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jews Set Up Matt Hale

Was Dr. Matt Hale Set Up by His Own Attorney?
More Startling Surprises Are Discovered
By Mark Farrell

Many people feel the unjust charges against Matt Hale, Juris Doctor, illustrate how America's judicial system has become increasingly corrupt.  His unjust imprisonment has shown many Americans how tyrannical our government has become in its quest to stifle any dissent.  This is particularly true of those who complain about the Jewish plutocrats who seemingly dictate America's foreign policy.  And such Jewish influence helps to explain why Bush appointed well over 40 Jews in his cabinet despite them only being 2 percent of America's population, with most the Jews he appointed surrounding him and making his every-day decisions.  It involves a pattern of corruption in every facet of the government, particularly in the courts.

Of course, the government is not the only venue of attack for these Jewish plutocrats; the media must be considered as well.  For example, the ADL had been running articles in Chicago's main newspaper right before Dr. Hale's trial ended, thus most likely trying to influence the jury (or their friends and family, who would in turn encourage their friends and family in the jury to convict Dr. Hale based on half-truths and full-lies).  Of course, the ADL has long been known for criminal activities, such as the recent case where they had to pay one person millions of dollars for their crimes.  Many honest politicians of the past, such as Sen. Jack Tenney (whom the ADL tries to vilify today with rhetoric), have investigated the ADL's activities and suggested that this criminality and suppression of others' liberties is part of a long ongoing trend.  So none of the ADL's activities should really be surprising.

In Dr. Hale's particular case, the FBI paid Tony Evola to incriminate Dr. Hale on bogus charges.  For this, Mr. Evola was paid $40,000-probably about 3 times what he would make flipping hamburgers-about the only thing for whim Mr. Evola was qualified.  (Mr. Evola might not even have income taxes on this additional income, yet the IRS ignores this.)  Most people view Mr. Evola as simply a half-wit; not many people took him seriously.  He was generally associated with out of pity and kindness simply due to his feeble mental state.  So too did Dr. Hale overlook Mr. Evola's nonsensical statements, which proved to be his mistake.

In case, you're not familiar with the case's general background, Mr. Evola told Dr. Hale that he (Evola) wanted to commit a crime.  Dr. Hale responded that he wanted nothing to do with it.  Nevertheless, for Dr. Hale simply listening to Mr. Evola make such statements and not promptly reporting him, Dr. Hale was tried.  Never mind the fact that Mr. Evola never had any intent to commit such a crime, and no crime ever occurred.   These facts are inconsequential to the grand injustice. 

This is part of a long string of injustices perpetrated against people of European descent in the government's attempt to suppress any views that they don't like-in direct violation to the First Amendment.  In Dr. Hale's case, he had published a controversial book that shed light on the whole nefarious ordeal of 9-11.  And the government could not refute it, so they set up their little trap, with millions of taxpayer dollars at their disposal, finally imprisoning Dr. Hale on bogus charges.  They kept Dr. Hale locked up as an "enemy combatant."  As you may-or may not-know, an enemy combatant in today's double-speak is anyone who does not believe the lies surrounding the Iraq War and knows the real reason for its occurrence, as Congressman James Moran once honestly noted: It was a war for Israel and no other.

When the jurors were asked if they had heard of the case, nearly all raised their hands.   Rather than moving the trial to an area where the jurors were unaware of the case, the judge simply interviewed the people who knew of the case and let things continue towards their ultimate injustice.

It's a shame and an admission of how criminal our courts have become when you think about it: Mr. Evola was the only one who said he wanted to commit a crime, not Dr. Hale.   Yet Dr. Hale was locked up, and denied many of the rights that normal people would receive with the charges against him.  Dr. Hale valiantly fought against a corrupt legal system.  They denied him his most basic legal rights and spent countless dollars on his prosecution.  Finally, in a pathetic charade of justice, the jury found Dr. Hale guilty. 

This is part of a long, ongoing trend.  For example, government agents such as Bernard Bukovich, who worked for the BATF, have encouraged illegal activities.  In the case in which Bukovich was involved, many people died as a result of the government's illegal activities.  Or was it illegal since it was the government doing it?   Maybe, it was legal, since the government caused the aftermath.  But in any case, people died as a result of the government's encouragement of violence, including several innocent doctors.  (You can read about this in Laird Wilcox's book, "Nazis, Communists, Klansmen, and Others on the Fringe: Political Extremism in America.") 

Now, new information has been uncovered regarding Dr. Hale.  It seems that Kathy Robertazzo had given Dr. Hale's attorney, Mr. Durkin, some evidence that helped to understand why the government was attempting to illegally imprison Dr. Hale.  She had also offered Mr. Durkin other evidence that helped to substantiate Dr. Hale's innocence on the corrupt charges.  Ms. Robertazzo stated that one piece of evidence, Dr. Hale's book about 9-11, was necessary and should have been admitted as evidence:

"It was the single most important exhibit he should mark to show Matt was set up and why.  Well, it never saw the light of day in the courtroom.  And now Matt tells me all the documents I spent hours putting together for Durkin--Matt never saw them or even heard I gave Durkin anything.   It's looking more and more like Durkin took a dive."

Did Durkin "take a dive," as Ms. Robertazzo thinks?  This is a question that cannot truly be answered by anyone but Mr. Durkin.  And he's not telling, for obvious reasons; or if he has, many are unaware of it.  But what would be his motives?  After all, isn't Mr. Durkin just your average red-blooded Irishman, working to defend the innocent?  Not according to Ms. Robertazzo.  She says that she "met some lawyer who knows him."  According to this attorney with whom she spoke, he said, "Durkin's father owned a grocery store in an Irish neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago, but that's the extent of any connection to being Irish."   The attorney then went on to say that "Durkin is a Jew," and this attorney even knew "what synagogue he [Mr. Durkin] attends."  Ms. Robertazzo continued:

"All [those lies] Durkin handed the media: 'I'm from an Irish neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago. I used to be a racist too, but I left that all behind years ago.'   When I first laid eyes on him, he had that swarthy Jewish-look; so I'm not shocked."

If this is indeed true, now another grand question must be asked aloud: Could have Mr. Durkin's religious background come into play in this matter?  Could this be why Mr. Durkin did not allow crucial evidence to be presented to the court?  Could Mr. Durkin have disliked Dr. Hale simply because of a religious fanaticism?  These are questions that need to be answered, and soon.

Ms. Robertazzo will be meeting with Dr. Hale's parents on Tuesday.  If anyone has any information that they can add to further prove his innocence, which I believe to be beyond dispute, write a letter attesting to such.  You may contact Ms. Robertazzo at [email protected] .



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