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Hellow my names is Christopher Buhneing and I live in Linton Indiana. This story is based on things that have happen to my children and me and Im hopeing, that someone knows what I can do or can tell me of someone that can help me with this. I would like to thank you for takeing time to read this and for your replies to it.

Agian Thank You Chris


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In October of 1996 my ex-wife abandoned my children to go to Florida with her boyfriend. I tried to contact my childen for over two months. Finally on the 22nd of December , I reached my ex-inlaws who informed me about my ex-wife abandoning the children. I was also told by my ex-sister inlaw, that she and her father had custody of my children,and that I was never going to see them again. I had no idea what was going on so immediatly contacted the Marion County Superior Court 4 where my divorce was granted.

On December 23rd I went to the court to find out what was going on,and if there had been any modification of custody.After several attemps to find out what had happened, the clerk of the court was finally able to tell me that the ex-inlaws had went through Probate court and obtained guardianship of my children. After finding out the cause number and what court they went through, I went directly to that court (Probate Court 10) on the fifth floor of the City County Building.

At that time I spoke to commissioner of the Probate court. I asked him why they had given my children to my ex-inlaws. He then told me that my ex-wife and her family stated that they did not know where I lived, and that I had not had any contact with the children in over two years.When in fact my oldest daughter was living with me just one month prior to this. Therefore, I would say the statements they made in court under oath, could be considered as purgery. I asked the commissioner why the court did not contact me. He then asked me what my social secuirty number was, and when he typed the number in to the computer my current address came up. He then stated that there had been a mistake and that my civil rights had been trampled all over. As we were sitting there the ex-sister inlaw called to inform the court that the reason I could not see the children was because they were going out of town for the holidays.

At that time, while I was sitting there, the commissioner told my ex-sister inlaw that he was writting an order for an extended visitation and that if anyone left the state with the children they would be arrested. He then advised me to file a petition for custody in Marion Superior Court 4 which I did the same day.

The gaurdianship case was then tranfered to Superior Court and combined with the Custody case. Meanwhile the ex-inlaws filed a motion to intervene as well as a petition for custody against both my ex-wife and myself. By this time my ex-wife had found that I was going to try and get my childern,and returned to the state. In Janurary of 1997 a hearing was held in Superior Court and the guardianship was terminated on the basis that proper notification was not given to me. The court also ordered that all parties were to undergo home studies through the local welfare department. Even thou my ex-wife was at the hearing and testified she did not file a petition to regain custody of the children.

After being submitted to several court hearing based on unfounded petitions filed by my ex-inlaws ,and undergoing two home studies I was finally awarded full custody of the children on August 27, 1997. After I was awarded custody and the case was setteled the court allowed my ex-wife to turn around and file a petition for custody. I beleive under Indiana law once a modification of custody is ordered all parties must wait one year to refile unless there is probable cause. In my ex-wifes petition she alleged that my home was unhealthy and unhabitable. This petition should not have been allowed due to the fact that I had just been awarded custody and underwent two home studies.


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