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What a coward hallstrom is.  He blocks his e-mail when he knows you are going to respond. He truly is an angry sicko,wacko.worm

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I love it, your such a krazy goy it is amazing that they let you out your cage. Us kies are going to find out about you. What joint you did your time in,etc Hallstrom you could run,but,you can not hide



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Hallstrom. Didn't I tell you fool with a kicke that is smarter then you especially a kicke from DA BRONX? Your are a dumb goy that did stupid things. And you blame us kickes for the shit you got your self into. going to the joint, sexual abusing some child. Now you are labeled a predator. Now you tell me, are you a dumb goy or not. One other thing never, never, fool with kicke from NYC. Your not smart enough
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Virginia Raines has already done so, God bless her!  That's how I know.  He did time in the California State Correctional Institution.  The year escapes me - - but it had something to do with spousal abuse and child abuse of some sort.  (What a surprise).  Virginia has all the dope available on him - - and she and a couple of others research him regularly, to get increasingly more info.  The latest is about his Institute For Men.  Look it up; it's a hoot!

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You said that Hallstrom might has a criminal record, Maybe a rap sheet, did time in the joint, If you know what state + year this occurred, I would research the public records and find him out
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Of course he knows.  That's why he's so hysterical all the time!
Gee - - it must suck to be such a cowardly man as is Hallstrom who hides behind false IDs Knight/Israel/Hall/Amneus/Etc, and thrashes and flails endlessly against the phantoms that torment him!
You know, Murray - - a long time ago, I invited this .sshole to come here, to New York, and prove to the group that he was the big bully he pretends to be.  Know what he said?  NOTHING.
.ucking coward