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Newsweek Must Be SHUT DOWN


This article may be the best evidence yet of the utter liberal/jew/feminist/nwo bias by the "mainstream media", who has lost its right to even exist.

There is NO debate about how much more accurate computerized vote counting is than manual hand counting of votes. IF 43% of the American population doesn't agree with this, and IF another 5% think  both methods are equally accurate, and IF another 8% don't even know--then this is a testament to the ability of the mainstream media coupled with the US "education" system to DUMB DOWN an unsuspecting American public.

This is not an "opinion".  This is a fact of life which is not disputed by even ONE shred of scientific evidence.

BUT--when this poll failed to ask how many people thought the DEMOCRATS are involved in a colossal coverup of the obvious and intentional voter fraud being conducted in Florida with their amazing hand recounts, they lost all credibility.




Poll: Fair Vote Important to 61 pct
Updated: Sat, Nov 18 07:58 PM EST

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Even after two weeks of election wrangling, 61 percent of Americans say it's more important to be sure the Florida vote count is fair and accurate than it is to have the presidency decided quickly, a Newsweek poll said Saturday.

In the magazine's telephone poll, interviewers asked people whether they thought it was more important to get "matters resolved as soon as possible so we know who our next president is" or to make "certain to remove all reasonable doubt that the vote count has been fair and accurate."

The poll said 61 percent of adults said it was more important to make sure the vote was accurate, while 36 percent said it was more important to end the process. Three percent said they didn't know.

However, the numbers are changing as time passes by. A week ago, 72 percent said it was important to get an accurate count and 25 percent said it was important to get the process finished, pollsters said.

Americans were evenly split on whether they thought machine or hand counting was best, pollsters said. Interviewers said 44 percent of those asked thought hand counting was less fair and accurate than machine counting, while 43 percent said they thought hand counting was more accurate than machine counting. Five percent said both ways of counting was about the same and 8 percent said they didn't know.

Pollsters interviewed 1,000 adults by telephone on Thursday and Friday. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.



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