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Nazi Persecution of Christians

After the 1935 Nazi racial laws were introduced, the Zionist Federation of Germany was the only Jewish group allowed to function, with offices open in Berlin until 1942. In the US, a powerful Zionist lobby

It's vitally important for Americans to understand the role played by jews as Nazis in the killing of tens of millions of Christians in Europe during WWII, and as Bolsheviks in the killing of tens of millions of Christians in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, because jews using exactly the same blueprint on which the Nazi Master Plan was based are now doing the same to US citizens


bulletRutgers' Analysis of the Nazi Master Plan
bulletAdditional notes on the Nazi Master Plan
bulletMany Nazi leaders were "half jews"
bulletHitler: the Austrian jew, founder of Israel
bulletHitler began Persecuting the Catholic and Protestant churches in 1933.
bulletThe Krypto Kike Churchill.

For some inexplicible and as yet undetermined reason, a jew, Franz Neumann, was put in charge of examining the role played by jews in the persecution of Christians, churches, and church leaders in Germany as early as 1933:

"Dr. Franz Neumann was a former trade union lawyer, prominent member of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, and member of the famous, or notorious, Frankfurt School of critical social theory. This German-Jewish �migr� developed his pre-war sociological analysis of the rule of law completed at the LSE between 1936-39 during his period of forced emigration to Britain. Neumann achieved high academic repute with the publication in 1942 of Behemoth: The Structure and Practice of National Socialism whose widespread scholarly recognition led directly to his recruitment by the R&A Branch of OSS. His analysis on the Nazi’s ideological exploitation of one particular aspect of religious / racist persecution, i.e., anti-Semitism, continues to provoke controversy."

If you want a coverup, a jew is the right way to go. Further proof that jews were 100% behind the deception is evidenced by the fact that the OSS analysis of the Nazi Master Plan was classified for almost half a century.  All this accomplished was to prevent American citizens from understanding that what the jews are doing to Christians in this country today is exactly what jews did to Christians in Germany prior to WWII:

nazi.gif (16260 bytes)

This bears repeating.  "I wish to remind that the German inhabitants of the Sudet territory and myself were in favor of a restraint of the Jewish element first of all in the economic sphere and in particular they wanted the removal of Jews from influential position like the press, etc, and first of all the reduction of the number of Jewish lawyers, high school teachers, and physicians."  Does this sound at all familiar?

Wouldn't knowledge of jew tactics in Germany prior to WWII have forewarned us Americans about what the jews plan to do to us now, if given the chance?

Proof that Nazis were jews 

The following excerpts from this analysis of the Nazi Master Plan to destroy churches in Germany (which proves that Hitler was a jew and not a Catholic) has just been declassified, after half a century of being concealed from American citizens. Why should such a revealing document have been concealed from Americans by their very own government for so long?  What did the government have to gain by concealing the fact that both the Catholic and Protestant churches in Germany never accepted Hitler from the very beginning, and that Hitler executed numerous Christian leaders (and of course was ultimately directly responsible for the death of 48 to 150 million Christians in Europe)?

Why would the government of this putative Christian nation want to conceal the fact that Hitler was a jew who protected jews in Europe from the same fate met by 12.5% of the European population, at the same time that it vilifies Hitler for conducting a "holocaust" against those same jews? 

Does that sound like the kind of "Christian" we should be worshiping, as neo-Nazis do? Or does it sound like it's straight from Hell, just as Hitler's fellow devils were?  The following excerpts are proof of the anti-Christian activities of Hitler's Nazis:

pg. 1

"Throughout the period of National Socialist rule, religious liberties in Germany and in the occupied areas were seriously impaired.  The various Christian Churches were systematically cut off from effective communication with the people.  they were confined as far as possible to the performance of narrowly religious functions, and even within this narrow sphere were subjected to as many hindrances as the Nazis dared to impose.  These results were accomplished partly by legal and partly by illegal and terroristic means.

pg. 4

"National Socialism by its very nature was hostile to Christianity and Christian Churches. The purpose of the National Socialist movement was to convert the German people into a homogeneous racial group united in all its energies for prosecution of aggressive warfare".

pg. 7

"Persecution of the Christian churches in Germany proper gave rise to very special problems. Since Germany was destined to provide the central force for the coming wars of aggression, it was particularly necessary that German people be withdrawn from all influences hostile to the National Socialist philosophy of aggression".

pg. 10

"During this period [read: 1933] the relations between the Nazi Party and the Catholic Church were extremely bitter. As an opposition Party, the National Socialists had always violently attacked "Political Catholicism" [sound familiar?] and the collaboration of the Center Party with the Social Democrats int he Reich and Prussian governments, declaring that they could find no differences among the so-called "System-parteien" (parties which collaborated in the system of constitutional government). On March 8, 1933, Goring in a speech at Essen summed up the Nazi attitude toward the Center as follows: 'Each time the red robber was about to steal some of the German people's properties, his black accomplice stood thieves' watch'. "

pg. 17

"By 1937 it had become clear that the Nazi sate was not to be appeased by Catholic efforts to accommodate the Church and the State in the form of a Concordat, and that Hitler's government had no intention to adhere to its part of the document. Convinced, therefore, that the Church had been in error, in face of the irreconcilability of its teachings with those of National Socialism, in abandoning its earlier opposition to the movement, the Church resumed its controversy with Nazi doctrine, while continuing to suffer from Nazi practice."

pg. 25

"In May 1936 the leaders of the Confessional Church addressed a memorandum to Hitler denouncing the anti-Christian acts of the government. When this was met with further acts of repression, the failure of the church committees to effect a reconciliation was admitted by Ecclesiastical Minister Kerrl, in a report to Hitler. From that time forward the official attitude was that the Confessional Churches was illegal, and its activities were persecuted to the point where they became almost completely ineffective. For specific instances of this persecution, see the following section."

pg. 37

"In February, 1937, Dr. Zollner, the Chairman of the Reich Church Committee, was prevented by the police from visiting nine Confessional Pastors of Lubeck who had been arrested by the secret police. This interference with his attempted conciliation led to the resignation of Zollner and his committee on 14 February 1937."

pg. 48

"On 25 October 1936 members of the Hitler Youth hurled insults at Cardinal Faulhaber as he was entering his car in Giesing, a suburb of Munich."

pg. 53

"On 1 July 1937 Martin Niemoller, Confessional leader, was arrested and put in prison. On 7 February 1938 he was tried before a Special Court in Berlin. On 2 March he was sentenced to seven months imprisonment in a fortress (i.e., honorable imprisonment) for violation of the Pulpit Law. He was also fined 500 Marks for a violation of the rules of the Emergency Decree of 28 February 1933 (originally directed against the Communists) and 1500 Marks for another violation of both laws. He was acquitted of the charge of "underhand attacks on State and Party". As he had been eight months in prison he was allowed to go free. On leaving the court he was arrested by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp where he remained until the end of the war."

pg. 82 --Hitler Youth Corps

As early as January 1934 the staff leader of the Hitler Youth, Lauterbacher, declared in Koblenz: "The Hilter Youth will not compromise but will go its own way, which must necessarily lead tol the destruction of all other youth organizations." On March 27 1934 the Reich Youth Leader, Baldur von Schirach declared: The incorporation of the Protestant Youth associations will some time or other be followed, and necessarily followed, by that of the Catholic Youth. At a time when all are abandoning their private interests, Catholic youth no longer has any right to lead a separate existence."

These declarations heralded a difficult period for the Catholic Youth Associations, which tried with all means of diplomacy and endurance to retain their rights as guaranteed by the Concordat, confirmed in the decree of Hitler, and now curtailed almost daily through new restrictions and persecutions.

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The entire 40 mb .pdf document can be downloaded from g/nurinst1.htm

25 October. 1945


Subject: Relationship of the German Churches to Hitler.

To : General Donovan.

1.) Introductory Note;

Besides small sects there were and there are only two Christian
Churches of importance in Germany, the Protestant and the Catholic church.
The Catholic Church was politically represented by the Center-Party (Zen-
trumspartei), the Bavarian People's Party (Bayerische Volkspartei) and the
Christian Trade-Unions (Christliche Qewerkschaften). Since these three groups
stood in opposition to Hitler from the beginning, the Catholic Church before
1933 found itself in quite an obvious enmity towards the Nazis. As for the
Protestant church, this was not true in the extent it was In the Catholic
church. Because there are no politics in the Protestant church. Therefore it
may be said that before 1933 there was no relationship, either of a friendly
or of an enemy nature, between Hitler on one hand and the two churches on the
other hand.

2.) Relationship of the Catholic Church with Hitler since 1933;

Immediately after Hitler had seized the power, National Socialism
showed itself as an ideology plainly opposed to Christianism. Only a minority
among the princes of the Catholic Church like for example Bishop Berning from
Osnabruck and later Cardinal Innitzer from Vienna tried to show a friendly
attitude towards Hitler. The majority of the princes of the Catholic Church
left no doubt in their declarations and pastoral letters that there was no
bridge between Naziism and the Catholic Church. As the years went by, the
attitude of the Catholic Church became ever clearer. The rejection of Hitler
became more and more obvious. Because of the hierarchic organizations of the
Catholic Church, the denunciation of Hitler was propagated by the majority of
Catholic clergy in the land. The result of this was that the enmity toward
Hitler was promulgated not only by the high clerics, but was also carried to the
masses by the low clerics. This decisive credit for this attitude ought to be
given to Cardinal von Faulhaber from Munich and whose personal sermons branded
Naziism as the enemy of Christendom. Both princes of the church did not shun
the gravest danger but managed to voice their opposition to Hitler in such a
way so clever that the Gestapo had no oppportunity to silence them. By their
example, these two dignitaries of the Church have swept along with them those
within the Catholic Church which still hesitated. On the other hand quite
a number of the lower clerics ended up in prison or in a concentration camp.
Also in the political resistance movement did the representatives of the Catholic
church play an important role. Here the pater of the Jesuites Delp ought to be
mentioned before all others; he participated in the conspiracy that led to the
20th July. Later on Delp was executed by the Gestapo. A particularly important
part in the struggle of the resistance movement against Hitler played the
(?) Joseph Muller who lives in Munich, Gedonstrasse 4. He had been the
political representative of the Arclidiocese Munich. At the beginning of the
war, Joseph Muller became a Captain in the Cl-section under Admiral Canarie.
In this function Joseph teller was to influence the attitude of the digni-
taries of the Catholic Church against Hitler and also to negotiate with the
Vatican. The aim of these negotiations was to find out thru the Vatican
under what conditions a Germany liberated from Hitler could make peace. On
the part of the Vatican the negotiations were conducted by the personnal secretary, of
Pope Pius ZII, Padre Leiber. In the course of years, the negotiations were
exceeded also to the diplomatic representatives at the Vatican, the powers
at war with Germany. In this the English representative Osborn played a major
part. The negotiations were recorded in writing. The documents were finally
assembled by Admiral Canaris. Later, a part of them was discovered by the
Gestapo. The result was that Canaris and his collaborators were hanged.
Joseph Muller escaped, by luck. He is the only person who possesses detailed
information on the complex of these questions. At the sane.time Joseph Muller
had orders froni the Catholic Church to negotiate with representatives of the
Protestant Church in order to harmonize their measures in the struggle against

3) Relationship of the Catholic Church with Hitler since 1933:

The Protestant Church in Germany does not have hierarchic but a
democratic constitution. Apart from that, it is constituted by 28 provincial
churches. Therefore it did not have the congeniality and strictness of the
Catholic Church. That is why the struggle of the Protestant Church against
Hitler became mucm more difficult. If it was the clerics that bore the brunt
of the struggle within the Catholic Church it was the congregaxion which became
the rest of resistance within the Protestant Church The man who was the first
to see Hitler as what he was, and thru whose example large sections of the
Protestant church were incited, is without doubt pastor Martin Kiemoller.

Many Protestant ministers supported him in this struggle. Here are to be
named; Pastor Asmussen, pastor Gruber, General Superintendent Dibelius, Bishop
Wurm. All these men had taken up the fight against Hitler in speeches and in
writings. But the majority of them was silenced by being put into the concen-
tration camp or by being prohibited to speak or write. That did not prevent
their followers from continuing the struggle. Bishop Wurm, in a memorandum
to Minister Frick opposed the killings of the insane, ordered by Hitler. In
spite of all prohibitions the Protestant Church under the leadership of Pastor
Gruber in Berlin created an organization which helped to save the life of
thousands of Jews. Initial in this action was Assessor Perels, Justiziar of
the Confessional Church entered the political struggle more and more. In this
the following personalities played an important role: Pastor Dietrich Bonhoffer,
Konsistorialrat Gerstenmeier, Pastor Schonfeld, Pastor Freudenberg, Pastor .
Bethge, Pastor Lilje and others. While In the Catholic camp Joseph Muller kept
up the contact with politics, Dietrich Bonhoffer played the same role in the
Protestant caMp. They cooperated with Joseph Muller. This way the struggle
of the Catholic and of the Protestant Church were coordinated. Dietrich Bonhoffer
also entered Into the services of the CI-section under Admiral Canaris. Bonhoffer
undertook many trips to Switzerland and to the Skandinavian countries. This
way he contacted the Protestant churches in Europe outside of Germany, informed
them about the events in Germany and so created a common bond between resistance

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Be Fearless - Terrorise Fascism, Whenever Possible 
-    Usually you Only NEED the TRUTH to do it!!!   -



After the 1935 Nazi racial laws were introduced, the

Zionist Federation of Germany was the only Jewish group

allowed to function, with offices open in Berlin until 1942.

In the US, a powerful Zionist lobby

<<< Scuttled Efforts to bring Jewish refugees from WWII;

-      this is documented in books by Jewish leaders and

-      intellectuals like Alfred Lilienthal and Morris Ernst. >>>



And So This Is Christmas By Cindy Sheehan

All we are saying is give peace a chance. 
John Lennon's song


(the following article presents what I consider the correct,effective,

and factual way to challenge Zionism on its abuse of the atrocities
against Jews to justify commiting and defending the atrocities

against Palestinian natives.)


Holocaust Deniers and the Iraq Study Group


As a Palestinian-American, I am appalled that many people

meeting in Teheran claim to support Palestine 

while denying or trying to minimize Jewish suffering. 

Few at the conference articulated that the Holocaust did happen,

was horrendous, and it needn’t be denied in order to support
Palestinian human rights or to oppose Zionism
(throughout I refer to political Zionism not cultural Zionism).


This is not surprising, considering that Zionists constantly and

< Intentionally Conflate Zionism with Judaism. > 


This is accomplished in many ways: using Jewish symbols for Israel,
choosing a national anthem that speaks of Jewish yearning
(even though 20% of the population is not Jewish),
emphasizing Israel as a Jewish state, speaking of

"the Jewish people" as united in support of Israel,

even though most Jews are not Zionists, and countless other ways.


But to me the most dangerous Zionist myth that contributes

to anti-Jewish ranting in Teheran and beyond is that political Zionism

is the defender and protector of Jews against a hostile (gentile) world. 

The truth is otherwise, and is now well documented in declassified

archives, in Zionist archives, in letters and books, and it is

rather "inconvenient" (to put it mildly) to political Zionists.


In ‘Mein Kampf’, the only Jews admired were the Zionists. 

Hitler called it a "great movement out of Vienna" that helped him

dispel the doubts he had as to whether Judaism simply represented

another religion or was a nationality (and thus did not belong in Europe). 


After the 1935 Nazi racial laws were introduced, the

Zionist Federation of Germany was the only Jewish group

allowed to function, with offices open in Berlin until 1942.


This is not surprising, considering that they (ZFG)

 wrote to the new Nazi regime that

“Zionism believes that a rebirth of national life, such as is occurring

in German life through adhesion to Christian and national values,

must also take place in the Jewish national group”.


Edwin Black’s book

“The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story

of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine”


is an eye opener on the tragic practical results

of this convergence of these two segregationist ideologies. 


In the US, a powerful Zionist lobby

<<< Scuttled Efforts to bring Jewish refugees from WWII;

-      this is documented in books by Jewish leaders and

-      intellectuals like Alfred Lilienthal and Morris Ernst. >>>


The future first Israeli Prime Minister,

David Ben-Gurion, rejected plans to save Jewish children,

 telling a meeting of Labor Zionist leaders on 7 Dec. 1938:


“If I knew that it would be possible to save all the children in Germany

by bringing them over to England, and only half of them by transporting

them to Eretz Yisrael, then I would opt for the second alternative. 

For we must weigh not only the life of these children,

but also the history of the People of Israel.”


Iraqi Jew (and ex-Zionist) Naiem Giladi exposed this

and other of Ben Gurion’s scandals in a book by that title. 

(e.g. Zionist underground forces bombed Jewish targets

in Baghdad to achieve Zionist objectives of driving Jews to Israel).


Sigmund Freud wrote a letter rejecting putting his name

in support of the Zionist project on psychological grounds:


  “Whoever wants to influence the masses

must give them something rousing and inflammatory

and my sober judgment of Zionism does not permit this…

  It would have seemed more sensible to me, to establish

a Jewish homeland on a less historically-burdened land.

But I know that such a rational viewpoint would never have gained

the enthusiasm of the masses and the financial support of the wealthy. 

  I concede with sorrow that the baseless fanaticism of our people

is in part to be blamed for the awakening of Arab distrust.”


In a letter published December 1948 in NY Times by Alfred Einstein

and 26 other leading American Jews we read:


"The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin

and his party, and their record of past performance in Palestine

bear the imprint of no ordinary political party.

This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism

(against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation

are means, and a "Leader State" is the goal."

Begin went on to become Israeli Prime Minister and his party

morphed into the Likud, and its allies in the US became

the neo-conservatives who pushed for the war on Iraq.


The horrors of what happened in Europe as a result of 19th century

nationalism fed the ethnocentric nationalism known as Zionism,

and was used to justify the ethnic cleansing and destruction

of Palestinian society. It is now destabilizing Western Asia

and encouraging other narrow chauvinistic ideologies

(e.g. Bin Laden's Pan-Islamic nationalism mirroring Zionism by claiming

to represent members of a particular religion wherever they live).


The Iraq study group report recognized the centrality of the Israel/

Palestine question to the spiraling mayhem and loss of US credibility,

but failed to suggest the only change that would make a difference:

  a shift in US foreign policy goals and strategy to promote human rights

and International law.  The latter four words are ironically missing

from both the "Road Map to Peace in the Middle East" and the

"Report of the Iraq Study Group."



Mazin Qumsiyeh 

is author of  "Sharing the Land of Canaan:
Human Rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle". 
He served on the faculties of Duke and Yale Universities.




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ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

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millions dead in the Middle East

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