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Mr. Le Roy Marshall's children were taken from him by the courts 7 years ago, robbing him of his fatherhood and his heritage, robbing his children of their father and a happy childhood, creating yet another single-mother household (at a cost to taxpayers in excess of $1 Million over the lifetime of that single-mother household), and exposing his children to a life of poverty, crime, and social pathology. The mother used fertility drugs prescribed by welfare agencies without Mr. Marshall's knowledge or permission, took his children from him without his permission, then demanded that both Mr. Marshall and the taxpayer subsidize her for her crime to society. Neither the courts, district attorneys, attorney generals, Governor Wilson, the California Department of Human Services, President Clinton, nor DHHS recognize or even acknowledge this crime to society nor the vital importance to children of their fathers. The federal courts have amply demonstrated (with their decisions in Murray Steinberg's, Rich Gorish's, and Dr. Paul Schapiro's cases) that they shall continue to be inadequate at playing any responsible role in restoring fatherhood to the nation. The Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto, Press here for Video of Mr. Marshall discussing Jane Crowismthe Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and the West Angeles Church have been requested to combine their efforts to determine the means necessary to restore active fatherhood to Le Roy Marshall, and to restore his children to a father-headed household. Our assistance in developing a strategy by which this is accomplished is required. Accomplishing this creates the test case for all men to follow to reestablish their important roles as fathers, thus it is crucial that we are accurate, thorough, and correct in implementation. Major General Celes King, III, State Chair of CORE, has already committed to this effort. It is hereby proposed that:

bullet1) Upon filing by a biological father of the attached form with the County, certifying that a mother on welfare has denied him access to his children, that welfare benefits to the mother be terminated immediately, and that the children be placed in the immediate care of their biological father.
bullet2) The recordation of the "Fathers' Manifest Reaffirmation and Declaration" in each county be declared sufficient and necessary legal notice to the court of our determination to remove the judicial system from its destructive role with children, families, and fatherhood.
These two 7 year old children be immediately removed from the custody of their mother and placed in Mr. Marshall's immediate care and responsibility. Please take the time now to review the following, correct any errors, recommend any additions, and consider all positive and negative consequences to society, education, religion, fatherhood, the taxpayer, motherhood, and to Mr. Marshall's children, if they are removed from their mother's custody and placed in his immediate care and responsibility.


bullet1) Save taxpayers $32,000 per year in welfare expenses.
bullet2) Save taxpayers $5,000 per year in "child support" collection costs.
bullet3) Restore Mr. Marshall's fatherhood.
bullet4) Place 2 American children in the safest, most secure, most motivational, and most educational home they could be in, where they would be:
bulleta) 8 times less likely to go to prison.
bulletb) 33 times less likely to be seriously abused.
bulletc) 73 times less likely to be fatally abused.
bulletd) 20 times less likely to have behavioral problems.
bullete) 32 times less likely to run away.
bulletf) 10 times less likely to abuse chemical substances.
bulletg) 9 times less likely to drop out of high school.
bulleth) 9 times less likely to be admitted to a juvenile institution.
bulletI) 20 times less likely to become rapists.
bulletj) 5 times less likely to commit suicide.
bulletk) in a home with a 72% higher average standard of living.
bullet5) Remove the legal system from Mr. Marshall's life and enable him to again become a productive member of society and the economy.
bullet6) Demonstrate to men that marriage can be of benefit to both men and women, and restore a willingness in men to get married again.
bullet7) Discourage women from creating single-mother households.
bullet8) Provide a test case to develop the procedures by which responsible fatherhood is restored to the nation.
bullet9) Provide a much faster means of "ending welfare as we know it" than current proposals in Congress.


bullet1) Children are traumatized by this move from a single-mother household to a single-father household to a degree that exceeds the benefits of being in a father-headed household.
bullet2) Mothers discover that they are unable to earn a living in the workforce and that welfare (or marriage) are their only sources of economic survival.
bullet3) Mothers are traumatized by this removal of their children from their care, and the suicide rate for women increases five-fold to a rate equivalent to that for men.
bullet5) The government must lay off 25% of its workforce.
bullet6) Feminism loses its golden goose, or more appropriately its "mutilated beggar".
Your comments, criticism, and mostly your immediate support is required.  


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