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Boycott the racist Orange County Register

Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of miscegenation; we have one Father, even God.  Joh 8:39-41

Perhaps the Orange County Register in Santa Ana, California is the most racist publication in America?  I was outraged when, on the rare occasion my eyes were permitted to view this racist rag one Sunday in October, 2003 (the 26th of the month), in a county where blacks are only 1.7% of the population, more than half the photos in the sports section were blacks, and less than half reflected my own Israelite [read: Caucasian, or White] Race.  Since the only reason I violated my promise before God to avoid all such abominations, and permitted my eyes to rest upon this racist rag, was only to look for a new computer, I threw the rest of it in the garbage bin where it belonged and opened the Compusa advertising insert, only to find four out of five of the photos in their ads to contain blacks, and less than one fifth Israelites.

The most disturbing sensation to someone who takes pride in his own race was to see the obvious race mixing message contained in both sections, as one third of the photos in the sports section, and half in the advertising insert, were not merely blacks, but people of my own race mixed amongst blacks.   Ignoring that most important point for a second, blacks were over-represented by 40 times in the sports section and 146 times in the ad insert.

I do not care what you think about my "racist" attitude, because God in the Holy Bible calls this an abomination--and He uses this word "abomination" infrequently, with cross-dressing, sodomy, and burning your children in the fire being tops on His hit list.

  Percent Whites Percent Blacks Percent Mixed Multitude Ratio blacks:Whites
Sports section 49 51 32 1.04
Compusa ad insert 21 79 51 3.8
Orange County population 65 1.7   0.026
Blacks over-represented sports section       40
Blacks over-represented ad insert       146

Until this racist rag ceases and desists in its abomination before God, I urge you to boycott, boycott, boycott.



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