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Name That Judge

Your Chance to Confidentially Report on Bad Judges' Rulings




The following judges have been named as having committed the worse acts against fatherhood in the nation.

Hon. Richard Hunter, former chief judge of the King's County (Brooklyn) Family Court,

and a prominent member of the New York State Commission on Child Support, quoted in "The Fathers Also Rise," New York Magazine, November, 18, 1985. (Thanks to "We The People" --

A New York judge, "You have never seen a bigger pain in the ass than the father who wants to get involved; he can be repulsive. He wants to meet the kid after school at three o'clock, take the kid out to dinner during the week, have the kid on his own birthday, talk to the kid on the phone every evening, go to every open school night, take the kid away for a whole weekend so they can be alone together. This type of father is pathological."

Whoops! I guess we were mistaken, after all. Wanting to be a father, it turns out is actually "pathological." The judge in this excerpt doesn't mention anything about whether kids needing their fathers is also pathological. Want to take bets? I'm glad we got this straightened out. Now we can all go home. Submitted by Robert Muchnick, Center for Children's Justice Denver, CO

The Honorable J. Michael Bollman of the San Diego Superior Court

You can learn more about Judge J. Michael Bollman who ordered Arthur gagged and stripped him of his civil rights. Judge Bollman refused to hear the plea from 10 year old Arthur Halavais regarding documented child abuse against him and his sister by his mother. To cover up this failure, the judge tried to silence Arthur and Megan and his father Richard by issuing a court order which effectively prohobited Richard from having contact with his own children. To cover up his cover up he then put a gag order on everyone to prevent them from talking to the media. To cover up his cover up of his cover up he then tried to silence the Internet, where Arthur has a Home Page describing his ordeal. Richard Halavais writes:

"In this particular case, I believe Judge Bollman's orders are unlawful and punitive. I believe he allowed me supervised visitation for two reasons:

  1. He hopes I'll figure I still have something to lose.
  2. To teach Arthur not to make waves."

When HARD COPY covered the story, the response was overwhelming -- dump the judge. 

County Judge Horace Davenport

In a 28-page petition filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals in June, Schapiro, 44, a Montgomery County podiatrist, charges that County Judge Horace Davenport in November 1991 wrongly put him out of his 12-room Huntingdon Valley mansion with no evidence and simply on his wife Sarita's unsubstantiated abuse complaint. Among 26 named as defendants are seven Montgomery County judges including Judge Davenport, the county domestic relations office; Santa Schapiro, her mother Faiga Rubenstein, and her lawyer David Gutin and his firm Astor, Weiss and Rosenbloom; and the Superior and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. In addition to injunctive relief, the suit asks for an award of $60 million in compensatory damages. It was Robert Katz, the Judge's current law clerk and, earlier also a member of Astor Weiss and Newman, Walker noted, who drafted and signed petitions for distribution of $143,000 escrowed monies stemming from the forced sale of Schapiro's Wyncote two-acre estate. Without offering Paul Schapiro a chance to buy the property, Judge Salus signed the order, overruling Judge Paul Tressler who, earlier, refused to authorize the sale in advance of a support hearing. Judge Salus' order transferred the bulk of the proceeds from the sale to Sarita Schapiro, and $100,000 to her lawyer, David Gutin, Esq., a partner in the former Newman firm. now renamed Astor Weiss Kaplan &Rosenblum. In court on February 15. Judge Salus admitted that he is "a good friend of Judge Newman". 

Judge Robert Franklin

5018 Chapman Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43460 Complete anti-father bias in family court, routinely denies fathers due process of law.


New York Supreme Court Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob

("60 Minutes" -- Sunday, October 29, 1995) imprisoned Jeffrey Nichols for failure to pay "child support" in the amount of $500,000! It has NEVER in the history of the US required $9,500 per month to support 3 children. In violation of basic human rights, creating a virtual "debtors' prison". 

Honorable Napoleon A. Jones, Jr., United Stated District Court, Southern District of California.

For his role in the "San Diego County Bar Association Task Force on Children at Risk Final Report", which is the most anti-father, anti-social, anti-children (even referring to children as "assets") report ever written. 

The Honorable Christine Pate of the San Diego Superior Court

You can learn more about Judge Christine Pate who ordered Steve Wilner, a father, jailed for 120 days for daring to attend his daughter's school function.  Letters from all around the world have been written to the Governor of California, Pete Wilson, protesting this treatment of a California father, whose daughter had a fatherless Christmas in 1995, compliments of a feminazi judge.



I think any judge who denies a trial on child custody, makes an order prohibiting one parent from having "visitation" with the children until the youngest turns 18 (he was about 5 then) after having scheduled a trial for custody that day, the father having brought his psychologist to testify, and the judge not even calling the case--NOT ALLOWING A TRIAL--which was 19 out of the 25 cases lited on the trial calendar that day,

Is it any surprise this occurred in the same courthouse - 10 years after Huttners quoted statement. The appellate Division covered up the judge's misconduct in the decision - saying there is no evidence of bias or prejudice on the part of the
family court judge, so he was proper in refusing to recuse himself, AND reduced the time of the Order of Protection (not allowing any visitation at all) to one year.

Let me be specific: the judge made an order of protection for 11 (or 13 years), when the maximum allowed (if there was good cause shown) would be 1 year - or for extenuating circumstances a maximum of 3 years. The judge who did the above is Philip C. Segal.  In AMERICA how can a person, legally be sentenced to a punishment (and the children) of many years WITHOUT A TRIAL?


U.S. Judge John Walker

Please add U.S. Judge John Walker of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals for removing a motion to recuse himself, and to recuse SDNY Judge John Martin for conflicts of interest in hearing a father's civil rights action ( 42 USC 1983 ) stemming from their respective involvement with
Community Trust of New York & Brown Brothers Harriman,(then) Coppers & Lybrnad (auditors and of counsel) and the New York Society for the Prevention of Creulty to Children (NYSPCC) (a NY State police agency). Note that these judges, and Chief Judge Jon O. Newman of the 2nd Circuit, went out of their way to provide undue protection to then NYC Civil Court Judge Phyllis Gangel Jacob (also a founding member of the Lesbian & Gay Defense Fund).


New York Supreme Court Justice Phyllis Gangel-Jacob

Did this judge imprison a vicious criminal? No. Did she find one of those perhaps 88,000 murderers who went undetected in the last decade? No. Did she find one of those perhaps 300,000 rapists in the last decade in whose place we imprisoned the wrong guy? No. Did she imprison one of those perhaps 8 million deadbeat moms who go unpunished for their failure to honor simple child custody orders? No. What she DID do is reenact "debtors' prisons" by imprisoning a man whom the justice system failed to support as a father -- by claiming that he owes a "debt". This "debt" consists of $500,000 in "child support", making it clear that "child support" is not to support children, but to impoverish and bankrupt men and fathers and their businesses and jobs, while enriching the legal community. Murderers and rapists are free in ever increasing record numbers, falsely convicted men remain imprisoned, and the full force and effect of the justice system is employed to imprison a men for a debt he can't pay, destroying legitimate, productive, taxpaying businesses in the process. What service has Gangel-Jacob performed for society other than to increase our tax base and destroy the ability of the producers in the economy to earn a living in the first place, reducing tax revenue? ("60 Minutes" -- Sunday, October 29, 1995)



Pat Schroeder is not a judge -- but her acts in taking assets away from those who earned them AFTER THE FACT, years after men made decisions to join the military and defend this country based on the promise that they would receive retirement pay, deserves this special notice.

When "The Colonel" entered the US Air Force ( and we will call him "the Colonel" to protect his identity) he was promised a retirement pay in 2 or 3 decades which would incentivize him to go to war for his country in Viet Nam, to risk his life in dangerous flying missions in war zone and test flights, and to be accepted as a candidate for a dangerous astronaut program. Of course his personal commitment to his country was part of the incentive which drove him to take on these many personal risks and accomplishments, but in the back of his mind was the assurance that he would be provided a monthly retirement pay for life, which similarly motivated other competent men to pursue similar courses.

But then came Congressman Pat Schroeder, who single-handedly designed a program to retroactively and immorally steal this asset from him, and which at the SAME time encouraged the break-up of families which otherwise would have remained intact. She is the arch-enemy of fatherhood. She might be retired, and she might run, but she can't hide. She is just as culpable for her failure to honor her oath of office today as she was when she conceived this un-Constitutional, immoral, dishonest, illegal program. It is not important that Pat might not have understood WHAT she was doing -- as a public servant she must and will be held accountable to the higher standards we expect and deserve of public servants. It is not important that she has retired -- she is still alive, she is still culpable, and SHE is expecting her own retirement program to continue uninterrupted -- which it won't. It is not important that Pat might repent -- bankrobbers take far less money from their intended victims, they repent, and we still imprison them for 20 years. Except in California, where we now imprison some of them for a lifetime.

"The Colonel" had $4.00 in his pocket this morning and not enough money to make it to the end of the month, and the month wasn't even half over. In the meantime, his divorced wife, who decided to "find herself", gets one third of his retirement pay, PLUS $928 per month for ONE child who is 14 years old, PLUS $260 per month for "spousal support", and lives comfortably in the family home which he bought and paid for. He pays the taxes, and when he is finished with all of that, PLUS the income he now gets from a FULL-TIME job, he has $4.00 left over.

Did she go to Viet Nam? Did she take all of the risks? Did she have a full-time work week? Was she promised a comfortable retirement independent from the man who supported her for 3 decades? Is there a competent man in his right mind is ever going to take such risks and exert such energy for his country or his family ever again? Can we motivate men to even go to work, much less raise a family or go to war, with such a massive failure our government to live up a simple promise?

Obviously not.

Who cares? Is that the answer we all expect now? Are we simply going to allow the important commitments made by our government to its own citizens to be struck down by immoral politicians, simply because "I didn't know" or in the name of some misguided and immoral ideology?

"The Colonel" is but one of tens of thousands of men who are being similarly treated, and Pat Schroeder must be punished just as severely as we would punish a bank robber who robbed $100 from a liquor store. Except that the amount of money she robbed from these commitments made by our very own government might exceed all of the money robbed from every bank and every liquor store for the past 20 years.

The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

In 3 decades of Criminal Justice System growth:

1) NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES QUADRUPLED -- Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of Criminal Justice Systems employees increased from 320,000 to 1,650,000, more than a quadrupling in the RATE of CJS employees per 100,000 population, while the  population increased from 189 million to 267 million.

2) MURDER RATE DOUBLED -- Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of murders increased from 8,000 to 22,000, more than double the RATE of murders after adjustments for population growth.

3) SOLUTION RATE FOR MURDERS DECLINED FROM 92% TO 62% -- Per the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the "solution rate" or the percentage of murders solved declined from 92% to 62%.

4) INCARCERATION RATE QUADRUPLED -- Per a recent Time article the US incarceration rate quadrupled to 4 times higher than both China and Hungary and 10 times higher than most other industrialized nations.

5) DNA EVIDENCE PROVED ONE THIRD NOT GUILTY -- Per Newsweek (Jan. 11, 1993, p. 64, Kevin Krajik) the FBI tested the DNA evidence of men ALREADY convicted of rape (based mostly on verbal testimony from victims) and found that in ONE THIRD OF THE CASES the DNA evidence from the crime scene did not match the person convicted.

6) MASS MURDERER HEADS UP JUSTICE SYSTEM -- Attorney General Janet Reno took "full responsibility" for the implausible and unnecessary slaughter of 84 innocent men, women, and children at Waco, effectively qualifying her as a "mass murderer". This leaves the US with the dubious distinction of being the first nation to promote a mass murderer to head the very organization which is charged with protecting citizens from murder.

Does the following sum it up?:

"In just 3 decades, 4 times as many employees, headed up by a mass murderer; with enormous computers and labs filled with the finest equipment your hard-earned tax dollars can buy; can't IDENTIFY ten times as many murderers now as they could with a quarter as many employees 3 decades ago; put away the wrong guy a third of the time; employ vast resources to unconstitutionally imprison producers and to destroy legitimate and productive businesses and the ability of producers to work; while creating the fatherless households which breed ever more criminals through its support of divorce and illegitimacy and other anti-fatherhood programs."

Can there be any wonder about why we have history's largest PublicDebt at $20,300 per man, woman, and child and that each American household is $77,000 in debt?


To add a judge to this list, send a confidential message to [email protected] describing the county, state, court, name, phone number, and address of the judge, and a brief description of the judge's actions which you believe were unlawful, unconstitutional, anti-family, anti-father, or in violation of basic human rights. A photo is requested but not necessary.



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