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Recently an American professor has been all the rage of closet European
intellectual circles. His stunning research, name and philosophy have been
cunningly sneaking in the back door of foreign language newspapers.
Last week, a Senator, of Poland�s Parliament, sent me a xerox copy of data
about this incomparable Californian intellectual. The article had a full
page about the author under discussion.
One of my best friends, Prof. Jan Ciechanowicz, a member of the Soviet
Union�s first freely elected Parliament, also sent a newspaper commentary
about this brilliant scholar. I was so excited that I spent two hours
extending energy to assemble thoughts about aggregated material on this
illustrious and courageous thinker.
Earlier I had sent his book to journalists, professors, senators, film
directors and an assortment of others. Suffice to say that I obtained dozens
of well written notes. Individuals of culture thanked me; all sought to
share info about this dignified man.
Yet, sophisticated individuals were terrified of planting media seeds.
Supplying masses with the potential fruit of knowledgeable was considered
hazardous. They were fearful of being harassed by transnational media and,
in turn, the authority of political reality.
I was assured that -little by little-  others would become receptive to the
magnitude of his greatness. After several months I become disenchanted. I
obtained a few calls of regret �Due to the open manner of research and the
topic.� Their former dictators had been communists. Now they were democrats.
They had been elected because of foreign money and domestic image-making by
Nevertheless, I was guaranteed that decision-makers were sharing news about
this great man. I was told that a safe subject would have to publicly put
his verboten Kopernik-type research into mainstream media. Over and over
again the highly influential expressed politically correct views and
expressed profound apprehension.
One editor informed me that I had to be pragmatic. A Baltic friend insisted
that a safe heaven had to be found. No politician would risk his career for
freedom of speech. No one was so foolhardy as to risk his family for such an
abstract as freedom of print. A lifelong friend asked me if I knew what
happened to those opposing the non-ethnic Magyar regime of Hungary.
Letters sarcastically referred to the near-failing of the Swiss banking
system. Norman Finkelstein was mentioned. I was lectured on politicians from
Berlin going the way of the Whooping Crane. One fellow�s annotations
indicated that I obviously didn�t grasp the weight of the neocons, dual
loyalty and resulting war, with media cover upS  Some were curtly rude.
I heard the same song that American patriots sing. Only this time, instead
of referring to the NYT, Newsweek, The Wash. Post, LA Times, Boston Globe...
thoughtful and concerned members of society  --who had faced the wrath of
commie horrors- referred to Gazeta Wyborcza, Polska Newsweek, and a slew of
French, German and Hungarian newspapers.
Persistent fears remained, on both sides of an ocean. Masses had been
conditioned. Fear-evoking properties of politicians matched the lack of
courage shown by journalists. I was told that, as in the era of Kopernik,
today most family men were not cowards.
Directors of institutes established that chapters of the controversial book
were being xeroxed; that these things take time. When a housewife assaulted
me for giving her spouse the most important manuscript of our era, I became
disillusioned. I thought that the speed of Father Time and the mechanism of
Mother Nature demanded a break.
I went to sea and, whatya know, on a fishing vacation, my laptop fell off
the boat. The disappearance of a two grand computer was not the major
consequence. The fact of losing over a year of writing, notes, addresses,
etc., caused the factual pain. So, here we are, again discussing the
contemporary Kopernik -a giant�s work, banned in Europe.
Again, a concerned old man, sitting in the sunshine, was thinking that a
true scholar would eventually be considered as one of the great heroes of
mankind. But, when? Would political correctness allow such in this lifetime.
It was simply heartbreaking. After all, there was the precious time of
packaging, letters, calls, mail, etc. The results of my building a
freedom-of-discussion ship, was that no one was willing to risk any
knowledge-sailing; most had children and thus feared purchasing freedom
tickets. All thought that participation could make them  a target of
unscrupulous opportunists.
As a student of Lenin, Marks and Freud, I saw that a genuine hero was unable
to be openly celebrated; people intellectually worshipped his research but,
behind closed doors. It was pitiful. Like Kopernik, this intellectual hero
of our times, was suppressed by the anti-majority.
On the other hand, the nemesis of mankind had youth purchase books about
Stalinism in the East and Freud in the West. In other words, anti-majority
enemies had been glorified by international media and transnational
academia. Evil had spoon fed masses poison to deform values/freedom.
Nutrition, to cure the disease, could not be distributed for fear of the
self-serving political pharmaceutical entity. As in Amerika, there was talk
of the dual loyalists.
Well, today, approximately half an hour ago, I opened up a package
containing the mass media mainstream newspaper Tylko Polska. About 70% of
page 8 had an article about today�s Kopernik. It was a reprint and partial
translation of a piece by Dr. Henry Makow. It�s title: Zydowski Wiek (The
Jewish Century).
Why did it take so long for the works of such an intellectual giant to
appear? I�ll leave that up to your imagination. However, if you wish to
learn about the biggest tragedy to face the globe, you�ll purchase Prof.
Kevin MacDonald�s book. If you do and you�re brave, you�ll probably comment
on it via cyber space within groups that reach hundreds of thousands (Social
Culture USA, Soc. Culture Europe, Social Culture Polish, ect.). You�ll
promote discussion on the most important study since the masterpiece of
What makes the works of MacDonald so controversial? Well, he writes about
the evolution of groups and their inter-action with mankind. The title: The
Culture of Critique.
Buy a copy today. Have your library order copies. It�s no exacerbation to
imply that Kevin MacDonald, in many ways, is similar to Kopernik. That�s why
his masterpiece does not sit in the White House or Kremlin. The Culture of
Critique could upset the political apple cart. It could also enhance the
peace and brotherhood of mankind. Perhaps that�s why it�s unofficially
banned in Europe and shunned in the Land of the Free.
bruno czapski



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