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Encyclopedia Britannica article on origins of the white race?

From: Andy ([email protected])

Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 7:53:10 PM

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White race (aryanus moronis)


Origins and species definition


Once upon a time there was a tribe of yetis which came down from the mountains and slaughtered everyone in sight.  They slaughtered their way from Nepal in the East, all the way to Europe, and stopped when they reached the sea.  Running out of people to slaughter, they took to raping the wild cattle of Europe, known as the aurochs; and from this mixture of yeti and aurochs arose what became known as the white race.  Combining the viciousness of the yeti with the passive complacency and gullibility of the cow, this new race has earned the status of pest in much of the world through depradations of local populations and the spread of warfare and destructive disease-memes such as capitalism, militarism, industrialism, sexual repression, moral character, and the state.




Members of this species have pale, corpse-like skin, gaunt faces and tight asses.  The more virulent instances lack the normal flexibility of human arms, with one arm semi-permanently fixed rigid in the air.  As a result of auroch DNA, this species is excessively vulnerable to propaganda and can easily be convinced of the most ridiculous things by others of its number, leading to mass psychoses which are often the triggers for displays of individual and collective aggression.  Though lacking intelligence, the pest makes up for it in brute persistence and stupid obduracy.  Listening deficiency, incapacity to relate to one's own emotions, and sickly consumption by resentment, jealousy, disgust and outrage are common characteristics.  Many of the species are infertile owing to overly frequent masturbation and sex with donkeys.  Consequences are not limited to natural systems; some pests are able to infect electronic systems with hate memes and spam.


Current distribution


The population is concentrated in hive-like settlements in Europe, where the species has managed to depredate most of the local ecosystem, destroying continent-spanning forests, swampland, grasslands and most of the large mammal species; it survives only by plundering food supplies from neighbouring regions, in turn expanding its exploitative bent into these regions.  However, the species managed to cross the oceans by means of shipping technologies stolen from Arabia and China, with the result of the devastation of the native human and animal populations of North America, Australia, and parts of Southern Africa.  In other places, hostile climate conditions have prevented wider contamination but have failed to prevent periodic plunder raids both in the form of intrusive attacks and corrosive symbioses with local life-forms.


Possible treatments


Infestations have reached epidemic proportions in many places, resulting in disease and death for local ecosystems.  In milder cases, it is possible to cure infestations by means of intensive courses of critical literacy and the dilution of the more virulent aggression-memes.  In extreme cases, courses of guerrilla warfare, anti-colonial liberation struggle and decolonisation have had some temporary effect of relief.  Bullets have proved effective with some cases such as the Fortuyn infestation, while others, notably the Mussolini virus, have been dealt with through prolonged hanging upside-down.



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