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Oct-10 jfentosa021

Great News!
As a black adolescent, It is with great pleasure that I inform you that White women are increasingly rejecting their white men for black men! How do I know this? I'm living proof! My first girlfriend was a hot, sexy preppy blonde girl with a killer body and a very beautiful face.(Talk about luck!)The first time I saw her, she was sitting across from me in my AP Chemistry class wearing a hot pink polo shirt with her lovely blonde hair tied in a nape across her slender neck. Her killer legs were crossed gracefully from underneath her light pink minkshirt, and I had to think of gay men having sex just to calm my boner down. I was a junior in high school and she was a sophomore. I was so intimidated by her that I dared not even look at her! By the spring of that year however, she told my best friend that she was willing to suck my balls, f*ck me, and blow me whenever. (We happened to be lab partners, and I think she noticed the effect she had on me). I was schocked to say the least. There I was, a mere black kid, desired by a pearl-necklace/bracelet toting,pooped-collar polo shirt/mini skirt wearing, c-cup, blonde-haired barbie with killer legs and a perfect body frame. But how could I say "no" to a stuck-up(not in my case, though!) white girl who wanted to suck me dry? Many white boys would kill for that! (I made quite a few enemies as you can imagine, but it was definitely worth it!) I can still feel the delicate yet firm grip of her hands on across my chest and her sweet lips passionately caressing my own. I can feel her hair wildly whipping across my belly as she busies herself with the BBC.Ahh....... I digress. I think you'll find the following links as further testament to this new trend among white American women(out of courtesy I failed to include the many similar european sites): My personal hero can found at: The sites that I referred you to feature some of the most beautiful women in the world submitting themselves to the BBC (Big Black Cock, if you know the vernacular). It doesn't take a google search of the "hottest" interracial porn sites to show you a that great trend that would have been worthy of death 100 years ago is now sweeping America and cannot be stopped.Oh God, I just love white people!(white women more specifically) Have yourself great evening!


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Our heartfelt thanks to Brother Jerry for alerting us to the probable identity of the above racial and moral pervert:


Dear Bro. John,


     Although I haven't written to you in a long time, I have been reading and enjoying your emails.    The reason that I quite writing to you was that at one time,  most of your discussions on biblical issues were centered on the Strong’s Concordance and its associated numbering system.  Since I use a Young's Concordance and didn't have a Strong's, I couldn't play.  However, I did continue to read your posts, patiently waiting and watching for the occasional fireworks.


      However, the rant that I am responding to, allegedly written by someone of the darker persuasion (“A Black Adolescent”, i.e., young nigger), is, in my humble opinion, an obvious fraud and is an insult to the few remaining decent black folk that might still be around, somewhere...   Now, after reading that fraudulent, idiotic, perverted and insulting piece of trash, I definitely feel the need to rant... 


      May I?  Please?  Bro. John, please indulge me!   Please allow me yet another rant, at least for old time’s sake.  Will you do that please?  Thank you very much!


The beginning of me humble rant:


Bro. John,

     The disgusting and totally immoral "thing" that wrote this disgusting filth could be best described as follows:


01.  It was written by a faggot who has too many fried brain cells.

02.  It was written by a Jew who has financial interest in the porno industry.

03.  It was not written by a black man, much less a black adolescent.


    The above analysis is based upon the following statements that the pervert wrote: he is convicted out of his own mouth!


01. Subtle hints proving that it was a faggot who wrote all of this filth:

The damned faggot said:


  " I had to think of gay men having sex just to calm my boner down."


      Only a certifiable damned faggot would make the above statement.  The most disgusting thing in the world to a straight Christian man is the thought of damned  Sodomites committing their damnable and disgusting filthy acts.   The most useless thing in the world to a straight man is another man's private parts!    

     This faggot’s writing places emphasis upon male private parts, rather than female.  That faggot has got it damn bad....



02. Subtle hints concerning Jewish financial interest in the porno industry:

    The disgusting faggot gives a list of the websites that he doubtless has a financial interest in, and are not just as a manifestation of his total depravity.

    Those websites emphasize black men abusing white women who have been kidnapped, beaten into submission, turned into drug addicts and sold into slavery, so that they can be filmed and displayed on his porno websites.

     He hopes that, after severely insulting white women and men, that some of your readers will get mad and look up his websites.  He hopes to pervert and convert your readers if possible, and/or, infect their computers with a virus that would foul up the operating system, delete data files, and pass viruses on to everybody on the victim’s email address list.

    The eight websites listed includes such names as “Black Attack Gang Bang:” doesn’t that sound like a vicious and violent rape, rather than a voluntary submission to the perverted and horrible sin of miscegenation that the writer now claims as the accepted norm in America?

     The fact that the Jews control slave trafficking of white women is undisputed. The women that this faggot and his associates have enslaved in order to make money, promoting his websites, is further proof of his perverted “jewishness” as his actions clearly promote the slavery, abuse, and torture of European women, which are both contrary to the Laws of God and to the Law of Moses.


 Method and Means of  Jewish involvement in white slavery:



a. Fraudulent job offers tempt European women to go to Israel:

       Secular news media has repeatedly given reports of Jews kidnapping women from Europe who have been tricked into going to Israel by being promised a high paying job. 


b. Kidnapping, Torture, Rape and Drug Addiction:

       When she gets to Israel, she is kidnapped, has her passport taken; she is drugged, raped, beaten and tortured into submission.  She then enters into a brothel to serve as a prostitute for a while and/or put on the auction block.   The going prices for a white woman depend upon her age and beauty.  About seven or eight years ago, I was watching a television report which covered this problem in Israel. They said that a white woman could bring anywhere from $6,000.00 to $35,000.00 plus on the prostitute slave market in Israel. Considering the passing of time and inflation, the market price has doubtless risen to a much higher level...



c. Slavery supported by the Israeli people and government:


      The Israelis interviewed on the program that I referred to all used the excuse that there were not enough women available in Israel, so they have to import women to be used as prostitutes. 

       One would think that prostitution would be illegal in Israel, and it is, but only for Israeli women.  One cannot enslave an Israeli woman in Israel.

      The Jews believe in so-called “Human Rights,” but their Talmudic religion teaches that gentile women are not “Human,” therefore they have no rights.

       They are taught that their G-d created both two and four footed beasts so that a prince (Israeli) would not have to be served by a dumb animal.  Even though they are allowed to commit perverted sex acts with animals, a milk cow cannot bring its owner a glass of wine!  Therefore, they need white women to do that job, as enslavement of Israeli women is forbidden by their laws.


d. Prostitution protected by the Israeli government:

       If a kidnapped European woman escapes and goes to the police (many of them have been raped by those same police while being held captive in brothels), having no passport in her possession, she is arrested for being in the country illegally.  Then the police have her contact her family in Europe and try to get her family to pay for her plane fare back to her native land (such a deal!).   If they can’t contact her family, or if the family is too poor to pay, then they have to act “benevolent” and the government will then reluctantly pay for her ticket and send her out of the country.  This allows them to “correct the problem” of being caught protecting the criminal activities of kidnapping and forced prostitution,  which makes for bad press as far as the civilized world is concerned.



       Linguistic proof of a Jewish author:

     In the following statement, notice the spelling of the English word, "shocked":  


"I was schocked to say the least."


   Yiddish is actually a bastardization of several languages: it is part German, Dutch, Khazar, and other languages mixed together, as the so-called "Jews" have lived on many continents and have absorbed many words from the native languages of their host countries.    Because of their long business endeavors in Europe, they use many German based words.  Notice the Germanic "Sch" type spelling in the following Yiddish words:


Schiska,   Schlemiel,   Schlep,   Schmalz  Schmuck, Schpiel...  


    Its use  of the word, "Schocked" in place of the English word, "shocked," clearly show the   Jewish / Yiddish roots of this damned disgusting faggot.



03. Subtle hints that the writer was neither black nor adolescent:


     The lying faggot bastard that wrote this is so damned stupid that he can’t even think straight (no pun intended)!


    A real young black man would never talk like the damn faggot that wrote the insulting filth.  The following are a few gross examples of the faggot’s make believe “black adolescent” speech patterns which are further proof that the faggot is lying.


   *Note: Each example is followed by an “Ebonics” translation, in the Mississippi dialect:


 The alleged black adolescent said:

       "It is with great pleasure that I inform you..."


 A real “Soul Brother” would say:

     "Hey! You motherf.....s ain't gonna believe this shit, but I gots to tell you.... "


 The alleged black adolescent said:

      "I was so intimidated by her that I dared not even look at her!"


A real “Soul Brother” would say:

       "Man, I stared at dat white ho' so much, she be so nervous, she almos’ faint!"


 The alleged black adolescent said:

     "I can still feel the delicate yet firm grip..."


A real “Soul Brother” would say:

       “Squeeze harder,  Bitch!”


 The alleged black adolescent said:

       "preppy blonde girl... "


A real “Soul Brother” would say:

           "Snow... Look at dat snow... it’s a young white ho'."


 The alleged black adolescent said:


     "her lovely blonde hair tied in a nape across her slender neck."


A real “Soul Brother” would say:

       "What the hell’s a “Nape?”  “Is you tryin’ to say “Nappy?”


 The alleged black adolescent said:

       "There I was, a mere black kid..."


A real “Soul Brother” would say:

       "Kid? You callin’ me a damned goat?  Next thing, you be calling me a “boy,” and when you do, I’m gonna’ kick yo’ nasty faggot ass!”


 The alleged black adolescent said:

    "legs were crossed gracefully from underneath her light pink minkshirt..."  


A real “Soul Brother” would say to the damned faggot:


    “Damn! Say, fool!  Listen, you damn faggot!  There ain’t no damn “Pink Minks” on this planet with “Pink fur” to make dat light pink “minkshirt!”  Is you totally ate up with the dumbass?   Did you mean to say, “miniskirt” instead?  You must be takin’ some really bad shit!  You better quit dat befo’ that junk you be on  gets you so screwed up, you be too damb stupid to wipe yo’ nasty-assed self!”


The end of me humble rant:

    Thank you very much, Bro. John, I needed to rant against that blaspheming faggot, fraudulently trying to pass itself off as a nigger.  Thanks for the rant space. 


     Take care and stay in the battle: you are appreciated.



Bro. Jerry


P.S. Please excuse my bad language, but I strove to render a closer translation to the Original “Ebonics” in the Original Tongue.



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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