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Please make a report about this?
Lyme Disease in TEXAS!!

 My family has lived in Texas all my life and I am 50 years old and us, like you was misdiagnosed for probably over 20 years.  We have 3 grown children but our 21 year old baby son died last year and all of us have this Lyme.  I am now getting to where I can't hardly walk.  The pain is insane.  I had a 10 pound baby naturally and he was turned wrong and that pain was bad but still  didn't compare to this.  I am so sick of the pain.   My ex was on life support three times last year and my 27 year old daughter now needs a liver transplant and one kidney has failed and she has been in Rockwall County Texas Jail for months because I can't afford to bond her out. Because we are the smallest county in Texas, this jail knows Chanda is indigent and they know her health conditions yet they refuse to give her all the meds she has had to have for years on the outside world! I had to watch this county contribute to my 21 year old sons death and they are still so corruptive!  My 30 year old son has a rare arachnoid brain growth.   We have really been attacked.

What I am trying to accomplish now is asking all of us in the Lyme Groups to start writing letters to reporters all over the USA including the best one..... BBC!

WE have to do something about this crazy medical insaneness!

After one has been sick this many years and in our youth we worked hard but the strokes and other serious medical conditions made us have to quit working and now we live on welfare! Welfare does not pay the bills!  $560.00 a month makes it impossible to afford electricity, water, rent, and the phone bills.  In these past 10 years we have lived without necessary utilities so many times I couldn't count and then to top it off the pain is unbearable and when the electricity is off, the heating pad don't work and they help our bones a bit.  It is being said that Lyme is equal to cancer pain yet this war on drugs is making life unbearable.

To get a doctor that will accept Medicaid is near impossible and most of the ones that take Medicaid have had their license taken from another state or the like and they are scared to death to mess up and the DEA is attacking even the docs that will help us painers.

I have had a doc that gave me oxycontin 80 mg 2 a day a few years ago and I felt like I was going to live again and I could actually stay out of the bed but out of the blue.... he fired me as a patient!  Just because Rush and others like him have an addiction problem, doesn't mean us physically dependent chronic painers should have to suffer. Medicaid isn't any docs cup of tea and people are on Medicaid because they are sick and us on Medicaid are usually in chronic pain but the doc can't give us pain meds!  Don't make any sense ugh? There is three kinds of Medicaid to choose from and we loose on any one of them.  I take so many prescriptions for my blood pressure, etc., that I would most likely be paying $2,000 a month for my meds. So I had to choose the lock plan  to one doc which makes it to where I can't get pain medication. The normal Medicaid pays the doc and only 3 scripts a month. This kind of doc will see us and give pain meds but we can't afford the other prescriptions we need that keeps the heart ticking and the like. 

I can't get into going to legislature to work for a change because I can't get my necessary pain meds to be able to make the rides, so I am asking as many as possible to spend just a little time each week to go to ABC, NBC, CBS, USA News, BBC News, etc., and write letters about this Medicaid problem please?

When people are poor, and officials have " power",  there is always corruptness!  Read my story at:   and this is not an attack on cops.  I have some favorite cousins that are cops and some family that even work in the White House, who I love very much but it is an attack on Corrupt"  people in uniform!  They should be an example to us but it is proven more every day as the media gets braver, of their corruption.

Brenda Pitts Bennett

701 Meadowdale

Royse City, Texas 75189



Dear Brenda:


I was diagnosed with Lyme by Dr. Patricia Salvato in Houston last December.  I have been sick for nearly 30 years.  I previously had a diagnosis of CFS.  Dr. Salvato says that my tests support a CFS diagnosis but that it is possible that it is secondary to Lyme. 


I am originally from the Boston, MA area and we spent summers on Cape Cod, an area endemic with Lyme.  I first became symptomatic during the summer of 1975.  I was living on Cape Cod for a winter in 1998-1999 and pulled a tick off of me then.  So I do not know if I contracted Lyme in 1975 or 1999. 


I was able to live a full, if uncomfortable life until about 10 years ago when I had to leave a job due to illness for the first time.   After 10 years of trying to find out what was wrong with me, I guess I now know.


Anyway, I am writing in response to the information which you posted in the Support Group area of Lymenet.  I do not know how much I will be able to help, but I would like to be added to your distribution list.  My email address is:




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