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Additional stories.

From: Arthur M Goldsmith <[email protected]>

Just another sad story. Almost a years has gone by: I have not seen my son. the ditatorship state of Massachusetts under the direction of the worst kind of leadership (Bill Weld) a liberal in Conservative clothing. They can take false alegations and open up the money bags to any women in this state that chooses to launch the false claims. Now he uses the restraining order (not proven) to use against the other person, Fathers in Ma if you don't wish to be in my situation get to the court house first file the false claim before she does or you will never see your children again. They will bankrupt you and steal all worldly posessions and still deny you your children. Do on to them as they will do unto you. As with me what choise I have been left with is the Gun. They know what they are causing in this state that is why thier first order of bussiness is to take any phyical way to destroy them. They have now left me GUNS!!!!!!!!!!.


From: Bing Associates [SMTP:[email protected]]

There can be no more viciously ignorant thing to do than to falsely accuse a person of child sexual abuse for the purposes of child custody or revenge. The trauma for child and parent, as well as their extended family, lasts a lifetime. My legal fight, for which there is no defense, began in 1990. It has cost me my home, formal education and career as well as consuming my resources and destroying my life and dreams.

My eldest son was born to me on Fathers Day, Sunday morning in 1983. My second son was born in 1986 while I helped a child from a previous marriage deal with cancer. My parents, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this Spring, haven't seen their grandchildren since 1990.

In memory of the 2 little boys that never knew their Dad or their Grandparents, their Uncles and Aunts, their 20 cousins and their children, Robert Costa of Maine Dads has graciously agreed to release a purple balloon with a picture of my boys for me from West Quoddy Head as part of a national Purple Hearts Day for Fathers in Exile.

I have loved Washington County and given you my youth. I have looked past my sorrow to new dreams, hopes and loves. What troubles me is that the people that committed this unconscionable atrocity continue to thrive with impunity and immunity. You have a real problem in Washington County. I wish you well.

Glenn Greenhalgh, Father in Exile

President, Maine VOCAL in Exile

P.O.Box 26

North Chelmsford, MA 01863

[email protected]

From: Andrea Keith <[email protected]>

Sometime in April or May, I came upon some newspaper articles, from

the Los Altos Town Crier. A series of articles depicting the on going

investigation of James Stiritz, a man first accused of trying to

"seduce" a little girl in a public park. Since that alleged incident,

more articles were published with headlines such as "Two more victims

come forward in Stiritz case" and "Another child allegedly molested by

Stiritz" (to paraphrase). By reading the articles, it was obvious this

guy, guilty or innocent was not getting a fair shake. Even the

newspaper was hinting (to put it mildly) that he was most certainly

guilty. With a large circulation from this newspaper, and obviously

pretty big news in a not very large town, an impartial jury seemed

something fictional. I wrote an editorial to the Town Crier, as a

victim myself of McCarthyism, asking the citizens of that town to not

assume guilt in Stiritz because a few little girls said he molested

them. I gave reasons why little kids lie, gave reference to famous

cases, like the mcmartin preschool trials. Of course they didn't print

this part of the letter :), but enough I hope to convince someone in

that town not to judge this man without knowing the facts. The man has

grandchildren for heaven's sake! People in the town knew him as

"Grandpa Jim."

Anyhow, two days ago Stiritz's daughter called and talked to my

dad. She was thankful for the letter I'd written, and described the

hysteria which followed the first accusation. As would be expected, no

one wanted to think he could be innocent. He was tried and convicted by

the public before even entering the courtroom. I'm unsure about this,

but it seems that he was tried for the "crimes" and found guilty of the

charges. Sadly, due to the stress of the situation, he's had a massive

stroke, and is unable to move or speak in any way.

I haven't spoken to his daughter Tonya myself, I believe she's

going to try and reach me, or I may call her. She told Dad that they're

going to sue, to get enough money to rehabilitate her father, which will

be a costly endeavor. This is one of the most tragic witch hunt stories

I've heard yet. That man could remain an invalid for the rest of his

life, because of a few accusations that were most likely induced by CPS

or the prosecution and local police.

I certainly will keep Tonya, James and their family in my prayers,

as I encourage everyone on witchhunt to do as well. If anyone's

interested in the details, the URL for the Los Altos Town Crier is just search for James




Andrea L. Keith

School: [email protected]

Home: [email protected]

From: Philbear <[email protected]>

I just spent 100’s of hours going through various Internet web sites. I was impressed and elated to see positive articles about FATHERS . I am a father who has been denied the right to father my 14 yr. old son for over 1 � yrs. My ex left with him (Kidnapped ! ) one day to attend a doctor’s appointment and has not come back as she went to a local Women’s Shelter claiming to be abused . Soon after , I have been falsely charged with criminal harassment, attempts to get restraining orders have been made , access visits have been manipulated so they are shortened, and interrupted by harassing phone calls from my ex etc. I am very angry with the system being so biased, sad because of the trauma, unfairness, and abuse my son and I have endured.

My child is BEING DENIED THE RIGHT TO BE PARENTED BY BOTH HIS PARENTS due to a wicked vindictive spouse ( Who, was abused by her father and siblings ) . As we are educated to believe … the abuse continues . Denial of access and /or parenting rights is BLATANT CHILD ABUSE just as it is taught and verified in shelters , that denying friendships with family is abuse. Our court systems have been manipulated to a point where a father has NO Rights or chance of ensuring his child’s rights to be parented by HIM as well as the mother or see extended family including uncles, aunts, GRANDMOTHERS, cousins . It just makes me sick and I feel totally helpless as I watch my son being ABUSED . THE ABUSER IS SO OBVIOUS, YET GETS AWAY WITH IT AND IS EVEN PROTECTED BY THE SYSTEM !!!! I have also discovered and now believe (After exhaustive studies !) there is an organization of men/women hating women ( Formerly abused themselves possibly ?? ) who have been able to sell the POOR ME , I AM A !

VICTIM, I AM A WOMAN, to influence courts, governments, schools, and just about every facet of society to make sure a man or ALL MEN serve their punishment for being a man and wanting to be a father . In their eyes there is only ONE ABUSER … MEN !!!

There are a lot (Majority) of women who want to meet the " Good Man , THE MAN OF THEIR DREAMS ,and wonder" Where is this man ??" . I am here to tell you , there are a lot of "Good Men" you are missing, walking by, not seeing. They would not dare get in to another relationship with a woman for fear of it going wrong. The fear HE WILL , WITH OUT A DOUBT , PAY , PAY , PAY emotionally and financially for the rest of his very life due to the odds being stacked against him holds him back !!! The fear his close family will also pay a severe emotional price because of the abusive access denial, the biased court system. The child is the Weapon to get revenge and the system supports it !!

A warning should and must be issued to the mothers who deny and manipulate parenting time with the father. It is child abuse as blatant as can be , they are criminals right up there close to a petophile. They should know that lying, laying false charges, mind bashing the children is criminal , denying the child of parenting and co-parenting rights is Blatant Child Abuse. It is, statistically likely , some day to come back to haunt them , perhaps in the form of their own abuse by their very own children . The children they abused !! Is that not heart wrenching and sick ?? I want you to spread this message for the low forms of sick humanity to read. ( This applies to those who refuse to get help for their problem ! ). Although I also believe, they will turn this all around , hide behind the poor me , I ‘m a victim, I can’t work, he is a bad man and must be severely punished , or that what I have said here is biased , so, maybe it is a poor idea ??

Any woman who wants a "good Man" , a good relationship should realize they must stand up to the sick women who MAKE THEM LOOK THREATENING AND BAD to the POTENTIAL MAN OF HER DREAMS , help the whole society see the importance of a father and his family in a child’s life. Most criminals (men and women) in prison, teen pregnancies, school drop outs, abusers, come from fatherless homes . How can women and men sit back, allow it to continue, possibly believe that it is men only who abuse, and think abuse by females can’t or doesn’t happen ?? Well, I guess I can’t say that in fairness because that is what I used to do and think.


The next time an important holiday, birthday rolls around, take a minute and think, who isn’t here with your family to celebrate and be loved and why? ( Divorce/Custody/access affects almost all families directly or indirectly ! ) . Anyway, I hope and trust you will pass this on.

You may also post my email address ( [email protected]) c/o Philbear as I would like comments on this message. The Title of this Message should be " I have seen/had enough " and I am getting off the fence " to change the system to Save the Children from BLATANT , PROTECTED AND HIDDEN ABUSE .

Thank you.

I and others who understand, will fight to our death to EXPOSE THIS TRAGIC CRIME OF CRIMES : SECOND ONLY TO MURDER AND SEXUAL ABUSE. I will never give up being the best father I can even if it is from a distance.

Dedicated to Shannon , I Love You Son .


From: "Morrow, Steve" <[email protected]>

Hi Ken & Everyone...Sorry for the delayed response. There was more

traffic on the list than I had anticipated, and had all notes sent to a

folder for subsequent reviewing. Well, I've started reading them now!

My story? My ex filed false battery / domestic violence charges against

me, and our clueless State Attorney's office bought it. Here's the

short and sweet version:

I divorced my ex in '91, we were married for one year, and have a

wonderful son named Josh. He's my pride and joy. Obviously, I'm the

noncustodial parent. I never fought to be the custodial parent because

at the time I had no money and was in school.

That was then. Now, Josh lives in an environment where there's been

domestic violence (mom filed battery charges against step-dad four times

since 1994, and he was arrested on one of those charges last year).

Mom's not exactly the epitomy of emotional, mental, and moral fitness

either. I've been the target of her harrassing phone calls since day

one (nonstop emotional and verbal abuse), and she's done everything from

blackmailing me ("if you don't give me more child support, you ain't

seeing your son!"), to alienating Josh from me ("Josh, Daddy does NOT

want to see you. He'd rather spend more time with his girlfriend...").

FYI, I filed harrassing phone charges against her last year. She pled

"no contest" and was fined.

I also initiated a custody battle. I've been wanting to do it for

years, but just now accumulated enough "evidence" to make this a sound

fight. My attorney and I filed a "Motion for Social Investigation".

The day she and her husband received that was the same day I was

supposed to go over and pick Josh up for our weekend shared-time

together. They started a verbal altercation with me. I never touched

them, but both had their fists/fingers in my face (assault!), and she

pulled my hair as I attempted to leave (battery on me!), and tried to

steal the keys out of my truck to keep me from leaving (attempted


Finally, I was able to get out of there with Josh. I never instigated

anything, and touched NO ONE! The next day I find out that that the

police were called over, after that I find out that official charges

were filed. (For added amusement...I filed charges against her for the

above offenses, the State Attorney's office no-filed it because I filed

"after the fact". Anyone smell gender bias here?)

To make a long story short...I had my first disposition last month (pled

"NOT GUILTY", of course!), got another one set for the 25th of this

month. I'm hoping to have the final hearing set in July. We think

we've got a good fight. In the meanwhile, the custody battle still

rages. The social investigation just completed (a fairly neutral

report, but implicitly doesn't make mom look good!), and we're doing

some more "preliminaries" before we meet with the judge again.

I came across this list from another newsgroup and wanted to check it

out. Was hoping to learn from other's experiences, and get some

friendly advice and words-of-wisdom if necessary. I've only been on for

a week or so, and already I've obtained some extremely worthwhile info

(eg, the info concerning BPD that has been discussed might prove

extremely useful for my cases. She definitely exhibits the signs! And

she is on anti-depressants for something...maybe this ties in to her


Thanks for listening, and best of luck to all of you in your struggles!

Steve Morrow

(Yep, I'm at the University of South Florida!)

From: olib <[email protected]>

Expert Needed

Early last year, one month after my divorce was finalized and the Court granted me a sturdy visitation schedule with my daughter, the mother, angered by such arrangement, pursued the services of a Massachusetts doctor and leader in the "Believe the children" movement.

The result was an accusation of child abuse and immediate cancellation of visits with my child.

For one year I have been waiting for the doctor's final report. It has finally arrived. It is 39 pages of self-serving accusations and conclusions.

I now understand the frustration and disappointment of Dorothy Rabinowitz during a radio interview (broadcast was last month on The Connection, NPR) with this same doctor. He claimed: "...most allegations of sexual abuse brought by the mother during divorce and custody are true..."

In any case, I am looking for an expert or experts to analyse this report. Suggestions?

Thank you,


[email protected]

From: Phil Smith <[email protected]>

I just joined this listserv a few days ago in hopes that I would be able

to learn something that might help my son who was charged and convicted

in the most ridiculous trial I have ever seen last month. He was a part

time teacher's aide in a local nursery school while attending college

for elementary education. After being accused of abusing a five year

old girl, the police assured him that he would be charged and arrested

"many more times" and along with the local judge laughed about the case.

All of the other teachers at the school were certain that this could

never have happened. My son was never alone with any child and on the

occasion he was charged with abuse was sitting in a room with at least 6

children in front of a one way window and an open door and there were at

least 11 unannouced visits by other teachers into the room and all

agreed that he was making popsicle airplanes for the children and never

saw anything unusual. During the trial the DA proceeded to swear a five

year old and a four year old in as witnesses. The five year old could

not identify my son and the four year said that she had been rehearsed

in the courtroom at least five times by the DA. The medical evidence

presented was torn to shreds because the child had been examined by an

overeager Physicians assistant who assumed the abuse had taken place

because the mother said so, then by 2 other doctors. The third doctor

found scratches that the first PA did not find and had to admit that all

the "damage" they found could have been inflicted during the examination

or by the child scratching herself. Yet a jury found my son guilty of

abuse in the case of the child who could not even identify him. There

will definitely be an appeal, but no sensible person who sat through

this trial ever thought he was guilty of anything--so how could this

happen. The police investigator and CPS person never interviewed anyone

at the school before arresting my son and they admitted to assuming that

what they were told by children who sat on their mother's laps to be

interviewed to be the absolute truth. There was no investigation at all

and the DA used only emotion never reason in her arguments. How could

this happen?

I am sorry to carry on so, but this whole experience has been eye

opening and shocking into how the system does not protect children or

innocent people. In this area a man who admitted to raping his step

daughter was given 5 weekends in jail and allowed to go home where the

child lived. Another man who admitted abusing children got no jail

time. Yet, if you refuse to admit guilt and plea bargain because you

are NOT guilty of anything- my son faces a possible 15 year sentence.

This is not justice. Children who have been abused still live in homes

where they were abused. Teachers face false accusations from people who

see a chance to make money by suing the school (which is happening in

our town) and innocent people go to jail.

I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed with this case. My son

will be sentenced in early July and we are working to put together his

appeal but honestly have no idea how to handle this.

Thanks very much,

A distraught mother


From: [email protected]

when i send $1000.00 a month in child support for my daughter and my ex-wife

uses the money to buy her live in boyfriend presents and the courts do


when i send airline yickets for my daughter to visit her brother, sister,

dad, and grandparents and her mother cashes the tickets in for her own use

and doesn't let my daughter visit and the courts look the other way...

when my daughter is taken from her home state, brother, sister. dad. and

grandparents and hasn't seen any of us for 5 years just because her mother

says no and she is in contenpt of court orders and the courts and judges look

the other way and don't even have respect for their own orders,,,

if a man did that he would be in jail and this story would be n the

newspapers and tv talk shows...


men / fathers are treated worse than slaves

who protects fathers and mens rights????????

who even cares??????

who protects these children who are being kept from a normal family


a dad who only wants to be an involved loving father and parent...


if you care you can help me



thank you


claude strass

580 se fairways lane

ocala florida 34472


my daughters name is suzanne strass and my ex-wifes name is beth strass and

they live at

1039 lafayette pl

lake saint louis mo 63367

i look forward to your help if you truley want to make a difference

From: Jessica Matthews <[email protected]>

The father lives in Long Island, NY and the

mother lives about an hour north in Westchester County, NY. Thanks. Here's

the problem:

I have a friend who is the father of a 9-year-old boy. He calls his son

> at least three times a day and sees him once a week and every other

> weekend. The problem is that his ex-wife has now told him that he is

> calling his son too much and to stop. She also tells him that his son

> does not enjoy the time he spends with his father and only pretends to

> have a good time. And lastly, she constantly belittles him for his choice

> of activities that he and his son do on his weekends. He usually takes

> his son to baseball games, movies, swimming, outings, just not trips away

> like his ex-wife wants him to. She also threatens to move to another

> state with his son, even though the divorce agreement says she is not

> allowed to move away. Her abuse is very demeaning to his fatherhood. He

> feels he must take this abuse because he fears she will no longer allow

> him to have contact with his son. What are his options and where can he

> get help? He is very disillusioned by the courts and feels the system

> favors women.


From: "D. B. Reid" <[email protected]>

July 20,1997

HON, Ujjal Dosanhj

Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia

Victoria, B,C,


Your Honor, it is with considerable distress and apprehension that I an

contacting you for


I am undergoing severe psychological difficulties due to three recent

events in Vancouver and the Victoria legislature. Firstly, the sexual

mutilation of a man by his wife concerning the complete removal of his

penis and it’s permanent disposal. That event shocked me deeply, very,

very deeply and has left me feeling vulnerable, useless, anxious and

hopeless. I’m terrified of my wife during our intermittent spats in

anticipation of such a horrid outcome and am losing considerable

sleep, although moving to separate bedrooms has eased the fear somewhat

and instilled a minimal amount of safety. I am contemplating taking a

large knife to bed with me indefinitely as I have for the past week.,.

Secondly, the July 9, 1997 demonstration of a severed dancing penis

with wind-up feet placed during televised debate in the Legislature on

the desk of a gay man exacerbated my condition measurably. Compounding

the horror were the derisive and disdainful cheers and celebrations

directed at male belittlement by Las Bonnie mackinaw and Linda Read.

The image of the Hon. Penny Paddy, Women’s Equality Ministry, proudly

parading the object of their derision and superiority, on a candle-lit

platter for all the ‘girls’ to laugh at and rejoice over elicits deep

sorrows in myself and has crushed what fragile self-esteem that I had

carefully worked toward for years.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most disgusting and and debilitating

consequence, is that I have acquired and internalized a vision that I

just can’t shake from the July 11,1977 Vancouver Province newspaper

(A4). In that photo the huge Linda Reid is bending over while seating

after bowing in gleeful disdain bolstered by her (successful?)

demonstration of superiority over all the men and boys of British


It is that image that has primarily prevented me from forming an

erection for the past 11 days. I close my eyes and all I see is a

massive expanse of wibbling flab, covered in huge cellulite pockings

with large purple-pink splotches and blackheaded pimples everywhere

peeking out from behind unruly thatches of suspiciously brownish curly

hair. Worse yet, a tiny pair of feet poke out desperately grasping

for a foot hold on large slimy labia to escape.

Lastly, and truly sadly, my normally cheerful nine year old girl, who

is beginning to enjoy reading the morning paper, came to me rather

subdued and perplexed one morning to show me the July 19/97 of the

Province issue and ask what it was all about. What could I say? So I

explained that women and men have different laws in Canada, although all

the judges we encounter would lie to deny that. If a man had played

that same juvenile stunt with a ‘vibrating vulva’ on a lesbian MLA on or

off camera he would get many years in prison and be immediately stripped

of all his duties and pensions and be left to scrape through the rest of

his life in shame and poverty. These women were immediately completely

forgiven for ‘just being silly."

"That reeks" She said "It’s just not fair." "Yeah, reeks is a good

description" I replied. Then we recalled a long talk we’d had once

about Nazis claiming the Jewish people were inferior and how they

trained their children to spy on their parents by giving them treats to

tell stories about their moms and dads. If the kids said something the

Nazis didn’t like, they came in the night and took the parents away to

be killed. Then I explained it’s not quite that far along yet but could

be soon.

So, Hon. Dosanjh, I need your assistance in several areas:

1) Could you please refer me to a well establised and successful sexual

dysfunction clinic to help me overcome these recent degrading

experiences that have resulted in complete loss of my sexual desires?

2) Could you please instigate criminal proceedings against Hon. Joy

Macphail, Hon. Penny Priddy, MLA Bonnie Mackinnon and Linda Reid for

displaying gross indecent sexual behaviour resulting in loss of function

for myself and disgust and potentially lifelong abberration for my


3) Assistance with the production of ‘Victim Impact Statements’ for my

only child and I to use in court?

4) Assist in negotiation for a cash settlement for pain, suffering and

humiliation that could persist for untold time to come.

Yours in turmoil

Doug Reid

Eschelle Holly, aged 9

4327 Erwin Dr

West Vancouver, BC

Canada, V7V1H7

From: [email protected]

IS there anyone out there that might be in the same situation as i am or

maybe have some advice..Let me explain a bit, I was awarded joint custody( i

had to fight like hell to get it) 50/50 and i also have been ordered to pay

support, well the hearing went bad thanks to my lawyer...well i have to pay

over 50% of my check for my only son...she makes more money than i do....i

cant even buy the basic FOOD ..I have heard of cases where the

support order was modified to suit...I dont mind paying a fair share...but

when i cant feed my son it gets a bit ridiculous...i always hear from the

courts (IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD) humm well i guess they mean (IN

THE BEST INTEREST OF THE MOTHER) if any one has any info, or can send me a

copy of a support order in simuliar situation, i also live in ILLINOIS

thanks and god bless


>>From: RISU <[email protected]>




>>Why is it important to me that I understand how the decision came about.

>> =================================================================


>>It is commonly held that women are "romantic", and that men are

>"practical". Actually, the reverse appears to be true, and for a very

>substantial and fundamental reason. Women have been charged by their

>nature with child bearing, and they generally have the most practical of

>natures in the defense of and day-to-day caring for the young. This

>responsibility gives them an exceedingly "practical" outlook.


>>Romantic "Dreams and Schemes" may be all very well for a footloose male,

>but with a woman the question of shelter and sustenance is always key. A

>profound dream about the future may be a very good thing, meanwhile, where

>is this month's rent?


>>The practical and nurturing nature of women is their great strength, when

>not over extended into rigidity, lack of tolerance for adventure, or

>"smother love" that precludes children from growing strong.


>>In like manner, a man's "Dreams and Schemes", often ignited by and spurred

>on by his desire to impress a woman, can result in constructive and

>productive changes for the society.


>>Of course, overly broad gender archetypes are not enough to explain the

>perennial exceptions to the general rule.


>>It is for this simple reason of "pragmatism" that I think women do not

>normally manifest the same kind of fighting characteristics seen in males.


>>I can almost hear the exclamations of "chauvinist!" that these last

>statements might evoke. I do not mean to belittle women by my viewpoint.

>Far from it. I doubt I would have survived at all without the emotional

>support, and the outright sacrifices, of the women in my life, most

>particularly my wife Susan, whose role it became to put humpty dumpty

>together again after the good fight was over. She's been at it now for 28

>years, and I am "coming along".


>>I have actually seen women fight in combat (against us in the III Corps

>Area of RVN), and I will not deny that women have the essential capacity to

>inflict cruel damage in combat when so motivated!


>>The question to my mind becomes, if you decide to deploy the Army (and I

>think we do that way too often in our country, by the way), do you want

>your Army to be entirely "practical" in nature? Or, would you prefer that

>your combatants fight to the bloody end with no thought of more practical

>solutions than "all the way"?


>>Let's face it, it is never a very practical thing to put oneself into an

>area full of whining shrapnel and the crack-snap of sks bullets - even for

>a "good cause", much less just because someone "in authority" thought you

>should do it.


>>VMI trains all the men within it's ranks alike. In every class there is

>always a hard core of military-types. I would bank on any of them, hard

>core or not, to go at it until their personal lights went out, rather than

>quit for any merely "practical" reason. Our motto within the Corps is

>"Never Say Die". After four years of what the VMI man goes through, it

>becomes more than just a hollow expression.


>>Strictly from a military strength point of view, I would prefer that the

>essence of both males and females subjected to early "formative" training

>be cooked in the respective crucibles of their (own) gender first, and then

>finally mixed in together at the point of their professional military

>involvement. This is more effective than having the interplay of their

>unique sexual differences nullify the efficacy of their formative training.


>>In the final analysis, you need line soldiers and logistical support

>people who will fight without regard for their personal safety or any other

>"practical" considerations - like mere survival for instance.


>>I have heard it said that we didn't "win" in Viet Nam. That wasn't the

>fault of the soldiers, however, many of whom went "all the way" on their

>mission - including not a few of my classmates. The fault was with the

>judgment of the political leaders who deployed the Army. The simple truth

>is that you cannot fight and "win" someone else's civil war - which is what

>Viet Nam was.


>>As a more pertinent observation, would our most likely intruder be

>arriving on our shores with a co-ed army? I wonder.


>>War is not just a "game", although to some (bad) politicians it may appear

>to be just that. I am certain it is viewed as a game "for profit" by some

>of the financial types in this world. But it's outcome determines the fate

>of one's society - irretrievably.


>>Do you believe that "war" is over now? Can you assure me that we will

>never again be required to stand to the last to defend our people from

>slavery? Will foreign influences, not steeped in the traditions of

>individual liberties, prevail in putting us under their control and

>dominance? Will we end by paying taxes to the "unelected" upon pain of

>sanctions for non-compliance with authority? Is the role of the defender

>of liberty now finished do you think?


>>When I think about our now $5 Trillions "national debt", for instance, I

>often find myself wondering if we have not already come to be "indentured

>servants" of a kind. At least in the technical sense of that phrase we may

>already qualify - at birth!


>>This is something we should think about.


>>We have now seen a "decision" to abolish single sex education at VMI, one

>of the two last remaining "hard core" military training schools for male

>officers, and the oldest of these two. Of course all of us VMI types are

>by training impelled to salute briskly and carry out our orders as always.

>That's our training at work. But underlying this absolute commitment, it is

>important to know that the orders we receive are formulated in accordance

>with the law, and that these decisions have been arrived at by qualified

>authority faithfully discharging its sworn duty. The lives and the freedoms

>of our families depend upon it.


>>Ultimately any new laws may be reviewed for conformity to our

>constitution. The process involves meticulous examination by men and women

>uniquely qualified to do this examination with complete objectivity. What

>greater authority is there than a "supreme' court whose members take pride

>in the fact that they remove their own "personal" biases in making all of

>their important official decisions.


>>Along with Justice Scalia, however, I find myself scratching my head and

>wondering how the dumping of a tradition of education that has produced a

>"battle tested" product since BEFORE the civil war can be beneficial to the

>continuity and safety of our nation? I marvel at the ease with which

>traditional VMI was felled. I wonder about how this came to pass.


>>I was especially amazed at the analogy drawn somewhere along during the

>proceedings to the entry of male candidates into a medical school for

>nurses, held up to be comparable to the entry of female candidates to an

>all male military school producing combat officers. I don't think that

>would have occurred to me.


>>This question of the competence behind the decision can properly be asked

>by any VMI man. We were never slaves to a party line, but, in the tradition

>of Cincinnatus, we return to plowing, and to ordinary citizenship when the

>battles have been fought.


>>So, as a VMI "citizen-soldier", I for one would like to be confident about

>the integrity of this process that brings us the law that we are expected,

>and trained, to defend with our lives, when called upon by valid authority

>to do so.


>>The questions of qualifications, proper actions, and willingness to be

>subject to law, by those who make and interpret the laws, not just at

>court, but in Congress, and in the Executive branch as well, are important

>to the survival of our country, it seems to me.


>>That's why I am interested.



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>Children from single-mother households, compared to children of two-parent

>households, are more likely to go to prison by 8 times, to commit suicide

>by 5 times, to have behavioral problems by 20 times, to become rapists by

>20 times, to run away by 32 times, to abuse chemical substances by 10

>times, to drop out of high school by 9 times, to be seriously abused by 33

>times, to be fatally abused by 73 times, and to have a 72% lower standard

>of living. This is -- child abuse.



From: [email protected] (J S JOHNSON)

Left wife after 12 years of marriage....2 ages 7 and 9.

Boy has a disability. Through a series of false allegations and

perjury in the courts she tied me up for about 8 months without

seeing the children. Finally she agreed to settle with me the day

before the hearing because she did not know how much I had on her for

perjury and because she was living with her boyfriend. (I would have

lost everything because my lawyer was a bum, but she did not know

this). I gave her custody of the kids in exchange for the visitation

I wanted. I was also involved with another (my current wife) whom I

married right after the divorce was final in October of 1996.

Immediately she began screwing with the visitation and breaking every

part of the settlement agreement. In addition she is not providing

adequeate medical care for my son and is using his disability and

condition for all she can. Her boyfriend whom she married in May has

been abusive to the children and threatened to kill me, my wife and

the children (in front of the children). He has been physically

hitting the children, turning over furniture, had a drinking problem

and still may, and many other similar accounts...according to the

kids. We filed complaints with everyone we could (including social

services, which was a mistake). She then in retaliation filed a

false complaint against us and has denied visitation. She said we we

interrogating the kids about her husband and it mentally abused them.

Thus we have had enough and are seeking custody and charging her

with contempt (about 10 items). She should get the papers tomorrow.

We expect majorereprisals, the woman is a compulsive pathological

liar. I am paying 1000 a month in support and not seeing the kids

right now. (I gross about 40K a year, she makes 150K, but again lied

by having her bosses distort her sales commissions...she did not even

have to produce a W2). And she has not filed income tax in 5 years,

has an illegal nanny....the list goes on and on. I am pouring

everything I can into this for one last try to put her in her place

and get the kids from her. It's a longshot and as I have been told,

if you can spend the money you can win. Anyone with any advice, help

or suggestions...feel free. I have an excellent attorney (though at

200 an hour). The kids don't even know why they are not seeing me

(us) and I can't find out what she has told them since she claims

they don't want to see me because we are mentally abusing them. Yet

when I talk to them on the phone they are happy, in a good mood,

asking to come over etc.. This detail does not even give justice to

the situation I am in and the battle we are fighting but I hope you

all get the general idea. Thanks in advance.