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"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...

> John Knight wrote:
>  proclaiming that "We know that intellect
> > is not divided by sex".
> Which is infact true, and hence you are infact wrong and a racist sexist
> piece of shit.
> > Their own words betray them, but they're incapable of ever understanding
> > why.
> Correct because we are not moronical sexist idiots like you. We cannot
> comprehend the depths of your disgusting vile anti-woman spewings of
> lunacy.



"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...

> John Knight wrote:
> > You did help to illustrate the point of this thread, though, which is that
> > you really can't name a recent notable woman intellectual (unless you
> > subscribe to the theory that Betty Friedan is an intellectual).
> YAWN! You are such a fucked up SCUMBAG!

"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...

> John Knight wrote:
> > This apparently is an "abstract concept" to feminazis who never seem to
> > grasp it.  Even those who proclaim from the rooftops "I'm female, and I was
> > a numerical mathematics major in college. My IQ tested off the scale" don't
> > seem to appreciate the difference.
> We don't care. We know that intellect is not divided by sex and that is
> good enough for us to remain in the NON-sexist camp, unlike pathetic
> stunted fucked up idiots like you.
> > I really hope you can prove us wrong.
> Looks like women are just living to prove you wrong you stunted
> ignoramous. Why not slither back into your hole, don't let the rock hit
> your head on the way to the penthouse.



"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...

> John Knight wrote:
> >
> > A total of 9% are "evolutionists" who believe "God had no part in this
> > process".
> yea but get this they all just guessed! LOL! They don't know. To me it's
> obvious. God does not exist. Ancient texts confirm this. Ancient
> populations evolved in isolation from eachother. Each created their own
> "GOD" to explain things the way it seemed to make sense at the time
> probably bored stuck in a cave for a few wks in the winter, year after
> year after year, and most of them attached powers to them which priests
> could execute in many instances, certainly they alieviated boredom by
> making productions (dances, costume, music and fire) and using drugs,
> etc. IOW there is an inate knowledge of some spiritual connection
> between not only humans but their environment (the animals and the
> plants are incorporated in great majority of them) then they all made up
> elaborate stories and things and most likely because they were bored,
> then it was exploited to use as a power tool to brainwash the
> accumulating masses. When they met eachother through advancing evolution
> and encroaching populations they were pissed because now everyone is
> indocrinated from birth that this god is REAL and nobody better fuck
> with our GOD or US and then here come these other people saying our god
> is REAL, the killing starts, then the spoils, then the greed then the
> propulsion mechanism is in place to create nations and governments
> revolving around religion, the void will be filled. Not by the made up
> GODS but by the makers of the stupidity: man. that is the redemption you
> so dilligently seek.




"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]...

> John Knight wrote:
> > You forgot to mention just one thing, Jen:  Christianity requires that some
> > of the first to
> > be stoned are adulteresses.  Aren't you glad?
> I don't give a flying fuck about stoning I have steel. Aren't you glad?
> John, face it, the Bible is a control mechanism and not "the truth" it
> is not "from god" it is a man made set of rules designed to control
> people and use them as brainwashed slaves. If the bible were so
> important to you you would know that stoning is murder and that is
> forbidden. Go to hell.





"Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> John Knight wrote:
> >
> > "Jen Larson" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> > news:[email protected]...
> > ps--pop quiz:  based on this poll, how do you feminazis believe that
> > would respond to the following 3 simple questions:
> > 1)  God created life.
> > 2)  Life evolved with no help from God.
> > 3)  Dunno.
> None of the above.

Now we know why, out of 38 questions, American girls would have gotten the
correct answer if they had just guessed 13 of them (ONE THIRD of the test),
their responses were lower than the standard error 9 of them, and their
responses were so close to the standard error that they can't be considered
statistically significant on another 9 of them, don't we?

John Knight



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