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crabby greene person


cabby456 <[email protected]> wrote:


That was hilarious! You are creative to the extreme.

I did some research on 'Danial Amneus PhD'. I'm a huge believer in
the truth, and if my accusation about John Knight/Jacob Israel/Danial
Amneus PhD being one and the same person is incorrect, I'll be the
first to apologize. I've been wrong before, and not too proud to say
I'm sorry when I've made a mistake.

Jake...if you send me a link to his obituary, I'll eat my words in
this forum. People have been accusing you of being Dr. Amneus for at
least four years; give us some proof and show us we're wrong! That
should be an extremely easy thing to do.

If not, we'll all continue to assume that he's just a character that
you just made up, like your other aliases.




[email protected]

Larry Greene


Ewwwww. I wondered if that might be the case, but the
crime that Lindstedt was accused of seemed so hideous
that I assumed he was in the slammer.

--- JohnnyBoyKnights Worst Nightmare
<[email protected]> wrote:

> part of a lifetime of mind-numbing embarassments for
> the wretched mistake that is Johnny Boy Knight.
> cabby456 <[email protected]> wrote:
> Information on Christian Identity member Martin
> Lindstedt, a buddy of
> John Knight's...:
> Wikipedia
> Directory > Reference > Wikipedia
> Martin Lindstedt
> Martin Lindstedt, of Granby, Missouri, is a
> dual-seedline Christian
> Identity believer. He has a small following among
> the Christian
> Identity movement. He has run for various elected
> positions in Granby,
> and is noted for his tendency to make threatening
> statements against
> his perceived enemies, whom he refers to as "Regime
> Criminals". His
> writing style, especially on message boards, can be
> both clever and
> vulgar, with other people's names mangled so as to
> become insults, and
> the same approach taken to other words (examples
> include police:
> "piglice", yourself: "jewrself", etc).
> Lindstedt is known for his feud with Frazier Glenn
> Miller, whom
> Lindstedt has nicknamed "Traitor Glenn Miller".
> Lindstedt was held in the Newton County Jail, having
> been charged with
> child molestation (statutory sodomy to be precise),
> and has apparently
> been slowing down court proceedings, using the court
> as his soapbox.
> The alleged victim is a member of his family.
> He has also been charged with contempt of court for
> his outbursts in
> court, and has been expelled from the group he was a
> part of, the
> Church of the Sons of YHVH for various remarks
> described as "very
> disturbing ideas" by the group's leader, Pastor
> Morris L. Gulett. He
> has reportedly began shaving half of his beard and
> mustache, for what
> he claims are religious reasons.
> Lindstedt has been transferred to Fulton State
> Mental Hospital pending
> a competency hearing on May 11, 2006.
> Re [identity] I BELIEVE Johnny Boy Knight lives with Lindstedt



jewn McCain

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moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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