.


As you might suspect; such talk by the ADL is either an outright lie on its part or; at best; deceptive. For example; the ADL report cites a "representat ive of the Heinz Company." This "representative" reportedly said that the cost is "so small we can't even calculate it." This Heinz "representative" also said that the extra business it received more than made up for the costs associated with the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. Who was this "representative"? If what he stated was true; why is his name not even given in the ADL's article for verification? Did this person even exist?


Quite to the contrary of the ADL's article; the Canadian Jewish News of March 20; 2003; has an article with an interesting headline: "Heinz Canada trims kosher product line." Many of the Canadian Heinz's products were no longer to be certified Kosher (thereby avoiding the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax; symbolized by Canada's "COR" - Council of Orthodox Rabbis' marking); although the products would still be kept Kosher for Jews (out of decency for Jewish consumers not concerned with whether the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax had been paid). Apparently; according to (named) Heinz spokeswoman Anna Relyea; this was done to "keep costs down while continuing to provide kosher products to our customers." The reasons given by Heinz for the decision were due to "how complex the manufacturing is; what the savings were and so on."(6) In any event; these costs that were reported by the ADL as being "so small; we can't even calculate it" could; in fact; be calculated and must have been significant.


Another item that seems to be deliberately distorted in the favor of the ADL is a reported "fact" given by the Birds Eye company. According to the ADL's article; General Food's Birds Eye unit paid only "6.5 millionths (.0000065) of a cent per item." It would be more interesting to know how much General Foods itself paid in real dollars altogether for the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax; but the ADL avoids such talk for obvious reasons. But is the paltry sum of .0000065 cents per item true?


Again; this seems like a deliberately deceptive move on the ADL's part (or that of one of its members who was employed at Birds Eye). Does anyone really believe that a rabbi would fly to Birds Eye foods if he only received 6.5 cents for each $1 million of business Birds Eye did? If Birds Eye did; say; $100 million in business; that would be a paltry $650.00 in fees by the certification agency. This wouldn't even pay for the time involved; let alone travel and paperwork. So is the ADL lying? Probably not. If you'll notice; it says ".0000065 of a cent per item." I believe that Birds Eye sells corn; peas; pieces of broccoli; et cetera. In effect; the ADL's "informer" was probably meaning that every single piece of corn; every single pea; and every single bean--that is; every "item"--incur the cost of .0000065 cents. Added up; this then makes sense.


Of course; if the Jewish agency that charges the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax would care to make available how much it charged this company in real dollars for the previous year; that would be a start to being honest. But; if you carefully examine the web; you will not find one company that has reported this fee to the rabbis. Why is this? From a logical standpoint; it stands to reason that the rabbis must have some type of confidentiality agreement in which if the company reveals its cost it is then penalized to a certain extent. What other reasoning could there be that not one single company discloses its costs associated with the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax?


The ADL then goes on to cite a company that reportedly had its business increase as a result of Kosher certification. Is this true? Possibly. One must keep in mind; however; what Dr. Prytulak refers to as the "Pyramid Scheme" at his website. In effect; this is how it works: A large company is courted by Jews; who fill its company heads with promises of a greater market appeal--but only; of course; if they pay this initially "small fee" (in comparison with the company's total business) for certification. The company agrees. However; now the company must buy all its supplies from other "Kosher companies." Aside from the obvious need to purchase food products from Kosher suppliers; this might even include the steel for its manufacturing process and the cleaning supplies; to name a couple other items now considered Kosher. In any event; if the suppliers do not give the main company a Kosher product; the company cannot do business with them. (After all; products prepared by lowly Gentile companies do not meet the Jewish religious dietary standards as set forth by rabbis without due compensation.) In effect; if your company happens to be one of the suppliers to another company; you risk much business by failing to abide by the Jewish standards (and; of course; paying them your accompanying fees).


Is the extra business really there for companies that decide to go Kosher? Not according to some businesses. The Albuquerque Tribune reported one company bagel company as wanting to be certified Kosher; but "the expense was more than the ... bagel company could muster." The owner stated; "We occasionally get asked for it but not that often." Another company decided to drop its "Star-K certification after one year." The owner of that company reported; "Kosher wasn't opening up any markets for me. I thought it was too much for my little operation."(7)


As you might expect; later in the ADL's article; it spends a significant amount of its article questioning the "motives" of those who question the motives of the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. Since the ADL cannot obviously refute the content of the argument; it has to resort to attacking the organizations and people who bring forth legitimate arguments against an illegitimate tax that Gentile consumers are forced to pay; which is unknown to the vast majority of them. Of course; the ADL itself has a few skeletons in its closet; so to speak. Books such as "Conspiracy Against Freedom" or "The Ugly Truth about the ADL" (available from ) tell much of the stories kept behind the headlines.


In an attempt to make the ADL's concerns seem legitimate; it cites Dr. Ed Fields; who states:


"All of this is superstitious nonsense and has absolutely nothing to do with improving the quality of any food product. Still; this clever scheme of requiring kosher labeling has become a multi-million dollar business today!"


Obviously; since Dr. Fields says this--and since the ADL makes him out to be a "bad" person through the use of its personal attacks (for failing to cooperate with the false-logic that Kosher is somehow wholesome)--we are to believe what he says is false. But in fact; it is true. What the ADL fails to mention; here; is that many Jews have corroborated what Dr. Ed Fields has stated; and these Jews are even cited by Dr. Fields. For example; the Washington Post of 2 November 1987 is cited; quoting orthodox Rabbi Schulem Rubin:


"Kosher doesn't taste any better; Kosher isn't healthier; Kosher doesn't have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound on sale and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.69 a pound and not tell the difference. There's a lot of money to be made. Religion is not based on logic."


Of course; facts have always been a problem for the ADL; which is why it has attacked Dr. Fields's character so much. If you cannot refute the argument; the ADL seemingly reasons; attack the person's character who makes the argument.


The ADL's article then goes on to suggest that Jews are not the only ones who prefer Kosher. It argues; "Some kosher marketing officials estimate there may be as many as six million Americans who seek out Kosher foods in the


supermarket. Of these only 1.5 million are Jewish. Moslems and Seventh Day Adventists also adhere to certain aspects of the Jewish dietary laws." Is this true? Yes; it certainly is. You see; the article says "some Kosher marketing officials..." Who are these "Kosher marketing officials"? If you said the ADL; you might have just won the prize.


While I have not taken the time to see what the Seventh Day Adventists believe; I looked into if the Muslims found the Kosher certification acceptable as meeting their religious dietary habits as well. What does the Islamic Food Council of America have to say about Kosher meeting the religious dietary requirements of orthodox Muslims; or "Halal;" as it is commonly known. According to the Halal Digest of July 2000; it states;


"Many Kosher producers believe that Muslims accept Kosher as being Halal. In fact; Muslims do not accept Kosher certification as being a substitute for Halal certification. Some Muslims may have believed that Kosher slaughter was similar to Halal; but they are learning that this is not true and are demanding Halal certified products. Internationally; only proper Halal certification is acceptable and monitoring agencies are being established to ensure compliance."


There is one major difference (that even I know of) between the Halal method of slaughter and that of the Kosher method. The Halal method is actually done in a more humane manner; as it allows the animal to be stunned first. However; this is not the case with Kosher slaughter; which requires the animal to experience the full amount of pain and be fully conscious.


Continuing; the ADL then goes on to say that "the bulk of Kosher shoppers appear to


be consumers who believe the Kosher certification ... means higher quality food." Is this true? Well; the ADL gives no proof that there are a significant number of consumers who are non-Jewish and who buy Kosher products because they "believe" (with the word "believe" being the key-word here) Kosher "means higher quality food." However; as to the false claim that Kosher is a "higher quality food;" the response to this is best summed up by Rabbi Irving Silverman; who is cited in the 20 March 1987 edition of The Sun-Sentinel:


"There's one misconception that I'd like to clear up. There's a perception that Jewish dietary laws are steeped in health considerations. That's not so at all. It is a commitment to a strict adherence to a tradition. I'm not Kosher because it's healthier; I'm Kosher because my parents were Kosher; and my grandparents were Kosher. It's a commitment!"


In conclusion; the ADL admits; rather hesitatingly it appears; that consumers do; in fact; "pay a higher price" at "Kosher butcher shops." While this is nice of the ADL to actually concede this relatively minor detail; it does not answer the greater question: How much are we Gentiles paying for the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax overall? What are the real costs to us as consumers?


This figure of costs associated with the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax is largely unknown due to Jews not disclosing how much they charge to the various companies that receive Kosher certification. In perhaps what can only be viewed as a mistake by the rabbis who oversee the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax; in 1987 they disclosed that they expected Kosher steel to bring them in $700;000.00 of fees per year.(8)


How much is the total cost today? While the figure is unknown; there are other things we can tell. For instance; according to Star-K Kosher certification and EBizAsiaLink; $165 billion worth of food received Kosher certification.(9) But does this figure also include non-food products such as steel and aluminum foil; which are not actually Kosher despite the fees that are paid?(10) Probably not; so the figure may be much greater. Another figure that we can look at to determine cost is taken from an article appearing in the Detroit News. It stated that one Kosher certification company brought in an estimated $20 million.(11) You begin to understand how much money we are talking about when you realize; as stated at the beginning of this article; that there are 275 such Kosher-certification organizations in the United States; and a total of 400 worldwide.(12)


It must be recognized that in addition to the fees paid to rabbis for the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax; there are other fees that a company might incur simply in an effort to ensure that its product is indeed Kosher. For example; they could not process pork on non-Kosher beef on the same equipment as Kosher beef; lest it be "contaminated." Equipment might then have to be added or changed. Suppliers might need to be changed. Special training would need to be administered. Perhaps; even a full-time rabbi might need to be hired to oversee the production.


The total costs associated with the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax from all this is certainly in the billions; if not the trillions; of dollars.






1.) See many of these symbols at Kosher Quest:


See article appearing in the Detroit News about the number of Kosher agencies. It is said that there are total of 400 worldwide; with the vast majority (275) in the U.S.:


2.) While many articles attest to this; the most honest and even-handed book about the matter is called "The Murder of Little Mary Phagan" (New Jersey: New Horizon Press; 1987). Leo Frank; the Jewish head of Atlanta's B'nai B'rith; had been convicted by a jury and his appeals were shown to be without merit. Nowadays; in what appears to be an effort to further divide Blacks and Whites; the ADL says that racist White Southern racists wrongly convicted the White Jew Leo Frank in an effort to let the true guilty Black perpetrator of the crime go free. For obvious reasons; such talk defies logic. Seventy years after the fact; Jews were able to secure a "pardon" for Frank; of course; one cannot receive a "pardon" without having been guilty. The pardon was not granted due to his innocence but; rather; due to the fact that the townspeople decided to hang Frank for his vicious crime; as the little girl Mary Phagan had been brutally murdered.


3.) Dr. Prytulak's "Kosher" website can be viewed at ; and from there there are about 30 pages of links at his website that deal with the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax.


4.) The newspaper "The Truth at Last;" edited by Dr. Ed Fields; showed one such example where an ad for Dobie Pad deliberately had its "U" symbol masked off in a magazine with a mostly non-Jewish readership but not in a publication intended mostly for Jews. Such deceptive practices should be illegal; according to "Truth in Advertising Laws." Jews typically engage in ad hominem invectives when this is pointed out - that is; they try to attack the source that presents these facts since they cannot refute the facts themselves. In this case; Jews will say that Dr. Fields is an "anti-Semite; blah; blah; blah..." Even if what they say is true--and it seems more like he is simply a concerned American patriot--it does not excuse such practices.


5.) See Star-K's website:


6.) Canadian Jewish News; March 20; 2003:


7.) The Albuquerque [NM] Tribune:


8.) Newsweek; "Hey; Have I Got an Alloy for You!" 23 March 1992; p. 49.


9.) Star-K:




10.) For a list of items that are not Kosher; see Kosher Quest:




12.) See footnote 1.




Kosher Company Threatens Lawsuit Over Kosher Tax Expose

Says Revelations Of Jewish Tax Hurting Sales; Reputation


7/7/2003 11:15:14 AM


Commentary -- Company Tries to Hide Its Kosher Tax by Threatening a Lawsuit Against Website for Trademark Infringement


Lubomyr Prytulak; a retired professor of psychology in Canada who was born

in the Ukraine; was astounded to discover about four years ago all the

products in his pantry that bore Kosher markings. Upon discovering that


the products marked with the "U" or "K" designated that a fee had been

paid to

Jewish outfits; compounded with the various other symbols that are common

across America and Canada that he points out; he set about making one of


most in-depth websites ever on the web to reveal this Jewish Kosher Tax

racket; in which many unsuspecting Gentiles are forced to pay for Kosher

certification. You can see the many letters that he sent to various


and the Canadian Jewish Congress here:


While looking through his pantry; he discovered that there were a total of

156 items(!) that bore Kosher marks. In numerous articles; he points out;


a highly intelligent and reasoned manner; that he should not be forced to


this Kosher tax; just as many other Gentiles would feel the same if this

became known to them. Indeed; as he reasons; there should be a "Truth in

Advertising Law" that is applicable; since the meaning of this "U" or "K"


unknown to many Gentiles. In all honesty; he suggests; a Star of David


accompany the "U" or "K" signs so as to give a better understanding of the

Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax.


It is unknown at this time exactly how much money goes to various Jewish

organizations for this. According to Dr. Ed Fields of the newspaper "The

Truth at Last;" which is one of the more honest papers in its critique of


topics; he reports that; according to the "Chicago Jewish Sentinel" of 7


1988; that it was a $30 billion a year business. If this figure holds


today - and it seems quite likely that it has at least tripled - this


mean that for every man; woman; and baby in America - everyone; bar none;


approximately $100.00 a year for the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. In


difficult times; this has become an extra burden on many families; whose

children go hungry. In the ADL's attempt to refute this; they point out


business who 28 years ago paid a low fee; which was probably an


fee before the company became entangled and could not break free from the

Kosher pyramid-scheme; described below.


This figure of $30 billion actually seems quite low; 15 years later;

particularly when you consider all that is involved. It has become; as


Prytulak points out; a "pyramid scheme" of sorts. For example; a rabbi


approach a company; telling the company that it will do more business if


receives kosher-certification. (This is a fallacy; as Dr. Prytulak points


as well; since there is such a small market for those Jews who actually


to such religious guidelines.) In order for the company to be considered


have a kosher product; however; all of its suppliers must also sell kosher

goods. Consequently; the suppliers are told that they must also pay this

Kosher Tax - or the company to which they furnish their product might have


find other suppliers; who are Kosher. It is not merely meat here; either;


you might suspect (though; from a religious point of view; anything


meat is logically Kosher). In fact; aluminum foil; candy; steel; orange

juice; cleaning products; et cetera; ad nauseam; are also considered


for the Jewish racket. Indeed; even a steel mill reportedly paid


for Kosher certification; according to an article cited by Dr. Prytulak.


one adds up all the costs associated with the numerous distributors - from

cleaning suppliers to steel suppliers to; of course; food suppliers (of


items in the final product of; say; a pot pie); the cost is probably a few

cents added to each pre-packaged item. Obviously; over time; this adds



While there is nothing wrong with Jewish people wanting to adhere to their

religious dietary habits; it seems unfair that Gentiles should have to


this burden with them. In many areas in the suburbs; there are areas with


if any Jews. Nevertheless; all these people are expected to bear the


Tax with Jews; who benefit enormously from this racket.


One might also point out that it seems highly likely that some of this

money makes it way back to Israel; or that it frees up other money that


makes it way there for Jews; particularly since so many have dual

citizenship. It may be shocking to some Muslims; Christians; peace


and other groups concerned with the daily horrors in the Mid-East that


might be unwittingly supporting the brutal regime in Israel. This might


been one of the concerns that Dr. Prytulak had; as many Ukrainians had


murdered under the heels of the Jewish leadership during the Cold War.


fact; it has been estimated that at least 40 million Russians; Ukrainians;


others were murdered during peace time during what was called the "Red


and Jews accounted for the majority of the Red Army's leadership at the



Due to Dr. Prytulak's concern over these matters - being forced to pay for

this Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax and; furthermore; not even knowing who


received the benefits of it - he began to document all this online.


Recently; Canola Harvest; apparently a type of margarine; has threatened

him with "trademark" infringement; for pointing out that its company pays


Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. This is; of course; nonsense. Dr.

Prytulak; in

response to this; points out that he does not benefit from showing the

product; and merely shows that it; along with others; are engaging in poor

business by the way that it forces Gentiles to pay for Jews' religious


habits. It seems unlikely that the company is genuinely concerned with


supposed trademark "infringement." Rather; it seems that the company is

genuinely concerned; as it should be; that Gentiles will find out about


business practices and stop purchasing their product. If this is the


the company will only have itself to blame.


To find out more about this particular case; please see Dr. Prytulak's web

page about it:




In light of this all the Jewish shrieking about the


of the claims of Jewish world control

seem to lack a certain; uh; plausible deniability


Company fined $6;000 for answering customer's question

"Is any of this stuff made in Israel?"


by Helen & Harry Highwater; Unknown News   June 27; 2003

  A Missouri company has been fined $6;000 for answering a customer's question and not reporting to the federal government that the question was asked. The question that's punished by law is: Are any of these products made in Israel; or made of Israeli materials?


  The Kansas City Star reports:

  The anti-boycott provisions bar U.S. companies from providing information about their business relationships with Israel. They also require that receipt of boycott requests be reported to the Bureau of Industry and Security; formerly known as the Bureau of Export Administration.

  We ask: Why is this question forbidden? Why is any question forbidden?


  It sounds more like the USSR than the USA; to punish people for asking a forbidden question; or for not immediately reporting to the government that someone else asked a forbidden question.


  Only a few years ago; during South Africa's apartheid era; it was considered the height of good moral backbone to ask whether a product came from that country. Today; many Americans are asking such questions about products they suspect came from France; after the French government declined to join "Operation Iraqi Freedom."


  The article doesn't make it clear whether these restrictions apply only to US companies selling stuff outside the US; or whether the law applies to everyone. Either way; it's reprehensible.


  If K-Mart is having a sale on cheap plastic chess sets and we ask the clerk whether the board or pieces were made in Israel; is the clerk allowed to answer? Must the store promptly file a form with the Bureau of Industry and Security reporting that we asked?


  Well; we'll be asking the forbidden question in every store we enter. Not because we're boycotting Israel — we're not. Heck; if we were boycotting products from countries whose policies are abhorrent; we'd start by boycotting anything marked "made in USA."


  We'll be asking the forbidden question because we believe in freedom. In a free society; the government doesn't tell people what questions they can ask; and what questions they can't; and what questions must be promptly reported to the authorities.


  We had heard of this law before — banning people from even asking about boycotting Israeli products — but we had foolishly assumed it wasn't often enforced.


  According to the article; though; "more than $26 million in fines" have been levied for violations of this law; suggesting that enforcement of the Forbidden Question Law is not at all uncommon. The fine in this case was $6;000; so assuming that's average and doing the math; more than 4;000 Americans or American companies have been fined — for asking the forbidden question; or failure to report that someone else asked the forbidden question.




(see link for picts and proper formatting - article follows)




Prytulak to Richardson

CANOLA HARVEST trade mark infringement




"How much annually over the past decade has James Richardson International been collecting from Canadian consumers in rabbinical surcharge; and how do these sums compare to philanthropic donations dispensed by the Richardson family over the same interval?" — Lubomyr Prytulak




01 July 2003



Hartley T. Richardson

President and CEO

James Richardson & Sons Ltd

2800 One Lombard Place

Winnipeg; MB  R3B 0X8


Hartley Richardson:


On 30-Jun-2003; I received a registered letter dated 27-Jun-2003 from your corporate counsel Jean-Marc Ruest; a copy of which I have enclosed; and which raises issues that you may be able to dispose of expeditiously.


In the first place; the Ruest letter threatens me with a law suit for infringement of the CANOLA HARVEST trade mark for having posted an image more than three years ago of CANOLA HARVEST MARGARINE packaging (along with images of the packaging of 155 other products; it should be noted); within my Internet publication Jewish Tax: What I Found In My Pantry on the Ukrainian Archive web site at As I make a rule of staying scrupulously within the law; I can guarantee you instantaneous and full compliance with your request that I remove my image of the CANOLA HARVEST MARGARINE packaging just as soon as you inform me what law it is that you think I have contravened. You mention only "trade-mark legislation;" which I take to mean the Canada Trade-marks Act (TMA); and I wonder if you have read this Act; because I have; and I can tell you that it bears no relevance. See for yourself — it's available online at The entire Act addresses wrongful commercial activity; particularly someone's wrongfully appropriating a trade mark so as to promote his business; whereas I am not engaged in any business. For example; the TMA defines infringement as follows:


 20. (1) The right of the owner of a registered trade-mark to its exclusive use shall be deemed to be infringed by a person not entitled to its use under this Act who sells; distributes or advertises wares or services in association with a confusing trade-mark or trade-name [...].


As this statement is representative of the entire TMA; it is beyond question that the TMA does not apply to me; as I do not sell or distribute or advertise any wares or any services; and I produce no confusion as to what trade mark rightfully belongs to what product.


But perhaps you can instead fault me for depreciating CANOLA HARVEST goodwill:


 22. (1) No person shall use a trade-mark registered by another person in a manner that is likely to have the effect of depreciating the value of the goodwill attaching thereto.


However; no sooner do we read the TMA definition of what it means to "use" than we recognize that the above Section 22(1) doesn't apply to me either; as I do not "use" the CANOLA HARVEST trade mark:


 4. (1) A trade-mark is deemed to be used in association with wares if; at the time of the transfer of the property in or possession of the wares; in the normal course of trade; it is marked on the wares themselves or on the packages in which they are distributed or it is in any other manner so associated with the wares that notice of the association is then given to the person to whom the property or possession is transferred.


 (2) A trade-mark is deemed to be used in association with services if it is used or displayed in the performance or advertising of those services.


 (3) A trade-mark that is marked in Canada on wares or on the packages in which they are contained is; when the wares are exported from Canada; deemed to be used in Canada in association with those wares.


And neither are you in a position to complain that even though trade-mark legislation is irrelevant; I nevertheless depreciate CANOLA HARVEST goodwill. All I do is disclose that the "COR" on CANOLA HARVEST packaging stands for "COUNCIL OF ORTHODOX RABBIS;" and you will not come to court to confess that you know that disclosing this information elicits consumer aversion.


And neither am I able to comprehend the Ruest threat that James Richardson International will be "seeking an order of damages." What damages? The only damages you could conceivably claim would be from consumers avoiding CANOLA HARVEST products because they wished to avoid paying the rabbinical surcharge which is part of their price. But if your position is that consumers prefer kosher products; then elementary logic obligates you to expect that my disclosing that any CANOLA HARVEST product is kosher-certified will enhance product goodwill and increase sales — in which haystack cannot readily be found any needle of damages.


My writing on the subject of kosher certification disseminates information which is in the public interest. My presenting images of product packaging; instead of merely alluding to the product name without any image; fortifies consumer memory of which products are kosher certified; and teaches where on the packaging the kosher-certification information is to be found; and precisely what it looks like. Thus; the image of the packaging; as exemplified below; is instructive and educational and contributes toward raising consumer awareness of issues having profound economic and political implications:





Although I look with disapproval upon anyone undertaking frivolous and vexatious litigation; especially when it is directed at me; I have to admit that it can bring the substantial benefit of exposing and publicizing the wrong thinking and malevolent motives of the plaintiff. In your case; the benefit of your litigation would be the attendant publicity which would persuade Canadian consumers in increasing numbers to boycott James Richardson International products until such time as you were able to provide satisfactory answers to at least the following eleven questions:



The CANOLA HARVEST label above claims that your canola oil is "100% pure;" "cholesterol free;" and with "no additives or preservatives." Consumers under the impression that a pure vegetable product is exempt from kosher certification might wish to be informed how James Richardson International came to be persuaded to have its canola oil kosher-certified; and whether some rabbinical opinion would hold that such certification was groundless and purposeless; as groundless and purposeless as they have deemed the certification of olive oil to be; and whether some kashruth scholars would conclude that your paying for canola oil to be kosher-certified was a scam; and whether some among these scholars might conclude that it was another in a long list of kosher-related scams.


My putting this question to you is prompted not only by my wondering how a pure vegetable product can require kosher certification; and not only by my further wondering how it is possible that salt and sugar and pepper and coffee and tea and vinegar and drinking water and aluminum foil and plastic bags and food-wrap film and laundry detergent and laundry bleach are today being kosher-certified; and not only by my standing aghast at the proposal by some that steel be kosher-certified; but is also encouraged by my observation that kashruth scholars find it impossible to write about kosher certification without heavy reliance on the words corruption and fraud; as exemplified in the two kashruth books in my possession bearing the titles The Book of Kashruth: A Treasury of Facts & Frauds (by Seymour E. Freedman; 1970) and Fraud; Corruption; and Holiness: The Controversy Over the Supervision of the Jewish Dietary Practice in New York (by Harold P. Gastwirt; 1974).


My first question to you; in short; is whether your kosher-certifying canola oil is part of a conspiracy to defraud the public; and is a manifestation of the corruption of James Richardson International.



If there is no element of concealment in James Richardson International kosher certification of its products; then why does JRI not expand the mysterious "COR" on its packaging to the informative "COUNCIL OF ORTHODOX RABBIS" of which it is the acronym?



Can Safeway-brand canola oil displaying the same "COR 67" that CANOLA HARVEST displays be taken to mean that Safeway canola oil is really a JRI product? If so; then this might imply that JRI pre-pays the kosher-certification fee for all the canola oil it produces; removing from secondary distributors whom JRI supplies the option of selling a kosher-free product.



How much annually over the past decade has James Richardson International been collecting from Canadian consumers in rabbinical surcharge; and how do these sums compare to philanthropic donations dispensed by the Richardson family over the same interval?



Does kosher certification violate restraint-of-trade laws by coercing enterprises to kosher-certify under threat of boycott; and if so then is not JRI a leading participant in activity which is both illegal and damaging to the Canadian economy?



Most of the meat that comes from Jewish ritual slaughter is sold to non-Jews without its origin being disclosed. Some Canadian consumers might object to this practice for one or more of the following reasons:


they do not wish to support Jewish ritual slaughter because of its excessive cruelty;


they do not wish any portion of their food dollars going to the support of religion; particularly a religion of which they may not be members; and


they may fear that among the reasons for a ritual slaughterer rejecting meat for distribution to the kosher market; and sending it out unidentified into the non-kosher market; is that he suspected it of being contaminated or diseased.


Do you advocate that Canadian consumers be informed when their meat originates from Jewish ritual slaughter; or are you for continuing the present practice of selling them ritual-slaughtered meat without telling them where it comes from?



As can be verified at; my repeated queries seeking information concerning kosher certification have gone unanswered; as exemplified in two of my letters to Israel Asper:


16-May-2002 The miracle of kosher water


04-Jul-2002 The miracle of kosher vodka


If JRI agrees that stonewalling requests for information concerning kosher certification is proper; then this would seem to be at variance with the JRI Operating Philosophy expressed in the James Richardson 1857 statement that "Our goal is to be the kind of business organization in which people can place their trust."



Do you agree that if James Richardson International labels any product as kosher; then the consumer has a right to know precisely how preparation of the product has been altered to qualify it for kosher certification? If you do agree that the consumer has this right; then you would seem to be under some obligation to disclose where you have made such information available.



For the sin of having convinced government authorities to abolish taxes on kosher meat and sabbath candles which were burdensome to poor Jews but were a source of revenue for a handful of Jewish notables; Rabbi Avraham Cohen was poisoned along with his young daughter on 06-Sep-1848 in Lviv; which brings to mind today the hypothesis that the kosher tax may be less a Jewish tax; as it at first glance may appear to be; than a tax imposed by a handful of Jewish notables; with Jews generally neither participating nor benefitting; but rather only bearing the burden of increased product cost together with the heightened anti-Jewish feeling that is incited by the tax. For the purpose of exculpating the Jewish people generally; and of placing the blame more selectively on the few who deserve it; do you not think that it is important to fully disclose into exactly whose pockets the kosher tax revenues flow; and what further distribution is made of these revenues; if any?



If the kosher surcharge; as it is imposed today; is responsible for inciting some anti-Jewish feeling; and if anti-Jewish feeling of whatever origin is construed by some as anti-Semitism; then does not James Richardson International bear responsibility for helping to incite anti-Semitism; and would not JRI's removing its kosher surcharge from at least its canola oil contribute toward eradicating one of the causes of anti-Semitism?



As your threatened law suit is unsupported by either legislation or precedent; and as your damages are imaginary; how do you refute the appearance that you are employing your vast wealth and power to impose the punishment of sham litigation upon a consumer who has dared to make enquiries concerning the covert taxation of mainly the food purchases of the entire population to enrich a handful of notables within a minority religion?



As the above questions are of broad interest; I look forward to publishing your answers to them over the duration of your holding — by means of your litigation — my; and the world's; attention to the topic of James Richardson International participation in the kosher scam.





Lubomyr Prytulak



Curt Vossen


James Richardson International

2800 One Lombard Place

Winnipeg; MB  R3B 0X8


Jean-Marc Ruest

Corporate Counsel and Director; Industry Relations

Legal Department

2800 One Lombard Place

Winnipeg; MB  R3B 0X8


Israel Asper

Executive Chairman

CanWest Global Communications Corp

3100 TD Centre; 201 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg MB  R3B 3L7














Greetings all;


I have uncovered some very startling information received during an interview with a Rabbi; particularly regarding the infamous Kosher tax.

I will begin with some background information on the kosher tax itself and then a bit of background information on the interview and the rabbi.


A very informative link to start you off would be courtesy of the Ukrainian archive;; and I suggest anyone with little knowledge of the actual tax read that. Basically; we gentiles knew it prior to today that there would have to be a tax on goods with those symbols on them; but the question was how much? I have; and you will have; learned something pretty important today regarding the actual tax. Prior I assumed it was only fractions of a cent for each item; just watch.


Now; on to the interview; it was courtesy of a web site known as “Askmoses” (; though I would ask that if you do use this website for interview purposes; please keep it clean and professional or else it will be almost impossible to gain information from them; as if they discover you are not Jewish your cover is blown. The rabbi that I interviewed was a Rabbi Isser Weisberg; who; under the assumption that I was Jewish; seemed to be a somewhat level headed guy with some pure Jewish credentials (Alumni of a Talmudic university; dean of young woman’s Jewish school in Toronto; etc…) and was willing to talk with me and answer my questions. After the interview got somewhat suspicious and I’m sure he began to feel that I was not Jewish the conversation became very different; and he soon copped out.


So; without further ado; the interview;


“Start Time: Mon Jun 28 16:20:38 PDT 2004

End Time: Mon Jun 28 17:02:19 PDT 2004



Rabbi Isser Weisberg: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on

your mind?

anon: Hi

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: hi

anon: … I recently discovered; interestingly

enough; a tax on food and non-food products in my kitchen for kosher

products... are you familiar with it?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: tax?

anon: for example; a big one I see where I live in Colorado; is a U

with a circle around it... signifying the Union of Orthodox Jewish


Rabbi Isser Weisberg: those are the symbols for the various kashrut

supervision agencies

anon: common food items; but these kosher companies such as orhodox

union;; that make sure regular food items; such Mr. Clean or

Cap'n Crunch are kosher

anon: so; how much would you say extra we pay for those with kashrut

supervision agencies symbols on them; if any at all?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: it depends how much supervision is necessary

anon: I see... for example; dairy products may require more; correct?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: it cost mony to hire and pay kashrut supervisers

anon: I understand

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: but some items need a lot more supervision

anon: such as dairy products?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: mr. clean may only require a visit 2 times a year

anon: I see

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: while milk and meat need full time supervisore

anon: ah; so they of course would require some extra money for

supervision... understood

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: correct

anon: so; based on your vast experience and knowledge... how much

extra would you say is paid on an item with one of these symbols so that

we can eat comfartably?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: depends which item

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: a bottle of milk could be quarter

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: mr clean

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: maybe a penny

anon: hmm... so if I made an assumption of; lets say on a 100 dollar

grocery store run; I would perhaps spend about 15-20 dollars on kosher;

overall; would you say that is perhaps correct?

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: if it included meat and dairy products

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: yes

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: sorry I gtg now

anon: well thank you for your time sir

anon: it was very helpful

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: sure;

Rabbi Isser Weisberg: be well

anon: you too”




I; of course; eliminated some of the irrelevant things to keep it short and to the point; however anyone wishing to obtain a full copy of the interview can email me for it ([email protected])


Now basically what we see here is huge folks! We are paying upwards of 20% on an average grocery run! I know that this upset me to a great extent and all my friends who have found that they are typically paying upwards of 20%; basically contributions; so that 2% of America (most not even practicing; mind you) can sleep happy…



-Robert [anon]




Hi Dr. Prytulak;


I don't know if you saw this article or not. But I guess this is it: $6 billion is how much they extract for Kosher certification?


At first; I thought it couldn't be this much; but then I recall reading in the Detroit News about how there is at least $150 billion worth of food that is certified Kosher.


It also reported that just 1 Kosher-certification organization made over $20 million; and there were over 275 other such organization in the U.S. and 400 worldwide. So the $6 billion figure probably is right.


Divided up; the $6 billion would be roughly 3.6 percent of gross receipts of $165 billion in Kosher-certified food sales reported by eBiz Asia in 2003. Is this right? Could it be that much? Please say I'm making a mistake! Out of every $30.00 I spend on food that bears Kosher certification (just about every pre-packaged food item on the market nowadays); I give the rabbis $1.00?


Why are they forcing us non-Jews to pay for their religious dietary habit certifications? Jews should be paying these fees exclusively! It's just not right; as you point out.


Of course; with every food product company to which the rabbis market their kosher-certification; I'm sure the rabbis argue; "Hey; you'll get 6 million more customers who are Jewish--plus millions of Muslims [Halal] too; since some Muslims consider Kosher to be equivalent to Halal--and maybe some Seventh Day Adventists too!" (Never mind that the U.S. Islamic Council has said that Halal and Kosher are not equivalent; Jews still argue this line.)


And when the company complains of no increased business; the Jews probably come back with; "Hey; you need to advertise in Jewish publications so Jews know. They don't know your products are Kosher." And sales then might increase briefly; as the Jews try out the "new" products (as a consequence of advertising; just as it would if the companies took out ads in Sunday's paper); but then sales subside; with all forgotten over time as the money continues to be drained.


It's indeed a pyramid scheme; as you point out.


Kosher symbology:


And; again; here's the cost:


Text from above link follows:


Keeping products kosher

As the specialty market grows; rabbis travel the region certifying food processing businesses


By Dan Mayfield

Tribune Reporter


Three years ago; Eagle Ranch Pistachios of Alamogordo got a serious request from one of its best customers.


"We were requested to get a kosher certification from a customer we have a real good relationship with; a diamond broker in New York;" Eagle Ranch co-owner Marianne Schweers said.


"We do a lot of corporate gifts through the company; and it's home-based in Israel and decided it wasn't going to do business with anyone that wasn't kosher.


"So we said we'll give it a shot."


Like most people in New Mexico; Schweers had no idea what kosher really meant.


The diamond broker gave her a list of five kosher-certification organizations. Those are the groups that put the familiar kosher symbols on food products: the circle with a U in it or the circle with a K in it or the star with a K in it; among others.


"We had no idea how easy it would be;" Schweers said.


Schweers went with Star-K.


"They're the easiest to work with - their rabbi comes out of Arizona - and they realize we're a mom-and-pop;" she said.


Now; on every package of Eagle Ranch pistachios is a star with a K in the middle. The certification costs about $2;500 a year.


Since certification; Schweers said; her business has steadily increased; although she's not sure how much is directly related to that.


Eagle Ranch's kosher certification is part of a growing trend in the specialty food business. Kosher foods are a $6 billion market in the United States and are expected to grow to a $7.5 billion market by 2005; according to Integrated Marketing Communications Inc.; producers of the annual Kosherfest trade show.


Over the past eight years; kosher foods have grown 15 percent a year; the marketers say. Now; about 10;000 U.S. producers of nearly 100;000 products are certified kosher; they say. No figures were available on how many businesses in New Mexico have been certified as kosher.


About 35 percent of the kosher market is made up of health-conscious consumers; not just those who eat kosher for religious concerns; Integrated Marketing Communications says.


Rabbi Chaim Schmukler of the Bais Menachem Chabad Center in Albuquerque said kosher means "fit" for Jewish consumption.


He said that involves many things.


"Some people call it a blessing; and we really don't. It's really the process;" Schmukler said.


Because kosher requires that dairy and meat stay separate; the processing equipment and utensils used for one cannot be used for the other.


Meat and dairy are handled in special ways and inspected by workers. Rabbis like Schmukler train them for what to look for and how to process the food.


With kosher meat; for example; the animal is deveined and its blood drained and then all its organs are checked for blemishes; especially the lungs. If any abnormal growth is spotted; the entire animal is considered nonkosher. The back half of the animal is never kosher.


"It becomes very intricate;" he said. "There are books on it."


Schmukler visits the plants he certifies quarterly and said he also does periodic spot checks to ensure the processes; equipment and ingredients are all kosher.


Schmukler; who put himself through rabbinical college in California by certifying wines in Napa Valley and Fresno; Calif.; said maintaining a kosher plant isn't difficult.


The equipment is "koshered" by using extreme heat or boiling water to sterilize it. Then all a processor has to do; he said; is be careful to only use kosher ingredients in the processing.


In Schweers' case; her pistachios were certified as "pareve;" or meat- and dairy-free. Many lactose intolerant; vegan and vegetarian shoppers look for the pareve label to know they're not buying any dairy or animal products.


"A lot of people are not familiar with kosher or know only part of it;" Schmukler said. "But if you look in your cabinets; most of what you have is probably kosher."


The growth in kosher foods is a welcome addition to supermarket shelves; said Ellen Follick of Albuquerque; who only eats kosher.


"We only get to eat out once a month; when the Chabad (Center) has a monthly meal;" she said.


She says she feels that kosher food is safer than nonkosher food.


"When you know someone is watching you; and if you're sure they're coming (to inspect); you'll be more careful;" she said.


Follick does much of her shopping at local grocery stores; which have recently expanded their kosher selections.


What she can't buy at local stores; she gets at Malka's Kosher Emporium; Albuquerque's only all-kosher deli.


The deli; located inside the Chabad Center at 4000 San Pedro Blvd. N.E.; stocks frozen kosher beef; chicken; dairy products and dry goods.


"We're very happy to have this facility;" said Berry Harvie; who does much of her shopping at Malka's.


Malka's was opened by Marsha Silver; co-owner of the original Wolfe's Bagels; five years ago.


Not all businesses say the kosher mark is worth the expense. The new owners of Wolf's - now without an "e" - Bagels said when they opened; their plan was to be kosher. But; David Wolf said; the expense was more than the re-established bagel company could muster.


"We occasionally get asked for it but not that often;" Wolf said.


At Del Valle Pecans of Mesilla Valley in Mesilla Park; near Las Cruces; Sally Harper said she dropped her Star-K certification after one year.


"I went with the certified organic instead;" she said; which is a state certification. "Kosher wasn't opening up any markets for me. I thought it was too much for my little operation."








Robert Weinert

[email protected]

EarthLink Revolves Around You.


ATTENTION Owner Subject Missing from your excellent website



The Secret KOSHER TAX - That Raises Food Prices

A Special Report put out by:

P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061


Non-Jews are unaware that all food products marked with the "K" or "U" Symbols have been TAXED by Jewish Rabbis!


On every pantry shelf in America, lay dozens of canned and packaged food products which have a tiny "K" or "U" printed on the label. This symbol informs Orthodox Jews that the items have been checked by a rabbi, to make sure that they have been prepared in accordance with "Jewish Dietary law", as set forth in the Jewish Talmud -(the real "bible" of
the Jews.) American food companies are forced to pay multi-billions of dollars to several Orthodox Jewish organizations, just so an estimated 10% to 20% of Jewry, (or 800,000 to no more than 1.2 million Orthodox Jews), will buy their products.


Please bear in mind that this is a country of 270 million
people, and we are all forced to pay this Kosher Tax, just to appease LESS THAN ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!


This comes out of your pocket !
What does "Kosher" mean ?


The word "Kosher" means "fit" to eat. Orthodox Jews are forbidden from eating meat products from any animal that doesn't have a split hoof and chew its cud. Pigs, (pork), is not kosher because while they do have the split hooves, they don't chew their cud. Rabbit meat is not kosher because, while they chew their cud, they don't have split hooves. Jews are not allowed to eat any dairy products along with meat at the same meal. If they eat meat at one meal, they must wait six hours before they can eat any dairy food.


All of this is superstitious nonsense, and has absolutely nothing to do with improving the quality of any food product. Still, this clever scheme of requiring kosher labeling has become a multi-million dollar business today! The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1942 states that the practice of eating rabbi-approved "kosher" foods goes back to ancient times when Jews were forbidden from eating with or having sex with Gentiles. The Encyclopedia says rabbis taught that, "Gentiles are ridden with diseases and death from unclean habits, and that, God wishes to protect his people from being contaminated by the Gentiles. The non-kosher goods of the Gentiles were ruled to have a contaminating effect!"
How Racist !


Falsehoods Used To Entice Christians To Accept Kosher Products.


One of our subscribers wrote the "Aunt Jane Foods Co." in Faison, N.C. asking how much they pay annually for the use of the "U" symbol. Ms. Donna Fonvielle, head of Customer Relations, responded that Jews told them that by submitting to rabbinical supervision they are informing the public that "kosher products are produced under sanitary conditions."


The Jewish Press of Feb. 26, 1988, quotes Menachem Lubinsky, a major marketer of kosher products as saying, "the industry should tell inquisitive Christians this line, Kosher has become something like the 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval'. It makes a product appear to be healthier and of better quality."


The Washington Post of Nov. 2, 1987 quotes Rabbi Schulem Rubin, an Orthodox rabbi from the Bronx as declaring:

"Kosher doesn't taste any better; kosher isn't healthier; kosher doesn't have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound on sale, and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.69 a pound, and not tell the difference. There's a lot of money to be made! Religion is not based on logic!"


The Sun-Sentinel of March 20, 1987, quotes Rabbi Irving Silverman, who organized the recent giant Kosher Foods Exposition in New York City, as stating: "There's one misconception I would like to clear up. There's a perception that the Jewish dietary laws are steeped in health considerations. That's not so at all. It is a commitment to a strict adherence
to a tradition, a thread from one generation to another. I'm not kosher because its' healthier - I'm kosher because my parents were kosher and my grandparents were kosher. Its a commitment!"


Rabbi Bernard Levy, head of the Orthodox, "Committee For The
Furtherance of Torah Observance," demonstrates how he stamps the Kosher symbol which has made him untold millions of dollars.(Tax free) There would be no objection if the small Orthodox Jewish community made their own kosher products and paid for them, as they did before the kosher business was launched in 1919, for the general public. The problem lies in the fact that the meaning of these kosher labels is a tightly guarded secret of which most Christians have no knowledge.


America's huge manufacturers of processed food products keep a tight lid on this subject so that no explanation is ever allowed to seep out to the public. They only run ads announcing which products are kosher in Jewish publications, and NEVER in the daily press or on TV. This subject is so sensitive that few daily newspapers dare to carry articles about this controversy. Growing numbers of non-Jews who become aware of the secret kosher tax object to being forced to pay it. This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.
Who Receives The Kosher Food Tax Money ?


In 1960 there were only 225 companies paying the kosher food tax. This jumped to 475 in 1966 and 800 by 1975. Jewish promoters of kosher labeling say there now has been a "kosher food explosion" today with over 16,000 products now paying rabbinical organizations for their "stamp of kosher approval." Kosher products retail sales today amount to $30 billion
a year according to "The Chicago Jewish Sentinel" of July 7, 1988.


Note: In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which ever nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

Orthodox Jewish organizations have copyrighted certain symbols which only they can use. The giant in the business is "The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations" which issues the "U" imprint. They service some 1,200 companies or about 80% of the business. They employ nearly 600 rabbis as part-time "checkers." This is twice as many as ten years ago.


The next largest is Rabbi Bernard Levy's "Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance" which uses the "K" symbol.

Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters "COR" which stands for "Council of Orthodox Rabbis". This is a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S. Here a number of Orthodox rabbis have split away from the major groups to go into the kosher racket for themselves. (Why split easy money with the higher ups?) Note:


This is not Just a problem in the UnitedStates and Canada. All nations with an Orthodox Jewish population are being extorted this way. Any were you have agents of the World Jewish Congress, you have this form of Racketeering. Do to NAFTA, Mexico is flooded with this problem. 100 Million Mexicans, mostly Catholic, have to pay tribute to Jews in this manner.


Rabbi Jack Goldman was formerly with the Orthodox Jewish
Congregation but broke away and now runs the "Metropolitan Kashruth Council of Michigan ". He has several rabbis working for him and they issue an "MK" label. Some believe this stands for "Michigan Kosher."


It is said that had he remained in the New York-New Jersey area his life would have been in danger. Note: The symbols differ from country to country, to find out what symbols are use in your nation, check advertisements in Jewish news papers and magazines.


Minnesota has Rabbi Asher Zeilingold who immigrated there in 1953 from England, and today issues his own "K with a shield" to some ISO factories.


This is strictly a religious tax, which millions of non-Jews unknowingly pay each time they buy a basket load of groceries! What would happen if a group of Christian ministers or priests got together, and demanded that all companies pay them a similar tax? They could use a "C," symbol (for Christian), or a cross, (for Christ), threatening that those who refuse to print such a label on their products would be boycotted by Christians.


If that happened you would hear an enraged outcry from the ACLU, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, etc. They would be filing suits to stop this "violation of the Constitutional provisions providing for the separation of Church and State." But, because of the Jews' centuries old claim of being "a poor persecuted people" along with the Christian fear of being accused of "anti-Semitism," there is a deafening silence.[WhiteChristianPatriot] The Kosher Food Tax



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