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Over seventy five years ago Russia launched itself on a great experiment 
that on the face of it had *great*  and *obvious*  merits.

Everybody would work. Everybody would have an abundance of the material 
necessities and not have to worry about getting them.

The people would be the owners of all industry and eventually everyone
would be financially "well off", almost rich.

A whole nation rose to that call and with dedication, perseverance
and an unquestioning faith worked to implement this dream.

But things went wrong.

The system began to waver.

What was supposed to be did not materialize.

After seventy five years it became obvious *the experiment was a failure*!
The Russians finally came to that realization and abandoned their dream,
their experiment. They had the good sense to do that.

Our country "America, the land of the free and the brave" has also launched
on a progressive dream of  *great* and *obvious*  merits. It's called by 
several names, "women's liberation", "sexual equality", and "women's 

We need not recount here the arguments put forth on behalf of this 
experiment with equality -- they are all too familiar. 

They are also shallow, specious, and the names given are euphemisms.

It is time to realize that this experiment -- this dream -- sold to us
by clever women -- is a FAILURE.

(When we speak here of "women" we speak of the so-called "women libbers",
the proponents of this experiment. There are many true women who 
recognize the movement for what it is and do not endorse or subscribe to it.)

Women do not want equality, what they want is superiority -- make no
mistake about that.

At first, historically and because of the nature of men, women took over 
in the bedroom.

Next they struggled for and took over in the living room, i.e., the
household. We view those households as being occupied by a lackey known
as the "henpecked" husband -- "husband", not *father* . As a father, he
doesn't even rate. Mom's the boss.

The next campaign was -- and still is -- to take over the workplace.
This has resulted in a cornucopia of litigation, charging so called 
"sexual harassment" and "discrimination in hiring and promotion -- most 
all of it petty or untrue and designed to disrupt.

The American woman is the most spoiled in the world -- and, like a spoiled
child, kicks and screams the loudest. She is the most complaining and
demanding of all women in the world.

Another area of conquest, practically a fait accompli, is the media.

Do not underestimate the American woman, she is a skilled 
propagandist -- whether on the marriage level, one on one with her husband, 
or in the political arena. 

As in any "revolution" the first thing to take over is the media. They 
have done that. Men earn most of the money in the country -- *but it is 
the women who spend it* . It is this power of purchase that allows them to 
control media policy -- plus the effective brainwashing of enough executives.
Also, they have infiltrated as personnel and 'producers' on news and talk
shows. A quick perusal shows modern TV to be female dominated.

By means of media control, what propaganda are we exposed to? An endless
repetition of the same theme; men are brutes, they stalk, rape, beat, 
murder and terrorize women. Dad's are "deadbeats" who don't care about their 
children, etc. So called statistics are offered that are so misrepresented 
they amount to all out lies.

Day after day -- all day -- in the news and purported entertainment we
are bombarded by the same theme (ad nausea) men are abusing women. Men
are brutes, etc.

FACT: 52% of all spousal murders are by women.
Fact: Physical abuse is about equal between the sexes.
Fact: The largest per cent of child abusers are mothers. Yet the moment
      child abuse is mentioned, the finger is pointed at Dad.

The result of all the above is that we not only have henpecked husbands
*we now have a henpecked society* , a henpecked country!

Yes, make no mistake, this is a *matriarchal society* .

*And as such it is deteriorating at an alarming pace*.

Note every great civilization that decayed had one predominate
symptom: Matriarchy. No civilization can survive it.

Women *as a class*  do not have the emotional make up necessary, the 
fcooperative give-and-take ability nor the power of personality to govern.
Women are *not*  leaders. (of course there have been exceptions -- but rare)

Feminine characteristics tend more toward prevarication and outright lying, 
being petty, tenaciously vindictive, underhanded and refusing to be 
cooperative. They are excessively manipulative.

Women are "man haters". Have no doubt this is the driving force behind
so-called feminism.

Men are not woman haters.

Women seek power to use against males. Men seek power to use (and abuse)
for its own sake.

Women are takers, men are givers. Ever see a woman* willingly* support a man?


* Crime is on the increase. *The amount, rate and nature has reached the
  critical stage*.

* The age of criminals is *increasingly younger*, the crimes more violent
  and senseless.

* Children are bringing guns and knives to school and killing class mates,
  teachers, visiting parents, and any others who get in their way.

* Campus police and metal detectors are becoming commonplace in our
  middle schools. 

* Neighborhood gangs are proliferating to an extent that is out of control.

* People are afraid to leave their homes. Gangs have virtually taken over

* The gangs are recruiting children as young as 9 and 10 years of age.

* The "gang bangers" are mowing down small children  -- whom they don't
  even know -- in school yards and on the street.

* We are *at war*  with our young who are practically in a state of anarchy
  if not outright rebellion.

* One national talk show hostess summed it up quite eloquently:
  "We have a generation of battle hardened kids, not only in the
  inner city but in the rural and suburban areas who have been
  desensitized to violence and grief, it's all around them."
* Over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. In addition 1/3 of births
  are by unwed teen age girls.
* Over 90% of the filings for divorce are by women.

* 3/4 of all children in juvenile detention and 3/4 of all convicts
  doing "hard time" are from mother only homes. This is revealing.

* The bias against fathers in our divorce courts is legendary.

* Mothers get custody over 90% of the time -- and proceed to excise
  the father from the life of his children -- with the blessing of the
  judicial system.

* The age at which children are entering the world of drug abuse is 
  younger each year.

The root cause of all the above is fathers being *driven* from having
any input in the lives of their children. There is no authority figure.

*Women just can't cut it as rearors of children*.



                         THE MANIFESTO

We declare the major ills of this nation can be laid at the doorstep of the 
rise of matriarchy.

Whereas the experiment of giving women equality has proven to be a huge 
failure and has resulted, instead, in their attempt to attain dominance,
this in the form of an assiduous, vituperative and malicious campaign to 
denigrate and undermine the masculinity of the American male, and whereas, 
as a direct result, the country is plunging into decadence, immorality 
and societal disintegration, be it resolved that Men re-establish their 
dominant role in society and return stability.                                           


Fathers of America pioneered Joint Custody in California getting a 
bill passed in 1980. It was our belief and conviction that children 
needed and deserved both parents.

This, too, was an experiment, a dream that failed.

It failed because The Feminazis would not let go -- would not give up.
Their pathological hatred of men is a driving force that will last to the 
grave. It mounts each year until it is practically a frenzy.

They care not that it destroys the children. Their petty spite is more
important to them.

As a group they fought Joint custody every year in the legislature
with a pathological fervor until it was disemboweled.

On an individual basis, they deliberately disrupted joint custody 
(which was rarely granted) and then went to court to get sole custody 
knowing they were the odds on favorite.

Therefore, be it resolved that *Joint Custody is no longer the policy
of Fathers of America*. One cannot make peace with a pathological 
attacker, with those who want only victory (as they perceive it) and
which in the end means destruction.

The only course open to Fathers of America -- AND ALL MEN -- is to take
back our position of superiority -- to undo this frivolous, faulty, and
deadly experiment of "women's liberation" and so-called equality.

Male dominated societies have always been more stable.

                *               *                 *

An example of how bad it is:

Mike Tyson is now out of jail, having done time for a "rape" that was
not a rape. 

This is travesty enough. But the TV media did a walking poll of what
'people' thought of Tyson boxing again -- as though that was

The men interviewed (and a few ladies) said "Fine, why not?"

But not the feminazis. The TV screen was replete with dry, dour 
equine faces displaying and voicing malevolent unforgiving sentiments, 
wanting to viciously grind Mr. Tyson into oblivion.
This could be half understood had he really committed a rape. The fact
that he was sentenced heavily for a non-rape is a comment in itself
on the poisonous thrust of the feminazi movement.

                                         Vertner Vergon





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