The Rape of the Male

"In all, five percent (5%) of students (8% of students who ever had sexual intercourse in their lifetime) could be considered sexual minority youth; that is, they either identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and/or reported any same-sex sexual contact"

However, two thirds of boys who had sex with males reported that it was "unwilling sex", meaning that less than 1.7% "identified as gay"


  1. Sodomy reduced life expectancy a total of 194 million man-years, the equivalent of 2.7 million lives.

  2. Sodomy is a religious, not a political, issue.

  3. The Bible on sodomy.

  4. Per MYRBS: 74,000 non-sodomite American boys were raped by sodomites.

  5. Be Counted found that less than 10% of Americans support legalized sodomy.

  6. The National Opinion Research Center found that less than 9% support legalized sodomy.


The destruction of the Christian American male could never have happened so effectively without the immoral support of the US public education system. Dumbing down millions of boys with drugs like Ritalin and placing them dead last in TIMSS would have been bad enough, but teaching them that sodomy is a "right" makes this a world class meat grinder.  Thousands of societies before us ignored simple religious principles like this and all of them self-destructed, so it's truly arrogant to now believe that we can follow the exact same pattern and expect a different outcome.

It's not the American people who support it (the voters of Vermont overwhelmingly rejected an initiative to legalize homosexual relations), but our activist [read: Jewish controlled] legal system (the Vermont Supreme Court rejected the voters rejection of sodomy and legalized it anyway).  Whether adherence to principles straight out of the Talmud was done consciously or subconsciously is irrelevant, the outcome is exactly the same--they officially declared that it is now legal for the 50,000 openly sodomite [or "gay"] boys in our public schools to rape 170,000 non-sodomite boys "against their will".  When sodomy is a "right", what can a teacher or principle or parent do about it when a boy comes to them and says "Bruce made me have sex with him"?  All they have the power to do now is say "That's ok, sodomists have their rights, and they need to express their rights.  Besides, AIDS is on the decrease, and it's a 'hate crime' to complain about it".  Which educator, which parent, which politician, is going to demand that a "gay" boy be lynched for exercising his new "right"?

The reality is that LYING to sodomite youth by suggesting to them that they aren't going to be confronted with serious legal problems in their future lives will make life much worse for students who might otherwise have had the opportunity in their youth to avoid the risk.

There is nothing "gay" about sodomy.  The MYRBS (Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey), which is no longer at so it can now be seen at myrbs.htm shows that, compared to other students, sodomites are more likely to:


Become lifetime cocaine users by 4.6 times.


Attempt suicide by 4.1 times.


Carry a weapon by 2.3 times.


Be threatened or injured by a weapon by 2.3 times.


Miss school because of feeling unsafe by 4.5 times.


Be in a physical fight by 1.7 times.

Educators now tell their students "AIDS deaths among sodomites is on the decrease" which obscures the much more significant point that sodomites [read: homosexuals or "gays" (or in the newly watered down vernacular of the Centers for Disease Control: MSM-men who have sex with men)] accounted for 60% of all AIDS diagnoses in 1997.  The National Opinion Research Center reports that only 1% of the population "identifies itself as gay", which might lead one to believe that the 1% of the population which is "gay" is 148 times more likely to get AIDS than the 99% which is not.  But this ignores that 3.4% of high school boys are identified in the MYRBS as victims of male rape, who may be just as likely to get AIDS with one homosexual contact as "gays" are.  Because the CDC term "MSM" includes the 1% of the population who are "gays" and the 3.4% of males who had homosexual contact "against their will", it includes 4.4% of the population, which means that MSM are 32 times more likely to get AIDS than non-MSM.

  Percent of Population Percent of AIDS Relative Odds
MSM 4.4% 60% 13.6
Non-MSM 95.6% 40% .42
Probability     32X

Paul Cameron has been roundly criticized by homosexual activists for his methods and qualifications, but his data has never been properly discredited with valid statistics.  He found from obituaries that homosexuals are 116 times more apt to be murdered, 24 times more likely to commit suicide, 18 times more apt to die in traffic accidents, and to have a median life expectancy 30 years shorter than non-homosexuals (45 years, vs. 75).   This is not inconsistent with the above studies.  Of the 31,130 AIDS deaths in 1996, 25,277 were males, and 15,166 were "MSM"s.  If the risk of contracting AIDS through unprotected homosexual contact "against their will" is equal to the risk to all "gays", then 11,723 of those AIDS deaths were the victims of male rape.   This makes the legalization of homosexual relations tantamount to a death sentence for as many non-homosexual men as die prematurely each year from suicide, cirrhosis, septicemia, pneumonia, or the flu.

The simple fact is that the American public will never embrace these homosexual "rights"--the majority will always consider it a crime and a sin, for very good reasons.  The Gallup Organization obscured those reasons, and revealed its homosexual agenda, by asking questions like "as you know, there has been considerable discussion in the news regarding the rights of homosexual men ..." to which 50% agreed that "homosexuality should be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle".  But the National Opinion Research Center found that 80% of Americans believe "sex between consenting adults is always wrong" and another 6% believe it is "almost always wrong".  When asked what religion they are, 86.6% of Americans said "Christian", 1.9% said "Jewish", and 2.6% said either "Muslim", "Buddhist", or "Hindu".   This is 91.1% of the American population whose religions call for strict punishment of sodomy:


If there is a man who lies with a male ..., they shall be put to death, Leviticus 20:13

bulletIn the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion, Romans 1:27

If the question were asked "as you know, sodomy is a sin and a crime to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists.  Do you believe that laws against sodomy should be upheld", the probability is high that 91.1% of the answers would be "yes".

Indications of Public Support For Sodomy Percent Who Condone Sodomy
Gallup Poll 46%
National Opinion Research Center 30%
Religious Principles 8.9%

"Gay activists" always accuse Christians of "hate" when they explain why sodomy is an abomination before God.  But what could possibly be greater "hate" than to fail to warn school children about the problems of sodomy, to permit the male rape of 170,000 non-homosexual boys, to subject them to 30 year shortened life expectancies, and to LIE to them about how society does and always will treat and imprison sodomites?

If MYRBS applies across all 5 million high school boys in the nation, then 2,580,000 report they are not homosexual but have not had any sexual experience, 95,000 identify as gay but have had no sexual contact, 1,915,000 have had willing sex with females, 285,000 have had sex with females "against their will", 75,000 have committed sodomy "against their will", and 50,000 have committed sodomy and identify themselves as "gay".  All 2,325,000 high school boys who have had sexual contact, condoms or not, willingly or not, sodomites or not, have serious problems and it's a disgrace that the US public education system permits almost half of our school children to be subjected to such risks.  The ones more seriously at risk are those who are openly "gay", because schools, teachers, principles, counselors, and maybe even some parents, are LYING to them about society's unalterable attitude about sodomy, the risk of ending up in prisons which don't treat sodomites too kindly, other legal consequences, and their average 30 year shorter life expectancy. 

None of the studies clarify how much less at risk non-sodomites who have committed sodomy "against their will" are compared to openly sodomite boys, but it is certain that only one act of sodomy can transfer the HIV virus which causes AIDS, which is one of the key ways to shorten their life expectancy.  Open sodomites have given these children something worse than a death sentence.  Of the 101 million over-18 males, 6.4% of them, or 6,464,000, have had a male partner since puberty, 1,010,000 are openly sodomites, and 1.5% of all sodomites, or 15,166 of them, died of AIDS in 1996 alone.  Even worse, 19.1% of sodomites attending STD (sexually transmitted disease) clinics are infected with the HIV virus.

It's unconscionable for this Christian nation to continue to permit 75,000 non-sodomite boys to be subjected to such risks just because 50,000 sodomite boys view sex with them as a "right".   Maybe even worse is implying that the 95,000 boys who have not yet had sex but already "identify themselves as gay" have a "right" to engage in this deadly game of Russian Roulette.  The question is not, as sodomites frame it, whether or not these students can or will change their sexual preference, it's whether or not they accept their teachers at face value, exercise this "right", and engage in a practice which shaves 30 years from their lives.  If this shorter life expectancy applies equally to those who are non-sodomites who committed sodomy as it does to professed sodomites, then the total shortened life expectancies of 6,464,000 MSMs is 194 million years, which is the equivalent of 2.7 million lives, greater than the entire population of Ireland.

A proper education in our public schools CAN halt the process!  Sodomites cannot be completely eliminated, but even in the face of widespread promotion of sodomy as a "right", the mere attendance at church reduces sodomy "in the last 12 months" by 62% (from 3.4% for those who attend church "rarely" to 1.3% for those who attend "regularly").  This is a hopeful sign considering that public educators and churches are teaching two contradictory lessons about sodomy.  It is inevitable that if public schools were educated about the overall risks of sodomy and the approach churches take to head it off, that the risks of sodomy can be reduced even further.

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