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Prevent Child Abuse America:
Child Abuse Rates High, Crime Rates Fall

Author: National Child Abuse Coalition; Reprinted from Washington Memorandum
Date Posted: 4/99
Child abuse continues to occur at a high rate despite recent reductions in violent crime, property crime and robbery, even while awareness of child abuse and neglect is at an all-time high, according to information released by Prevent Child Abuse America. At a Washington, D.C. press conference on March 30, 1999, A. Sidney Johnson III, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse America, said, "America's children are at greater risk of violent harm in their own homes than in the street."

Comparing the odds of victimization for child abuse with other crimes, Prevent Child Abuse America indicated that reports of child abuse or neglect occur at a rate of 47 per 1,000 children, while the occurrence of car theft is 13 per 1,000 households and robbery is 4.2 per 1,000 households. Drawing from the annual fifty state surveys conducted by Prevent Child Abuse America, confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect rose by 4 percent from 1993-1997, while, according to U.S. Department of Justice crime statistics, murder dropped 28 percent during that time, property crimes dropped 22 percent, and the overall crime rate declined by 21 percent.

In other survey information reported by Prevent Child Abuse America, the majority of Americans (67 percent) believe that lack of parenting experience or skills is among the primary reasons for child abuse and neglect, and 74 percent of American parents responded that voluntary home visits by a private or public agency in the first weeks after the birth of their first child would have been useful. Yet, only 14 percent reported receiving such support, and of those who did receive such visits, 82 percent described them as useful.

Prevent Child Abuse America is the new organizational name for the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, also announced at the March 30 press conference.


Reprinted from WASHINGTON MEMORANDUM, a publication of the National Child Abuse Coalition. Annual subscriptions are available for $40/year. To subscribe, email: [email protected]. or mail check payable to: National Child Abuse Coalition, 733 15th Street, NW, Suite 938, washington, DC 20005



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