New Jersey’ed

Or how to spend more and get less

Brought to you by the dumbest education system in recorded human history


In 1959, when New Jersey was already the lowest scoring state in the nation, its per student spending for education was already higher than the national average, and 70% higher than South Carolina ($388 per student in New Jersey vs. $220 in South Carolina).  In typical liberal fashion of course the presumptive *solution* was to continue to increase education spending even though past increases failed miserably, with New Jersey having “succeeded” in increasing education spending more than 26 TIMES as much per student, to $10,233 in 1998—compared to “only” an 18 fold increase nationwide and 13 fold in Utah [one of the highest scoring states].  Even after “adjusting for inflation” using the infamous [and erroneous] Consumer Price Index, New Jersey’s “after-inflation” increase was almost 5 TIMES, compared to “only” more than three times nationally and less than 2.8 times in many Western states.

Certainly the Consumer Price Index is good for nothing, least of all keeping track of missing education dollars, but when New Jersey managed to continue to increase cost and decrease quality simultaneously, so dramatically, in only four decades, WE THE PEOPLE’s acceptance of such a “success” can be explained only by an incredibly successful program to dumb down America.  Not even our 8th graders scoring dead last in 17 of 34 TIMSS subjects was enough to wake us up, and we don’t even know how poorly our 12th graders scored relative to the highest scoring nations in Asia.