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Become a Member of the Class, or File A Class Action Suit in Your State

DAMAGES??   $5,013 Billion (Yes, more than $5 Trillion, or 5,013,000,000,000 dollars)   AND    64,824 lives. 

On May 12, 1998, the Fathers' Manifesto Class Action Suit was filed against The Family Law Act of California enacted in 1970, which is patently unconstitutional.  Read it to discover how the voters of California had the wool pulled over their eyes.  It is up to the federal government to guarantee American citizens that no state violates the US Constitution, so this suit was filed in federal court.     

The suit is 17 Causes of Action which specifically outline each of the most important Constitutional rights being violated by this Act.  Using almost solely government statistics and studies, the damages due only to passage of  this Act, only in California, only since 1972, and only to those who have been adversely impacted by this Act, exceed:  

   $5,013 Billion (Yes, more than $5 Trillion, or 5,013,000,000,000 dollars)   AND   64,824 lives   

Add up government statistics to verify the total tab. How were so many lives lost to just one set of laws?  The Act caused such a rapid rise in the breakup of families, which doubled the divorce rate.  One of the side-effects of divorce for men is a 120% increase in their average mortality rate.  Voila!  More dead men in California alone than were lost in the entire Vietnam War.  Numerous trips from Vietnam by Air Force C-141s (Cargo Planes) crammed full of silver caskets with dead men in them is insufficient to comprehend how many lives are affected by these 64,824 early deaths.  Only 50,000 deaths in Vietnam took an entire fleet of jets operating each and every day for more than 7 years to accomplish.     

If the same statistics were to apply nationwide, which they most likely do, then the national tab would be $60 Trillion  and 770,000 lives.  It is one of the reasons that our population growth rate is now below replacement level and that our "global economic partners" are now more competitive than us in the very industries we created. 




Fathers' Manifestosm Class Action Suit Filed May 12, 1998!
Bob Hedrick's Slavery Law Law Suit Filed, May 15, 1998!

Murray Steinberg's excellent case law

Rich Gorish's excellent case law

Michael Idrogo's excellent case law

What is the law?

Reverend Dennis Austin




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