I overheard a “man” describe Oprah as a "role model"?


A fat, black, ugly-as-sin, amoral, ignorant, man hating, un-Godly, rude, anti-Christ, blabbermouth WOMAN is a man's "Role model"?


What "man" wants a woman as a "Role model"?  What "man" wants to BE a woman?  What "man" doesn't wake up in the morning and doesn't think "thank God I'm not a woman"? 


Add black to that?


Or un-godly UUUUGLY?






Ignarant as sin?


What "man" does NOT want to wake up in the morning and be able to pray "thank God I'm not a fat, black, ugly-as-sin, amoral, ignorant-as-sin, man hating, un-Godly, anti-Christ, blabbermouth WOMAN"?


In this neck of the woods, being just ONE of these would be the kiss of death!


“Role model” my a..!