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"It saddens me to have to inform you there exists in our county a system, that bydesign and implementation, contributes to the problem of children growing upwithout one of their parents actively involved in their daily lives. After spendingnumerous hours during the past several months informally reviewing the family lawsystem and talking with people who work within and/or use the services of ourfamily law system, I strongly believe, in some cases, the very system that is intendedto protect "the best interest of the child" actually causes a severe injustice tochildren, robbing them of someone they love the most, one of their parents."

DR. JOYCE SWINEHEART- Chairperson- The Family Law Task Force- SanDiego Ca. to Governor of California- January 7, 1997.

Across the nation children, fathers, mothers and grandparents are suffering fromthe abuses of a family law court system that is a dismal failure at dealing with families inconflict.

Hundreds of parents and fathers groups have been forming to attempt to makechanges in this system that is destroying the future of our children. It is a "cry in thedark" that falls upon the "deaf ears of blind justice".

Each group is "splintered" with its own personalized issues. Some want 50/50custody, some want less child support, some want to change legislation, some want jointcustody, many fight among each other, and many just do not know which way to turn. The judicial system has us right where they want us. Unorganized, uncoordinated,uninformed as to the movements in each state, under-capitalized, under- funded, and mostof all, influenced by the very system that we started out to oppose. There are thosegroups who "feed" upon the very system that they propose to change. They lobbylegislature. The invite attorney's, judges and the district attorney to speak to their group(at a fee to the members) and yet they ignore the "anger and frustrations" of parents whoare on the front line suffering. Some provide little or no help to these frustrated parentsand some do a very good job.

Still there is no coordinated and national effort to make the changes. We theundersigned, feel that it is time to set aside the individual issues and proceed to the realissues.

The court system, itself, has failed to follow it's own mandates, failed to uphold theConstitution of the United States, failed to follow its own administrative procedures, andhas failed to turn over evidence of fraud, perjury, false allegations of child abuse,fraudulent use of the nationwide 911 emergency system to the local authorities forprosecution. This in itself is "blind justice". The judicial system has allowed the"officers of the court" (the attorneys) to use fraud, perjury and false allegations of childabuse as a strategy to "win" for one parent at the expense of the other. The court systemrefuses to recognize that the "weapon of choice" for one parent or the other is thechildren. One parent/attorney uses the children against the other parent. The results isParental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) that destroys the children's relationship with the"target" parent. The children become the victims of something far worse than divorce. The children lose a lifetime of happiness with a father and mother or grandparents. Theinevitable victims are always the children. We, the undersigned organizations, have decided to put aside our varied andpersonal issues and combine our efforts to start a nationwide network of organizations toforce the courts to recognize that the problem is not with the legislation of laws but theenforcement and administration of the laws that are already on the books:

1. Perjury is against the law.

2. Fraud is against the law.

3. False allegations of child abuse and molestation are against the law.

4. ABA rules forbid attorneys from filing false accusations, committing perjury or fraud or any other crime or cover-up of a crime for the benefit of their client.

5. Parental Alienation Syndrome is a recognized tool of warfare and should be stopped.

6. Supervised visitation without justification is against the natural order of humanexpectations and human rights.

Changes in legislation take too long and have proven in the past to be ineffective. We have decided to cooperate to force the courts to enforce the laws that are in place. Atthe same time we are attempting to change laws that should not be on the books and stopthose bills that are detrimental to the family.

We intend to do the following:

1. Create a world-wide network and database for information flow between organizationsin order to share case file information, share successes, recommend actions that eachgroup can use in their cases. Placing our local resources "on-line" will make themavailable for the use of all within the network.

2. Identify and attempt to recall or impeach any judge within the system that allows fraud,perjury or false allegations of child abuse or molestation to remain in the case file whensuch allegations have not been clearly proved .

3. Take attorneys who use unethical techniques such as fraud, perjury and falseallegations of child abuse, or violate ABA rules, to the appropriate bar associations forinvestigation.

4. Prepare and review cases in our area of local influence for inclusion in a class-actionlawsuit or other legal remedy that may present itself in combined or individual cases. Sharedocuments from our member case files and to transmit across the nation to other affiliatedgroups, samples of motions that were successful, citations, and any other materials that"puts pressure on the system".

5. Establish of a nationwide effort to force the judicial system to deal with parents andchildren in conflict with the best interest of the entire "family" in mind and not "just thechildren". We intend to stop or hinder the system from "milking" money from a familyat a time when the two separate households need all of the money they have just tosurvive. It is the children who suffer when the money runs out; and it always does.

6. To force the court to abide by its own mandates and administrative procedures and tochange those which are not mandated.

There are those of you who think that what we propose is impossible. How longare you willing to wait for legislation to change when all we have to do is enforce what isalready on the books?

We ask you to put aside your personal issues . When the judicial system realizesthat we are no longer splintered and are going to take combined action across the nation inan organized and orchestrated manner it will stand up and take notice. As it is right now,we are only a "little" thorn in their side. We make a lot of noise, but do not accomplishmuch.


The Family Court System in the United States is a failure at dealing with thefamily in conflict. The results is that our children and the non-custodial parents are"enslaved" by a court system "out of control". Our children are suffering the sametraumatic mental and physical injuries as did the slaves of Roman and Civil Wartimes. What is happening is a violation of our Thirteenth Amendment rights to befree. Free of the greed and tyranny of the family court system that "does anythingto keep the conflict alive" to drain our finances and destroy our lives. We arededicated to setting aside our personal issues and combining our resources (nomatter how small or large) toward a common goal:

The unification of all parents and fathers organizations across the nation .

This unification will allow us to mount a combined attack on the judicial system. "A house divided cannot stand." The judicial system cannot deal with attacks fromwithin the system and political pressure from outside of the system; nor can itfunction under "nationwide" pressure and political scrutiny.

The court system has no mandate that allows them to interfere with the rights ofparents having a loving relationship with their children.

We will cooperate in every manner possible to coordinate our efforts to stop thecourt from abusing its authority and to assist all other organizations in their localarea of responsibility. We will share our knowledge and our resources and willdevote all of the spare time we have to making changes in the system.

We, the undersigned organizations, do hereby endorse this declaration on behalf ofall of our members for the purpose of:

"Protecting Children from Blind Justice" and to "Stop Slavery In The Courts"


Parents For Family Court Justice, 7017 Almeda Rd. #292, Houston TX 77054(281)331-2384, ROBERT HEDRICK (Originator and Endorsing 6-6-97)

Vermont Parents For Family Court Justice, 15 West Street, Winooski, VT 05404(802)655-0723, THOMAS BURBO (Co-Editor and Endorsing 6-6-97)

Californian's For Family Justice, 6802 Huntdale St, Long Beach, CA 90868 (310-517-4219)KIRK RENELLA (C0-Editor and Endorsing 6-6-97)

Copyright 1997 Parents For Family Court Justice

All Endorsers Are Authorized to Reprint and Publish the Declaration in Part or In It'sComplete Form

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