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Shooting Them Finally Comes Into Play
by Liz Michael
September 20, 2005. Copyright 2005,
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin narrowly escaped having a universal death warrant placed on his head last week. How do I know this to be true? Because I was the one who planned to call for his execution.
Last week, Ray Nagin called for the confiscation of all weapons from all people except police officers. Such an act would have left most of New Orleans defenseless against roving bands of armed thugs. And I mean the ones that weren't wearing police or military uniforms. Accordingly, I had written an advisory that because of that order, New Orleans Police should be considered a hostile force by Americans, their officers should be shot, their vehicles and offices bombed, and their destruction in whatever manner. And the person who gave the order, Mayor Nagin, would have been the first person on the list I would have advised The People to go after.
Fortunately, common sense prevailed. Apparently, the New Orleans Police themselves, and several military troops, advised the powers that be that this was not going to happen. Many cited constitutional reasons. Others just plain weren't going to go in to do the job and get shot themselves by law abiding citizens enforcing their rights. Some just didn't want the victimization of the People of New Orleans by armed thugs not wearing police uniforms to actually be on their conscience. So the order was rescinded. Quietly and without much fanfare. Probably because of embarrassment.
But THIS is how close it came.
"They Shot the Bastards!!!"
"Gee, she sounds like a radical" you say. And I suppose I am. But what example am I following? The example of the American Revolution. Beyond all the flowery words, beyond the toil and struggle to build a constitution, beyond the love of liberty, the longing for religious freedom, the spiffy tri-corner hats, everybody forgets the one thing that both initiated, and finished, the American Revolution. That rather inconvenient, for many, fact. That fact that makes the modern devotees of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi squeamish. What
fact? This fact.
Let me repeat that for effect. When the Founding Fathers set upon establishing a free republic, the first order of business was...
When the English general demanded that the colonials turn over their flintlocks, what was the response of the colonials?
Every July 4th. We celebrate the fact that THEY SHOT THE BASTARDS!!! Every Veteran's Day. Every Memorial Day. Yes, we honor the troops. But what do we honor the troops for? We honor them because THEY SHOT THE BASTARDS and often died TRYING to shoot the bastards! Every time you sing "The Star Spangled Banner", you celebrate the anniversary of your forebears SHOOTING THE BASTARDS!!!
Obviously all this talk about "shooting the bastards" make the people who have BECOME the bastards, very nervous. Well, as Thomas Jefferson, that wild eyed radical, said, "When the government FEARS the People, there is liberty, but when the People fear the government, there is tyranny." I frankly am sick of the tyranny, and am up for a little liberty... actually, a lot of it. How about y'all?
The proper role of the militia
Public officials HAVE to be made to understand the way things are supposed to be. In a state of emergency, the proper response is not to confiscate weapons of The People to cause them to be defenseless and powerless. The proper course is that public officials DEPUTIZE armed members of the public to encourage order. You do NOT go to outside agencies first. You do NOT go to private mercenaries first. You go to The People first. If you attempt to disarm the People with the use of police, military or private mercenaries, you and all armed forces you send are subject to being shot or otherwise killed ON SIGHT,

You all need to understand this. We the People are NOT PLAYING. We are not playing games here, we are dead serious.
Let me also remind you all of what precisely the militia is and what they do. The militia is not a bunch of redneck guys in cammies out in the woods practicing shooting their guns... not that there's anything WRONG with that. But what the militia is, as it was in the days of the Founders, is "The Whole of The People". You are the militia. I am the militia. Perhaps we are a "Militia of One". Despite unconstitutional attempts to limit who is the militia, what I have given you is the original, and correct, interpretation.
Let me also remind you that being the militia does not necessarily consist of bearing arms. Someone administering relief aid, and someone administering medical aid, both of which were actually attacked, blocked and prevented in
Louisiana, in violation of the Geneva Convention, I might add... they are just as much a part of the People's militia. To interfere with their appointed duties is to engage in a state of war with the American People.
Advisory: Shoot them
What I am about to do now, I do with an extremely heavy heart. I had sincerely wished it would not come to this. But it has. This is a hard article to write. Because I thought that when I wrote it, and I knew someday I would have to, I thought I would be happy, sad, angry, vengeful, something. Actually, all I feel now is hesitant and numb. It is similar to the feeling a general has when he orders his troops into battle. Because what I am issuing is the equivalent of a declaration of war. The "other shoe" of the revolution has dropped in Louisiana. The "enemy" has more clearly defined themselves. Therefore, I am constrained to point out who the enemy is. And shooting them, or otherwise disabling or dispensing with them, has finally come into play.
Advisory #1:  Disarmament of the People. Any public official, in whatever capacity, who calls for the disarmament of the People, and calls for the confiscation of their firearms and other weapons, the same public official should be assassinated. And the People should consider a State of War to exist between themselves, and whatever agency or agencies are entasked to pursue this task. This is not an advisory for just America. This is an advisory for all the world. Any organization being seen to be doing this, declared or not, should be subject to the rules of war. They should be shot on sight, and otherwise killed, their vehicles destroyed, their buildings attacked and destroyed.
If you are a public official or a law enforcement officer, your duty is very simple. You don't want to be shot? Then don't become the bastards. Issue no confiscation orders, enforce no confiscation orders, and if an official or an officer attempts to enforce a confiscation order, arrest them. If you must have a charge, try treason, for starters.
Advisory #2: California Highway Patrol. This is a limited advisory, and applies to the California Highway Patrol using the force and color of law outside of their jurisdiction. This advisory is being issued because of the video footage of California Highway Patrol officers assailing an armed elderly lady in her own home, after being ordered out of her home by them. They essentially bumrushed her, assaulted her, took away her weapon, and forcibly removed her from the property. For this cause, we are issuing an advisory that whenever the California Highway Patrol is present OUTSIDE of their jurisdiction, for any reason, and are operating under the color of authority, they should be shot on sight or otherwise killed. This advisory does NOT apply to the California Highway Patrol operating WITHIN their lawful authority and IN their legitimate jurisdiction in the State of California.
Advisory #3: Blackwater Security. Blackwater Security is the firm of hired mercenaries currently working in Iraq. Blackwater Security has been hired by various forces to patrol the streets of Louisiana. Now, I have no problem with PRIVATE companies hiring Blackwater, Wackenhut, or any other security firm, protecting their own PRIVATE property. But they have no right to be in the public streets of America as paid mercenaries, paid to shoot and assault American citizens. So if you see Blackwater Security patrolling your public thoroughfares and streets, shoot them, destroy their vehicles and property, and do whatever is necessary to eliminate them.
Advisory #4: Armed bands of thugs. If you see armed bands of thugs shoot them. I don't need to define thugs. Like pornography, you shall know it when you see it. If in an emergency, if there is a person looking to take advantage of people in your neighborhood through murder, rape, theft of valuables, extortion, etc., don't wait for a court of law or a law enforcement officer. Shoot them. If there is time, you might consider the three S's: Shoot, Shovel, and Shut Up.
Advisory #5: Transportation Security Administration. I have believed that the agents of the TSA, engaged in probably THE most unconstitutional behavior in the country today, all deserved to a man and woman to be shot on sight. Since war on the American People is now officially declared, I am now issuing the advisory, that members of the TSA are to be regarded as "targets of opportunity". I would like to caution you all that shooting them in the airports may not be the wisest course, and may result in excessive collateral damage of innocents. But there are plenty of ways to survey, uncover, and eliminate, TSA members. TSA falls into the category of "bands of thugs": they engage in intimidation, sexual assault, and theft on a daily basis, and this is their purpose. Additionally, they are destroying the airline industry and destroying the American right to travel. This month, two airlines have gone into bankruptcy: TSA intimidation plays a key part of this.
Advisory #6: Obstruction of aid. Several instances occurred during the emergency in Louisiana where duly authorized organizations, such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army had persons delivering disaster relief turned away by troops, most of them state of Louisiana troops. Also, many medical professionals seeking to offer assistance were forcibly turned away, and their patients left untreated, forcibly,  either by troops or by members of FEMA. In the future, should any offer of aid or any medical care be obstructed by any authorities, you should engage in the removal of such authorities by whatever means necessary, including killing the obstructionists if need be.
Advisory #7: Obstruction of escape. Officials at the Louisiana Superdome also engaged in the activity of preventing people who had gone into the hostile and lawless environment of the Superdome, from leaving the Superdome. In the future, should any persons or entity prevent the egress or escape of persons not charged with a crime, such that they are virtually held illegally in custody, shoot such persons preventing the escape of free people, and give them the regard due to concentration camp guards.
Advisory #8: Animal abusers. In Louisiana, armed individuals operating under color of law, shot dogs to death, even when such dogs were not aggressive and did not represent a threat to anyone. In the future, if you observe any individuals engaged in such astonishing behavior, shoot them or otherwise destroy them.

Advisories not yet issued
I know many of you have your own personal laundry list of people who "need to be shot". Many of you believe various stories that have not yet been confirmed to be true. I had heard, for instance, of National Guard troops confiscating weapons: I cannot confirm or deny that this actually was the case, so I am waiting for more data on this. I also have received the rumor that the levees and canals were purposefully blown up. I cannot confirm that this has factually happened. However, it DID factually happen in the flood of 1927 to destroy poorer Saint Bernard parish neighborhoods in favor of richer
New Orleans neighborhoods. Read it for yourself at:
Olive Branch to the enemies of the US Federal Government
At this time I also make a plea to some of the enemies of the United States government in foreign lands. Everyone knows who I am talking about. Some of you, because of American interference and excursions into other lands, have declared that you intend to kill us. And here is where I'd like to get your assistance and forbearance. And that is in this thing: don't attack the American People. The American People are not your enemy. Rather, if you must fund something, enable the revolutionary movements within America to assert themselves and supplant this ungodly government. There are literal dozens of them. There are independence movements for the Confederate States, for New England, for Alaska, for Hawaii, for Texas, for California, for Michigan. There are electoral efforts to overthrow the two party duopoly and to establish a government of the People of America: one such movement can be found at . Don't shoot at us. Rather, help us to overcome and eliminate the current and unlawful Federal Government of the United States. if you wish to bomb federal buildings, and go after military targets, have at it: be our guest. Hey, I will even point out that there is easy access through our southern border, and probably our northern one too, to do just that. Just don't go after the American People. Don't bomb our subways. Don't blow up civilian airliners. Don't kill the civilians, because you are  likely killing the very people that may become enabled to engage a d�tente between your people and ours.

And you foreign individuals, foreign governments, and whomever you are in the world who would like to see the American People  overcome their evil government, I encourage you to join us, fund us, strategize with us.


Copyright 2005, Permission to reprint in entirety and unedited for content granted expressly, so long as is referenced.



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