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From:	 [email protected]  
Sent:	Wednesday, March 03, 1999 12:06 AM
Subject:	[vmi] Random Thoughts
Just a few random thoughts on the vibrant discussions going on here.
1)    I lie.  I lie almost every day.  I lie as part of my job, and yet I
don't feel guilt about it.  I don't think that this makes me a less honorable
man.  And no, I'm neither a lawyer nor a used car salesman.  You see, I'm a
cop.  If I tell a suspect that I've got a ton of evidence against him, show
him prints (usually mine!) that I say were lifted from the scene, that he may
as well give it up, when in reality I have nothing but that tingley feeling
you get when you KNOW this is who did it, that's a lie.  When I tell awife
batterer "Yeah, I know how they get, sometimes you have to hit 'em to shut
'em up", I'm looking for a confession from him, not preaching my methods of
maintaining domestic tranquility.  And the drunk is always told that it's in
their best interests to take a breathalizer, when it often, though not
always, isn't.  All lies.
	But I lie for angels.  It's not for personal gain (yeah, the sergeant and
lieutenant notice when you solve more cases, but thats a peripharal reason).
I gain from it only as society benefits when these toads are put away.
Because when it comes time for court, I NEVER lie...just like my 41/2 years at
"Mother I".  I even tell the judge and jury that I lie to the suspect,
because I took an oath.
	It is unfortunate, but it is unrealistic in today's world to operate by the
Code, anywhere other than the "I".  That's why it is so special, and must be
protected against being watered down.  A fine example is UVA.  Their "honor
code" is grammatically the same as ours, yet a student that I arrested for
using a fake ID is not even reprimanded by the honor council representative I
spoke with.  I got a string of excuses "Well, in presenting the ID, he didn't
actually SAY, that was him...besides, buying alcohol isn't related to school
so it isn't TECHNICALLY a violation".  He was splitting hairs like he was the
President.  We can't let this happen to the "I".  I would rather it be shut
down than watered down.
2)	As a Virginia taxpayer, I am upset at the notion of paying twice for the
same thing.  Why does the Virginia higher education system have two co-ed
"military" corps?  I can't see that VMI offers anything now that Tech lacks,
and Tech has a much better academic program.  If the school can't be saved
from PC avengers (first women, next the lower standards, then the honorcode)
I say stop the redundancy and shut it down.		
Well, this is long enough....
Bob Matson '93

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