Bias Against American White Men


  1. Niggers can't ski: no Gold Medals in Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
  1. Niggers can't run: under-represented in Gold Medals in Summer Olympics in Sydney.
  1. Niggers can't box.
  1. Niggers can't high jump: US under-represented as Medal Winners in Summer Olympics in Athens.
  1. Niggers can't play basketball:  after 84 years of WINS, US loses Gold Medal in Basketball.
  1. Niggers can't swim:  31% race and sex gap in Olympic Springboard scores.
  1. Weakest man lifts 30% more than world's "strongest woman".
  1. Jews can't do anything: in half a century, "Israel" won ZERO Gold Medals.
  1. Norway highest Gold Medal Winners per capita, "Israel" lowest.

+Chr1st1an Israel "Also wouldn't you say that snipers need alot of hand eye co-ordination? Russian history is full of female sniper. Such as Lyudmila Pavlichenko who scored 309 kills. "

You have a bad habit of quoting far away remote sources half a globe away which you hope nobody can verify.

Fortunately for you, I speak Russian, lived in Russia for 15 months, and was the first American to legally fly the MIG-29.  At the time the Russian troops were returning from their defeat in Afghanistan (a VERY sad sight), we were aiming an AK-47 at  the Hammer and Sickle on top of the Kremlin, from a gun shop across the street. After a few Russians walked by with a sign of, er, shock on their faces, we decided it was not such a great idea for Americans to do something which would have gotten us shot at the Whitehouse.

The next day, we paid the gun shop $30 for the AK-47.  While trying to locate the Hammer and Sickle on the Kremlin, we realized it had been replaced overnight with a huge red, white, and blue flag.  We had not idea when it was laid out in the space before Lenin's tomb, where it looked like an American flag, that it would replace the Hammer and Sickle.

What's the point?  You don't know anyone than me who's more qualified to call BS about Russia BS--that I call this one pure BS?

And if that's not good enough for you, the top Russian rifleman Artem Khadjibekov, scored 1,165, only 15 points short of a Gold Medal.

Conversely, Daria Vdovina, the top Russian riflewoman scored 585, only 7 points short of a Gold Medal.

Can you even fathom at all just how huge this 580 point white space is between a score of 1,165 and and 585?

Can you offer any explanation other than a huge gap in hand/eye coordination?

Can you imagine why Russian women who become pilots and riflewomen half way around the globe are just as bad if not worse than [read: "equal to"] American women pilots and riflewomen?

Do you think it might be just because Putin and Obama met in a smokey bar in Sochi and agreed to make women in both countries look like idiots?



Air Rifle Men

How do you think Pemberton would perform in shooting a rifle at the Olympics, the one sport where the male advantages of height, weight, strength, speed and endurance are not such a big advantage
To which I'd ask what does shooting a rifle have to do with flying a plane? You are obviously running out of arguements."

Both are good ways to measure hand/eye coordination. In fact I'd have to say that the best way to measure hand/eye coordination is shooting, not flying. A friend is right now VERY proud of his son who was just on the front page of Field and Stream for the longest shot ever to take out an elk.  Women can't do that.

In the 50 meter "rifle three positions" competition at the 2012 Olympics, the men Gold Medal winner was Niccolo Compriani of Italy who scored 1,278.5, a mere 7.5 points higher than Cyril Graf of France who won no medal.  The woman Gold Medal winner was our own Jamie Lynn Gray who scored 691.9, a mere 10 points higher than Sylwia Bogacka of Poland who got no medal. The gender gap between her and the lowest scoring male shooter, Jonathon Hammond of Great Britain who at 1,142 didn't even qualify for the final round, was 450.1, which is SIXTY TIMES (60X) greater than the gap between male Gold Medal winners and no medal winners.

The average male around the world scores at least 1,150, while the AVERAGE female scores at most 576, CONSERVATIVELY.

Another example--the top female weightlifter is Jang Mi-ran who lifted 187 kg in clean and jerk, is from Korea.

But how much do you think I might have lifted when I was in Korea at age 17, just goofing around?


Air Rifle Women


Figure Skating Men

Figure Skating Women

Men 3 Meter Springboard Sync


Women 3 Meter Springboard Sync

Men 3 Meter Springboard

Women 3 Meter Springboard

Men 10 Meter Platform

Women 10 Meter Platform Sync






By niggers


What?  Niggers can't jump.  Olympic Basketball proved that.  And so did the Olympic high jumping contest:


niggerslosthighjump.jpg (5759 bytes)


But the Olympics also proved they niggers can't run:

niggerlost800m.jpg (31473 bytes)

niggerlost200m.jpg (32646 bytes)



Yet American niggers were over-represented as medal winners in the Olympics in Athens by 47X compared to Nigerians, and by 3.4X compared to American Whites, but under-represented by 1.4X compared to Norway.


How can this be explained?  By what process could American Whites get fewer medals than their progenitors in Europe while American niggers get far more medals than their progenitors in Africa?  Since American niggers are 25% Caucasoid and 75% Negroid, their ability to compete readily with pure African Negroids could be explained by the infusion of genes from Norwegian-class athletes.  But this doesn’t even begin to explain the dismal performance of American Whites.


The answer is affirmative action, and this is the most important story of how it destroys. 


Affirmative action forced industry, government, sports, education, law, etc., to bring in less qualified niggers to displace far more qualified Whites in order to “compensate for past discrimination”.   This forced the most qualified Whites, even in sports, to consider other alternatives.  White athletes have bluntly asked me “Who wants to shower with niggers”, proof enough that providing such a hostile environment for White athletes is sufficient to discourage them from continuing in the sport.  It wouldn’t take but a few promising White athletes to abandon their fields of expertise to permit less qualified niggers to start getting all the lime light in sports.   But this doesn’t guarantee that the niggers would perform better, and in fact the Olympics proved that they didn’t (something American niggers will never even understand, much less show appreciation for).


Because affirmative action didn’t undermine the quality or competitiveness of athletes in Europe or South America, their most qualified athletes stuck with their fields of expertise and were able to beat the pants off of our multi-million dollar dream team basketball niggers.  It was WHITE basketball players in Germany, where basketball is about as popular as watching the grass grow, where 99.9% of sports coverage is soccer and not basketball, where the real athletes view basketball as a nigger sport, who almost beat our niggers.  And it was the WHITE athletes in Italy and Argentina, where basketball is even less popular and soccer is even more popular, who DID beat the pants off our niggers.  Only the losers in these countries would dare play basketball, because our niggerizing the sport made it even less popular than it already was—a remarkable achievement.


The Olympic results are proof that affirmative action doesn’t achieve “racial equality” by improving niggers, but rather that it drives down performance of Whites AND increases racial tensions, all in one fell swoop.  This is why multicultural, mixed-race workforces in countries like the US and Israel can’t even begin to compete with racially pure workforces in countries like Germany, Japan, Korea, Ireland, and now India and China.  Race mixing is why niggers have several and jews have 113 hereditary diseases which pure races don’t, and why residents of Washington, DC, are 350 TIMES more likely to be murdered than residents of racially pure Singapore, North Dakota, or Mesa, Arizona.  Race mixing is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and everyone in the world except Noah and his racially pure family.  The problems caused by multiculturalism are why race mixing is the only sin in the Holy Bible which is referred to as both an abomination and blasphemy of the word of God.


Olympic Medals per 10 million population








Population m










It’s also allegorical to how it’s Whites and not niggers who’re systematically discriminated against by government fiat.  Before such discrimination, it was American Whites who held many of the records in sports and other endeavors.   It was American Whites who won Gold Medals in basketball for 84 years, and niggers who, in only a few short years of dominating the sport not only lost the Gold Medal, but didn’t even win a Silver Medal.  And that’s allegorical to how discrimination hurts BOTH races (the expected beneficiary of that discrimination, and the discriminated against class), because now neither race is associated with any team which won either Gold or Silver medals.


You just can’t legislate success, but you sure can legislate failure, and affirmative action is the most egregious legislated failure in recent recorded human history.


Had the US gotten as many medals per capita as Norway, 13.6, then we would have gotten 398 medals--almost 4 times as many as we actually got.  Why, with all the money, attention, media coverage, and dumbing down of education in the name of sports, did that not happen?  Why did Russia with half our population get almost as many medals as us?  Why does every European nation consistently get more medals per capita than us?   Did the adverse influence of niggers in sports cost us 295 medals?


The answer is “yes”.  Even though most Americans are of German descent, it’s the infusion of Norwegian genes which should have made the greatest improvement in our athletic skills, since Norway outperformed Germany by more than Germany outperformed us.   Also, WWII greatly reduced the top gene pool of Germany just half a century ago, which may be the main reason Norway now performs so much better than Germany.  Why then did Americans of German descent not perform better than Germany?


If you were to rely only on the jew controlled newsmedia for your information about sports, the Olympics, and the influence of genes on performance in sports, you’d believe that American niggers are tops, that nobody can compete with them, and that we’re the greatest, so why worry.   Without a detailed analysis of the Olympic data by race, you wouldn’t even know how poorly we performed relative to the rest of the civilized world (nor how poorly the progenitors of American niggers in Africa performed).   By focusing only on total medal count and ignoring the significance of the US having a population almost as great as all of Europe, the jewsmedia has most Americans convinced that nobody beats us or our niggers in the world in sports.  They do the same in economic performance when we’re now 18th in the world in per capita income, and LAST in personal savings.


Why do the promoters of political correctness do this?  What could they possibly gain by keeping our heads buried in the sand?  Why do they so studiously ignore (not to mention, refuse to acknowledge) the achievements of the White men who STILL DO dominate in both sports and economics, and instead continually bombard us with images of the supposedly successful niggers who’re continuing to drive this formerly great White nation into the ground?


What IS the agenda of those who rewrite our history and school books, who pretend that our disastrous experience with multiculturalism has been a success, who virtually ignore the more than 20,000 niggers who murdered each other since Scott Peterson allegedly killed his wife?  Are they proud that their disinformation campaign causes us to continue to achieve the world’s highest incarceration rate, bar none, at the same time that we have achieved the world’s third highest murder rate AND four cities in the world—New Orleans, Detroit, Washington, and Gary, Indiana--which continuously vie for murder capitol of the world?  By LYING to our White children and telling them that niggers are heroes, we’re guaranteeing that they’ll never have as much political will to correct the problem as our Founding Forefathers had when they decimated the savage Indians who were scalping and cutting the legs off White settlers, impaling their torsos on carts, and wheeling them around the teepee so they could be tortured to death.


By Women


The 2000 Olympics in Sidney, Australia are also a great example of how the gender benders have stolen the spirit of competition which used to be represented by the Olympics.   Instead, the Olympics have now become a statue to world mediocrity.  Where excellence was once the byword, "gender equality" now seems to be the objective.  Where the best and the bravest used to be honored, social engineering is now enforced.  You could never know from the media coverage of these events that the difference between a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal in the 200 Meter Butterfly swim competition in the 2000 Olympics in Sidney, Australia was a mere 0.69% in the men's competition.  Nor that the difference between a Gold Medal and no medal (fourth place) for women was even smaller, at 0.31%.  What is particularly concealed from public view is that the difference between the slowest men and the fastest women was a whopping 9.81%, which is 31 times greater than the difference between the woman Gold Medal winner and the woman who came in fourth place and won no medal.

200butterfly.gif (27117 bytes)


Tom Malchow



Denys Sylantyev



Justin Norris



Michael Phelps

Fifth Place


Susie O'Neil



Misty Hyman



Kaitlin Sandeno



Std Deviation Men


Std Deviation Women


Likewise, there was much media hoopla about Bonnie Blair winning two Gold Medals in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Norway, where she became the top American woman Olympian by winning two more Gold Medals for a lifetime total of 5 Gold Medals.  She beat her fellow competitors by 0.4% by skating the 500 Meter Speed Skating in 39.28 seconds and the 1000 Meter Speed Skating in 78.74 seconds, where a mere 0.16 seconds and 0.3 seconds respectively separated her from women who received no medals.

At that point in time, when Bonnie was receiving accolades, world recognition, Gold Medals, and the media spotlight, she was nowhere close to being the best in her field because there were dozens of other competitors at those exact same competitions skating in the exact same events, who were consistently more than 7.5% faster than her--a light-year in Olympic terms.  Aleksandr Golubev of Russia won the Gold by skating the 500 Meter race in 36.33 seconds, 2.92 seconds or 8% faster than Bonnie did, and Dan Jansen of the US won the Gold by skating the 1000 Meter race in 72.43 seconds, 6.31 seconds or 8.7% faster than Bonnie.  All of the men who won no medals skated the 500 Meter race in less than 36.33 seconds and the 1000 Meter race in less than 72.83 seconds, at least 7.5% faster than Bonnie in both events.

Dan may have been shortchanged of his significant accomplishment by having all of the spotlights focused on an Olympic contestant who came nowhere close to beating him, though getting a Gold Medal may have made up for it. The real travesty of justice is that dozens of other men who were light-years ahead of Bonnie, who after years of training, effort and expense, skated at least 7.5% faster than Bonnie, received NO Gold Medal, no recognition, and no spotlight.  By whose standard is it fair to deny them recognition and a medal *just* because of their sex, especially when they outperformed a Gold Medal winner by 25 times greater than she outperformed the non-medal winners in her own class?  They all outperformed Bonnie by more than even Bonnie herself might recognize or admit, yet solely because of their sex not a single one of them will have their name in the record book as Bonnie now does.  The inequity of showering all of this on Bonnie, not because she's even remotely equal to the best, but solely because of her sex, is profoundly sexist, biased, damaging, and counterproductive.

Outperforming Bonnie by a factor 25 times greater than the factor by which she outperformed the non-medal winners in her own class, they each demonstrated their superior skills and achieved a higher goal, and thus each deserves and should receive 25 times the recognition that Bonnie received--unless we have devolved into a society which is content to permit sex to be the sole determinant of how its citizens are rewarded.  Russia has proven by example that this dangerous socialist course is hard to escape from. 

Not one single one of the 7,000 women who competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics, nor the 940 women who competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics, would have won a single medal had it not been for this systemic, chronic anti-male bias.   Emese Hunyady of Austria won a Gold Medal by skating the 1500 Meter Speed Skating in 122.19 seconds, but she took 9.8% longer to skate it than Johann Koss of Norway who skated it in only 111.29 seconds.  Claudia Pechstein won a Gold Medal by skating the 5000 Meter Speed Skating in 434.37 seconds, but she took 10% longer than Johann Koss who skated it in 394.96 seconds.

This "gender gap" was consistent across all events in both the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics.  Women didn't compete separately in Bobsledding, Boxing, Basketball, Weight Lifting, and Wrestling, and the courses for women for the Luge and Alpine Skiing were different than the courses for men, so direct comparisons cannot be made for these events.

In Freestyle Skiing, Gold Medal winner Stine Hattestad of Norway received 25.97 points in moguls, whereas Jean-Luc Brassard of Canada received 27.24 points, or 5% more, and Lina Tcherjazova of Uzbekistan received 166.84 points in Aerials, whereas Andreas Schoenbaechier of Switzerland received 234.67 points, or 40.7% more.  Lyubov Egorova of Russia received a Gold Medal in Nordic Cross Country Skiing by covering 10 kilometers in 1650.1 seconds, but Bjorn Daehilie of Norway covered 10 kilometers in 1460.1 seconds, or 13% faster.  Manuela Di Centa of Italy got the Gold for covering 30 kilometers in 5141.6 seconds, but Thomas Alsgaard of Norway covered 30 kilometers in 4346.4 seconds, which is 18.3% faster.  Gail Devers of the US got the Gold for running 100 Meters in 10.82 seconds, but Linford Christie of Great Britain ran it in 9.96 seconds, beating her by 8.6%.  Men beat women in the 200 Meter run by 9%, in the 400 Meter run by 12.3%, in the 800 Meter run by 11.5%, in the 1500 Meter run by 6.9%, in the 10,000 Meter run by 12%, in the 400 Meter Relay by 12.6%, in the 1600 Meter Relay by 13.9%, in the 400 Meter Hurdles by 13.8%, in the High Jump by 15.7%, in the Javelin Throw by 31.2%, in the 50 Meter Freestyle swimming by 13% in the 200 Meter Freestyle swimming by 11.5%, in the 400 Meter Freestyle swimming by 9.9%, in the 100 Meter Backstroke swimming by 12.4%, in the 200 Meter Backstroke by 7.3%, in the 100 Meter Breaststroke by 10.6%, in the 200 Meter Breastroke by 12.7%, in the 200 Meter Individual Medley by 9%, in the 400 Meter Individual Medley by 8.8%, in the 100 Meter Butterfly by 9.9%, in the 200 Meter Butterfly by 10.7%, in the 400 Meter Medley Relay by 11.8%, in the 400 Meter Freestyle Relay by 11.5%, in Springboard Diving by 18.2%, in Platform Diving by 46.8%.

The event in which women came closest to men was the Shot Put, where men beat women by only 3%.  But the men's shot put is almost twice as heavy as the women's shot put--16 pounds versus 8 pounds 13 ounces--making this is the classic example of how giving women special privileges not only corrupts the process, but lowers the standards at the same time.

There's simply no justification for this anti-male bias, not even feminism, and not even the "liberal" ideal of "sex equality", because when the real winners of these events are ignored in order to give the false impression that women can compete with men, the mothers and wives and daughters and sisters of these men receive no recognition for the roles they played in raising the real competitive citizens of the nation.   For every Bonnie Blair who grabs the spotlight, there are a hundred or a thousand women whose men are humiliated, and thus who are humiliated themselves, by society's refusal to recognize their accomplishments.   It's the worst of both worlds to give a Gold Medal to a person who came nowhere close to competing with the real Gold Medal winners, based exclusively on their sex.  There's no place for such bias in a just society.

What can possibly be gained by giving Gold Medals to people just because of their sex?  Since India got only one medal in Athens, and it wasn't even a gold medal, why not establish a separate category for Indians to let them compete with women?  Or perhaps include Indians in the women's events?  In fifty years,  Israel NEVER got a Gold Medal, so perhaps jews should be included in the women's events as well?  Why should short people or fat people be denied a Gold Medal just because of their physical limitations?  Why not include them with women?   Wouldn't the political correctness that led to this situation require us to give a Gold Medal to a physically unfit overweight fat man rather than to a physically fit woman?

The following story is a classic example of the role the "mainstream media" plays in searching for mediocrity:

SYDNEY, Australia -- Spurred by rousing cheers of "Thorpey! Thorpey!," Ian Thorpe gave the Australians a huge lead as they set the world record in winning the Olympic 800-meter freestyle relay Tuesday.

The Australian men's 4x200 relay team celebrated Tuesday after winning gold in a world-record 7:07.05.

It was the Aussies' second men's relay victory over the Americans, who narrowly lost to the host country in the 400 free relay last weekend.

Tom Malchow, however, gave the U.S. team reason to celebrate by winning the 200 butterfly and lowering his own Olympic record for the third time in two days.

His victory gave the Americans their sixth swimming gold medal in four days.

The Aussie team of Thorpe, Michael Klim, Todd Pearson and William Kirby won in 7 minutes, 7.05 seconds -- lowering Australia's world mark of 7:08.79 set in August 1999.

Australian officials said Thorpe would swim the 400 medley relay, with heats beinning on Friday. That means Thorpe gets another chance to add to the three golds and the silver he's already won at his first Olympics.

The U.S. team, comprised of Scott Goldblatt, Josh Davis, Jamie Rauch and Klete Keller, took the silver in 7:12.64.

The Netherlands earned the bronze in 7:12.70.

Australia's record was the 11th world mark set or tied in four days at the Olympic pool.

Thorpe led off and gave the Aussies a two-body-length lead over the Americans after 200 meters. He failed, however, to break the world record in the 200 free set by Dutchman Pieter van den Hoogenband on Monday night, missing by nearly seven-tenths of a second.

The crowd of 17,500 at Sydney International Aquatic Center was at its loudest throughout the race, then sang along as the public address system blared Men at Work's hit "Down Under" afterward.

The United States endured another defeat in a relay event dominated by Americans at the Olympics. They had won the 800 freestyle relay in 10 of the last 12 Olympics, including the 1996 Atlanta Games.

"I'm so excited for the silver," said Davis, who won three relay golds four years ago. "To me, it's the most special medal in these games. Everyone swam their hearts out. I'm glad we had Klete on the end. He's a big up-and-comer."

The Dutch, anchored by Van den Hoogenband, won their first Olympic medal ever in the event.

In the 200 butterfly, Malchow, of St. Paul, Minn., was first in 1:55.35, bettering his own Olympic mark of 1:56.02 set in Monday's semifinals.

Cristina Teuscher of New Rochelle, N.Y., added to the Americans' haul with a bronze in the 200 individual medley. The United States has 14 medals in four days at the Olympic pool.

In the 200 butterfly, Denys Sylant'yev of Ukraine won silver in 1:55.76. Justin Norris of Australia took bronze in 1:56.17.

Michael Phelps of Baltimore, a 15-year-old who is the youngest male U.S. Olympic swimmer in 68 years, finished fifth in 1:56.50.

Malchow added gold to the silver he won in the same event in Atlanta, where at 19 he was the youngest man on the U.S. swimming team.

Always a strong finisher, Malchow wasn't worried when he was fifth at 50 meters, third at 100 meters and second to Norris at 150 meters.

"I stuck with my wits," he said. "When you're a competitive person, it's hard to sit back and watch people ahead of you, but you've got to pick your moments.

"You don't want to get too far behind in the game. It's not an exact science. I still do some dumb things, but it usually works out well."

Having lowered his Olympic record in the prelims and again in the semis, Malchow fell 17 one-hundreths short of his world record of 1:55.18 set in June at a meet in Charlotte, N.C.

"For four years, I've wanted that moment," he said. "The world record was a little taste of how it was going to be, but that was unreal. I can't think of anything better."

After trying basketball and baseball, Malchow had learned to swim because he could do so inside, away from whatever pollutants would bother his asthma.

Phelps followed his usual pattern of lagging well back early but, this time, he failed to make much of a dent. He was eighth at 150 meters and pulled into fifth at the wall.

"I wish I was a little faster coming home, but I did my best," said Phelps, who was quicker in the preliminaries and semifinals.

In the women's 200 individual medley, Yana Klochkova won her second gold of the games -- the first two in Ukraine's swimming history. She won in an Olympic record 2:10.68, breaking the 8-year-old mark of 2:11.65 set by Lin Li of China.

Beatrice Caslaru of Romania took silver in 2:12.57. She claimed bronze in the 400 IM, where Klochkova was the gold medalist Saturday.

Teuscher won bronze in 2:13.32.

"I'm happy I stuck it in there for a medal," she said. "You can't complain when you get a medal in the Olympics."

Gabrielle Rose of Memphis, Tenn., was seventh at 2:14.82, slower than the personal best of 2:14.40 that she swam in the semis.

The evening began with a bang thanks to Van den Hoogenband. One night after winning gold in the 200 freestyle, tying his own world record, Van den Hoogenband broke the world mark in the 100 freestyle semifinals.

He swam 47.84 seconds, lowering Klim's mark of 48.18, which was set during the lead-off leg of the Aussies' victorious 400 freestyle relay Saturday.

"Breaking the 48, making history, I'm so happy," Van den Hoogenband said. "I was feeling very tired. I only got six hours of sleep last night. Hopefully, I will get more sleep tonight and beat 48 seconds again."

Klim swam in the previous heat and was almost a second behind in 48.80. Alexander Popov of Russia, the two-time defending Olympic champion, was third-quickest in 48.84.

Neil Walker of Verona, Wis., qualified fifth in 49.04.

"It's amazing," Walker said of the Dutchman. "I can't even fathom how fast that is. I'm sure he'll be faster tomorrow."

Gary Hall Jr. of Phoenix, the silver medalist in Atlanta, made Wednesday's final by finishing sixth in 49.13. He called Van den Hoogenband's swim "absolutely amazing."

"I don't know if anyone can catch him," Hall said. "Anything can happen in an Olympic final. If you can get a ticket, you should be there."

Australian Susie O'Neill touched off a raucous celebration by winning gold in the 200 freestyle. The crowd chanted "Susie, Susie" as O'Neill churned to the finish in 1:58.24.

"I tried not to listen because they were putting me off," O'Neill said. "I just closed my eyes and tried to swim my own race."

Martina Moravcova of Slovakia earned her second silver medal of these games in 1:58.32. She won silver in the 100 butterfly Sunday.

Claudia Poll of Costa Rica, the defending Olympic champion, settled for bronze in 1:58.81. She also won bronze in the 400 free Sunday. The United States failed to advance anyone to the final.

O'Neill barely had time to dry off before she returned for the 200 butterfly semis. The world record holder led eight qualifiers for the final in 2:07.57.

Misty Hyman of Phoenix was fourth in 2:07.96, while Kaitlin Sandeno of Lake Forest, Calif., was sixth in 2:09.40.

Domenico Fioravanti of Italy led eight men into the 200 breaststroke final, qualifying first in 2:12.37. Kyle Salyards of Lancaster, Pa., was third with a semifinal time of 2:13.38.