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According to Egyptology, Nefertiti disappeared without a trace, and without a word from her husband Akenhaten about where she went.  He was the first monotheist ruler who was so hated by his Egyptian polytheists that he was forever referred to as "that heathen" and never by his real name.  So certainly he would not tell them where she went when they'd succeeded in murdering all his other daughters (five of them), and now apparently murdered Tutankhamen (whose name was originally Tutankathen, after his monotheist god athen or at hen)?  The Egyptian beads found in the ancient city of the early Irish Torah (now misnamed "Hill of Tara" by the Catholic Church) have been dated to the time of Akenhaten, Nefertiti, Tutankaten, and Scota (from whom Scotland got its name).  The Mediterranean style boats found in North Ferriby, Yorkshire, were proven by carbon dating to have been shipwrecked during that same time period, proof that people did travel between Ireland and Egypt at that time.

And this is where our history has everything wrong.  According to Michael Tsarion, even our own historians and archeologists agree that the view that history traveled from east to west has been proven to be wrong, and that it actually traveled from east to west.  People who analyze Egyptology presume that Egyptians would have traveled from Egypt to Ireland.  But way too many words now found in Scripture are associated with Irish names and places which predate all of this.

Tuatha de Danaan is the gaelic word for Tribe of Dan, which is Denmark.  "In the Annals of the Four Masters, dating to 1632-36, Scota’s husband is named Eremon, and it is Eremon and Eber who divide the land of Ireland between them, with Eremon in the north and Eber in the south".

Who is Eber?  According to Scripture, all descendants of Eber are Hebrews, Abraham being a direct descendant.  Overlooking the city of Torah (which means God's Law, a funny name for a capitol city of a people who were such "pagans") is a monument called in Gaelic "Olam Fodlah" which means everlasting covenant, the same phrase in OUR Scripture.  Prior to meeting the owner of the land on which this monument was constructed, this author believed that it dated to 587 BC as Raymond Capt claimed, but his proof that it's the oldest man made structure in the world, even older than the pyramids in Egypt, now makes far more sense in the grand scheme of things.



The Hyksos Kings  
  The Hibiru escaped the carnage and destruction of their city for the second time and now found themselves still with their fleet of ships, a large number of refugees and a fair number of their military resources intact


"In a display of just how twisted Irish folklore has become over the ages, the first group to actually attack Ireland in its history was a group of these exiled Phoenicians of Hibiru descent around 1335 BCE famously known as Tuatha Dé Danaan. They were driven back, but held onto an outpost in the North of Ireland and from that point on did continue to fight their own ancestors until unity was regained around 590 BCE with the arrival of Jeremiah and the last bloodline of the Kings of Judah".






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