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1 - Norway, July 22nd, 2011 : Another Israhelli Job - Jonathan Azaziah
2 - Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake' - Paul Chapman
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4 - Cultivating violence : the Zionists and the US Islamophobes behind Norwegian killer Breivik - Lawrence Davidson
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18 - Yep, Right-Wingers Still Banning Books : Slaughterhouse-5 Booted from School for Being "Contrary to the Bible" - Rob Boston

19 - VIDEO : The Book of Enoch
20 - It’s Still Occupied Territory - Philip Giraldi
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25 - What Can We Do About The Great American Lie ? - Michael Lewis

26 - WikiLeaks Cables Show, US Strategy for Regime Change in Syria as Protesters are Massacred - Kevin Gosztola
27 - Rothschild behind China's purchase of foreign firms
28 - The China-Israel Connection
29 - Post-economic collapse emergency survival list: Food Storage Ideas & Misc
30 - Dead Russian Spy was israeli Double Agent
31 - Syria Update 9 Aug 2011
32 - Riposte Against Zionism : Go Tell It To The People - Dr. Alan Sabrosky

All articles are reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and are for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. The material presented underneath does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editor. Then : everybody should do research of his own and check for deception or some 'agenda'. As always it is : 'Caveat Lector'!

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And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort, and for Israel itself. You all have been discovered. Your treason, treachery and crimes are known. You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago.

Beware. We are coming for you.

At the World Zionist Congress in July, Max Mandelstam, makes the following statement,
“The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with the other nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope of World Empire.” (NB ; ''THEIR OWN JEWISH WORLD EMPIRE'')
President Theodore Roosevelt who died in 1919 is quoted in the March 27th edition of the New York Times with the following statement :
“These International bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these newspapers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.”


1 - Norway, July 22nd, 2011 : Another Israhelli Job

Jonathan Azaziah

The everyday murderous behavior of the world’s hegemonic powers, led by the exponentially powerful Zionist entity that has illegally occupied Palestine for 63 years, has split humanity right down the middle into two reactionary groups when a catastrophic event shakes the geopolitical sphere. The first group can be classified as “the sheep;” the oblivious, ignorant masses that believe anything and everything that the talking heads on the ‘fiction box’ known as the television tell them. “The sheep” believe that there is an international ‘Islamic’ terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda that is responsible for a great majority of the world’s terror attacks. The sheep are unaware that Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, it never has existed and it is nothing more than a creation of Zionist neo-conservative warmongers to be used as a psychological warfare tool by global intelligence agencies (1). This is because they are sheep.

The second group can be classified as the “awakened.” The awakened wholeheartedly and emphatically reject what they hear and see on the fiction box, as it is owned and run by Zionists with an agenda firmly rooted in brainwashing, and when they hear of any ‘game-changing’ geopolitical event, they pin the blame on one of the aforementioned global intelligence agencies, with Israel’s Mossad sitting atop the mountain and America’s CIA, Britain’s MI-6 and India’s RAW providing support cohesively or individually depending upon the region. The evidence excavated by the ‘awakened’ shows deadly accuracy in their ‘pinning.’ The ‘Arabs’ or ‘Muslims’ reported by the Zionist media as the perpetrators of such attacks, if they actually exist that is, are always patsies. Not sometimes, but always.

However, on July 22nd, 2011, the sheep and the awakened were taken by severe surprise when tragedy and horror struck the European nation of Norway. A man named Anders Behring Breivik, described by media outlets as a “right-wing Christian fundamentalist,” bombed the Norwegian Prime Minister’s office in the capital of Oslo and went on a shooting spree on Utøya Island that left at least 94 people dead, mostly teenagers (2). Was this man really responsible for such brutality, such carnage? Was the Zionist media telling the truth for once? Or was there something more to all of it? Something more, much more indeed. The evidence will show, that this “right-wing Christian fundamentalist” was simply the face of another Mossad false flag operation conducted under ‘lone gunman’ cover.
Was Breivik a legitimate lone gunman or an
asset in an intricate intelligence operation?
The Zionist media would like the public to believe that Anders Behring Breivik is a nut; a madman; a mentally disturbed ‘loner’ who simply lost it and carried out a heinous crime. 32 years old, no contact with his estranged father, immature with women, obsessed with the Dragon Age II video game and doped up on multiple doses of xenophobia (3), upon first glance, Breivik appears to be just that: a lunatic. But a first glance is never enough to truly solve a crime with implications that shake the foundations of the geopolitical establishment.

Upon a second glance, a third and several more, Breivik is a Freemason, initiated in the Saint Johannes Lodge in Oslo in 2008 (4), an extreme bigot with strong anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-immigrant sentiments, an avid Zionist who supports the genocidal Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman and his Yisrael Beitenu party and an endorser of racist, fascist and xenophobic Dutch Politician Geert Wilders (5). Wilders of course, is the tour-de-force behind the Netherlands’ shift towards solidarity with the Zionist entity and has infamously given his support to the violent, extremist Israeli settlers fully dedicated to ethnically cleansing every Palestinian from occupied Palestine (6). Breivik was ‘inspired’ by anti-Islamic Zionist ideologues like Daniel Pipes, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (7). The latter two are heavily funded by the Zionist power couple of Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, who have donated to the ADL and Zionist Organization of America for decades (8).

Seemingly, in 2007, Breivik took his inspiration to new heights by directly contacting the Chernick-funded Geller through an email which she later posted on her website, the Zionist hate festival known as ‘Atlas Shrugs.’ In the message, Breivik moaned and groaned of increasing Muslim immigration to Oslo and boasted of the Zionist entity launching a strike against ‘all of its enemies’ in the Middle East. Breivik also drew inspiration from David Horowitz, the screaming Zionist neoconservative who not only funds Robert Spencer’s abhorrent Jihad Watch, but an entire network of anti-Muslim/anti-Arab organizations, including magazines, publishing firms, NGOs and student groups. Horowitz has also gone on record to state that all “Palestinians are Nazis (9).” Breivik frequently posted on the boards of the blog, ‘,’ run by Zionist propagandist and xenophobe Hans Rustad (10).
The very frightening, very hateful, very Zionist,
very crazy Pamela Geller; object of Breivik's admiration
and asset of Israel's anti-Islam agenda.
And if that wasn’t enough, Breivik was also deeply connected to the utterly vile English Defence League (EDL), Britain’s leading far-right, xenophobic, fascist organization. Brevik had held meetings with senior EDL leaders and kept in contact with them via Zionist-owned social networking giant, Facebook (11). The EDL is allied with Zionist Pam Geller and also has strong links to America’s Tea Party movement (12), which is bankrolled in the millions by Zionist billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch and none other than Zionist mega-media mogul and war criminal, Rupert Murdoch (13).

All of these connections to Zionist hatemongers and extremists coupled with his own despicable views on Arabs, Muslims and immigrants, culminated in Breivik’s 1,467-page manifesto entitled, ‘2083: A European Declaration of Independence.’ In the manifesto, Breivik described a war of epic proportions (in vivid detail) that would be waged by a Freemasonic reincarnation of the Knights Templar against Europe’s Muslim population. Just prior to the Oslo attacks on July 22nd, Breivik emailed this document to thousands of people (14). It is now readily available for anyone to read on a plethora of websites and blogs across the Internet. But there is something violently wrong with Breivik’s manifesto: large sections of it are plagiarized from the writings of the man widely accused of being the ‘Unabomber;’ outright copy-and-pasted (15).

With all of Breivik’s links to the Zionist network of hasbara fellows and propagandists, the question begs to be asked: how much more of his manifesto was ‘plagiarized?’ Or was it completely composed by the aforesaid propagandists or like-similar elements then deposited online to reinforce the lone gunman narrative? Additionally, despite initially admitting that he was behind the assault on Oslo and Utøya Island, Breivik pleaded ‘not guilty’ in court on July 25th. While in court, he bragged that there were two more cells from the ‘Knights Templar’ network still at large, preparing to carrying out more attacks (16). This, by itself, is a strong indicator that Breivik was by no means alone in this slaughter of innocents. It is a strong indicator that Breivik is nothing more than the frontman of a larger operation, taking the fall for the team.
This bumper sticker says it all.
Never forget who fuel anti-Islamic fervor : the media.
Never forget who own the media : the Zionists.

Zionist Media Analysis I : Blame Islam, As Always

Prior to Anders Behring Breivik’s name hitting the airwaves, search engines and television sets across the globe, the Zionist media did what it normally does when there’s a terror attack: it blamed Islam and using its ever-expanding rolodex of buzz words including militants, terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists, jihadis, jihadists and Islamofascists, it attempted to convince the masses that this blame was rooted in fact. Well, as the usual case is, fact was nowhere near the Zionist media’s pathetic excuse for ‘reporting.’

‘Analysts and experts’ from around the globe, America to Britain, began stating that the Norway attack was the work of al-Qaeda after the first reports rolled in regarding the bombing of the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo. When the second stream of reports rolled in about the savage shooting on Utøya Island, the ‘analysts and experts’ compared the attack to the Mumbai massacre of 2008 (17). This was the last thing that they should’ve done as the 26/11 attack in Mumbai has been completely debunked as an ‘Islamist’ op and fully exposed as a joint false flag operation between Mossad and India’s RAW, carried out to achieve regional objectives against Iran and Pakistan and cover up Zionist-Hindutvadi crimes against humanity in occupied Kashmir (18). But still, even after Breivik’s identity was exposed, the ‘experts’ and the media outlets that gave them a platform persisted.

Zionist-run British media in particular did everything in its power to direct the world’s attention from Breivik’s blatant connections to the Zionist entity and Freemasonry, instead choosing to blame the attacks on ‘Islamism’ and Nazism {one of Israel’s favorite and most effective propaganda tools} (19). The most prominent ‘expert’ quoted during the Norway horror and the man who planted the ‘jihadist’ seed in the minds of the planet’s populace was US State Department Advisor and Center For Naval Analyses (CNA) agent Will McCants. McCants absurdly claimed that he received his information from the most ‘elite jihadi forum in the world.’ The Zionist-owned, Zionist-run New York Times ran McCants’ disgraceful story as fact and the hasbara mouthpieces commonly known as BBC, the Guardian and the Washington Post followed suit, even after McCants retracted his lie (20).
In reality, the Zionist-engineered 'war on terror' is a
bloody, bloody war on Islam.

The CNA is a federally-funded propaganda outlet that provides intelligence, research, data and other services to ‘help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of US national defense efforts (21).’ In other words, as evidenced by McCants’ skullduggery, the CNA concocts fabrications and handfeeds them to the US government to execute the Zionist War On Terror, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocents, with maximum efficiency. CNA’s ‘leadership’ is comprised of nothing but lifers of the US intelligence establishment and its President and CEO, Robert J. Murray, is an ardent Zionist who participated in the treacherous Camp David negotiations (22), which resulted in Egypt getting back the Israeli-occupied Sinai in exchange for being economically enslaved to Zionism forever.

Not only has the Zionist media exhaustively worked to deflect Breivik’s adherence to Zionism and Freemasonry from the public eye via anti-Muslim, anti-Arab hate-rhetoric, but it has also exhaustively worked to maintain the ‘lone gunman’ theory. The evidence to counter this theory however, is far too overwhelming and damning to ignore.
The Zionist media has done everything
in its power to conceal Breivik's connections
to Zionism, Freemasonry and a greater
intelligence agenda.
Zionist Media Analysis II: The Unreported and The Downplayed

“So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists and multiculturalists (23).” ~ Anders Behring Breivik.

This quote, from Breivik’s startling manifesto, has been completely repressed by the Zionist media. It’s no surprise why. This single declaration not only shows that Breivik is a militant Zionist, but one who is ready to shed blood for the usurping entity's ‘crusade against Muslims.’ Sick doesn’t begin to describe it. This critical revelation will be revisited in just a moment.

As was the case with the attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. on September 11th, 2001, when multiple war games and terror drills were being conducted as Mossad’s false flag operation commenced (24), and the attacks against Britain on July 7th, 2005, when a terror drill involving mock bombings were being conducted just hours before another Mossad false flag operation unfolded (25), Norway also had its own pre-false-flag-op terror drill. 48 hours before carnage struck Oslo and Utøya Island, Oslo police staged a dramatic sham terror attack with bombs and firearms near the Oslo Opera House (26). Alone, this piece of information shatters the already fragile mainstream narrative; it displays foreknowledge. Someone knew that this was coming and nothing was done to stop it. Why? And who knew?

The manner in which the unsuspecting innocents on Utøya Island were massacred was yelling at the top its lungs, “there is more than one shooter! There is more than one shooter!” And indeed there was. Multiple eyewitnesses confirm that at least two shooters were on the island, as bullets spilled blood from two different directions at the exact same time. The second shooter was described as ‘Nordic in appearance, tall, dark hair.’ The brutality of Breivik and this other gunman was also described. Eyewitnesses confirm that Breivik and his accomplice made sure whoever was shot, was shot dead, including a young boy who was already dying on the ground as the second shooter fired into him again to solidify the kill (27). Animalistic. And where were the police? Where were the ‘anti-terror’ units? SWAT? Anyone? Why did it take 90 minutes before any law enforcement showed up and why was access to their helicopters blocked (28)?

In fact, why did this bloodshed even occur? Why wasn’t Breivik taken into custody back in March when he was put on a Norwegian Secret Service watchlist for purchasing massive amounts of fertilizer (29)? How was a man on an intelligence watchlist able to acquire such high-powered weaponry? And lastly, how did Norwegian police know Anders Behring Breivik’s name before they even arrived on Utøya Island and obtained visual identification of the suspect (30)?
In Norway, a very real Zionist-Masonic conspiracy
exploded on July 22nd, murdering more than 94
The answers to all of the aforementioned questions emanate from a single point; a single point that is chilling, malevolent and shocking. It lies within the first question: Who knew? The answer: Anders Behring Breivik’s initiated friends in the Oslo police department and Norwegian security services; fellow Freemasons, sworn to secrecy through the blood oath of the order and who work for the betterment of any Masonic brother in need. Revealing secrets of the order is punishable by death. Norway’s security establishment in particular has been controlled by Freemasonry since at least 1957. But Breivik is no mere Freemason. No, Breivik is part of a Masonic terror organization that is closely allied with the Zionist entity (31). It is essential to note, that Freemasonry would not exist without the Jewish mystical practice known as ‘Kabbalah (32),’ an esoteric set of teachings rooted in devil worship and anti-Gentile xenophobia (33).

And still, the plot thickens. Breivik honed his skills, perfected his tactics and learned how to develop bombs in pine forest ‘training camps’ with a ‘neo-Nazi’ group known as The Vikings (34). Intelligence sources from Pakistan and Norway have revealed to Mask of Zion that The Vikings are the farthest thing from neo-Nazis and have sinisterly used the label as a front. The Vikings are a proxy of the Zionist entity’s Mossad, and have served as the European branch of Israel’s Dragon Policy operation since 2001. Weapons, funds to build camps and set up cells and high-level paramilitary training have been provided to The Vikings by a Mossad team stationed in Oslo. Mossad’s movement between camps and headquarters was/is protected by its Freemasonic allies in Norway’s terribly corrupted security establishment. The Vikings are part of a 10-year operational ‘standby’ plan to balkanize any European nation that is not prepared to adhere to the Zionist regime’s ‘Greater Israel’ vision. Several cells have been set up throughout Europe with ‘sleeping orders,’ awaiting activation. Norway was the first target and the operations base.

This intelligence is confirmed by Zionist asset and Breivik object of admiration Daniel Pipes, who just so happens to foresee Europe entering a state of “protracted civil conflict” in a matter of a few short years (35). Just two days after the Norway attacks, Zionist Defense Minister and war criminal Ehud Barak stated that “Israel must exert all efforts” in stopping UN recognition of a Palestinian state (bantustan) in September. He specifically mentioned Europe as Zionism’s main target in this mobilization (36). Terrorism has always been an Israeli speciality; was Barak referring to ‘exerting’ terrorism to ensure his objectives result in success? The Dragon Policy is one of Israel’s most successful and most murderous operations and Pakistan bears the scars. Mossad has collaborated with RAW in using the fake ‘Tehrik-I-Taliban’ to plunge the Islamic nation into chaos via car bombings and shootings en masse (37). The Zionist entity’s Dragon Policy has successfully struck Europe; Norway now bears the scars too.
Mossad's tentacles hit many corners
of the globe in preparation for
the Norway operation.
Tentacles of Mossad Further Exposed

The Anders Behring Breivik affair is not the first time the Israeli mass murder apparatus known as Mossad has meddled in Norway. On July 21, 1973, in the Norwegian resort town of Lillehammer, a Mossad hit squad shot dead a Moroccan waiter named Ahmed Bouchikhi in front of his pregnant wife. In a miserable, disgraced operation, the agents mistook Bouchikhi for Hassan Salameh, a PLO intelligence chief and premier Mossad target. The Norwegian government slammed the heinous crime as a serious violation of its sovereignty and despite the Zionist entity attempting to cover up its murderous behavior by paying blood money to Bouchikhi’s grieving family, Norway remained infuriated. The Nordic nation reopened the case in 1990 and tried for a decade to get a conviction before abandoning the case in disgust in 2000 (38). The ‘Lillehammer Affair’ was led by Mossad veteran Mike Harari, infamous for dealing $500 million worth of (Israeli) arms across Latin America and his role as advisor (read: handler) to US-Israeli intelligence asset and Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega (39).

As confirmed by Norwegian police, the bomb used by Breivik in downtown Oslo at the Prime Minister’s office was in fact a car bomb (40). The car bomb is Mossad’s signature weapon. It has used this device in thousands of operations across occupied Iraq, in mosques of various sects, churches, homes, businesses and government buildings. Mossad has used the car bomb to effectively transform Iraq into an apocalyptic wasteland. It also used the car bomb for the operation at al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria, Egypt and as mentioned in the previous section, in collaboration with India’s RAW, the car bomb has been Mossad’s weapon of choice in ravaging Pakistan (41). Even the materials used in Breivik’s bomb bear the signature of Mossad; the bomb was comprised of fertilizer and fuel, exactly like the bomb used in the Oklahoma City false flag attack on April 19th, 1995 (42). Unbeknownst to most, the Oklahoma City false flag attack was a Mossad operation, planned and executed by Zionist agents out of Elohim City, Oklahoma (43).

In the aftermath of the devastating bloodshed, The Jerusalem Post, the militant right-wing Israeli newspaper and widely-known mouthpiece of the Tel Aviv regime, composed an editorial on July 24th shockingly telling Norway to look at the attack as “an opportunity to seriously reevaluate policies for immigration integration (44).” The immigrants that the Zionist writers are speaking of are Muslims of course. This was no mere editorial, it was a reinforcement of the threat made against Norway with the attacks.
Evan Kohlmann: Zionist propagandist
and anti-Muslim bigot.
Another one of the “experts” that incessantly rambled about Muslims being behind the Norway terror was Zionist Evan Kohlmann, protégé of neo-con giant, anti-Muslim xenophobe and staunch defender of Israel, Steve Emerson. One of Kohlmann’s closest colleagues is none other than Israeli Zionist and founder of SITE Intelligence Group, Rita Katz (45). Katz worked with Kohlmann on numerous projects and set up her organization with Kohlmann’s school friend and fellow Zionist, Josh Devon (46). Katz, a former Zionist occupation soldier and daughter of an Israeli spy, erected SITE as a front for Mossad psychological warfare operations in the Zionist-designed global ‘war on terror (47).’

In the modern era, no geopolitical analysis would be complete without the mentioning of the world’s ‘finest whistleblower,’ Wikileaks. Anders Behring Breivik stated that he had been planning his attack since 2009 and by some mystical, odd, magical coincidence, Wikileaks released ‘cables’ from 2009 on the exact same day of Breivik’s rampage that Norway was “in over its head” in regards to a terror attack, going further to state that Norway “felt immune to terrorism” and was “unprepared (48).” When it is taken into consideration that Julian Assange is an agent of the Rothschild family, the Zionist entity’s godfathers, and the Wikileaks organization is a Mossad-CIA ‘limited hangout operation’ designed to control dissent in a re-branding of COINTELPRO and attack ‘hostile’ nations with psychological warfare (49), it can easily be deducted that the release of these ‘cables’ was the usurping Israeli regime’s way of gloating as Norway coped with the tragedy.

It is now known that Anders Behring Breivik traveled to the Zionist entity several times before the July 22nd operation (50). What isn’t known is what Breivik’s reasons were for traveling to Zionist-governed historic Palestine, but based on the evidence presented in the previous section, it is of the strongest likelihood that Breivik made pilgrimage to the occupied holy land to receive additional orders from his Tel Aviv paymasters. The target of Breivik and his accomplice in Oslo was Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Breivik has now admitted that his target on Utøya Island was former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, commonly referred to as the ‘the mother of the nation (51).’ These were assassination attempts and they overtly wreak of Mossad involvement. But why didn’t Kidon, Mossad’s high-level assassination unit, pull the trigger directly? And furthermore, why didn’t Israel use its typical ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ patsies for the operation?
Anders Behring Breivik: A shabbez goy, helping
out his "Jewish friends" when their 'religious duties'
prevent them from killing innocents themselves.
The answers are relatively simple. July 22nd, 2011 was a Friday. An ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ carrying out a terror attack when he should be in the masjid (mosque) performing Salat al-Jumu’ah (mandatory Friday prayers) doesn’t make much sense, now does it? Every operation that the Zionist entity carries out has a psychological warfare aspect to it. By unveiling its European Dragon Policy operatives, Tel Aviv was sending an intimidating message to the governments of Europe: ‘fall in line or you will be struck; any place, any time, by people that look just like you.’ Friday also represents the start of the Jewish Sabbath, taking Mossad’s Kidon unit (reportedly comprised entirely of religious Jews) out of the picture. Enter Breivik, who played his role as ‘shabbos goy’ to the letter. ‘Shabbos goy,’ is a Yiddish phrase that simply means a gentile who provides assistance to Jews during the Sabbath. But in the modern sense, in the fields of intelligence and war, a ‘shabbos goy’ is a gentile who would literally (and willingly) kill for the Zionist state (52).

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran's Armed Forces, Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, has gone on the record to state with no hesitation that Tel Aviv was behind the Norway atrocities. Major General Firouzabadi hit the nail on the head when he said that the Zionist regime is attempting to create divisions and deviations within Christianity and subsequently convince the world that ‘Christian’ Zionism is the real face of the Christian religion (53). Taking it a step further, the 7/22 false flag was meant to sow discord between Europe’s Christian and Muslim populations, which enjoy brotherly relations. Hopefully, both groups will see through the Zionist media lies and avoid the trap.
Norway consistently found itself on the
side of the Palestinian people, much to the ire
of the Zionist entity.
The Motives : Norwegian-Israeli Tension Across The Board

Despite the fact that the Norwegian government recognizes the illegitimate and criminal existence of the Zionist entity and has actively participated in the (Israeli-led) international conspiracy against Syria by slapping the Arab nation with sanctions (54), relations between Tel Aviv and Oslo have been anything but friendly. Assumably attained by Mossad, Israel has at least 169 articles on file that it considers “anti-Semitic” regarding Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Zionist regime has launched a full-scale hasbara assault against the Norwegian government to discredit these foreign policy positions (55). Israeli-Norwegian tension has been at an all-time high since the Zionist regime’s genocidal bombing of illegally besieged Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. During the bombardment, a prominent Norwegian physician named Dr. Mads Gilbert performed invaluable humanitarian work and documented Israel’s crimes against humanity in detail (56).

Two months after Israel’s cold, calculated and murderous campaign of destruction in Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister and object of Brevik’s admiration Avigdor Lieberman called for an ‘overall reassessment’ of the usurping Zionist entity’s relationship with Norway and demanded that the Norwegian state’s human rights observers in occupied al-Khalil (Hebron), placed there after psychotic Zionist mass murderer Baruch Goldstein brutally massacred 29 Palestinian men and children as they prayed on February 25, 1994, be thrown out (57). And so began the downward spiral. Shortly thereafter, heeding the call of the Palestinian Stop The Wall Campaign, Norway’s State Pension Fund completed its divestment from Israeli military contractor, Elbit Systems, a producer of death machines for the illegal entity and well-known occupation profiteer. Thanks to Norway’s decision, Danwatch, a top Danish financial watchdog, placed Elbit Systems on its blacklist and then the largest bank in Denmark replicated the motion (58).

Norway’s next divestment was an even bigger statement, sending shockwaves through the upper echelons of Zionist financial circles. In August 2010, Norway’s Finance Ministry dumped the shares it had in the Zionist firms Africa Israel and Danya Cebus, both of which were heavily involved in illegal settlement construction in the occupied West Bank and occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem). Both of which are also owned by Israeli multi-billionaire Lev Leviev (59), a morally destitute blood diamond dealer who is intimately linked with the powerful Russian Jewish mafia and who has dedicated his life to the Zionist project, spending tens of millions to “judaize” all of criminally occupied Palestine (60).

In 2011, Norway’s opposition to several objectives of international Zionism ascended its position in Tel Aviv from ‘annoying’ to ‘despised.’ On March 29th, Norwegian Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen’s Socialist Left Party released a proposal that was nothing short of earth-shattering: Halvorsen and her constituents called for military action against the Zionist entity if it attacked Hamas and the defenseless, starving, civilian population of illegally besieged Gaza (61). On June 27th, a humanitarian aid ship called the “Juliano,” for slain Palestinian-Jewish activist and director Juliano Mer-Khamis, was sabotaged in Greece. The ship was jointly owned by solidarity groups from Greece, Sweden and yes, Norway (62). Only a few days after the potentially life-threatening sabotage, former IOF chief of staff, war criminal and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon admitted with sickening braggadocio that IOF carried out the sabotage operation (63).

The documentary “Tears of Gaza,” a powerful piece of film-making that walks the viewer through the ungodly devastation that the Zionist entity inflicted upon the coastal enclave during Operation Cast Lead and indicts it for crimes against humanity, was put together by Norwegian director and actress Vibeke Løkkeberg. It exposes Israel for the barbaric, soulless entity that it is through the eyes and words of the children it unleashed hell upon. Løkkeberg has come under heavy fire from various Zionists for the film (64). Just four days before the Mossad operation of July 22nd rocked Norway, the Norwegian Foreign Minister offered his support for the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state that is expected to come at the UN in September (65). While ultimately, this is what the Zionist entity wants, for such a declaration would legitimize 63 years of ethnic cleansing and land theft since the criminal establishment of the usurping regime, it was expecting its European allies to go along with the charade in public. Norway didn’t play ball.
Utøya Island before the Zionist-designed carnage;
teenage activists show solidarity with Palestine
and call for the boycott of Israel.
Just two days before the murder of at least 94 innocents between the attacks on Oslo and Utøya Island, the leader of the Labor Party Youth Movement (AUF), Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper and showed no cowardice by stating what he believed be the proper measures in combating the Zionist regime’s desecration of human rights, occupation and oppression in Palestine, “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expects Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side. We are tired of Israel’s behavior, quite simply.” As Breivik and his fellow operative made their way onto Utøya Island, the teenage Labor Youth activists were chanting for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel (66).

Norway’s acts of divestment, harsh rhetoric, righteous solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and exposés of Zionism’s crimes obviously and most certainly play a part in why the atrocities of July 22nd took place, but nothing infuriated the Zionist Power Configuration quite like the Norwegian decision to stop partaking in the hostilities against Libya. Back in May, Prime Minister Stoltenberg told reporters that the carnage in Libya required a political solution and his government then pledged to scale down its participation in the bloodthirsty bombing campaign before rounding out its ‘commitment’ on June 24th (67). Now, Norway has officially bowed out of the illegal aggression against Muammar Qaddafi and the people of Libya (68).

Though it isn’t talked about enough, the ongoing demolition of the Libyan nation was 100% designed, instigated and carried out by Israel and its agents, using NATO as the ‘strongman’ to maliciously assault Qaddafi for his multiple ‘acts of war’ against the usurping regime and for the purpose of satisfying Israeli energy needs (69). And with the CIA-backed, Israeli-advised rebels becoming a more formidable international force, they are now ready to allow the Zionist regime occupying al-Quds to construct a military base in eastern Cyrenaica on a 30-year lease (70). Norway could no longer tow the Zionist line and go along with this plot. Israel made Norway pay.
The Norway terror attacks were carried out
65 years to the day that a Zionist militia
bombed the King David Hotel in al-Quds.
Conclusion : A Bloody Anniversary and More Media Coverups

While many will dismiss the idea of a Zionist-Masonic alliance as laughable, delusional or the all-time favorite, “conspiracy theory,” there is an undeniable link that exists between the Talmudic enclave built upon ethnically cleansed Palestinian land and the satanic secret society that has had a prominent, clandestine hand in world events for centuries. One needs to look no further than the buildings and lodges donated to the Zionist entity by its founders, the international banking giants and originators, the Rothschild family, who are rumored to “own” 80% of historic Palestine. Literally, Freemasonry is written all over each massive structure. The reason why this connection needs to be discussed is painfully significant. The Zionist regime is exceedingly precise in carrying out its intelligence operations of death and destruction on anniversaries, on Jewish holidays or on days with deeper, “spiritual” meaning in the Kabbalist-Masonic context of “sacred geometry.”

Examples: Mossad’s false flag attack on September 11th, 2001; in Kabbalistic teaching, the numbers (9/11) represent the day in which the religion of the world becomes one of which that requires its followers to disbelieve in ‘God’ on earth and believe that all life on earth should be annihilated (71). Leading 9/11 researcher, journalist, writer, professor and scholar Kevin Barrett described the September 11th attacks as “a mass human sacrifice designed to ritually inaugurate a New World Order of global government by Satanists and atheists (72).” It is also 11 years to the day that George Bush’s father called for such a ‘New World Order.’ Next, one of Mossad’s false flag attacks in Mumbai and the infamous train bombings in Madrid; the events of both attacks were overwrought with Kabbalistic numerology, the destructive number 11 in particular (73). Also, the criminal, genocidal, Zionist invasions of Iraq and Libya; both nations were invaded on the twisted Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, in which the blood of the Amalekites (in this case, Arabs) must be spilled for the ‘Jewish people’ to rejoice in victory (74).

And now: the 7/22 (‘oddly enough,’ the sum of the numbers is Kabbalistic 11) atrocities in Norway; 65 years to the day that terrorism in the Middle East was born, when the deranged and mass murdering Irgun militia, led by future Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, bombed the King David Hotel in al-Quds, killing at least 92 people. This sanguinary operation paved the way for the Zionist entity to be established. It is an event that is celebrated to this day by Zionists, including the butcher of Gaza himself and current leader of the occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu (75). How did Israelis, the thieves of Palestine, react to the 7/22 terror attacks in Norway? Taking historical precedent, they celebrated. The Israeli daily Ynet called the murdered teenagers of Utøya Island “anti-Israeli hatemongers (76).” The Jerusalem Post called the Utøya Island activists murdered by Breivik attendees of a “pro-terrorist camp (77).” Israelis across the web hit the message boards to bash Norway’s martyrs and state repeatedly that they “got what they deserved” and cheer gleefully that the enemies of the Zionist entity had been killed (78). Appalling.
Libya's Great Manmade River ; perniciously bombed by the NATO international terror outfit
The very day of the Norway terror attacks, there was another monstrous event that occurred in the Eastern hemisphere, but this event was not reported by any Zionist media outlet and it still hasn’t been reported. One week prior to July 22nd, 2011, NATO bombed the largest irrigation system on the planet, the Great Manmade River of Libya, which miraculously carts water from the Sahara Desert to millions of Libyans from the west to the south, from Benghazi to the capital city of Tripoli. On July 22nd, 2011, NATO bombed the only factory in Libya that produced the pipes to repair the damage, in a deliberate, heartless act of terrorism that is as blatant as blatant can be. Millions of Libyans are now at risk of dying of water deprivation because of this act of reprehensible, evil barbarity (79). Was Anders Behring Breivik’s operation carried out on this specific day to mask the beginning of the end of the Libya, another nation of Amalekites, as the Zionist criminal network plunges it into an Iraq-like descent? NATO has no intention of stopping its terror. On July 31st, NATO helicopters slaughtered 160 Libyan tribesmen and reportedly buried them in a mass grave (80). This was also not covered by the Zionist mainstream media.

Meanwhile in occupied Afghanistan, hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, have been killed by NATO machine guns, brutal air raids, helicopter assaults and Mossad-RAW car bombs every day for three weeks straight and excluding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s English-language Press TV, it has not been talked about anywhere. At all. Children being slaughtered like animals at the hands of men in possession of war machines and they are ignored as if they carpet in a cheap apartment. This Zionist-instigated criminal occupation, which has claimed millions of Afghan lives and destroyed millions of others, has become forgotten completely by the mainstream press and abysmally covered by the alternative press.

"Liberation," Defined By NATO :
Afghan children slaughtered ruthlessly by the Zionist-fueled, US-led coalition of murderers
This is the hideousness that lies at the very heart of the Oslo-Utøya Island killings; tragedy and travesty of humanity they most definitely are, but they are only a drop in the bucket compared to what happens every single day in occupied Palestine, occupied Iraq, occupied Afghanistan, occupied Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, occupied Kashmir and now, Libya. Breivik, under the influence of his warped Zionist ideology, does not even consider the martyred innocents of these oppressed nations as human beings, but necessary casualties in the ‘crusade’ against Islam. What is most frightening of all is not that a Zionist-Masonic terror network exists within Europe, operating at Israel’s beckoned call, but what Breivik (and his accomplice{s}) could potentially inspire or already have inspired. Across Europe, an alliance exists between far-right-wing, anti-Islamic parties and the Zionist entity, its extremist settlers and its hardline parties (81). The danger in this is grave, as these parties command the influence of millions of sheepish, ignorant Europeans. Whether these parties know it or not, they have created millions of foot soldiers to fight in the Zionist war against Islam.

There is an echo in this danger; and once again, the echo is Freemasonic. In a letter dated August 15th, 1871, the highest-ranking Freemason in North America, General Albert Pike wrote to the highest-ranking Freemason in Europe and founder of the Italian mafia, Giuseppe Mazzini, mapping the plans for three world wars that would trigger the ‘New World Order.’ The last of which would be fought between Islam and political Zionism, destroying both and making way for a satanic one world religion that would be universally accepted as ‘savior’ by the world’s masses (82); a religion of consumerism, self-worship, capitalism, bigotry and the worst forms of depravity known to man; a religion that already exists. This plot is unfolding right before the very eyes of the world but the inability to see is of such severity, the plot grows stronger with each passing moment.

Political Zionism as we know it today encompasses a vast network of lunatics, hatemongers, warmongers and zealots but none are as noteworthy (or as mentally disturbed) as the Christian Zionists who have taken the Zionist entity itself as their idol-god. The reference in Albert Pike’s letter to political Zionism was of Christian Zionism, the final, transmuted, dilapidated form of Christianity after centuries of Jewish-Zionist weakening, put on the altar to be sacrificed along with Islam, annihilating all “goyim” once and for all.
Muslim-Christian Unity : the anti-venom feared deeply by the Zionist serpent
Battle lines have been drawn, a war has been initiated and Islam is the target. The Anders Behring Breivik network’s attacks on Norway were a wake-up for not only the millions of Muslims in the West, but the billions of Muslims, Christians and like-minded spiritual thinkers who focus on the fight for the oppressed worldwide. There are forces at work attempting to pit these two great faiths and their allies against each other and the money trail behind these forces leads back to Tel Aviv, the City of London and the Zionist-occupied territory commonly labeled as “Capital Hill.” The Zionist media’s nonstop flow of anti-Islam sewage is a disease; the cure is not only faith in what the ‘believers’ call ‘God’ and the ‘nonbelievers’ call ‘the greater good,’ but faith in each other to triumph over these Zionist monsters and take back the beautiful world that we have been given. It is a triumph that is attainable, no matter how hard ‘t.h.e.y.’ try to convince us that it isn’t.

~ The End ~


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2 - Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake'

The Israeli secret service Mossad has been accused of conducting an intelligence-gathering operation in New Zealand which was unearthed because of February's Christchurch earthquake.

By Paul Chapman in Wellington
10:23AM BST 20 Jul 2011
The operation was interrupted when a van used by a spy cell was crushed by masonry falling from a damaged building, killing one man, it is claimed.
Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, the Israeli man who died in the damaged van, was found to have five passports on his person, the Southland Times newspaper reported.
Three surviving Israelis who were in the van with Mr Mizrahi fled New Zealand within 12 hours, making their way back to Israel.
They reportedly paused only to take photographs of the crushed van and return the dead man’s Israeli passport to officials from their embassy.
The Southland Times also said the police national computer was being audited because of concerns it had been hacked into.
There were fears that other Israeli operatives, in the city after the February 22 quake which killed 181 people, could have embedded malicious software to access intelligence information.
John Key, the New Zealand prime minister, on Thursday confirmed that the government’s Security Intelligence Service had carried out an investigation but he dismissed the concerns.
Speaking during a visit to the United States, Mr Key said the unusual circumstances of the incident were fully investigated and no evidence was found that the people involved were anything other than backpackers.
He said his advice was that the man had only two passports, one of European origin which was found on his body, and the other which his friends had handed in to Israeli officials.
Mr Key said the government took the security of New Zealand and New Zealanders “very seriously”.
“The unusual circumstances which triggered the investigation was the rapid departure from the country of the three surviving members of the group of Israelis in question,” he said.
“Security agencies conducted the investigation and found no evidence that the people were anything other than backpackers,” Mr Key said.
In all, three Israelis died in the magnitude 6.3 earthquake.
Security experts suggested agents for Mossad may have been on an identity theft “trawling” mission for information, so that the passports of unwitting citizens could be cloned.
The false passports would then be used as cover during espionage activities in other parts of the world by Israeli secret agents.
Fred Tulett, editor of the Southland Times, said an “extraordinary” reaction by the Israeli government in the hours after the earthquake had heightened the suspicions of New Zealand’s Security Intelligence Service.
They included the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, made four calls to John Key, his New Zealand counterpart, on the day of the earthquake.
Shemi Tzur, Israel’s ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, travelled from his base in Australia to Christchurch, where he visited the temporary morgue set up to cope with earthquake victims.
Meanwhile, Israel’s defence chief also flew to the earthquake-ravaged city.
In a further move, a search and rescue team arrived in Christchurch from Israel, but the squad’s offer of help was rejected by New Zealand authorities because it did not have the necessary United Nations accreditation.
Despite that rejection, members of the Israeli team were confronted by armed New Zealand officers after being discovered in the badly damaged sealed off “red zone” of the city centre, the Southland Times said.
The Israeli government later sent a forensic team to help authorities identify the dead.
The paper said New Zealand officials became alarmed when intelligence information was collated and it was realised that the Israeli forensic team had been given access to the police national database to help with identification work.
The paper quoted an unnamed intelligence officer as saying it would take only moments for a USB drive to be inserted into a police computer terminal and loaded with a program allowing remote backdoor access to the database.
A police spokesman later said: “We are confident that our data and network were not compromised during the Christchurch Earthquake response or subsequently.”
Mr Tzur, the Israeli ambassador, said it was “science fiction” to believe that any Mossad agents had been involved.

3 - “Could Arab (Palestinian) staying power ultimately defeat Zionism?”

horizontal rule

Alan Hart

9 August 2011

Alan Hart considers the scenarios which could result from the Palestinian steadfastness that has confounded Zionist and Arab regime hopes that the Palestine file would close after the dispossession of Palestinians in 1948, and argues that the world should be prepared for an Israeli false flag operation designed to create the pretext for a “final solution” to the Palestinian question.

That was the headline over a recent post by David Hearst for the Guardian’s ”Comment Is Free” space. It began:
There is an Arabic word you come across a lot when Palestinians talk about their future. Sumud means steadfastness, and it has turned into a strategy: when the imbalance of power is so pronounced, the most important thing to do is to stay put. Staying put against overwhelming odds is regarded as a victory.
Hearst didn’t offer any substantial explanation of why Palestinian steadfastness is a victory, so I will.
“Behind closed doors, and despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the Arab regimes shared the same hope as Zionism and the major powers – that the Palestine file would never be reopened.”
When the Palestine file was closed by Israel’s victory on the battlefield in 1948, it was not supposed to have been reopened. There was not supposed to have been a regeneration of Palestinian nationalism. The Palestinians were supposed to accept their lot as the sacrificial lamb on the altar of political expediency.

And the whole truth includes this fact. Behind closed doors, and despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the Arab regimes shared the same hope as Zionism and the major powers – that the Palestine file would never be reopened. They knew that if it was, there would one day have to be a confrontation with Israel and its big power supporters, the US in particular, and they didn’t want that.

They, the Arab regimes, also feared that a Palestinian state, if it was ever established, would be more or less democratic and provide a model of government which all Arabs would want. Palestinian nationalism was therefore perceived by Arab autocrats as a potentially subversive force. (It’s because my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews tells these and related truths that it can’t be published in the Arab world. The regimes of an impotent, corrupt and repressive Arab “order” were and still are every bit as determined as Zionism to suppress the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became the Zionist, not Jewish, state of Israel.)

For their part, Israel’s leaders were aware that if they failed to keep the Palestine file closed, a regeneration of Palestinian nationalism would cause the legitimacy of Zionism’s colonial-like enterprise (not to mention its crimes, only starting with the first ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians) to be called into question.

After its occupation in 1967 of the West Bank including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, Israel’s leaders became more and more aware that Palestinian sumud is a very powerful weapon. (Actually, it’s the only weapon the Palestinians had and have.) In essence, Israel’s strategy for dealing with it was, and still is, humiliating the occupied Palestinians and making life hell for them, in the hope that they will give up their struggle for an acceptable amount of justice and accept crumbs from Zionism’s table or, better still, abandon their homeland and seek a new life elsewhere.
“Israel’s leaders were aware that if they failed to keep the Palestine file closed, a regeneration of Palestinian nationalism would cause the legitimacy of Zionism’s colonial-like enterprise ... to be called into question.”
To date Palestinian sumud has proved to be stronger than Zionism’s ability to destroy it but... Does it necessarily follow that at some point in the future it will defeat Zionism? It depends on the answer to another question. How will the demographic time-bomb created by Israeli occupation be defused?

In theory there are three possibilities:
1. Israel ends its occupation completely (subject to minor and mutually agreed border modifications) to make the space for a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem an open, undivided city and the capital of two states. In this scenario provision would have to be made for appropriate compensation to be paid to those Palestinian refugees wishing to return but for whom there was no the space in the Palestinian mini-state. In reality, this won’t happen because Zionism was and remains a project for taking for keeps the maximum amount of land with the minimum number of Arabs on it. Also true is that Zionist colonization of the West Bank has gone much too far to be reversed without a Jewish civil war; and as Shimon Peres once said to me (quoted in my book), no Israeli prime minister is going down in history as the one who triggered it.
2. As the Zionist state becomes more and more isolated in the world, enough Israelis come to their senses and demand that their government goes for the one-state solution in order to best protect their own interests. One of my Jewish friends said it could be called Palestein! If it happened this would be the end of Zionism and complete victory for Palestinian steadfastness. (My own take on the one-state solution is well known but bears repeating. The Jews, generally speaking, are the intellectual elite of the Western world. The Palestinians are by far the intellectual elite of the Arab world. Together in peace and partnership in one state with equal human and political rights for all, they could play the leading role in changing the region for the better and by doing so give new hope and inspiration to the whole world.)
3. Three Zionism’s in-Israel leaders create a pretext (possibly involving Mossad agents dressed as Arabs planting bombs) to go for a final round of ethnic cleansing – to drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and into Jordan or wherever.
It’s because I believe a Zionist Final Solution (as in 3 above) is a real possibility in a foreseeable future that I think a way should be found for the major powers, led by America, to put Israel on public notice that if it did resort to a final round of ethnic cleansing, it would be universally condemned as a criminal state and subjected to sanctions of every kind, universally applied.

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4 - Cultivating violence : the Zionists and the US Islamophobes behind Norwegian killer Breivik
9 August 2011
By Lawrence Davidson
Lawrence Davidson views the Israelis and Americans responsible for cultivating the environment in which Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik thrived and found encouragement.
Israel and its "right-wing Zionists"
By now the world is aware that, despite the ardent wishful thinking of the Western media, the terrorism that struck Oslo on 22 July 2011 was not perpetrated by a Muslim individual or organization. It was done by a local Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik. The object of his terror was the Norwegian government and its cultural and foreign policies. The government’s sins seem to have been being too much in favour of multiculturalism, too little opposed to Muslims and, not being an ally of Israel.
Breivik is at the violent end of a continuum of fear and loathing of those who are culturally and/or religiously different. In this case, Muslim immigrants in Europe. Like millions of others along this anti-Other continuum, he is angry that people different from himself are showing up in his neighbourhood. It probably never occurred to him that given one or two generations most of these outsiders would be brought to share the culture and outlook of their adopted lands. Breivik did not have the patience for such a process of assimilation. What he did have was a) the will to carry out violence against innocent people, b) the belief that such violence would spark an anti-Muslim turn in Norwegian politics and c) a sense that he had allies around the world who would applaud his action. Only b was fantasy.

Anders Behring Breivik had written down a manifesto which runs to some 1,500 pages. In this message he identified those who he saw as his allies. He had not, of course, consulted them on this status but he really did not have to. They had been fighting in his chosen cause for a long time and he admired them for their effort. He strongly identified with their worldview and he took encouragement from the general atmosphere of a "clash of civilizations" that they had created. Some had fought for the cause with violence, some had not. But he knew that they were all on the same side.
“Breivik the terrorist concludes: ‘let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marixts/multiculturists.’ The man had found an ideological home.”
Israel’s Jerusalem Post has looked into this side of Breivik’s manifesto. The paper notes that it "mentions Israel 359 times and Jews 324 times". Not all of these are positive. Breivik does not like Jews of left-wing, multiculturist leanings. Overall, theJerusalem Post describes the manifesto as "an extreme, bizarre and rambling screed of Islamophobia, far-right Zionism and venomous attacks on Marxism and multiculturalism". Considering the fact that "far-right Zionism" has governed Israel for decades and also characterizes the behaviour of most American Zionist organizations, Breivik identification with them is, as we will see, more logical than bizarre. Breivik the terrorist concludes: "let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marixts/multiculturists." The man had found an ideological home.
Many of Israel’s "far-right Zionists" quickly recognized their alliance with Anders Behring Breivik in exact proportion to their feeling that Norway was an ally of the Palestinians. Most in the US will be unaware of this fact because these expressions of approval appear almost exclusively in Israel’s Hebrew press and internet. I do not think that what one finds there is, as Ziv Lenchner, a Hebrew columnist for the Israeli news website Ynet claims, a window onto general Israeli public opinion, but I do think we can be pretty sure it represents the outlook of Israel’s ruling rightists. Here are some of these positions as translated by J.J. Goldberg:
1. One "They [the Norwegian victims] have it coming... Anyone who acts without mercy towards us [Israel], there’s no reason I should pity them."

2. "Maybe they’ll learn in Oslo that they are not immune they’ll feel what many Israelis have felt..."

3. "The Norwegians and Europe generally are super-anti-Semitic. So, 100 people are killed there... I don’t pity them they’re my enemies they hate Israel so they have it coming!"

4. The boy [Breivik) wanted to send a message. Extreme, yes, but they [the Norwegian government that supports the Palestinians] don’t understand anything else."

5. "It’s time for Europe to deal with these Arabs. From my point of view they could kill one million of them here too."
Goldberg estimates that comments ran "3- or 4-to-1 hostile rather than sympathetic. That is hostile to Norway and Breivik’s victims. There was a general sense that "the killer was right and the victims had it coming".

This attitude has also found its way into the Israeli intelligentsia. A good example of this is Barry Rubin, Deputy Director of the Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies. Soon after the attacks in Oslo Rubin wrote an article entitled "The Oslo Syndrome". In it he claims that there is deep irony in the actions of the Norwegian terrorist. Specifically, he believes that "the youth political camp he [Breivik] attacked was at the time engaged in what was essentially (though the campers did not see it that way, no doubt) a pro-terrorist programme". Thus, at least the camp victims (whether they knew it or not) were supporting terrorists and that resulted in their being attacked by a terrorist. Hence, the irony.

In what way were the Norwegians supporting terrorism? Well, here are some of Rubin’s examples:
1. "The camp was run by Norway’s left-wing party" which "was lobbying for breaking the blockade of the terrorist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and for immediate recognition of a Palestinian state without that entity needing to do anything that would prevent it from being a terrorist base against Israel".

2. In pursuing these policies, the Norwegian government makes "terrorism appear politically successful and hence a great thing to do".
Rubin goes on in what comes dangerously close to a "rambling screed" to condemn just about the entire history of Palestinian resistance to Zionist colonialism as terrorism. And since Rubin believes that it is imperative that terrorists (including the one in Norway) must never be allowed to succeed, then it follows logically that Palestinian resistance must not be allowed to succeed. Indeed, it can be assumed that for Barry Rubin there can be no Palestinian entity except on Israeli terms – terms that others, outside of Rubin’s world, often equate to apartheid South Africa’s bantustans.

Rubin has gone out of his way to insist that his position is not intended to justify the murders in Oslo. I accept this assertion. However, his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is so one-sided that it certainly seems to justify the state terrorism consistently applied by Israel both to provoke and respond to Palestinian violence. (Personal note: Long ago I knew this fellow, Barry Rubin. He was, then, a brilliant man who used his talents to fight for justice, particularly in the case of the Vietnam War. Now, objectivity long lost, he is a convert to Zionism. And converts always make the most ardent true believers.)
The United State and its Islamophobes
“...two notables that Breivik himself cites as fellow travellers are Robert Spencer, who runs the website, Jihad Watch, and Pamela Geller, who runs the website Atlas Shrugged. Both are major figures in the hate campaign now being waged against Muslims in the United States.”
If many of Andres Behring Breivik’s Israeli allies rush to defend him, his American allies are now rushing to distance themselves from him. It is they who, as the New York Times has put it, exercised "undeniable influence" on this terrorist. It is they who helped create the atmosphere in which he felt emboldened. Of course, they deny having done so. One is reminded here of the denials of Sarah Palin, who posted the names and places of residence of her Democratic opponents using gunsight cross hairs. And then, when in January 2011 Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a right-wing fanatic, said that her incitement had nothing to do with the incident. Now history repeats itself. Who are these most recent deniers? Well, among others, two notables that Breivik himself cites as fellow travellers are Robert Spencer, who runs the website, Jihad Watch, and Pamela Geller, who runs the website Atlas Shrugged. Both are major figures in the hate campaign now being waged against Muslims in the United States.

Breivik was probably also influenced by another variant in this campaign, the movement against "creeping sharia". This is the nonsensical campaign against an alleged Islamic plot to undermine American culture by spreading the use of sharia law. Again, according to the New York Times, the man who has spearheaded this movement is David Yerushalmi, "a 56 year-old Hasidic Jew with a history of controversial statements about race, immigration and Islam". Yerushalmi is also a supporter of the illegal Israeli colonization project on the Palestinian West Bank. Then there are the poisonous pronouncements continuously put forth by people like fundamentalist mega-church pastor John Hagee and the multiple anti-Muslim statements of American politicians such as, among others, Peter King of Long Island and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. All of these people are part of "America’s rising tide of Islamophobia" and have actively contributed to, as Sarah Wildman has put it in the England’s Guardian newspaper, "the ideological underpinning that motivates militias and terrorists".
The world is full of prejudiced people who, as noted above, live on a continuum of fear and loathing of all that is different.

Some of them are just ignorant. They easily become victims of their own provincialism and allow their heads to be filled with the pronouncements from agencies such as Fox "News". Others are ideologues whose world is defined by very narrow political, racial or religious beliefs in defence of which agitation and violence are thought warranted. Some are opportunists who see this sort of environment as just right to make their name and fortune. There are other categories as well.

Under the right circumstances this collective of the prejudice can be activated. It finds its enemy and focuses with a deadly intensity. The wordsmiths within it plough the ground, the agitators plant the seeds, and then the violent ones reaped the harvest. All of a sudden you find yourself in the midst of killing fields.

This has happened repeatedly in history. As a phenomenon it is not confined to underdeveloped areas or "backward" nations. It is a potential that plagues all peoples at all times.

To paraphrase a Samuel Clemens quote about beauty and ugliness, civilization is but skin deep, but barbarism goes right down to the bone. It takes constant vigilance, constant effort, the constant demand for common sense to keep the barbarian at bay.

5 - Israel’s “real estate revolution” is not about justice or peace

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8 August 2011

Gilad Atzmon argues that in contrast to the political and social awakening sweeping the Arab world, the protests in Israel are not about politics, justice or peace, and all the protestors want is “to have property, a house of their own. They want to be landlords. They want the key, and they want it now.”

It is almost amusing to discover that some of the most clichéd Marxists around are so taken in by the current Israeli popular protests, which they foolishly interpret as a manifestation of the “Israeli revolutionary spirit”. They are convinced that now that the Israeli “working class” are rising, peace will inevitably prevail.

Yet, in fact, what we are really seeing unfold in Israel (at least for the time being) is the total opposite of a “working class” awakening. Indeed, some in Israel are calling it the “Real Estate Protest” because, basically, what the protestors are seeking are assets: they all wish to have property, a house of their own. They want to be landlords. They want the key, and they want it now. What we see in Tel Aviv has no similarity whatsoever to the struggles taking place in Cairo’s Al-Tahrir Square or in Athens. At the most, the Israeli demonstrations are mimicking some manifestations of a struggle for justice or socialist protest.

But that is where the similarities end.
”Let���s forget about Palestine and concentrate on us, the Jews”
Motti Ashkenazi, a legendary Israeli anti-establishment figure, wrote in the Israeli news website Ynetthat “another left is needed [in Israel], a left that is primarily concerned with the poor of its country rather than with the plight of our neighbours”.
“...the Israelis took to the street ... do not care much about politics, ethics, or social awareness, and neither do they seem to care much about the war crimes they are collectively complicit in. Malnutrition in Gaza is really not their concern either. They seem not to care about anything much at all, except themselves becoming property owners.”
In clear terms that cannot be interpreted otherwise, Motti Ashkenazi is exploring what he considers to be a necessary shift in Israeli “progressive” thought, and what he appears to conclude is this: forget about Palestine; let’s once and for all concentrate on “us”, the Jews. Ashkenazi continues: “We need another left, a modest one. Instead of a vision for the entire Middle East, it had better present a vision of the state of Israel.”
Professor Nissim Calderon, a lecturer in Hebrew literature, also presents a similar line: “We have erected a left that has been focusing on the fight for peace, and peace only. But there is a huge hole in our struggle – we failed to struggle for social justice.” Again, “lefty” Calderon refers to the social struggle within the Israeli Jewish population.
The mass protest in Israel is, in fact, the complete opposite of a genuine social revolution: while it may present itself as a popular protest, in practice, it is a “populist festival”. According to reports from Israel, the leaders of the emerging protest are even reluctant to call for Binyamin Netanyahu’s resignation. The same applies to security matters, the occupation and the defence budget: the organizers wouldn’t touch these subjects in order not to split their rapidly growing support.
Relocating “The Jewish Question” to Palestine
What we see in Israel is neither a socialist revolution nor a struggle for justice. It is actually a bourgeois wannabe revolution, and the Israelis took to the street because each of them wants to be a landlord, to own a property. They do not care much about politics, ethics, or social awareness, and neither do they seem to care much about the war crimes they are collectively complicit in. Malnutrition in Gaza is really not their concern either. They seem not to care about anything much at all, except themselves becoming property owners.

But why do they want to own a property? Because they cannot really rent one. And why can’t they rent? It is obviously far too expensive. But why is it too expensive? Because Israel is the ultimate embodiment of a corrupted, hard speculative, capitalist society. And I guess that this is the real untold story here. If Zionism was an attempt to solve “The Jewish Question”, as the author Shahid Alam so insightfully explores, it has clearly failed since it has only managed to relocate “The Jewish Question” to a new place, Palestine.

Zionism promised to bring about a new productive and ethical Jew as opposed to what it defined as the “Jewish Diaspora speculative capitalist”.1 It clearly failed, and the truth of the matter is that, in the Jewish state, Israeli Jews are now being subjected to the symptoms of their own very problematic culture.2
Haven of corruption and money laundering
“Israel seems to be nothing more than a vast money-laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organized crime and blood-diamond traders.”
Israel has become a haven for the richest and most corrupted Jews from around the world: According to the Guardian, “out of the seven oligarchs who controlled 50 per cent of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jewish”. During the last two decades, many Russian oligarchs have acquired Israeli citizenship. They also secured their dirty money by investing in the Blue and White financial haven.

revealed lately that “sources in the [Israeli] police estimate that Russian organized crime [the Russian mafia] has laundered as much as 10 billion US dollars through Israeli holdings".3 Mega-swindlers such as Bernie Madoff have been channelling their money via Zionists and Israeli institutions for decades. Israel is also a leading trader in blood diamonds. Far from surprising, Israel is also the fourth biggest weapon dealer on the planet. Clearly, blood diamonds and guns are proving to be a great match. And it doesn’t stop there. Every so often Israel is caught engaging in organ trafficking and organ harvesting.

Increasingly, Israel seems to be nothing more than a vast money-laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organized crime and blood-diamond traders. But on top of that, rich Jews buy their holiday homes in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: there are reports that, in Tel Aviv alone, thousands of holiday properties are empty, all year round, while native Israelis cannot find a roof.

The Israeli people have yet to understand their role within this horror show. They have yet to grasp that they are nothing but the foot soldiers in this increasingly horrendous scenario. They do not even gather that their state maintains one of the world’s strongest armies, to defend the assets of just a few of the wealthiest and most immoral Jews around.

I actually wonder whether Israelis can grasp it all. Yet the truth of the matter is that the leaders of the present Israeli “real estate revolution” want to maintain the struggle as a material-seeking adventure, and they are clearly avoiding politics. The driving sentiment and motivation here is, obviously: “give us the keys to our new homes and we clear the square”.

It is not surprising that within such an inherently greedy and racially-oriented society, the dissent that is currently manifesting itself in Israel will inevitably be reduced to sheer banal materialism.

It seems the Israelis cannot rescue themselves from their own doomed fate because they are blindly hijacked by their own destructive culture. As I a few others have been predicting for a decade or more, Israeli society is about to implode. It is really just a question of time.

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1. Marxist Zionist Ber Borochov (1881-1917) argued that the class structure of European Jewry resembled an inverted “class-pyramid”, a structure in which a relatively small number of Jews occupied roles within the “productive layers” of society as workers, while a significant number were settled in capitalist and speculative trades such as banking.

2. Beni Ziper
wrote in Haaretz: “I saw on television people shouting against the rich, or tycoons who control the country. Seemingly everyone thinks it's exciting and daring and nobody reflects on the chilling historical equivalence with the depression in Germany at the time of the Weimar Republic, when the ‘rich Jews who control us’ were targeted by everyone.” Ziper is clever enough to notice a close and disturbing repetition in Jewish history. However, Ziper is also very critical of his countrymen. “So I'm all for protests against the state, but in no way against people or groups of people, be they ‘rich’ or ‘[Jewish] Orthodox’ or even ‘settlers’. Whoever gives privileges to the settlers in this country. and it's not that the settlers come and rob the cashier at gunpoint.” Whether we agree with Ziper or not, it is clear that he also admits that there is a similarity between the arguments voiced in Israel against the rich, and the German right wing's anti Semitic attitude towards Jews in the 1920s and 1930s

3. For more information about global organized crime’s connections with Likud and other major Israeli political parties, click

Statehood : Palestinians must show they mean business

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6 - Two-prong approach needed
By Stuart Littlewood

5 August 2011

Stuart Littlewood calls on the Palestinians to pursue a two-pronged strategy: on the one hand bid for UN recognition of their statehood because they must have “equal rank to Israelis within the international community and a level playing field”, while developing and expanding boycott, divestment and sanctions to neutralize the "enemy within" our Western parliamentary structures and media.

What a thought-provoking piece Professor Lawrence Davidson’s latest article is, whether you agree with every word or not.

Titled "The Palestinian bid for UN statehood recognition”, it makes the point that the Palestinians' move, which Tweedle-dum Obama and Tweedle-dee Netanyahu (they never contradict each other, you’ll remember) are desperate to discourage, merely replicates the process by which Israel itself gained recognition as a state. The world will recall that America recognized the Jews' declaration of an Israeli state with almost indecent haste – like immediately.

The bid also echoes the UN's original intention to divide Palestine between Jews and Arabs. So, there’s no attempt by the Palestinians to break new ground here. What they propose chimes nicely with what went before. How can there possibly be a valid objection? Recognition should be accorded Palestine just as easily as it was accorded Israel.
“...I believe Hamas has a vital role to play, if it re-markets itself with a friendlier face.”
However, Prof. Davidson seems keen to airbrush Hamas out of the proceedings, saying the resistance movement "refuses to recognize Israel and would destroy the Zionist state if it could". He admits that refusing recognition is mutual and Israel is busy trying to destroy Hamas. In the end, however, Hamas cannot prevail, so is dismissed as a key player.
For my part I believe Hamas has a vital role to play, if it re-markets itself with a friendlier face. The rest of the international community should not imitate the hypocrisy of those loudmouthed preachers of democracy like the US and Britain and ignore – even punish – the people’s choice before it has a chance to make good. Besides, there is considerable talent among Hamas’s senior ranks.

Hamas Foreign Minister Muhammad Awad has been calling for a united government to be formed urgently, ahead of the Palestinian bid in September, as agreed between the factions in Cairo months ago. Attempts to form a unity government have so far come to nought largely because Hamas rejects Fatah's insistence that Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Salam Fayyad leads the new government. Fayaad is a stranger to Palestinian elections and has no democratic legitimacy.

Nevertheless many outside Palestine want to see Fayaad up there because he is liked in the West. For the purpose of the bid there probably needs to be a team of three or four all singing the same tune, Fayyad and Ismail Haniyeh included – Haniyeh because he is proven to be gritty and steadfast for Palestinian freedom, and has survived the worst that Israel and the conniving PA can do to dislodge him.

Prof Davidson is not so keen on the bid. He argues that Israel has no intention of allowing a meaningful two-state solution and "UN recognition of Palestine as a pseudo state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip will solve nothing and may well cause more problems for the Palestinians on the ground". The alternative, he says, is boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) within the context of increasing worldwide awareness of Israel’s essential racist nature.

He pins great hopes on the BDS movement, noting Ilan Pappe's remark that BDS, as part and parcel of a civil society struggle in support of Palestinian rights, has been successful in key European countries. He suggests there is a good chance that a worldwide BDS movement, growing steadily for the next quarter century, could achieve the de-Zionization of Israel.
“Dismissing the [Palestinians’] UN bid [for state recognition] and relying instead on BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions], doesn't take into account the further damage by Israel's continued poaching of Palestinian territory while we wait 25 years for the BDS magic to work.”
This is where I tend to part company with the good professor. Dismissing the UN bid and relying instead on BDS, doesn't take into account the further damage by Israel's continued poaching of Palestinian territory while we wait 25 years for the BDS magic to work. During that time the occupation will have a much too permanent flavour. Israel, of course, does not want a viable Palestinian state next door. But the world cares less and less about what Israel wants. The creation of even a pseudo state, in the meantime, should provide Palestinians with sufficient status to demand UN protection against further predation and encroachment.
And America gets weaker by the day. For how much longer will Zionist Washington rule the UN roost?

There is a general expectation that BDS will bring apartheid Israel to its knees in the same way it put paid to apartheid South Africa. But what gives Israel its criminal licence is the subjugation of our own politicians to Israel’s agenda. An essential part of BDS strategy, therefore, must be to break that parliamentary support.

BDS has the makings of an international organization that could eventually bring about the downfall of Israel's global life support system. Civil disobedience and direct action are the way to go, because you cannot rely on lobbying elected representatives – most are corrupted by Zionist influence. They are the real enemy, and they are fouling our democratic way of life. As Howard Zinn said (1970),
Civil disobedience, that is not our problem... Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. And our problem is that scene in “All Quiet on the Western Front” where the schoolboys march off dutifully in a line to war. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem...
Palestinians and their allies around the world need to show they mean business. It seems to me the situation calls for a two-prong attack. The bid for statehood is essential if only to put down a marker and change the dynamic. Doing nothing means being forced back to the “negotiating” table and we know what that means. There must be no negotiations until Palestinians have equal rank to Israelis within the international community and a level playing field. Continuing to push for negotiations before then is utterly immoral.

The second prong is to develop and expand BDS to neutralize the “enemy within” our Western parliamentary structures and media.

If Palestinian leaders mess up in September I suspect they'll lose a lot of friends. By messing up I mean going about it in a half-baked, disunited way. They've got one month left to straighten themselves out.

7 - Organized crime connections with Likud & other major Israeli political parties
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#92571 Losing streak
by Haaretz staff in Ha'aretz, 6 November 2008

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8 - Soldiers' testimonies on the occupied territories
The main significance of the testimonies published by Breaking the Silence is not in the descriptions of the acts
of horror but rather in the documentation of the destructive effects of the occupation not only on the Palestinian
inhabitants but also on the soldiers themselves.

By Ilana Hammerman
Kibush Hashtahim
(Occupation of the Territories: Israeli Soldier Testimonies 2000-2010 ) Published by Breaking the Silence (Hebrew), 347 pages, NIS 50
English version to be available later this year; 430 pages.
On the 50th anniversary of the death of Albert Camus, last year, I was invited to discuss him on the morning talk show "Mah Bo'er" on
Army Radio. The host, Razi Barkai, asked me about the writer's personal relationship with Simone de Beauvoir. But I had other things to
say about Camus in the short time that had been allotted to the conversation, and I responded to Barkai that gossiping about the relations
between Camus and de Beauvoir wasn't what I had in mind.
"Don't tell me that all you have in mind now is the occupation," was the sharp and surprising response from the interviewer, with whom
to the best of my recollection I had never spoken before in my life, neither about the occupation nor about anything else.
This response made a deep impression on me. Again and again I have asked myself in its wake the following question, to which I have yet
to find an answer: How do you talk to people about what they so badly don't want to hear that they will hasten to gag you even when
you are intending to speak about something else? About Camus, for example.
True, not about Camus and the Parisian bohemia, but rather about Camus and his involvement in the political discourse of his day, about
his complicated view of the French occupation of Algeria, about his committed writing. For these, after all, were the things he had in mind,
the intellectual, writer and commentator Albert Camus. That is what preoccupied him, that pragmatic humanist, whom in my youth I saw
as a guide and who in the meantime, not necessarily to his benefit, had become an almost mythological figure. A kind of modern saint
whose heritage many people claim as their own without considering that it does not accord with their own disengagement from the current
political reality.
Okay, so maybe Razi Barkai was right. An interview with me about Camus really was liable to lead us, if only by implication, to the
"occupation" - that is, to the state of Israel's control for 44 years now over the lives and fate of about 4 million people in the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip (yes, also in Gaza, despite the "disengagement" ) - and to the silence of most Israeli intellectuals in the face of this
reality. And he didn't want that, the popular interviewer. He didn't want to hear it and he didn't want to expose his listeners to hearing it,
even by implication.
And to tell the truth, most probably his listeners weren't especially keen to hear it, either. And like them, the television viewers, who want
neither to see nor to hear, and the newspaper readers, who prefer not to read. And the media indulge them all and do not report to them,
or if they do, do it in a measured, moderate and cautious way, lest the numbers of listeners and viewers and readers drop, and with them
the number of advertisers, and with them the revenues.
Thus, in "the only democracy in the Middle East," where there is a large measure of freedom of information and of the press, in recent
years a self-censorship has developed that is infinitely more effective than any official censorship could be, because its roots go very
deep: into the consciousness and the subconscious of Israel's citizens. They do not want to know. And when it comes to looking reality
straight in the face, the worst of them are members of the middle class, whose daily routine is good and pleasant, and for whom it is
convenient not to know what maintaining that reality entails.
These satiated Israelis - much more than those Israelis who are living in poverty and distress - not only have a moral obligation to know,
it is also worth their while to know, very much worth their while. Because the danger threatening their comfortable routine is growing.
Because five minutes from Kfar Sava their countrymen - soldiers, police and civilians - are constantly fanning embers under barrelfuls of
gunpowder. Because it isn't for the security of the satisfied middle-class Israelis that these people are concerned, and for which they
have been embittering the lives of millions of people for decades now, but rather they are committed to realizing an ideology most Israelis
do not support at all. It is an ideology of annexation that has already been realized on the ground to the extent that almost certainly there
is no way back and the entire public discourse about "the peace process" is "fake, fake." The diametric opposite of the bullets that hit
Yitzhak Rabin, who perhaps wanted to and could have rectified something in the next to last minute.
The logic of the absurd
If so, how do you get readers to pay attention to books that are trying to reveal this reality to them? For example this book, which is
called simply "Occupation of the Territories" and is thick and black - both its binding and its contents - and contains the transcribed
testimonies, not always comfortable and fluent reading, of 101 male and female Israeli soldiers who served in those territories during the
course of the past 10 years.
One of the soldiers whose testimonies are presented in the book says he has been reading the book "Lords of the Land," by Idith Zertal
and Akiva Eldar. "That's exactly how it is," he says in his testimony about the improvised roadblocks he and his buddies would put up
on "the Jewish roads" in the West Bank. "The Lords of the Land decided: 'This one you don't let cross, and he'll wait until we decide.'
When we go to eat, they fold up the roadblock and everyone leaves."
I wondered what that fellow would have done had he read "Lords of the Land" before his military service, and now I am wondering what
the young people who read his testimony and the other testimonies in "Occupation of the Territories" may do. Will they take a stand or
even do a deed after having read the book? Will they open their eyes and take in a more comprehensive view of what is happening in
the territories? Will they be more aware, will they refuse to obey certain orders while they are serving there?
For it is impossible to read these two books, "Lords of the Land" (first published by Dvir in 2004, and available from Nation Books in an
English translation ) and the recently published "Occupation of the Territories" (partially downloadable in English for the time being
at ), without discovering what a big and dangerous lie we are living in
here. "Lords of the Land" relates and documents in detail the history of Israeli settlement in the territories and the explicit and implicit
policy employed in the taking over of the lands of the West Bank. This policy has continued uninterrupted since 1967, under the
leadership of all of Israel's governments to this day. Its inevitable outcome will be to thwart the possibility of the establishment of
another state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, although this is completely contrary to the protestations of the
desire for a peace agreement to be based on the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.
"Occupation of the Territories" completes the picture with its documentation of the army's conduct in the occupied territories during
the past decade. It firmly establishes "Lords of the Land's" clear survey and demonstrates the extent to which the military control of
these territories - like the gigantic settlement project - is aimed mainly not at defending the security of the citizens of the sovereign
state of Israel, but rather at deepening Israel's civilian, political and economic control there.
This is the logic of the absurd things that happen in the territories. Indeed, logic and not madness; rather, a consistent, practical and
effective system of which even the arbitrariness is an inseparable part. The system has already entirely changed the face of this piece
of land, to the satisfaction of those who stand with a clear mind behind the ideology of the Greater Land of Israel, who are pulling the
strings and are acting on its behalf devotedly and decisively - and to the distress of those who know that the realization of this ideology
is a disaster, but to whom this knowledge is so painful that they lower their heads and shut their eyes so as not to see things as they are.
This logic also rules in the ostensibly absurd reality depicted in the soldiers' testimonies. The Israel Defense Forces are present in the
territories of the West Bank in order to remain there, in order to make it clear to the Palestinian inhabitants "who's the boss here"
(as the soldiers put it ).
To this end the IDF conducts daily policing activities there, which are assigned to very young soldiers who spend weeks, months and
even years in the very midst of a civilian population. Armed from head to toe, they stand at the barriers, race around in jeeps and
armored vehicles on the roads, in the streets and in the alleys of towns and villages or patrol them on foot with their weapons cocked,
banging on doors of homes in the middle of the night, entering them and searching, arresting men and teenage boys before the eyes of
their families who have been rousted from bed. And in doing all these things, they have been maintaining, whether they want to or not,
a routine of humiliation and abuse, damage to body and soul and property of civilians, a routine of a Wild West way of life in which
neither the abusers nor the victims have any thorough knowledge of the laws and the rules that apply to them.
For in this stretch of land, despite the many fences and walls and barriers of all sorts that scar its landscape, the borders are not clear
and they are not permanent - not only the physical borders between one power and another and between one authority and another,
but also the mental and moral borders between what is permissible and what is forbidden, between good and evil, between stupidity
and wickedness, between the humiliated and those who humiliate.
'We'll make your life bitter'
"We are here. The IDF is here" - as one of the givers of testimony in the book says. "In general they told us that some terrorist, if he
were to hear the IDF presence in the village, then maybe he would [emerge]. He never appeared. It seems that the objective was just
to show the local population that the IDF is here, and it's a policy that repeats itself: 'The IDF is here, in the territories, and we'll make
your life bitter until you decide to stop the terror.' The IDF has no problem with it. We, the ones who were throwing the grenades, didn't
understand why we were doing it. We threw a grenade. We heard the 'boom' and we saw people waking up. When we got back they
said to us: 'Great operation,' but we didn't understand why. It was every day. A different force from the company each time, part of
the routine. Not an especially positive way of life."
This testimony by a soldier from a paratroop unit, who was called upon with his buddies to throw stun grenades within a village
at 3:00 A.M., comes off as modest and innocent, in comparison with many other testimonies that describe acts of harassment and
real crimes: sowing destruction in private homes, acts of looting, murderous beatings, shooting to injure and even to kill. You read those
and you are truly shocked, and you don't want to believe.
But while reading the book, I often had the thought that maybe the testimonies of that sort are too numerous, and that it is precisely the
ostensibly milder testimonies that are more significant. Indeed, the lines of resemblance among the grave testimonies, despite the distance
in time and place, show that these things do not involve unusual people or unusual deeds, but rather are in the very nature of bullying
military activity within a civilian population. This is so especially when the power is in the hands of such young people, still boys and girls,
who have been taught to see each and every person in this population as an enemy, as a terrorist and as an immediate danger to
themselves and their families.
But the main significance of this collection of testimonies is not in fact in the descriptions of the horrible deeds included in it - other
occupying armies have done the same and even worse - but rather in the destructive effect of the soldiers' daily and constant presence
not only on the inhabitants but also on the soldiers themselves.
"The standards of good and evil deteriorate there," says one of them. "I think that's the thing that is most difficult ... the day to day is
very gray ... I can't tell you what's good and what isn't, because I don't have all of the tools." And another soldier says: "It was difficult.
Look we're ... the majority are good people. It's not that most are problematic, there is a problematic minority. The problem is that then
it was legitimate. So beating up an Arab, cursing, degrading him ... pointing your weapon in his face and then shooting in the air a second
later, those were legitimate things ... there were people who knew that they would beat someone up every day. They talk about it freely,
they photograph.
"I remember from there the nuances at the roadblock, not the extreme incidents of abuse, but what this causes," relates another important testimony. "This feeling of 'I am above them,' which won't help, you are above them. You say to them when to cross and when not to, they are not disciplined so you get annoyed, and
you have the power to get annoyed because you have a weapon and you can close the checkpoint. barrier on them ... it penetrates you,
this supremacy ... the most difficult part for me is the annoyance towards them, it's not just getting annoyed for no reason, it's the
annoyance of an educator: 'You aren't doing what I'm telling you? I'll show you [what's what]' ... I'm convinced that the arbitrariness was
an approach. The approach to undermine their confidence, their stability, so they won't know what's going to happen tomorrow. I don't
think it's some kind of stupidity of someone from above, I think it was a policy..."
Who is your enemy?
The book is edited very intelligently in terms of its ability to convey the information in it. Yes, information, not statements of a political
stance, though there is no doubt this information necessitates the taking of a political stance. It has four chapters, each of which places
the emphasis on a different aspect of the policy of military control in the occupied territories. Taken together, the four chapters, with their
precise and factual introductions, do a fine job of mapping out well and thoroughly the whole of this policy.
But they also do something else, which is equally important: They show the huge gap between the official terminology of the Israeli
authorities, along with the public discourse that usually accepts this lexicon of terms almost without question, on the one hand, and
the reality on the ground, on the other.
The authorities and the public discourse in Israel talk about "prevention," about pinpointed thwarting of terrorist activity, whereas the
testimonies describe in minute detail actions whose entire aim is to intimidate an entire population by means of the massive, noisy and
threatening presence of soldiers, provocations, arbitrary arrests and collective punishments. In Israel they talk about a policy of
"separation" between the Palestinian population and Israeli citizens, to protect the latter, whereas the testimonies clearly demonstrate
that the walls and the roadblocks do not separate between Palestinians and Israelis, but rather between Palestinians and Palestinians,
between their villages and between their towns; between people and their lands; between people and roads - and their aim, in the long
term, is to enable not a policy of defense but rather a policy of robbery, expropriation and annexation of lands.
The Israeli establishment talks about a proportional, considered policy intended to preserve the civilian population's "fabric of life," that is,
to ensure a routine that is as normal as possible despite the abnormal circumstances. The testimonies, however, describe the diametric
opposite: Incessant damage to this routine. The official language talks about enforcing law and order in an egalitarian manner among all
the inhabitants of the territories, the millions of Palestinians and the hundreds of thousands of settlers. The book, however, documents
from the mouths of the soldiers a dual regime, aimed at enabling and advancing the settlers' political aspirations at the Palestinian
population's expense.
There's another reason why it is impossible, in reading this book, not to wonder and be angered by the silence and the silencing and the
indifference: After all, it isn't the soldiers of a mercenary army who are serving there, but rather we ourselves, our neighbors, our friends,
our acquaintances, our sons, our daughters, our grandsons and our granddaughters. For three generations now. So, why is it that people
talk so little about these things?
Even without much media coverage, people know, and many more could know. A few of the soldiers who testify in the book do talk about
the repression, the silence during the time of service itself and the pressing need to shake it all off and forget upon the return home, to
civilian life. Nevertheless, there is no satisfactory explanation here for the ignoring and the denial. Almost certainly the deeper and far more
frightening answer is to be found in the changes seen in public opinion surveys conducted in Israel in recent years.
Thus, for example, a recent survey of young people aged 15 to 24, conducted by the Dahaf Institute for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and
the Macro Center for Political Economics, shows a clear shift to the right: Young people prefer strong leadership to the rule of law, and
Jewish nationalism to liberal democracy. Most of them do not aspire to peace with the neighboring countries and do not believe in the
possibility of Jewish-Arab coexistence. At the same time, the number of supporters of violent resistance to government decisions
concerning the peace process has increased. This trend is strong among young people aged 21 to 24 - that is to say, graduates of
military service - more than among the youth.
From this survey it is possible to learn that more and more of the young people now serving in the territories are doing their job
wholeheartedly, and that they have no interest or need to shake up public opinion in this country. One can also gather that there is
an unambiguous connection between the control of those territories during 44 of the state's 63 years of existence and the ruination of
its inhabitants' democratic civil awareness.
And the tens of thousands of liberals and humanists in Israel who stand off to the side should not say they know all this. Real knowledge,
which is the basis for a sober and educated stance, and perhaps also for action, is in the details and not in general cliches like
"The occupation corrupts," "The occupation destroys" and "End the occupation." Thus there are two possibilities: Either you go out to
the West Bank and see and hear for yourself what the army and the other state authorities are doing there and how the settlements are
expanding non-stop with their knowledge and their active help - or you read closely the books that document this for you. And then
perhaps you too will ask, as does one of the soldiers who testifies in the book: "But who is your enemy in this war?" - and you will ask
yourself whether it isn't worth your while, too, to reconsider the extent of your public involvement in what is happening here.
Ilana Hammerman is editor of the Teuda series at the Am Oved publishing house and a political activist.
This story is by: Ilana Hammerman

9 - The US Objectives Set For Pakistan

Asif Haroon Raja
Although the US has failed to win war in Afghanistan, it has succeeded in achieving most objectives it had chalked out in September 2001 against Pakistan through covert war. As against the advice of India, the US desisted from applying direct strategy due to Pakistan’s nuclear capability. The US and its strategic partners therefore embarked upon a well-thought plan to gradually weaken Pakistan and its institutions politically, socially, economically and militarily to such an extent that it becomes powerless and either voluntarily hands over the keys of its nuclear arsenal in return for aid for its survival or else it becomes so paralytic that it is unable to respond when nuclear arsenal is physically struck. Besides denuclearization, other major objectives were to make Pakistan forget about Kashmir and to accept India’s hegemony. Progress so far made by adversaries of Pakistan is listed as under:
bullet Weight of the war on terror has been craftily shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
bullet The people of northwestern tribal belt that were always regarded as our assets and had guarded our western border without any assistance from armed forces have turned hostile and a segment among them in its misplaced belief of establishing a caliphate is towing the agenda of adversaries of Pakistan.
bullet The western border that had become safe from 1989 onwards during the Mujahideen rule followed by Taliban rule in Kabul has once again become unsafe and has assumed dangerous proportions due to presence of US-NATO forces in Afghanistan and their mounting aggressiveness.
bullet Peaceful and docile Balochistan is up in arms and rebellious Baloch nationalists are demanding independent Balochistan. Non-locals have migrated in huge numbers.
bullet Indian influence in Afghanistan that had vanished during Taliban rule has returned to haunt Pakistan. The US is striving to make India a key country in the region after its departure from Afghanistan. Indian and Israeli presence in Afghanistan has posed a two-front threat to Pakistan’s security.
bullet Volatile forces are active in whole of FATA, several parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. Sindh is also restive and Karachi has become a killing field for target killers while southern Punjab is fast falling into the loop of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.
bullet CIA, FBI, MI-6, agents have made deep inroads in government departments, legal fraternity and media while RAW and Blackwater have established networks in all the troubled regions of Pakistan. RAW’s involvement in Gilgit and CIA’s penetration within armed forces are latest revelations.
bullet Under a planned strategy, India has been given a go-ahead to construct large number of dams on all the rivers flowing into Pakistan to create acute water scarcity in Pakistan and make it dependent upon India. Water strategy will be applied by India to solve Kashmir dispute on Indian terms.
bullet Kashmir is almost a lost cause and talks are at best confined to confidence building measures only. Arrest of Kashmiri leader Ghulam Nabi Fai in USA is aimed at breaking the unarmed resistance movement of Kashmiris seeking right of self determination.
bullet A large part of Pakistan’s Army, paramilitary forces and police have got deeply embroiled in fighting its own people on own soil with little hope of extrication in near future.
bullet While precious military resources of Pak Army are being wasted out in futile war on terror, Indian military conventional and nuclear capabilities have been vastly upgraded to outclass Pakistan’s military capability and also weaken its nuclear deterrence value.
bullet Application of indirect strategy by our adversaries to weaken Pakistan from within has rendered our nuclear deterrence redundant.
bullet Pakistan has been gifted with NRO cleansed leaders who are totally subservient to the wishes of Washington.
bullet The US administration has tightened its iron grip over the ruling regime to an extent that it treats Pakistan as its 51st state.
bullet The rulers have on several occasions declared that Pakistan faces no threat from India. This change of mindset in respect of archrival which yearns to put Pakistan in the shredding machine is a drastic transformation which the US could only do.
bullet Pakistan is US ally and is not at war with USA but is being subjected to drone attacks, threats, covert war and negative propaganda which have fuelled extremism, terrorism and anti-Americanism.
bullet Pro-American elements enjoying strong influence in Pakistan and foreign funded NGOs are giving a helping hand to USA in achieving its objectives. The US funded print and electronic media persons are providing full assistance to Indo-US-Western media onslaught to harm the reputation of Army and ISI.
bullet The premier institutions of Army and ISI are under intense pressure due to their dual responsibility of guarding the frontiers and dealing with foreign inspired internal threat and at the same time facing the brunt of Indo-US-western propaganda campaign. Full blasted efforts are in hand to declare ISI as a rogue outfit, weaken the trunk of the Army and to spoil civil-military relations.
bullet Higher education has been secularized and private English medium schools and colleges of repute funded by the west are promoting western values and undermining Islamic values. Promotion of unethical gay and lesbian culture by US Embassy in Islamabad is one example of cultural invasion to pollute Islamic values.
bullet Madaris and mosques, the two basic institutions of Islam are being systematically weakened to contaminate morals and Islamic values.
bullet Islamic-secular divide has been sharpened and so is the religious divide as in the case of antagonism between Deobandis and Barelvis. Mosques, shrines and places of worship are targeted by foreign agents to defame Islam and to discourage people from religion.
bullet Pakistan economy has become dependent upon US controlled IMF thereby impacting the dignity, honor and sovereignty of the nation.
bullet Pakistan is politically polarized and webbed in curses of provincialism, ethnicity and sectarianism.
bullet Rampant corruption which is eating into the vitals of the nation together with plunder of national wealth by US selected rulers has reduced the country to a carcass.
Amidst the murky environment in which everything looks depressing, the redeeming features are that the higher judiciary has become an effective restraining body to checkmate unbridled wrongdoings of the rulers and elites and is doing its best despite huge constraints to maintain some semblance of rule of law.
The civil society and the youth have got activated and are deeply concerned with the malaise afflicting the society due to visionless, corrupt, effete and inefficient ruling class and are keen to get rid of status quo and bring a healthy change. Tehrik-e-Insaf under Imran Khan has emerged as a new political force in urban areas.
Love for Islam has increased rather than decreased and mosques remain filled with worshippers.
Armed forces are resolutely confronting the internal and external challenges. They are focused on defeating the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s adversaries and on protecting the honor, dignity and sovereignty of the country at all costs.
The Army has gained a decisive edge over all insurgents in Swat region and in FATA, and rebels in Balochistan are being effectively dealt by the paramilitary forces.
Raymond Davis and 02 May incidents were shocking but in a way proved to be blessings in disguise. It helped our military in getting out of the magic spell of USA and is no more taking western border for granted. The heads of three services and ISI are now alive to the reality that the US pretending as Pakistan’s friend and well-wisher is in actuality working on an agenda to denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan so as to make India the unchallenged power of South Asia.
Instead of wasting time and effort in convincing Hussein Haqqani and Rahman Malik to take steps to roll back the American intrusion into Pakistan’s domestic affairs, both Gen Kayani and Lt Gen Pasha have undertaken emergency measures to block CIA’s perverse influence which has spread like wild weeds all over the country. Undesirable undercover CIA operatives and trainers have already been sent home and others are being pushed out. Three US military intelligence liaison centers in Peshawar and Quetta have been closed. CIA’s Station Chief Jonathan Banks and now his successor Mark Carlton coordinating clandestine network have departed.
Several CIA informants who helped CIA and US Navy Seals in conducting helicopter assault in Abbottabad have been detained for interrogation and are not released despite US mounting pressure. At the same time a close watch is being kept on MI-6 inspired members of Hizbul Tahrir and their efforts to create divisions within forces.
To accuse that Gen Pasha has sanctified 87 visas for Americans on his last visit to USA is fallacious since he has nothing to do with issuance of visas. The ISI gives the security clearance only, and this practice which had been discontinued on express wish of Haqqani has been reintroduced. All Americans coming to Pakistan will not come under fake identities, but will give full details of their background and employment for the information of ISI. No American can now travel from one city to the other without the knowledge and clearance of ISI.
ISPR and patriotic elements have done well in minimizing programmed efforts of bad hats in media to undermine civil-military relations by confronting their negative propaganda.
It is heartening to note that our nuclear and missile assets under Strategic Force Command are in secure hands and these have been made more potent. All the contingencies plans made by Indo-US-Israeli nexus to snatch-and-grab our nukes are wishful paper exercises and far from reality.
Kashmir cause is very much alive and Kashmiris as well as Pakistan are sticking to the principle of right of self determination to settle the chronic dispute which has bred extremism and instability in the region. India has been unable to pullout a single soldier out of its over 700,000 troops deployed in occupied Kashmir.
India has resumed dialogue with Pakistan on equal terms and not on its dictated terms.
Afghan Taliban have avenged the death of OBL by downing US Chinook helicopter carrying 31 US soldiers including 25 US Navy SEALs who had conducted Abbottabad operation. It will hasten drawdown of troops from Afghanistan.

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About the Writer: Asif Haron is a retired Brig and author of several books and a defence analyst. Email:[email protected]

10 - Filling Prison Beds for Profit

Stephen Lendman
At yearend 2010, America’s prison population topped 2.4 million, including federal and state facilities, local jails, Indian, juvenile, and military ones, US territories, and numbers held by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
In addition, over seven million more are under correctional supervision, and over 13 million pass through US prisons and jails annually. About 70% are for nonviolent offenses. Nearly half of those are drug-related. In 1980, 40,000 drug offenders were imprisoned. It’s now over 500,000, victimized by unfair “war on drugs” laws.
Since 1970, America’s prison population grew eightfold. It hasn’t been for more crime. It’s because of:
bullet – racism;
bullet – police state toughness;
bullet – judicial unfairness;
bullet – political persecution;
bullet – get tough on crime policies;
bullet – three strikes and you’re out;
bullet – truth-in-sentencing;
bullet – mandatory minimums;
bullet – a guilty unless proved innocent mentality; and
bullet – being undocumented.
Most vulnerable are poor Blacks, Latinos, and Native Indians (people of color) for America’s insatiable prison-industrial complex appetite, commoditizing human beings for profit in both public and privately run prisons.
Corrections says:
bullet – America’s prison population is by far the world’s largest;
bullet – one-fourth of Black men are in prison, on parole or probation;
bullet – 10% of them lost their right to vote;
bullet – unprecedented numbers of children are incarcerated, many into adulthood;
bullet – Native Americans have the highest percent of their population imprisoned;
bullet – Latinos and women are the fastest growing prison populations;
bullet – rural communities are being force-fed prisons to stimulate economic growth; and
bullet – incarceration in America is a growth industry – an alleged solution to high unemployment, crumbled schools, societal neglect, low wages, and an eroding social contract, trafficking human beings for profit in all penal facilities because private suppliers service them.
They include a growing private gulag, prisons for profit with nearly a score of corporations running dozens of facilities with tens of thousands of prisoners. In fact, privatized prisons are expected to increase sharply over the next decade, given America’s addiction to incarcerate and let corporate prisons do more.
Outlawed a century ago, they’re back and booming, a solution to budget-strapped states. Today, nearly 10% of US prisons and jails are private, dominated by two major firms – Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut).
They also play a growing role in warehousing undocumented immigrants and resident aliens, including in locations outside America. More on that below.
On June 22, Justice Policy Institute writer Paul Ashton headlined, “Gaming the System: How the Political Strategies of Private Prison Companies Promote Ineffective Incarceration Policies,” saying:
In the past decade, they’ve “worked hard….to create markets for their product,” using financial muscle to buy political influence “to promote policies that lead to higher rates of incarceration” three ways:
bullet – lobbying;
bullet – campaign contributions; and
bullet – relationships with current and former elected and appointed officials.
As a result, federal, state and local legislation passed to incarcerate more people, including in private prisons. The more beds filled, the greater the profits at the expense of social justice. Moreover, research shows corporate facilities cost more, undermine reforms, and compromise public safety by increasing recidivism rates. Nonetheless, gaming the system pays.
Beginning in the 1980s, rapid prison population growth attracted private investment. As a result, states began selling correctional facilities to private operators, then contracting with them to warehouse prisoners. Many, however, discovered the higher cost. As a result, states like California, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Nevada reduced or ended relationships with private operators. Nonetheless, prisons for profit keep growing.
Notably by the late 1990s, privately run prisons verged on bankruptcy because of speculative over-building, highly publicized scandals, lawsuits, and fines over human rights violations. However, thanks to growing immigrant detentions since 2003, profits are better than ever.
Overall, nearly 200,000 inmates today fill private prisons compared to 36,500 in 1995 and 87,000 in 2000. As a result, companies like CCA and GEO manage 16% of federal prisons and nearly 7% of state ones. Since 2000, they grew their federal market share by over 120% (because of immigration detentions) and state percentage by about one-third.
According to CCA’s 2010 Annual Report:
“The demand for our facilities and services could (only) be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws.”
In fact, America’s criminal justice system is tougher than ever on crime, including against thousands of innocent victims. As a result, business for private operators is booming, either through management contracts or housing inmates in privately owned facilities.
Companies usually charge a daily rate per prisoner to cover investment, operating costs and make a profit. Varying greatly by facility, population, and security level, it covers salaries, food services, “programatic costs,” and partial medical care besides other services. Minimizing costs for maximum gain is top priority as in all profit-making enterprises.
In 1984, Hamilton County, TN and Bay County, FL were the first local governments in modern times to contract with private operators. Promising comparable services at lower costs, federal, state and local governments increasingly use them to finance, design, construct, manage, and staff prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities.
Despite no evidence showing business operates better than government, prisons for profit grew at a faster rate than incarceration over the past 15 years. As a result, companies like CCA and GEO Group have seen explosive growth, benefitting greatly by filling more beds.
Brutal conditions, dangers, and abuses are commonplace in all prisons. Privately run ones, however, are especially scandalous and extreme.
In March, Human Rights Advocates (HRA) published “The Human Rights Implications of Prison Privatization Report to the 16th Session of the Human Rights Council.”
It explained widespread violations, including the right to life, to be treated with humanity and dignity, proper food and medical care, and right to family unity – in America, Britain and Australia because these countries have the largest privatized systems. They’ve “also produced egregious human rights violations.”
Even Israel recognizes it. In 2004, after the Knesset passed an amendment to allow private facilities, a firestorm erupted. As a result, the High Court of Justice ruled in 2009 that for-profit prisons violate human rights and dignities by giving companies invasive authority over inmates.
It also ruled that enforcing criminal law is one of the state’s fundamental powers, compromised if placed in private hands. Moreover, it expressed concerns that bottom line priorities would compromise fundamental human rights. America has yet to agree.
Compared to government run prisons, private ones pay lower wages and benefits, use poorly trained staff, and experience higher turnover. Moreover, a 2008 audit reported that GEO hired 100 guards without performing criminal background checks. As a result, prisoner rights are violated when “poorly trained guards control their environment.”
Article 9(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) protects the right to life. Yet it’s violated in prisons worldwide, often because of unsafe conditions and poorly trained staff. For example, a Texas run GEO facility was found negligent for causing an inmate’s death.
While guards watched, he was beaten to death by two inmates. Afterwards, they destroyed incriminating evidence. Other examples involve guard abuse, including prisoners savaged by dogs, shocked with cattle prods, burned with toxic chemicals, harmed by stun guns, and otherwise illegally abused.
Rape and other sexual abuse are also major problems because of the power imbalance between inmates and guards, exacerbated when they’re poorly trained.
Moreover, juvenile inmates are vulnerable. One female youth in a GEO Texas facility reported being raped by prison guards nearly every night. She and others abused sued and won. Two guards pled guilty to criminal sexual assault charges. Nonetheless, the problem remains widespread.
GEO Walnut Grove Correctional Facility is currently under Justice Department investigation for denying its youth inmates medical care and mental health treatment.
A CCA Eloy, AR prisoner died while shackled to bed after doctors didn’t take his medical complaints seriously. Florida inmates sued a CCA facility, alleging guards urinated and defecated on food before serving it.
About 10,300 California CCA prisoners are housed in other states, separating them from families. As a result, prisoner rehabilitation is impeded. In America, however, inmates in privately run federal prisoners can’t sue authorities for civil rights violations (just individuals) unlike others in publicly run facilities.
As a result, corporations are largely insulated from liability, perpetuating human rights violations. They also have no reason to rehabilitate because recidivists increase profits. They’re paid either on a per diem basis per inmate or through construction contracts. Either way, rehabilitation is disincentivized as repeat offenders fill beds.
ICCPR’s Article 9(1) ensures the right to liberty and protects against arbitrary arrest and detention. Bottom line priorities discourage them. For example, in 2009, two Pennsylvania judges pled guilty to bribery schemes for taking payments from two privately run youth detention centers in exchange for committing defendants there. As a result, thousands of victims got disproportionately harsh sentences, many innocent or guilty only of minor offenses, warranting reprimands at most.
Immigrant detentions are especially burgeoning, despite the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention saying detaining them should only be a last resort. However, private prison lobbying increased incarcerations greatly.
On March 17, a Graeme Wood Business Week feature headlined, “A Boom Behind Bars,” saying:
“Private jail operators like (CCA) are making millions off the crackdown on illegal aliens.”
The numbers are stunning. In 2005, Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained about 240,000 immigrants. By 2010, it was nearly 400,000 and rising annually.
Moreover, according to Detention Watch Network, private prison operators in 2009 warehoused around half of all aliens. Currently, it’s likely higher as industry lobbying assures a bigger piece of the incarcerated immigrant population pie.
In 2010, Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 mandates detentions for anyone unable to prove they’re here legally. CCA is a prominent American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) member. In December 2009, it lobbied ALEC to propose migrant incarcerations. Its proposed recommendations were nearly identical to Senate Bill 1070 language.
Most state backers got prison industry campaign contributions. Gov. Jan Brewer, who signed the law, employs two former CCA lobbyists as top aides. Incestuous industry/government ties increase immigrant detentions. For example, GEO’s CEO gave over $100,000 to George Bush. In return, the company got a lucrative 2003 contract to run Guantanamo’s gulag to abuse prisoners there like in America.
Last September, Obama appointed Stacia Hylton as new US Marshals Service (USMS) director, another example of industry/government incest. Her resume includes six years as Justice Department Federal Detention trustee, where she awarded nearly $88 million in contracts to GEO. Afterwards, she was a corporate GEO/CCA consultant.
USMS serves under the Justice Department, responsible for apprehending fugitives, transporting federal prisoners, and providing protection for federal witnesses, among other duties. Her close ties to private prison corporations assure favoring their continued expansion and bottom line priorities over responsibly run penal institutions.
When for-profit firms run them, inmates and their families are harmed. Costs spiral. Communities are impacted. So are taxpayers, and public safety when compromised by higher recidivism rates.
On average, it costs about $78 a day per prisoner (more in private prisons) or as much per year for tuition and fees as at private US colleges and universities. As a result, policies that increase incarceration time or promote recidivism have considerable fiscal impact, especially when budget-strapped states and Washington grapple with controlling costs.
For example, one study found that a decade after California enacted its 1994 “three strikes” law, its incarceration budget cost was $10.4 billion higher, including $6.2 billion extra for longer terms for nonviolent offenses, many warranting little or no prison time.
Moreover, public safety wasn’t served. Criminologists say incarceration impacts it minimally, and time in prison increases recidivism, in both public and for-profit prisons.
Private or government run facilities can make a difference if public ones stress policies not now in force, including shorter sentences, none for minor offenses, rehabilitation, and fewer people incarcerated.
In contrast, private prison companies need bodies to grow. The more beds filled, the more revenue, profit and happy shareholders at the expense of higher costs, broken families, affected communities, and no improvement in public safety to provide it.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America

11 - Jackie O Tapes ‘Reveal How She Believed Johnson Killed JFK & Had Affair With Movie Star’
In the tapes, Jackie allegedly blames Lyndon Johnson for the death of JFK, who took over the post from her husband after his assassination
bullet She will allegedly reveal affair with actor William Holden
bullet Believed Vice-President Johnson was behind husband’s assassination
Jackie Onassis believed that Lyndon B Johnson and a cabal of Texas tycoons were involved in the assassination of her husband John F Kennedy, ‘explosive’ recordings are set to reveal
The secret tapes will show that the former first lady felt that her husband’s successor was at the heart of the plot to murder him.
She became convinced that the then vice president, along with businessmen in the South, had orchestrated the Dallas shooting, with gunman Lee Harvey Oswald – long claimed to have been a lone assassin – merely part of a much larger conspiracy.
Texas-born Mr Johnson, who served as the state’s governor and senator, completed Mr Kennedy’s term and went on to be elected president in his own right.
The tapes were recorded with leading historian Arthur Schlesinger Jnr within months of the assassination on November 22, 1963, and had been sealed in a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston.
The then Mrs Kennedy, who went on to marry Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, had ordered that they should not be released until 50 years after her death, with some reports suggesting she feared that her revelations might make her family targets for revenge.
She died 17 years ago from cancer aged 64 and now her daughter, Caroline Kennedy, has agreed to release the recordings early.
A programme featuring the tapes will be aired by U.S. network ABC, and it is understood British broadcasters are in talks to show it here too.
ABC executives claimed the tapes’ revelations were ‘explosive’.
They are believed to include the suggestion that Mr Kennedy was having an affair with a 19-year-old White House intern, with his wife even claiming that she found knickers in their bedroom.
And they go on to reveal that she too had affairs – one with Hollywood star William Holden and another with Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli – as a result of the president’s indiscretions. It has also been claimed that, in the weeks before Mr Kennedy’s assassination, the couple had turned a corner in their relationship and were planning to have more children.
Historian Edward Klein, who has written several books on the Kennedy clan, said: ‘Jackie regarded the pretty young things in the White House as superficial flings for Jack. She did retaliate by having her own affairs.
‘There was a period during which she was delighted to be able to annoy her husband with her own illicit romances.’
It is believed that Caroline, 53, agreed to the early release of the tapes in exchange for ABC dropping its £10 million drama series about the family.
The Kennedys, starring Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes as Jackie, critically charted the family’s political and personal trials and tribulations since the 1930s. The series was eventually broadcast on an independent cable channel, and on BBC2 in the UK, against Caroline’s


12 - America’s Cratering Economy

Stephen Lendman
Slow-motion fiscal collapse perhaps explains its current state after decades of mismanagement, accelerated under Bush and Obama. The chickens are now coming home to roost big time, hitting ordinary people hardest, suffering under a protracted Main Street Depression. More on that below.
Last April 18, Standard & Poor (S & P) downgraded its rating on America to negative, saying:
S & P “affirmed its ‘AAA’ long-term and ‘A-1+’ short-term sovereign credit ratings on the US. (It also) revised its outlook on the long-term rating of the US sovereign to negative from stable….(W)e now believe (US strengths may) not fully offset the credit risks over the next two years at the ‘AAA’ level….”
“More than two years after the beginning of the recent crisis, US policymakers have still not agreed on how to reverse recent fiscal deterioration or address longer-term fiscal pressures.”
S & P analyst Nikola Swann added that from 2003 – 2008, US debt ranged from 2 – 5% of GDP. However, it ballooned to over 11% in 2009 “and has yet to recover.”
Swann also warned of “a one in three chance that the US could lose its AAA rating in two years because of its mounting debt.”
S & P’s entire statement can be accessed through the following link:
Note: S & P and other major credit agencies partnered with Wall Street speculation and grand theft because they’re paid by the companies they rate. In fact, Washington, too-big-to-fail banks, other FIRE industry (finance, insurance and real estate) giants, and major rating agencies were complicit in fueling the bubble economy and crash by design, not chance.
They’re in league again now, targeting entitlements for privatization, so Wall Street can rip off recipients for big profits, leaving millions unable to comply with their rules high and dry, and those who do will be defrauded.
April 18 was step one. Follow-up came on August 5, saying:
“We have lowered our long-term sovereign credit rating on the United States of America to AA+ from AAA and affirmed the A-1+ short-term rating….The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics.”
“The outlook on the long-term rating is negative. We could lower the long-term rating to AA within two years if we see that less reduction in spending than agreed to, higher interest rates, or new fiscal pressures during the period result in a higher general government debt trajectory than we currently assume in our base case.”
In other words, Wall Street wants deeper cuts, using S & P as its mouthpiece to demand them. Washington, in fact, needs this pressure to enact what’s already planned – successive entitlement and other social benefit cuts until government no longer provides them. That’s what this is all about.
The entire S & P statement can be accessed through the following link:
Note what economist Paul Craig Roberts told Press TV last April:
Without permission, “(i)f a rating agency actually reduced the credit rating of the US government, it would simply be arrested, tortured and put on trial as an aider and abettor of terrorism.”
In other words, it can’t happen without Washington’s permission, following orders from Wall Street, running government operations their way, putting their people in key posts to direct everything financial going on.
Washington, in fact, is Wall Street/War Profiteers/Big Oil/and other favored corporations’ occupied territory, along with the Israeli Lobby getting everything it wants for Israel, even when counterproductive to America.
In fact, these diabolical forces corrupted political Washington beyond repair. As a result, today’s choice is either letting them have everything their way, destroying American and perhaps planet earth in the process, or ripping down the entire rotten-to-the-core system and starting over. There is no other alternative. It’s too late.
Note also as a previous article explained:
Financial expert/investor safety advocate Martin Weiss downgraded US debt to C-, the equivalent of S&P’s BBB- or one notch above junk, heading for it eventually.
In doing so, he said:
Regardless of the debt ceiling/budget debate charade outcome (since announced), “few will escape the far-reaching consequences of America’s unfolding debt disaster.”
As a result, he calls today’s machinations “just a dress rehearsal for the true tragedy of a nation unable to end its own financial decline any more effectively than a Greece, Ireland, or Portugal.”
Why? “Among the 49 sovereign nations Weiss Ratings covers, the US has one of the heaviest debt burdens, the weakest international reserves, and the least stable economy.”
In addition, “America’s largest banks have the greatest exposure to high risk derivatives – nearly 40% more today than during the debt crisis of 2008.” They’re a ticking time bomb waiting to explode anytime when least expected.
America’s Economy: Heading for Eventual Collapse
On August 5, Boom, Doom and Gloom Report editor/publisher Marc Faber told CNBC that markets could rebound after August 4′s rout, but ahead he sees total collapse, saying:
Massive money printing artificially boosts markets, postponing an eventual day of reckoning because deep-seated problems weren’t fixed, just delayed for later when they’re greater. As a result, the next “global economic crisis….will be much worse than 2008.”
Ahead of it will be more money printing and war, he believes. “The whole system will collapse.” It’s baked in the cake and will happen. It’s not if but when, how deep, protracted and destructive to billions globally, including millions of working Americans hammered hard.
Gluskin Sheff economist David Rosenberg provides important assessments of conditions. Commenting on the latest July employment report he said:
The primary private payrolls trend shows a slowing economy. “In fact, it is slowing fast, and, it is following a very similar pattern that occurred between three and eight months before the last four recessions.”
The July report belies a disturbing trend, heading south faster than most analysts believe. The headline 117,000 jobs created was, in fact, 60,000 with the so-called “birth/death” ratio removed.
Moreover, the broader Household survey showed 38,000 jobs lost, “and is down now in three of the past four months, for a combined total of – 568,000.”
In addition, U-3 unemployment falling to 9.1% resulted from 200,000 discouraged workers, dropping out in frustration for lack of jobs. Labor force participation also fell to 63.9%, its lowest level since May 1983, and the employment rate (employment/population ratio) dropped to 58.1%, “a 28-year low as well.”
America’s economy is in sickbay, getting sicker. “Forewarned is forearmed.” Structural headwinds are everywhere.
Before long, establishment analysts will have to admit what Rosenberg and economists on the Progressive Radio News Hour warned about much earlier – that destructive government/Fed policies assure big trouble ahead, and the longer they continue, the worse off things will be. Count on it, and it’ll be nasty when it arrives full-force.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at [email protected]. Also visit his blog and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. He is also the author of “How Wall Street Fleeces America

13 - Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer

A Reminder of Our Past 1975
In light of recent events in Afghanistan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Libya and elsewhere, a reminder of our real history may be needed.
In 1975, during the Church Committee hearings, the existence of a secret assassination weapon came to light. The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack. This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark. Once in the body the poison would melt and be absorbed into the blood and cause a heart attack! The poison was developed to be undetectable by modern autopsy procedures.
Can you give a person cancer? If cancer in animals can be caused by injecting them with cancer viruses and bacteria, it would certainly be possible to do the same with human beings! In 1931, Cornelius Rhoads, a pathologist from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, purposely infects human test subjects in Puerto Rico with cancer cells; 13 of them died. Though a Puerto Rican doctor later discovers that Rhoads purposely covered up some of the details of his experiment and Rhoads himself gives a written testimony stating he believes that all Puerto Ricans should be killed, he later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Fort Detrick Maryland (origin of the HIV/AIDS virus, the Avian Flu virus and the Swine Flu / A-H1N1 virus), Utah and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, where he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.
The answer to the question – Can you give a person cancer – is yes. After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer. Both have been used as a means of assassination. Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish an assassination induced heart attack or cancer from the real thing.
Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a “natural cause”? Not if government agencies have found a way to influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation. Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets. By firing at your chest with a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so-called heart attack. In this way, high profile leaders of political parties who are prone to heart attacks can be killed off before they cause any trouble. Jack Ruby died of cancer a few weeks after his conviction for murder had been overruled in appeals court and he was ordered to stand trial outside of Dallas – thus allowing him to speak freely if he so desired. There was little hesitancy in Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald in order to prevent him from talking, so there is no reason to suspect that any more consideration would have been shown Jack Ruby if he had posed a threat to people in the US government who had conspired to murder the president of the United States – John F Kennedy.
Matt Simmons, an oil industry expert, was assassinated for turning whistle blower over the Obama administration coverup of the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Investment banker Matt Simmons, who died suddenly, was an energy industry insider and presidential adviser whose profile soared when he wrote that Saudi Arabia is running out of oil and world production is peaking. Simmons, 67, died at his vacation home in Maine. An autopsy by the state medical examiner’s office concluded Monday that he died from accidental drowning “with heart disease as a contributing factor.”
His 2005 best-selling book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, brought him a wider audience. The book argued that Saudi Arabia vastly overstated the size of its oil reserves and that the world was on the verge of a severe oil shortage as the largest oil fields become depleted. This revelation is backed up by Iran. Iran knows the Middle East oil supply is quickly drying up and for that reason it is now focusing on building nuclear reactors. Once the oil runs out Iran will be the only country in the Middle East that will be energy self-sufficient. All of the other Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia will become Third World impoverished states.
Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was also assassinated. He was found dead in the detention center at The Hague tribunal. Mr Milosevic faced charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his alleged central role in the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo during the 1990s. He also faced genocide charges over the 1992-95 Bosnia war, in which 100,000 people died.
Milosevic wrote a letter one day before his death claiming he was being poisoned to death in jail. An autopsy verified his claim as it showed that Milosevic’s body contained a drug that rendered his usual medication for high blood pressure and his heart condition ineffective, causing the heart attack that led to his death.
Former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson told reporters that he saw documents in 1992 that discussed assassinating Milosevic by means of a staged car accident, where the driver would be blinded by a flash of light and remote controlled brake failure enacted to cause the crash. This exact same technique was utilized for real in the murder of Princess Diana.
If Milosevic was murdered, who would ultimately be responsible? NATO. Why NATO? Because, though the ICTY (or ‘Hague Tribunal’) presents itself to the world as a UN body, NATO officials have themselves made clear, in public, that it really belongs to NATO. NATO appointed the prosecutors, and the judges who ruled out investigating any war crimes accusations against NATO. It follows that Slobodan Milosevic, who was a prisoner of the Hague Tribunal’s Scheveningen prison when he died, was a prisoner of NATO. NATO had both motive and opportunity to kill him.
In March 2002, Milosevic presented the NATO controlled Hague tribunal with FBI documents proving that both the United States government and NATO provided financial and military support for Al-Qaeda to aid the Kosovo Liberation Army in its war against Serbia. This didn’t go down too well at the Pentagon and the White House, who at the time were trying to sell a war on terror and gearing up to justify invading Iraq.
During Milosevic’s trial for war crimes NATO alleged that the Serbs had committed a massacre of Albanian civilians in the Kosovo town of Racak. Evidence presented in the court showed that NATO’s claim was a hoax. This is especially embarrassing because the allegation of a massacre at Racak was the excuse that NATO used to begin bombing the Serbs on 24 March 1999 (the carpet bombing were done by the United States Air Force -authorized by then president Bill and Hillary Clinton). Then NATO claimed that the Serbs had supposedly been murdering 100,000 Albanian civilians. However, NATO’s own forensics reported that they could not find even one body of an Albanian civilian murdered by Milosevic’s forces. The failure to find any bodies eventually led to NATO’s absurd claim that the Serbs had supposedly covered up the genocide by moving the many thousands of bodies in freezer trucks deep into Serbia (while Bill Clinton was carpet bombing the place) without leaving a single trace of evidence. But the Hague tribunal showed these accusations to be entirely fraudulent as well.
Milosevic made several speeches in which he discussed how a group of shadowy internationalists had caused the chaos in the Balkans because it was the next step on the road to a “new world order.”
During a February 2000 Serbian Congressional speech, Milosevic stated,
“Small Serbia and people in it have demonstrated that resistance is possible. Applied at a broader level, it was organized primarily as a moral and political rebellion against tyranny, hegemony, monopolism, generating hatred, fear and new forms of violence and revenge against champions of freedom among nations and people, such a resistance would stop the escalation of modern time inquisition. Uranium bombs, computer manipulations, drug-addicted young assassins and bribed of blackmailed domestic thugs, promoted to the allies of the new world order, these are the instruments of inquisition which have surpassed, in their cruelty and cynicism, all previous forms of revengeful violence committed against the mankind in the past.”
Evidence linking Milosevic to genocides like Srebrenica, in which 7,000 Muslims died, was proven to be fraudulent. In fact, Srebrenica was a ‘UN safe zone’, yet just like Rwanda, UN peacekeepers deliberately withdrew and allowed the massacre to unfold, then blamed Milosevic. Milosevic’s exposure of UN involvement in the Srebrenica massacre was another reason why tribunal transcripts were heavily edited and censored by NATO, and another contributing factor for NATO to murder him while he was in their custody.
NATO’s Hague Tribunal was clearly a kangaroo court whose sole purpose was to convince ordinary people all over the world that NATO’s destruction of Yugoslavia was justified. Since NATO failed to show this in its own court (a total absence of evidence did make this difficult), there is indeed a powerful NATO motive to murder Milosevic – to prevent his acquittal. In this way, NATO can continue to claim that Milosevic was guilty, and nobody would begin to look into the mountain of evidence that showed that it was NATO leaders (particularly US president Bill Clinton) who committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Yugoslavia.
So many people have been done in by cancer at a convenient time in history that it is now time to ask the question “who is assassinating people by giving their target cancer or inducing a massive heart attack”? Who ordered the hits and why?
Mr. Charles Senseney, a CIA weapon developer at Fort Detrick, Maryland, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee in September 1975 where he described an umbrella poison dart gun he had made. He said it was always used in crowds with the umbrella open, firing through the webing so it would not attract attention. Since it was silent, no one in the crowd could hear it and the assassin merely would fold up the umbrella and saunter away with the crowd. Video footage of the assassination of John F Kennedy shows this umbrella gun being used in Dealey Plaza. Video evidence of the events of November 22, 1963 shows that the first shot fired on the fateful day had always seemed to have had a paralytic effect on Kennedy. His fists were clenched and his head, shoulders and arms seemed to stiffen. An autopsy revealed that there was a small entrance wound in his neck but no evidence of a bullet path through his neck and no bullet was ever recovered that matched that small size.
Charles Senseney testified that his Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick had received assignments from the CIA to develop exotic weaponry. One of the weapons was a hand-held dart gun that could shoot a poison dart into a guard dog to put it out of action for several hours. The dart and the poison left no trace so that examination would not reveal that the dogs had been put out of action. The CIA ordered about 50 of these weapons and used them operationally. Senseney said that the darts could have been used to kill human beings and he could not rule out the possibility that this had been done by the CIA.
A special type of poison developed for the CIA induces a heart attack and leaves no trace of any external influence unless an autopsy is conducted to check for this particular poison. The CIA revealed this poison in various accounts in the early 1970s. The CIA even revealed the weapon that fired those darts that induces a heart attack at a congressional hearing. The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target. The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes. A former CIA agent disclosed that the darts were made of a frozen form of the liquid poison. She disclosed that the dart would melt within the target and would only leave a very tiny red dot at the entry point – the same type of small entrance wound that was found during the autopsy of John F Kennedy.
For over 50 years assassinations have been carried out so skillfully as to leave the impression that the victims died from natural causes. Details of some of the techniques used to achieve this were brought to light in 1961 when professional KGB assassin Bogdan Stashinskiy defected to the West and revealed that he had successfully performed two such missions. In 1957 he killed Ukrainian emigré writer Lev Rebet in Munich with a poison vapor gun which left the victim dead of an apparent heart attack. In 1959, the same type of weapon was used on Ukrainian emigré leader Stepan Bandera, although Bandera’s death was never fully accepted as having been from natural causes.
Among the witnesses, important people and conspirators who might have been eliminated by induced heart attack and cancer are: Jack Rudy (died of a stroke due to an undiagnosed form of aggressive cancer, just weeks after he agreed to testify before Congress about the JFK assassination), Clay Shaw, J. Edgar Hoover, Earlene Roberts (Oswald’s land-lady), Marlyn Monroe, Slobodan Milosevic, Kenneth Lay (former CEO of ENRON – the largest political campaign contributor of Gorge W Bush and Dick Cheney), Matt Simmons, Mark Pittman (a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings. Pittman fought to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny), Elizabeth Edwards (suddenly diagnosed with cancer while her husband was campaigning against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the presidency of the United States. During a campaign speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in May 2007, Edwards called the War on Terrorism a slogan that was created for political reasons and that it wasn’t a plan to make the United States safe. He went further to compare it to a bumper sticker and that it had damaged the US’s alliances and standing in the world.), … enter here the names of every politically outspoken person, whistle blower or witness who died unexpectedly of a heart attack or who quickly died of an incurable cancer.
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The famous author Robert B. Parker wrote PAINTED LADIES, a novel which prominently featured Jews as villains. Parker died almost immediately on publication of PL. The cynical notice in the Sulzbergerz’ NYT said that his death from an apparent heart attack came as a surprise. William Tapply wrote the also excellent THE NOMINATION, same plot feature & same immediate sequel for the author, who was said to have succumbed to leukemia. The serious reader will compare these two works with the piles of war-mongering trash generated by Pentagon fantasists like Brad Thor, David Hagberg, Vince Flynn & so on ad nauseam. Other apparent victims of CIA/Mossad bio-assassination include Bob Marley & Terence McKenna, both by “brain cancer”. Also noted: HARD RAIN [~2008] by the Australian David Rollins, who’s much younger than the deceased Parker & Tapply.
Rollins’s publisher, a German behemoth with Israeli ties, dropped him immediately.
Be it further noted that it looks like within the past 3 weeks the Secret Police have moved to suppress the Usenet. Although unknown to many new-comers to the Internet, the 100K+ Usenet newsgroups still allowed global free discussion of all issues. This also enabled expert analysts immediately to puncture the propaganda balloons floated over each new USraeli black op, such as the attacks in Mumbai and in Norway. With JAPE or the “Jewish-American Planetary Empire” visibly collapsing by the day, did HenKi’s cyber-commandos feel the vigorous discussion featured on the Usenet was too much of risk?
Finally, howzabout we give a rest to the careless abuse of the word “Fascist”? Mussolini’s spaghetti-boys were tooth fairies compared to the Jewish-Bolshevik Secret Police who murdered millions of Ukrainians & Russians by enforced famine, torture, gunfire and Gulag. Flinging around the “Fascist” tag gives way too much of a break to the Jews, who were then the main threat to normal people alias “gentiles” and are even more so today.
Lastly, lerts will sharply distinguish between the destructive crypto-Jewish “Communism” in Europe vs. the national movements of the similar names in China & in Vietnam which successfully threw out the white invaders & their local puppets and which have since brought prosperity to their peoples.

14 - Colombia : Pillage, Promise and Peace
Invited paper to be presented to the “Encuentro Nacional de comunidades Campesinas, Afrodescendientes e Indigenas por la Tierra y la Paz de Colombia”
“El dialogo es la Ruta”
12 al 15 de agosto 2011, Barrancabermeja – Colombia
We live in a time of great destruction and grand economic opportunities and Latin America is no exception. In the global context, the US Empire is engaged in destructive wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Haiti). In contrast China, India, Brazil, Argentina and other “emerging economies” are expanding trade, investments and reducing poverty. The European Union (EU) and the United States (USA) are in deep economic crises. The EU “periphery” (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain) are totally bankrupt. The US “dependencies” in North America (Mexico), Central America and the Caribbean are virtual narco-states plagued by mass poverty, astronomical crime rates and economic stagnation. The US dependencies are plundered by foreign multi-nationals, local oligarchs and corrupt politicians.
Colombia stands at the crossroads: it can follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, narco-President Alvaro Uribe and remain a military dependency, a lone outpost of the US Empire in South America. Colombia can remain at the margin of the most dynamic world markets and at war with its people or via a new socio-political leadership it can effect a profound reorientation of policy and consummate a transition toward greater integration with the dynamic markets of the world.
Colombia has all the objective ingredients (material and human resources) to be part of the dynamic new order. But first and foremost it must shed its role as the militarized vassal of the United States and an object of exploitation by a rentier oligarchy. Colombia must cease backing US coups (Honduras, Venezuela) and threatening its neighbors (Ecuador).
Colombia cannot develop its productive forces and finance the modernization of higher education and upgrade technical training and expend billions on the hundreds of thousands of military, paramilitary, police and intelligence operatives. The military repressive apparatus is directed at repressing the most productive, creative e and motivated sectors of the labor force. Prosperity depends on civil peace which depends on the profound demilitarization of the Colombian state. The connection between economy and military is clear. China spends one tenth of the US military budget but grows five times faster. Brazil’s independent foreign policy and realignment with the Asian market has led to high growth, while Mexico, as a satellite of the North American Free Trade Treaty, is a stagnant, failed state.
De-Militarization: The Specificities of Colombia:
Colombia is the most militarized society in Latin America, with the highest number of civil society victims. “Militarism” in Colombia includes the largest active military force operating within state boundaries and being the largest recipient of military financing from the greatest militarist power in the world. As a subordinate client of the US Empire, Colombia has the worst human rights record, as far as the killing of journalists, trade unionists, peasant activists and human rights advocates.
State and para-state violence, however, is not random; over 4 million Colombian farmers, peasants and rural intermediaries have been forcibly dispossessed and their lands seized by big landowners, narco-traffickers, generals and businesspeople allied with the government. In other words State terror and mass dispossession is a peculiarly Colombian method of “capital accumulation”. State violence is the method to secure the means of production to increase agro-exports at the expense of family farmers.
In Colombia, state and para-state extermination replaces the market and “contractual relations” in effecting economic transactions. The unequal relations between a militarist state and popular civil society movements has been the principal impediment to a transition from an oligarchical political regime to a pluralistic representative democratic electoral system.
Colombia combines 19th century forms of elite representation with highly developed 21st century means of military repression: a case of combined and uneven development. As a result we find ‘unbalanced growth’; an overdeveloped military, police, paramilitary apparatus and underdeveloped social and political institutions willing and capably of engaging in negotiations through reciprocity and compromises within a civic framework.
The state culture of “permanent war” undermines the conditions of trust and reciprocity and raises unacceptable risks to any social and political interlocutors.
Within the militarized state – especially because of its deep-rooted links to regional US military institutions – only “negotiations” which reinforce the current socio-economic order and political institutional arrangement are acceptable. Even recognized “peace mediators” engage in one-sided “negotiations” demanding unilateral concessions from insurgents and rarely make demands for reciprocal concessions from the State.
Most Latin American countries which have gone through a transition from dictatorial rule to electoral politics have respected opponents; only Colombia has murdered the entire political leadership and activists – from the Patriotic Union – who converted from armed to electoral struggle. No other Latin American (or European or Asian)opposition has experience the state violence inflicted on the Union Patriotica (UP): the murder of 5,000 activists including Presidential and Congressional candidates.
South America’s current center-left regimes, their thriving economies and the free and open social movement struggles, are a product of social upheavals (between 1999-2005) which ended ‘militarized politics’. Popular revolts in Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Venezuela cleared the way for the Center-Left. In Brazil, Uruguay and Chile social movements helped displace rightwing regimes.
As a result of mass struggles and popular uprisings, center-left regimes pursue relatively independent economic policies and progressive anti-poverty programs. They have raised living standards and provide political and social space for continued class struggle.
Colombia is one of the few countries which have failed to make the transition from a right-wing militarist regime to a center-left welfare and development model, because unlike the rest of Latin America it has yet to experience a popular uprising, resulting in a new political configuration.
Peace Settlements: Central America or Indo-China?
“Peace settlements” produce winners and losers and reflect the external and internal correlation of forces. The process of negotiation, including who is consulted in setting priorities and making concessions ,is central to the future trajectory of the “peace process”.
Recent history provides us with two diametrically opposed ‘peace processes’ with dramatically different consequences: the Indo-Chinese peace settlement of 1973-75 and the Central American peace settlements of 1992-1993. In the case of Indo-China and more specifically the Vietnamese-US peace settlement, the National Liberation Front (NLF), secured the withdrawal of the US military forces, the dismantling of US military bases and the de-militarization of the state. The NLF agreed to a process of political integration based on the recognition of certain basic socio-economic and political reforms, including agrarian reform, the repossession of farms by millions of displaced peasants and the prosecution of civilian and military officials charged with crimes against humanity. The FLN negotiators made political concessions but were in close consultation with their mass base of peasants, workers and professionals. They upheld the principle of democratizing the state and demilitarizing society as essential conditions for ending the war.
Over the past 35 years, Vietnam has evolved from an independent socialist toward a mixed public-private capitalist economy, transiting toward higher growth and higher living standards but increasing inequalities and greater corruption.
In contrast, the Central American peace agreements signed by the guerrilla leaders led to the end of armed conflict and the incorporation of the insurgent elite into the electoral system. However, there were no basic changes in the military, economic and social system. None of the mass popular organizations were consulted. The bulk of the armed fighters, both popular insurgents and paramilitary mercenaries, were discharged and became an army of “armed” unemployed. Over the past 20 years, criminal gangs have taken over large swathes of Central America, while the ex-Farabundo Marti guerrilla elite and their Guatemalan/ Nicaraguan colleagues, have become affluent businesspeople and allied with conservative electoral politicians. They are protected by private bodyguards and oblivious of the conditions of 60% of the population living below the poverty-line. The “peace accords” in Central America served as a vehicle for social mobility for the guerrilla elite. They did not end the violence. Every year more people meet a violent death than were killed during the years of civil war.
The Vietnamese and Central American peace agreements took place during different international moments. In the 1970’s the Soviet Union and China provided broad international material and political support to the Vietnamese. During the Central American peace negotiations, the Soviet Union disintegrated, China was turning to capitalism and Cuba was facing a “special period” of economic crises because of the loss of Soviet aid and trade.
Clearly the change in the international correlation of forces influenced but did not determine the unfavorable results in Central America. In less than a decade after the disastrous Central American peace accords, Venezuela, under President Chavez, proceeded to defeat a coup and advanced toward a socialist transformation. Popular revolts overthrew neo-liberal rulers in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and elsewhere. The end of the USSR did not end successful class struggles in Latin America.
The reactionary political correlation of forces of the 1990’s has changed dramatically. By 2011, only Central America, Mexico and Colombia remain as islands of reaction in a sea of resurgent leftism and popular struggles in South America, North Africa and South Asia.
The Central American peace settlement, with its acceptance of the militarized state, linked to agro-mineral export elites and narco-criminal gangs has become a monument for a failed “peace process”. The Vietnamese peace settlement, while far from perfect, at least has provided peace, security, agrarian reform, and higher income for the peasantry and workers. No doubt Colombia has historical and structural differences with Central American and Indo-China.
The armed social movements in Colombia have a specific history which preceded the Central Americans insurgents by many years and has developed political ties with certain regions and social movements which have endured over time. Unlike Central American and Vietnam insurgents they are also not dependent on “external” supporters. Above all the failed experience with “political reconciliation” in Central America has caused Colombian insurgents to raise significant conditions regarding the peace process, namely demilitarization and socio-economic reforms (agrarian reform and land recovery for the dispossessed). “Peace at any price” will only lead to new and equally virulent forms of violence, as is the case today in Mexico with 10,000 killings a year 7,000 murders a year in El Salvador and an equal amount of homicides in Guatemala.
The Vietnam experience of peace via social justice and de-militarization seems to ensure a modicum of prosperty. Certainly the international correlation of forces has dramatically improved. Latin America has replaced neo-liberal puppet regimes. The Latin American economies have found dynamic Asian markets independent of the US. Popular revolts in the Middle East and Asia – from Tunisia to Afghanistan are forcing the US military to retreat. The international and regional context is very favorable if Colombia can take advantage of it. The method and modes of struggle ,those which unite popular movements without distinction, should be openly discussed and resolved without exclusions . The insurgency is part of the solution, not the problem. The key to a successful dialogue is the demilitarization of the state-ending the US military presence, terminating Plan Colombia and converting military spending to economic and social development.
Read more by this author here.

15 - “Bin Laden” Heroes Probably Murdered to Keep Them Quiet

Some Possibly Killed in Abbottabad Helicopter Crash Months Before
By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Veterans Today
Today 31 NATO troops, 20 of them Navy Seals from the Osama bin Laden operation died in what is reported as a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
The chances of this story being true is almost nil. The chances of this being a staged coverup is over 80%. We believe these people were murdered to silence them. This is why.
We have solid information on two areas:
  1. Osama bin Laden died in 2001 as an active CIA employee and his body was recovered in Afghanistan and taken to “the sand box.” We were told it was frozen. We have so much verification from this, CIA, ISI, US military and top officials. I have a direct confirmation from Bin Laden’s CIA handler who I grilled mercilessly on this.
  2. The Abbottabad operation involved numerous American deaths, witnessed, bodies all over, a helicopter crash. (suppressed translated TV interview below) These bodies were recovered by land vehicle from Islamabad and there was NO “successful” bin Laden operation of any kind. There was and has been a CIA safe house in Abbotabad where terror suspects were stored for years.
This gave the US several areas of severe vulnerability. Generally, Navy Seals are the best people in the world at keeping their mouths shut, these are real team players, as the term “Seal Team” belies.
We at VT were informed that the bin Laden operation was staged at this time, a theatrical farce, to cover the exit of Secretary Gates, the move by former CIA Director Leon Panetta into the DOD as Secretary of Defense and to stem any heroic claims by new CIA Director Petraeus of killing the long dead Osama bin Laden, the long frozen CIA operative.
Petraeus is a possible presidential contender and had to be denied this “gift from heaven,” a fast track to the oval office for sure.
Will We Ever Know What Happened?
Again, I remind you, I went over specific meetings on bin Laden with his handlers, getting every last detail. I have watched what has gone on, the continuing need to vilify a long dead top CIA operative to provide residual cover for the Bush administration….
The reason? Bush and his cronies are all facing charges of war crimes, not just in minor jurisdictions but heading for the ICC, putting them on the dock with Gaddafi ( a far less harmful character).
As for the timing of this incident? This we will work on. What we can easily surmise is that some of the dead have been dead since their bodies were taken away from the helicopter crash site in Abbotabad.
Who would order such a thing? We are going to have to wait but we are going to find out. However, we expected this, the timing is exactly as predicted.
When the phony Abbotbad operation came out, I immediately understood what happened. I also saw much potential good from it other than the tragedy of the dead Americans from the crash. I wrote of this and see their deaths as more heroic than many recognize.
They died to erase for all time remnants of the Bush era fairly tale of badguy and evildoer Osama bin Laden. Enough good men had died chasing a ghost who lived only in phony video and audio tapes by “Bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv and in the continual “boogeyman” rhetoric of professional fearmongers.
Not long afterward, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, another able public servant announced the near defeat of Al Qaeda, another Bush fairly tale.
Al Qaeda has never existed, there are no magic worldwide terror conspiracies other than those run by governments. There are several of those and I have written extensively on these. Google will help you with this if you are curious.
When VT saw why the government staged this, we saw we could accomplish two things:
  1. We could simply report the truth for those willing to believe it, something we believe is the right thing to do.
  2. We could also support the United States in a very real way, knowing Pakistan would weather this crisis, timed, in some ways, as a face saving move in response to the embarrassing Raymond Davis affair. I believed if the truth came out, clear enough for insiders, intel and miliary for sure, to understand that we knew and other insiders knew, there would be no reason to “clean house” afterward, to stage a coverup and get rid of any involved.
Abbotabad - How Many Died Here?
I had felt that we had provided cover for the Seal Team, we hadn’t trashed them, we acknowledged the dead at Abbotabad where no one else bothered, this is our job as fellow members of America’s military forces (current and former).
More importantly, we got out word, I certainly did enough radio and TV on this, enough that, for anyone who care, the “truth was out there.”
This is all we could do but I hoped it would stem a need for covering tracks. After all, anyone leaking real information on the operation would only seem like they had gotten it from me and I put it out there in such a manner that I allowed room to be “debunked.”
I do this to protect myself but I really was thinking of them. These are great guys, Seals are among the best people on earth. The Seal and Special Forces communities are, of the military groups in the US, some of the finest people I know.
They also help cover my “behind,” which I appreciate.
This is just too obvious, too brazen. I can’t imagine it started at the White House or even cabinet level but maybe I am deluding myself. Bin Laden was all about the election.
After the bond collapse and credit disaster yesterday, anything threatening President Obama’s reelection is seen, by some, as a threat to America’s financial survival. This debt crisis is a bigger threat to the US than a Japanese invasion in 1942 would have been.
You may not see it that way and you certainly cant get out your hunting rifle to fix it. (Don’t be a sap, kill a Jap!)
Osama in Better Days
Someone had gotten to someone. My best guess and this is a guess…an expose’ by the mainstream media, perhaps Murdoch, another guess, conjecture I admit, regarding the farce at Abbottabad, information possibly gotten through spying, bribery and blackmail, threatened to take down Obama.
With Murdoch’s good friend and “monkeyboy,” Netanyahu ‘on the ropes,” with crowds marching in Israel’s streets demanding his ouster, we have more timing to factor in.
The bin Laden killing, the third rate drama of capturing an unarmed frozen dead guy and throwing him into the ocean had probably become an albatross around certain high ranking necks.
Norway was no accident, it was a warning too. It has been containerized, just as the Murdoch espionage issue is now “poor Rupert and the pie thrower.”
These Americans are casualties in a game, one like 9/11, sacrificial pawns, like Britain’s 7/7, all lies, all theatre, all evil.
This is not for public consumption. There are those who know exactly who I am talking to.
There are many of us here who still keep our mouths shut about so many things. There are too many who don’t even care, most of us at VT do. Yes, I am aware I can be jailed, I am aware my passport can be pulled, I already see the damned surveillance.
We aren’t anti-American. I am simply sick of seeing solutions that go one direction, stealing everything that isn’t nailed down. I am also sick of the fact that Washington can’t visit the “head’ without Israel’s permission.
This…today, this is too much. It is unforgivable. We are not going to allow this to stand.
We have a long standing history of “cleaning house” after operations of this kind. Usually its dead senators in plane crashes, heart attacks, car wrecks, like the Minot Barksdale or 9/11 incidents. I could name a dozen more. Does the name Wheeler meaning anything to you? Anyone remember Pat Tillman?
But this many?
Suppressed TV Report of Navy Seals Killed in bin Laden Operation (Urdu – Translation Below)
Anchor: Welcome back, Mohammad Bashir is a resident of Abboottabad’s Bilal Town. Muhammad Bashir might seem an ordinary guy but he is no ordinary guy. Muhammad Bashir lives in front of Osama Ben Laden’s house in Bilal Town Abbottabad. On 2nd of May, Muhammad Bashir was present on his rooftop from where he saw the whole American operation against Osama Ben Laden with his own eyes. Yesterday when our team was present In Bilal Town, Abbottabad, near Osama Ben Laden’s hose, Muhammad Bashir came to us and said, “Sister, I need to tell you something, something that is a burden on my heart and soul”, just listen to what he said.
Bashir: I am going to share something about the Abbottabad operation which till this day nobody else has told you.
Anchor: But Muhammad Bashir was a little afraid too, while talking to me he telephoned hia reletive, Vice President of Jummat-e-Islami, Abdur Razzaq Abasi, watch it
Reporter: Tell me your name and tell me whare do you live
Bashir: Let me first, Let me talk to him one minute, i will give you full interview, full or half?
Reporter: Full Full
Bashir: Let me first talk to him
Reporter: To whom? To Abbasi?
Bashir: yes, to Abbasi
Anchor: Muhammad Bashir told us something that no one said before. So we checked his identity card, we also confirmed that he really lives there, we asked from the senior fellows about him. We were very astonished by his story just see and listen what he said.
Bashir: We were awake, not asleep, a helicopter came, some men came down from that, into that house, then that helicopter went away
Reporter: How many men?
Bashir: 10-12, then that helicopter took rounds of those rear hills, then he came bac…k and when he came bach, two more helicopters arrived, one from the west and other from the north, there was a blast in the first helicopter and it was on fire, we immediately came out, when we reached there, the helicopter was burning, then after about 20 minutes the army and police arrived, they pushed us back, now we are asking that if oama was here then who took him to america because all those men that came in the helicopter died in the blast, now if Osama was in that helicopter he must have died and got burnt in that helicopter too, then how they took him? this is a question of serious concern. America claims they they killed him and picked him up. How they picked him up? This is what we are thinking
Reporter: Was there only one helicopter?
Bashir? Yes the other that came flew away to Mansehra, there was only one that landed the men and came back to pick them but as he was picking them up, it blew away and caught fire.
Reporter: Then were in it when it blew?
Bashir: Yes They were.
Reporter : How you know?
Bashir: We saw it with our own eyes
Reporter: You saw dead man?
Bashir: Yes, dead men,
Reporter: How many?
Bashir: I couldnt count them because then the compound was on fire. The gate was open, we went in, the army and police hadnt arrived then, there were some people but they werent stopping them. The whole neighborhood has seen that but they are silent now.
Bashir: We saw the helicopter burning, we saw the dead bodies, then everything was removed and now there is nothing
Reporter: How many dead bodies you saw?
Bashir: We couldn’t count them because they were blown into pieces.
The reporter asked Bashir to narrate the story again.
Bashir said we could see the faces of those men but they were speaking pashto. I dont know whether they were Pakistani or American army or people of agencies, as you know that agency people can speak many languages.
May be they were speaking Pashto so that we consider them Pakistani.
They knocked and banged at our doors and told us not to come out.
I laid down on my rooftop and was watching them.
My kids were calling me, I told them to go to their rooms and let me check whats going on.
The reporter asks Bashir, that when he saw that the helicopter was American what was he thinking then?
Bashir said that he got afraid. He didn’t had in his mind that they will attack that house. He thought that they might have come to attack the Pakistan Army.
The reporter asked so when was your cousin Shamraiz taken away?
Bashir: Shamrez was at our home, as the helicopter exploded, me and many others went out of our homes to see what happened. Shamrez also came out and the gate of the compound was open, we went in, every thing was lying scattered, as it is a huge compound, some body parts were lying here, some there, legs, arms, heads, broken and torn body parts, during that time some part of the helicopter inside, may be the engine or other fuel related part had an explosion so we rushed out. During that time Shamrez was taken away, he is in his home now, but no one is allowed to meet him and i couldn’t get a chance to talk to him later.
Then the anchor says that they had vegetations inside the compound and Shamrez was their gardener. We know that two men Arshad and Tariq used to live there. They had good relations with the neighbours, they used to buy things from the local store. Sometimes imported dates and used to send many things to their neighbours.
Then the reporter is at Abdullah Ben Zubair Mosque, which is the nearest to compound of Osama.
She asks a guy: do you think people would have been glad and happy if they would have ever met osama?
The guy : Yes, possibly. Because he was a muslim and he believed in God.
This is the whole story! Every aspect and point translated.
The gentleman being interviewed lives across from the compound. His cousin Sahab Jamrez Khan used to grow vegetables in the compound. He was taken away in all the hullabaloo on tape @10.29 Bashir says he did not see when they wisked his cousin away.
Interviewer asks “Have you spoken to your cousin?”
Bashir “No, I have not seen him yet he in in the house. “They will not let him get out” “They will not let me get in.”
2 other men Arshad Sahib and Tariq Sahib used to go to market to shop for that compound and bought international brand items. Dates, dried meat found in compound. Also food used to come from compound to Bashir’s house Kabulu Pilau and things like that used to be presented to Bashir. They will follow up with more information. In the end the lady is standing in front of Abdullah Bin Zubair mosque. The mosque was with in walking distance of the compound. She asks people if Osama did attend this mosque people would have be happy? The one answered maybe. The other said Osama did “not” live here but he was muslim and believed in God. Interview ends.
Another thing to note is that Bashir mentioned that we are very “sharif” meaning law abiding honest people. His town was a peaceful place no excitement no murders, fights, and he is unhappy how they have made his town so frightful with all this news. One thing is very clear in this video. Two helicopters hovered never landed. One landed dropped Pashto speaking poeple on the roof 10-12 of them Helicopter left fo 20 minutes returned to load people in and small blast engine failure fire helicopter parts all over. Body parts arms, legs, head, all over. Pakistani Army/Police came in dispersed crowd. The whole scene is cleaned up totally now. No evidence left to examine.
Deep Background, The Raymond Davis Affair

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Blog for Our Future

By Robert L. Borosage

16 - Shock Doctrine: How Conservatives and Corporate Elites are Stoking Economic Hysteria to Force Catastrophic Cuts

Global economic turmoil is getting worse. Europe’s financial crisis now imperils Spain and Italy. The folly of premature austerity savages economies in Great Britain, Europe and, increasingly, the United States. China and the emerging economies are slowing down. This economy seems stalled at best. People are sensibly scared, worried about their jobs, their homes, their lost savings, their prospects.
Conservative and corporate elites are stoking the turmoil, and using fear to panic a public into accepting harsh measures that would be otherwise unacceptable. The stock market tanks after the debt ceiling debacle (editor's note: Monday the Dow plunged more than 600 points). Standard & Poor's, the discredited and corrupted rating agency, rushes to downgrade U.S. debt, with such haste it doesn’t even get its math right. China’s news service announces the U.S. must roll back its bloated “welfare state” and its bloated military. The talk shows are inundated with pundits expounding the urgent need for the U.S. to get its deficits under control to regain its credit status.
One theme emerges; the Gang of 12 – the Super Committee created in the debt ceiling deal – is portrayed as our last hope. It is charged with identifying $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years by some combination of cuts from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and increased tax revenues. Only if it acts responsibly, we’re told, and the Congress passes its measures under expedited procedures with no amendments, limited debate, and no filibuster, do we have a chance.
Pressure builds on the congressional leaders to pick responsible legislators to the committee, like the previous Gang of Six in the Senate, who will combine cuts in Social Security and Medicare with increased revenues. Republican leaders pledge to appoint members who will oppose any increase in taxes on the rich or the great corporations. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – the core promises we make to the elderly, the disabled, the dying – in our society are at risk. In an era of Gilded Age extremes of inequality, the largest and most effective anti-poverty programs are targeted for deep cuts.
Ignore the hysteria. Fight back against the shock doctrine. All of this is utterly wrong-headed. America doesn’t have a serious debt crisis. We have a jobs crisis. We’re digging out of a severe financial collapse and need to build a new foundation for the economy, for we can’t go back to the old economy that was built on debt and bubbles.
In the long term, the scary deficit projections are almost completely due to our broken health care system. Make reforms that move us closer to the norm of industrial countries in health care costs and we have no long-term debt problem. That requires taking on drug companies, private insurance companies, hospital complexes, the inane way we let powerful interests rig the rules for their profit. We’ve got to get the costs under control, not push the rising costs onto the most vulnerable.
In the short term, we need a strategy for reviving the economy so that it works for working people. That requires a serious strategy for making things in America again, combined with a commitment to balance our trade, confronting the mercantilist nations like China that trample global trading rules. It requires incentives and investments to capture a lead role in the green industrial revolution, moving to clean energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil while addressing catastrophic climate change. It requires investment in strengthening the sinews of growth – investments in education and training, in research and development, in innovation, as well as building a modern infrastructure for the next century, updating the decrepit systems now crumbling around us. With interest rates near zero, despite the hyped rating agency fandango, there has never been a better time to borrow long term to build now.
Fight Back
The elite roll-out is clear. The gang of 12 produces a “deal,” combining a hike in eligibility age for Medicare, a cut in Social Security by reducing the inflation adjustment, caps on Medicaid and increased revenues from LOWERING rates on the corporations and the rich, while limiting deductions that reach middle-class families – on mortgages, employer based health care or retirement plans. They may well throw in the current scam – funding the infrastructure bank with proceeds from allowing multinationals who have secreted a trillion on profits offshore to bring the money back at a cut-rate 5 percent.
Yes, the panic will be used to cut the basic promises made to working families in order to pay for the deficits caused by the excesses of Wall Street.
Don’t fall for it. Fight back. On August 9, Republican state senators in Wisconsin who sought to trample basic worker rights are facing recall elections. On August 10, the American Dream Movement, supported by, the Center for Community Change, and the Campaign for America’s Future and others, will sponsor events across the country. Citizens will be taking the new Contract for the American Dream to their legislators, and demanding action on jobs, not on cuts.
Legislators across the country will face constituents saying, “We are all Wisconsin now. Start doing the people’s business or you too will face a challenge to your re-election." August must generate enough street heat to supplant the hysteria now coming to you wall to wall over the mainstream media.
The right and their corporate sponsors want to use the lousy economy to strike – to roll back the already inadequate supports that exist for working families. They are even aiming at Social Security, which is in surplus and contributes nothing to the deficit. Don’t let them destroy the American dream. Join the movement that will lead the fight back.
Robert Borosage is co-director of the Campaign For America's Future, and he has written on political, economic, and national security issues for publications including The New York Times and The Nation.
© 2011 Blog for Our Future All rights reserved.
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17 - Barbara Ehrenreich : America's Tragic Decline -- Resistance Bursts Out All Over the World, While We Do Nothing to Fight Corporate Takeover

Editor's note: In the following Democracy Now! interview, journalist Barbara Ehrenreich and Amy Goodman talk about the human cost of the economic meltdown.
AMY GOODMAN: Standard & Poor’s announced Friday it’s downgraded the U.S. credit rating for the first time in history. The move by S&P, one of three leading credit rating agencies, came just days after Congress approved a $2.1 trillion deficit-reduction plan. S&P called the outlook "negative," indicating that another downgrade is possible in the next 12 to 18 months. Lowering the nation’s rating to one notch below AAA, the credit rating company said "political brinkmanship" in the debate over the debt had made the U.S. government’s ability to manage its finances, quote, "less stable, less effective and less predictable." It said the $2.1 trillion bipartisan agreement reached last week "fell short" of what was necessary to reduce the nation’s debt over time.
In its report, S&P explicitly blamed the political process in Washington and the refusal by Republicans to raise taxes as part of last week’s agreement to raise the debt ceiling, writing, quote, "We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act," they said.
Speaking to reporters Sunday, Democratic Senator John Kerry blamed Tea Party Republicans who refused to sign on to any deal that raised taxes.
SEN. JOHN KERRY: I believe this is, without question, the Tea Party downgrade. This is the Tea Party downgrade because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered even the will of many Republicans in the United States Senate, who were prepared to do a bigger deal, to do $4.7 trillion, $4 trillion, have a mix of reductions and reforms, in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, but also recognize that we needed to do some revenue.
AMY GOODMAN: Well, to talk more about the state of the American economy and how it impacts the American people, we go to Washington, D.C., to talk to bestselling author Barbara Ehrenreich.
On her Facebook page, Ehrenreich writes, quote, "My patriotic pride is not offended by S&P’s downgrade of the US credit rating, but by the fact that while resistance bursts out everywhere—Tel Aviv, Santiago, Tottingham, not to mention No. Africa and Middle East—we do NOTHING."
The 10th anniversary edition of Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America has just been published. In the book, she tells the story of life in low-wage America, and she herself tries to earn a living working as a waitress, a hotel maid, a nursing home aide and a Wal-Mart associate. The book, over the last 10 years, has sold more than two million copies.
She’s also the author of many other books, including Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America and Bait and Switch: The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream, a frequent contributor to Harper’s and The Nation and has also a columnist at the New York Times and Time Magazine.
Barbara Ehrenreich, welcome to Democracy Now!
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Good to be with you, Amy.
AMY GOODMAN: It’s great to have you with us. Before we get to Nickel and Dimed, let’s talk about Standard & Poor’s—and perhaps then we’ll go into poor is the standard in America today—but the significance of this for everyday people in the United States, the downgrading of America’s credit rating?
BARBARA EHRENREICH: I don’t know. I’m not sure. I mean, it’s part of a general sense of decline that I think we’ve gotten in many ways and that people like Tom Friedman have been writing about in the New York Times for some time. But, you know, in some ways, that is in another world from most Americans and their day-to-day struggles. What is it going to mean to you if you have no job now? Or if you have a job and you have no health insurance? Or if you are trying to get through college while working full time? It just seems very distant and abstract. When we’re talking about the economy in this country, we seldom talk about real people’s lives.
AMY GOODMAN: And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Your book took this country by storm. I am sure there was no one more surprised than you, Barbara. You have written a number of books. You did do something very interesting in Nickel and Dimed, but the fact that it caught on in a time when "prosperity" was the watchword, the buzzword, in the mainstream media—talk about—especially for young people who were 10 years old when the book came out, talk about exactly what you did, what you found then, and what it means today, 10 years later, when "prosperity" is certainly not the buzzword.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Well, I took on a challenge that I set myself, which was to see whether I could support myself on the money I could earn in, well, obviously entry-level jobs, which are the, you know, kind of jobs where you go and apply, and they’re not going to ask—you know, they’re not going to ask for a résumé. They’re not going to—they don’t care about anything, except whether you’re a convicted felon or whether you have—you’re actually—you know, it’s legal for you to work in this country. So, I—you mentioned some of the jobs I worked at. I think you left out the maid with a house cleaning service, though. That was a very instructive one. And all these jobs averaged at the time, in around 2000, about $7 an hour, even including the tips with waitressing, which would be equivalent to about $9 an hour now.
And basically, what I found, that for me, just as one person—I wasn’t trying to support my family with my earnings or anything like that—it just wasn’t doable, because the rents were so out of line with my earnings. And I did try. I mean, I didn’t spend any money except on gas, food and, you know, the bare minimum, which was possible to do because I worked at each city for only a month. So I wasn’t depending—you know, medical care or anything like that was not coming through my jobs.
But I found a very important thing—well, two very important things. First, at $7 an hour, or $9 an hour in today’s dollars, you’re not considered poor. You don’t show up in the poverty statistics. You’re considered to be fine if you’re one individual earning that much. And the other big lesson here is—which is maybe a hard one to remember at a time of high unemployment—is that jobs are not necessarily a cure for poverty. Jobs that don’t pay enough to live on do not cure poverty. They condemn you, in fact, to a life of low-wage labor and extreme insecurity.
AMY GOODMAN: This figure, Barbara, of the number of Americans on food stamps, almost one in six, almost 15 percent. The figures from May, people on food stamps were 12 percent higher than a year earlier, according to the Agriculture Department. One in almost six Americans. And this applies directly to the people that you met, to the jobs that you took—for example, being a Wal-Mart associate. Talk about that and the woman you wrote about and where she is today.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Yeah, I mean, one of the surprises to me—and it’s not a surprise anymore, because a lot more research has been done—is how many Wal-Mart employees depend on some kind of government program to supplement their low wages and pathetically inadequate health insurance, which most people can’t afford anyway. In fact, when you—I noticed that when I went through the orientation for my job at Wal-Mart, and there was a whole table full of new hires sitting around, you know, that they, the Wal-Mart people, asked to see whether anybody here might be eligible for TANF, for example, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, because they’re kind of depending on that government—those government supplements to keep people going. You’re not going to do too well on just your Wal-Mart pay. And then, at another time as a Wal-Mart associate, I went to seek food aid. I went to a sort of public/private charitable place that what you could get—you could come out with a sack of food. And when the interviewer—the social worker who interviewed me kept getting me mixed up with somebody. You know, I’d tell her that I had a car, and then she’d forget I had a car, and so on. And then she said, "You know, it’s just—we have other—you know, people are always coming from Wal-Mart. You work at Wal-Mart. I get you mixed up." And that, to me, was a big clue.
AMY GOODMAN: So, in other words, I mean, you have Wal-Mart, that is famous around the country for fighting unionization, part of the whole movement of corporations that fight tax cuts for the wealthy, for example, is subsidized by the government, is subsidized by the U.S. taxpayers.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Oh, yes. In many more ways than that. There are so many subsidies often involved in luring a Wal-Mart to one’s area—tax rebates or things like that. But I was very excited yesterday. I went to the Jobs with Justice conference in Washington, D.C. That’s an organization that’s devoted to getting workers rights and improving their standard of living. And there were a number of women Wal-Mart employees there—or "associates," as they are called—who are now organizing their own workers’ association, called "OUR Walmart." And this is a new thing. And they were dynamic. So things may be about to change a little.
AMY GOODMAN: In 2009, you co-authored an article called "The Destruction of the Black Middle Class." And you wrote, quote, "For African Americans—and to a large extent, Latinos—the recession is over. It occurred between 2000 and 2007. [...] What’s happening now is a depression," you wrote.
Well, we’ve just reported on a new study of the U.S. census data by the Pew Research Center that reveals wealth gaps between whites and people of color in the United States have grown to their widest levels since the U.S. government began tracking them a quarter of a century ago. White Americans now have on average 20 times the net worth of African Americans, 18 times that of Latinos. Last month, we spoke about the findings with Roderick Harrison, who’s the former chief of racial statistics at the Census Bureau.
RODERICK HARRISON: People use net worth or draw on net worth to invest in their children’s education, to help with perhaps a first home, a down payment for a first home. We’re entering a period now where black and Hispanic families, one-third of whom have no net worth at all or negative net worth, won’t be able to help their children in this way. So this is going to definitely play into the next generation.
AMY GOODMAN: Barbara, your thoughts on the report and of the state of black and Latino middle class in this country, if you can even talk about these—
AMY GOODMAN: —lines anymore?
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Yes. You know, the case of African Americans is very particularly tragic. When you recall that they didn’t—in the middle of the 20th century, they didn’t have a lot of wealth compared to white people, because they came from, you know, very underpaid agricultural jobs, often, in the South. Then—and they couldn’t get credit. You know, that was a big problem. You could not get credit because of racist lending policies. Then, in the 2000s, suddenly, the banks started offering credit actually targeting African Americans, and to a certain extent, Latinos, much more than white people with their subprime mortgages. And it was—you know, it seemed like a great boon to people who hadn’t had credit before because of racism. Surprise, of course. That was a big part of the wipeout of so much of the black middle class, plus the fact, which is hard to explain, that blacks have been much more likely to be laid off in the peak years of the layoffs in the recession and to be unemployed now, three times more likely.
AMY GOODMAN: Talk about some of the other people in Nickel and Dimed that you’ve caught up with 10 years later, that you met as you eked out your living as a house cleaner, as a maid, as a Wal-Mart associate. Who did you find, and who didn’t you find?
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Well, I didn’t find most people. And the reason for that is simple: you may leave that person with an address and a phone number, but those—neither of those is likely to be good in a few months. People—you know, there’s a lot of insecurity among low-wage people, a lot of turmoil in terms of their housing situation, cell phones get cut off, and so on.
A couple of people, I tracked down. One was not doing that badly. She was still at Wal-Mart. She had advanced to, I think, the huge amount of $10 an hour. But in the meantime, her husband had lost his job, so that, you know, their situation was not at all better. And another woman was piecing together a living cleaning houses and cooking for other people, sort of what she called "catering." But she was in very bad health, and it was hard for her to do.
The thing that is so painful is that there’s no help coming for people like that. There’s so little help anymore. Food stamps, yes, that’s a help. And I am very—I was very pleased that Obama expanded the food stamp program in '08 and ’09. He made it easier for many people to get unemployment insurance. Now, of course, it's been the aim of Republicans in the Congress to eliminate all such things and to eliminate Medicaid. There’s very little help.
AMY GOODMAN: You’re extremely critical of President Obama. You’ve advocated that students not pay back their college loans, among other things. Talk about both.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Well, I didn’t come up with that idea, but there is organizing going on among debt-burdened young people, who come out of college, you know, with an average of $25,000 in debt and very likely no job or no professional job that’s going to help them pay that off. And there’s a movement among them for debt forgiveness, to just say, "Hey, we cannot do this. You know, we can’t—we don’t have the jobs that’ll allow us to pay these debts off." And, you know, that’s kind of exciting. That’s what’s going on in Chile right now, has to do with the cost of college, tuition. You know, all the demonstrations in Santiago in the last few days have to do with the cost of college. And I think we’re going to have to see something like that here, with people just saying, "Can’t do it. We can’t do it."
AMY GOODMAN: Now President Obama, your assessment of him, particularly how he’s dealing with, or not, the jobs crisis?
BARBARA EHRENREICH: I feel like saying, "What President Obama?" You know, he forgot about jobs, decided to focus instead on the issue the Republicans chose, which was the debt limit and the deficit. This is tragic. I have no explanation. I just—the only little footnote I would add, though, is that jobs are not enough, unless they pay enough for people to live on. And one thing we’ve seen among American employers—probably employers worldwide, but especially in America recently—is an unquenchable zeal on the part of employers to hold down wages by any means. It’s not just preventing unionization. It’s so many little tricks that happen at the workplace. It’s little tricks like you have to get to work at 7:45 a.m., but the clock doesn’t start ticking until 8:15 a.m. or something. That’s wage theft, which is another nice way of saying sort of unpaid labor or a kind of slavery even. We have, you know, so many things that are holding people down.
I would point out—and these are things that I was not aware of when I finished Nickel and Dimed, or they weren’t, you know, very prominent yet—is that employers no longer want to hire unemployed people. Think about that. They don’t want to hire people with bad credit ratings. Well, you know, who doesn’t have a bad credit rating if they’ve been unemployed for a little while and having to pay their own health insurance and everything? So it’s as if, you know, you try to climb out, you try to hold on, and you just get kicked in the face, one way or another, and pushed further down.
AMY GOODMAN: The Heritage Foundation came out with a study called "Air Conditioning, Cable TV, and an Xbox: What is Poverty in the United States Today?" by researchers Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield, who say the U.S. Census Bureau has reported for the past two decades that over 30 million Americans are living in poverty. But, you know, they ask, well, what does it really mean to be poor? And you get, from the headline—cable TV, air conditioning, etc.—what it means to the Heritage Foundation.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Yes. Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation has had a campaign for many decades now to prove that the poor in America really live in some kind of luxury. I would like to say, yeah, in some places, boy, you better have air conditioning. You know, in the D.C. area where I live now, you could not have survived very easily the summer, even with occasional cooling centers to go to.
But the truth is, here’s what’s happening. More and more people are having to crowd into smaller spaces to live. This is since—this has been going on for a lot of people, you know, for many years. But since the recession, since the financial crisis in '07, you find more and more families—you can have one family per bedroom and somebody, a couch surfer, on the couch in the living room. There's nothing comfortable about that. You know, one of the things that really woke me up to how bad things were was in '09 when a family member of mine suddenly needed money to pay her mortgage or her home would be taken away. I was able to help, but when I found out the real facts, I was horrified. Her home was a trailer home. Not only that, it's a dilapidated trailer home. She lives in it—a single-wide trailer home—along with her daughter and two grandchildren. Now that’s getting down to, you know, third-world levels of poverty, when you crowd that many people into such an inadequate dwelling.
Another thing people are doing: give up on medical care. You know, if we have a healthcare system in the United States, I think its real name is Tylenol. You can’t—you know, it’s something you have to drop. You can’t do it. Food prices are too high. Fuel prices are too high. So you have to give up on those things that it seems like you can get through another day without, even if that’s your blood pressure medicine.
AMY GOODMAN: There are some—
AMY GOODMAN: There are some who are doing very well, of course. The luxury category has posted 10 consecutive months of sales increases compared to a year earlier, this a report in the New York Times. Luxury items are—
AMY GOODMAN: —you know, are flying off the shelves, if yachts can fit on shelves.
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Yes, yes, the rich are back. The rich are back. And that’s one reason why, when you read some of our major national newspapers, there’s not much mention anymore of the recession or economic hard times, because the people at the top are doing great. There was an article recently in the New York Times about tree houses that the very wealthy will build for their children, you know, in their backyard, if they even call them "backyards," on their property—tree houses that can cost as much as $350,000 and include flat-screen TVs and air conditioning. That’s for the kid to go out in a backyard and play in. Three hundred fifty thousand dollars. You know, I think that’s flaunting it a little too much.
AMY GOODMAN: Last week, Congress agreed to raise the federal debt ceiling following protracted negotiations. The deal includes no new tax revenue from wealthy Americans, no additional stimulus for the economy. Speaking on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized Republicans for blocking the tax hike on the wealthy.
SEN. HARRY REID: The vast majority of Democrats, Independents and Republicans think this arrangement we’ve just done is unfair, because the richest of the rich have contributed nothing to this. The burden of what has taken place is on the middle class and the poor. My friend talks about no new taxes. Mr. President, if their theory was right, these huge taxes [cuts] that took place during the Bush eight years, the economy should be thriving. These tax cuts have not helped the economy.
AMY GOODMAN: That was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Barbara Ehrenreich, as we begin to wrap up, your comment?
BARBARA EHRENREICH: Well, it’s a way—it’s not new. This has been going on for a while, certainly since the Reagan administration. And that is an upward redistribution of wealth by cutting taxes for the wealthiest, and in subtle ways, raising them for the poorest and for the middle class. That’s what we’ve got. It’s a grab. It’s—I’m waiting for people to get really, really angry about it. I think one thing that has held back Americans is the idea that you’re going to get rich, too, you know? That magically, "Hey, I might be one of those multimillionaires next," so that I don’t want to tax rich people. I think we’ve broken through that. I think, you know, that has begun to look like a more and more crazy expectation, that we have to fight for, you know, those people who represent the great majority, the 90 percent of Americans who are not rich.
AMY GOODMAN: Barbara Ehrenreich, I want to thank you very much for being with us, author of—
AMY GOODMAN: —the bestselling book, Nickel and Dimed. It’s its 10th anniversary and has just been republished, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.
Amy Goodman is the host of the nationally syndicated radio news program, Democracy Now!.
Barbara Ehrenreich is the author of thirteen books, including the New York Times bestseller Nickel and Dimed. A frequent contributor to the New York Times, Harpers, and the Progressive, she is a contributing writer to Time magazine. She lives in Florida.
© 2011 Democracy Now! All rights reserved.
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18 - Yep, Right-Wingers Still Banning Books : Slaughterhouse-5 Booted from School for Being "Contrary to the Bible"

Kurt Vonnegut's novel Slaughterhouse-Five is considered a modern classic. That doesn't mean it's a particularly easy read. Indeed, it deals with some fairly heady topics. When I first encountered it in high school, I wasn't sure what to make of it. But it sure made me think, which, in my view, is what a good novel should do.
Funny thing about that thinking - some people see it as dangerous. And a few of those people sit on the school board in Republic, Mo.
The board voted 4-0 recently to ban Slaughterhouse-Five and another book, Sarah Ockler's Twenty Boy Summer, after a local resident complained that the books teach ideas contrary to the Bible.
Wesley Scroggins had originally targeted three books, but the board voted to keep one, Laurie Halse Anderson's award-winning Speak, on the shelves. According to theSpringfield News-Leader, Scroggins "challenged the use of the books and lesson plans in Republic schools, arguing they teach principles contrary to the Bible."
After the vote, which removes the books from the curriculum and the school library, Scroggins said, "I congratulate them for doing what's right and removing the two books. It's unfortunate they chose to keep the other book."
Actually, what's unfortunate it that the school board didn't stand up for church-state separation and the freedom to learn. And it's unfortunate that the education of students at Republic High School is being held hostage by such narrow-minded people.
It might also be unconstitutional. In 1982, the Supreme Court struck down a book censorship plan at a New York school district. Members of the school board in Island Trees had banned eight books, including Slaughterhouse-Five, after a statewide right-wing pressure group started a campaign against them. Board members agreed, calling the books "anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, and just plain filthy."
Justice William Brennan led a court plurality in striking down the censorship scheme.
Brennan wrote, "In brief, we hold that local school boards may not remove books from school library shelves simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books and seek by their removal to `prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.' Such purposes stand inescapably condemned by our precedents."
In 1993, a school board in Olathe, Kan., ordered the removal of the book Annie on My Mind from a school library because it deals with homosexuality. Parents who supported the novel sued and won. A federal court ruled that public schools may not ban books "based on their personal social, political and moral views."
It sounds like the school board in Republic did exactly that. One fundamentalist complained that the books offended his interpretation of the Bible - so out went the books.
If there's any silver lining in this sorry incident, it's this: Telling young people that they can't or shouldn't read a certain book or listen to a certain CD almost always causes a run on that book or CD. After all, it's imperative to find out what it is that the adults don't want you to see or hear.
So I say to the students of Republic High: Get your hands on a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five. It's worth your time. And if you're having trouble finding a copy around town, drop me a line. I know a source at a used-book store who can round up as many as you need.
Rob Boston is the assistant director of communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which publishes Church and State magazine.
© 2011 Talk To Action All rights reserved.
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S&P AA+ rating on U.S. Sovereign Debt not Low Enough -- Peter Schiff :


20 - It’s Still Occupied Territory

By Philip Giraldi

August 09, "
AmConservative" -- That twenty per cent of the House of Representatives will be spending its recess holiday on American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) paid tours of Israel does not seem to have made the mainstream news. The tours, one consisting of 26 Democratic congressmen headed by House Minority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, and two others of 55 Republicans, one led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, are ostensibly intended to provide congress with a “deeper understanding” of the situation in the Middle East. Sure it will, but one suspects the understanding will be in one direction only.

Cantor is trying hard to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House by moving to the right on both the economy and on foreign policy, where his views are strictly Israel-first wrapped in the usual neocon packaging incorporating assertive projection of US national power. In November 2010, he met privately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and pledged that the Republican Party would serve as a “check” against any unwelcome initiatives by President Obama. At the time Cantor was not yet Majority Leader of the House but his offer to support a foreign leader against the president of his own country went unchallenged and did not in any way impede his march onward and upward. Cantor is now also setting himself up as a darling of the tea partiers in the wake of the recent government debt ceiling debacle.

Meanwhile back on Capitol Hill, other friends of Israel were busy prior to recess, also without any mainstream media coverage. Two congresswomen from Florida, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, have introduced legislation that will allow Holocaust survivors living in the United States to receive federal funds to help them stay in their homes, rather than having to move to an institution. The bipartisan bill places survivors on a special list of elderly citizens receiving preferred treatment through a grant program to help them with their transportation and other needs.

“As a nation that upholds the values of freedom, liberty and justice, we have a moral obligation to acknowledge the plight and uphold the dignity of Holocaust survivors to ensure their well-being,” Wasserman Schultz said. “We must do all we can to honor their struggles and their lives by improving their access to transportation to get them where they need to go, and improve their home-care options so that they can have peace of mind. This bill does just that, and it’s time to make it happen.”

Americans who really like Israel and everything that pertains to it are certainly free to express their views, but there is something unseemly and even grotesque about the continuous promotion of foreign and ethnic group interests ahead of those of the United States and other American citizens. AIPAC is a lobby dedicated to maintaining uncritical US government support for a foreign country and it can be argued that Washington entered into at least one foreign war because of it. The congressmen who accept the junkets should be asking themselves whose interests they are really serving. At a time when both Democrats and Republicans are openly discussing cutting medical benefits for ordinary Americans, it is also difficult to understand what twisted thinking supports allocating additional taxpayer provided special medical benefits to some medicare recipients based on events that took place thousands of miles away from the US more than sixty-six years ago.

21 - The S&P Debt Downgrade : What It Means

By Paul Craig Roberts

August 09, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- On Friday, August 5, the credit rating agency, Standard & Poors, downgraded US debt from AAA to AA+.

Gerald Celente’s view that S&P’s downgrade of the US Treasury’s credit rating reflects a loss of confidence in the political system was confirmed by the rating agency itself.
S&P explained the downgrade as the result of heightened political risks, not economic ones. The game of chicken over the debt ceiling increase and the GOP’s ability to block tax increases indicate that “America’s governance and policymaking is becoming less stable, less effective, and less predictable”

The reduction in the government’s credit rating to AA+ from AAA is a cosmetic change.
It remains a very high investment grade rating and is unlikely to have any effect on interest rates. It is revealing that despite the downgrade, US bond prices rose. It was stocks that fell. The financial press is blaming the stock market decline on the bond downgrade. However, stocks are falling because the economy is falling. Too many jobs have been moved offshore.

Interest rates could fall further as investors flee into Treasuries from the euro because of sovereign debt worries, flee equity markets as they continue to tumble, and as large banks charge depositors for holding their cash. Indeed, the latter policy could be seen as an effort to drive people with large cash holdings out of cash into government bonds. Japan has a lower credit rating than the US and has even lower interest rates.

More hard knocks are on their way. As the economy weakens and the economic outlook darkens, new deficit projections will elevate the debt issue.

The psychological effect of the S&P’s downgrade is likely to be larger than its economic effect. Many will see the downgrade as an indication that America is beginning to slip, that the country might be entering its decline.

There is no danger of the US defaulting on its bonds. The bonds are denominated in US dollars, and dollars can be created without limit. Moreover, the problem with the debt is less with the size of the national debt, which remains a lower percentage of GDP than during World War II, than with the large annual budget deficits. If equities continue to fall, if flight continues from the euro, if bank fees drive people out of cash, it is possible that the inflows into Treasuries can finance, for awhile, the large annual deficit, removing the need for the Federal Reserve to monetize the deficit via Quantitative Easing.

On the other hand, the weakening economy, given traditional policy views, will likely lead to a renewal of debt monetization or QE in an effort to stimulate the economy.

Continued debt monetization threatens the dollar. Investors will move out of Treasuries and all dollar-denominated assets not because they fear default, but because they fear a fall in the dollar’s exchange value and, thus, a fall in the value of their dollar holdings.

Debt monetization can cause domestic inflation (and imported inflation for those countries that peg to the dollar) as, and if, the new money finds its way into the economy. This has not happened to any extent so far in the US, because the banks are not lending and consumers are too indebted to borrow. But the fall in the dollar’s exchange value results in higher prices of many imports. So far the inflation that the US is experiencing is coming from the declining exchange value of the dollar. However, there is little doubt that asset prices, such as those of Treasuries and stocks, have been inflated by the Fed’s monetization of debt.

To flee from the dollar, there must be someplace to go. There are not alternative currencies large enough to absorb the dollars, especially with China pegged to the dollar and the euro experiencing troubles of its own because of the sovereign debt crisis in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Italy. Dollar flight has driven up the prices of bullion and Swiss francs. Despite the Swiss government printing francs to absorb the dollar inflow, the franc continues to rise in value. As of time of writing, one US dollar is worth only about 76 Swiss centimes or cents. In 1966 there were 4.2 Swiss francs to the dollar or 420 centimes to the dollar.

The rise in the franc is crippling Switzerland’s ability to export. The loss in the dollar’s exchange value from dollar creation causes other countries, such as Japan and Switzerland to inflate their own currencies in order to hold down their rise. The Fed’s dollar policy has resulted in Russian leader Putin declaring the US to be a parasite upon the world and the Chinese to call for other countries to control how many dollars can be printed.

In other words, the US policy is seen as adversely impacting other countries without doing any good for America.

What I have explained can be comprehended within existing ways of thinking. Within this way of thinking, as the debt ceiling imbroglio made clear, the policy choices are between eliminating Social Security and Medicare or eliminating wars and low tax rates on the mega-rich in order to eliminate the annual budget deficits that are threatening the dollar’s exchange value and enlarging the national debt.

However, it is often the case that more is going on than traditional thinking can know about or explain. It is always a challenge to get people’s thinking into a new paradigm.
Nevertheless, unless the effort is made, people might never comprehend the behind-the-scenes power struggle.

A half century ago President Eisenhower in his farewell address warned the American people of the danger posed to democracy and the people’s control over their government by the military/security complex. Anyone can google his speech and read his stark warning.

Unfortunately, caught up in the Cold War with the Soviet Union and reassured by America’s rising economic might, neither public nor politicians paid any attention to our five-star general president’s warning.

In the succeeding half century the military/security complex became ever more powerful. The main power rival was Wall Street, which controls finance and money and is skilled at advancing its interests through economic policy arguments. With the financial deregulation that began during the Clinton presidency, Wall Street became all powerful. Wall Street controls the Treasury and the Federal Reserve, and the levers of money are more powerful than the levers of armaments. Moreover, Wall Street is better at intrigue than the CIA.

The behind the scenes fight for power is between these two powerful interest groups. America’s hegemony over the world is financial, not military. The military/security complex’s attempt to catch up is endangering the dollar and US financial hegemony.

The country has been at war for a decade, running up enormous bills that have enriched the military/security complex. Wall Street’s profits ran even higher. However, by achieving what economist Michael Hudson calls the “financialization of the economy,” the financial sector over-reached. The enormous sums represented by financial instruments are many times larger than the real economy on which they are based. When financial claims dwarf the size of the underlying real economy, massive instability is present.

Aware of its predicament, Wall Street has sent a shot across the bow with the S&P’s downgrade of the US credit rating. Spending must be reined in, and the only obvious chunk of spending that can be cut without throwing millions of Americans into the streets is the wars.

Credit rating agencies are creatures of Wall Street. Just as they did Wall Street’s bidding in assigning investment grade ratings to derivative junk, they will do Wall Street’s bidding in downgrading the US credit rating. Wall Street might complain about downgradings, but that is just to disguise that Wall Street is calling the shots.

The struggle between the military/security complex and the financial sector comes down to a struggle over patronage. The military/security complex’s patronage network is built upon armaments factories and workforces, military bases and military families, military contractors, private security firms, intelligence agencies, Homeland Security, federalized state and local police, and journalists who cover the defense sector.

Wall Street’s network includes investors, speculators, people with mortgages, car, student, and business loans, credit cards, real estate, insurance companies, pension funds, money managers and their clients, and financial journalists.

As the financial sector has over-extended and must shrink, Wall Street is determined to have access to public funds to manage the process and determined to maintain its relative power by forcing shrinkage in its competitor’s network. That means closing down the expensive wars in order to free up funds for entitlement privatization and to keep the dollar’s role as reserve currency. Wall Street realizes that if the dollar goes, its power goes with it.

What insights can we draw from this analysis?

The insight that it offers is that although economic policy will continue to be discussed in terms of employment, inflation, deficits, and national debt, the policies that are implemented will reflect the interests of the two contending power centers. Their struggle for supremacy could destroy the rest of us.

Wall Street opened the game with a debt downgrade, implying more are to come unless action is taken. The new Pentagon chief replied that any cuts to the military budget would be a “doomsday mechanism” that “would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families and our military’s ability to protect the nation.”

Will Americans be so afraid of terrorists that they will give up their entitlements? Will false flag terrorist events be perpetrated in order to elevate this fear? Will Wall Street provoke crises that are perceived as a greater threat?

From whom do we need greater protection than from Wall Street and the military/security complex and from our government, which is the tool of both?

Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration and associate editor and columnist at the Wall Street Journal.

22 - Turning Poverty Into an American Crime

By Barbara Ehrenreich

August 09, 2011 "
Information Clearing House" -- I completed the manuscript for Nickel and Dimed in a time of seemingly boundless prosperity. Technology innovators and venture capitalists were acquiring sudden fortunes, buying up McMansions like the ones I had cleaned in Maine and much larger. Even secretaries in some hi-tech firms were striking it rich with their stock options. There was loose talk about a permanent conquest of the business cycle, and a sassy new spirit infecting American capitalism. In San Francisco, a billboard for an e-trading firm proclaimed, “Make love not war,” and then -- down at the bottom -- “Screw it, just make money.”
When Nickel and Dimed was published in May 2001, cracks were appearing in the dot-com bubble and the stock market had begun to falter, but the book still evidently came as a surprise, even a revelation, to many. Again and again, in that first year or two after publication, people came up to me and opened with the words, “I never thought...�� or “I hadn’t realized...”
To my own amazement, Nickel and Dimed quickly ascended to the bestseller list and began winning awards. Criticisms, too, have accumulated over the years. But for the most part, the book has been far better received than I could have imagined it would be, with an impact extending well into the more comfortable classes. A Florida woman wrote to tell me that, before reading it, she’d always been annoyed at the poor for what she saw as their self-inflicted obesity. Now she understood that a healthy diet wasn’t always an option. And if I had a quarter for every person who’s told me he or she now tipped more generously, I would be able to start my own foundation.
Even more gratifying to me, the book has been widely read among low-wage workers. In the last few years, hundreds of people have written to tell me their stories: the mother of a newborn infant whose electricity had just been turned off, the woman who had just been given a diagnosis of cancer and has no health insurance, the newly homeless man who writes from a library computer.
At the time I wrote Nickel and Dimed, I wasn’t sure how many people it directly applied to -- only that the official definition of poverty was way off the mark, since it defined an individual earning $7 an hour, as I did on average, as well out of poverty. But three months after the book was published, the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., issued a report entitled “Hardships in America: The Real Story of Working Families,” which found an astounding 29% of American families living in what could be more reasonably defined as poverty, meaning that they earned less than a barebones budget covering housing, child care, health care, food, transportation, and taxes -- though not, it should be noted, any entertainment, meals out, cable TV, Internet service, vacations, or holiday gifts. Twenty-nine percent is a minority, but not a reassuringly small one, and other studies in the early 2000s came up with similar figures.
The big question, 10 years later, is whether things have improved or worsened for those in the bottom third of the income distribution, the people who clean hotel rooms, work in warehouses, wash dishes in restaurants, care for the very young and very old, and keep the shelves stocked in our stores. The short answer is that things have gotten much worse, especially since the economic downturn that began in 2008.
Post-Meltdown Poverty
When you read about the hardships I found people enduring while I was researching my book -- the skipped meals, the lack of medical care, the occasional need to sleep in cars or vans -- you should bear in mind that those occurred in the best of times. The economy was growing, and jobs, if poorly paid, were at least plentiful.
In 2000, I had been able to walk into a number of jobs pretty much off the street. Less than a decade later, many of these jobs had disappeared and there was stiff competition for those that remained. It would have been impossible to repeat my Nickel and Dimed “experiment,” had I had been so inclined, because I would probably never have found a job.
For the last couple of years, I have attempted to find out what was happening to the working poor in a declining economy -- this time using conventional reporting techniques like interviewing. I started with my own extended family, which includes plenty of people without jobs or health insurance, and moved on to trying to track down a couple of the people I had met while working on Nickel and Dimed.
This wasn’t easy, because most of the addresses and phone numbers I had taken away with me had proved to be inoperative within a few months, probably due to moves and suspensions of telephone service. I had kept in touch with “Melissa” over the years, who was still working at Wal-Mart, where her wages had risen from $7 to $10 an hour, but in the meantime her husband had lost his job. “Caroline,” now in her 50s and partly disabled by diabetes and heart disease, had left her deadbeat husband and was subsisting on occasional cleaning and catering jobs. Neither seemed unduly afflicted by the recession, but only because they had already been living in what amounts to a permanent economic depression.
Media attention has focused, understandably enough, on the “nouveau poor” -- formerly middle and even upper-middle class people who lost their jobs, their homes, and/or their investments in the financial crisis of 2008 and the economic downturn that followed it, but the brunt of the recession has been borne by the blue-collar working class, which had already been sliding downwards since de-industrialization began in the 1980s.
In 2008 and 2009, for example, blue-collar unemployment was increasing three times as fast as white-collar unemployment, and African American and Latino workers were three times as likely to be unemployed as white workers. Low-wage blue-collar workers, like the people I worked with in this book, were especially hard hit for the simple reason that they had so few assets and savings to fall back on as jobs disappeared.
How have the already-poor attempted to cope with their worsening economic situation? One obvious way is to cut back on health care. TheNew York Times reported in 2009 that one-third of Americans could no longer afford to comply with their prescriptions and that there had been a sizable drop in the use of medical care. Others, including members of my extended family, have given up their health insurance.
Food is another expenditure that has proved vulnerable to hard times, with the rural poor turning increasingly to “food auctions,” which offer items that may be past their sell-by dates. And for those who like their meat fresh, there’s the option of urban hunting. In Racine, Wisconsin, a 51-year-old laid-off mechanic told me he was supplementing his diet by “shooting squirrels and rabbits and eating them stewed, baked, and grilled.” In Detroit, where the wildlife population has mounted as the human population ebbs, a retired truck driver was doing a brisk business in raccoon carcasses, which he recommends marinating with vinegar and spices.
The most common coping strategy, though, is simply to increase the number of paying people per square foot of dwelling space -- by doubling up or renting to couch-surfers.
It’s hard to get firm numbers on overcrowding, because no one likes to acknowledge it to census-takers, journalists, or anyone else who might be remotely connected to the authorities.
In Los Angeles, housing expert Peter Dreier says that “people who’ve lost their jobs, or at least their second jobs, cope by doubling or tripling up in overcrowded apartments, or by paying 50 or 60 or even 70 percent of their incomes in rent.” According to a community organizer in Alexandria, Virginia, the standard apartment in a complex occupied largely by day laborers has two bedrooms, each containing an entire family of up to five people, plus an additional person laying claim to the couch.
No one could call suicide a “coping strategy,” but it is one way some people have responded to job loss and debt. There are no national statistics linking suicide to economic hard times, but the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline reported more than a four-fold increase in call volume between 2007 and 2009, and regions with particularly high unemployment, like Elkhart, Indiana, have seen troubling spikes in their suicide rates. Foreclosure is often the trigger for suicide -- or, worse, murder-suicides that destroy entire families.
“Torture and Abuse of Needy Families”
We do of course have a collective way of ameliorating the hardships of individuals and families -- a government safety net that is meant to save the poor from spiraling down all the way to destitution. But its response to the economic emergency of the last few years has been spotty at best. The food stamp program has responded to the crisis fairly well, to the point where it now reaches about 37 million people, up about 30% from pre-recession levels. But welfare -- the traditional last resort for the down-and-out until it was “reformed” in 1996 -- only expanded by about 6% in the first two years of the recession.
The difference between the two programs? There is a right to food stamps. You go to the office and, if you meet the statutory definition of need, they help you. For welfare, the street-level bureaucrats can, pretty much at their own discretion, just say no.
Take the case of Kristen and Joe Parente, Delaware residents who had always imagined that people turned to the government for help only if “they didn’t want to work.” Their troubles began well before the recession, when Joe, a fourth-generation pipe-fitter, sustained a back injury that left him unfit for even light lifting. He fell into a profound depression for several months, then rallied to ace a state-sponsored retraining course in computer repairs -- only to find that those skills are no longer in demand. The obvious fallback was disability benefits, but -- catch-22 -- when Joe applied he was told he could not qualify without presenting a recent MRI scan. This would cost $800 to $900, which the Parentes do not have; nor has Joe, unlike the rest of the family, been able to qualify for Medicaid.
When they married as teenagers, the plan had been for Kristen to stay home with the children. But with Joe out of action and three children to support by the middle of this decade, Kristen went out and got waitressing jobs, ending up, in 2008, in a “pretty fancy place on the water.” Then the recession struck and she was laid off.
Kristen is bright, pretty, and to judge from her command of her own small kitchen, probably capable of holding down a dozen tables with precision and grace. In the past she’d always been able to land a new job within days; now there was nothing. Like 44% of laid-off people at the time, she failed to meet the fiendishly complex and sometimes arbitrary eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits. Their car started falling apart.
So the Parentes turned to what remains of welfare -- TANF, or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. TANF does not offer straightforward cash support like Aid to Families with Dependent Children, which it replaced in 1996. It’s an income supplementation program for working parents, and it was based on the sunny assumption that there would always be plenty of jobs for those enterprising enough to get them.
After Kristen applied, nothing happened for six weeks -- no money, no phone calls returned. At school, the Parentes’ seven-year-old’s class was asked to write out what wish they would present to a genie, should a genie appear. Brianna’s wish was for her mother to find a job because there was nothing to eat in the house, an aspiration that her teacher deemed too disturbing to be posted on the wall with the other children’s requests.
When the Parentes finally got into “the system” and began receiving food stamps and some cash assistance, they discovered why some recipients have taken to calling TANF “Torture and Abuse of Needy Families.” From the start, the TANF experience was “humiliating,” Kristen says. The caseworkers “treat you like a bum. They act like every dollar you get is coming out of their own paychecks.”
The Parentes discovered that they were each expected to apply for 40 jobs a week, although their car was on its last legs and no money was offered for gas, tolls, or babysitting. In addition, Kristen had to drive 35 miles a day to attend “job readiness” classes offered by a private company called Arbor, which, she says, were “frankly a joke.”
Nationally, according to Kaaryn Gustafson of the University of Connecticut Law School, “applying for welfare is a lot like being booked by the police.” There may be a mug shot, fingerprinting, and lengthy interrogations as to one’s children’s true paternity. The ostensible goal is to prevent welfare fraud, but the psychological impact is to turn poverty itself into a kind of crime.
How the Safety Net Became a Dragnet
The most shocking thing I learned from my research on the fate of the working poor in the recession was the extent to which poverty has indeed been criminalized in America.
Perhaps the constant suspicions of drug use and theft that I encountered in low-wage workplaces should have alerted me to the fact that, when you leave the relative safety of the middle class, you might as well have given up your citizenship and taken residence in a hostile nation.
Most cities, for example, have ordinances designed to drive the destitute off the streets by outlawing such necessary activities of daily life as sitting, loitering, sleeping, or lying down. Urban officials boast that there is nothing discriminatory about such laws: “If you’re lying on a sidewalk, whether you’re homeless or a millionaire, you’re in violation of the ordinance,” a St. Petersburg, Florida, city attorney stated in June 2009, echoing Anatole France’s immortal observation that “the law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges...”
In defiance of all reason and compassion, the criminalization of poverty has actually intensified as the weakened economy generates ever more poverty. So concludes a recent study from the National Law Center on Poverty and Homelessness, which finds that the number of ordinances against the publicly poor has been rising since 2006, along with the harassment of the poor for more “neutral” infractions like jaywalking, littering, or carrying an open container.
The report lists America’s ten “meanest” cities -- the largest of which include Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Orlando -- but new contestants are springing up every day. In Colorado, Grand Junction’s city council is considering a ban on begging; Tempe, Arizona, carried out a four-day crackdown on the indigent at the end of June. And how do you know when someone is indigent? As a Las Vegas statute puts it, “an indigent person is a person whom a reasonable ordinary person would believe to be entitled to apply for or receive” public assistance.
That could be me before the blow-drying and eyeliner, and it’s definitely Al Szekeley at any time of day. A grizzled 62-year-old, he inhabits a wheelchair and is often found on G Street in Washington, D.C. -- the city that is ultimately responsible for the bullet he took in the spine in Phu Bai, Vietnam, in 1972.
He had been enjoying the luxury of an indoor bed until December 2008, when the police swept through the shelter in the middle of the night looking for men with outstanding warrants. It turned out that Szekeley, who is an ordained minister and does not drink, do drugs, or cuss in front of ladies, did indeed have one -- for “criminal trespassing,” as sleeping on the streets is sometimes defined by the law. So he was dragged out of the shelter and put in jail.
“Can you imagine?” asked Eric Sheptock, the homeless advocate (himself a shelter resident) who introduced me to Szekeley. “They arrested a homeless man in a shelter for being homeless?”
The viciousness of the official animus toward the indigent can be breathtaking. A few years ago, a group called Food Not Bombs started handing out free vegan food to hungry people in public parks around the nation. A number of cities, led by Las Vegas, passed ordinances forbidding the sharing of food with the indigent in public places, leading to the arrests of several middle-aged white vegans.
One anti-sharing law was just overturned in Orlando, but the war on illicit generosity continues. Orlando is appealing the decision, and Middletown, Connecticut, is in the midst of a crackdown. More recently, Gainesville, Florida, began enforcing a rule limiting the number of meals that soup kitchens may serve to 130 people in one day, and Phoenix, Arizona, has been using zoning laws to stop a local church from serving breakfast to homeless people.
For the not-yet-homeless, there are two main paths to criminalization, and one is debt. Anyone can fall into debt, and although we pride ourselves on the abolition of debtors’ prison, in at least one state, Texas, people who can’t pay fines for things like expired inspection stickers may be made to “sit out their tickets” in jail.
More commonly, the path to prison begins when one of your creditors has a court summons issued for you, which you fail to honor for one reason or another, such as that your address has changed and you never received it. Okay, now you’re in “contempt of the court.”
Or suppose you miss a payment and your car insurance lapses, and then you’re stopped for something like a broken headlight (about $130 for the bulb alone). Now, depending on the state, you may have your car impounded and/or face a steep fine -- again, exposing you to a possible court summons. “There’s just no end to it once the cycle starts,” says Robert Solomon of Yale Law School. “It just keeps accelerating.”
The second -- and by far the most reliable -- way to be criminalized by poverty is to have the wrong color skin. Indignation runs high when a celebrity professor succumbs to racial profiling, but whole communities are effectively “profiled” for the suspicious combination of being both dark-skinned and poor. Flick a cigarette and you’re “littering”; wear the wrong color T-shirt and you’re displaying gang allegiance. Just strolling around in a dodgy neighborhood can mark you as a potential suspect. And don’t get grumpy about it or you could be “resisting arrest.”
In what has become a familiar pattern, the government defunds services that might help the poor while ramping up law enforcement. Shut down public housing, then make it acrime to be homeless. Generate no public-sector jobs, then penalize people for falling into debt. The experience of the poor, and especially poor people of color, comes to resemble that of a rat in a cage scrambling to avoid erratically administered electric shocks. And if you should try to escape this nightmare reality into a brief, drug-induced high, it’s “gotcha” all over again, because that of course is illegal too.
One result is our staggering level of incarceration, the highest in the world. Today, exactly the same number of Americans -- 2.3 million -- reside in prison as in public housing. And what public housing remains has become ever more prison-like, with random police sweeps and, in a growing number of cities, proposed drug tests for residents. The safety net, or what remains of it, has been transformed into a dragnet.
It is not clear whether economic hard times will finally force us to break the mad cycle of poverty and punishment. With even the official level of poverty increasing -- to over 14% in 2010 -- some states are beginning to ease up on the criminalization of poverty, using alternative sentencing methods, shortening probation, and reducing the number of people locked up for technical violations like missing court appointments. But others, diabolically enough, are tightening the screws: not only increasing the number of “crimes,” but charging prisoners for their room and board, guaranteeing they’ll be released with potentially criminalizing levels of debt.
So what is the solution to the poverty of so many of America’s working people? Ten years ago, when Nickel and Dimed first came out, I often responded with the standard liberal wish list -- a higher minimum wage, universal health care, affordable housing, good schools, reliable public transportation, and all the other things we, uniquely among the developed nations, have neglected to do.
Today, the answer seems both more modest and more challenging: if we want to reduce poverty, we have to stop doing the things that make people poor and keep them that way. Stop underpaying people for the jobs they do. Stop treating working people as potential criminals and let them have the right to organize for better wages and working conditions.
Stop the institutional harassment of those who turn to the government for help or find themselves destitute in the streets. Maybe, as so many Americans seem to believe today, we can’t afford the kinds of public programs that would genuinely alleviate poverty -- though I would argue otherwise. But at least we should decide, as a bare minimum principle, to stop kicking people when they’re down.
Barbara Ehrenreich is the author of a number of books, most recently Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. This essay is a shortened version of a new afterword to her bestselling book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, 10th Anniversary Edition, just released by Picador Books.
Excerpted from Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, 10th Anniversary Edition, published August 2nd by Picador USA. New afterword © 2011 by Barbara Ehrenreich. Excerpted by arrangement with Metropolitan Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, LLC. All rights reserved.

23 - Chomsky : Public Education Under Massive Corporate Assault — What's Next?

The following is a partial transcript of a recent speech delivered by Noam Chomsky at the University of Toronto at Scarborough on the rapid privatization process of public higher education in the United States.
Posted August 09, 2011
A couple of months ago, I went to Mexico to give talks at the National University in Mexico, UNAM. It's quite an impressive university — hundreds of thousands of students, high-quality and engaged students, excellent faculty. It's free. And the city — Mexico City — actually, the government ten years ago did try to add a little tuition, but there was a national student strike, and the government backed off. And, in fact, there's still an administrative building on campus that is still occupied by students and used as a center for activism throughout the city. There's also, in the city itself, another university, which is not only free but has open admissions. It has compensatory options for those who need them. I was there, too; it's also quite an impressive level, students, faculty, and so on. That's Mexico, a poor country.
Right after that I happened to go to California, maybe the richest place in the world. I was giving talks at the universities there. In California, the main universities — Berkeley and UCLA — they're essentially Ivy League private universities — colossal tuition, tens of thousands of dollars, huge endowment. General assumption is they are pretty soon going to be privatized, and the rest of the system will be, which was a very good system — best public system in the world — that's probably going to be reduced to technical training or something like that. The privatization, of course, means privatization for the rich [and a] lower level of mostly technical training for the rest. And that is happening across the country. Next year, for the first time ever, the California system, which was a really great system, best anywhere, is getting more funding from tuition than from the state of California. And that is happening across the country. In most states, tuition covers more than half of the college budget. It's also most of the public research universities. Pretty soon only the community colleges — you know, the lowest level of the system — will be state-financed in any serious sense. And even they're under attack. And analysts generally agree, I'm quoting, "The era of affordable four-year public universities heavily subsidized by the state may be over."
Now that's one important way to implement the policy of indoctrination of the young. People who are in a debt trap have very few options. Now that is true of social control generally; that is also a regular feature of international policy — those of you who study the IMF and the World Bank and others are well aware. As the Mexico-California example illustrates, the reasons for conscious destruction of the greatest public education system in the world are not economic. Economist Doug Henwood points out that it would be quite easy to make higher education completely free. In the U.S., it accounts for less than 2 percent of gross domestic product. The personal share of about 1 percent of gross domestic product is a third of the income of the richest 10,000 households. That's the same as three months of Pentagon spending. It's less than four months of wasted administrative costs of the privatized healthcare system, which is an international scandal.
It's about twice the per capita cost of comparable countries, has some of the worst outcomes, and in fact it's the basis for the famous deficit. If the U.S. had the same kind of healthcare system as other industrial countries, not only would there be no deficit, but there would be a surplus. However, to introduce these facts into an electoral campaign would be suicidally insane, Henwood points out. Now he's correct. In a democracy where elections are essentially bought by concentrations of private capital, it doesn't matter what the public wants. The public has actually been in favor of that for a long of time, but they are irrelevant in a properly run democracy.
We should recall that the great growth period in the economy -- the U.S. economy -- was in the several decades after WWII, commonly called the "Golden Age" by economists. It was substantially fueled by affordable public education and by university research. Affordable public education includes the GI Bill, which provided free education for veterans — and remember, that was a much poorer country than today. Extremely low tuition was found even at private colleges. Actually, I went to an Ivy League college, and it cost $100 a year; that's more now, but it's not that high, it's not 30 or 40,000, you know?
What about university-based research? Well, as I mentioned, that is the core of the modern high-tech economy. That includes computers, the Internet — in fact, the whole IT revolution — and a whole lot more. The dismantling of this system since the 1970s is among the many moves toward a very sharply two-tiered society, a very narrow concentration of wealth and stagnation for most everyone else. It also has direct economic consequences. Take, say, California. What they are doing to the public education system is going to undermine the economy that relies on a skilled work force and creative innovation, Silicon Valley and so on. Well, apart from the enormous human cost of depriving most people of decent educational opportunities, these policies undermine the U.S. competitive capacity. That's very harmful to the mass of the population, but it doesn't matter to the tiny percent of concentrated wealth and power. In fact, in the years since the Pell Memorandum, we've entered into a new stage in state capitalism in which the future just doesn't amount to much. Profit comes increasingly from financial manipulations. The corporate policies are geared toward the short-term profit, and that reduces the concern for loyalty to a firm over a longer stretch. We'll talk about this more tomorrow, but right now let me talk about the consequences for education, which are quite significant.
Suppose, as is increasingly happening not only in the United States, incidentally, that universities are not funded by the state, meaning the general community. So how are the universities going to survive? Universities are parasitic institutions; they don't produce commodities for profit, thankfully. They may one of these days. The funding issue raises many troubling questions, which would not arise if fostering independent thought and inquiry were regarded as a public good, having intrinsic value. That's the traditional ideal of the universities, although there are major efforts to change that. Take Britain. According to the British press, the Arts and Humanities Research Council was just ordered to spend a significant amount of funding on the prime minister's vision for the country. His so-called "Big Society," which means big corporate profits, and the rest look out for themselves. The government produced what they call a clarification of the famous Haldane Principle. That's the century-old principle that barred such government intrusion into academic research. If this stands, which I think is kind of hard to believe, but if it stands, the hand of Big Brother will rest quite heavily on inquiry and innovation in the arts and humanities as the masters of mankind follow the advice of the Pell Memorandum. Of course, defending academic freedom in ways that would receive nods of approval from Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, borrowing my grandchildren's rhetoric. Cameron's Britain is seeking to take the lead on the assault on public education. The rest of the Western world is not very far behind. In some ways the U.S. is ahead.
More generally, in a corporate-run culture, the traditional ideal of free and independent thought may be given lip service, but other values tend to rank higher. Defending authentic institutional freedom is no small task. However, it is not hopeless by any means. I'll talk about the case I know best, at my own university. It is a very striking case, because of the nature of its funding. Technically, it's a private university, but it has vast state funding, overwhelming, particularly since the Second World War. When I adjoined the faculty over 55 years ago, there were military labs. Since then, they've been technically severed. The academic programs, too, at that time, the 1950s, were almost entirely funded by the Pentagon. Under student pressure in the time of troubles, the 1960s, there were protests about this and calls for investigation. A faculty-student commission was formed in 1969 to investigate the matter. I was a member, thanks to student pressure. The commission was interesting. It found that despite the funding source, the Pentagon, almost the entire academic program, there was no military-related work on campus, except in the sense that virtually anything can have some military application. Actually, there was an exception to this, the political science department, [which] was deeply engaged in the Vietnam War under the guise of peace research. Since that time, Pentagon funding has been declining, and funding from health-related state institutions — National Institute of Health and so on — that's been increasing. There's a reason for that. It's reflecting changes in the economy.
In the 1950s and 1960s the cutting edge of the economy was electronics-based. The Pentagon was a natural way to steal money from the taxpayers, making them think they're being protected from the Russians or somebody, and to direct it to eventual corporate profits. That was done very effectively. It includes computers, the Internet, the IT revolution. In fact most of the modern economy comes from that. In more recent years, the economy is becoming more biology based. Therefore state funding is shifting. Fifty years ago, if you looked around MIT, you found small electronics startups from the faculty. They were drawing on Pentagon funding for research, and if they were successful, they were bought up by major corporations. Those of you who know something about the high-tech economy will know that that's the famous Route 128. That was 50 years ago. Now, if you go around the campus, the startups are biology based, and the same process continues. The genetic engineering, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and the big buildings going up are Novartis and so on. That's the way the so-called free enterprise economy works. There's also been a shift to more short-term applied work. The Pentagon and the National Institutes of Health are concerned with the long-term future of the advanced economy. In contrast to a business firm, it typically wants something that it can use — it can use and not its competitors, and tomorrow. I don't actually know of a careful study, but it seems pretty clear that the shift toward corporate funding is leading towards more short-term applied research and less exploration of what might turn out to be interesting and important down the road.
Another consequence of corporate funding is more secrecy. This surprises a lot of people, but during the period of Pentagon funding, there was no secrecy. There was also no security on campus. You may remember this. You walk into the Pentagon-funded labs 24 hours a day, and no cards to stick into things and so on. No secrecy; it was all entirely open. There is secrecy today. A corporation can't compel secrecy, but they can make it very clear that you're not going to get your contract renewed if your work leaks to others. That has happened. In fact, it's lead to some scandals, some big enough to appear on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
Outside funding has other effects on the university, unless it's free and unconstrained, observing the Haldane Principle. Indeed, it has been true to a significant degree by funding from the Pentagon and the other national institutions. However, any kind of outside funding [has effects], even keeping to the Haldane Principle, supposing it establishes a teaching or research facility. That kind of automatically shifts the balance of academic activity, and that can threaten the independence and integrity of the institution. And in the case of corporate funding, quite severely.
Corporatization can have considerable influence in other ways. Corporate managers have a duty. They have to focus on profit making and seeking to convert as much of life as possible into commodities. It's not because they're bad people; it's their task. Under Anglo-American law, it's their legal obligation as well. There's a lot to say about this topic, but one element of it concerns the universities and much else. One particular consequence is the focus on what's called efficiency. It's an interesting concept. It's not strictly an economic concept. It has crucial ideological dimensions. If a business reduces personnel, it might become more efficient by standard measures with lower costs. Typically, that shifts the burden to the public, a very familiar phenomenon we see all the time. Costs to the public are not counted, and they're colossal. That's a choice that's not based on economic theory. That's based on an ideological decision, which applies directly to the "business models," as they're called, of the universities. Increasing class-size or employing cheap temporary labor, say graduate students instead of full-time faculty, may look good on a university budget, but there are significant costs. They're transferred and not measured. They're transferred to students and to the society generally as the quality of education, the quality of instruction is lowered.
There's, furthermore, no way to measure the human and social costs of converting schools and universities into facilities that produce commodities for the job market, abandoning the traditional ideal of the universities. Creating creative and independent thought and inquiry, challenging perceived beliefs, exploring new horizons and forgetting external constraints. That's an ideal that's no doubt been flawed in practice, but to the extent that it's realized is a good measure of the level of civilization achieved.
That idea is being challenged very openly by Adam Smith's Principal Architects of Policy in the State Corporate Complex, the direct attack on the Haldane Principle in Britain. That's an extreme case; in fact so extreme I assume it may be beaten back. There are less blatant examples. Many of them are just inherent in the reliance on outside funding, state or private. These are two sources that are not easy to distinguish given the control of the state by private interest. So what's the right reaction to outside funding that threatens the ideal of a free university? Well one choice is just to reject it in principle, in which case the university would go down the tubes. It's a parasitic institution. Another choice is just to recognize it as a fact of life that when I'm at work, I have to walk past the Lockheed Martin Lecture Hall, and I have to look out my office window at the Koch building, which is named after the multibillionaires who are the major funders of the Tea Party and a leading force in ongoing campaigns to wipe out the remnants of the labor movement and to institute a kind-of corporate tyranny.
Now, if that outside funding seeks to [influence] teaching, research and other activities, then there's a strong argument that it should simply be resisted or rejected outright no matter what the costs. Such influences are not inevitable, and that's worth bearing in mind.

24 - Cultivating Violence
Israel and its "right-wing Zionists"

By Prof Lawrence Davidson

August 08, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- By now the world is aware that, despite the ardent wishful thinking of the Western media, the terrorism that struck Oslo on 22 July 2011 was not perpetrated by a Muslim individual or organization. It was done by a local Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik. The object of his terror was the Norwegian government and its cultural and foreign policies. The government’s sins seem to have been being too much in favor of multiculturalism, too little opposed to Muslims and, not being an ally of Israel.

Breivik is at the violent end of a continuum of fear and loathing of those who are culturally and/or religiously different. In this case, Muslim immigrants in Europe. Like millions of others along this anti-Other continuum, he is angry that people different from himself are showing up in his neighborhood. It probably never occurred to him that given one or two generations most of these outsiders would be brought to share the culture and outlook of their adopted lands. Breivik did not have the patience for such a process of assimilation. What he did have was a) the will carry out violence against innocent people, b) the belief that such violence would spark an anti-Muslim turn in Norwegian politics, and c) a sense that he had allies around the world who would applaud his action. Only number b was fantasy.

Anders Behring Breivik had written down a manifesto which runs to some 1500 pages. In this message he identified those who he saw as his allies. He had not, of course, consulted them on this status but he really did not have to. They had been fighting in his chosen cause for a long time and he admired them for their effort. He strongly identified with their worldview and he took encouragement from the general atmosphere of a "clash of civilizations" that they had created. Some had fought for the cause with violence some had not. But he knew that they were all on the same side.

Israel’s Jerusalem Post has looked into this side of Breivik’s manifesto. The paper notes that it "mentions Israel 359 times and Jews 324 times." Not all of these are positive. Breivik does not like Jews of left wing, multiculturist leanings. Overall the Jerusalem Post describes the manifesto as "an extreme, bizarre and rambling screed of Islamophobia, far-right Zionism and venomous attacks on Marxism and multiculturalism." Considering the fact that "far-right Zionism" has governed Israel for decades and also characterizes the behavior of most American Zionist organizations, Breivik identification with them is, as we will see, more logical than bizarre. Breivik the terrorist concludes, "let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against anti-Zionists , against all cultural Marixts/multiculturists." The man had found an ideological home.

Many of Israel’s "far-right Zionists" quickly recognized their alliance with Anders Behring Breivik in exact proportion to their feeling that Norway was an ally of the Palestinians. Most in the U.S. will be unaware of this fact because these expressions of approval appear almost exclusively in Israel’s Hebrew press and internet. I do not think that what one finds there is, as Ziv Lenchner, a Y-Net (Hebrew) columnist claims, a window onto general Israeli public opinion, but I do think we can be pretty sure it represents the outlook of Israel ruling rightists. Here are some of these positions as translated by JJ Goldberg:

1. "They [the Norwegian victims] have it coming….Anyone who acts without mercy towards us [Israel], there’s no reason I should pity them."
2. "Maybe they’ll learn in Oslo that they are not immune they’ll feel what many Israelis have felt…"

3. "The Norwegians and Europe generally are super-anti-Semitic. So 100 people are killed there….I don’t pity them they’re my enemies they hate Israel so they have it coming!"

4. The boy [Breivik) wanted to send a message. Extreme, yes, by they [the Norwegian government that supports the Palestinians] don’t understand anything else."

5. "It’s time for Europe to deal with these Arabs. From my point of view they could kill one million of them here too."

Goldberg estimates that comments ran "3-or 4-to-1 hostile rather than sympathetic. That is hostile to the Norway and its victims. There was a general sense that "the killer was right and the victims had it coming."

This attitude has also found its way into the Israeli intelligentsia. A good example of this is
Barry Rubin, Deputy Director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. Soon after the attacks in Oslo Rubin wrote an article entitled "the Oslo Syndrome." In it he claims that there is deep irony in the actions of the Norwegian terrorist. Specifically he believes that "the youth political camp he (Breivik,) attacked was at the time engaged in what was essentially (though the campers did not see it that way, no doubt) a pro-terrorist program." Thus, at least the camp victims (whether they knew it or not) were supporting terrorists and that resulted in their being attacked by a terrorist. Hence, the irony.

In what way were the Norwegians supporting terrorism? Well, here are some of Rubin’s examples:

1. "The camp was run by Norway’s left-wing party" which "was lobbying for breaking the blockade of the terrorist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and for immediate recognition of a Palestinian state without that entity needing to do anything that would prevent it from being a terrorist base against Israel."

2. In pursuing these policies the Norwegian government makes "terrorism appear politically successful and hence a great thing to do."

Rubin goes on in what comes dangerously close to a "rambling screed" to condemn just about the entire history of Palestinian resistance to Zionist colonialism as terrorism. And since Rubin believes that it is imperative that terrorists (including the one in Norway) must never be allowed to succeed, then it follows logically that Palestinian resistance must not be allowed to succeed. Indeed, it can be assumed that for Barry Rubin there can be no Palestinian entity except on Israeli terms–terms that others, outside of Rubin’s world, often equate to apartheid South Africa’s bantustans.

Rubin has gone out of his way to insist that his position is not intended to justify the murders in Oslo. I accept this assertion. However, his view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is so one-sided that it certainly seems to justify the state terrorism consistently applied by Israel both to provoke and respond to Palestinian violence. [Personal Note: Long ago I knew this fellow, Barry Rubin. He was, then, a brilliant man who used his talents to fight for justice, particularly in the case of the Vietnam War. Now, objectivity long lost, he is a convert to Zionism. And converts always make the most ardent true believers].

Part II – The United State and its Islamophobes

If many of Andres Behring Breivik’s Israeli allies rush to defend him, his American allies are now rushing to distance themselves from him. It is they who, as the
New York Times has put it, exercised "undeniable influence"on this terrorist. It is they who helped create the atmosphere in which he felt emboldened. Of course they deny having done so. One is reminded here of the denials of Sarah Palin, who posted the names and places of residence of her Democratic opponents using gunsight cross hairs. And then, when in January of 2011 Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a right-wing fanatic, said that her incitement had nothing to do with the incident. Now history repeats itself. Who are these most recent deniers? Well, among others, two notables that Breivik himself sights as fellow travelers are Robert Spencer, who runs the web site, Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller, who runs the web site "Atlas Shrugged." Both are major figures in the hate campaign now being waged against Muslims in the United States.

Breivik was probably also influenced by another variant in this campaign, the movement against "creeping Sharia." This is the nonsensical campaign against an alleged Islamic plot to undermine American culture by spreading the use of Sharia Law. Again, according to the
New York Times, the man who has spearheaded this movement is David Yerushalmi, "a 56 year-old Hasidic Jew with a history of controversial statements about race, immigration and Islam." Yerushalmi is also a supporter of the illegal Israeli colonization project on the Palestinian West Bank. Then there are the poisonous pronouncements continuously put forth people like fundamentalist mega-church pastor John Hagee and the multiple anti-Muslim statements of American politicians such as, among others, Peter King of Long Island and Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich. All of these people are part of "America’s rising tide of Islamophobia" and have actively contributed to, as Sarah Wildman has put it in the England’s Guardian newspaper, "the ideological underpinning that motivates militias and terrorists."

Part III – Conclusion

The world is full of prejudiced people who, as noted above, live on a continuum of fear and loathing of all that is different. Some of them are just ignorant. They easily become victims of their own provincialism and allow their heads to be filled with the pronouncements from agencies such as Fox "News." Others are ideologues whose world is defined by very narrow political, racial, or religious beliefs in defense of which agitation and violence are thought warranted. Some are opportunists who see this sort of environment as just right to make their name and fortune. There are other categories as well. Under the right circumstances this collective of the prejudice can be activated. It finds its enemy and focuses with a deadly intensity. The wordsmiths within it plow the ground, the agitators plant the seeds, and then the violent ones reaped the harvest. All of a sudden you find yourself in the midst of killing fields.

This has happened repeatedly in history. As a phenomenon it is not confined to underdeveloped areas or "backward" nations. It is a potential that plagues all peoples at all times. To paraphrase Samuel Clemens quote about beauty and ugliness, civilization is but skin deep, but barbarism goes right down to the bone. It takes constant vigilance, constant effort, the constant demand for common sense to keep the barbarian at bay.
Professor Lawrence Davidson - Department of History - West Chester University - [email protected] -

25 - What Can We Do About The Great American Lie?

By Michael Lewis

August 08, 2011 "
Information Clearing House" -- - I. F. Stone told us many years ago that All Governments Lie. Daniel Ellsberg, in Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers, told us why governments, including Presidents, always lie, and must continue to lie about what they know to be true, but about which they cannot talk under constraints of "National Security." The lies place an impermeable barrier between Those Who Know and Those Who Cannot Be Told, a barrier that trickles downhill forever separating the citizenry of the United States from their government.

Today, the lies continue, as they must, even though journalists, bloggers and other malcontents desperately chip away at the facade. The raid into Pakistan to capture Bin Laden is revealed to have been not a one-off military adventure, but part of an on-going
campaign of covert military intervention in 120 countries around the world on the part of a highly organized and secretly funded cadre of 15,000 specially trained soldiers let loose on the world. There was never any intent to capture Bin Laden alive. The goal of the raid was to kill this living embarrassment to the United States government and remove any chance that he might say something awkward and revealing before he died of kidney failure on his own.

It's not just the President who is foisting lies on the public. Politicians of all stripes meet in smoke filled back rooms with corporate lobbyists and industry representatives, barely deigning to conceal the bribes slipped under the table into their grasping clutches. Nudge nudge, wink wink. The press is summarily dismissed from these gatherings, such as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, as politicos hide their faces from the peering eye of the Internet, pretending we do not see. The back slapping and glad handing continue safely within the confines of the Marriott Hotel, where legislation is crafted far from the public eye. Would that they were only making sausage.

What do we do in the face of a government corrupt to the core, a government that professes to be Of the People, by the People and for the People, yet continues to do the bidding of unaccountable corporate lobbyists, revolving door "experts," and an overweening military technology industry? Do we continue to vote for new fodder for the corporate grist mill, aka Congress? Do we demand legislation that will stop the Congressional gravy train, from those who are first at the gravy bowl? Do we demand a President to lead us out of the wilderness scheduled to be clear-cut for corporate profits?

The central authoritarian government doesn't have the answer, as it is the central problem. Jeffersonian Republicans knew what they were doing when they opposed Alexander Hamilton's Federalists at the turn of the 19th Century. They foresaw the coming excesses of centralized authority in a world dominated by capitalist greed. They viewed the Federalist agenda as anti-revolutionary, a continuance of the economic system that had strangled the North American British colonies until the Revolution tore them free. The Anti-Federalists argued for small government, democracy, mutual aid, self-reliance and self-government. As foreseen, Hamilton's paternalistic state has fostered a populous that cannot take care of itself, let alone serve as a beacon of democracy and freedom in an increasingly privatized world.

There is only one path open to those few willing and aware US citizens: turn around and take a new step forward. We cannot solve the problem of corrupt government by appealing to the corrupt government. Jefferson was fond of the concept of public dissent and rebellion: "Every generation needs a new revolution."

It's time for our generation to expose the lies and foster a new revolution, a revolution that starts between the ears, and works outward through our families, neighborhoods, communities and bioregions. Not a violent revolution, as that which spawned this country, but a quiet revolution over back yard fences, neighborhood meetings in living rooms, public gatherings with local representatives, the anonymity of the polling booth. By the time the central authority recognizes the revolution, it will be too late, a fait accompli, a done deal.

The challenge at present is to penetrate the fog of lies and mindless distractions of popular culture sufficiently to foster such a revolution.

The solution is simple: we tell the truth. The Orwellian bumper sticker tells us: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." Whenever we encounter a lie, we respond with the truth. From local neighborhoods to the White House, in the coffee shop or City Council chambers, we never let a lie pass unchallenged. This accomplishes two goals: we raise the consciousness of all within reach, and we challenge those who lie to us and expect to get away with it.

Thus the revolution begins.
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26 - WikiLeaks Cables Show
US Strategy for Regime Change in Syria as Protesters are Massacred

By Kevin Gosztola

August 06, 2011 "The Dissenter" -- In
the aftermath of a massacre in Hama, Syria state media broadcasted images of “burnt, buildings, makeshift barricades and deserted streets strewn with rubble,” according to the
New York Times and claimed the revolt in Syria has ended. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports tens of thousands have taken to the streets all over the country and are continuing a five-months old uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke at a press conference and said the Syrian government has killed more than 2,000 people in its brutal crackdown on protests in the past months. She told the press the US was extending sanctions against a “prominent businessman and MP,” who allegedly has close ties to Assad. This marked the “fourth round of US sanctions against Syria aimed at pressuring Assad’s government to ease its bloody crackdown against unarmed protesters,” according to The Guardian. However, numerous Syrian protesters and some US senators are dissatisfied, as the sanctions do not target Syria’s oil and gas sector.
As protests continue and the brutal crackdown on protests wears on, US State Embassy cables released by the media organization WikiLeaks provide a greater understanding of the Washington power politics that have led to this moment.
For the past five to six years, the US policy toward Syria has used what could be called a two-pronged strategy to push for regime change. The US has supported “civil society” activists or external opposition organizations. It has also worked to delegitimize, destabilize and isolate the country through the application of sanctions and various other measures, which could be applied to exploit vulnerabilities.
A cable from December 13, 2006, opens with the conclusion that the Syrian government has ended 2006 “in a position much stronger domestically and internationally than it did [in] 2005.” It features a collection of possible actions that could be taken to undermine the Assad regime.
The vulnerabilities listed include: the Rafiq Hariri investigation and tribunal (Hariri was a Lebanese Prime Minister who was assassinated in a major car bombing); the alliance with Tehran; the regime’s “inner circle”; divisions in the military-security services; the corrupt Baathist elites; previous failures of reform; the economy; the Kurds; extremists and the “Khaddam factor” (Abdul Halim Khaddam is an exiled former Syrian Vice President, whose name appears in a number of the cables released thus far.)
Some of the proposed actions for exploiting these vulnerabilities are outlined in the cable:
The regime is intensely sensitive to rumors about coup-plotting and restlessness in the security services and military. Regional allies like Egypt and Saudi Arabia should be encouraged to meet with figures like Khaddam and Rifat Asad as a way of sending such signals, with appropriate leaking of the meetings afterwards. This again touches on this insular regime,s paranoia and increases the possibility of a self-defeating over-reaction.

…We should continue to encourage the Saudis and others to allow Khaddam access to their media outlets, providing him with venues for airing the SARG,s dirty laundry. We should anticipate an overreaction by the regime that will add to its isolation and alienation from its Arab neighbors…
HIGHLIGHT KURDISH COMPLAINTS: Highlighting Kurdish complaints in public statements, including publicizing human rights abuses will exacerbate regime,s concerns about the Kurdish population. Focus on economic hardship in Kurdish areas and the SARG,s long-standing refusal to offer citizenship to some 200,000 stateless Kurds. This issue would need to be handled carefully, since giving the wrong kind of prominence to Kurdish issues in Syria could be a liability for our efforts at uniting the opposition, given Syrian (mostly Arab) civil society’s skepticism of Kurdish objectives.
PLAY ON SUNNI FEARS OF IRANIAN INFLUENCE: There are fears in Syria that the Iranians are active in both Shia proselytizing and conversion of, mostly poor, Sunnis. Though often exaggerated, such fears reflect an element of the Sunni community in Syria that is increasingly upset by and focused on the spread of Iranian influence in their country through activities ranging from mosque construction to business. Both the local Egyptian and Saudi missions here, (as well as prominent Syrian Sunni religious leaders), are giving increasing attention to the matter and we should coordinate more closely with their governments on ways to better publicize and focus regional attention on the issue.
This is clearly manipulative and underhanded. It shouldn’t be surprising that the Assad regime would want to crack down violently on any protests. The shadiness of US relations with Syria is only amplified if you look at the other aspect of the US push for regime change: the public funding of opposition groups.
The US Doesn’t Undermine Countries, It Transforms Them
In April, the Washington Post reported on the funding of opposition groups revealed in the cables and highlighted a group called the Movement for Justice and Development (MJD). It noted it was closely affiliated with the London-based satellite channel Barada TV, which started broadcasting in April 2009 but “ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria.” The cables showed “as much as $6 million” had been “funneled” to the group “since 2006 to operate the satellite channel and finance other activities inside Syria.”
A cable from March 11, 2009, shows why the US might want to work with the MJD:
MJD’s effort to expand its base in Syria is noteworthy in that it is a moderate Islamist organization that publicly eschews any ideological agenda aside from ending the Asad regime through democratic reform. XXXXXXXXXXXX That said, we have heard numerous unconfirmed rumors by very nervous democracy-reform advocates that the SARG may have penetrated the MJD. XXXXXXXXXXXX MJD’s role in organizing an opposition television platform for broadcasting into Syria would make it a high priority target for Syria’s security services.
At the time that the cable was written, the group had been banned from Syria. But, that didn’t hurt the allure of cooperating with such a group to bring “democratic change” to Syria.
According to the cable, the group “doesn’t believe in Sharia law.” Throughout 2008, it “participated in symposiums” in Europe in the United States. It is a member of the Damascus Declaration, a unity statement made by Syrian opposition in 2005 that called the Assad regime, “authoritarian, totalitarian and cliquish,` and called for peaceful reform through dialogue. They did not have a cooperative relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. And they were working with the Middle East Partnership Initiative, run by the US State Department, on a satellite channel that the Ford Foundation was allegedly helping to finance.
It is unclear how much of a role the MJD has had in the current protests in Syria, especially since they were mostly a group of exiles in 2009, however, the National Salvation Front of Syria founded by Khaddam has been organizing support for the Syrian opposition. Through conferences held in Istanbul, Turkey and lobbying efforts, which have been aimed at getting the US to impose greater sanctions on Syria, this group has been working to keep the opposition from being entirely crushed by Assad’s regime.
Syrian Dissident Unhappy with US Foreign Policy
While the Arab Spring has been viewed as a spontaneous moment in history that spurred a domino effect leading multiple populations in the Middle East and North Africa to mount uprisings against repressive dictatorial regimes, the cables show that opposition had been looking for the right moment to topple Assad for at least the past five years. But, US diplomatic efforts to undercut Assad only hurt the opposition the US was claiming to support.
As the Syrian government became aware of US funding of non-governmental organizations and opposition groups, the regime only turned more repressive. A figure in Syria, whose name is redacted from a cable sent out on November 25, 2008, criticized the US policy saying it had “united Islamist nationalists and secular Arab nationalists,” exactly what the US had not planned. And, Syrian opposition chided US foreign policy.
XXXXXXXXXXXX expressed disappointment that the U.S. has driven Syria in a direction not good for the country, but very good for the regime. The regime senses that the U.S. has played its hand very badly, using its war on terror in a counterproductive way. Instead of isolating the Islamists and creating the kind of dynamic social ferment and gradual upheaval that was evident in the USSR and Eastern Europe in the mid- and late-1980′s, the U.S. has created conditions that have united, in Syria at least, Islamist nationalists and secular Arab nationalists. According to XXXXXXXXXXXX , the U.S. has succeeded in making Syria a hero in the Islamic world. U.S. support for the opposition has not been effective The fact that Ba’ath Party thugs, with some security services support, could beat up a group of opposition activists, intellectuals, and cultural figures peacefully protesting the continuation of Emergency Law was a far more important signal than the USD five million that the U.S. set aside to support the opposition, noted XXXXXXXXXXXX
It’s Not “Regime Change” But Rather “Behavior Reform”
It is clear the Bush Administration was committed to bringing about regime change. Under President Barack Obama, it appears the US has not fully committed to the same of kind of destabilization efforts. The Obama Administration appears to have instead adopted a policy that is indicative of the sort of American exceptionalism rife within the Washington establishment.
On April 28, 2009, a cable describing a “new policy front” was sent out. US Chargé d’Affaires ad interim to Syria Maura Connelly suggested the “primary Syrian external opposition organization” had completely collapsed. Thus, the suggestion was put forth that the US do less work trying to foster “regime change” and more toward “encouraging ‘behavior reform.’”
…The U.S. attempt to politically isolate the SARG raised stumbling blocks to direct Embassy involvement in civil society programming. As a result, the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and the Bureau of Human Rights and Labor (DRL) took the lead in identifying and funding civil society and human rights projects. Though the Embassy has had direct input on a few of these efforts, especially with DRL, most of the programming has proceeded without direct Embassy involvement…
The cable lists off Freedom House, American Bar Association, American University, Internews and work done by MEPI with the Aspen Strategic Initiative Institute, Democracy Council of California, Regents of the University of New Mexico and the International Republican Institute (IRI). It highlighted how the most sensitive MEPI-sponsored programs are funded and noted the Syria government would “view any US funds going to illegal political groups as tantamount to supporting regime change.”
It suggests concerns Syria could address if it wanted to be seen in a more positive light. This aspect of the US “behavior reform” strategy appears to be rather consistent with the rhetoric of the State Department during the current uprising. Then, Connelly wrote:
…Action on any one of the following five concerns might shift the SARG’s image into a more positive light. (1) The release of specific imprisoned high-profile civil society and human rights activists; (2) credible movement to resolve the citizenship status of stateless Kurds; (3) loosening media restrictions, including Internet censorship; (4) lifting travel bans on Syrian citizens; and (5) following up on promises to establish a “Senate” that would create a legislative space for opposition politicians to work in…
Finally, the cable on this Orwellian-sounding policy of “behavior reform” suggests further Americanization or Westernization could possibly help achieve US goals in Syria as well (likeexporting more KFCs and Gap stores).
Sanctions Help Regime Control Political Opinion
Publicly, the State Department has claimed it is pressing a “message” both to Assad, his regime and to American partners that “the time for democratic change is already underway in Syria.” They have consistently indicated support for the protesters right to “peacefully assemble” (a phrase that each time uttered by a State Department spokesperson becomes even more meaningless).
They have proposed further sanctions, however, cables released by WikiLeaks indicate opposition groups have seen few benefits from sanctions. A cable from November 25, 2008, featuring the views of a Syrian dissident, suggests sanctions have been an easy justification for stifling political organizing in Syria:
Like many Syrians we have met, XXXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXX, and XXXXXXXXXXXXi decried the U.S. sanctions against Syria as hurting the Syrian people more than anyone else. XXXXXXXXXXXX argued the sanctions had become a tool for controlling popular opinion in the SARG’s hands. The Asad regime held up the sanctions as an example of how the West opposed the people of Syria, thereby reinforcing the idea that Asad and the Ba’ath Party alone had the Syrian people’s interests at heart, XXXXXXXXXXXX said.
XXXXXXXXXXXX added that the West demanded reform, but it actually prefered an Asad regime to an alternative government, primarily because the West feared any alternative would be Islamist and/or violent, or simply would not willingly follow the policies of the West. He argued the West was afraid of a fully democratic country anywhere in the Middle East. Both, who spent five years in prison for his role in the Damascus Spring and is now involved with the Damascus Declaration, and XXXXXXXXXXXX, who is XXXXXXXXXXXX’s lawyer and the president of the XXXXXXXXXXXX, echoed XXXXXXXXXXXX’s sentiments in their own comments. XXXXXXXXXXXX argued the “regime always uses this relationship with the West to project an image of importance…It allows him (Asad) to tell people: ‘see, I’m needed and the West isn’t interested in these (human rights) issues.’”
“We Cannot Stand Idly By When a Tyrant Tells His People That There Will Be No Mercy”
If one reads these cables and draws the conclusion that the US bears some responsibility for egging Assad on, then it appears the US might have an obligation to launch a “humanitarian intervention” into Syria, perhaps, one like the “humanitarian intervention” that continues to wear on Libya.
Recall, the American people were told we had a kind of moral duty to intervene in Libya. President Barack Obama declared on March 19:
I am deeply aware of the risks of any military action, no matter what limits we place on it. I want the American people to know that the use of force is not our first choice and it’s not a choice that I make lightly. But we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy, and his forces step up their assaults on cities like Benghazi and Misurata, where innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of their own government.
More than 2,000 have died as a result of a “tyrant.” It certainly seems like the Assad regime has adopted a policy of “no mercy.” Yet, the Obama administration has yet to forcefullu call for Assad to step down.
As with Mubarak and President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, the administration supports “a transition” and hopes the dictator, who is actively brutalizing his people, will relinquish control voluntarily and step down. They seem to think they can through words and sanctions impose “behavior reform.” And so, there has not been, to use another Orwellian-sounding term, any indication that a “kinetic military action” will be launched.
That is not to say that the US should be arming any Syrian rebels. The rebels the US has supported (and possibly armed) are now dealing with “tribal hostilities” within their ranks, meaning they are now assassinating and killing one another.
What this shows is US diplomacy, which has included funding Syrian opposition groups and covertly supporting actions that could advance regime change in Syria, is a toxic elixir that not only has failed to give the opposition the support it needs to topple Assad but has also significantly influenced the regime’s decision to unleash its military and security forces on the Syrian people. In short, efforts to advance American hegemony through the buildup of “civil society” and the so-called advancement of “human rights” have failed and innocent civilians are paying the price.

27 - Rothschild behind China's purchase of foreign firms
Jennifer Yu Leads Rothschild's China Push
Rothschild's top Asia executive is eager to put in on top in the fast-growing M&A
When Jennifer Yu, Rothschild's top executive in China, wanted the firm to advise Chinese carmaker Zhejiang Geely on its bid for Volvo, some colleagues at the bank's headquarters in Europe were skeptical. A senior banker asked her how a "mouse" like Geely could swallow an "elephant" like Volvo. "There's a dragon behind this mouse, and it's China," Yu recalls answering. She and the team handling Geely won the argument, and Geely won the bidding. It completed the takeover of Volvo from Ford Motor (F) for more than $1.3 billion on Aug. 2.
Rothschild, the more-than-200-year-old family-controlled banking dynasty, is making a big move in China, and Yu is leading the charge. It plans to add 15 merger advisers there by March, giving it 55 in all, more than any foreign investment bank, says Olivier Pecoux, co-chief executive officer of Rothschild. Today, the merger business in China is still relatively small. So far this year, China has accounted for about 9 percent of the $1.1 trillion in deals around the globe, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The potential, though, is enormous. China has $2.5 trillion in untapped foreign currency reserves and is mandating that state-owned companies expand abroad to secure natural resources such as oil and metals. "The economic balance of power has already changed, and it is moving to the East," says Yu, whose title is head of greater China. "There will be an increasing number of Western companies selling assets to China."
The firm hopes to build on the momentum of the Geely deal, which catapulted it to No. 8 among merger advisers in China so far this year, from 19th in 2009, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That's nine places higher than Rothschild's ranking in North America, where it employs 150 bankers. Rothschild this year helped Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) on its joint $3.1 billion bid for Brisbane (Australia)-based Arrow Energy with PetroChina (PTR), (RDSA) China's biggest offshore energy explorer. Rothschild is advising Beijing-based Citic Securities, the mainland's largest brokerage by market value, on creating a global equity brokerage with France's Crédit Agricole. "Clearly, under the leadership of Jennifer, and with the support of the senior management team, we are making meaningful progress in China," Chairman David de Rothschild writes in an e-mail.
A Shanghai native, Yu, 47, graduated from the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics. Her decision to study in China and work there after graduation gave her time to build connections, or guanxi, with government officials and corporate executives, many of whom were her classmates and friends, she says, declining to identify them.
Yu joined Rothschild in 2003 from BNP Paribas, where she focused on underwriting initial public offerings. She became head of China operations for Rothschild in 2005 and was promoted to her current role three years ago. In a country where the government often plays a key role in mergers and acquisitions—deciding, for example, which companies can bid for overseas assets—Yu's deep roots and extensive connections make her an effective dealmaker. "She knows what is doable or not in the Chinese environment," says Pecoux.
Yu's first major client at Rothschild, Shanghai Automotive Industry, bid for U.K.-based MG Rover, which was ultimately bought by Nanjing Automobile in 2005. Yu told her client not to worry—it would eventually own the Nanjing carmaker because the government would force consolidation in China's eastern region. Two years later, Shanghai Auto agreed to buy Nanjing's carmaking business in a government-brokered deal.
One challenge for Rothschild, Yu says, is that the firm doesn't have an equity underwriting business that could help clients raise money to fund acquisitions. The two leaders in Chinese M&A, according to Bloomberg data, state-backed China International Capital and Zurich-based UBS (UBS), both offer underwriting. Rothschild has been trying to overcome that disadvantage by advising clients on debt structuring and equity raising plans, says Mark Florance, Rothschild's head of Southeast Asia investment banking and a 22-year veteran of the firm.
The China merger market does not generate big fees right now. Chinese companies pay up to 0.7 percent on deals valued above $500 million, compared with 1.2 percent in Western Europe and 1.5 percent in the U.S., according to New York research firm Freeman & Co. Fees on M&A deals in mainland China through May totaled $181 million, compared with $3.1 billion for Western Europe and $4 billion for the U.S., the data show.
That doesn't mean the investments Rothschild is making today won't have a big payoff down the road. "People forget that in the 1980s, the U.S. banks came to Europe and got fewer fees than on Wall Street while building up the necessary infrastructure teams and systems," says Mark Bentley, a former HSBC (HBC) banker now with SDC Group in London. "Why should China be any different?" To Rothschild, it's not. And it's Yu's ambition to see Rothschild's reputation become as formidable in China as it is in Europe, where the firm made its name financing the Duke of Wellington's campaign against Napoleon. "In 10 years' time, Rothschild in China will become the Rothschild in Europe," she says.
The bottom line: Rothschild is building up its operations in China and sees the country becoming an increasingly lucrative source of dealmaking fees.
August 5 2010

28 - The China-Israel Connection
It's nice to know that when the US economy goes kaput, we won't be missed - at least not by israel.
Eli Glazer moved with his family to Shanghai less than four months ago to take up a post there as general manager for Israel Chemicals, one of Israel's leading industrial concerns. In doing so, he became the latest member of a rapidly expanding Israeli business community in China's booming commercial capital.
The Israeli presence underscores the growing importance of trade relations between the two countries. Israel-China trade climbed nearly 30% in 2006, to $3.8 billion, and is expected to reach $5 billion this year, catapulting China to the position of Israel's No. 2 trading partner, second only to the U.S. During an official visit to China last week, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he expects a further doubling in trade, to $10 billion annually, by 2010.
But official statistics don't tell the whole story. The China trade figures exclude business with Hong Kong, even though much of it is redirected to the mainland. The numbers also would be higher if Israel's lucrative arms sales to China hadn't come to an abrupt end in 2005 under heavy pressure from the Bush administration.
Redistributing the Resources
Fortunately for Israel, the Chinese are interested in more than just military hardware. As with many countries, Israel has been flooded with imports of Chinese consumer goods and textiles in recent years. But moving in the other direction, hundreds of Israeli high-tech, chemical, and agricultural technology companies have seen exports to China soar.
"China is already a major market for us and accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in annual sales," says Glazer of Israel Chemicals. The company is one of Israel's largest exporters to China, where it sells potash and industrial chemicals and has set up five joint venture factories.
China also is becoming a big buyer of Israeli agro-technology. Companies like Netafim, a world leader in drip irrigation systems, have seen steady growth in demand in the past decade. The company has even opened a factory in China. "With water shortages becoming more acute we expect China to become one of our major markets in the coming years" says Rami Levy, managing director of Netafim Asia Pacific.
Salt of the Earth
Indeed, water was a major topic of discussion during Olmert's Beijing visit, during which the two countries inked a water technology agreement. "For China, water is as important as oil," [israel and China have a lot in common] the Israeli prime minister said at the signing ceremony, noting that Israel is a world leader in desalination and recycling technologies.
Israeli companies are already drumming up deals. Just days before the water deal was signed, Israel's Global Environmental Services (GES) announced a $5 million water purification project in Inner Mongolia. The company also said it is in talks for a huge desalination project in another region of China.
Perhaps Israel's biggest export to China is high tech. Established companies like ECI Telecom (ecil.), a maker of telecommunications equipment, initially followed the joint venture route. The company, based in Petah Tikva, Israel, entered China eight years ago through a venture with Eastern Communications Company (Eastcom), a leading Chinese manufacturer of cellular technology.
First Stop for Some Tech
But in 2006 ECI took over full control of the joint venture, which produces components for ECI products and more recently has started doing research and development work for its Israeli parent company. "Now nearly 10% of our 3,000 employees are located in China," says ECI Chief Executive Rafi Maor.
Even high tech newcomers have discovered the potential of the Chinese market. "It used to be that our startups ran straight to the American market, but now we're seeing many go first to China," says Yoram Oron, managing partner at Vertex Venture Capital. This is especially the case with mobile and gaming applications.
Step aside, Yankee - make way for China!
Entry into the Chinese market hasn't always been easy, though, especially for smaller tech and software companies. Security software developer Aladdin Knowledge Systems (aldn.) first tried seven years ago through a local representative. "This strategy didn't work for us and after a year or so we just dropped out of the Chinese market," says Yanki Margalit, founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based Aladdin.
Venturing Forth
After a four-year hiatus Aladdin decided the try a new approach and opened up its own office in Hong Kong, and last year moved to Shanghai with an Israeli overseeing the operations. "Sales doubled in 2006 and we're looking for an even bigger increase this year, making China our fastest growing market," says Margalit.
China has also started to attract the Israeli venture-capital industry. In 2004 Infinity Venture Capital and Clal Industries and Investments teamed up with Suzhou Industrial Park and China Singapore Venture Capital to set up a first-of-its-kind fund for investing in startup companies with research and development in Israel and production in China.
"Unlike U.S. companies, Israeli companies are not viewed as a threat to China," [THAT'S WHAT THEY ALL SAY] says Amir Gal-Or, managing partner at Tel Aviv-based Infinity. "The Israelis' main interest is to develop technology and allow the Chinese to create global brands."
Filling the Flights
The joint fund has already invested $40 million in six semiconductor and communications startups and is in the process of raising a second $150 million fund. Two of the funded companies already have been sold, and there is talk of two others going public on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. "When we first started out, we were lucky to find a handful of startups," says Infinity's Gal-Or, "but nowadays the deal flow is so fantastic there just isn't enough time to meet with everyone."
Even El Al Airlines has benefited from the rapidly expanding trade ties. The Israeli national carrier doubled service this winter to both Beijing and Hong Kong to meet thegrowing demand for business travel between the two countries. The airline has also greatly expanded its cargo service to Shanghai.
Israel of course can hardly expect to compete with many of the major players in the Chinese market. Exports from the Jewish state account for less than 1% of China's total imports. But in key fields such as tech, agriculture, and water, and high tech, Israel has what China is looking for. The impact on the Israeli economy is only set to increase.
If the US is insane enough to strike Iran or stupid enough to remain in Iraq and Afghanistan, its economy will eventually collapse, while israel's continues to expand.

29 - Post-economic collapse emergency survival list: Food Storage Ideas & Misc
Found the list at Good Earth Health Food store.
Food Storage Ideas
Family Size: 1
Time frame 1 year
Wheat...................175 lbs
Flour...................20 lbs
Quinoa..................30 lbs
Rolled Oats.............50 lbs
White Rice..............80 lbs
Pearled Barley..........5 lbs
Spaghetti Or Macaroni...40 lbs
Dry Beans...............45 lbs
Dry Soy Beans...........2 lbs
Dry Split Peas..........2 lbs
Dry Lentils.............2 lbs
Dry Soup Mix............7 lbs
Peanut Butter...........1 qt
Almont Butter...........1 qt
Nonfat Dry Milk.........14 lbs
Granulated Sugar........40 lbs
Molasses................1 lb
Honey...................3 lbs
Beef Gelatin............1 lb
Salt....................8 lbs
Dry Yeast...............0.5 lbs
Water...................28 gal.
Multiply items 1x per additional family size
Found the list on a web site, here's the list for posterity
100 Items to Disappear First
1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. of thieves; maintenance etc.)
2. Water Filters/Purifiers
3. Portable Toilets
4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 - 12 months to become dried, for home uses.
5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps (First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
6. Coleman Fuel. Impossible to stockpile too much.
7. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats & Slingshots.
8. Hand-can openers, & hand egg beaters, whisks.
9. Honey/Syrups/white, brown sugar
10. Rice - Beans - Wheat
11. Vegetable Oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
12. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid (Will become scarce suddenly)
13. Water Containers (Urgent Item to obtain.) Any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY - note - food grade if for drinking.
16. Propane Cylinders (Urgent: Definite shortages will occur.
17. Survival Guide Book.
18. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (Without this item, longer-term lighting is difficult.)
19. Baby Supplies: Diapers/formula. ointments/aspirin, etc.
20. Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry)
21. Cookstoves (Propane, Coleman & Kerosene)
22. Vitamins
23. Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item)
24. Feminine Hygiene/Haircare/Skin products.
25. Thermal underwear (Tops & Bottoms)
26. Bow saws, axes and hatchets, Wedges (also, honing oil)
27. Aluminum Foil Reg. & Heavy Duty (Great Cooking and Barter Item)
28. Gasoline Containers (Plastic & Metal)
29. Garbage Bags (Impossible To Have Too Many).
30. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels
31. Milk - Powdered & Condensed (Shake Liquid every 3 to 4 months)
32. Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) (A MUST)
33. Clothes pins/line/hangers (A MUST)
34. Coleman's Pump Repair Kit
35. Tuna Fish (in oil)
36. Fire Extinguishers (or..large box of Baking Soda in every room)
37. First aid kits
38. Batteries (all furthest-out for Expiration Dates)
39. Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies
40. Big Dogs (and plenty of dog food)
41. Flour, yeast & salt
42. Matches. {"Strike Anywhere" preferred.) Boxed, wooden matches will go first
43. Writing paper/pads/pencils, solar calculators
44. Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Wintertime.)
45. Workboots, belts, Levis & durable shirts
46. Flashlights/LIGHTSTICKS & torches, "No. 76 Dietz" Lanterns
47. Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (jot down ideas, feelings, experience; Historic Times)
48. Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting - if with wheels)
49. Men's Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc
50. Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)
51. Fishing supplies/tools
52. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams
53. Duct Tape
54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
55. Candles
56. Laundry Detergent (liquid)
57. Backpacks, Duffel Bags
58. Garden tools & supplies
59. Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies
60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
61. Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)
62. Canning supplies, (Jars/lids/wax)
63. Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel
64. Bicycles...Tires/tubes/pumps/chains, etc
65. Sleeping Bags & blankets/pillows/mats
66. Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)
67. Board Games, Cards, Dice
68. d-con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer
69. Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
70. Paper plates/cups/utensils (stock up, folks)
71. Baby wipes, oils, waterless & Antibacterial soap (saves a lot of water)
72. Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
73. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
74. Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)
75. Soysauce, vinegar, bullions/gravy/soupbase
76. Reading glasses
77. Chocolate/Cocoa/Tang/Punch (water enhancers)
78. "Survival-in-a-Can"
79. Woolen clothing, scarves/ear-muffs/mittens
80. Boy Scout Handbook, / also Leaders Catalog
81. Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
82. Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky
83. Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
84. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, etc. (extras)
85. Lumber (all types)
86. Wagons & carts (for transport to and from)
87. Cots & Inflatable mattress's
88. Gloves: Work/warming/gardening, etc.
89. Lantern Hangers
90. Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws,, nuts & bolts
91. Teas
92. Coffee
93. Cigarettes
94. Wine/Liquors (for bribes, medicinal, etc,)
95. Paraffin wax
96. Glue, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
97. Chewing gum/candies
98. Atomizers (for cooling/bathing)
99. Hats & cotton neckerchiefs
100. Goats/chickens
From a Sarajevo War Survivor:
Experiencing horrible things that can happen in a war - death of parents and
friends, hunger and malnutrition, endless freezing cold, fear, sniper attacks.
1. Stockpiling helps. but you never no how long trouble will last, so locate near renewable food sources.
2. Living near a well with a manual pump is like being in Eden.
3. After awhile, even gold can lose its luster. But there is no luxury in war quite like toilet paper. Its surplus value is greater than gold's.
4. If you had to go without one utility, lose electricity - it's the easiest to do without (unless you're in a very nice climate with no need for heat.)
5. Canned foods are awesome, especially if their contents are tasty without heating. One of the best things to stockpile is canned gravy - it makes a lot of the dry unappetizing things you find to eat in war somewhat edible. Only needs enough heat to "warm", not to cook. It's cheap too, especially if you buy it in bulk.
6. Bring some books - escapist ones like romance or mysteries become more valuable as the war continues. Sure, it's great to have a lot of survival guides, but you'll figure most of that out on your own anyway - trust me, you'll have a lot of time on your hands.
7. The feeling that you're human can fade pretty fast. I can't tell you how many people I knew who would have traded a much needed meal for just a little bit of toothpaste, rouge, soap or cologne. Not much point in fighting if you have to lose your humanity. These things are morale-builders like nothing else.
8. Slow burning candles and matches, matches, matches
For more references on survival, google "emergency survival" & "emergency food" for the myriad of links to relevant sites. Even reading the how-to survival books might help (check out the list at Amazon by inputting "survival" in Books section and search around for particular books).
Of course, if one can afford and get over the 'irrational fear' of firearms (unless the city, state or national law where you live expressly forbid the ownership of certain firearm with the threat of jail and penalties, like New York state and Australia), the ownership of firearms will be essential to survival. A bow, set of arrows and field dressing kit & manual might help in hunting wild game for roasting & consumption. Just my idea.

30 - Dead Russian Spy was israeli Double Agent
Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to former Yukos CEO in Israel months before his death . . .
Leonid Nevzlin, former CEO of the oil giant and current chairman of the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv, says the former Russian spy came to Israel with classified documents on Yukos which may be damaging to Russian leaders. Nevzliln estimates that Litvinenko’s death was connected with this information, which he has handed to London police investigators of the murder.
DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources add that the Russian ex-spy is believed to have been a double agent, who sold trade secrets to different parties in and outside Russia, among them some of the Russian oligarchs living in exile in the West. Livinenko served as a colonel in a Russian Federal Security Services unit which investigated and carried out special operations against businessmen.
British police found traces of the radioactive Polonium 210 in Litvinenko’s urine.
The London media accuse Vladimir Putin of being behind the murder which they claim was politically-motivated.
Sure as heck puts israeli relations with Russia in a whole new different light.

31 - Syria Update 9 Aug 2011
People who question government and corporate lies are branded nutcases, conspiracy theorists, or terrorists. Whether it’s about 9/11, Bin Laden, Iraq, Afghanistan, War on Terror, Iran, Libya, BP oil spill, the “holocaust” – whatever -- the official narrative is always a lie. Repeated often enough, from all angles, left, right and center, the lies gel in the mass mind, becoming absolute “facts” that are printed as incontrovertible “history.” Syria is a case in point.
Along with Qaddafi, Syria’s president Assad may be scheduled for a Nuremberg trial. The L.A. Times claims that, “at least one Western government is bankrolling a project to gather evidence to indict Syrian President Bashar Assad at the ICC.” Former Jewish Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has been calling for this for two months.
The Times did not name the Western government.
The “fact finding mission” will consist of interviews with Islamists outside of Syria who hate Assad and want to reduce Syria to an Islamist state.
[[On 12 May 1996, when Albright was US Sec of State, she said the deaths of half a million Iraqi children caused by US sanctions was “worth it.” Half a million children would fill 6,667 school buses, making a line 50 miles long.
New Mexico governor Bill Richardson (former US Energy Secretary and US ambassador to the UN) defended Albright and the half-million murders.
Syrian expatriates who want to establish an Islamist state gave to the media some photos of dead children stacked up in a hospital, claiming they were in Hama, and that the Syria government wantonly kills children. On 8 Aug 2011, French Journalist Louis Denghien revealed that the photos were actually taken in Alexandria, Egypt, and had nothing to do with Syria.
On 7 Aug 2011, Syrian customs officials confiscated a truck full of firearms and ammunition destined for terrorists in the Syrian city of Homs (pop 1.2 million). The truck had Lebanese license plates, and was apprehended at the Dabbousieh border crossing, on Syria’s border with northern Lebanon, near Homs, where terrorists killed many police officers in May 2011 and held the city’s people hostage until the Syrian government freed them.
Director of Homs Customs Majdi al-Hekmieh said the terrorist shipment consisted of 248 firearms, including sniper rifles, pump-action rifles, plus huge amounts of ammo, plus chemical pastes for manufacturing explosives.
According to the Al-Akbar and Assafir newspapers, on 30 July the Lebanese army foiled another attempt to get weapons to Syrian terrorists, and arrested two people in the area of Ras Beirut [a residential neighborhood of Beirut where Christians, Muslims, and Druze live together.] The weapons had been off-loaded from a ship at anchor in Beirut.
The Assafir newspaper said the two apprehended persons had made more than 30 previous weapons smuggling missions from the port in Beirut to the port city of Baniyas (Syria) on the Mediterranean.
In June, customs officials from the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah (pop. 191,000) intercepted a weapons shipment from Turkey at the Tal Abiad border crossing.
In April, Syrian authorities caught a large amount of arms hidden in a truck coming to Syria from Iraq through al-Tanaf border crossing.
In Russia the First Deputy Chairman of the Duma's International Affairs Committee, Leonid Kalashnikov, said Western policy against Syria includes the arming, funding, and supplying of terrorist groups in Syria. This despite the fact that the Syrian leadership is implementing reforms on ground.
Russian writer Pavel Sviridov said terrorist groups with advanced weapons appear among peaceful protestors and open fire on police and army members, causing many casualties.
In Sviridov’s article published at the Sovetskaya Rossiya Newspaper, Sviridov stressed that the large numbers of deaths among army and police members every day at the hands of the armed terrorist groups show that protests are far from peaceful.
Deputy President of South Africa Kgalema Motlanthe says South Africa will not agree to issuing any resolution against Syria, reiterating South Africa’s rejection of any interference in Syria's internal affairs or conspiring against it.
South Africa is currently a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.
Indian Deputy Speaker of the Parliament K. Rahman Khan underlined India’s support for Syria in the face of foreign pressures and interventions in its internal affairs.
"India believes there are internal and external powers that seek to destabilize in Syria," Rahman Khan said. He reiterated his country's backing to the national dialogue and reform program led by President Bashar al-Assad.
9 Aug 2011 - Brazil’s foreign minister is with Syrian foreign minister Walid Muallem in Damascus. On 10 Aug they will be joined by the foreign ministers of India and South Africa to discuss how to offset Western propaganda, and how best to deal with Western-backed terrorists in Syria.
Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud says Syria is facing a conspiracy that serves Zionist and U.S. interests. “No sane person can be confused by what is going on in Syria. It is obvious that Syria is facing from attacks launched by armed groups.”
He added that what is going on in Syria is part of the U.S. and Israeli campaign to undermine Syria's resistance to Israeli expansionist, racial and colonist schemes.
9 Aug 2011 – in a bid to destroy Syria’s tourist industry, the U.S. State Dept today urged all U.S. citizens to stay away from Syria, or to leave Syria if they are already in Syria.
Most U.S. Congressmen want the USA to have no ambassador in Syria.
On 2 Aug 2011 Robert Ford (Obama’s interim ambassador to Syria) gave testimony at a U.S. Senate confirmation hearing, trying to explain why he should remain as ambassador to Syria. Only one senator showed up for the hearing: Bob Casey (D-PA) who heads the Subcommittee on Near Eastern Affairs.
Ford was posted to Syria via a recess appointment in December 2010. The appointment expires at the end of this year, at which point the USA will no longer have an ambassador in Syria (until there is regime change).
On 1 Aug 2011 Syrian TV presented voice recordings of people communicating via Paltalk, an Internet chat service that lets users to communicate via instant messaging, voice, and video chat. Paltalk is owned by AVM Software, a privately held company founded in 1998 in New York City.
The recordings include discussions between internal and external sides about their plans to ignite panic in Syria and market fabricated videos via media channels. Two persons are heard talking about the army’s inability to enter Hama because of roadblocks set up by terrorist gunmen, who have sealed up the city and kidnapped a large number of “dogs” (i.e. police) who were killed and thrown into the Orontes River. One of the recordings presented the voice of a person saying that the visit of the U.S. ambassador Robert Ford to Hama was very precious, as it gave a green light for the terrorist to act against Hama.
In Hama, terrorists randomly shoot at people in the streets in order to create panic. Families are burying their loved ones in gardens at home for fear of being killed by the terrorists if they venture out to cemeteries.
In July 2011, I went to Syria to find out what’s happening. I traveled throughout the country at will, from Dera, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Maraat-an-Numan, Jisr-al-Shigur, on the Turkish border, even Deir-ez-Sor -- all places where the Western media claimed that the Syrian government had massacred people.
I saw various internal struggles, some of which were violent and had completely different objectives from those of democratic pacifists. The Muslim Brotherhood, for example, wants to overthrow Assad and take power for itself, reducing Syria to an Islamic republic – an idea that terrifies Christians and most other minorities.
The Western media falsely portrays Syria as experiencing a full-scale revolution.
Large-scale protest movements have run out of steam, and number a few hundred at most, usually focused around mosques, bearing the mark of Islamist influence.
On Friday 15 July, I entered Hama (cultural center of the Muslim Brotherhood) and saw protesters on Asidi square, at the bottom of the large El-Alamein Avenue. Prayer had finished, and people across the city collectively shouted “Alla hu Akbar!” They could not have been more than 10,000. That same night, news feeds from the AFP claimed there were a million protestors all over Syria, including 500,000 in Hama alone, even though Hama has only 370,000 inhabitants.
These same lies has applied to all the “information” coming from Syria for several months now. What sources does AgenceFrancePresse (AFP) cite? The same that all the other Western media cites: the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which probably consists of one person (Rami Abdel Raman) who is in England, and loosely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.
[Mr. Raman likely has friends in Hama, He has an incentive to lie and distort, since his lies bring him media attention.]

32 - Riposte Against Zionism : Go Tell It To The People
Archimedes once said, “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” In the preceding articles in this series (listed below after my bio), I have developed the basic theses of my analysis that define the place we stand now, and where we must stand if we wish to alter the world Zionism has contrived for us. One is that we must focus our attention on the edifice of Zionist influence and control in the US, and not be mesmerized by events in and around Palestine. Another is that our efforts to date, with the partial exception of the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) campaign, have been ineffectual at best and counterproductive at worst. And the third, most critical point is that the gate to containing Zionism is in the US; the lock to the gate is in the heartland of the US and not Washington; and the key to that lock is the Israeli orchestration of 9/11 and its spin-off wars.
Examining the Strategic Battlefield
So let us see how things stand. “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good,” the proverb goes, and those of us committed to undoing the great damage Zionism has done so many people and Israel’s leverage over the American government should view the collapse of the Second Flotilla in recent days in that light. The basic concept wasn’t all that bad, but somewhere on the way from its inception to the Eastern Mediterranean, it lost both strategic focus and tactical coherence, becoming an exercise in futility that made the ill-starred medieval “Children’s Crusade” seem like a well-thought-out operation.
I’m not going to indulge here in a blow-by-blow critique of the Second Flotilla. But its collapse, and the international reaction to it, ought to be a wake-up call to everyone. Not a single government of a single country was willing to provide any protection whatsoever to its citizens on the flotilla, although a handful called on Israel to refrain from intercepting it. The one country that had been extremely supportive in the past – Turkey – asked the flotilla’s organizers to delay their departure because of the instable conditions throughout the region. But said organizers refused, thus insulting and alienating their only real friend in the area – and ended up in Greece and unable to sail in any event, Lenin’s classic “infantile disorder” come to roost, indeed.
This comes on top of a classic, and classically destructive, vote on the UN Security Council a few months before. The measure would have condemned the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, itself openly in violation of other UN Resolutions. The resolution would only condemn, of course: no sanctions, no embargoes, just verbiage. But even that was too much for the US, which once again vetoed a resolution critical of Israel that was supported by all 14 other members, demonstrating conclusively that Israel’s ownership and management of the single remaining 800-pound gorilla in the global sandbox pays great dividends to it.
Between the two, of course, was Netanyahu’s triumph in Washington – 29 standing ovations plus some “spontaneous” <sic.> cheering, evidence that members of both houses of the US Congress at least have the dubious virtue of knowing how to stay bought, whatever their personal views. There was also for Netanyahu a blank checkbook from Obama, to be filled in and used virtually at will, and continuous reaffirmations of America’s unbreakable bond with Israel. And there was more repetition of the need for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians as a path of sorts to a peace of sorts – doubtless reflecting a conviction that a lie repeated often enough becomes a truth of sorts to those who hear and know nothing different.
A Strategy for Response : General Precepts
There are a number of steps that need to be taken. As I have indicated before, I am a strategy and plans person, not an organizer. So I will outline here what needs to be done, and let those with good organizational skills translate concept into action, beginning with an overview of certain principles that need to be kept in mind. I’m looking principally at the US situation, because of its centrality to the outcome of this situation, although I think several of the points could be adapted anywhere.
First, we need to remember that the American people do not care greatly about a distant issue like the Palestinians, or an abstraction (however significant) like Zionist domination of the mainstream media (MSM). They do care about things that hurt them, or make them afraid, or enrage them. The 9/11 tragedy is the Zionist’s “Achilles Heel,” and we need to keep shooting verbal and written arrows at it. So every single article, speech or interview, if at all possible, needs to include at least a passing reference to 9/11 somewhere in the body of the text. This is what the Zionist crews (such as AIPAC and the ADL) and Israeli officials do with the whole Holocaust/Anti-Semitism issue, and giving it back to them is important. Start now.
Second, don’t waste time calling for a Congressional investigation or a new official commission on 9/11, when anything the Israeli-dominated Congress and Executive branch would do will exonerate Israel. Don’t go to Congressional offices in Washington �� this is their power base and bastion of strength. Don’t keep trying to get the mainstream media to cover these events when it will not do or allow anything critical of Israel to surface in any detail for any significant length of time. Don’t protest anything unless you can assemble at least a thousand people — nothing looks more futile than a handful of protesters with hand-lettered signs few can see and no one bothers to read. Don’t sporadically send letters or emails to the Secretary of State or the President, or encourage others to do so, no matter what the issue. As things stand, none of that will succeed, and failure based on futility is not the path to gaining public support, much less political victory.
Third, no matter what one does, treat all national offices of all organizations in and around Washington, DC and other key metropolitan areas as part of the problem, or at the very least not part of a solution. Consider them all compromised by assorted PACs, and in this context, by AIPAC and company. Think instead of state, and especially local, branches and chapters of any and all organizations, and of the local media, especially in smaller cities and towns and in areas where the Jewish population is relatively small, and thus less influential than in areas like Chicago or New York City. That is where we can have our greatest impact, and like innumerable small streams and rivulets come together into a raging river of protest and anger.
Creating a Supporting Geopolitical Environment
To date, the Zionists and their Christian Zionist allies in America have had most of the fight the way they want it. They have won the campaign for control of the the mainstream media, and more than that, of many publishing houses and research institutes that do most of the regional and issue-specific work in national security affairs. They have won control of the Congress (both houses, both parties) and have a commanding lead in public opinion, but these are both very soft, the former generally driven by money and intimidation, and the latter principally by indifference and misinformation. Resistance to their efforts has been sporadic and largely unsuccessful, and more to the point, mostly reactive to steps they have taken or successes they have achieved. Regaining the strategic initiative, or at least beginning to be in competition with them, is critical.
Perhaps the first thing we need to do is to get organized. We need to map out all of the various networks and distribution lists in our movement. There are an awful lot of them, but there is no organization or coordination (akin to the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations), so the Zionists get tons of disconnected jabs but no series of solid “haymakers,” much less a knockout. Organization and coordination make the difference, especially in an uphill fight against these odds. It doesn’t need to have offices and staff – thanks to our technology these days, we can set up a virtual organization to collaborate on formalizing a network that goes well beyond simply exchanging posts or sharing mailing lists. That way when something public needs to be addressed, we have a chance of making some coordinated waves that may at least rock the Zionist boat a bit, and at some point may well capsize it.
Second, and in support of the first effort, there needs to be at least two types of online repositories of downloaded material to share among ourselves and with others in this network. I am putting one together of multimedia (mostly MP4), maps and graphics, plus some key documents, and will be uploading the material to a new blog I have created; it’ll be generally available within a week. I have also sent distribution copies of the material to several others, and they’ll post news of its availability on their websites soon. Anyone can download it to their computer and/or upload it to their website, but since these can be hacked and the material scrubbed, it needs to be retained in hard copy off the computer so it can be restored if necessary. A second repository should be of hard copy (files or printed material), NOT just links (for the same reason as above, they can be bgroken) of good articles, analyses, fact sheets, etc. – I’ll leave that to others.
Third, there needs to be at least an informal collection of lawyers, none of them Arab-American or from any Islamic country, assembled to file an endless stream of lawsuits against organizations like AIPAC, the ADL, and Campus Watch, plus Israel’s individual apologists, for (at a minimum) defamation of character. (I’ll leave it to people with a legal education to ascertain how the litigation should best be formulated and pursued.) If they call anyone an anti-Semite, and their name (or their organization’s name) is on it, sue them, with the proviso that the proceeds go to a Palestinian charity.
Lawsuits are remarkably easy to file in the US, and the costs are minimal as long as legal fees are not driving them. This could easily and quickly put people like Abe Foxman, Alan Dershowitz and their cohorts in the lovely position of responding to scores of lawsuits in as many jurisdictions as possible. And remember – no out-of-court settlements, bring each and every case to trial, make it a jury trial where the laws of a state permit that, and expose both their actions and their affiliation in great detail. Public disclosure is the one very deadly “third rail” to the overall Zionist enterprise, and the one thing they cannot tolerate. Start as soon as even a handful of willing attorneys can be organized into (dare I say it?) a “legal collective.”
Finally, we need an electronic a “how-to” info packet on the way to hit politicians at the grass roots, to be in place no later than January 2012, as 2012 is an election year here and material needs to be circulated in newspapers and on the radio and TV (especially large newspaper ads) in every Congressional district and states with politically vulnerable Senators (or vacated Senate seats). These are the people to hammer in their local Town Hall meetings, even if they are Jewish or committed Christian Zionists: they may not change their positions in the slightest, but some of their constituents and some of the local media will hear very unusual things, and may themselves begin to question what they have been told – especially on 9/11.
Also understand that it would be best to have veterans do this. The embedded video gives an excellent illustration of how the process works, even though it does not deal with our issues. (see HitCongress ) The man in the video trashing that Congressman began by stating he was a “Marine vet,” and he got loud applause from the audience. This made it very difficult for the politician to ignore him or dismiss him, without enraging the audience. You’ll also note that the veteran’s message and confrontational style of delivery also generated a lot of applause, and that the Congressman came across very badly. This isn’t surprising: few of them in either party are able to engage in open, unscripted debate. Even fewer have an understanding of most issues, and none dares look to the side and call on a staffer for support without giving a raft of challengers an open political hunting license on his or her scalp. Just watch them on C-SPAN and you’ll appreciate just how vulnerable they are to this tactic.
Go in particular for the incumbents in their open forums, do everything possible to cost them their seats regardless of who the challenger is. Any successes will be noted by everyone in the Congress, to whom the only thing at least as important as money is the retention of their seats and the perks that come with them. Make it public, in home district/state “town meetings” with the mostly independent local media and especially the voters, not one in 1,000 (or it may be 10,000) of whom have ever heard, seen or read anything other than the Zionist line, about the Middle East generally and 9/11 in particular. Put it in their faces. Humiliate the politicians, keep them from turning questions to their staff members, demand that THEY answer personally, and do so while informing the voters and local media present.
Convoys With a Difference
The concept of land convoys and boats or flotillas to carry the struggle to the Zionists hasn’t been all bad. It was just misdirected in terms of location and message: wrong places, wrong targets. Defining the obstacle to peace as Washington and marching in Gaza or sending boats there ignores the schwerpunkt, or main target in strategic terms. Since the problem is the US government, i.e. Washington DC, then Washington (and US embassies abroad, for internationals) should be the main targets of these actions. All else is secondary, distractions, or public-relations fluff.
What is needed is a series of small (one or two vehicle) convoys in the US, something like the “Moving Vietnam Wall” memorial, starting on the West Coast and in Florida and New England, and proceeding toward Washington DC. The vehicles would stop at American Legion, VFW or Navy League posts (or those of other similar organizations) across the country that had been contacted in advance, whose leadership (and if possible membership) had seen some key videos on 9/11 and perhaps a slideshow of the problem along the lines of one I put together, (see Israel’s Hidden Faces ) or something comparable anyone else might choose to use – there are many possibilities. And they’d show them on the private facilities of those posts, open to the public with announcements and ads for a week or so before. Start whenever and make as many short trips as possible, but plan for all to converge on Washington DC on Memorial Day 2012, and make it truly memorable.
This can be done in many ways. What needs to be understood is that the focus must be on 9/11 and its consequences, and not on the Palestinians, although reference can be made to their plight to demonstrate just what Israel does with and because of our support and protection. Presenters need to keep on message and not get distracted into peripheral issues. They need to make it clear that the official US government interpretation of 9/11 is a lie, and the wars it spawned are therefore also based on lies. And if that isn’t enough to get their attention, just remind everyone that anytime they try and fly, and get to walk through scanners with their shoes in their hand or go through full body scanners, and know that for the extent of governmental surveillance that we all labor under now, they have the architects of 9/11 to thank for their discomfort, loss or privacy and loss of freedom.
Show the film of WTC-7 going down, with signs in large print stating that no one supposedly in the planes could have wired the WTC towers for a controlled demolition, or even piloted the aircraft. (see WTC-7 on 9/11 ) Show the video with, among other things, both audio-visual evidence of secondary explosions at the base of the Twin Towers, and media reports thereof on 9/11 that disappeared within days from the public discussion. (see 9/11 at Ground Zero ) Show slides or signs with information of the different vans, and the one with the Israelis laughing and celebrating as they filmed the burning buildings. Describe how all of the Israelis were later released at the instigation of Israeli and US officials, many with dual US-Israeli passports. And then, almost as an afterthought, show this slideshow or something like it, show pictures of Gaza under attack, especially the police cadets and the children. Show the pictures of Israeli girls inscribing shells and Jewish settlers mocking a single Palestinian woman. Show them. Words won’t be needed, but explain when questions are asked — and they will be asked.
This is the key to everything. Let the Americans in this picture, and the many like them, fully understand what Israel has done, the losses America has suffered as a consequence, and what we have done to others on Israel’s behalf. By this point, it should not be difficult to argue conclusively and persuasively that 9/11 was a tragedy in many ways, but the bottom line is that we have been killing the wrong people for doing it, taken 70,000 US casualties (killed & wounded) in the process, and destroyed countless lives in other countries as well. The Zionist Conspiracy that created this tragedy must go.
Where to Start the Program
The legitimacy and effectiveness of the veteran displayed in that earlier video confronting a Congressman bereft of staff, lobbyists and secretaries, combined with the importance of concentrating our efforts in smaller localities and in the home offices of politicians, should point us to the need to build our directed political activity on individual veterans and the local posts and communities of as many veterans’ organizations as possible. “Code Pink” activists, environmentalists, and perennial radical or so-called “activist” groups will fall flat here politically – and we want and need to win.
I’ve thought long and hard about how and where to start this process. It isn’t necessary to begin with a mass movement, although once this gets moving, I expect the numbers to grow in relatively short order. But it also would not be a good idea to simply reside blind faith in individuals picking up this particular torch and carrying it hither and yon, from post to post, local paper to state legislator, and so forth.
And then it occurred to me that there is an organization in place that is not so large that it would be unmanageable, but with enough members to get things started in a number of areas simultaneously, and which has the motivation and sense of commitment to do this properly, if they chose to do it (I have not asked yet….). That is the USS Liberty Veterans Association, comprised of survivors of the US Navy ship that Israel attacked in 1967 with a loss of over 200 sailors and Marines killed or wounded, and which was abandoned to its fate by the US Navy at the direct orders of then-Defense Secretary McNamara and President Johnson to shield Israel from retribution.
This is the outfit to get things moving at the beginning. No appeals to a Congress that won’t listen, no letters to a mainstream media that won’t care, no protests in the streets that are ignored by that media. But direct approaches to the veterans organizations (VFW, Navy League, etc.) to which they personally belong, letters to weekly newspapers in their home counties that collectively reach a large number of people, appeals to state legislators in their own districts, who are far more likely to be attentive than politicians for whom national monies and Washington are their power base. Some of the survivors also have radio programs, and these, too, can help spread the word and get this process moving.
And Once There is a New Consensus
Responding to those who have orchestrated 9/11 and all that ensued is going to be difficult. If I were a Palestinian or an Iranian, I would treat the Israelis and the neo-cons in the US as they have treated me. A neo-conservative writer named Jennifer Rubin, for instance, advocated in print the killing of Iranian civilian scientists – “Think of it as targeted sanctions,” she opined. Others – 9/11 aside – openly fabricated a basis for war in Iraq and are trying to foment a new war with Iran, knowing hundreds of thousands of people would be killed or have their lives shattered. And they did it without a qualm because it was, after all, for Israel, and besides, they were confident could get away with it. It would be interesting to see how these neo-cons liked being on the receiving end themselves of those “targeted sanctions” – recalling a remark a few years ago that the defining characteristics of the neo-cons were hypocrisy and cowardice, I doubt they’d like it much at all – even if they would deserve it.
But as an American, that course of action wouldn’t be needed. That is because in a sense, the neo-cons and their allies have done the rest of us a favor, because they have put in place the mechanisms we can use against them. With sufficient public outrage, especially among veterans, and the ensuing impact on at least the US House of Representatives (the US Senate will take a while longer), think how well what now exists could be applied to those who violate their oaths and spent American lives and resources in Israel’s interest – becoming little more than Israeli partisans or puppets, albeit nicely paid ones.
Arrests by Federal officers or the military, followed by transportation to Guantanamo Bay and subsequent interrogation would be just a start – so nice of Obama to have left that in business, after all. So many of these neo-cons and their affiliates were very sanguine about methods of interrogation such as waterboarding or the infamous Israeli technique known as “Palestinian Hanging” – it would be instructive to see if they remained so positive after a few weeks of having those methods applied to themselves.
And of course, as with those currently languishing in that exercise, the usual constitutional guarantees do not apply, and the military tribunals now in place could judge charges of high treason at least as easily, and probably more enthusiastically, than they have heard charges of terrorism and such to date. Nor would we need to look far for established mechanisms for the punishment of those found guilty: we have them in the Nuremberg Tribunals, and I would think that hanging or the firing squad would be more than appropriate for those who have betrayed their oaths of office, squandered American lives and treasure, and inflicted so much death, suffering and destruction on others – all in the name, spoken or not, of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel, or “Greater Israel” as it exceeds current borders).
Doing More with Help from our Friends
It goes without saying, I hope, that nothing in the preceding proposal should be seen as proprietary or exclusive of any other individuals or groups, within the US or abroad. It is simply a way to begin the process in what seems to be to be a workable and manageable way, using a slideshow that summarizes the core elements of our case and some multimedia files that demonstrate unequivocally the bankruptcy of the official US Government case – and why it did, and continues to do, what it does.
Others within the US should feel entirely free to take, adapt, modify and/or replace any of this material to meet their own requirements. A partially or wholly different slideshow could be created – anyone wanting the slides I used as building-blocks or points of reference should email me directly, and I will send out what I have. The same for the multimedia files. There are many others out there on the internet, of course, and some of them may be more appropriate, depending on local circumstances – that should be an individual decision. Approaching state legislators and local chapters of any of these veterans’ organizations would be encouraged – even one more contact anywhere would help. This is one of those endeavors where individual initiative is at least as prized as directed group action.
No matter who or what picks up this ball and runs with it, there are certain things to keep firmly in mind. One is to hold to the core message, which is 9/11, although as I did, an introductory reference to the USS Libertyincident as an external validator is certainly appropriate. Supporting that message are details about the Zionist domination of the mainstream media and their leverage over the US government. References to Palestine, Israeli attacks on Gaza, and the character of Israeli society are fine, but not as the primary message: Americans need to know what has been done to them over the years, why, and at what cost – and especially why the US Government under any electable President will be no help at all to them.
Remember that after our first Declaration of Independence, it took seven years of fighting for that independence to become a reality. The smothering of American institutions by Zionists and (more recently) Christian Zionists has been evolving at least for decades, and it will take years to divest ourselves as a country and a society from the web of influence the Zionists have in place. How much time is open to question, but the meteoric rise of the so-called “Tea Party” movement is a very good indication of just how quickly an aroused American electorate can change things.
It is also very likely that an aroused body of American veterans, and perhaps more than a few active duty personnel as well, can change this situation as well – recall that the issue we are dealing with involves not only money, but also a great deal of blood and suffering, ours and our victims, and the safety of families, friends and country. None of this matters greatly to AIPAC and company, unless of course it involves Israel, but it will to those in America’s heartland, and if they become properly and accurately informed and enraged, then payback, as the saying goes, will be a bitch.
And the Wages of Betrayal Are….
I really believe in the US Marine Corps motto of Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), and in Marine boot camp I was taught that meant fidelity to God, Country and Corps –the government was never mentioned then. Many in my generation felt the same way, and it goes without saying that few politicians anywhere, and virtually none in the Congress, have endeared themselves to uniformed Americans of any generation. Those in the government whose actions on behalf of Israel constitute treason ought to reflect on that fact, as should Israeli leaders – such as they are.
And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort, and for Israel itself.
You all have been discovered.
Your treason, treachery and crimes are known.
You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago.

Beware. We are coming for you.
Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. He is an Editor and Director of Policy Issues at Veterans Today, and can be contacted at[email protected]. The preceding articles in this series are: (1) “Uncomfortable Truths in Palestine: Indictment and Conundrum”; (2) “Palestine, Israel and America: The Strategic Void”; (3) “Reprise on Palestine, Israel and America: A Strategic Void”; and (4) “Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake”. They can be found on numerous websites, including Veterans Today, My Catbird Seat, Opinion Maker,Intifada: Voice of Palestine, Sabbah Report, and .




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Powerful anonymous tract circulating on Internet (see this also):

The Destruction of America! Is it happening by chance...or...Is our nation blindly following the plan of a small but powerful group of wealthy International Bankers who are determined to rule over us as slaves in the coming ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, THE "NEW WORLD ORDER?" After years of study, we have become convinced that there is an internationalist plot to create a one world government and destroy American sovereignty. The Internationalists behind this plot are working in secrecy. Why? Because they know that if too many Americans wake up and learn the truth about what has been happening to our nation, and if a large number of Americans found out who the enemy really is, and if they found out how the enemy is doing his work, then these patriotic Americans would rise up and destroy those who are behind this diabolical plot. -

1 For centuries a small but powerful clique has been working towards the day when they will be able to force the United States and the nations of the world to submit to a one world government. The United Nations is a mere pawn in the arsenal of these conspirators. They are planning for the day when they can compel the American people and the nations of the world to accept a one world monetary system, which they will control, as a precursor to a one world government run by the slave masters in charge of us in the NEW WORLD ORDER. -

2 From the beginning they have known that in order to enslave us they would have to de-christianize America. They have been very successful at eliminating Christianity and the Bible as the moral compass of our nation. They have succeeded by using the federal courts which they ideologically dominate to remove Christianity and Bible study from our schools and all public institutions. It has been their plan to promote a breakdown of our families and our morality and they have been very successful in this regard. How have they done it? They exercise near complete control over Hollywood, Television and nearly all print and publishing media. They continuously produce obscene films and lascivious television shows, intentionally flooding our nation and our minds with pornographic images for the express purpose of destroying the moral fiber of our people. They have used the ACLU to remove every last vestige of God and Christianity from the public arena. -

3 In 1913 International Bankers created our national banking system, better known as the Federal Reserve System. Using banks that they have privately owned for centuries they created the Federal Reserve System as a vehicle by which to steal our nations entire supply of gold and they have left us holding paper money that will ultimately become worthless. They have used the IRS to intimidate us with financial ruin if we dare to resist their tyrannical system of taxation. -

4 U.S. Congressman Charles Lindbergh Senior, said in 1913 regarding the Federal Reserve Act, "This act establishes the most gigantic trust (monopoly) on earth... When the President (Wilson) signs the act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized... The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation... From now on depression will be scientifically created. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill." Ignoring warnings from such patriotic men in 1913 President Woodrow Wilson approved the Federal Reserve Act concentrating control of America's money in the hands of the small group of men who dominate this private corporation. A decade later the former President, Woodrow Wilson, opined, "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated (centralized). The growth of the Nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world -- no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." Years earlier Woodrow Wilson had said the following; "There's a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so pervasive, so interlocked, that you'd better not speak above your breath when you mention it, in condemnation of it." -

5 Baron M. A. Rothschild said in the 18th century " Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes the laws." One Hundred Years later President James A. Garfield (who was later assassinated) echoed Baron M.A. Rothschild when he said "Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all commerce and industry." Those in control of the New World Order have been orchestrating this plan for centuries and they have shrewdly understood that control of the monetary systems of all nations is the key to implementing iron fisted control over the nations of the world. Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Samuelson wrote in Economics, Fourth Edition."The Federal Reserve is an omnipotent, benevolent counterfeiter." We agree with Samuelson that the Fed is an omnipotent counterfeiter, however it is most certainly not "benevolent." -

6 An integral part of the plan for world domination is the dumbing down of the average American. Those who are behind this push for one world government have used the public schools to indoctrinate our children in anti-Christian ideas and anti-American ideology. The public schools have been their primary weapon in the war to destroy our children's future, indoctrinating them in liberalism and by intentionally giving them a substandard education. The ability of all Americans to read, to think and to reason clearly is at an all time low. One reason for this is because the public schools refuse to use phonics to teach children how to read. Why? Because colleges of education financed by the Rockefeller foundation do not teach the teachers of tomorrow the phonics method of reading instruction. Instead they use the "Look - Say" method which has proved a dismal failure (just as they planned?). Presently the public schools are more interested in teaching our children about condoms than mathematics. Why? Because those who are in control of the educational establishment know that they must demoralize and "dumb down" America before they can disarm us, suspend the United States Constitution and put us under their absolute control. -

7 Who are the people behind this powerful push for a One World Government? Generally speaking they are liberals. They are socialists, communists, union leaders, atheists, humanists, feminists, homosexuals, hedonists, bureaucrats and environmental extremists who worship the creation more than the Creator. However, the people at the very top, the movers and shakers, the absolute leaders, the wealthiest and the most influential people who live on the pinnacles of fabulous wealth and exercise real power as agents of the NEW WORLD ORDER in the innermost circles of international politics are bankers, specifically Jewish International Bankers. -

8 Every thing written in this tract is 100% factual. If you will take the time to do the research you can verify it all in your local library. One of the most famous Americans to write extensively about the power of the Jewish Internationalists was the renowned auto maker Henry Ford. He spent millions of dollars paying researchers to investigate the activities and objectives of these International Jews. He wrote a series of newspaper articles in the "Dearborn Independent" in June of 1920 that are timeless and very much worthwhile reading today. Mr. Ford's book "The International Jew" may still be found in some libraries. -

9 In 1920 Henry Ford, in an article written for the "Dearborn Independent Newspaper", wrote the following; - "How does the Jew so habitually and so resistlessly gravitate to the highest places? What puts him there? Why is he put there? What does he do there? What does the fact of his being there mean to the world? That is the Jewish Question in its origin...Fifty years ago, international banking, which was mostly in control of Jews as the money brokers of the world, was on top of business. It exercised the super-control of governments and finance everywhere... the significance of this is that the type does not grow anywhere else than on a Jewish stem. There is no other racial or national type which puts forth this kind of person. It is not merely that there are a few Jews among international financial controllers; it is that these world controllers are exclusively Jews...since world-control is an ambition which has only been achieved by Jews, and not by any of the methods usually adopted by would-be world conquerors, it becomes inevitable that the question should center in that remarkable race." A few years later Mr. Ford said "It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." In his book "The International Jew" Henry Ford Sr. wrote the following; "When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the world press. The real cause of the persecution (which is the oppression of the people by the financial practices of the Jews) is never given publicity." End of Henry Ford Quotes. -10 Due the unhappy convergence of certain circumstances in history regarding the catholic church and unbiblical interpretations regarding the lending of money at interest, Jews have dominated the banking industry for more than one thousand years. Remember when you studied the "Magna Carta" (The Great Charter) in school. The Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in 1215 by King John, at the demand of his barons. This Great Charter was a landmark for the preservation of the rights of Englishmen. -11 The Magna Carta is said to contain the origins of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Written in Latin, its English translation reveals to Americans the struggle that is not new to our people. In 1215, the struggle against government's tyranny and oppression was no different than today. - The main grievance redressed by The Magna Carta was the administration's policy of extortionate taxation and financial plunder of the citizens. It also addressed the English Freeman's rights to trial by jury, Habeas Corpus, no arbitrary search and seizure, and equality before the law. - Articles ten and eleven addressed usury and gave protection against foreclosure by ruthless usurers: 10. If anyone who has borrowed from the JEWS any amount great or small, dies before the debt is repaid, it shall not carry interest as long as the heir is under age, or whomsoever he holds; and if that debt fall into our hands, we will take nothing except the principal sum specified in the bond.

11. And if a man dies owing a debt to the JEWS, his wife may have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if he leaves children under age, their needs shall be met in a manner in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and the debt shall be paid out of the residue, saving the service due to the lords. Debts owing to others than Jews shall be dealt with likewise.

Nearly 800 years ago our ancestors warned us about Jewish usury via the Magna Carta. In these two articles excerpted the Magna Carta, we see that there is nothing new under the sun. Banking and usury is synonymous with Jewry. -

12.  Today, Jewish bankers control the United States Federal Reserve and hence the economy of our nation. According to the renowned Christian economist and author, R.E. McMaster, our Federal Reserve System is owned and run by eight Jewish families. Only three of the eight families in the following list are American; Rothschild's of London, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel-Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Kuhn-Loeb of Germany, Warburg of Hamburg, Lechman Brothers of New York, Goldman-Sachs of New York and the Rockefellers of New York. (Some scholars theorize that J.F.K. was assassinated by agents of the NEW WORLD ORDER because he had defied these International Bankers by issuing an order shortly before his death to print non-Federal Reserve U.S. Treasury Notes. If it is true that JFK indeed ordered the treasury to do this, it would have destroyed the Federal Reserve System. You must remember that JFK's father was widely reputed to be an outspoken anti-Semite.)

Here are some facts, that you may have been unaware of, about Jews:

Did you know that Jews have always been in the forefront, leading the fight in previous sessions of the United States Congress, to abolish the second amendment of the United States Constitution one step at a time by a process known as gradualism? Liberal Jews are determined to disarm the American people. They want to take away all of the guns, even those of law abiding Americans. Prominent Jewish politicians like Congressman Charles Schumer of New York, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, Senator Diane Feinstein of California, Senator Barbara Boxer of California and former Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio, are just a few of the numerous liberal Jews who have and who are presently leading the fight in the United States Congress to disarm the American people. -

13 Did you know that the head of the ACLU in Michigan, Howard Simon, is a Jew? Did you know that the current national director of the ACLU is a Jewish woman by the name of Nadine Strossen? Did you know that the previous national director of the ACLU, Ira Glasser, is a Jew?

Did you know that Jews outright own or through interlocking directorates exercise complete control over all of the major media outlets, such as US News and World Report, Time magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS? Here is what the former Vice President of the United States Spiro Agnew said on this subject over 20 years ago: ""The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to do is check the real policy makers and owners and you find a much higher concentration of Jewish people than you're going to find in the population. By national impact media I am referring to the major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek Magazines, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune. For example, CBS' Mr. (William) Paley's Jewish. Mr. Julian Goodman, who runs NBC, and there's a Leonard Goldenson at ABC. Mrs. Katherine Graham owns the Washington Post and Mr. Sulzberger the New York Times. They are all Jews!" -

14 Did you know that most of the extreme left wing political action groups in America today are run by Jews and/or were founded by Jews? The following list of left wing political action groups were all founded by and or are currently headed by Jews; "Americans United for Separation of Church and State" (Barry Lynn, founder).

"Act Up" (Larry Kramer, founder), a homosexual activist organization.

ACLU, "American Civil Liberties Union", an extreme left wing collection of lawyers.

NAACP, "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People" (Joel Spingarn, founder), a left wing civil rights organization,

PAW, "People for the American Way" (Ed Asner, co-founder),

NOW, "National Organization of Women". The National Organization of Women was primarily founded by a Jewish woman by the name of Betty Friedan. Today the National Organization of Women is presided over by lesbians and feminists like Eleanor Smeal, Judy Goldsmith and Gloria Steinem all of whom are Jewish. -

15 Furthermore, most of the prominent authors in the feminist movement are Jewish women. Why? Because Jew's control the publishing industry and because Jewish women hate the Patriarchy taught in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They hate the Patriarchy of Abraham and Moses and the Patriarchy of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Have you ever noticed that most of the male homosexuals who appear on TV shows are Jewish? Did you know that, in a blatant and blasphemous rejection of God's Word, there are many Jewish Synagogues that specifically "minister" to and are almost exclusively attended by homosexuals? Did you know that the leader of the militant homosexual activist group "ACT-UP" is an angry Jewish homosexual named Larry Kramer? Did you know that 4 members of "ACT-UP" have started the even worse group "Queer Nation" who gain publicity by engaging in staging radical homosexual "kiss-in's" at various public events? Another influential Homosexual activist group is "GLAAD." GLAAD is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and it was founded by openly gay playwright and actor Harvey Fierstein. Did you know that the Jewish Poet Allan Ginsberg (who the liberal, Jewish controlled media, celebrated as a genius) was a notorious child molester. The infamous poet, Ginsberg, was a pederast who had a preference for little boys? It is demonstrably true that the Jews who control Hollywood love to make films that mock Christianity and undermine religious faith. Why? Because they are vociferously anti-Christ. -

16 Another example of Hollywood Jews hatred for America, morality and Christianity can be seen in the take over of Disney movie studios by Michael Eisner. Eisner has sullied the Disney name by releasing a flood of immoral, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian movies in the last few years. This is why the Southern Baptists and most mainstream Christian denominations have voted to boycott Disney movies and Disney theme parks. Did you know that the C.E.O. of the movie studio that made the blasphemous film "The Last Temptation of Christ" was a Jew by the name of Lew Wasserman? What would the Jews do if a Christian director made a movie mocking the holocaust? The Jews can make movies that viciously mock everything that we hold sacred but if you dare to question the Hollywood version of the holocaust they will do everything in their power to ruin your life. -

17 Have you ever noticed that most of the major companies that produce hard core pornographic films and magazines are owned or controlled by Jews? Not only in Hollywood but in the underworld of the Jewish Mafia. Bosses such as the late "Bugsy" Siegel and Meyer Lansky are infamously known for their involvement in both prostitution and the production of pornographic films. Meyer Lansky was known as the "Godfather of the Godfathers" and "The Mafia's Banker." Lansky once bragged "We are bigger than U.S. Steel." "Bugsy" Siegel, a Jew, was the creator of Las Vegas. Las Vegas was completely, absolutely a creation of organized crime syndicates controlled by Jews. Jews have made huge sums of money, hundreds of billions of dollars, in this nation by promoting and profiting from the "gambling industry" in Las Vegas and other cities to which this cancer has spread. They have made billions more trafficking in pornography, illegal liquor, prostitution and drugs. Jews like Samuel Bronfman and his son's, who are the billionaire owners of the Seagrams Whiskey conglomerate, started out during prohibition selling illegal whiskey in the USA. The truth is, Jews controlled organized crime, not Italians, as Hollywood has told the story. Did you ever notice that Jewish producers and directors dominate the pornographic movie industry? There is no doubt that these liberal atheist Jews are a cancer in Christian America. But the truth of their despicable activities are concealed from the average American citizen. -

18 Did you know that it was Jewish bankers in New York City, like Jacob Schiff, et al, who gave the Marxist Leninists Twenty Million Dollars ($500 million in 1998 dollars) to finance a Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. By this single treacherous act, the Jewish International Bankers involved in this plot have made themselves responsible for the deaths of all the hundreds of millions of innocents slaughtered by Communists around the world? It is a fact that communism was originally known by most people as "Jewish Bolshevism." HILAIRE BELLOC, renowned historian in G. K.'s WEEKLY, February 4, 1937 wrote "The propaganda of Communism throughout the world, in organization and direction is in the hands of Jewish agents. As for anyone who does not know that the Bolshevist movement in Russia is Jewish, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppression of our deplorable press." Did you know that almost all of the major players in the formative years of the communist ideology were Jews? Did you know that Karl Marx and Trotsky were Jews. Lenin's grandfather was Jewish. In America the leader of the communist party for decades was a Jew by the name of Gus Hall. Jew's in every nation have been the leaders and financiers of communism throughout the history of the 19th and 20th century. Here is what the famous journalist and playright Myron Fagon had to say on this subject in a remarkable speech he gave in the 1960's; "Now there's only one question and that is to prove that the communist regime is directly controlled by the American Jacob Schiff and London Rothschild masterminds of the great conspiracy. A little later I will provide that proof that will remove even a remote doubt that the Communist Party, as we know it, was created by those masterminds (capitalists if you will note); that Schiff, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds planned and financed the entire Russian Revolution, the murder of the Czar and his family, and that Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin took their orders directly from Schiff and the other capitalists whom they supposedly are fighting. -

19 In an article written by Winston Churchill and published in the Sunday Herald Newspaper in February 8th, 1920 titled "A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people," Churchill said the following "Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.... And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present moment be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.... In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all of them, have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt (Ed. Note: He is referring here to Adam Weishaupt the 18th century founder of the Illuminati which infiltrated Free Masonry and eventually fomented the terrifyingly bloody French Revolution.) to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others.... the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus, Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krasin or Radek--all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers is astonishing.... Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people.... Wherever General Denikin's authority could reach, protection was always accorded to the Jewish population, and strenuous efforts were made by his officers to prevent reprisals and to punish those guilty of them.... The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies which are now being perpetrated." End of Quote by Winston Churchill. -

20 It is a fact that Jewish Internationalists have financed and supported communism around the world. For instance, did you know that during the years Nelson Mandela spent in prison, the defacto leader of the African National Congress was a murderous Jewish Communist butcher named Joe Slovo. Slovo, when he was alive, was Nelson Mandela's right hand man in the ANC? Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "There is nothing wrong with communists, some of my best friends are communists?" Did you know that FDR's administration was filled with Jewish communists? Did you know that the chief architect of the evil "Ponzi Scheme" known as the Social Security System was a Jew by the name of DR Robert J. Myers? Did you know that FDR and his Jewish friends in the banking community put America into a state of emergency in 1933. First they closed all of the banks. Then they took the dollar off of the gold standard and they made it illegal for American citizens to own gold. The United States, in Congress assembled, declared bankruptcy in 1933. Later FDR and company greatly increased the income tax and implemented the payroll deduction of taxes including the Social Security tax. In support of that "policy," congress has enacted provisions for emergency rule whereby the International bankers could be satisfied. However, this satisfaction requires that Americans surrender their sovereignty, freedom, property rights, labor, and even their beloved children to the State, who now manage the "human resources" for the benefit of the New World Order. Did they teach you any of this in the rotten liberal public school system? NO? Well it all happened in the 1930's and 1940's while FDR was President. -

21 Did you know that Jewish liberals, Jewish traitors and Jewish spies have been in the forefront of the communist takeover of nations around the world? Did you know that Communist Russia did not have an Atomic Bomb until some "American" Jewish spies named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sold them the information they required to build a nuclear bomb? Did you know that the Rosenberg's were executed by the United States government for treason? In April 1951 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were in court. They were being tried for treason against the United States. The Judge sitting on the bench, Judge Irving Kaufman is recorded to have said "Plain, deliberate, contemplated murder is dwarfed in magnitude by comparison with the crime you have committed," he told Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, "I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb...has already caused the Communist aggression in Korea...and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason." "I have deliberated for hours, days and nights," said Judge Kaufman. "I have searched my conscience to find some reason for mercy. I am convinced, however, that I would violate the solemn and sacred trust that the people of this land have placed in my hands were I to show leniency...The sentence of the court upon Julius and Ethel Rosenberg is that, for their crime, they are sentenced to death." End of Quote by Judge Kaufman. How many millions of people have needlessly died in countries around the world because of that one treasonous act? What if it had taken the Soviets another 10 or 20 years to build a nuclear bomb? Was the communist take over of China inevitable? Absolutely not. If the Russian communists did not have the bomb America would have been more freely able to aggressively fight the advance of communism in China. Would there have been a Korean war if China had never been taken over by the communists? Absolutely not. Would there have been a war in Vietnam if communism would have been crushed in it's infancy? Absolutely not! Would four million Cambodians have been murdered by the "Red Army" if China had never gone communist? Absolutely not. What about the dozens of deadly communist slaughters in nations around the world, do you think that these wars would have taken place if these Jewish traitors, the Rosenbergs and others, had never given the secrets of the atomic bomb to the communists? The answer is NO. It is very likely that none of these wars, none of these communist takeovers, none of the mass slaughters of innocent Christians in communist nations around the world, none of these atrocities would have happened if America would have maintained unilateral nuclear superiority and if Russia had never been taken over by the Jewish Bolsheviks or if Russia had not gotten the bomb so early in the cold war. -

22 Did you know that even the so called father of the Atom Bomb, an American Jew named Robert Oppenheimer, in 1954 had his security clearance revoked because he had been judged to be a security risk? An Israeli Jew by the name of Victor Ostrovsky who was formerly an agent of the Israeli (Top Secret spy/security agency) Mossad wrote in his bestselling book "By Way of Deception" that the motto of the Mossad is "By way of deception shalt thou do war." The Israeli government tried to ban the publication of this book because it shows just how corrupt this Jewish security agency has become. In his book Victor Ostrovsky explained that Jews in all nations have a double allegiance. Their first allegiance is to the Jewish people and Israel. Their second allegiance is to the nation wherein they live. Ostrovsky left the Mossad after being thoroughly disgusted by the immorality of the agency. -

23 David Horowitz is an American Jew who was very liberal in the 1960's and is now, politically speaking, very conservative. In his book "Destructive Generation" he relates that both of his parents were communists. Furthermore Horowitz states that United States Senator Joseph McCarthy was 100% right when he said that our government was rife with communists. Senator McCarthy later died under very suspicious circumstances after the Jewish media had defamed and discredited him. The main thesis of the Horowitz book is that the 1960's were very destructive to all that is good and right in America. Horowitz relates that one of the primary goals of the communists in the 1960's was to promote a breakdown of sexual morality. Why? Because they saw that as the quickest way to weaken the supporting pillars of the Republic of America. The pillars of "Faith in God" and "Strong Families headed by monogamous patriarchs" were seen as the major obstacles to the implementation of communism. Most of the Jews in power today are still pursuing this very same course of action by producing TV shows, movies and books that mock Christianity and undermine traditional morality. All this instructs us, that just as Victor Ostrovsky wrote in his book that there are innumerable Jews in the nations of the world who will spy on their own governments or commit other nefarious acts in the service of the Israeli Mossad, and that therefore, generally speaking, Jews should not, indeed, cannot be regarded as American patriots who are worthy of our trust and high security clearances. Are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely. However, as a general rule Jews are not, first and foremost, American patriots. They serve two masters. They have a double allegiance. They are Jewish first and American second. Their first concern is the well being of their fellow Jews in the nation of Israel and international Jewry as a whole and then in a distant second is their loyalty to the land of their birth, America. Did you know that the most infamous spies in the history of America, have been Jews? Did you know that the traitorous American spy Jonathan Pollard,

was another in a long list of untrustworthy Jews who have a greater allegiance to Israel than they do to their home land of America? What about the traitorous American spy Alger Hiss, who was convicted of being an American member of the Communist Party and was also one of the principal founders of the United Nations, was he a Jew? Yes. Alger Hiss was the number two man in President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration and a leader in formulating and administering both our foreign policy and relations with the Soviet Union. Alger Hiss was the principal author of the United Nations Charter. He was the UN's first Secretary General in April 1945. In February of 1945 at the Yalta Conference when the United States conceded Eastern Europe to the nightmare of communist control, Alger Hiss was the chief aide to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius who was second only to FDR himself. -

24 Have you ever noticed that a large percentage of the comedians who do the most shocking, filthy and degrading humor are Jews? Did you know that the so called radio shock jock Howard Stern is a Jew? Did you know that "Dr. Ruth" Westheimer, the nationally known "sex therapist", is a Jew? She is another example in an endless list of Jew's who are actively engaged in the destruction of Christian moral values. She is despised in conservative Christian churches because she endlessly espouses the so called "safe sex" concept for teenage children. -

25 Have you noticed that the assault, via television, on moral values in America has become an overwhelming barrage? The attack is being led by "Comedy Shows" and TV "Talk Shows" which feature deranged persons as guests describing every perversion imaginable. These shows are almost exclusively directed, produced and or hosted by Jews. Watch for their names when the credits roll at the end of the show. Did you know that Roseanne Barr, Ricky Lake, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are all Jews? Did you know that Jews were the leading slave traders in the 17 and 18th centuries? We are sure that your high school history teacher must have told you about this. They captured and sold hundreds of thousands of African slaves in early America? But now the Jew pretends to be the friend of black Americans. In the 20th century the Jews have cynically used black Americans to advance their socialist New World Order agenda. In so doing the Jews have facilitated the destruction of the majority of black American families. Liberal Jews have led the battle to force welfare programs through Congress. These welfare programs seem to have been intentionally designed to weaken the black family rather than help them. Jewish liberals have intentionally promoted the sexual debauchery rampant in the black community through many of the different avenues already listed here. Why did they do this? For the obscene profits they have made popularizing vice? Yes. But they also did it for the purpose of undermining America's Christian moral values and for the purpose of advancing their socialist agenda. The decay of black families in America has been intentionally propagated because it functioned as a part of their plan to further the implementation of the NEW WORLD ORDER. For decades now the Jews in control of our media have encouraged the epidemic of crack cocaine usage in the inner cities. How? By producing movies, television shows, and publishing books and magazines glamorizing drug usage, making it appear fun and socially acceptable. -

26 Have you ever heard of the Jews Holy book known as the Talmud? The Jews consider the Talmud to be an authoritative compendium of Jewish oral law. Jewish Rabbi's consider the Talmud to be on an equal footing with the Old Testament scriptures. Some of the things that are written in the Talmud are so shocking to the ordinary person that you will scarcely believe these excerpts to be true teachings from the Talmud which are both believed and followed by the Jews. However, if you will take the time to investigate, you will find that we have accurately quoted the Talmud. In the Talmud there are a thousand reminders to the Jew that he is absolutely superior to all other life forms:

Vayikra Rabba 36 "Heaven and earth were created only for the sake of the Jews."

Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human (" Only ye are designated men" ). "The Jews are human beings, but the goyim are not human beings; they are only beasts."

Menahoth 43b-44a . A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave.

Kethuboth 11b . " When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Sanhedrin 106a . Says "Jesus mother was a whore."

Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile (" Cuthean" ) the wages owed him for work.

Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (" heathen" ) it does not have to be returned.

Midrash Talpioth 225 "Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

So much for Jewish egalitarianism. Jewish compassion for Blacks in America today is as much a fraud as was the claim of Jewish sympathy for the poor people in Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution. Unfortunately, due to the abysmal ignorance of our day, the widespread Christian notion is that the Old Testament is the supreme book of Judaism. But this is not so. The Pharisees teach for doctrine the commandments of rabbis, not God; the Talmudic commentary on the Bible is their supreme law and not the Bible itself. That commentary does indeed, as Jesus said, void the laws of God, not uphold them. Britains Jewish Chronicle of March 26, 1993 states that in religious school (yeshiva), Jews are " devoted to the Talmud to the exclusion of everything else." The Scribes claim the Talmud is partly a collection of traditions Moses gave them in oral form. These had not yet been written down in Jesus time. Christ condemned the traditions of the Mishnah (early Talmud) and those who taught it (Scribes and Pharisees), because it nullified Biblical teachings. -

27 Another way Jews have contributed to the drug epidemic and the general decay of our nation is through their obvious perversion of our legal system. Jewish lawyers, judges and other liberals have used our courts to tie the hands of law enforcement personnel, giving criminals more rights than the victims of crime. The next time you hear about a vicious criminal being found not guilty of some brutal rape or murder because of the claim of "Temporary Insanity," you can thank the liberal Jewish Psychiatrists who invented this unjust, demented, twisted piece of courtroom psycho-babble. In the warped thinking of these psychiatrists, guilt or innocence is irrelevant. In the warped philosophy of these Jewish psycho-babblers, they insist that we should "baby the guilty killers" and on the other hand they promote the abortion holocaust telling women that they should "kill their innocent babies." What in God's name is wrong with people who think like this? You must learn and remember that Jews hate Christianity. Why? Because of the pogroms they have endured through the centuries in Europe at the hands of unchristian religious men. But today the primary reason is that they claim, and they actually seem to believe, that Hitler was a Christian. However, you can be sure that 99% of the people who will read this tract have never been told that Hitler was substantially financed by wealthy Jewish Internationalists such as the Rothchild's. -

28 Myron Fagon, the famous playwright and journalist said in a speech given circa 1965 that these internationalists had plans for 3 world wars. Regarding the International Bankers plans for World War II he said the following; "...let it be noted that Hitler was financed by Krupp, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, and other internationalist bankers and that the slaughter of the supposed 600,000 Jews by Hitler didn't bother the Jewish internationalist bankers at all. That slaughter was necessary in order to create worldwide hatred of the German people and thus bring about war against them. In short; this second world war was to be fought to destroy nazism and increase the power of political zionism so that the state of Israel could be established in Palestine." Why did these super wealthy Jews financially back Adolf Hitler? Because these Jewish International Bankers are driven by an insatiable lust for power. In their cruel, but well-calculated plan to enslave the world, these wealthy International Bankers, the Rothchild's, et al, were apparently woefully incognizant of Hitler's potential for evil, (even though it was plainly evident in his autobiography "Mein Kampf"), or else it seems that they evidently were willing to sacrifice some of their less fortunate Jewish brethren in the pursuit of profit and world domination. If the latter is true, if they were aware of Hitler's evil potential as spelled out in his book "Mein Kampf", then they must have cynically judged that if Hitler tried to carry out his plans against the Jews then he would not get very far. Or perhaps they may have reasoned that if Hitler was successful in conducting a little persecution against some less fortunate Jews, that this persecution would yield a great benefit in that it would allow their race to further solidify their claim on the much coveted title of "victim" which would enable them to forcefully demand the creation of a homeland in Palestine for the Jews. Today, it is the incessant plaintive Jewish cry of holocaust victimization that has licensed them to make endless Hollywood movies about the Nazi's murder of European Jews while ignoring the hundreds of millions of victims, many of whom were Christians, of Jewish backed communism around the world. As Pat Buchanan wrote in his autobiography "Once Hitler was dead, Hitlerism was dead. Communism, however, did not die with Lenin or Stalin. Wherever it triumphed, churches have been gutted, priests massacred, and children indoctrinated in Communist lies; the family has been subordinated to the state, and the betrayal of friends has become a matter of duty." End of Pat Buchanan Quote. -

29 The Jews method of propagandizing the American public has been so effective that many people who read this tract find themselves becoming angry without fully understanding why. Many good honest people will be surprised to find themselves almost automatically reacting irrationally with strong feelings of hostility towards the information presented here, even though they are unable to deny the truth of the information presented in this tract. If that describes the way you feel now, we ask you to consider the possibility that your inability to calmly give rational reasons explaining what you believe are the factual errors presented herein and your inability to explain why you are angry, strongly indicates that you have been the subject of an indoctrination program or a propaganda campaign.

After reading this tract some have urged us to use the term "Illuminati" instead of the term "Jew." We wrote them back and told them that the Illuminati was founded by a Jew and financed by the Rothchilds who are powerful Jewish international bankers.

Here is what the famous journalist and playright Myron Fagon had to say on this subject in a famous speech he gave in the 1960's; "this satanic plot (New World Order/One World Government) was launched back in the 1760's when it first came into existence under the name "Illuminati."

This Illuminati was organized by one Adam Weishaupt, born a Jew, who was "converted" to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then, at the behest of the then newly organized House of Rothschild, defected and organized the Illuminati. Naturally the Rothschilds financed that operation, and every war since then beginning with the French Revolution has been promoted by the Illuminati operating under various names and guises. I say under various names and guises because after the Illuminati was exposed and became notorious, Weishaupt and his co-conspirators began to operate under various other names. In the United States, immediately after World War I, they set up what they called the "Council on foreign Relations," commonly referred to as the CFR, and this CFR is actually the Illuminati in the United States and its hierarchy." This speech by Myron Fagon was recorded and sold millions of copies in the USA during the 1960's. The entire speech can be both read and heard on the Internet at the following web site; -


Attention Christians; please stop and consider the fact that Jews get sick to their stomach every time a prayer is offered "in the name of Jesus." Why? Because they regard such prayers as blasphemous. Remember, Jews teach their children that Jesus was a liar, his mother was a whore and that the resurrection of Christ was a fraud. This is the primary reason Jews are strongly anti-Christ. Jews are compelled, perhaps even unconsciously, to lead the drive to expunge the name of Christ from our schools, our courtrooms, our government and every public arena. They are "specially anti-Christ" in a way that ordinary pagans and sinners are not and never will be. Another reason that Jews are "specially anti-Christ" and immutably hate Christianity is because they blame Christians for the persecutions they have endured through the centuries. Because of their collective memories of pogroms they have suffered in the past, the Jewish people have an unconscious (and sometimes conscious) desire and a publicly unspoken mission to destroy Christianity in America. In an article written by Nationally syndicated columnist Joseph Sobran in September 1995, Mr Sobran wrote; "Not only persecution of Jews but any critical mention of Jewish power in the media and politics is roundly condemned as "anti-semitism." But there isn't even a term of opprobrium for participation in the mass murder of Christians. Liberals still don't censure the Communist attempt to extirpate Christianity from Soviet Russia and its empire, and for good reason - liberals themselves, particularly Jewish liberals, are still trying to uproot Christianity from America." End Of Joseph Sobran Quote. A.N. FIELD, in his essay "Today's Greatest Problem" said "Once the Jewishness of Bolshevism is understood, its otherwise puzzling features become understandable. Hatred of Christianity, for instance, is not a Russian characteristic; it is a Jewish one." The Christian church was not always so blind to Jewish malevolence toward their faith. But Christianity and Protestant Christianity has been intentionally "Judiaized" by those such as Darby and Scofield who advanced the heresy of Pre-Millenialism within the church (To understand more about this subject see the PS (Post Script) written to Christians at the end of this tract and read the book "Last Days Madness" by author Gary Demar.). It has gotten so bad that many churches nearly worship the state of Israel and fear cursing Jews more than they fear God. But it was not always this way in the body of Christ. Here are four quotes by the renowned 16th century Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, an eminent Theologian who was a leading patriarch in the Protestant Reformation.

"Know, O adored Christ, and make no mistake, that aside from the Devil, you have no enemy more venemous, more desperate, more bitter than a true Jew who truly seeks to be a Jew...A Jew, a Jewish heart, are hard as wood, as stone, as iron, as the Devil himself. In short, they are children of the Devil, condemned to the flames of hell."

"Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their money lending) from a heathen, is a divine service... And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants - yea, their cattle!"

"Now what are we going to do with these rejected, condemned Jewish people?... Let us apply the ordinary wisdom of other nations like France, Spain, Bohemia, et al., who made them give an account of what they had stolen through usury, and divided it evenly; but expelled them from their country"

"They are our public enemies and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, they call our Blessed Virgin Mary a harlot and her Holy Son a bastard and to us they give the epithet of changelings and abortions." Today Martin Luther is being denounced for anti-semitism. If he were alive in the 20th century and said these very same things, he would be silenced and excoriated in spite of the fact that he would be telling the truth. Everything he said in the four quotes above is still 100% true. -

31 Sadly, in most American Churches, Catholic and Protestant, the Priests and the Pastors have forgotten the importance of teaching and reminding Christians that Jew's by their very nature, due to their religion and upbringing, are virulently, relentlessly "specially anti-Christ." Tragically the American church has been intimidated into silence by the IRS. Conspiracy theorists allege that the IRS is a mere branch of the Federal Reserve System and is not a Federal agency at all. We have looked at the evidence and we have concluded that it does seem to indicate that the IRS is indeed a private non-governmental corporation. Jewish control of the Federal Reserve System is indisputable and if these theorists are correct then Jews also control the IRS. This needs to be investigated in depth to determine the truth. Fear of the IRS is so pervasive in America today that churches are now afraid to even discuss, let alone protest, the blatantly anti-Christian activities that the American Jewish community now runs, funds and supports. Jews are giving millions of dollars to numerous maliciously anti-Christian organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.), Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way (P.A.W.) and the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.). Conservative Christian churches now have good cause to be afraid of speaking about these things because the Jewish controlled American Bar Association is now giving seminars, teaching lawyers how to bring successful lawsuits against churches. In the next few years you will see Jewish owned law firms bringing many more patently ridiculous lawsuits against Christian churches in a further attempt to destroy them. Did you notice that both of President Clinton's appointments to the Supreme court were far left wing, God hating, pro-abortion, anti-Christ Jews? -

32 Friends, it has gone so far now, that the Jews, in the "Holocaust Lobby" at the "Simon Wiesenthal Center" and the "ADL", intent on nurturing their posture as holocaust victims, have been successful in getting laws passed in the states of Florida and New Jersey, requiring children to take classes to study about the "Jewish Holocaust" and ignore the numerous Jewish inspired "Christian Holocausts." Ironically, at the same time there are now more and more "Revisionist" scholars coming forward and saying that the history of the holocaust as presented by Hollywood is rife with fraudulent claims and exceedingly phony exaggerations. Due to the courage, hard work and scholarly investigation of these "Revisionists," many of the so called "atrocities" supposedly committed by the German people during "the holocaust" have been shown to be outright lies. For instance, those who once claimed that Jews were made into soap and lampshades by the Nazi's have now been silenced because it has been incontrovertibly proven that this was a complete fabrication made up by the Jewish holocaust lobby. "Revisionist" scholars insist that less than 600,000 Jews died in Nazi's camps in World War II, not six million as is claimed in fictional movies produced by Hollywood Jews. This is not the first time in history that Jews have made false claims regarding persecution. The Jewish Talmud contains false claims of genocide by the Roman empire against Jews. For instance the Talmud book makes the following allegations;

Gittin 57b . Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar.

Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews. Related to this topic of ancient Jewish Talmudic exaggerations of persecution is the fact that revisionist scholars have pointed out that the Jewish population in Europe was higher at the end of W.W.II than it was in the beginning of the war. The Revisionists say this proves that there was no holocaust of the proportions claimed by Hollywood propagandists. All Historians acknowledge that many of the Jews killed by the Germans were communists who were sworn enemies of the German state. Revisionists also say they have proven that many of the Jews who died in the camps were not executed, but rather they died from exposure to infectious diseases such as typhus and the harsh conditions of camp life. Remember, during WWII, Germany was a nation engaged in an all out war for it's very survival and the majority of it's resources were going to support the war effort. Furthermore, you should never forget that worldwide more than 25 million non-Jews lost their lives in W.W.II. More than 100 million people around the world have been killed, in the last 80 years, by communists who have been financed and supported in large part by a strong Jewish presence in the worldwide communist movement. Any honest historian can tell you that tens of millions of innocent Christian people, were slaughtered by the communists in nations around the world. In every nation that they conquered, the communists systematically murdered thousands and millions of Christians. If this is true, and it is, do you think that the German people should continue to suffer having guilt heaped upon them over the comparatively small number of Jews who were killed in World War II? Definitely not. Why? Because Jews seem intent on ignoring the fact that tens of millions of Christians were murdered in Russia and the Ukraine and other nations that were ruled by Jewish Bolshevism, again more commonly known as communism. Have the Jews in Hollywood made even one movie or documentary telling the truth about the communist holocaust against Christians? No! They don't want you to remember or even know about the numerous Christian Holocausts that took place in this bloody 20th century. -

33 British Historian Paul Johnson in his book "Modern Times," says that in the 1920's the Jews did to Germany what the Jews are doing in America today, I.E., flooding it with perversion via the theaters and corrupting the nation with liberalism. Just as they did in Germany, American Jews are wrongly using our courts and institutions of higher learning to force a type of anti-Christian liberalism upon our nation. In the 1920's, by their own actions, the Jews made themselves a stench in the nostrils of the average German citizen. Hitler, being an evil genius, capitalized on the deep seated frustration of the German people with the filth that the Jews had wrought in their nation. This is one of the principal reasons Hitler was able to perpetrate his evil upon the Jews and upon the nation of Germany. Please, stop and think about the "facts" you are reading. Are the facts we are presenting in this tract TRUE, or, are they LIES? We promise that they are 100% true as you will find out in the next few years as you begin to open your eyes and behold the manifold ways that liberal Jews are corrupting America. -

34 It is almost impossible now for many American business's to remain competitive in the international market place due to the imposition of endless slip and fall lawsuits, manufacturer's liability lawsuits and other types of nuisance lawsuits initiated by lawyers advertising on TV and encouraging everyone to join the lawsuit lottery. The worst of these lawyers are those like Sam Bernstein, who rapaciously use our courtrooms as their own personal arena of "legal" plunder. Because of this many American industries have left the country and some such as small airplane manufacturing, have been completely driven out of business by these greedy lawsuit mad attorneys. The lawyers who use the courts in this manner are worse than parasites. They are virtually draining the life blood from our society as they line their bank accounts with the money they have stolen from the pockets of millions of honest, hardworking American men and women by pushing insurance costs through the roof. Did you know that in the early American colonies Jews were prohibited from holding office because they were rightly recognized as being anti-Christ and therefore anti-American? Yes, we strongly agree with President George Washington who said, that "anyone who is intentionally anti-Christ, is and should be, regarded as anti-American." There is no disputing that Jews have proven themselves to be strongly anti-Christ and by extension anti-American according to the proclamation of our first President as quoted above. During the War for Independence General Washington spoke further regarding the Jews when he said: "They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America." -

35 Because our public education system is doing such a poor job of educating children most Americans do not know that America was founded as a Christian Nation. Most Americans are unaware of the fact that in the original thirteen colonies Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists, were not allowed to vote or hold elected office. Only those who took a Trinitarian oath could vote, run for, and hold office. It is important to remember that each of the original 13 colonies in America, after the War for Independence was won, were sovereign states. Each of the 13 colonies were in actuality 100% sovereign nations. Most Americans are unaware of the fact that Nine of the original Thirteen colonies had "State Churches" at the time of the signing of the US Constitution in 1787, from this fact alone you can clearly see that the founding fathers did not write a separation of church and state into the US Constitution to be applied to the states or forced upon the states by the federal government. The doctrine of "Separation of church and state" as it is currently interpreted by the US Supreme Court is an invention of liberals who hate Christianity. Furthermore, every one of the original thirteen colonies had very strong sanctions against blasphemy, against the taking of the name of the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirits name in vain. America was a Christian nation before the liberals rewrote history and de-christianized America. These Christ hating liberals are very close to absolutely destroying the peace and prosperity that we once enjoyed in America. -

36 Have you ever noticed that almost all of the Jews heard on radio and TV support the drive for government controlled health care, i.e., socialized medicine in America? Have you ever noticed that the Jewish radio talk show host Dr. Dean Edell is constantly beating the drum for socialized medicine (when he is not talking about some sexual perversion)? Have you ever noticed that, almost without exception, all prominent Jewish doctors defend and promote the abortion holocaust? These Jewish doctors say "While I am personally opposed to abortion, I believe that it must be left up to the woman to choose"... whether or not to kill her baby. Why do they take this position? Because International Jewry and their fellow travelers, the liberal elite's who are advancing One World Government in the name of a New World Order, are very concerned about population control and they are especially concerned with controlling the birth rate of those whom they regard as inferior races. Most Jews, especially those who are well known to the general public via the media, are vehemently pro-abortion. In fact, we are not aware of the name of even one Jew who is both pro-life and prominently featured as a frequent guest in the media or on the national talk shows. Do you know even one prominent pro-life Jew? At the time of this writing we do not know of even one Jew who is "prominent" in the national media who is conspicuously pro-life. -

37 Every American President for the last 80 years has been subservient to the "Shadow government." The "shadow government" is another name for those who control our government from behind the scenes. The shadow government in America is the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve System. Congressman Louis McFadden, House Committee on Banking and Currency Chairman from 1920 to 1931 stated: "When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists...acting together to enslave the world...Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is--the Fed has usurped the government." Rep. McFadden testified in Congress (1933). There were at least two attempts on his life by gunfire. He died of suspected poisoning after attending a banquet. Following are three more quotes by Congressman McFadden.

"The Federal Reserve [Banks] are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the International Bankers."

"The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is eager to enter into close relationship with the Bank for International Settlements....The conclusion is impossible to escape that the State and Treasury Departments are willing to pool the banking system of Europe and America, setting up a world financial power independent of and above the Government of the United States." (Rep. Louis McFadden - Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency quoted in the New York Times June 1930)

Speaking on the subject of the Stock Market Crash and the resulting depression in the 1930's Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee declared: "It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence...The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all." Curtis Dall, son-in-law of FDR and a syndicate manager for Lehman Brothers, an investment firm, was on the N.Y. Stock Exchange floor the day of the crash. In his book, FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law, he states: " was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World-Money powers triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the New York Market."-38 Through their control of the Federal Reserve System, Jews like Alan Greenspan, who is presently the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, control the interest rates in the nations banks and thereby they exercise complete control over the American economy. By their control of the economy they can make or break any American President. President James A. Madison warned "History shows that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain control over governments by controlling the money and the issuance of it."

President Thomas Jefferson once said "I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid posterity under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale" and "The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. I am an enemy to all banks, discounting bills or notes for anything but coin. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered." End of Jefferson Quotes. Thomas Jefferson was prophetic when he spoke these words. America is now mortgaged to the hilt and when it all collapses, the Jewish International Bankers will end up owning everything. They gave us paper "money" and we gave them everything, our labor, our inventions, our land and our possessions. If we do not stop this crime from continuing we will end up very much like serfs from the middle ages who had to rent land from the Land-Lords. President Abraham Lincoln also warned us of these dangerous International bankers when he said "The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace & conspires against it in times of war. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who even question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me & the financial institutions at the rear, the latter is my greatest foe." -

39 Benjamin Disraeli who was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1874 until 1880 "became" a Christian in 1817 although both of his parents were Jews. Prior to 1858, Jews were excluded from the English Parliament. It is recorded that the first time he tried to make a speech in the House of Commons, the other members ridiculed him. He shouted, "I shall sit down now, but the time is coming when you will hear me." Disraeli's threat came to pass in 1868 when he first served as Prime Minister for 1 year. Disraeli is known as the "father" of British imperialism. Once in a moment of unguarded candor he said "The world is governed by far different personages than what is imagined by those not behind the scenes.

The Jews who control the United States Federal Reserve System, also control the Council on Foreign Relations, the C.F.R. No matter who we elect as President their administrations are always filled with C.F.R. members and that is why no matter who we elect nothing ever really seems to change.-40

Have you ever noticed that an overwhelming percentage of all of the experts that the news media go to for the so called "objective" quote from an authority, are liberal Jews? It doesn't matter whether they are lawyers or judges, doctors or psychiatrists, actors or directors, journalists or reporters, politicians or highly placed governmental officials, if you will watch your TV closely, you'll see for yourself the endless parade of liberals with Jewish names, such as those from this abbreviated list, from A through Z...

Abramowitz, Ackerman, Actenberg, Adler, Albright, Alter, Asner, Abzug, Asimov, Axelrod, Bader, Baumberger, Berkowitz, Berliner, Berman, Bernstein, Blaustein, Bloom, Blum, Blumberg, Blumenthal, Boschwitz, Boxer, Brandeis, Brenner, Breyer, Broder, Bronfman, Buber, Cantor, Chaffee, Chomsky, Cohen, Danowitz, Dershowitz, Diamond, Edell, Ehrlich, Eickmeyer, Einstein, Eisner, Engel, Epstein, Feder, Feigenbaum, Feiger, Feingold, Feinstein, Feldman, Foxman, Frank, Friedan, Friedman, Freud, Gershwin, Ginsberg, Gladstone, Glasser, Glickman, Goetz, Goldman, Goldbaum, Goldfarb, Goldstein, Goldwyn, Gottlieb, Greenspan, Grossman, Grunwald, Hackney, Halberstam, Hefner, Heller, Hentoff, Hertzberg, Herzog, Himmelfarb, Hirsch, Hiss, Hoffman, Horowitz, Hyatt, Hymowitz, Isaacson, Isenberg, Jacobs, Jacobowitz, Janowsky, Janowitz, Kahn, Kalb, Kaplan, Kassebaum, Katz, Katzenbach, Kauffman, Kessler, King, Kinsley, Klein, Kleinman, Koch, Koestler, Kohl, Kopelwitz, Kramer, Kristol, Kuhn, Kunstler, Kurtz, Landau, Lansky, Lautenberg, Lear, Leavitt, Lehman, Lehrer, Lerner, Levin, Levine, Levy, Lewis, Lieberman, Lipshitz, Loeb, Lowenstein, Magaziner, Mahler, Marx, Metzenbaum, Meyer, Murray, Nader, Nathanson, Neas, Neuman, Nussbaum, Oppenheimer, Ornstein, Pensler, Perlman, Perlstein, Plotkin, Pollard, Posner, Pulitzer, Rabinowitz, Radner, Ratner, Reisch, Rivlin, Rosenberg, Rosenblatt, Rosenfeld, Rosenthal, Roth, Rothenberg, Rothschild, Rothstein, Rockefeller, Rubin, Rudman, Sachs, Safire, Salomon,Salzberg, Salzman, Saperstein, Schiff, Schindler, Schneerson, Schoenberg, Schorr, Schott, Schumer, Schuster, Schwartzenfeld, Seagal, Seinfeld, Seligman, Shapiro, Siegel, Silverman, Simon, Slovo, Solarz, Soros, Specter, Spock, Spielberg, Steinberg, Steinem, Strauss, Streisand, Strossen, Tarnoff, Teller, Totenberg, Trotsky, Ungren, Vogel, Volker, Wasserman, Waxman, Weinberg, Weinblatt, Weinstein, Wellstone, Weiss, Weisskopf, Weissman, Wertheimer, Westheimer, Wiesel, Wolf, Wolpe, Yachim, Youngman, Zimmer, Zinn, Zoellner, Zuckerman... Etc. -


"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names"...John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)


Please try to remember these names and various other spellings and combinations of these names because these are the names of the leading anti-Christian liberals, the liberal Jews who are deliberately and or unconsciously destroying America. We have written this anonymously because the Jews are now so powerful that they can destroy anyone who even breathes a word of the truth that this letter exposes. They exercise complete control over the world banking community. They control 90% of the worlds gold and diamond markets. People with names like Goldstein, Silverstein, Perlstein and Rubinstein dominate the highest levels of the international "Jew-elry" business. They completely control Hollywood and most of the major media outlets in this nation. They exercise powerful influence over the governments and nations of the earth by means of the fantastic wealth which these international Jews control. They truly can and will use their power, wealth and influence to destroy their enemies. It is time for all American's who love freedom to wake up and fight the Federal Reserve System, the C.F.R, the Eastern Establishment, the International Bankers, the United Nations and Washington D.C. all of which are controlled either directly or indirectly by powerful liberal Jews! God Bless You, God Bless America and may God open the eyes of the Jews and save them from their blind rejection of Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel, the Lamb of God and the Savior of all who call upon His name for salvation. For God So Loved the World that He gave His Only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. -


PS - (This Post Script was specifically written to inform Christians of both what is a proper attitude and what their duty is, regarding the information presented herein.) Everything written herein is inspired by Love. A love of the truth. A love of liberty. A love of God. A love for mankind and especially a love for the Jewish people. May we always remember that the Jews were God's chosen people. May we always remember that they were chosen by God to deliver unto us the Ten Commandments, and the perfect and beautiful Mosaic law contained in the Pentateuch. Let us always remember that Israel was chosen by God to deliver unto us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Attention, this is perhaps the most important paragraph in this tract so please carefully read and take note of the following points. We all should pray that God Will Save and Bless the Jews. Let us pray that God will open their eyes. This tract was not written to inspire a hatred for Jews as some may assert. Rather this tract is written in the hope that with the knowledge presented in this tract Christians will be empowered to bring things back into balance. It is our prayer that all Christians will love Jews as we ought and hate only the deeds of those who are pawns of satan. It is our prayer that all Christians will hold the Jews in a place of proper esteem. It is our prayer that no one and especially Christians would never unlawfully or un-righteously oppress the Jewish people. God grant us the wisdom to confront them and the wickedness they are doing with out hating them, remembering that Jesus commanded us to "Overcome evil with good" and to "Love our enemies as ourselves." Christians, you absolutely must show this to your priest, your minister or your pastor to get their opinion on this tract. Ask them if there are any historical or factual errors in this tract. If they acknowledge, (as they should), that it is both error free and Biblical, then you should implore them to make the members of your church aware of the facts presented herein. Urge your Pastor or Priest to actively join the battle against these anti-Christ liberal Jews and help to preserve America as a Christian nation. -

43 The primary reason that America is in such terrible condition is that the church has failed to do God's will. There are many ways in which the church has failed to obey God. Here are three examples for your consideration. First, The Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed to be "Watchmen on the wall." (See Ezekiel 33:1-7). They have failed to warn the church of the evils of socialism and big government. They have failed to teach Biblical principles of government to the flock and they have failed to obey the great commission to "Make Disciples of The Nations." They have failed to understand that Jesus commanded us to teach all Governments (nations) to obey the Laws of God and wholly submit to the teachings of Christ in the Bible. Second, The Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed to teach their flock how to apply the principles found in scripture to issues of Public Policy. The average Christian is woefully ignorant of how to apply Biblical principles to such questions as; what type of monetary system a nation should have; or how to Biblically determine what the legitimate responsibilities of civil government are; or how to determine what kind of education system is Biblical and how it should be financed? There is not one Christian in a hundred who could give a well reasoned answer and a Biblical defense for his answer, to these types of questions. Why is the average Christian so ignorant? Because their Priests and Pastors have failed to teach them the whole counsel of God's Word and how to apply Biblical Principles to issues of public policy. Third and perhaps most importantly the Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed in their God appointed mission to follow the model of the Apostle Paul, evangelizing the Jew's first and then turning to the gentiles. In the book of Roman's 1:16, 2:9 and 2:10 the Apostle Paul used the phrase "to the Jew first" three times. Indeed "to the Jew first" was the model the Apostle Paul consistently followed in his ministry. The Apostle Paul always went to the Synagogue first when he entered a new city, he always went "to the Jew first." We are making the argument that this should be the model for the church as a whole. We are making the argument that the church has been negligent in evangelizing the Jew. We are making the argument that it is the fault of the church that the Jews now have so much power and are using it for evil. We are making the argument if the church had focused on evangelizing the Jews first that we would have been highly successful and that therefore we would never have reached the point of extreme enmity that exists between Jews and Christians in America today. "To the Jew First" must once again become the model for the church to follow in drawing up evangelization plans and designing missions programs. -

44 Are you aware that even the highly respected Reverend Billy Graham has been widely quoted as acknowledging that there are "Satanic Jews." In Revelations 2:9 Jesus says "... I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." In Revelations 3:9 Jesus says "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee." Unfortunately, most Christian ministers fearfully avoid this topic. They are afraid to even mention the destruction that these Satanic Jews are doing in our nation. Furthermore, due to the influence of relatively recent eschatological inventions that unduly exalt the modern day secular state of Israel in history, our Priests and Pastors have failed to warn us that these satanic Jews are bitter enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Speaking of these satanic Jews, Romans 11:28 says "Concerning the gospel, they are enemies..."). Most churchmen now fear to preach from scriptures such as Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where Christ plainly tells us that there are Jews who claim they are Jews, but in actuality they are not Jews. They are phony Jews. They are actually members of the "Synagogue of Satan." They are Satanic Jews, Talmudic Jews who hate not only Jesus, but also Moses and even the Torah itself. Jesus told these Satanic Jews in John 8:44 "You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father, ye will do." Christ told these Satanic Talmudic Jews (John 5:45-47) that they don't even believe in Moses and that they are certainly not going to believe in Him if they don't even believe in Moses. In Matthew Chapter 23:37-39 Jesus tells us that He longed to draw Israel unto Himself, unto salvation, but they were not willing. Jesus said, in Matthew 24:2 that as a result the nation of Israel would be so utterly destroyed that not one stone of the temple would be left standing. Romans Chapter 11:20 clearly teaches that Israel was cut off because of unbelief. Romans 11:15 states that the "casting away of" Israel shall result in the "reconciling of the world." Because of the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cruel cross of crucifixion, Whosoever calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved, and whosoever refuses to call upon the name of Jesus for salvation, including the Jew, is damned to hell forever. The Jews are no longer God's chosen people. Now, there is a New Covenant. The Old Covenant was perfectly fulfilled in Christ and by Christ (Hebrews 8:6-13). The Old Covenant was absolutely and completely replaced by the New Covenant. In the New Covenant there is a New Israel, a spiritual Israel, an Israel of God (Galatians 6:16), which is the church, the body of Christ. Galatians chapter 6 verses 15 & 16 states "For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision, nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God." These verses clearly tell us that it does not matter if you are a Jew (Circumcision) or if you are a gentile (Uncircumcision). What matters is this; Are you a new "Creation?" Are you a born again Christian? If you are a "new creature in Christ" then you are a constituent of the "Israel of God." Christians, do you understand that Galatians 6:16 implies that there is an "Israel of God" and an "Israel that is not of God?" It is essential for you to understand that the church, the body of Christ has replaced the stiff necked and stubborn Pharisee's, the "Israel that is not of God." All of the promises made to Israel under the Old Covenant now belong to the Church under the New Covenant (Ephesians 2:11-22). The believer in Christ by faith, and not the Jew, is now the seed of Abraham. Now, under the New Covenant, the believer in Christ, not the Jew, is under the blessing (Galatians 3:13-29) of the Abrahamic Covenant. And the Jewish people who currently live in the land, of the nation now known as Israel, and the Jews who live throughout the nations of the world, now have to come to God just like any other nation, through faith in Christ (Romans 9:30-10:4). The Old Covenant requirements for atonement were fulfilled by Christ and have passed away (Heb 8:13, 2 Cor 3:6-14). There is no other way for Jews or anyone else, to be saved or blessed by God, except through faith in Christ (Acts 4:10-12). Biblically speaking, this means that not only are Jews enemies of the Gospel of Christ (Romans 11:28), they are going to hell forever if they continue in their stiff-necked rebellion against Christ (Acts 7:51-60). Jesus rebuked these Satanic phony Jews very harshly in the 23rd Chapter of the book of Matthew. I recommend that you read all of these scripture references and you will plainly see the truth of what is being taught here, that the modern secular atheist liberal socialist internationalist Jews of our day, are vicious satanic enemies of Christ and His bride spiritual Israel, the Israel of God which is clearly none other than ALL Christians or the whole Christian Church. In the book of Acts 3:13-15 Peter plainly states that it was these very Jews who "killed the prince of Life" and they are still trying to kill Him and his followers today. -

45 Many Pre-Millennial Christians point to the wealth and success of the Jews as a sign of God's continued blessing through the Abrahamic Covenant. But the truth is that these wealthy Jews are nearly without exception atheist enemies of God and most of the Orthodox Jews of the world are much poorer than their wealthy brethren and they are also societal outcasts for the sake of their religion. From this you should realize that it is not God who is blessing these satanic Jews, because God would be blessing the Orthodox Jews, the religious Jews, not the atheist Jews. Instead we see the rich blessings of God bestowed on the western Christian nations and especially the United States, the most thoroughly Christian nation yet seen in all history. Pre-Millennial Christians also mistakenly think that the rebirth of the nation of Israel was a work of God and a sign of the end times. The truth is that the Body of Christ, the Church, has replaced the nation state of Israel as God's instrument of salvation and that the modern nation state of Israel was birthed by a satanic Zionist Jewish/Illuminati plot rather than by God. The current nation state of Israel is irrelevant to what God is doing in the earth. Pre-Millennialism is nearly dead, intellectually speaking. In 50 years very few theologians in the body of Christ will still be Pre-Millennial. Then the church will grow up and reject her childish fantasies of flying away, in a rapture, from this terrible world without having to do the work of fulfilling Christ's command in the Great Commission; making disciples of the nations (See Matthew 28:19). The second advent of Christ will not occur until the church of Christ rules the nations of the world by ruling in the hearts of men and not by ruling through force of government as the church has mistakenly done in the past. Just as it is true that a tiny minority of Jews now rule nearly all the governments of the world by control of their monetary systems, it is possible that in the future a tiny minority of mature Christians in positions of freely elected leadership will rule the nations of the world for King Jesus and His glory. Then shall Christ return to receive a mature bride who is without spot or wrinkle. -

46 It is very, very important to remember that in spite of being fiercely anti-Christ most Jews are unaware of the plans of these International Bankers and they consider themselves to be nothing more than "well meaning liberals." It is also very important to remember that there are a growing number of Orthodox Jews who love the law of Moses, they love their Bible and they do their best to obey God. These Jews, politically speaking, are friends of Conservative Christian Americans. Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an example of a very conservative Jew who is also a friend of conservative Christians. We plead with you to read Rabbi Lapin's book "America's Real War" because in this book Rabbi Lapin verifies nearly every claim made in this tract. There are also a growing number of Jews who have received Christ as their Savior. They call themselves Messianic Jews and they are also friends of those who are fighting for a conservative Christian America. There are also a growing number of Jews who are disillusioned with liberalism and although they are not religious they have become political conservatives. It is very, very important to remember that these groups of Jews, politically speaking, are not the bitter, adamant, arch enemies of a Conservative Christian America as are the Jews of the "synagogue of satan." Therefore it is important to note that not all Jews should not be regarded as enemies of Christ and or enemies of a Christian America. -

47 Remember Christians, God is Love and we, the children of God, should be known by our Love, but we should also be known by what we hate. The modern church has been feminized and liberalized to the point where we have forgotten that "Love" and "Hate" are opposite sides of the same coin. For instance, if you proclaim a love for the truth, then you are necessarily proclaiming a hatred for lies. Hate is good if it is motivated by love for Christ and if it is controlled by the Holy Spirit. A Christian who only "loves" and does not "hate" is an impotent, weakened, powerless disciple of Christ. Do you remember what Christ told us in the book of Luke 14:26? He told us that we are to love Him so much that we should "hate" those who would try to take us away from following Him even if it is our parents, spouse, children, brothers or sisters. In the book of Matthew 5:13 Christ commands us to be salt and warns us that if we lose our "saltiness" that we will be cast out and trodden under the feet of men. This is what has happened to the church in America today. The church has lost it's "saltiness." You must remember that for thousands of years salt has been used both as a preservative of food and as a medicinal antiseptic when it was poured into wounds. Christ was telling us in the scripture above that if we as Christians refuse to pour our stinging words of rebuke into society in an effort to preserve that society then the result will be that Christians will be persecuted, mocked, alienated and generally "trodden under the feet of men." The church and Christians in general are no longer willing or able to be salt in this wicked, corrupt society that liberals have created. If you are a "genuine" Christian you will have a proper balance of both love and hate. If you have only mushy ambiguous feelings of "love" toward sinners and society as a whole then you are useless to Christ and useless in reforming culture towards Biblical values. If you are only filled with bitter, angry feelings of "hatred" toward sinners, liberals and society as a whole then you are equally useless to Christ. Remember love and hate are positively two sides of the same coin. They are both positively necessary in the heart of a Christian if he is going to fully follow Christ in both love and truth. As Christians we are commanded to "hate that which is evil and cling to that which is good (Romans 12:9)." We are commanded to hate the evil works of the enemies of God (Psalms 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil). There is a false teaching in the church today that says we should "hate the sin," but we are told that "we should love the sinner." In stark contradiction to this philosophy Psalm 5:5 tells us "the Lord hates all the workers of iniquity." If you want to be like your Father in Heaven you likewise should "hate all the workers of iniquity." Yes, God is love and God hates the workers of iniquity. Psalm 139:21-22 asks "Do not I hate them, Oh Lord, that hate thee?... I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies." Do you hate those who hate God? Do you count those who hate God as your "enemies?" In Matthew chapter 7 verses 16 through 20 Christ plainly tells us there is no difference between the sinner and his sin. Christ says "by their fruit you shall know them." In the Gospel of Matthew 12:34-35 Christ says to the Satanic Jews from the synagogue of Satan "Oh generation of Vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bring forth evil things." In this scripture Christ plainly taught that you shall know a man by the good or evil actions that he does and that these evil actions come from his heart. Christ did not teach us to "love the sinner" and "hate the sin." Christ taught that the man and his sin are one and that we need to command sinners to repent and warn them that they will go to hell forever if they refuse to repent. That, my friends, is true love. As the scripture proclaims "Open rebuke is better than secret love. Proverbs 27:5" -

48 Friends, scripture commands us not only to pray for the Jews, but also to boldly witness to them and tell them the truth about going to Hell forever if they reject their Messiah Jesus Christ. They should be presented with the information in this tract and warned against joining forces with these Satanic Socialist Jews who are working for world government. The evil plan of these Internationalists, both the Jewish International Bankers and their fellow secular atheist liberal fellow travelers, has now gone so far that there may be no turning it back. We may have to suffer under their monstrously evil plan for world domination until it collapses under the weight of it's own folly just as the USSR collapsed. If the American people are going to remain free we are going to have to make a stand against the forces of evil. We are going to have to fight for our freedom. We are going to have to destroy the New World Order, the Federal Reserve System and the United Nations or one day, we may find ourselves fighting foreign troops on our own soil. We must restore a constitutional hard currency monetary system in our nation and dissolve the Federal Reserve Banking system and refuse to repay the national debt to the international parasites who now control the monetary system in the United States. This can be done by forgiving all debt and making the Bankers suffer the cost of this "year of Jubilee." The former candidate for the Presidency of the United States and America's most highly decorated Green Beret Commander Colonel Bo Gritz says that when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 that there was and still is a clause that gives the U.S. government the option to buy back all shares in the Federal Reserve Bank for $144,000,000.00. Currently the U.S. government spends $144 Million dollars every 18 seconds. (Taken from Pg 6 of Gritz campaign "White Paper" titled "Truth or Consequences in 1996.") If this is true, then this is exactly what the US government should do, id est, buy back the Federal Reserve System and put our nation back on a thoroughly Constitutional Gold backed monetary system. -

49 WARNING: You must arm yourself NOW, before they make it impossible to buy the guns and ammunition that will be necessary for self defense. The future plans of the Internationalists for America are to disarm us, collapse the economy, issue national identification cards and print new money to move us closer to their ultimate goal, a one world currency as a precursor to one world government. They plan to suspend the United States Constitution and the Bill of rights, declare martial law, create a one world monetary system, centralize all power in a world government and make us slaves in their New World Order! We plan to restore America to a Constitutional Republic of limited government with very low taxes, decentralized power and a monetary system that is based upon hard currency. We will abolish both fiat/paper currencies and fractional reserve monetary/banking systems. We plan to abolish the United Nations and every agency associated with world government. -

50 IMPORTANT: If you love America, please make hundreds of copies of this letter and distribute it anonymously in shopping malls, airports, bathrooms, bus stations, truck stops, parking lots, churches, schools, emailing it to hundreds and thousands of people, faxing it to everyone you know and by posting it to the Internet and local BBS's in your home town. Tell, - No, Warn your Jewish friends that they if they continue to use their wealth and power to destroy Christianity, that they are destroying the very foundation of the tolerance they formerly enjoyed in America. Tell them to read Rabbi Daniel Lapin's book "America's Real War" because that is exactly what Rabbi Lapin's book was written to do, id est, warn Jews that if they destroy the Christian foundation of America that they will be cutting their own throats and preparing the ground for future pograms. Forewarn your Jewish friends that if they are successful in destroying Christianity in America that history will likely repeat itself and that they will be held responsible for laying the ground work for a holocaust more serious than any they have yet suffered.

Remind your Jewish friends that it was the atheists, the Communists, the Nazis and irreligious pagans, not Christians, who have been responsible for every instance of genocide in the 20th century. Remind your Jewish friends that all of the persecutions and pogroms of past centuries that they endured under Monarchs and so called "Christian" governments pale in comparison to what Hitler and Stalin and other pagan atheist leaders have done. The future of our nation may rest on whether the truth reaches the American people in time to stop these infernal bankers who are planning to rule over us in a one world government. You can help us to stop these God hating anti-Christ allies of Satan who are intent on building a one world government. You can help us stop the New World Order, destroy the United Nations, stop the drive towards One World Government and help preserve America as a Christian nation by making copies of this tract and circulating it widely. " Be strong and of good courage and do it. Fear not, nor be dismayed; for the Lord God...will be with you." 1Chronicles 28:20

(Disclaimer - We would not intentionally pass on false information. The source and credibility of the "facts" reported in this tract have been painstakingly researched for accuracy but the reader is urged to do his own research to verify the information reported in this tract. At the time of this writing we have not received notice of any "errors of fact" from anyone, not even from our Jewish antagonists on the Internet where this tract is being widely disseminated. As of this writing we believe this tract to be 100% error free. Furthermore we welcome, nay we plead for all who read this to correct any errors of fact or history reported in this tract before passing it on.) -51





Here is where we part company, Dick.  I wondered about your
  name, and "Eastmen," as in Eastmen Kodak, IS jewish.  Now
  that is over, let's review some facts.
Your explanation of the jews (since it is a religion the "j" should
  not be capitalized, i.e., "baptist," "methodist," etc.)   would have
  fallen on deaf ears in old Europe, and, although the jews fin-
  anced almost every government, kings and all, they were run
  out of every nation of Europe.  Why?  If the jews are so bene-
  volent they should have been welcomed everywhere.
We can agree that there is greed and avarice in all races of peo-
  ple, and in all religions, but---there has never been a people on
  the face of the earth who, for at least five thousand years, have
  internationally stood together to destroy the state in which they
  reside, just as they are now destroying this nation.  Look who
  all presidents since Teddy Roosevelt (Rosenfelt) have placed
  into positions of power; jews.  Bush's cabinet is full of them,
  and thus the "war" on terrorism; which translates to war on the
  enemies of the jews.  Not only were/are the Roosevelts jews,
  but also Woodrow Wilson, Harry S. (as in Solomon) Truman,
  Dwight Eisenhower, and most probably Bill Clinton, who is
  suspected of being the son of a Rockefeller, who are also jews.
I guess you agree with the influx of muds in this country, of which
  you can blame the jews.  Let's not stop there; the entire world
  problem is jews, or their lackeys.  Show me a social problem
  and most likely I can show you a jew behind it, with sufficient
  research. It was the jews who ran most all of the slave ships,
  has been behind all wars, including the War of 1812, "Civil" War,
  and all other through WWII, and the jew is behind WWIII that
  is sure to come.
Yes, Dick.  I have to admit that I am evil, and, doggone it, so is
  God, Jesus, and the entire host of the bible, as, you see, the jews
  were also the Phillistines and all of the other enemies of Israelites
  throughout the bible.  You do some good writing, which is an
  unusual plus for a jew.  Please convince me that you are not a
  jew.  You can skip the nasty remarks, as I am a retired military
  man, who has been called every bad name under the sun; except
  jew, and even that in fun.  I am a survivalist, and the only way I
  and my seed can survive is do to the jew what he has planned for
  me, and that is his absolute and total annihilation from the face of
  the earth.  You see, Dick, every animal on the face of the earth
  has not only the right, but the God-given (hope you don't mind)
  duty of self defense, and even though your people are presently
  running the show there is One much, much higher, Who is the real
  leader.  Probably you don't know Him, but He is there, and He
  is watching, so I am not afraid.
You are placed on my block list, as you have adequately identified
  yourself and your right to be there.  Adios.

                                                        Ray Earnest

PS:  If I am wrong about the name, we can use the old addage
       that if one waddles like a duck, quacks----------.

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From: "Dick Eastman" [email protected]  
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 6:55 AM

Subject: [Strait_Truth] Re: [RushRoom] THE NEW WORLD ORDER??? The fallacy of collective guilt -- ideas not race are behind all this --individuals not groups are responsible

You have named the great destroyers, but for each of them there are Jews who are builders Murry Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Noam Chomsky,and all of the doctors, scientists, teachers, businessmen, government workers who are not Trotskyites, who do not back Rothschild (terrorist) Zionism who who do not get rich on globalization or Federal Reserve monetary (interest rate, credit) manipulations, who do not blow up the WTC to frame Islam and provoke war between Islam and Christianity, to grab Cental Asian Oil, to promote the drug trade for profit and to destroy hated moralities etc.

If you side for the destruction of Jews you are evil -- it is as simple as that.

We all should oppose investment banking -- so do many Jews.

We all should oppose the Federal Reserve -- many Jews do (von Mises was Jewish too)

We all should oppose gun control, the final guarantee of government for the people -- Jewish organizations to support gun control also exist (Barry Goldwater was Jewish)

We all should get politicians out of rich men's pockets -- every Jew I have ever known personally agrees with that (Schumer of New York and Sen. Lieberman are of course men put in office by Wall Street -- they serve the banking interests, ultimately the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other families mentioned below.

Every man (Jew or non-Jew) who has a rich uncle is going to kiss up to him.

ANd every rich uncle who is so rich that he can get away with everything and still have people fauning over him for his money -- will become very corrupt and evil and conspiratorial -- this is in the nature of power and the human soul universally -- it is not an attribute exclusively of one race/ethnic.

Yes, there are inherited cultural practices of exclusiveness -- but this is the result of the natural contingencies of behavioral positive reinforcement from having far-flung networks of trustworthy business associates in other countries -- it is such an advantage that the clanishness is reinforced and preserved and made an object of its own to further etc.

I say that if the globalists -- who are about to unleash designer biological weapons on mankind to eliminate their enemies (men like you and me), that is after they finish murdering all of the microbiologists who have done their work for them under compartmentalized research grants -- I say that if these globalists are going to be defeated it will have to be with Jew and Christian and Moslem untied to overthrow Finanz Kapitalism -- to overthrow the global bankers -- to remove government from their control and remove their organizations (the CFR, the WOrld Bank, the Trilateral Commission, the WTO, the (captured) Ford and Carnegie Foundations and all of the other NGO's that play the tune of globalization -- that work toward the "debt slavery global plantation."

I call on every reader to read the following -- and accept that the acts of villiany described therin are real, BUT TO REJECT THE EVIL SIMPLICITOUS SUICIDAL NOTION THAT A RACE, THAT A PEOPLE, THAT AN ETHNIC IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. Men are individuals, and as individuals they are accountable and must be brought to justice.

The Bush's are not Jewish, yet they too are part of the September 11 crashbombing frame-up (I feel sorry for Laura Bush and Barbara Bush -- woman I like and admire -- but when their husbands are mass murders of who drank blood from sculls at Yale while swearing allegiance to Satan and who are involved with the global drug trade and money laundering and high international crimes in the name of oil and natural resources -- then we must hurt these dear woman's feelings by putting the cuffs on their husbands and carting them off to the jails that they have filled with the unemployed drug addicts they have created.

So I say reject the anti-Jewishness of this essay while you take in its excellent summary of how evil individuals -- under the control of the literatures of Trotsky, Che, Marx, Mao; and the connivance of a Zhou Enlai, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski (see below for lots of names of big-time bad guys) etc. etc. -- but learn that we are under attack -- we are facing an enemy who is using indirect cultural warfare to destory us, to murder us for world conquest.

As you read below -- substitute the terms "Trotskyite", or "organized crime," or "merchant banking house" or even "Satanist" -- but not Jew" -- remember that genetically Jews are a gene pool that is indistinguishable from the Palestinian gene pool.

If one man starts saying that red heads are better than everyone else in the world and then he starts conspireing to murder all people with brown or black hair -- we view him as a psychotic killer -- we do not jump to the conclusion that he represents all red-haired people. This is the same thing here.

You know I write the truth here.

Without the help of the many good Jews in the World -- the NWO conspiracy will never be destroyed. We must think with precision -- all mankind is one -- it is cultural practices and ideas that we must act to put right.

Dick Eastman Yakima, Washington Every man is responsible to every other man.

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From: "Bob From Michigan"  [email protected]  
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2001 10:37 PM
Subject: [RushRoom] THE NEW WORLD ORDER???

I received the following "anonymously written" tract via email.   Please help
  me by pointing out any  historical or factual errors that you find. I am
  politically very conservative and I am a Christian and I have never read
  anything like this before. I have sent this to you to get your take on the
  information in this tract. Some people have written me back and said that it
  is essentially accurate as to most of the individual facts presented but
  that the overall theory of a general conspiracy to establish a One World
  Government / New World Order, is bogus. Please write me back with your
  analysis as to the "factual" content of this tract. While I do not agree
  with everything written herein, I do believe that the information in this
  tract is worthy of general distribution. Please feel free to circulate  this
  to anyone else you wish, to get their input. Since this is anonymously written

document I suppose that there is absolutely no copyright protection
  and that this tract may be reprinted in whole or in part by anyone for any
  reason. This tract is loaded with interesting facts and appears to be
  historically accurate. Is it accurate or not? I recommend that you keep a
  copy of this tract in your word processor for future reference. Please read
  the Post Script (sections 42 - 51) to this tract very carefully, since it
  answers many questions and objections that you may have about the
  information presented herein. Thanks.


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World Government by Design
by Steve Bonta

America's subservience to the United Nations and transformation into
the world's policeman is not accidental but is part of a grand design
to establish world government.

As with so many of history's so-called trends, America's
transformation into global policeman isn't accidental. Official
admissions of this little-known truth aren't commonplace, but they do
occur. Take journalist Michael Hirsh's stunning comments in a recent
issue of Newsweek, for example. Buried more than four pages into an
otherwise typical anti-isolationism screed entitled "Death of a
Founding Myth," we find the following:

While the isolationists … tempted millions with their siren's appeal
to nativism — the internationalists were always hard at work in quiet
places making plans for a more perfect global community. In the end
the internationalists have always dominated national policy. Even so,
they haven't bragged about their globe-building for fear of
reawakening the other half of the American psyche, our berserker
nativism. And so they have always done it in the most out-of-the-way
places and with little ado. In December 1917 the Inquiry, a group of
eager reformers who included a young Walter Lippmann, secretly met in
New York to draw up Wilson's Fourteen Points. In 1941, FDR concocted
the Atlantic Charter in the mists off Newfoundland. The dense woods
of New Hampshire gave birth to the Bretton Woods institutions — the
IMF and World Bank — in 1944. And a year later the United Nations
came to life at the secluded Georgetown estate of Dumbarton Oaks....
So what emerged took us more or less by surprise. We had built a
global order without quite realizing it, bit by bit, era by era, with
our usual schizoid approach: alternating engagement and
withdrawal.... Like it or not — and clearly large numbers of
Americans still don't — we Americans are now part of an organic whole
with the world that George Washington wanted to keep distant.

Leaving aside the snide reference to George Washington, and Hirsh's
shifty use of the term "we," what of the claim that America has been
deliberately, semi-secretly maneuvered into globalism, that
her "berserker nativism" (i.e., patriotism) has been neutralized by
stealth and subterfuge?

Background to Betrayal

Hirsh is absolutely correct. America's modern obsession with
internationalism, including global militarism, is hardly a grass-
roots impulse. It all started, as Hirsh observes, with Woodrow Wilson
and the war to make the world safe for democracy. Wilson himself was
a left-leaning idealist, in step with the progressives and socialists
of his day with their heady designs of making America over in their
own image. But, as is ever the case with idealists in the arena of
practical politics, Wilson was ultimately the tool of other men, men
of cunning and ambition far surpassing his own.

One of Wilson's keepers was Edward Mandell House, a longtime
political operative from Texas who had learned to work the levers of
power behind the scenes. House had been born into wealth and
privilege and had no visceral need for fame. The consummate political
insider, House manipulated Wilson's internationalist idealism as a
personal confidant to the president but declined any official

House was the real impetus behind the Inquiry, a semisecret group of
internationalist intellectuals including Harvard-trained journalist
and co-founder of The New Republic Walter Lippmann. Many members of
the Inquiry, including both House and Lippmann, were also involved in
the negotiations at Versailles following World War I.

The Inquiry created the Fourteen Points, the famous set of postwar
policy recommendations that included as its centerpiece the League of
Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations. Despite a blizzard of
propaganda on its behalf, the League of Nations was ultimately
defeated in the U.S. Senate, an act that set back the plans of House
and his associates. But House, ever the patient pragmatist, joined
with many others who had thrown their energy into the League of
Nations and formed the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the
American counterpart of the London-based Royal Institute of
International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations aspired to
nothing less than creating conditions favorable for the establishment
of a world government — although in recent decades, globalist elites
have generally avoided using that politically risky phrase.

With the outbreak of World War II, internationalists in the CFR and
elsewhere had another chance to convince a reluctant American
Congress (and public) of the wisdom of a world order. Accordingly,
the United Nations was created and this time, the U.S. Senate voted
overwhelmingly in favor of the UN treaty.

From the beginning, the architects of the UN recognized that, as with
all governments, only the ability to exercise force could confer
legitimacy. This meant that the UN would have to be given police and
military powers. But how? Member nations were jealous of their
sovereignty and largely ignorant of the megalomaniacal objectives of
UN insiders. They would not easily be persuaded to surrender their
weapons or commit their armed forces to UN service. As long as a
country as militarily powerful and independent as the United States
wielded influence apart from the United Nations, a true world order
would be impossible.

The infamous Kennedy-era State Department document Freedom from War:
The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a
Peaceful World gives a rare glimpse into the mentality of the men who
in public always carefully insist that the United Nations and kindred
international organizations are but benign "frameworks" or "forums"
for peace and cooperation. The document envisages strengthening the
United Nations militarily by a careful, step-by-step process while
gradually reducing the military might of independent nations,
until "no state would have the military power to challenge the
progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force." Clearly, to achieve
this objective, the United States must be weakened militarily and
persuaded to commit its resources to the United Nations.

This has been precisely the outcome of more than a half-century of UN-
supervised war-making. American confidence was severely eroded by the
Korean stalemate, the original UN "police action" which included
capturing, torturing, and successfully brainwashing a surprising
number of American servicemen by a brutal Communist foe. And Vietnam
was worse: Our troops were placed deliberately in a no-win quagmire
with inane rules of engagement precluding victory. The American
defeat in Vietnam — the first in our history — devastated our
national confidence, even as sundry subversives on the home front
sowed the seeds for a cultural revolution in the '60s and '70s that
blasted American moral values and cultural norms.

The Persian Gulf War in 1991 marked the next major turning point.
Regarding the UN-supervised war and cease-fire that followed (UN-led
wars usually end in "cease-fires," not "peace treaties"), President
George Bush (the elder) fondly recalled:

In the Gulf, we saw the United Nations playing the role dreamed of by
its founders, with the world's leading nations orchestrating and
sanctioning collective action against aggression.

After such a precedent, it became a simple matter for eager-beaver
internationalists during the Bush and Clinton eras to dispatch
American troops to the likes of Somalia, Kosovo, and Bosnia to fight
on behalf of the United Nations.

Fast Forward to Today

Now, in the era of George W. Bush, the true objectives of the
internationalist set are more transparent than ever. An international
UN-mandated peacekeeping force is now being assembled in Afghanistan.
UN troops are stationed in much of Africa, most notably in the Congo,
Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone. Smaller contingents patrol the
former Spanish Sahara in Morocco and many other African states. UN
forces also wage peace in Cyprus, Korea, the Balkans, and Palestine,
and token observer forces are stationed in many other hot spots.

But the most significant fact about UN operations is that they seldom
end. The UN has kept the Korean peninsula in a state of war for
almost fifty years. The UN-mandated campaign against Iraq shows no
sign of ending. And even the most credulous observer would now admit
that Clinton and his internationalist friends never intended to
extricate UN-supervised U.S. forces from Bosnia and Kosovo.

But the prize for the globalists remains the United States.
Soberingly, the United Nations can now muster the military force to
subdue much of the Third World, given an adequate political pretext.
And America is being duped into subscribing to the internationalist
agenda, as each new UN military adventure strengthens the precedent
for U.S. subservience to international authority.



jewn McCain

ASSASSIN of JFK, Patton, many other Whites

killed 264 MILLION Christians in WWII

killed 64 million Christians in Russia

holocaust denier extraordinaire--denying the Armenian holocaust

millions dead in the Middle East

tens of millions of dead Christians

LOST $1.2 TRILLION in Pentagon
spearheaded torture & sodomy of all non-jews
millions dead in Iraq

42 dead, mass murderer Goldman LOVED by jews

serial killer of 13 Christians

the REAL terrorists--not a single one is an Arab

serial killers are all jews

framed Christians for anti-semitism, got caught
left 350 firemen behind to die in WTC

legally insane debarred lawyer CENSORED free speech

mother of all fnazis, certified mentally ill

10,000 Whites DEAD from one jew LIE

moser HATED by jews: he followed the law Jesus--from a "news" person!!

1000 fold the child of perdition


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