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California Almost Dead Last in NAEP Math Scores

Even though California spends more for education than half of the other states, California's public school 8th graders were almost tied for last place in NAEP Math test scores.  Only eight states scored lower, and four of those (Georgia, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Arkansas) scored 262, which is only 1 point lower than California.  Seven states (Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wisconsin) scored 20 points or more higher than California.  At 263, California's public schools scored 8 points lower than the national average for public schools.

Private schools in California, which are mostly religious schools, scored higher than the public schools in all but one state--North Dakota.  But the private schools in North Dakota, Iowa, Washington, and Texas scored more than 10 points higher than California's private schools.  Only the private schools in Lousiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, and Rhode Island scored lower than California's, but none of them scored more than 9 points lower.  The national average for private schools was 21 points higher than California's public schools and 13 points higher than than the national average for public schools.

It is an understatement to call this a collossal failure, particularly when US 8th graders placed 28th out of  the 40 nations which participated in TIMSS Math

Unfortunately, that's the good news.  US 12th graders scored dead last in more subjects than any other country which participated in TIMSS.  At the 12th grade level, compared to American girls, French boys scored 130 points higher in Calculus and 147 points higher in Advanced Math, Swedish boys scored 193 points higher in Mechanics and 154 points higher in Wave Phenomena, Russian boys scored 166 points higher in Electricity & Magnetism and 91 points higher in heat, Lithuanian boys scored 121 points higher in Numbers and Equations, Swiss boys scored 161 points higher in Geometry, German boys scored 115 points higher in Modern Physics, Dutch boys scored 129 points higher in General Math and 113 points higher in General Science, Norwegian boys scored 189 points higher in Physics

American boys compared to American girls scored 41 points higher in Calculus, 92 points higher in Advanced Math, 52 points higher in Mechanics, 18 points higher in Wave Phenomena, 28 points higher in Electricity & Magnetism, 26 points higher in Heat, 3 points higher in Numbers & Equations, 31 points higher in Geometry, 20 points higher in Modern Physics, 54 points higher in General Math, 61 points higher in General Science, 91 points higher in Physics, and 33 points higher in Advanced Science.

And that's not the worst news about TIMSS.  There was no subject in which American 12th graders scored higher than American 8th graders scored in General Math, while the 12th graders in most other countries scored higher.  Some countries' 12th graders scored as much as 91 points higher where American 12th graders scored as much as 76 points lower.  It's impossible to believe that US education could be this bad by accident.   It amounts to statistical evidence of an intentional effort to destroy the country by destroying the education of our youth.

In Geometry, 12th graders in Cyprus scored 42 points higher than their 8th graders.    They scored 35 points higher in Australia, 23 in Denmark, 4 in France, 11 in Greece, 23 in Lithuania, 13 in Russia, and 1 in Switzerland.

American 12th graders scored 76 points lower than American 8th graders in Geometry.

In Advanced Math, Greek 12th graders scored 26 points than their 8th graders.    12th graders scored 4 points higher in Australia, 18 in Denmark, 25 in France, 2 in Canada, 67 in Lithuania, 53 in Russia, and 21 in Switzerland.

American 12th graders scored 45 points lower than American 8th graders in Advanced Math.

In Calculus, 97 points in Cyprus, 6 in Denmark, 27 in France, 50 in Greece, 41 in Lithuania, 25 in Russia, and 12 in Switzerland.

American 12th graders scored 42 points lower than American 8th graders in Calculus.

In Physics, 11 in Greece, 35 in Cyprus, 2 in Australia, 40 in Denmark, 16 in Latvia, 70 in Sweden, 91 in Norway, 33 in Germany, 40 in Russia, and 5 in Slovenia.

American 12th graders scored 63 points lower than American 8th graders in Physics.

In General Science, 35 in New Zealand, 4 in Lithuania, 23 in Canada, 13 in South Africa, 17 in Australia, 5 in Germany, 30 in Denmark, 85 in Iceland, 41 in Netherlands, 16 in Sweden, 15 in Austria, and 71 in Norway.

American 12th graders scored 10 points lower than American 8th graders in General Science.

In General Math, 12th graders in South Africa scored 11 points higher than their 8th graders, 8 in Lithuania, 28 in New Zealand, 10 in Australia, 10 in Switzerland, 10 in Canada, 6 in France, 6 in Austria, 54 in Sweden, 71 in Iceland, 73 in Denmark, 44 in Netherlands, and 52 in Norway.

American 12th grader scored 37 points lower than American 8th graders in General Math.

In Modern Physics, 6 points in Australia, 35 in Denmark, 49 in Germany, 15 in Latvia, 84 in Norway, 26 in Russia, and 52 in Sweden.

American 12th grader scored 36 points lower than American 8th graders in Modern Physics.

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