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America's Curse 
Jack Wheeler
Monday, July 21, 2003

In a talk entitled "The Map of the Future" I gave recently in Dallas, I discussed which countries throughout the world were or could become the greatest threats to America's national security. At the top of the list, more dangerous than Iran or North Korea or China, I placed Mexico.

The bottomless inferiority complex that Mexico feels toward America is summed up in an old saying known to all Mexicans as "Mexico's Curse," the lament that their country is "So far from God, so close to the United States."

The truth, however, is the reverse. Today, Americans lament "America's Curse," that their country is so close to Mexico.

The U.S.-Mexico border is unique in the world, a 2,000-mile-long interface between a First World superpower and a Third World poverty pit. One of the greatest of all politically incorrect jokes is about that border, as it exposes a deeply embarrassing truth.

Remember first that Mexico lost Texas in 1836, and after America's victory in the Mexican War of 1848 (whence comes the "Halls of Montezuma" line in the Marine Hymn), Mexico ceded over a half-million square miles (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and more) to the U.S. in the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

So the story goes like this. An American is having a beer in a bar in Mexico City. He talks with a Mexican fellow at the bar, and after a few Dos Equis, he asks: "Amigo, I really don't understand something. This is a beautiful country with tremendous natural resources and a hard-working people. So why, then, is Mexico so poor?"

The Mexican looks condescendingly at the American and replies: "That is very simple, Se�or. Mexico is so poor because you gringos stole half our land."

The American takes a tug on his beer and responds, "Really?"

To which the Mexican continues, "Yes  and what is worse, you gringos stole the half with all the paved roads!"

Try this on as a thought experiment. President James Polk's emissary to negotiate the treaty, Nicholas Trist, could have included both Alta and Baja California, Alta being defined as north of the port area of San Diego. Yet he deleted Baja as a concession. So imagine it wasn't deleted, that Baja California was still American territory  and ask yourself, "What would be the real estate value of an American Baja's 2,038 miles of coastline?"

The value of an American Baja, under American sovereignty and rule of law, would be orders of magnitude greater than it is now under Mexican sovereignty and law.

An American Baja is not going to happen. But a Mexican California may.

Virulently racist groups espousing a Mexican Nazism are blossoming in California and the Southwest U.S., groups such as La Raza, which literally means "The Race." Its motto is Por La Raza Todo, Fuera de La Raza Nada  For The Race, Everything; Outside The Race, Nothing.

La Raza's declaration of racial war against the hated "Anglos" (white or European Americans) is contained in its "Aztlan Plan."

The goal is La Reconquista, the Reconquest: to force by whatever means necessary   from population swamping via illegal immigration to Palestinian-style terrorism   the return of the entire American Southwest to Mexico. La Raza calls this region Aztlan, the mythic land of Aztec origin.

A group associated with La Raza, La Voz de Aztlan (, refers to Mexican-Americans as "America's Palestinians," who are struggling for independence against an Israel-like tyranny that is the United States.

Mexican Nazis have formed a student organization  MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil de Chicanos de Aztlan  The Student Movement of Aztlan Chicanos) officially recognized and supported with U.S. taxpayer dollars at dozens of university campuses throughout the U.S. (

Guilt-tortured white liberal faculties are ideologically defenseless against them, thus the campuses are infested with "Chicano/La Raza Studies" programs.

California politicians are equally defenseless against Mexican Nazis. This is a principal reason for California's current $38 billion debt. The state is broke because illegal immigrants account for one-third or more students in many public school districts, one-third or more inmates in many California prisons, and have gained access to a vast raft of government benefits such as health care.

Yet any attempt to deny government subsidies to Mexican illegals results in riots, protests and death threats to the politician daring to suggest it.

Thus California is becoming transformed into Mexifornia  which is the title of Victor Davis Hanson's latest book ("Mexifornia: A State of Becoming," Encounter Books, 2003).

Such transformation, Hanson argues, is being accomplished with the full support of the Mexican government and ruling elite. For not only do the elite and intelligentsia in Mexico bear the Reconquista grudge, they need a massive outflow of illegal emigration to the U.S. as a safety valve, deflating pressure to reform.

Corruption is in the bones of Mexican government. Combine this with political control over the economy about to get even worse, and you have little hope for prosperity among the majority of Mexico's poverty-stricken population. The gains made by the socialist PRD party in the mid-term Congress elections on July 6 insure that.

The high hopes for President Vicente Fox, whose free-market PAN party overthrew the PRI monopoly of power, have vanished. Congress will become even more intractable to anti-socialist and anti-corruption reform. The PRD gains mean that its likely candidate, Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has an increasingly good chance to be elected president of Mexico in 2006.

A PRD-Lopez Obrador government would mean no chance for the privatization and de-unionization of Mexican industry. The prime example is Pemex, the state-owned Mexican oil monopoly, one of the most corrupt and incompetent companies in the world. It would also mean the illegal emigration safety valve would be open full tilt.

Are there solutions to America's Curse? Here are some suggestions:

* A federal law forbidding government benefits or services of any kind to illegal aliens.

* The federal creation of a National Benefits Eligibility Card, issued only to U.S. citizens or legal residents, entitling them to government services. Note that this would not be a National Identity Card, as all U.S. citizens and legal residents would not be required to have one, only those who wish to receive government taxpayer-paid services.

* The repatriation of any and all illegal aliens back to their respective countries.

* No amnesty for illegal aliens.

* No bilingual education. All U.S. taxpayer-paid public schools should conduct classes exclusively in English.

* A federal law mandating that the U.S. government communicate with citizens and residents exclusively in English. 

This is not an exhaustive list, but the most important is the first. Ultimately, however, the solution lies within the Mexican-American community itself.

It is here in an article like this that there has to be the obligatory caveat: that the substantial majority of Mexican-Americans are decent folk who have no intention of participating in a civil war to split America apart. This is unquestionably true.

This makes it even more obligatory that Mexican-Americans denounce and rid their community of the La Raza Nazis in its midst. It makes it obligatory that they demand an end to corruption and socialism in their mother country, an end to the illegal-emigration safety valve.

Mexican-Americans have as much right and justification to be proud of their heritage and culture as so many other sub-cultures in America, from the Irish to Polish to Jewish to on and on (they have little cause, however, to be proud of the history of the Mexican government).

They also have as much right as any other ethnic group in America to be proud of their contribution to this country. Just a small example: The first American pilot shot down over North Vietnam during the Vietnam War was named Alvarez.

So it is only they who can heal America's Curse, and in so doing, help transform Mexico into the First World country it can and should be.



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