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Manifest: USS Madagascar

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--- Tripp Henderssen [email protected]   wrote:
> I humbly submit the name of one jew SAMUEL KLEIN, aged
> 78, and holocaust
> survivor with a mere 4 years education. He brought
> installment time
> payments to the peons of Brasil so they could watch
> MTV, holocaust stories
> and provocative Sambas. He is hailed as a hero of the
> poor, the SAM WALL of
> South America. What the Wall Street Journal fails to
> tell us is that he
> CHARGES THEM 11% vigorish PER MONTH. Reserve seats on
> second crossing, please, for jew KLEIN and surviving
> members of his family.
> Tripp


Doug from Upland asked:


Culture/Society Miscellaneous Keywords: THE HOLOCAUST OF INNOCENT BABIES
Source: Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Published: Sept. 10, 1998 Author: unknown
Posted on 07/23/2000 22:17:41 PDT by doug from upland

While searching for info on an anti-Hillary rabbi, I stumbled across this and read it in disbelief. This is really, really sickening. What has happened to our nation's soul?

The short answer is that they are to be the very first passengers who are to be on-board on the USS Madagascar on its first trip.

An Open Letter To President Bill Clinton
November 30, 1993 - Full page ad in the New York Times

We, the undersigned 1,000 rabbis, representative of the broad spectrum of Jewish religious community, wish to voice our plea for justice for Jonathan Pollard.

We in no way condone acts of espionage or any violation of our country’s laws. We nonetheless call upon you, Mr. President, to recognize that the lifetime sentence imposed upon Jonathan Pollard is unduly harsh and grossly inconsistent with the punishment given to other Americans convicted of similar and even worse crimes.

We therefore call upon you to demonstrate your commitment to justice by commuting Jonathan Pollard’s sentence, to the time, eight years, he has already served. This would be consistent with - indeed, longer than - sentences typically imposed by American courts for similar offenses.

Jonathan Pollard’s sentence should appropriately reflect the punishment that is commensurate with his crime.

Pollard is a spy.  He compromised the security of American citizens.  Those who place his life ahead of the life of Christians in this Christian nation do not deserve the protection of our laws and must be  the first on-board on the USS Madagascar on its first trip.

To add passengers to the manifest of the USS Madagascar, please email us.

In Support of the President's Veto of H.R. 1122
September 10, 1998

Dear Senator:

We are writing to urge you to vote to sustain President Clinton’s veto of H.R. 1122, the so-called "Partial-Birth Abortion" Act of 1997.

As rabbis, we are often called upon to counsel families facing difficult decisions concerning reproductive health choices, including abortion. Like other members of the clergy, we turn to religious law and teachings for guidance in providing such counsel. Judaism has laws governing the issue of abortion, but each case is considered individually.

As in other religions, in Judaism, there are different interpretations of these laws and teachings, and we respect and welcome debate on these issues. However, this debate should remain among those who practice our faith, not on the floor of Congress.

The debate surrounding reproductive choice speaks to one of the basic foundations upon which our country was established—the freedom of religion. It speaks to the right of individuals to be respected as moral decision makers, making choices based on their religious beliefs and traditions as well their consciences.

In addition, we are concerned about the language of the bill itself. Given the fact that the "Partial Birth Abortion" Act uses vague and non-medical language to describe the prohibited procedures, it would be very difficult for anyone, whether clergy or physician, to be certain about which medical procedures would be banned. Given the bill’s nebulous language and the importance of the issue, we find it difficult to engage in a theological debate on this matter.

Abortion is a deeply personal issue. Women are capable of making moral decisions, often in consultation with their clergy, families and physicians, on whether or not to have an abortion. We believe that religious matters are best left to religious communities, not politicians.

Once again, we urge you to vote to sustain President Clinton’s veto.

(Rabbis listed in alphabetical order according to state, 729 total)


Rabbi P. Irving Bloom, Fairhope....Rabbi Whitney Boling, Birmingham....Rabbi Dr. Steven L. Jacobs, Huntsville.... Rabbi Elana Kanter, Birmingham.... Rabbi Bronmen Lichtenstein, Northport.... Rabbi Lawrence N. Mahrer, Dothan.... Rabbi Jonathan Miller, Birmingham....


Rabbi Maynard W. Bell, Paradise Valley.... Rabbi Marc Berlen.... Rabbi William L. Berkowitz, Prescott.... Rabbi Alan Berlin, Paradise Valley.... Rabbi Karen Greenbaum, Scottsdale.... Rabbi Robert Kravitz, Phoenix.... Rabbi Barton G. Lee, Tempe.... Rabbi Thomas A. Loucheim.... Rabbi Albert Plotkin, Phoenix.... Rabbi Andrew Straus, Tempe.... Rabbi Joseph S. Weizenbaum, Tucson


Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman, Hot Springs.... Rabbi Eugene A. Levy, Little Rock


Rabbi Mona Alfi, Sacramento.... Rabbi Melanie Aron, Los Gatos.... Rabbi Raphael W. Avher, Walnut Creek.... Cantor Roslyn Barak, San Francisco.... Rabbi Michael Barenbaum, San Rafael.... Rabbi Lewis M. Barth, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Allen B. Bennett, Alameda.... Rabbi Leslie Bergson, Claremont.... Cantor Ilene Bobrowsky, Oakland.... Rabbi Jerald M. Brown, Northridge.... Rabbi Kenneth Carr, Los Altos Hills.... Rabbi Steven A. Chester, Oakland.... Rabbi Paul J. Citrin, Palm Desert.... Rabbi Helen Cohn, San Francisco.... Rabbi Hillel Cohn, San Bernadino.... Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels, Santa Monica.... Rabbi Laurie Coskey, San Diego.... Rabbi Shelton J. Donnell, Santa Ana.... Rabbi Alice Dubinsky, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Rebecca L. Dubowe, Thousand Oaks.... Rabbi Denise Eger, West Hollywood.... Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, Fountain Valley.... Rabbi Charles Familant, Menlo Park.... Rabbi Emily H. Feigenson, Los Angeles.... Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy, Los Gatos.... Cantor Martin Feldman, San Francisco.... Rabbi Harvey J. Fields, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Andrea Fisher, Oakland.... Rabbi Allen Freehling, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Gordon Freeman, Walnut Creek.... Rabbi Laura Friedman, San Rafael.... Rabbi Laura Geller, Beverly Hills.... Rabbi George D. Gittleman, Santa Rosa.... Rabbi Bernard B. Goldsmith, Escondido.... Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein, Calabasas.... Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein, San Diego.... Rabbi Evan Goodman, San Mateo.... Rabbi Donald Goor, Tarzana.... Rabbi Roberto D. Graetz, Lafayette.... Rabbi Alan Greenbaum, Thousand Oaks.... Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum, Carmel.... Cantor Kay Greenwald, Los Altos Hills.... Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff, Stockton.... Rabbi Gerald Hanig, Oxnard.... Rabbi Alan Henkin, Lancaster.... Rabbi Johanna M. Hershenson, Aliso Viejo.... Rabbi Morris M. Hershman, Burlingame.... Rabbi Seth Hochberg-Miller, Ventura.... Rabbi Sidney J. Jacobs, D.D., Culver City.... Rabbi Bruce Kadden, Salinas.... Rabbi Wolli Kaeltes, Long Beach.... Rabbi Steven Kaplan, Fremont.... Rabbi Jim Kaufman, North Hollywood.... Rabbi Stuart Kelman, Berkely....Rabbi Bernard P. King, Irvine.... Rabbi Paul J. Kipnes, Valley Village.... Rabbi Renee Kogel, Laguna Beach.... Rabbi Leah Kroll, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Alan Lachtman, Temple City.... Cantor Nathan Lam, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Martin Lawson, San Diego....Rabbi Stan Levy, Los Angeles.... Rabbi David S. Lieb, San Pedro.... Rabbi Rachel Litman, San Francisco.... Rabbi Jane R. Litman, San Francisco.... Rabbi Dana L. Magat, San Diego.... Rabbi Harry A. Manhoff, San Leandro.... Rabbi Janet R. Marder, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Kenneth Michander, Camarillo.... Rabbi Jay N. Miller, Burlingame.... Rabbi Sydney Mintz, San Francisco.... Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh, Hollywood.... Rabbi Sheryl Nosan, San Diego.... Rabbi Janet Offel, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, Irvine.... Rabbi Sanford Ragins, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Paula Reimers, Burbank.... Rabbi Michael Resnick, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Steven Reuben, Pacific Palisades.... Cantor Stephen Richards, Walnut Creek.... Rabbi Theodore H. Riter, Encinitas.... Rabbi Bernie Robinson, San Rafael.... Rabbi Sanford Rosen, San Mateo.... Rabbi Cheryl Rosenstein, Bakersfield.... Rabbi John Rosove, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Harry A. Roth, Neveda County.... Cantor Wally Schachet-Birkson.... Cantor Ellen Schwab, San Madeo.... Rabbi Robert A. Seigel, Fresno.... Rabbi Judy Shanks, Lafayette.... Rabbi Richard J. Shapiro, Santa Barbara.... Rabbi John M. Sherwood, Oxnard.... Rabbi Ruth H. Sohn, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Wendy Spears, Woodland Hills.... Rabbi Ronald H. Stern, Los Angeles.... Rabbi Frank Sterns, Poway.... Rabbi Deborah Till, Northridge.... Rabbi Martin Weiner, San Francisco.... Rabbi Eric Weiss, San Francisco.... Rabbi Zari M. Weiss, Palo Alto.... Rabbi Laura Novak Winer, Los Altos Hills.... Rabbi Richard Winer, Livermore.... Rabbi Greg Wolfe, Davis.... Rabbi Josh Zweiback, Los Altos Hills


Rabbi Deborah R. Bronstein, Boulder.... Rabbi Steven Foster, Denver.... Rabbi Stephen Kahn, Denver.... Rabbi Audrey S. Pollack, Denver.... Rabbi David J. Zucker, Aspen.... Rabbi Raymond Zwerin, Denver


Rabbi Bradd H. Boxman, Danbury.... Rabbi Herbert Brockman, Hamden Rabbi S. Joan Glazer Farber, Greenwich.... Cantor Jon R. Haddon, Ridgefield....Rabbi Zoe Klein, Norwalk Rabbi Norman Koch, New Milford.... Rabbi Robert Lennick, Greenwich.... Rabbi David C. Levy, Glastonbury.... Rabbi Jerome R. Malino, Danbury.... Rabbi Vivian Mayer, Danbury.... Rabbi Robert Orkand, Westport.... Rabbi Jonah Pesner, Westport.... Rabbi James Prosnit, Bridgeport.... Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg, Waterford.... Cantor Richard Silverman, Westport.... Rabbi Israel Skin, Bridgeport.... Rabbi Leon Weldman....


Rabbi Peter H. Grumbacher, Wilmington.... Cantor Judith Naimark, Wilmington.... Rabbi David A. Wortman, Wilmington


Rabbi Andrew Baker.... Rabbi Marc Israel.... Rabbi David Kessel.... Rabbi Lynne Landsberg.... Rabbi Bonnie Margulis.... Rabbi Mindy Portnoy.... Rabbi David Saperstein.... Rabbi Gerald Serotta....

Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg FLORIDA (37)

Rabbi Richard Agler, Boca Raton.... Rabbi Barry M. Altman, Ormond Beach.... Rabbi Cyrus Arfa, Winter Haven.... Rabbi Herbert M. Baumgard, Miami.... Rabbi Richard J. Birnholz, Tampa.... Rabbi Terry A. Bookman, Miami.... Rabbi Jody Cohen-Gavarian, Miami.... Rabbi William E. Cohen, Orlando.... Rabbi Saul M. Diament, Hollywood.... Rabbi Steven Garfein, Tallahasee.... Rabbi Ronald H. Goff, Tallahassee.... Cantor Mark Goldman, Plantation.... Rabbi Howard R. Greenstein, Marco Island.... Rabbi Geoffrey Huntting, Sarasota.... Rabbi Harold S. Jaye, Ocala.... Rabbi Greg Kanter, Oakland Park.... Rabbi Raloh P. Kingsley, North Miami Beach.... Rabbi Gary M. Klein, Palm Harbor.... Rabbi Andrew R. Koren, Gainesville.... Rabbi Joel Levine, West Palm Beach.... Rabbi Jerold M. Levy, Boca Raton.... Rabbi Norman S. Lipson, Weston.... Rabbi Lewis Littman, Ft. Lauderdale.... Rabbi Mark Mallach, West Palm Beach.... Rabbi Michael Matuson, Jacksonville.... Rabbi Andrew M. Paley, Miami.... Rabbi Stephen H. Pinsky, Wellington.... Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz, Miami Beach.... Rabbi Michael A. Schadick, Plantation.... Rabbi N. William Schwartz, Pensacola.... Rabbi Max Selinger, Ocala.... Rabbi Alan Sherman, Jupiter.... Rabbi Samuel M. Silver, Delray Beach.... Rabbi Mark E. Singer, Boca Raton.... Cantor Irving Shulkes, N. Miami Beach.... Rabbi James L. Simon, N. Miami Beach.... Rabbi Allan C. Tuffs, Hollywood.... Rabbi Dr. Chaim J. Wender, Delray Beach


Rabbi Jeffrey Astrachan, Macon.... Cantor Scott E. Colbert, Atlanta.... Cantor Herbert Cole, Atlanta.... Rabbi Stanley M. Davids, Atlanta.... Rabbi Thomas J. Friedman, Columbus.... Rabbi Brett R. Isserow, Atlanta.... Rabbi Philip N. Kranz, Atlanta.... Rabbi Debra B. Landsberg, Atlanta.... Rabbi Shalom Lewis, Marietta.... Rabbi Fred M. Raskind, LPC, Duluth.... Rabbi Arthur Rutberg, Columbus.... Rabbi Scott B. Sanlson, Atlanta.... Rabbi Ron Segal, Atlanta.... Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman, Atlanta


Rabbi Stephen F. Barak, Honolulu.... Rabbi Avi Magid, Honolulu


Rabbi Daniel B. Fink, Boise.... Rabbi Laura Rappaport, Boise


Rabbi Marc E. Berkson, Skokie.... Cantor Richard G. Cohn, Glencoe.... Rabbi Steven L. Denker, Chicago.... Rabbi Ellen W. Dreyfus, Homewood.... Rabbi Laurence Edwards, Chicago.... Rabbi Gary S. Gerson, Oak Park.... Rabbi Donald Gluckman, Olympia Fields.... Rabbi Samuel N. Gordon, Wilmette.... Rabbi Theodore H. Gordon, Bloomington.... Rabbi Lisa Greene, North Field.... Rabbi Suzanne B. Griffel, Chicago.... Rabbi Stephen A. Hart, Long Crove.... Rabbi Sidney M. Helbraun, Northbrook.... Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin, Northfield.... Cantor Aviva Katzman, Chicago.... Cantor Jeffery Klepper, Evanston.... Rabbi Douglas Kohn, Hoffman Estates.... Rabbi Harold Kudan, Glencoe.... Rabbi Scott Looper, Vernon Hills.... Rabbi Robert J. Marx, Glencoe.... Rabbi Steven Mason, Glencoe.... Rabbi Amy L. Memis, Glenview.... Rabbi Jay Henry Moses, Chicago.... Rabbi Nancy Myers, Long Grove.... Rabbi Aaron Petuchowski, Chicago.... Rabbi Michael M. Remson, Naperville.... Rabbi Herman E. Schaalman, Chicago.... Rabbi Robert D. Schreibman, Northfield.... Rabbi Isaal Serotta, Highland Park.... Rabbi Eleanor Smith, Evanston.... Rabbi Michael Sternfield, Chicago.... Rabbi Dov Taylor, Highland Park.... Rabbi Ariel Walsh, Peoria.... Cantor Cory Winter, Glennview.... Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf, Chicago.... Rabbi Leonard S. Zoll, Carbondale


Rabbi Arnold L. Bienstock, Indianapolis.... Rabbi Eric J. Bram, Indianapolis.... Rabbi L. David Feder, Evansville.... Cantor Janice Roger, Indianapolis.... Rabbi Richard B. Safran, Ft. Wayne.... Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso, Indianapolis.... Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, Indianapolis.... Rabbi Paul Tuchman, Terre Haute.... Rabbi Samuel Weingart, W. Lafayette

IOWA (5)

Rabbi Edward A. Chesman, Cedar Rapids.... Rabbi Morley Feinstein, South Bend.... Rabbi Henry Karp, Davenport.... Cantor Lisa Levine, Des Moines.... Rabbi Neil Sandler, Des Moines


Rabbi Mark H. Levin, Overland Park


Rabbi Jon Adland, Lexington.... Rabbi Laura H. Metzger, Louisville.... Rabbi Joe R. Rapport, Louisville.... Rabbi Gaylia Rooks, Louisville.... Rabbi Robert B. Slosberg, Louisville.... Rabbi Michael R. Zedek, Kansas City


Rabbi Edward Paul Cohn, New Orleans.... Rabbi David Goldstein, New Orleans.... Rabbi David L. Kline, Monroe.... Rabbi Jennifer Weiner, Lake Charles


Paul F. Cohen, S. Portland.... Rabbi Laurence Elis Milder, Bangor.... Rabbi Harry Z. Sky, Portland.... Rabbi Douglas D. Weger


Rabbi Donald R. Berlin, Baltimore.... Rabbi Reeve Brenner, Bethesda.... Rabbi Gustav Buchdahl, Reisterstown.... Rabbi Kenneth Cohen, Bethesda.... Rabbi Mona Decker, Baltimore.... Rabbi Seymour L. Essrog, Taylorsville.... Rabbi Floyd Herman, Baltimore.... Rabbi David Kessel, Bethesda.... Rabbi Peter Kessler, Baltimore.... Rabbi Shira Lander, Baltimore.... Rabbi Rosalin Landis, Baltimore.... Rabbi Jack Luxemburg, Rockville.... Rabbi Jonathan Maltzman, Bethesda.... Rabbi Rex D. Perlmeter, Baltimore.... Cantor Judith Rowland, Baltimore.... Rabbi William D. Rudolph, Bethesda.... Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, Potomac.... Rabbi Stephanie Wolfe, Germantown.... Rabbi Brian Zimmerman, Rockville


Rabbi Ruth Alpert, Boston.... Rabbi Seth L. Bernstein, Worcester.... Rabbi H. Hirsch Cohen, Centerville.... Rabbi Sigma Faye Coran, Worcester.... Rabbi Albert S. Goldstein, Brookline.... Rabbi Daniel Gropper, Lexington.... Rabbi Debra R. Hachen, Westboro.... Rabbi Boaz Heilman, Sudbury.... Rabbi David Lee Kaplan, Stoughton.... Rabbi Stephen A. Karol, Hingham.... Rabbi Neil Kominsky, Lowell.... Rabbi Michelle Lenke, Wellesley.... Rabbi Elias Lieberman, East Falmouth.... Rabbi Eliot P. Marrus, Newton Centre.... Rabbi Bernard H. Mehlman, Boston.... Rabbi Richard (Rim) Meirowitz, Winchester.... Rabbi David J. Meyer, Marblehead.... Rabbi Barbara Penzner, Boston.... Rabbi Dennis S. Ross, Pittsfield.... Rabbi Harold I. Salzmann, Pittsfield.... Rabbi Jim Simon, Worcester.... Rabbi Toba Spitzer, West Newton.... Rabbi Donald M. Splansky, Framingham.... Rabbi Pamela Wax, North Adams.... Rabbi David S. Wolfman, Needham.... Rabbi Cary David Yales, Lexington.... Rabbi Leonard Zion, Newton


Rabbi Alan P. Alpert, Muskegon.... Rabbi Amy B. Brodsky, West Bloomfield.... Rabbi David Castiglione, Bloomfield Hills.... Rabbi Ernst J. Conrad, West Bloomfield.... Rabbi Robert Dobrusin, Ann Arbor.... Cantor Stephen Dubov, Detroit.... Rabbi Marla J. Feldman, Bloomfield Hills.... Rabbi Mark Goldfarb, Flint.... Rabbi Sheila Beth Goloboy, Bloomfield Hills.... Rabbi Morton Hoffman, East Lansing.... Rabbi Albert Micah Lewis, Grand Rapids.... Rabbi Harold S. Loss, West Bloomfield.... Rabbi Michael L. Moskowitz, West Bloomfield


Rabbi Norman M. Cohen, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Joseph A. Edelheit, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Julie K. Gordon, St. Paul.... Rabbi Robert Kahn, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Andrea London, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Stacy K. Offner, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Adam Spilker, St. Paul.... Rabbi Sharon Stiefel, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Marcia A. Zimmerman, Minneapolis.... Rabbi Martin Zinkow, St. Paul


Rabbi Jim Egolf, Jackson


Rabbi Solomon Agin, D.D., St. Louis.... Rabbi Alan L. Cohen, Kansas City.... Rabbi Stuart E. Davis, Kansas City.... Rabbi Matt Freidman, St. Joseph.... Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, St. Louis.... Rabbi Ronald M. Goldstein, Kansas City.... Rabbi Jerome W. Grollman, St. Louis.... Rabbi Elizabeth Hersh, St. Louis.... Rabbi Robert P. Jacobs, St. Louis.... Rabbi Gerald M. Kane, Kansas City.... Rabbi Howard G. Kaplansky, St. Louis.... Rabbi Mordecai Miller, St. Louis.... Rabbi Estelle Mills, Ballwin.... Rabbi J.R. Rosenbloom, St. Louis.... Rabbi Janine C. Schloss, St. Louis.... Rabbi Lane Steinger, St. Louis.... Rabbi Jeffrey B. Stiffman, St. Louis.... Rabbi Susan Talve, St. Louis.... Rabbi Joshua Taub, Kansas City.... Rabbi Lewis S. Warshaver, Kansas City.... Rabbi Michael R. Zedek, Kansas City


Rabbi Aryek Azpiel, Omaha.... Rabbi Debbie Steil, Omaha


Rabbi Myra Soifer, Reno


Rabbi Richard Klein, Concord.... Rabbi Louis A. Rieser, Derry


Rabbi Joel Abraham, Allendale.... Cantor Shlomo Bar-Nissim, Closter.... Rabbi Brian K. Beal, Manalopan.... Cantor Bruce Benson, Morristown.... Rabbi Neal Borovitz, River Edge.... Rabbi Kenneth Brickman, Jersey City.... Rabbi Daniel M. Cohen, South Orange.... Rabbi Lawrence M. Colton, Plainfield.... Rabbi Faith Dantowitz, Short Hills.... Rabbi Beth Davidson.... Rabbi Israel Dresner, Wayne.... Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, Montclair.... Rabbi Bruce Elder, Cherry Hill.... Rabbi Irwin, H. Fishbein, Westfield.... Rabbi Ari Fridkis, Tenafly.... Rabbi Barry Friedman, Livingston.... Rabbi Arnold Gluck, Somerville.... Rabbi Neal D. Gold, New Brunswick.... Rabbi Renee Goldberg, Westfield.... Rabbi Joseph Goldman, Elberon.... Rabbi Laurence Groffman, Short Hills.... Rabbi Eric S. Gurvin, Teaneck.... Rabbi Howard Jaffe, Warren.... Rabbi Ronald W. Kaplan, Turnersville.... Rabbi Peter E. Kasdan, Livingston.... Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, Westfield.... Rabbi Barry Lerner, Ventor.... Rabbi Richard A. Levine, Mt. Laurel.... Rabbi Ellen Lewis, Watchung.... Cantor Barbara Lieberstein, Paramus.... Rabbi Steven Linderman, Cherry Hill.... Rabbi Gary A. Maes, Cherry Hill.... Rabbi Norman Patz, Cedar Grove.... Rabbi Deborah Pipe-Mazo, Cherry Hill.... Rabbi Sally J. Priesand, Tinton Falls.... Rabbi Elizabeth Rolle, Freehold.... Rabbi Richard F. Steinbrink, Clinton.... Rabbi Shira Stern, Morganville.... Cantor Norman Summers, Short Hills.... Rabbi Kenneth Tarlow, West Orange.... Rabbi Jonathan Waxman, Elberon.... Rabbi Donald Weber, Marlboro.... Rabbi Mary L. Zamore, Westfield.... Cantor Sarah Zemel, Somerville


Cantor Jacqueline Shuchat-Marx.... Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev, Santa Fe

NEW YORK (158)

Rabbi Robert Abramson, New York City.... Rabbi Renni S. Altman, Great Neck.... Cantor Dana Anesi, Chappaqua.... Rabbi Beth S. Appel, Lynbrook.... Rabbi Stephen Arnold, Poughkeepsie.... Rabbi Henry Bamberger, Utica.... Rabbi Morris W. Barzilai, Mount Vernon.... Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker, New York City.... Rabbi Karen Bender, Great Neck.... Rabbi Stacy Bergman, New York City.... Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz, New York City.... Rabbi Donna Berman, Port Washington.... Cantor Richard Berman, Manhasset.... Rabbi Daniel M. Bernstein, New York City.... Rabbi Miriam Biatch, Elmira.... Rabbi David Blumenfeld, New York City.... Cantor Richard Bolton, New York City.... Cantor Annie Bornstein-Howar, White Plains.... Rabbi Barnett J. Brickner, Massapequa.... Cantor Norma Bruce, Armenia.... Rabbi Donald Cashman, Albany.... Rabbi Marim D. Charry, Great Neck.... Rabbi Kenneth M. Chasen, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Martin Cohen, New York City.... Rabbi Norman Cohen, New York City.... Rabbi Judy Cohen-Rosenberg, Westbury.... Cantor Renne Coleson, Syosset.... Rabbi Julian I. Cook, Rockville Centre.... Rabbi Daryl P. Crystal, Syosset.... Rabbi Jo David, New York City.... Rabbi Zahara Davidowitz-Farkas, New York City.... Rabbi Beth Davidson, Port Washington.... Rabbi Jerome K. Davidson, Great Neck.... Rabbi Moshe Edelman, New York City.... Rabbi Lisa Eiduson, Buffalo.... Rabbi Robert J. Eisen, Tonawanda.... Rabbi Dennis Eisner, New York City.... Rabbi Daniel Epstein, Patchoque.... Rabbi Jerome Epstein, New York City.... Rabbi David E. Fass, New York City.... Rabbi Charles Feinberg, Poughkeepsie.... Rabbi Helene Ferris, Croton.... Rabbi Michael L. Feshbach, Williamsville.... Rabbi Adam D. Fisher, Stony Brook.... Rabbi Ellen Flax, New York City.... Rabbi Carla Freedman, South Salem.... Rabbi Lee Friedlander, Roslyn Heights.... Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, New York.... Rabbi Joan S. Friedman, Hamilton.... Rabbi Ronne Freidman, Buffalo.... Rabbi Louis Frishman (Emeritus), Spring Valley.... Rabbi Jeffrey F. Gale, Wantagh.... Rabbi Stuart M. Geller, Lynbrook.... Rabbi Donald R. Gerber, Rochester.... Rabbi Karen Gluckstern-Reiss, Flushing.... Cantor David Goldstein, Buffalo.... Rabbi Stephen Goodman, Garden City.... Rabbi Joel S. Goor, New York City.... Rabbi Debora S. Gordon, Troy.... Rabbi David E. Greenberg, Bedford Corners.... Rabbi David Greenstein, New Hyde Park.... Cantor Glenn Gropper, Albany.... Rabbi Jonathan L. Hecht, Ph.D., Plainview.... Rabbi Renni S. Hinan, Great Neck.... Rabbi Deborah A. Hirsch, New York City.... Cantor Jerome Holland, Terry Town.... Rabbi Norman Kahan, Roslyn Heights.... Rabbi Allen S. Kaplan, New York City.... Rabbi Alan J. Katz, Rochester.... Rabbi Laurie Katz, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Reuben M. Katz, Freeport.... Cantor Alane S. Katzew, New Rochelle.... Rabbi Jan Kaufman, New York City.... Rabbi Samuel Kehati, Elmont.... Rabbi Beth Klafter, Mankaset.... Rabbi Jonathan Klein, Woodstock.... Rabbi Richard Klein, New York City.... Rabbi Stephen A. Klein, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Woodstock.... Rabbi Jon Konheim, Schenectady.... Rabbi Laurence Kotok, Rochester.... Rabbi Douglas E. Krantz, Armonk.... Rabbi Noa Kushner, New York City.... Rabbi Gail Labovitz, New York City.... Rabbi Nathan M. Landman, Larchmont.... Rabbi Judd K. Levingston, New York City.... Rabbi Joy Levitt, Plandome.... Rabbi Charles D. Lippman, New York City.... Rabbi Ellen Lippmann, Brooklyn.... Rabbi Janet B. Liss, Glen Cove.... Rabbi Alan E. Litwak, Albany.... Rabbi Garry A. Loeb, Monroe.... Rabbi Beverly Magidson, Albany.... Rabbi Batsheva Meiri, Roslyn Hills.... Rabbi Paul Menitoff, New York City.... Cantor Stephen Merkel, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Joel Meyers, New York City.... Rabbi S. Robert Morais, Rochester.... Rabbi Leon Morris, New York City.... Rabbi Steven Moss, Oakdale.... Rabbi Howard Needleman, New York City.... Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky, New York City.... Rabbi Susan Oren, Brooklyn.... Rabbi Aaron Panken, New York City.... Rabbi Melinda Panken, New York City.... Rabbi Wendy Drucker Pein, Nwe Rochelle.... Rabbi Hara Person, New York City.... Rabbi Marvin Petruck, Forest Hills.... Rabbi Daniel F. Polish, Poughkeepsie.... Rabbi Sarah Reines, New York City.... Rabbi Stanley T. Relkin, Brooklyn.... Rabbi Ilana Rosansky, New York City.... Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, New York City.... Rabbi Steven M. Rosman, Port Washington.... Rabbi Harry Rothstein, Armenia.... Rabbi Rachel T. Sabath, New York City.... Rabbi Mark Sameth, Pleasantville.... Rabbi Peter Schaktman, New York City.... Rabbi Judith Schindler, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, New York City.... Rabbi Arthur L. Schwartz, Cold Spring Harbor.... Rabbi Barton Shallot, Huntington.... Rabbi Martin Silverman, Albany.... Rabbi Charles Simon, New York City.... Rabbi Steven Sirbu, Syosset.... Rabbi S. David Sperling, New York City.... Rabbi Julie R. Spitzer, New York City.... Cantor Howard M. Stahl, Lawrence.... Rabbi Howard Stecker, West Hempsteed.... Rabbi Bonnie Steinberg, Great Neck.... Rabbi George Stern, Upper Nyack.... Rabbi Kenneth Stern, New York City.... Cantor Ellen Stettner, New York City.... Cantor Meredith Stone, Rye.... Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, New York City.... Rabbi Robert I. Summers, New York City.... Rabbi Brooks R. Susman, Lawrence.... Rabbi Irwin A. Tannenbaum, Monticello.... Rabbi Lennard R. Thal, New York City.... Rabbi David B. Thomas, Chappaqua.... Cantor Rica Julie Timman, Lynbrook.... Rabbi Michael Torop, Port Washington.... Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman, New York City.... Rabbi David Wechsler-Azen, Suffern.... Rabbi Tom Weiner, White Plains.... Rabbi Peter Weintraub, Scarsdale.... Rabbi Joseph I. Weiss, Neponsit.... Rabbi Mark L. Winer, White Plains.... Rabbi Paula Jayne Winnig, Lawrence.... Rabbi David Wirtschafter, Huntington.... Cantor Josee Wolff, New York City.... Rabbi Julie Wolkoff, Albany.... Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen, Glen Cove.... Cantor Jacob Yaron, Portwasa.... Rabbi Eric Yoffie, New York City.... Rabbi Elana Zaiman, New York City


Rabbi James Bennett, Charlotte.... Rabbi Deborah Bodin Cohen, Cary.... Rabbi Lucy HF Dinner, Raleigh.... Rabbi Hanoch Fields, Fayetteville.... Rabbi Albert A. Gordon, Wilmington.... Cantor Linda Shepherd, Charlotte.... Rabbi Robert Waxman, Wilmington

OHIO (28)

Rabbi Scott Aaron, New York City.... Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker, New Albany.... Rabbi Robert B. Barr, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Harold Berman, Columbus.... Rabbi Kenneth E. Ehrlich, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Susan L. Einbinder, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Marianne L. Gevirtz, Springfield.... Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Amy Greenbaum, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Sol Greenberg, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Marc Gruber, Dayton.... Rabbi Rosette Barron Haim, Beachwood.... Rabbi Elliott Heinman, Beachwood.... Rabbi David M. Horowitz, Akron.... Rabbi Sam Joseph, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Lewis Kamrass, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Elliot Kleinman, Beachwood.... Rabbi Sharon Y. Marcus, Beachwood.... Rabbi Jennifer Marx, Dayton.... Rabbi Milton Matz, Beachwood.... Rabbi Margeret Myer.... Rabbi Richard S. Sarason, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Yael Splansky*.... Rabbi Susan B. Stone, Hudson.... Rabbi Edward J. Sukol, Pepper Pike.... Rabbi Samuel Weinstein, Sylvania.... Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman, Cincinnati.... Rabbi Gary P. Zola, Cincinnati.... * Guest Rabbi in Toronto, Ontario but registered voter in Ohio


Rabbi Larry J. Halpern, Portland.... Rabbi Daniel J. Isaak, Portland.... Rabbi Emanuel Rose, Portland.... Rabbi Shoshana Zahva Spercel, Eugene.... Rabbi C. Ariel Stone-Halpern, Portland


Rabbi Rebecca Alpert, Philedelphia.... Rabbi Martin P. Beifield, Jr., Allentown.... Rabbi Aaron Benjamin Bisno, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Jonathan M. Brown, State College.... Rabbi Michael I. Charney, Eagle.... Rabbi Larry Freedman, Pittsburgh.... Rabbi Dayle Friedman, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Joseph M. Forman, Pittsburgh.... Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Jonathan H. Gerard, Easto.... Rabbi Constance Golden, Abington.... Rabbi Irwin Goldenberg, York.... Cantor David Green, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Elliot Holin, Elkins Park.... Rabbi Walter Jacob, Pittsburgh.... Rabbi Richard Klein, Pittsburgh.... Rabbi William I. Kuhn, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Robert Layman, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Robert S. Leib, Abington.... Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Susan Marks, Narberth.... Rabbi Gregory S. Marx, Spring House.... Rabbi Michael Monson, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Robert E. Ourach, King of Prussia.... Rabbi Jack P. Paskoff, Lancaster.... Rabbi Sara Rae Perman, Greensburg.... Rabbi Steven J. Peskind, Scranton.... Rabbi Seymour Prystowsky, Lafayette Hill.... Rabbi Rochelle Robins, Philadelphia.... Rabbi David Sandmel, Wynnewood.... Rabbi Burt E. Schuman, Altona.... Rabbi Rav A. Soloff, Lansdale.... Rabbi Jacob Staub, Wycote.... Rabbi David Straus, Wynnewood.... Rabbi Elliot Strom, Newton.... Rabbi Harold B. Waintrup, Abington.... Rabbi Daniel Weiner, Harrisburg.... Rabbi Amy Weiss, Philadelphia.... Rabbi Kenneth S. Weiss, Doylestown.... Rabbi Hanna Yerushalmi, Spring House


Rabbi Mark S. Bloom, Cranston.... Rabbi Michael Cahana, Providence.... Rabbi Wayne M. Franklin, Providence.... Rabbi James B. Rosenberg, Barrington


Rabbi Edward Friedman, Charleston.... Rabbi Sanford T. Marcus, Columbia


Rabbi Allison Flash, Nashville.... Rabbi Jay D. Freedman, Johnson City.... Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein, Memphis.... Rabbi Kenneth A. Kanter, Nashville.... Rabbi Howard A. Simon, Knoxville

TEXAS (26)

Rabbi Kerry Baker, Austin.... Rabbi Peter Berg, Dallas.... Rabbi Murray J. Berger, Plano.... Rabbi Barry H. Block, San Antonio.... Rabbi Jim Brandt, Woodlands.... Rabbi Jeffrey S. Clopper, Houston.... Rabbi Heidi B. Coretz, Lubbock.... Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker, Austin.... Cantor Robert M. Gerber, Houston.... Rabbi Stephen D. Gold, Tyler.... Rabbi Steven M. Gross, Houston.... Rabbi Mark Kaiserman, Dallas.... Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Dallas.... Rabbi Gerald J. Klein, Dallas.... Rabbi David Lipper, McAllen.... Rabbi Ralph D. Mecklenburger, Fort Worth.... Rabbi Matthew D. Michaels, Houston.... Rabbi Charles D. Mintz, Dallas.... Rabbi Marcia Plumb, Houston.... Rabbi Daniel L. Rabishaw, Houston.... Rabbi Debra J. Robbins, Dallas.... Rabbi Rick Schechter, Dallas.... Cantor Jaime Shpall, Austin.... Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl, San Antonio.... Rabbi David E. Stern, Dallas.... Rabbi Roy A. Walter, Houston


Rabbi Robert A. Alper, E. Dorset.... Rabbi Howard Cohen, Bennington.... Rabbi Michael Cohen, Manchester Center.... Rabbi James S. Glazier, S. Burlington


Rabbi Daniel S. Alexander, Charlottesville.... Rabbi Martin P. Beifield Jr., Richmond.... Rabbi Jonathan Biatch, Alexandria.... Rabbi Kathy S. Cohen, Roanoke.... Rabbi Gary S. Creditor, Richmond.... Rabbi Harold Fink, Alexandria.... Rabbi Rosalind A. Gold, Reston.... Rabbi Reuben Jacobs, Centerville.... Rabbi Amy Schwartzman, Falls Church.... Rabbi Richard N. Smith, Richmond.... Rabbi Arthur Z. Steinberg, Portsmouth.... Rabbi Israel Zoberman, Virginia Beach


Rabbi Lisa Gelber, Mercer Island.... Rabbi Joy B. Heyman, Everett.... Rabbi Norman D. Hirsh, Seattle.... Rabbi James L. Mirel, Bellevue.... Rabbi H. David Rose, Mercer Island.... Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz, Olympia.... Rabbi Beth Singer, Seattle.... Rabbi Jonathan Singer, Seattle.... Rabbi Earl S. Starr, Seattle


Rabbi Stanley R. Funston, Bluefield.... Rabbi I. B. Koller, Charleston


Rabbi Jay R. Brickman, Milwaukee.... Rabbi David B. Cohen, Milwaukee.... Rabbi E. Daniel Danson, Wausau.... Cantor Heather Feffer, Milwaukee.... Rabbi Dena Feingold, Kenosha.... Rabbi Ze’ev Harari, Racine.... Rabbi Isaac Serotta, Milwaukee

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This letter was signed and endorsed by:
Rabbi Norman Lamm
President Yeshiva University
New York, NY

Rabbi Moshe Gorelik
Pres. Rabbinical Council of America

Rabbi Binyamin Walfish
Exec. V.P. Rabbinical Council of America
New York, NY

Rabbi Ismar Schorsch
Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary
New York, NY

Rabbi Gerald Zelizer
Pres. Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Joel Meyers
Exec. V.P. Rabbinical Assembly
New York, NY

Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk
Pres., Hebrew Union College Jewish Institute of Religion
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman
Pres., Central Conference of American Rabbis

Rabbi Josef Glaser
Exec. V.P., Central Conference of American Rabbis
New York, NY

Rabbi David Teutsch
Pres., Reconstructionist College
Wyncote, PA

Rabbi Ronald Aigen
Pres., Reconstructionist Rabbinical Assoc.

Ms. Yael Shuman
Dir, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Wyncote, PA

The following rabbinic organizations have called for the commutation of Jonathan Pollard's sentence to time served:

American Assoc. of Rabbis
Atlanta Rabbinical Association
Bergen Cty. Board of Rabbis
Beth Din of Grtr. Philadelphia
Bridgeport Board of Rabbis
Brooklyn Board of Rabbis
Buffalo Board of Rabbis
Calgary Rabbinical Council
Central Conf. of Amer. Rabbis
Chicago Board of Rabbis
Cincinnati Board of Rabbis
Cleveland Board of Rabbis
Cncl. of Ref. & Lib. Rabbis (UK)
Columbus Board of Rabbis
Dayton Synagogue Forum
East Bay Council of Rabbis
Grtr. Orlando Board of Rabbis
Grtr. Philadelphia Brd. of Rabbis
Grtr. Phoenix Board of Rabbis
Houston Rabbinical Assoc.
Long Island Board of Rabbis
Massachusetts Board of Rabbis
Michigan Board of Rabbis
Minnesota Rabbinical Assoc.
Morris-Sussex Cty. Brd. of Rabbis
New Haven Board of Rabbis
New York Board of Rabbis
No. Broward Board of Rabbis
No. California Board of Rabbis
No. Shore Rabbinical Assoc.
Onh. Rabbin. Cnd. of So. Florida
Oregon Board of Rabbis
Orth. Rabbin. Cncl. of Cleveland
Orth. Rabbin. Cncl. of San Francisco
Rabbin. Alliance of America
Rabbin. Assoc of Grtr. Dallas
Rabbin. Assoc. of Delaware
Rabbin. Assoc. of Grtr. Kansas City
Rabbin. Assoc. of Grtr. Miami
Rabbin. Assoc. of Ottawa
Rabbin. Assoc. of Vanc./Victoria
Rabbin. Board of the Bronx
Rabbin. Cncl. of Grtr. Manchester (UK)
Rabbin. Cncl. of Grtr. Wash. D.C.
Rabbin. Cncl. of Massachusetts
Rabbin. Coll. of Australia & N.Z.
Rabbin. Council of America
Rabbin. Council of California
Rabbin. Council of Canada-East
Rabbin. Council of Grtr. Baltimore
Rabbin. Council of London (UK)
Rabbin. Council of Ontario
Rabbin. Fllwshp. of Grtr. Pittsburgh
Rabbinical Assembly
Reconstructionist Rabbin. Assoc.
Rhode Island Board of Rabbis
Rochester Board of Rabbis
Rockland Cty. Board of Rabbis
Rocky Mountain Rabbin. Council
San Diego Rabbin. Assoc.
So. California Board of Rabbis
So. Palm Beadh Board of Rabbis
St. Louis Rabbin. Assoc.
Toronto Board of Rabbis
Union County Board of Rabbis
Union of Orth. Rabbis - U.S. & Ca
Vaad Harabonim of Far Rock. & Lawr.
Vaad Harabonim of Flatbush
Vaad Harabonim of Queens
Vaad Harabonim of Toronto
Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis
Washington D.C. Board of Rabbis
Washington State Board of Rabbis
Winnipeg Council of Rabbis
Wisconsin Council of Cong. Rabbis

The following Jewish Federations & Community Relations Councils have called for the commutation of Jonathan Pollard's sentence to time served:

Atlanta, CA
Atlantic Jew. Council, Halifax
Berkshires, MA
Chicago, IL
Columbia, SC
Columbus, GA
Columbus, OH
Des Moines, LA
El Paso, TX
Fort Wayne, IN
Grtr. Charlotte, NC
Grtr. Middlesex Cty., NJ
Grtr. New Haven, CT
Grtr. Rockford, IL
Grtr. Springfield, MA
Grtr. Toronto
Grtr. Vancouver
Greenwich, CT
Jacksonville, FL
Jwsh. Charity Lafayette, IN
Jwsh. Fed. Grtr. Ft. Ldrdl.
Jwsh. Fed. Grtr. Houston
Las Vegas, NV
Lee County, FL
Lincoln, NE
London, Ont.
Memphis, TN
Mich. Cty. UJWF
Northwest, IN
Orange County, CA
Palm Beach County, FL
Peoria, IL
Portland, OR*
Richmond, VA
Rochester, NY
Rockland, NY
San Diego
Sarasota-Manatee, FL
Shreveport, LA
Sioux City, Iowa
Sioux Falls, SD
South Palm Beach, FL
Southern Arizona
Springfield, MA
The Quad Cities, IL/IA
Volusia & Flaglar Ctys., FL
Waco & Central Texas
Windsor, Ont.
Worcester, MA

Atlantic & May Ctys., NJ
Bergen County, NJ
Broward County, FL
Boston, MA
Central, NJ
Champaign-Urbana, IL
Charleston, SC
Grtr. Clifton-Passaic, NJ
Detroit, MI
Dutchess Cty., NY
Flint, MI
Grtr. Philadelphia, PA*
Grtr. San Jose, CA
Jwsh. Fed. Grtr. Buffalo
Los Angeles, CA
Mercer & Bucks Cys., NJ/PA
Metro West, NJ
Minneapolis-St. Paul (ADL)
New York City
Northeastern New York
Oklahoma City, OK
Palo Alto, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Rhode Island
Saint Joseph Valley, IN
San Francisco, The Penininsula, Marin & Sonoma Ctys.
Southern, NJ
Southern IL/Eastern MO /W. Kentucky
Springfield, IL
St. Louis, MO
Steubenville, OH
Ulster County
Youngstown, OH

The following national, international or local organizations have called for the commutation of Jonathan Pollard's sentence to time served:

Agudath Israel of America
American Jewish Congress*
American Jewish League for Israel
Americans For a Safe Israel
Americans for Progressive Israel
American Sephardi Federation
American Zionist Movement
Amit Women
Avocats Sans Frontieres
Bnai Brith International
Bnai Zion
Brith Shalom
Board of Deputies of British Jews
Can. Council of Reform Zionists
Can. Holocaust Remembrance Assoc.
Can. Jewish Congress
Can. Society for Yad Vashem
Can. Zionist Federation
Cantors Assembly
Christian Broadcasting Network - Rev. Pat Robertson
Cen. Council of the Jewish
Comm. of Sweden
Christians' Israel PAC
Coalition for Jewish Concerns - AMCHA
COJO of Borough Park
Comite de Coord. des Orgs. Juives de Belgique
Conseil Representatif des Inst. Juives de France
Cooperation Feminine- France
Decalogue Society of Lawyers - Chicago
Emunah Women of America
European Jewish Congress
Evang. Leadership Campaign to Free Jonathan Pollard
Fed. of Polish Jews of the U.S.
Golden Rule Society
Hadassah WIZO of Canada
Hadassah-Women's Zionist Org. of America
Interfaith Resources
Internt'l Assoc. of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists
Internt'l Christian Embassy of Israel
Jewish Action Alliance
Jewish Federation of Mens' Clubs
Jewish Civil Rights Ed. Found. of Canada
Jewish Lawyers Guild
Jewish National Fund
Jewish Political Caucus
Jewish Teachers Assoc. - Morim
Jewish War Veterans of Canada
Labor Zionist Alliance of Chicago
Louis D. Brandeis Soc. of Zionist Lawyers
Mizrachi of Great Britain
National Council of Young Israel
Nat'l Jewish Legal Defense Fund
No. Amer. Jenvish Students Network
No. Subn. Syn. Council (Chicago)
Reform Syns. of Great Britain
Religious Roundtable - Ed McAteer
Religious Zionists of America
Sephardic Society of Manhattan
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Societe Civile Profesionelle d'Avocats
Synagogue Council of America
Toronoto Zionist Council
Union of American Hebrew Cong.
Union of Orth. Jewish Congs. of Arner.
United Syn. of Great Britain
Union for Traditional Judaism
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
World Jewish Congress - Amer. Sec.
World Union of Progressive Judaism
World Zionist Congress - 32nd session
Zionist Organization of America

European Parliament
New Jersey State Assembly

City Councils of:
Albany, NY*
Beverly Hills, CA
Chicago, IL*
Los Angeles, CA*
Miami Beach, FL*
New York City*
W. Hollywood, CA

Scores of other local organizations that have asked for commutation have not been listed due to space constraints.

*Seeking reviews with an eye toward commutation

The letter was also signed by the following 1000 rabbis:

Chief Rabbi B. Melchior, Denmark
Chief Rabbi C. Harris, S. Africa
Chief Rabbi J. Sitruk, France
Chief Rabbi S.Y. Cohen, Haifa
Rabbi A. Irving Schnipper, MI
Rabbi A. M. Dershowitz, NY
Rabbi A. Mark Levin, TN
Rabbi A. Schindler, UAHC Pres.
Rabbi A.D. Mandelbaum, NY
Rabbi A.E. Plotkin, Ontario
Rabbi Aaron Abend, CA
Rabbi Aaron B. Krupnick, NY
Rabbi Aaron Bergman, MI
Rabbi Aaron Borow, MO
Rabbi Aaron Cohen, NY
Rabbi Aaron D. Rubinger, FL
Rabbi Aaron Gelman, CA
Rabbi Aaron Krauss, NJ
Rabbi Aaron Levine, NY
Rabbi Aaron M. Rine, IL
Rabbi Aaron M. Wise, CA
Rabbi Aaron P. Michaelson, NY
Rabbi Aaron Soloveichik, IL
Rabbi Abie Ingebar, OH
Rabbi Abner Weiss, CA
Rabbi Abraham B. Eckstein, NY
Rabbi Abraham B. Hecht, NY
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, CA
Rabbi Abraham Groner, FL
Rabbi Abraham Novitsky, PA
Rabbi Abram V. Goodman, NY
Rabbi Adam Mintz, NY
Rabbi Aharon Parry, CA
Rabbi Aharon Simkin, CA
Rabbi Alan Abramson, IL
Rabbi Alan Berg, CA
Rabbi Alan Green, Manitoba
Rabbi Alan Henkin, CA
Rabbi Alan J. Yuter, NJ
Rabbi Alan Lavin, NY
Rabbi Alan Londy, FL
Rabbi Alan Lucas, NJ
Rabbi Alan Rabashaw, CA
Rabbi Albert E. Gabbai, PA
Rabbi Albert M. Shulman, IN
Rabbi Alfred Cohen, NY
Rabbi Alfred H. Benjamin, NJ
Rabbi Allan Blaine, NY
Rabbi Allan Lazaroff, NY
Rabbi Allan Lehmann, FL
Rabbi Allan Schwartz, NY
Rabbi Allen Berkowitz, OH
Rabbi Allen Freehling, CA
Rabbi Allen Juda, PA
Rabbi Alter Metzger, NY
Rabbi Alvan Kaufner, RI
Rabbi Alvin D. Rubin, MO
Rabbi Alvin M. Marcus, NJ
Rabbi Alvin M. Poplack, NY
Rabbi Alvin M. Sugarman, GA
Rabbi Alvin Schiff, NY
Rabbi Amiel Novoseller, PA
Rabbi Amnon Haramati, NY
Rabbi Amos W. Miller, NY
Rabbi Amram Assayag, Ontario
Rabbi Amram Gabay, CA
Rabbi Andre Ungar, NJ
Rabbi Andrew Strauss, CA
Rabbi Anhur D. Kahn, OK
Rabbi Ari Hier, CA
Rabbi Ari Weiss, NJ
Rabbi Ario S. Hyams, NY
Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, MI
Rabbi Arnold B. Marans, NY
Rabbi Arnold Fine, Ontario
Rabbi Arnold Goodman, GA
Rabbi Arnold Kopikis, CA
Rabbi Arnold Rachlis, CA
Rabbi Aron B. Tendler, CA
Rabbi Arthur Green, PA
Rabbi Arthur Haselkorn, NJ
Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, NJ
Rabbi Arthur Oleisky, AZ
Rabbi Arthur Ruberg, VA
Rabbi Aryeh Blaut, WA
Rabbi Asher Brander, CA
Rabbi Asher Bush, NJ
Rabbi Asher Vale, Alberta
Rabbi Asher Z. Biron, CA
Rabbi Avi Herzog, OH
Rabbi Avi Schulman, CO
Rabbi Avi Weiss, NY
Rabbi Avishai C. David, Ontario
Rabbi Avraham Shapira, Israel
Rabbi Avram Israel Reisner, NJ
Rabbi Avrohom Gluck, NY
Rabbi Azriel C. Fellner, NJ
Rabbi Balla, British Colombia
Rabbi Barnett Brickner, MO
Rabbi Barry Konovitch, FL
Rabbi Barry R. Baron, TX
Rabbi Barry Rosen, PA
Rabbi Baruch Taub, Ontario
Rabbi Basil Herring, HY
Rabbi Ben Segal, Israel
Rabbi Benjamin Blech, NY
Rabbi Benjamin Hauer, Quebec
Rabbi Benjamin Lefkowitz, MA
Rabbi Benjamin S. Yasgur, NJ
Rabbi Benjamin Yudin, NJ
Rabbi Bennett F. Miller, NJ
Rabbi Benno Wallach, TX
Rabbi Benzion Kaganoff, IL
Rabbi Berel Wein, NY
Rabbi Bernard E. Rothman, NJ
Rabbi Bernard Eisenman, MA
Rabbi Bernard Kligfeld, AZ
Rabbi Bernard L. King, CA
Rabbi Bernard Mussman, IL
Rabbi Bernard Reichman, WI
Rabbi Bernard Rosensweig, NY
Rabbi Bernhard Presler, FL
Rabbi Bernie Fox, WA
Rabbi Bob Sandman, NC
Rabbi Bonnie J. Koppell, AZ
Rabbi Bonnie Steinberg, NY
Rabbi Bradley N. Bleefeld, OH
Rabbi Bradley Shavit Arslon, CA
Rabbi Brian Thau, NY
Rabbi Brooks R. Sussman, NY
Rabbi Bruce Dollin, NJ
Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg, NY
Rabbi Bruce Greenbaum, CO
Rabbi C. Magidovitch Green, PA
Rabbi Carla Theodore, VA
Rabbi Cary D. Kozberg, OH
Rabbi Chaim Crupar, NY
Rabbi Chaim Landau, MD
Rabbi Chaim Pachtman, IN
Rabbi Chaim Rubin, NY
Rabbi Chaim Wasserman, NJ
Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, NJ
Rabbi Charles Klein, NY
Rabbi Charles Kraus, PA
Rabbi Charles S. Sherman, NY
Rabbi Charles Sheer, NY
Rabbi Charles Tannenbaum, NJ
Rabbi Chases S. Popkey, MO
Rabbi Clifford E. Librach, IL
Rabbi Daniel A. Ornstein, NC
Rabbi Daniel A. Roberts, OH
Rabbi Daniel Epstein, CA
Rabbi Daniel Epstein, IL
Rabbi Daniel Frank, CA
Rabbi Daniel Friedlander, NY
Rabbi Daniel Goldberger, CO
Rabbi Daniel Gordis, CA
Rabbi Daniel I. Leifer, IL
Rabbi Daniel J. Greenwald, NY
Rabbi Daniel Landes, CA
Rabbi Daniel Lee Kaplan, MA
Rabbi Daniel Lerner, CA
Rabbi Daniel Lewin, Quebec
Rabbi Daniel N. Korobkin, CA
Rabbi Daniel Pernick, NY
Rabbi Daniel Schur, OH
Rabbi Daniel Yormark, NY
Rabbi David Abramson, MA
Rabbi David Ackerman, PA
Rabbi David Algaze, NY
Rabbi David Avigdor, CT
Rabbi David B. Starr, NY
Rabbi David Bader, OH
Rabbi David Barnett, CA
Rabbi David E. Stern, TX
Rabbi David Edelman, MA
Rabbi David Eisenman, MO
Rabbi David Eliach, NY
Rabbi David Fine, IL
Rabbi David Friedman, NY
Rabbi David Gaffney, FL
Rabbi David Gefen, PA
Rabbi David Goldberger, CO
Rabbi David J. Nesson, NJ
Rabbi David J. Susskind, FL
Rabbi David Kaminetsky, NY
Rabbi David Kaplan, Ontario
Rabbi David Klatzker, PA
Rabbi David L. Gutterman, CT
Rabbi David Leibtag, MO
Rabbi David Lyon, TX
Rabbi David M. Eligberg, PA
Rabbi David Margulies, IN
Rabbi David N. Chanotsky, NY
Rabbi David Neiman, MA
Rabbi David Rose, WA
Rabbi David Rosen, RI
Rabbi David Rue, CA
Rabbi David S. Halpern, NY
Rabbi David S. Zlatin, OH
Rabbi David Twersky, WA
Rabbi David Vorspan, CA
Rabbi David Weiss Halivni, NY
Rabbi David Weiss, IL
Rabbi David Weiss, NJ
Rabbi Debbie Eisenman, IL
Rabbi Dennis C. Sasso, IN
Rabbi Donald B. Rossoff, NY
Rabbi Donald Gluckman, IL
Rabbi Donald Goor, CA
Rabbi Doniel Z. Kramer, NY
Rabbi Douglas Weber, ME
Rabbi Dov Bressler, NY
Rabbi Dov Gartenberg, WA
Rabbi Dov Leff, NY
Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, OH
Rabbi Dov Y. Bara, MO
Rabbi Dovid Green, IN
Rabbi Dovid Shapero, CA
Rabbi Dovid Wadler, NY
Rabbi Dr. Asher Murciano, NY
Rabbi Dr. Barry Dov Schwartz, NY
Rabbi Dr. Chaim E. Schertz, PA
Rabbi Dr. Chaim Shapiro, RI
Rabbi Dr. Chaim Waksalk, NY
Rabbi Dr. Elb Abadie, NY
Rabbi Dr. H. N. Strickman, NY
Rabbi Dr. Isaac Goodman, NY
Rabbi Dr. Jack Bemporad, NY
Rabbi Dr. Joseph Rischall, MO
Rabbi Dr. Levi Meier, CA
Rabbi Dr. Louis L. Sacks, FL
Rabbi Dr. M. A Kipper, FL
Rabbi Dr. M. E. Zeitz, Quebec
Rabbi Dr. Moshe D. Tendler, NY
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Weiss, Israel
Rabbi Dr. N. Saul Goldman, FL
Rabbi Dr. Norman N. Shapiro, FL
Rabbi Dr. P. M. Weinberger, NY
Rabbi Dr. Paul L. Hait, NY
Rabbi Dr. R. A. Ohrenstein, NY
Rabbi Dr. Raphael Ostrovsky, IN
Rabbi Dr. S. J. Spiro, Quebec
Rabbi Dr. Selig S. Auerbach, NY
Rabbi Dr. Sol. Roth, NY
Rabbi Dr. Stanley M. Wagner, CO
Rabbi Earl J. Fishhaut, NY
Rabbi Earl Starr, WA
Rabbi Edgar Weinsberg, MA
Rabbi Edmund Winter, IL
Rabbi Edwara H. Garsek, OH
Rabbi Edward Feldheim, IL
Rabbi Edward M. Tenenbaum, CA
Rabbi Efry Spectre, MI
Rabbi Elazar Muskin, CA
Rabbi Elbert L. Sapinsley, WV
Rabbi Eli B. Greenwald, NY
Rabbi Eli Braun, Ontario
Rabbi Eli Herschberg, CA
Rabbi Eli Herscher, CA
Rabbi Eli Stern, OH
Rabbi Elias Schwartz, NY
Rabbi Elie K. Spitz, CA
Rabbi Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, FL
Rabbi Eliezer Cohen, MI
Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz, CA
Rabbi Eliezer Havivi, NC
Rabbi Eliezer Langer, CA
Rabbi Eliezer Miller, NY
Rabbi Eliezer Rubin, NY
Rabbi Eliezer Shapiro, IN
Rabbi Elihu Kasten, NY
Rabbi Elihu Miller, NB
Rabbi Elijah J. Schochet, CA
Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, MI
Rabbi Eliot Pearlson, FL
Rabbi Eliseo D. Rozenwasser, PA
Rabbi Elliot H. Pachter, MI
Rabbi Elliot Kleinman, IL
Rabbi Elliot Perlstein, PA
Rabbi Elliot Stevens, NY
Rabbi Elliot Winograd, FL
Rabbi Ellis Bloch, NY
Rabbi Elyse Frishman, NY
Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, NY
Rabbi Ephraim I. Zimand, MO
Rabbi Ephraim Kanarfogel, NJ
Rabbi Ephraim Nissenbaum, OH
Rabbi Ephraim P. Slepoy, MA
Rabbi Ephraim Rubinger, NY
Rabbi Eric Bram, MO
Rabbi Eric N. Kaye, CT
Rabbi Eric Ziegler, NY
Rabbi Erwin Preis, MD
Rabbi Ethan Seidel, NE
Rabbi Eugene Labovitz, FL
Rabbi Eugene Levy, AR
Rabbi Evan Shore, NY
Rabbi Ezra Labaton, NJ
Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, NY
Rabbi Feivel Wagner, NY
Rabbi Frank A. Fischer, NC
Rabbi Fred B. Guttman, FL
Rabbi Fred Schwartz, IL
Rabbi Fredric Kazan, PA
Rabbi Gabriel Ben-Or, NV
Rabbi Gary Glickstein, FL
Rabbi Gary Katz, WA
Rabbi Gary S. Creditor, NY
Rabbi Gary S. Listokin, NJ
Rabbi Gary Tishkoff, Israel
Rabbi Gavriel Newman, LA
Rabbi Gedalia Buchbinder, NY
Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz, IL
Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer, MD
Rabbi Geoffrey Botnick, NY
Rabbi George Nudell, NJ
Rabbi Gerald Goldman, NJ
Rabbi Gerald Katzovitz, CA
Rabbi Gerald Raiskin, CA
Rabbi Gerald Sussman, NY
Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, PA
Rabbi Gershon Barnard, OH
Rabbi Gershon Gewirtz, MA
Rabbi Getzel Mularsky, FL
Rabbi Gilbert Feldman, CT
Rabbi Gilbert Kollin, CA
Rabbi Gordon Geller, NJ
Rabbi Gordon M. Freeman, CA
Rabbi Gordon Yaffe, CT
Rabbi Gregory S. Marx, PA
Rabbi H. David Teitelbaum, CA
Rabbi H. Finkelstein, Ontario
Rabbi H. J. Kaufman, Quebec
Rabbi H. L. Goldscheider, NY
Rabbi H. Leonard Poller, NY
Rabbi Haim A. Asa, CA
Rabbi Halperin, Manitoba
Rabbi Hanan Balk, OH
Rabbi Hanoch Teller, CA
Rabbi Harold B. Waintrup, PA
Rabbi Harold B. Weintraub, PA
Rabbi Harold D. Halpern, NY
Rabbi Harold Friedlander, NY
Rabbi Harold H. Bell, MD
Rabbi Harold J. Berman, OH
Rabbi Harold Kamsler, PA
Rabbi Harold Kravitz, MN
Rabbi Harold Kudan, IL
Rabbi Harold Kushner, MA
Rabbi Harold S. Loss, MI
Rabbi Harold Shusterman, IL
Rabbi Harold Swiss, NY
Rabbi Harry A. Roth, MA
Rabbi Harry Greenspan, CA
Rabbi Harry J. Nussenbaum, NY
Rabbi Harvey Fields, CA
Rabbi Harvey M. Tattelbaum, NY
Rabbi Harvey S. Goldman, NJ
Rabbi Harvey Well, IL
Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, NY
Rabbi Haskel Wachsman, IL
Rabbi Hayim S. Wahrman, NY
Rabbi Hayyim Kassorla, MD
Rabbi Henry A. Sosland, NY
Rabbi Henry A. Zoob, MA
Rabbi Henry Balser, Manitoba
Rabbi Henry Cohen, PA
Rabbi Henry Hoschander, Ontario
Rabbi Henry J. Isaacs, ME
Rabbi Herb Freed, CA
Rabbi Herben Silberman, AZ
Rabbi Herbert A. Yoskowitz, DE
Rabbi Herbert G. Panitch, WI
Rabbi Herbert H. Rose, CO
Rabbi Herbert W. Bomzer, NY
Rabbi Herman L. Horowitz, PA
Rabbi Herman Savitz, NJ
Rabbi Herschel Leibowitz, MD
Rabbi Hershel Becker, FL
Rabbi Hershel Billet, NY
Rabbi Hershel Schachter, NY
Rabbi Hershel Solnica, NY
Rabbi Hershy Worch, RI
Rabbi Heshy Chapler, NY
Rabbi Heshy Glass, NY
Rabbi Heshy Grossman, CA
Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, NJ
Rabbi Hillel Klavan, DC
Rabbi Howard D. Gorin, MD
Rabbi Howard Handler, NY
Rabbi Howard J. Hirsch, CO
Rabbi Howard K. Cove, PA
Rabbi Howard Kosovske, MA
Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker, OH
Rabbi Howard M. Graber, MO
Rabbi Howard Shub, IN
Rabbi Howard Trusch, TX
Rabbi Howard Wolk, TX
Rabbi Howard Zack, CA
Rabbi I.A. Tanenbaum, Ontario
Rabbi Ira Budow, PA
Rabbi Ira S. Grussgott, Quebec
Rabbi Ira Schafer, MD
Rabbi Irvin S. Beigel, Ontario
Rabbi Irving Glickman, IL
Rabbi Irving Greenberg, NY
Rabbi Irving Koslowe, NY
Rabbi Irving Lehrman, FL
Rabbi Irving Miller, IL
Rabbi Irwin A. Albert, NY
Rabbi Irwin Feldman, NY
Rabbi Irwin Groner, MI
Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz, Ontario
Rabbi Isaac Gottlieb, NY
Rabbi Isaac Suna, NY
Rabbi Isador Pickholz, OH
Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin, CA
Rabbi Isidore Barnett, PA
Rabbi Isidoro Aizenberg, NY
Rabbi Israel C. Stein, CT
Rabbi Israel E. Turner, NJ
Rabbi Israel Fishweicher, IL
Rabbi Israel Flam, NY
Rabbi Israel H. Nobel, NY
Rabbi Israel J. Barzak, FL
Rabbi Israel Schorr, NY
Rabbi Israel Wagner, NY
Rabbi Israel Wohlgelernter, NY
Rabbi Itsick Levi, CA
Rabbi J. B. Sacks, NJ
Rabbi J. E. Goldson, Alberta
Rabbi J. Gershon Neuman, NY
Rabbi J. H. Ralbag, NY
Rabbi J. H. Shmidman, Quebec
Rabbi J. Harold Romirowsky, PA
Rabbi J. Leonard Romm, NY
Rabbi J. R. Rosenbloom, MO
Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen, CA
Rabbi J.J. Greenberg, NY
Rabbi J.J. Hammerman, CT
Rabbi Jack D. Frank, IL
Rabbi Jack Riemer, FL
Rabbi Jack Segal, TX
Rabbi Jacob B. Mendelson, CT
Rabbi Jacob Hack, NY
Rabbi Jacob I. Rubenstein, NJ
Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, NY
Rabbi Jacob Pressman, CA
Rabbi Jacob Spiegel, NY
Rabbi Jacob Traub, CA
Rabbi James M. Bennett, MO
Rabbi James M. Gordon, IL
Rabbi James Prosnit, CT
Rabbi James Rosenberg, RI
Rabbi James S. Goodman, MO
Rabbi Janise Poticha, NY
Rabbi Jason Gwasdoff, FL
Rabbi Jay C. Shoulson, NY
Rabbi Jay Goldberg, NY
Rabbi Jay Kornsgold, NY
Rabbi Jay Marcus, NY
Rabbi Jay S. Lapidus, NY
Rabbi Jeff Wohlgelernter, CA
Rabbi Jeffrey A. Wohlberg, DC
Rabbi Jeffrey Bienenfeld, MO
Rabbi Jeffrey Hoffman, NY
Rabbi Jeffrey J. Weisblatt, PA
Rabbi Jeffrey Miller, NY
Rabbi Jeffrey Rubenstein, PA
Rabbi Jeffrey Segelman, NY
Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman, MO
Rabbi Jeffrey Woolf, NY
Rabbi Jeremiah Wohlberg, NY
Rabbi Jerold Isenberg, IL
Rabbi Jerome Davidson,
Rabbi Jerome Herzog, MN
Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein, CA
Rabbi Jimmy Kessler, TX
Rabbi Joan Friedman, IN
Rabbi Joe Rembaum, CA
Rabbi Joel Chernikoff, IL
Rabbi Joel Goor, NY
Rabbi Joel Lehrfield, IL
Rabbi Joel N. Smilchensky, NY
Rabbi Joel Schwab, NY
Rabbi Joel V. Zion, NY
Rabbi Joel Zeff, CA
Rabbi John Friedman, NC
Rabbi John L. Rosove, CA
Rabbi Jonathan Feldman, NY
Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg, MN
Rabbi Jonathan Kahn, CT
Rabbi Jonathan M. Case, NY
Rabbi Jonathan Miller, AL
Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, NY
Rabbi Jonathan Stein, IN
Rabbi Jonn Rosenblatt, FL
Rabbi Jordan Ofseyer, NY
Rabbi Jordan Pearlson, Ontario
Rabbi Jory Lang, FL
Rabbi Joseph Ben-David, Ontario
Rabbi Joseph H. Ehrenkranz, CT
Rabbi Joseph H. Friedman, MO
Rabbi Joseph Kalmenson, CT
Rabbi Joseph M. Reich, NY
Rabbi Joseph P. Sternstein, NY
Rabbi Joseph Polak, MA
Rabbi Joseph R. Radinsky, TX
Rabbi Joseph Rosenbluh, NY
Rabbi Joseph S. Lukinsky, NY
Rabbi Joseph S. Ozarowski, NY
Rabbi Joseph Wolf, OR
Rabbi Joshua Epstein, CT
Rabbi Joshua Goldman, OH
Rabbi Joshua Goldstein, NJ
Rabbi Joshua Gordon, CA
Rabbi Joshua Skoff, OH
Rabbi Joyce Newmark, PA
Rabbi Juda Mintz, GA
Rabbi Judah Kogan, Manitoba
Rabbi Judea B. Miller, NY
Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams, TX
Rabbi Julie K. Gordon, MN
Rabbi Keneth Greene, MO
Rabbi Kenneth Auman, NY
Rabbi Kenneth Brander, FL
Rabbi Kenneth Cohen, CA
Rabbi Kenneth J. Katz, Quebec
Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen, MD
Rabbi Kenneth N. Hain, NY
Rabbi Kenneth Roseman, TX
Rabbi Kenneth Simches, NJ
Rabbi Kenneth Stern, PA
Rabbi Kushner, NY
Rabbi Larry Lander, Ontario
Rabbi Laurence A. Sebert, NY
Rabbi Laurence M. Skopitz, NY
Rabbi Lawrence L. Edwards, NY
Rabbi Lawrence Montrose, IL
Rabbi Lawrence Perlman, Quebec
Rabbi Lawrence Zierler, OH
Rabbi Lee Buckman, WI
Rabbi Lee Friedlander, NY
Rabbi Lee S. Paskind, NJ
Rabbi Leo Heim, TX
Rabbi Leo Landman, NY
Rabbi Leon Katz, NJ
Rabbi Leonand Rosenthal, CA
Rabbi Leonard J. Aronson, NY
Rabbi Leonard Lifshen, PA
Rabbi Leonard Matanky, IL
Rabbi Leonard Zucker, NJ
Rabbi Leonid Feldman, FL
Rabbi Lester A. Schwartz, GA
Rabbi Lester Bronstein, NY
Rabbi Lester Hering, FL
Rabbi Lionel E. Moses, CA
Rabbi Louis Bernstein, NY
Rabbi Louis Lederman, NV
Rabbi Louis Tuchman, IL
Rabbi Lyle Fishman, MD
Rabbi M. Goldberger, MD
Rabbi M. R. Syme, MI
Rabbi Manin Rosenblum, Ontario
Rabbi Marc Brownstein, TX
Rabbi Marc E. Samuels, CT
Rabbi Marion Shulevitz, NY
Rabbi Mark B. Greenspan, PA
Rabbi Mark Charendoff, Ontario
Rabbi Mark Dratch, Ontario
Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, NJ
Rabbi Mark H. Kunis, GA
Rabbi Mark Joel Mahler, PA
Rabbi Mark L. Shook, MO
Rabbi Mark Shrager, MI
Rabbi Mark Urkowitz, NB
Rabbi Mark Zimmerman, GA
Rabbi Marshall Berg, IA
Rabbi Marshall J. Maltzman, PA
Rabbi Martin Freedman, NJ
Rabbi Martin J. Berman, MI
Rabbi Martin M. Penn, Quebec
Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld, CT
Rabbi Martin Rubenstein, PA
Rabbi Martin Sofer, NJ
Rabbi Marvin Goldman, PA
Rabbi Marvin Goodman, CA
Rabbi Marvin H. Goldman, PA
Rabbi Marvin Hier, NY
Rabbi Marvin S. Wiener, NY
Rabbi Marvin Sugarman, CA
Rabbi Mathew Friedman, AR
Rabbi Mattew Simon, MD
Rabbi Matthew D. Michaels, TX
Rabbi Maurice D. Simckes, NY
Rabbi Maurice L. Schwartz, NY
Rabbi Max Fox, NJ
Rabbi Max Lipschitz, FL
Rabbi Max Schreier, NY
Rabbi Mayer Moskowitz, NY
Rabbi Mayer Zayon, MD
Rabbi Meir Bilitzky, NY
Rabbi Meir Lichtenstein, IN
Rabbi Meir Sendor, MA
Rabbi Mel Hecht, NV
Rabbi Melech Hoffman, NY
Rabbi Melvin Granatstein, OH
Rabbi Melvin Sachs, NY
Rabbi Menachem Genack, NJ
Rabbi Menachem Gottesman, CA
Rabbi Menahem Meier, NJ
Rabbi Merle E. Singer, FL
Rabbi Merrill Shapiro, FL
Rabbi Meyer Abramavitz, FL
Rabbi Meyer J. Strassfeld, FL
Rabbi Meyer Korbman, NJ
Rabbi Meyer Krentzman, Quebec
Rabbi Meyer May, CA
Rabbi Michael Arsers, IL
Rabbi Michael Azose, IL
Rabbi Michael Ben-Shloosh, NV
Rabbi Michael Bramson, NJ
Rabbi Michael D. Shmidman, NY
Rabbi Michael Dolgin, Ontario
Rabbi Michael Dubrow, MO
Rabbi Michael Eisenstadt, FL
Rabbi Michael Gold, FL
Rabbi Michael Katz, NY
Rabbi Michael Klayman, NY
Rabbi Michael Laxmeter, FL
Rabbi Michael Levenson, IL
Rabbi Michael M. Remson, IL
Rabbi Michael N. Ungar, MO
Rabbi Michael P. Strasberg, NY
Rabbi Michael Roth, CA
Rabbi Michael Schick, CA
Rabbi Michael Siegel, IL
Rabbi Michael Skobac, Ontario
Rabbi Michael Srassfeld, NY
Rabbi Michael Wasserman, RI
Rabbi Michael Whitman, CT
Rabbi Milton Arm, MI
Rabbi Milton H. Polin, NY
Rabbi Milton Kroopnick, NY
Rabbi Milton L. Grafman, AL
Rabbi Mitchell Geller, MA
Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, MD
Rabbi Moises Benzaquen, CA
Rabbi Mordecai Finley, CA
Rabbi Mordecai Rosen, IL
Rabbi Mordechai Efron, NY
Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu, Israel
Rabbi Mordechai Green, Ontario
Rabbi Mordechai Honig, CA
Rabbi Mordechai Simon, IL
Rabbi Mordechai Spiegelman, NY
Rabbi Mordechai Tendler, NY
Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo, NJ
Rabbi Mordechai Tropp, NJ
Rabbi Mordechai Waxman, NY
Rabbi Mordechai Weiss, NJ
Rabbi Morderchai Willig, NY
Rabbi Morey Schwartz, MO
Rabbi Morley T. Feinstein, IN
Rabbi Morris Appleman, NY
Rabbi Morris Bernstein, NY
Rabbi Morton F. Yolkut, MI
Rabbi Morton Moskowitz, WA
Rabbi Moses Londinski, WA
Rabbi Moshe Aranov, IL
Rabbi Moshe Bryski, CA
Rabbi Moshe Edelman, NY
Rabbi Moshe Einstadter, OH
Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz, NY
Rabbi Moshe Fine, NY
Rabbi Moshe Frank, NY
Rabbi Moshe Garfunkel, OH
Rabbi Moshe Greenberg, NY
Rabbi Moshe J. Epstein, CT
Rabbi Moshe Jablon, Quebec
Rabbi Moshe Kwalbum, NY
Rabbi Moshe Mordechowitz, NY
Rabbi Moshe Parry, CA
Rabbi Moshe Portnoy, NY
Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, NY
Rabbi Moshe Stern, Ontario
Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, NY
Rabbi Moshe V. Goldblum, DL
Rabbi Murray Levine, MA
Rabbi Murray Stadtmauer, NY
Rabbi Myron Geller, MA
Rabbi Myron M. Fenster, NY
Rabbi Myron Rakowitz, NY
Rabbi N. Goldstein, PA
Rabbi Nachman Cohen, NY
Rabbi Nachman Kreiman, CA
Rabbi Nachum Braverman, CA
Rabbi Nachum Muschel, NY
Rabbi Nachum Sauer, CA
Rabbi Nahman Rosenthal, IL
Rabbi Nahum Shulman, NY
Rabbi Naomi Levy, CA
Rabbi Nathan Bryn, FL
Rabbi Nathan Goldberg, NY
Rabbi Nathan H. Ross, NY
Rabbi Nathan Weiss, IL
Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot, NY
Rabbi Neal Borovitz, NJ
Rabbi Neal Turk, NJ
Rabbi Nehemiah I. Ben-Zev, CT
Rabbi Neil Brief, IL
Rabbi Neil Cooper, PA
Rabbi Neil Sandler, IA
Rabbi Neil Winkler, NJ
Rabbi Nina J. Mizrahi, MO
Rabbi Noach Bernstein, NY
Rabbi Noach Valley, NY
Rabbi Noam E. Marans, NJ
Rabbi Norbert Weinberg, CA
Rabbi Norman Kleinman, IL
Rabbi Norman R. Patz, NJ
Rabbi Nosson Fromowitz, NY
Rabbi O. Ismailof, Nova Scotia
Rabbi Oscar Fasman, IL
Rabbi P. Wachsman, CA
Rabbi Pamela Barmash, MA
Rabbi Paul Plotkin, FL
Rabbi Paul S. Greenman, IL
Rabbi Paul S. Reis, MI
Rabbi Paul Silton, NY
Rabbi Paul Tuchman, MI
Rabbi Paul Yedwab, MI
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, CA
Rabbi Peretz Steinberg, NY
Rabbi Peretz Weizman, Manitoba
Rabbi Perry Raphael Rank, NJ
Rabbi Pesach Schindler, NY
Rabbi Pesach Z. Levovitz, NJ
Rabbi Peter B. Schaktman, TX
Rabbi Peter Knobel, IL
Rabbi Peter Roff, NY
Rabbi Peter Rubinstein, NY
Rabbi Philip Graubart, MA
Rabbi Philip Labowitz, FL
Rabbi Philip M. Posner, CA
Rabbi Philip Pohl, MD
Rabbi Philip Scheim, Ontario
Rabbi Philip Schroit, CA
Rabbi Philmore Berger, NY
Rabbi Pinchas Gruman, CA
Rabbi Pinchas Stolper, NY
Rabbi Rafael Burnstein, OH
Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro, FL
Rabbi Randall C. Mark, NJ
Rabbi Raphael M. Gettinger, IN
Rabbi Raphael M. Miller, PA
Rabbi Raphael Wizman, NY
Rabbi Raymond Zwerin, CO
Rabbi Refael Butler, NY
Rabbi Reuben I. Abraham, PA
Rabbi Reuben J. Poupko, Quebec
Rabbi Reuben Landman, MD
Rabbi Reuben P. Shechter, IN
Rabbi Reuben R. Levine, MD
Rabbi Reuven Frankel, IL
Rabbi Reuven Hutler, CA
Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka, Ontario
Rabbi Rex Perlmeter, FL
Rabbi Richard A. Levine, NJ
Rabbi Richard A. Spiegel, TX
Rabbi Richard Hirsh, PA
Rabbi Richard K. Rocklin, FL
Rabbi Richard Marcovitz, PA
Rabbi Richard Plavin, CT
Rabbi Richard Thaler, NY
Rabbi Rick Sherwin, AZ
Rabbi Robert A. Harris, NY
Rabbi Robert D. Schreibman, IL
Rabbi Robert I. Gluck, PA
Rabbi Robert I. Kahn, TX
Rabbi Robert Ishay, GA
Rabbi Robert J. Eisen, NY
Rabbi Robert Layman, PA
Rabbi Robert N. Levine, NY
Rabbi Robert P. Jacobs, MO
Rabbi Robert Pilavin, NY
Rabbi Robert Rhodes, IL
Rabbi Robert S. Hirt, NY
Rabbi Robert S. Sharff, TX
Rabbi Robert Slosberg, KY
Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn, MA
Rabbi Ronald Barry, NY
Rabbi Ronald Price, NJ
Rabbi Ronald Roth, TN
Rabbi Ronald Sobel, NY
Rabbi Ronald Weiss, NY
Rabbi Ronnie Cahana, B.C.
Rabbi Roy A. Walter, TX
Rabbi Roy Abramovitz, Israel
Rabbi Roy Tanenbaum, Alberta
Rabbi Rudolph Adler, FL
Rabbi S. Binyomin Ginsberg, WA
Rabbi S. Jerome Wallin, CT
Rabbi S. Rappaport, Manitoba
Rabbi Samuel B. Prager, Quebec
Rabbi Samuel B. Press, OH
Rabbi Samuel Fink, NY
Rabbi Samuel Fox, OH
Rabbi Samuel Kenner, MA
Rabbi Samuel Levine, OH
Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl, TX
Rabbi Sandford Kopnick, IL
Rabbi Sandy Sasso, IN
Rabbi Sanford Akselrad, NV
Rabbi Sanford D. Shanblatt, MA
Rabbi Sanford T. Marcus, SC
Rabbi Saul Chill, NY
Rabbi Saul J. Berman, NY
Rabbi Saul Wohlberg, NY
Rabbi Saul Zucker, NJ
Rabbi Schlomo Rapoport, IL
Rabbi Scott A. Hoffman, LA
Rabbi Scott Rosenberg, MA
Rabbi Sdomon Kahane, NY
Rabbi Seth Daniel Riemer, PA
Rabbi Seth Sternstein, NY
Rabbi Seymor Essrog, MD
Rabbi Seymour F. Friedman, FL
Rabbi Seymour Prystowsky, PA
Rabbi Seymour Schwartz, NY
Rabbi Seymour Weller, AR
Rabbi Shalom Adler, FL
Rabbi Shalom Klass, NY
Rabbi Shalom Kurz, Ontario
Rabbi Shalom Rivkin, MO
Rabbi Shamai Kanter, NY
Rabbi Shani Labowitz, FL
Rabbi Shaul Osadchey, TX
Rabbi Shawn B. Zell, NJ
Rabbi Shaya Kilimnick, NY
Rabbi Shaya Richmond, NY
Rabbi Sheldon Lewis, CA
Rabbi Shimon Benzaquen, WA
Rabbi Shimon Brand, OH
Rabbi Shimon Kerner, NY
Rabbi Shimon L. Bennis, NJ
Rabbi Shimon Paskow, CA
Rabbi Shimon Raichik, CA
Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky, CA
Rabbi Shlomo Gluck, NY
Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, NY
Rabbi Shlomo Kahn, NJ
Rabbi Shlomo Kovitz, NJ
Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, CA
Rabbi Shmuel Borenstein, NY
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, NJ
Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg, NY
Rabbi Shmuel Rapoport, NJ
Rabbi Shmuel Spiegel, NJ
Rabbi Sholom Rephun, NY
Rabbi Sholom Steinig, NY
Rabbi Sholom Stern, NY
Rabbi Shraga Botwinick, CA
Rabbi Sidney Green, NY
Rabbi Sidney Greenberg, PA
Rabbi Sidney Nissenbaum, NJ
Rabbi Sidney Zimelman, TX
Rabbi Simcha Freedman, FL
Rabbi Simcha Krauss, NY
Rabbi Simcha Weinberg, NY
Rabbi Simon E. Zipper, NY
Rabbi Simon Greenberg, NY
Rabbi Simon H. Feld, MO
Rabbi Simon Murciano, NJ
Rabbi Simon Potok, NY
Rabbi Sion Maslaton, NY
Rabbi Solomon Berl, NY
Rabbi Solomon Maimon, WA
Rabbi Solomon Schiff, FL
Rabbi Spacier, NJ
Rabbi Stanley Garfein, FL
Rabbi Stanley Greenstein, NY
Rabbi Stanley Halpern, IN
Rabbi Stanley Kroll, IL
Rabbi Stanley M. Rosenbaum, IL
Rabbi Stanley Platek, NY
Rabbi Stanley Yedwab, NJ
Rabbi Stefan Weinberg, TX
Rabbi Stephen C. Lerner, NJ
Rabbi Stephen D. Franklin, NY
Rabbi Stephen Grundfast, CT
Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein, CA
Rabbi Stephen Listfield, NJ
Rabbi Stephen M. Marcu, NY
Rabbi Stephen M. Robbins, CA
Rabbi Steve Solomon, Quebec
Rabbi Steven Bayar, NJ
Rabbi Steven C. Kane, CT
Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben, CA
Rabbi Steven Chatinover, CT
Rabbi Steven G. Sager, NC
Rabbi Steven Jacobs, CA
Rabbi Steven L. Jacobs, AL
Rabbi Steven Lindemann, NJ
Rabbi Steven M. Dworken, NJ
Rabbi Steven Prebor, NJ
Rabbi Steven S. Mason, NY
Rabbi Steven Weil, NJ
Rabbi Stewart Vogel, CA
Rabbi Stuart Altshulor, IL
Rabbi Stuart Federow, TX
Rabbi Sturt Weinblatt, MD
Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman, NY
Rabbi Susan Grossman, NY
Rabbi Sydney Solomon, NY
Rabbi Terry Bookman, WI
Rabbi Theodore H. Gordon, NC
Rabbi Theodore Steinberg, NY
Rabbi Tom Weiner, NY
Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, NY
Rabbi Tsvi Klugerman, CT
Rabbi Tzvi Flaum, NY
Rabbi Vernon Kurtz, IL
Rabbi Victor A. Mirelman, IL
Rabbi Walter Jacob, PA
Rabbi Walter Wurzberger, NY
Rabbi Wayne Allen, Ontario
Rabbi Wilfred Soloman, B.C.
Rabbi Wilfred Wolfson, NY
Rabbi William B. Horn, NJ
Rabbi William Gershon, MI
Rabbi William Greenberg, WA
Rabbi William Marder, CT
Rabbi William Spigelman, CA
Rabbi William Z. Novick, IL
Rabbi Y.W. Ben-Ayon, Ontario
Rabbi Yaakov A. Krug, NJ
Rabbi Yaakov Bechhofer, IN
Rabbi Yaakov Bienenfeld, NY
Rabbi Yaakov Feltman, OH
Rabbi Yaakov Krause, CA
Rabbi Yaakov Lerner, NY
Rabbi Yaakov Raymon, NJ
Rabbi Yaakov Wasser, NJ
Rabbi Yacov Toron, OH
Rabbi Yakov Hilsenrath, NJ
Rabbi Yale Butler, CA
Rabbi Yamin Levy, WA
Rabbi Yechiael Lander, MA
Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht, CT
Rabbi Yehoshua Wender, TX
Rabbi Yehuda Blum, OH
Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer, NY
Rabbi Yehudah Buckspan, CA
Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff, MD
Rabbi Yisrael Gettinger, IN
Rabbi Yisrael Meza, CA
Rabbi Yisroel Edelman, MA
Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, NJ
Rabbi Yisroel Rapoport, NJ
Rabbi Yisroel Y. Kelemer, CA
Rabbi Yitchak A. Sladowsky, NY
Rabbi Yitzchak Twersky, NJ
Rabbi Yitzchok Goodman, NY
Rabbi Yitzchok Rosenblum, NY
Rabbi Yitzchok Singer, NY
Rabbi Yitzchok Summers, CA
Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld, NY
Rabbi Yoel Yormark, IN
Rabbi Yonah Geller, OR
Rabbi Yonah Gewirtz, IN
Rabbi Yonah Rosner, Quebec
Rabbi Yonason Sacks, NJ
Rabbi Yosef Adler, NJ
Rabbi Yosef Benarroch, B.C.
Rabbi Yosef Landa, MO
Rabbi Yosef Polstein, IL
Rabbi Yosef Wolicki, Israel
Rabbi Yosil Rosenzweig, Ontario
Rabbi Yossef Kanefsky, NY
Rabbi Yossie Goldman, Israel
Rabbi Ytzchak Breitowitz, MD
Rabbi Zalman Ury, CA
Rabbi Zelig Scharfstein, OH
Rabbi Zev Don Rauch, CA
Rabbi Zevulun Charlap, NY
Rabbi Zevulun Lieberman, NY
Rabbi Zoltan Stulberger, CA
Rabbi Zvi Block, CA
Rabbi Zvi Dershowitz, CA
Rabbi Zvi Teichman, CA
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jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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