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Faggot Olberman



The essence of faggot Olberman's argument is that a contestant for Miss America, Carrie Prejean [Miss California] does NOT have the right, constitutional or otherwise, to answer a question about sodomy honestly, in accord with her right to free exercise of religion, but he DOES have the right get up on his high horse and publicly condemn her as a satan worshiper.  He's not even correct in his "interpretation" of the free speech clause of the US Constitution, as his malicious slander and malicious libel REMOVES any such right from HIM.  No employer in this putative Christian nation has a right to fire a Christian for NOT supporting faggots and sodomy, as he implied.  By trying to imply that her employer DOES have some kind of right to squelch her free speech and her free exercise of religion, this faggot is the one who raises it to a constitutional issue, not to mention a sin.

Keith, to the 95% of us Americans who CLAIM to be Christians, our free exercise of religion COMMANDS US to stone you to death in the street, not accommodate you in the work place, endure your malicious speech, nor give you one more second of credence.  Only ONE PERCENT  on the following poll agree with you about stripping her of here title "for showing so much skin" as you implied, and NO percent agree with you that she should show more "tolerance", and 25% wanted to be more "intolerant" by banning Perez Hilton from being a judge again.

If you truly believe in "tolerance", then TOLERATE THIS, Keith:

`And a man who lieth with a male as one lieth with a woman; abomination both of them have done; they are certainly put to death; their blood is on them. Lev 20:13



How do you think Donald Trump handled the Miss California controversy? (3448 votes)

Carrie Prejean demonstrated great poise and courage, and Donald responded by doing the right thing 39% (1345)
The fact that Perez Hilton can judge another pageant is an atrocity. Shame on you, Donald! 25% (851)
I appreciate that Trump defended Prejean and pointed out her position on marriage is the same as Obama's 19% (653)
Who cares? These pageants are pretty much worthless these days 9% (296)
He was obviously trying to please everyone by siding with Carrie Prejean, as well as allowing Perez Hilton back to judge 4% (125)
I'm confused. Since when did Donald Trump become the arbiter of morality? 2% (83)
The resolution shows how Trump got his reputation as a great dealmaker 1% (42)
Miss California should have been stripped of her title for showing so much skin 1% (26)
Other 1% (20)
Miss California should have been stripped of her title for showing such intolerance 0% (5)
Sounds like Trump has learned his lesson. In the future, he shouldn't let outspoken Christians be a part of the pageant 0% (2)






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