How jews Established IGZ in Miami-Dade


Stability is solid with 1,300 Jewish households moving into Miami-Dade annually, while approximately the same number of Jewish households move away from the community each year. Ten years ago, eight percent had plans to move to Broward and Palm Beach, whereas this year three percent have similar plans.

Another indication of stability is that 62 percent of households have been in residence for 20 or more years, well above the national average. “There are 121,300 people living in 54,000 Jewish households in Miami-Dade County, of which 113,000 are Jewish,” noted Sheskin. (A Jewish household is defined as any household where one or more residents self-identify as Jewish.)

Among children ages 5-12, 46 percent are enrolled in Jewish Day schools, the highest percentage in the nation and an indicator of high Jewish identification. In the Beaches, 77 percent of children under 5 who attend a preschool or childcare program attend a Jewish one, and 61 percent of Jewish children ages 5-17 attend a Jewish day school. In South Dade, 70 percent of children under age 5 who attend a preschool or childcare program attend a Jewish one.

Miami also ranks among the nation’s highest in the number of individuals indicating significant emotional attachment to Israel. Sixty-two percent of households contain at least one family member who has visited Israel, up from 42 percent since the 1994 study. This reflects a Jewish community strongly attached and committed to Jewish life and continuity.


The incredibly poor academic performance of Miami-Dade County, Florida is almost impossible to fathom until you recognize the source--jews.  Where White-infested schools like Naperville and First in the World score 569 in TIMSS (in the range of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore), jew-infested schools in Miami-Dade managed to plunge academic levels by 148 points to 421, reminiscent only of the darkest parts of Africa (though this may be an insult to parts of Africa).  While "Whites" are 70% and blacks are only 20% of the official population of Miami-Dade, these low TIMSS scores prove once and for all that this is zionist occupied territory: not even blacks could drive scores down this low, without a lot of help from jews, and it's only a glut of jews in Miami who could have renamed the main street "Yitzshak Rabin Boulevard".

How could scores for jews be this low?  Is there any socially redeeming value to permitting such ignorant jews to infest Florida?   Even Iran, not exactly an academic powerhouse, scored higher than jews in Miami-Dade on TIMSS (and higher than the jews in Israel on PISA, where the results are consistent with the results from TIMSS).

Exhibit 2.3 from The TIMSS Benchmarking Study answers this question for us and proves that the problem with jews is NOT that they don't know the culture or understand the language.  These STUPID jews were BORN in the US, educated in the US, and their parents and grandparents had the same opportunity to educate them as everyone else in the country had.  But they didn't.  And they didn't, because they couldn't.  They couldn't, because jews have demonstrated for thousands of years now, just as Jesus Christ said, that they are patently uneducable.timssbenchmark2_3.gif (59101 bytes)

It's probable that the 11% of the students in Miami-Dade who answered this SIMPLE question correctly were not jews.  If only half of the18% of the population who are Cubans and the 5% who are Mexicans and Puerto Ricans answered it correctly, then NONE of the jews got it right, the most probable scenario.   Did anyone else in the country do as poorly as the jews in Miami-Dade? 

Of the US schools participating in this benchmark, Miami-Dade managed to score dead last on 6 of the 11 questions, and mostly jews caused the score of students in Rochester, NY to be lower on four of the questions, and again it was   jews in Chicago their students to score even lower than Rochester on Question 2.5

Where only 11% of the students in Singapore and 33% of the students in Naperville were unable to answer Question 2.7, 80% of the students in Miami-Dade were unable to answer it.  Where only 17% of the students in Singapore and 35% of the students in Naperville were unable to answer Question 2.9, 86% of the students in Miami-Dade, 88% in Rochester, 82% in Chicago, and 78% in Jersey City were unable to answer it.  Where only 15% of the students in Japan and 28% of the students in Naperville were unable to answer Question 2.11, 83% of the students in Miami-Dade and 90% in Chicago were unable to answer it. 

timssmiamidade.gif (70750 bytes)

What exactly does the TIMSS math score of 421 given to Miami-Dade, and the 422 given to Iran, and the 444 given to Rochester, and the 475 given to Jersey City, represent?  Does it represent any kind of academic achievement at all, or does it represent IGZ (Intellectual Ground Zero)?  In reality, it represents negative intelligence, because math problems like Question 2.2 had multiple choice answers and just guessing on such a question would have achieved a higher score than students in Miami-Dade achieved.  To be specific, if you were given four choices but knew nothing about how to measure square meters, and if you just made a random selection, you would have a 25% probability of getting it correct.  Out of 100 students who just made random selections, 25% or 25 of them would get it right.  But only 21% of the students in Miami-Dade got it right, and there are only four possible explanations for how this could happen:

  1. 4% of them knew enough about the subject to consciously select the wrong answer.
  2. 4% of them were taught the wrong thing.
  3. 4% of them are so confident of their own intelligence that they didn't accept the textbook answer.
  4. jews are so collectively ignorant and arrogant that they never have and never will accept classic mathematics.

In this author's personal dealings with jews who're confronted with solid facts which they continue to dispute, it's my belief that the only possible explanation is #4 above.

Thus, a TIMSS math score of 421 is not IGZ--it's 42 to 54 points below that.  25% of the students in Jersey City and Chicago got this answer correct, so IGZ is a score somewhere between 463 and 475.

In other words, where a student who has no knowledge of the subject currently receives a TIMSS math score of 469, he SHOULD have received a score of zero.  Where Jersey City shows up as a blip on the intelligence radar scope, it should have been a flat liner.  Where Miami-Dade appears to be 421 points above IGZ, it's actually 48 points below.  Where teachers in Miami-Dade have been able to kid themselves that they're educating children, they should have been informed that they're not even effective at babysitting.  Where students in Miami-Dade have been LIED to about their intellectual prowess, they SHOULD have been told that they're too ignorant to be permitted to enter US public schools.

bulletQuestion 2.2
bulletQuestion 2.3
bulletQuestion 2.4
bulletQuestion 2.5
bulletQuestion 2.7
bulletQuestion 2.8
bulletQuestion 2.9
bulletQuestion 2.10
bulletQuestion 2.11
bulletQuestion 2.13
bulletQuestion 2.14
bulletQuestion 2.20

Only God could have chosen to make jews patently uneducable.  If the vast majority if not 100% of Miami-Dade jews cannot answer this simple question at age 15, then they'll never be able to answer it in their lifetimes.   If jews are God's chosen people, then what did God choose jews for?