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The New Feminism

'It's only cheating if you get caught.'

Briana Scurry, Still An Abomination Before God!

The team's goalie, Briana Scurry, represents cheating. It was she,
more than Chastain, who won the game by blocking one Chinese
kick in the shootout. Scurry did it by sneaking forward, against
the rules, to narrow the shooter's angle before the kick. Far from
chastising Scurry, male sportswriters are congratulating her on her
"savvy." "Yes, she said later, she knew she was breaking the
rules," concludes Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times. "But
because the referees didn't call it, it apparently falls under the
heading of gamesmanship. 'Everybody does it,' she said. 'It's only
cheating if you get caught.' Sports equality indeed."

This is the same old tired feminism in a patched up package. There is no way that our daughters will benefit from ascurry.jpg (10118 bytes) "role model" who condones (no, encourages) cheating.  "The New feminism" is more dangerous than the old version. It almost looked like good clean fun--until the camera shocked us back to the reality that men sports are important because--the role models have "honor".

There is nothing to be gained from "Title IV Sports".  It is the same destructive force brought by the same federal meddling that that gave us affirmative action.  Alia Darrow  called it right when she said:

The KidSafe program with mandatory "child abuse" awareness programs and certification were scheduled to be in all sports; especially sports with a volunteer base of operation AND TO BE FULLY IMPLEMENTED NATIONWIDE BY YEAR 2001. The AYSO president called this program... "For The Kids".

Not only has Briana gained a position in the Blind Dumb Feminist Art Gallery by this statement, but she begins "The New Feminist" legacy.

Soccer players watching the American girls "win" noted more than 11 bad calls against the Chinese by the American female referees.  For example, on six different occasions the referees called fouls against the Chinese when American girls tripped over them AFTER the Chinese had hit the ball (it's only a foul if they trip before they hit the ball).

Such blatant poor sportsmanship has no place in this country, whether or not girls actually do deserve "equality".

Blind Dumb Feminist Art Gallery

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