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One of the most biased episodes on "60 Minutes" was their coverage tonight of "monster" Timothy McVeigh, which was in stark contrast to their softball coverage of that truly super monster Janet Reno who intentionally set ALL of this off by sending in soldiers to brutally attack, burn down, and physically bulldoze a peaceful church in Waco, Texas.

Their naked double standard left a great big gaping hole for us to stare through to understand their twisted little pea brains.

There is a giant, expensive, taxpayer-funded, four block long "memorial" to the 162 victims of Timothy McVeigh's bomb--but all the government left behind at Waco where 82 CHRISTIANS died at the hands of their very own government was a hole in the ground and a lot of innocent people in prison.

Think about that. Why this stupendous, public double standard? Do 162 government employees occupying some government outpost really mean ten million times as much to we the taxpayer as 82 peaceful fellow CHRISTIANS occupying a non-taxpayer supported church? Is it just that this government is so treacherous and arrogant and atheistic that it treats public servants like kings and CHRISTIANS like dirt?

Or is this the jews against the Christians?

McVeigh wasn't trying to "bring down the government", as the OKC bombing victims claimed. He wasn't *just* trying to get revenge against Reno for her attacks on Ruby Ridge and Waco, though this was certainly the objective which "60 Minutes" hoped to obscure. He isn't a "monster". He is a soldier doing what American soldiers are trained to do--when under siege, attack the weakest flank of a superior force and inflict the most damage possible. Period.

Can you even imagine what Reno would have done next, after she had gotten away with attacking private Christian residences and promoting the soldiers who did it? Can you imagine how many government employees took this cue--not only is it ok to flagrantly violate Constitutional rights, but you are guaranteed a pat on the head and a promotion if you do (and maybe even a night on the town with Reno)? What better proof could there be that the US government is at war with both us and the world, and that no ordinary taxpaying citizen is going to get in its way? That the role of this government is to punish White Christians for creating the world's once-highest standards of living "on the backs of muds"? That  we no longer support free enterprise--we are going to force "equality" down your throat and it you don't like it we have this tank here to help you change your mind? That we can fry your children to crispy critters if we want, even if their only crime was to draw a picture of a gun, and you are utterly powerless to stop us?

McVeigh accomplished a far bigger goal than to teach Reno a lesson or even than to "bring the government down". He reminded the most arrogant and impolite public servants on the planet that they are far from invincible. And they got the message loud and clear. Suddenly, our federal buildings had metal detectors and looked like Russian outposts on a foreign land. More anti-terrorist laws than ever were passed and American citizens now have to have more "papers" just to travel than ever before. Any stroll down the embassy row of most capitol cities was a pleasant walk--until now, when the American Embassy looms into view, looking like it's ready to slice everyone in half within 20 thousand feet of it with laser beams. He tempered their already arrogant attitude about being the world's last "superpower" who had the "moral responsibility" to send slap happy Keystone Cops to all regions of the world (which of course was rewarded by our being kicked off the UN Human Rights Commission and the Drug Policy Commission). These arrogant public servants  suddenly seemed just a slight bit more polite.  He also reminded us about how important private ownership of firearms is to ALL people of the world--the very guns which our jewish politicians are working so diligently to confiscate.

At the rate at which constitutional rights violations by this government were growing, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols saved far more American lives than they took. Not one single other citizen in the entire country was willing to say to Reno: what you did in Waco was wrong, you are not above the law, and here is just a little bit of proof that you can't and won't get away with it. Nobody else did that. Not one politician, not one judge, not one soldier, not one general, and not one Christian: yet each and every one of us knows exactly how dangerous and destructive it is to refuse to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.

Isn't it amazing that he and Terry would be the only two Americans in the entire country willing to stand up for the once famous but now dead US Constition?

As far as our own government knows, the evidence shows that they didn't do this for personal gain, for fame, nor even for personal reasons.  McVeigh clearly did this simply because, as a soldier, he took an oath to God to uphold the US Constitution from foreign and domestic enemies.  He carefully researched it, identified who the domestic enemies are, and proved once and for all that our domestic enemies are vulnerable.  It's possible that he delayed for another 30 years that day on which our public servants feel secure and arrogant enough to pull off another Waco.

Is it "moral" to treat your own government this way?  Our Forefathers thought so and 10,000 Americans were killed or wounded as a result.  Is it "moral" for our own government to treat Christians the way they did  in Waco and get promoted for it?  Of  course not.  McVeigh's action was a defensive action with a clearly stated purpose.  Reno's action was an offensive action with an evil hidden agenda.  McVeigh is willing to die a scoundrel for apparently no reason other than to honor his oath to God.  Reno was willing only to "take full responsibility" which she knew meant to take no responsibility whatsoever.  McVeigh's actions, whether or not it was his intention, led to   expanded civil liberties for all, whereas Reno's clear intent was to deny precisely the civil liberties engraved on parchment for all to see.


  Reno McVeigh
Lives lost 82 162
Protect American lives No Yes
Expand civil liberties No Yes
Protect Constitutional rilghts No Yes
Unselfish act No Yes
In the public interest No Yes
Held accountable No Yes
Upheld Oath to Constitution No Yes
Clearly stated purpose No Yes
Accomplices punished No Yes
Willing to die for cause No Yes
Take full responsibility No Yes

The scoundrel is Reno, not McVeigh.  Had she not attacked Waco in the first place, or had she not gotten away with it, McVeigh and others would never have even thought of bombing the Murrah Federal Building.  At worst, McVeigh is accountble for 162 lives, less the lives he saved, but Reno is responsible for all 244 lives, plus others.

It's Reno who belongs on death row.




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