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Col. Richard Niemela


Here is the message we have all anticipated!  Slowly working his
way up the ladder of policital success, or seeming success, at least in the
eyes of most confused Democrats, Lieberman has let out a Trial Balloon to
check the wind direction, and speed of its travel across the landscape. From
this test we should anticipate considerable Media focus to add to the hype
and hollering.  Testing to see who stands up and salutes, and who refuses to
pay homage as well.

An election of a Jew, particularly one who claims to be an orthodox
follower, would put the Nation within the grasp of that principle theme of
their Talmud - their guiding set of instructions as to how to proceed with
an international take-over, until all power is cornered and under the
dominion of the Talmudists, those who follow the most vehemently
antiChristian instructions, all contained within the covers of the 63
volumes of the Babylonian Talmud of Judaism. (Not to be confused with the
Jerusalem Talmud, which is not the main guideline-only a showpiece for the

We will now begin reading and listening to voices that will all seek to tell
us that our Christianity has now become so much more Christian that we are
able to accept a Jew as our President, and no longer tied to our Faith in
Jesus but in a new religion, one called, "Judeo-Christianity!"   A new faith
that assumes that Christianity owes the Judaists their faith, that Judaism
is the precourser of our Faith and thus obligated to accept its leadership,
as it is implicitly promised, (they think) in the end, when "Jews", those
who now represent All of the ancient Tribes/Nations of Israel will come into
their Own!

It is this approach to the Faith that enables blinded and dumbed-down
Christians to wallow in some of the most deleterious doctrines ever to
emerge out of any Christian faiths...The so-called Rapture, the re-building
of the Third Temple, the Ashes of some Red Heifer necessary for salvation,
and the Return, Oh, yes, the Return!

Here, our blinded and duped Shepherds have become so confused and misled
that they promote doctrines not found within the Word or ever even thought
of by the disciples and others subsequently.  None ever do read the Bible to
find out just Who is Who in the world today.  Most simply adopting the ideas
of some of the most subtle and devious Bible translators ever, all intent on
promoting the values of the self-styled Jews of the world...they who have
garnered to themselves, most of the world's money, which they use for
advancing the status of the Hoax of the Chosen, that the Jews of the world,
represent all of the Tribes of Israel today....and thus are God's Chosen...

Well, Lieberman fits very well into this scheme of things, as he was the
instigator behind the creation of PL 102-14, the Noahide Laws that became
intermingled into our Judicial structure when Pres. Bush I signed them into
Law in March 1991...All for the gifting of these Noahide Laws to a remote
Jewish Rabbi Schneerson, whose followers considered him to have been the
Messiah....(He has yet to return)

If Lieberman was working to infect our Judicial System with such Talmudic
law, it becomes clear that his long range purposes are to reach into the
White House and with the Noahide System of  Laws, rule as the King of Israel
over America.

So, lets see what happens during the next few weeks that preceed his
anticipated announcement for the Presidency..  More and more of the grossly
disparate views of this assumed association supposed to exist between
Christianity and Judaism will certainly be brought out into the Open for all
to See....And it will not bode well for those whose Kinsmen have been
cheating America for decades....JRN

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From: "David H. Sandlin" <[email protected]>
Forwarded message follow-- Lieberman To Run For President Seeks To Complete
Colonization Process, Make America A Periphery of Israel

12/19/02 11:58:27 AM
Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Washington, DC -- [LSN:  Jews give the Democrats 50% of their campaign
funding;  thus, Jews own the Democratic Party.  Jews give the Republicans
25% of their campaign funding; thus, Jews own a big piece of the Republican
Party as well.]

With Gore out of running, Lieberman seems likely to announce candidacy

By Matthew E. Berger

WASHINGTON, Dec. 17 (JTA) - Can a Jew become president in  America? We may
soon find out.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) is expected to announce his candidacy for
president next month. An announcement seems more likely following former
Vice President Al Gore's announcement Sunday that he would not seek the 2004
nomination. Lieberman had pledged he would not run against Gore, his partner
on the Democratic ticket in 2000.

"He has not been shy in saying he's most likely going to do this," a senior
Lieberman adviser said. "But it's not 100 percent sure, it's not a done
deal." Analysts and advisers say they have seen no evidence that Lieberman's
faith would hinder his campaign. Many cite the warm reception when Lieberman
ran as the Democratic candidate for vice president as proof that American
voters are ready for a Jew as president.

"I think what we learned in 2000 is that while there is anti-Semitism in
this country it's not widespread in the population, and people are willing
to vote for a Jew on a national ticket," said Mark Mellman, a Democratic

One analyst said vice presidential candidates rarely help presidential
campaigns - and can only hurt them. The fact that
Lieberman didn't hurt Gore's candidacy "is a strong statement about
America," the analyst said.

In fact, Lieberman's devotion to his faith - he is an observant Jew- could
be a draw for religious voters of all faiths. "The people of real faith have
real appeal across America," Mellman said. "There are a whole lot of folks
who appreciate a candidate of strong religious faith."

If Lieberman does seek the White House, analysts said his Judaism will be
less of an issue this time around, simply because it's old news.

"The real issues that were breakthrough issues were dealt with in 2000,"
said Steven Bayme, director of contemporary Jewish life for the American
Jewish Committee. But curiosity about Judaism, which spiked during
Lieberman's candidacy, likely would peak again and last longer if Lieberman
seeks the White House, Bayme said.

One Lieberman adviser said Monday that the candidate faced no resistance in
2000 based on his religion. "His attitude coming out of the 2000 campaign
was that he couldn't have gotten a warmer reception from the American
people," a Lieberman adviser said. "It redeemed his faith in the American

Lieberman said Monday that he would announce whether he'll run only in early
January, giving him time to consult with family and friends. He also is
traveling to the Middle East this week, where he is expected to meet with
American troops stationed in the Persian Gulf and with political leaders,
including Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

But many believe Lieberman will throw his hat into the ring, andwill
announce in his home state of Connecticut, sources said.

"I said I probably would run if Al Gore doesn't run, and that remains the
case," Lieberman said Monday. When he was chosen as Gore's running mate
before the August 2000 Democratic convention, Lieberman evoked strong
emotions among  American Jews. Jewish leaders initially were exultant about
Lieberman's nomination- though some feared an anti-Semitic backlash.

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says that
while American voters have "matured" to the point where they can accept a
Jewish candidate, some Jewish leaders worry that a Jewish candidate would be
seen as a public spokesman for the religion, and any misstep could give the
faith a black eye.

"The experience of the last go-round is that elements of the American Jewish
community are insecure, worried and anxious," Foxman said.

Lieberman made no major mistakes during the 2000 campaign, but he did face
criticism from some American Jewish leaders, including Foxman, for
consistently invoking God in his campaign appearances.

"The line of church and state is an important one and has always been hard
for us to draw, but in recent years we have gone far beyond what the framers
ever imagined in separating the two," Lieberman said in an October 2000
speech at the University of Notre Dame. "So much so that we have practically
banished religious values and religious institutions from the public

His comments - and others like them - drew criticism from ADL leaders, who
said that "appealing along religious lines, or belief in God, is contrary to
the American ideal."

While Lieberman generally is considered a strong supporter of Israel, some
Jews feared that - more than a Christian candidate -Lieberman would go out
of his way to prove that his Judaism did not make him a tool or an apologist
for the Jewish state.

Lieberman is considered to have a decent shot at the 2004 Democratic
nomination, consistently ranking in the top half of polls
along with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), former House minority leader Richard
Gephardt (D-Mo.) and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.). It is
unclear whether any Democrat would have a shot against President Bush, whose
popularity ratings are high. Lieberman advisers say he has been talking to
potential campaign staffers, and generated good will among party loyalists
for his commitment not to run against Gore.

However, polls in the key primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa indicate
that Lieberman also is among the candidates many people say they never would
vote for, trailing only Rev. Al Sharpton - though thereason was not clear.
While there may be some people who will not vote for Lieberman because of
his Judaism, the fact that it is not being brought to the surface is
"healthy," Bayme said, because it means that people recognize it is wrong to
say such things.

"For an overwhelming majority of Americans, nominations are not fought out
over one's Jewishness," he said. "For most Americans, what is relevant is
Lieberman's stand on the issues."

Lieberman is considered a hawk on foreign policy and defense issues, and
spoke out for the creation of a Homeland Security
Department before it was backed by the White House. His work on that issue
will be key in the first presidential election to be held since Sept. 11,
said Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democratic Network, a political
committee Lieberman helped form in the 1990s. "Lieberman is well positioned
to be a qualified national spokesmanfor the Democrats," he said.

In a race where most Democratic candidates will work to attract the votes of
liberal party loyalists, Lieberman could cast himself as a moderate
alternative, some analysts said. In fact, Lieberman has parted company with
a majority of the Jewish community on his support for faith-based
initiatives, which allows government funding for religious organizations
that offer social services. Lieberman co-sponsored legislation on the issue
in the Senate, which failed. Lieberman would not be the first Jew to run for
president on a major ticket.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) sought the Republican nomination in 1996 but
dropped out before the first primary. The late Milton Shapp, a former
governor of Pennsylvania, ran briefly for the Democratic nomination in 1976.

If he does run, Lieberman is not assured of the Jewish vote. Howard Dean,
the outgoing governor of Vermont who already has declared his candidacy, is
married to a Jewish woman and is being advised by Steve Grossman, a former
president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Dean visited Israel earlier this month, pledging support for U.S. loan
guarantees to Israel. On CNN Sunday, Dean criticized the Bush administration
for supporting Saudi Arabia, which he said is "funneling money to Hamas,
which is causing terrorism and children to be murdered in Israel."

Yet even Grossman praised Lieberman. "The Jewish community and the
pro-Israel community feel  enormously close to Joe," Grossman said. "I think
he will earn an enormous amount of support from the Jewish community, both
financial and otherwise."

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David H. Sandlin
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