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Welcome to the VMI Discussion Group, an independent organization seeking to preserve vital VMI traditions. Please update yourself on this crucial issue by reading the following prior to posting a

Here are my thoughts on women at VMI. (Please feel free to use my name)

As the Institute moves forward to let girls in, have they considered all of the costs and hidden costs of going co-ed?

Let's face it, the ACLU, NOW, and other leftist organizations have teams of lawyers with cases ready to be filed. It's just the same as a script for a play. They know what to file and when to file it. The whole idea is to "chill VMI out" by a continual flow of court cases and an insurmountable amount of legal fees. I have failed to mention our wonderful Dept. Of Justice and its gesthapo and that future legal cost.

Years ago, the courts would not have let many of these frivilous cases be heard, or at least if they did, they would require that the defendant's legal fees be paid if they won. Today, the courts don't follow law nor do they apply the constituton; rather they deicde cases based on how they "feel" about something. With our left wing activist courts, this plan of theirs will work. They have the upper hand. The costs to VMI will be so great it will have to bow or go Chapter 7.

Here are some of the items I know will be changed or at least a costly lawsuit will be brought against VMI to change them. They are:

1.) Change the inscription on the parapet to remove any refernce to honorable "men." Make it gender neutral. While they are at it, they could get Hollywood to produce a TV series showing women cadets at New Market. They are good at re-writing history as we knew it.

2.) The entire Rat Bible has to be rewritten to be gender neutral. The "dyke system" will be changed. Class dyke will change to some new acronymn.

3.) The entire Blue Book has to be re-written.

4.) Sexual Harrasment will be defined loosely in the Blue Book and the female cadets will have the upper hand because Sexual Harrassment will be whatever they perceive it to be. Male cadets could be rendered powerless in their attempts to mold the new rats into VMI men. (Ooooops, VMI people)

5.) All of the school songs will be gender normed. Can't wait to hear the new Hail Varsity or the new Spirit.

6.) The Honor Court will change not only to accomodate women but to have influence from the outside leftist groups I mentioned above. In the 1970's, I recall a few cases where the ACLU tried to get a cadet back into VMI after he had been dismissed for cheating on an exam. The Institute stood tall and the ACLU lost. This will be forever changed.

We guarded our honor and integrity more than anything else we had as a cadet. Nothing was held higher. We left money on our desks and we could accept the word from a fellow cadet as gospel. The problem today won't necessarily be the female cadets as much as it will be the outside leftist influence.

7.) Barracks life will now be subject to the scutinty of outside aggression. I recall Emilie Miller, the woman who crusaded against VMI in Northern Virginia., stating that she felt VMI had an "illegal" first year. The notion that underclassmen had less privileges was "unfair and wrong.

With today's Politically Correct Climate and with the move toward "fairness and equity," I see this as another aspect that will change VMI for the worse. Just think of what the Clintons have done using "fairness" as their means of getting it done. Right out of the Karl Marx doctrine!

Remember, in George Orwell's, "Animal Farm," equity and fairness were the key themes the pigs used to take over their society. It just turned out that some pigs were more "equal" than others. This is a great illiustration as to what goes on today within our Federal Government and how it destroys businesses and education. Everything has to be fair and if you dare oppose it then you are against fairness.

Just think as to how this will be applied to VMI. The whole Rat System and Upperclass System will be scrapped!

8.) We've all discussed lowering physical fitness standards. What about Rat Training where we ran in formation with our backpacks full, rifles extended, and excercised till we fell?

Numbers 6 & 7 have the most impact on VMI and you can bet the liberal activist ACLU and NOW have the cases waiting to get VMI.

I really think we alumni should excercise the power of the purse. If the Administration caves in too much we simply cut off our donations and insist that the Institute change its name and reopen.

Folks, this is a check formation and it is time for a step-off. Rah Virginia Mil'.

Bill Nay VMI Class Of 1977

For comments or for more information email [email protected], or search the Web



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