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November 24, 2000

Why women should be denied the vote

Elizabeth Nickson National Post Miss Florence King, the inestimable U.S. political commentator, has been calling for the revocation of women's right to vote, and I'm wondering where you sign up for that referendum? I've been trying to listen to Election Town Hall meetings, but it's near impossible to keep me in my chair. It's a very, very depressing thing to hear grown men, querulously begging for more free stuff, as if they were 16-year-olds longing to shop at Versace. Everyone speaks in that tone of dragging, whiny complaint that I am beginning to see as particularly Canadian. Even more depressing is to see other grown-ups promising that in a week or so, of course everyone making under $60,000 a year will be getting that Platinum card, and bombs away. And if I have to listen to Alexa McDonough one more time, I will personally have to strangle her for crimes against humanity.

I blame women. All women. Every single last one of us. In the 85 years that we have had the vote, women have slowly and inexorably made government the ghost in every house and the partner in every business. And in doing this, we have de-linked morality and ethics from daily life. Little wonder kids are killing each other in schoolyards. It has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with the values we promote. By example, we have taught our children that, if you're "good," you're liberal, non-racist, non-sexist, tolerant and generous, and in order to promote your utopia, anything you do, stealing elections, giving public money to your friends, lying under oath, corruption, plunder and waste, is A-OK.

Tell me. Who is going to pay for the "restoration of health funding"? Where's the money going to come from? No one addresses this. What's going to happen when the Boomers start to sicken and retire? How are we going to pay for that? How are we going to pay off the debt? The Liberals say it will take 188 years, and that's assuming the current boom continues, which is a fantasy. One-hundred and eighty-eight years. All politicians responsible should be in debtors' prison for running the bill up that high. Besides, already there are signs of a slowdown, and much of Canada, because of our ludicrous, punishing, soak-the-rich, wrong-headed, sullen tax policies, did not manage to catch the wave this time either. Why? Because, class, not enough money was released to the private sector to invest in new businesses that produce new growth, new jobs, more income to spend at the shops and betting parlours and therefore, more tax revenue.

If you're looking for someone to blame, girls, look in the mirror. You spent it.

Of course, the gender gap is not a new point of discussion. But the notion that women have simply transferred dependence from husband/daddy to the government is perennially interesting. Women, in general terms, are becoming more independent, and that by leaps and bounds, but still act like spoiled 16-year-olds at the voting booth, which most of them don't bother to visit, declaring so in a tone of prideful superiority. Why? Is it that when in the public arena, we become hysterical, and because we're feminists, even that most female of sins is good? Adding and subtracting? When it comes to public money, too male. Or do we think that somewhere in the halls of evil corporations there is a white man with a big belly, a smarmy grin, the stink of garlic and scotch on his breath, and very bad taste in haberdashery, who could actually be made to pay for everything? Perhaps there are hundreds? Perhaps if we just enslaved them then we could have the product of their labour without the bothersome task of taxing them? Doesn't that sound nice?

If we travelled back to the founding of this country, we would discover that 200 years ago, all across North America, government meant, to Europeans sickened by patronage and parasites, exactly what we have created: freeloaders feeding on the labour of ordinary men and women. Thomas Jefferson said he hoped our "general government" could "be reduced to a very simple organization, and a very inexpensive one; a few plain duties to be performed by a few servants."

Conservatism as a political philosophy is not anti-woman, but it is offended by what Edmund Burke called "arbitrary power," which is exactly what we have given those dreadful people in Ottawa. Conservatives are less romantic about the future than liberals. Conservatism, Oakeshott said, preferred "present laughter to Utopian bliss." Conservatives prefer a society free from as much government as possible but constrained, not by taxes and regulation, but by such antiquated notions as community, duty, honour, self-restraint, spiritual and intellectual humility and respect for others.

John Adams said once "Our generation had to be politicians and statesmen for our children to be physicians and scientists and for their children to be musicians and artists." Our culture is flowering, but we can't afford the price of admission. Hand mirror, anyone?




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