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The Far Left


                 Hate Speech from the Left

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Heads Up

That shrill sound from the left comes from the assortment
of socialists, communists and fascists collectively
called the Democratic Party.  The reason is that it's an
election year again and they worry their political scams
may be exposed before November.

Now, before any Democrats write to say they are not
socialists, communists or fascists, I suggest they first
take a little time to actually read their party platform.
Y'all are the ones who profess all that un-American and
un-Constitutional stuff.  None of it came from this end.
That the Democratic Party has become the ghetto of
American politics is self-evident by its platform. None
of it conforms with the law of the land:  Our
Constitution.  In fact, the authors of our Constitution
would probably have had the authors of a political
proposal like today's Democratic Party platform tarred
and feathered.

The problem is, if it were not for alternative news
sources, the American people would never hear about these
major disparities.  The far-left's sycophants in the
national media support and encourage socialism.

Few Americans know that Hillary is using taxpayer paid
workers in the White House to help run her Senate
campaign -- or giving Camp David and White House sleep-
overs as a reward for large campaign donations.  Nor are
taxpayers told that she has spent millions in taxpayer
funds for special transportation to ferry her and her
friends around the country to fund-raisers and other
campaign related functions.

Yet, she has no more qualifications to be elected a
senator than she does to be elected a mayor, veterinarian
or dentist.  Were she not married to Bill, New York would
have laughed her campaign out of the State within a week.

Same with Al Gore.  The leftist national media tell us
Gore is "smart" and a "policy wonk."  In truth, he is not
even smart enough to keep his lies straight.  And, as for
"policy," Gore made as big of a mess with his
"reinventing government" as Hillary tried to do with her
attempt to inflict socialized medicine on us.  Why is it
that no one ever takes Gore to task for the mess he
created playing at "reinventing government"?

We don't even hear about their legal problems nowadays.
There are still some (plural) major criminal
investigations underway for Bill, Hillary and Al.  Yet,
the media is very quiet about that.  Would the media be
quiet if they were Republicans?  Fat chance!  And, how
about a Presidential candidate who uses "no controlling
legal authority" as an excuse for committing a crime that
he knows perfectly well is a felony?  That's a very
stupid remark from someone who wants to be the nation's
chief law enforcement officer.

We don't ask much on this end.  But, we have done our
research and ask that others do a little of the same.  Al
Gore and Hillary Clinton want to be elected to high
public office.  They both have a campaign platform. So,
all we ask is that those who support these two leftist
candidates examine their campaign platforms and identify
just three little things in each platform that are legal
functions (as per the Constitution, the Founding Fathers
and the U.S. Supreme Court) of the federal government.
Just three.  That's all.  Try it. . . .

The far-left is done with catering to the poor in
society.  They have that voting block locked up now and
can move on.  So, they're starting on the soccer moms,
who characteristically do not pay in-depth attention to
politics. As per Gore's new program plans, there will be
a $400-billion annual entitlement for free baby-sitters,
medication and other odds and ends thought to be
attractive to soccer moms.  What is not said is that
someone must pay for the new programs -- Gore plans to
take the money from some people to give to others.  So,
let's play the number game here:

Each billion dollars spent by the federal government in
new programs equates to an average of another eight
dollars and fifty cents per taxpayer in new taxes. Well,
using the "old" math, $8.50 times 400 comes out to a
rather large number assessed to the average taxpayer,
each year, perpetually.  Worse yet, all of Gore's new
entitlement programs add up to about four-trillion-six-
hundred-billion- dollars, which is 4,600 times that $8.50
per taxpayer, over five years.

That would be a household budget buster for all but the
multimillionaires in society.  And, if anyone thinks only
the richest in society would foot the bill, dream on!
People like the Kennedys and Rockefellers in society pay
zero in inheritance or death taxes and very, very little
in income tax.  They write the tax laws, after all, so
it's no surprise the tax laws favor them and their

It's the same with the oil "shortage."  Think of that as
just another redistribution of money.  It's contrived by
the very rich internationalists and aggravated by their
far-left (well financed), whacko environmental groups.
We have much more oil in this country than we can use in
a few hundred years.  But, drilling all that new oil
would drive the oil price down and big oil would not
profit as much.  Nor would the campaign contributions
(and other perks) flow to members of government as
freely.  Governments also profit because they are
realizing a windfall in new sales taxes.  In fact, most
everyone profits from higher prices at the pumps except
the consumer.

We must also remember that, a few months ago, both
Clinton and Gore told members of OPEC that they could and
should cut the flow of oil to drive the price to the
consumer up.  Gore, of course, wants consumption
drastically cut.  So, now comes the inflation.

The November election could signal the beginning of the
demise of the Democratic Party and all their functional
constituencies -- those sleazy "progressive" associations
and political grifters of the far- left.  It would also
be a major blow to the self-perceived credibility ego of
their liberal supporters in major media. Therefore, look
for the whining and vitriol from everyone on the far-left
to increase to a deafeningly high pitch by next month.
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Kevin Alan Brook wrote:
"hardly any intermarriage or conversion has occurred to affect the Jewish groups over the centuries."

In other words, the very race which is imposing "multiculturalism" on Whites through our schools, courts, and media, and which claims that it is "racism" to even resist the concept, is the most racist race on the planet.

What other race besides jews demands that only the mother determines the race of the offspring? Can you imagine the New York jews' reaction if we Whites demanded that only the offspring of White mothers could be considered as Whites?

btw, it is curious that New York, which is only 17.7% blacks, scores so LOW in SAT scores. New Yorkers score 471 in SAT Math, which is 112 points lower than Iowa. This represents a colossal difference in intellect from state to state which not even the high percentage of blacks explains. 15.5% of the population in Illinois is blacks, but they score 70 points higher than New Yorkers. 11.3% of the Missouri population is blacks, but they score 61 points higher than New Yorkers. 16.1% of the population of Arkansas is blacks, but they score 48 points higher than New Yorkers.

There is something WRONG here. Why are New Yorkers such boneheads?

New York's problem is its high percentage of jews. Every statistic in this country you can imagine, broken down by race and sex, is available from the government data base, but never are jews listed as a separate race. Why would that be?

The missing link in this data, which is provided by synagogues rather than government sources, is that 9.1 percent of New York's population is jews. Washington, DC is another area where the test scores are abysmal, and not even the high black population explains it all. But--4.6% of Washington's population is jews, which makes up for the difference. Connecticut scores in the same range as New York in SAT (474), even though only 9.4% are blacks--but there is an abundance of jews in Connecticut as well--3%. Maryland scores 478 in SAT, is 27.8% blacks (which is enough to explain their low scores), but is 4.2% jews. Massachusetts scores slightly higher than New York (476) but has only 6.4% blacks, which means that the only explanation is the over-representation of jews in Mass--4.4%.

The question is--do jews interfere in the education of Whites and thus reduce their academic skills, or are jews such poor students that a mere 4 to 9% of a population being jews can reduce the overall academic skills of an entire state by that much?



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