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Jamal al-Durrah, boy's father, said: "I appeal to the entire world... to help me avenge my son's death". 


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Nobody who watched the Palestinian father Jamal al-Durrah trying to protect his son who was killed by jews could avoid a feeling of revulsion and outrage, but the feeling that one got while watching the jews bulldoze down the building where this occurred just so they could reconstruct the scene and blame the shooting on the Palestinians themselves goes beyond outrage.  When a jewish commander then boasted that "10,000 dead Arabs isn't worth one jewish fingernail", we also got a glimpse into how far the jews are willing to go to provoke conflict in that region, and how devious they are willing to be to cover their tracks.   And as if that wasn't enough, the apologists in Israel "proved" that they did the right thing when the grieving mother allegedly said: "I am happy he is with Allah", as if though that thought vindicated their entire treachery.

In other words, we knew then, for sure, with no more guess work, that nothing they say after that point in history can be trusted.

But if you thought you were outraged before, think about why this happened.  First, no "jews" would have been shelling and shooting Arabs in Palestine if the US Treasury hadn't funded the entire process with an amount that is now estimated to exceed $132 billion.  How much money is that?  It is more than four times the alleged $30 billion "surplus" which Clinton suddenly found in the US budget which the media has spent the last year talking about--a "surplus" which occurred at the exact same time that our Personal Savings plunged by $30 billion and put us in the red in Personal Savings for the first time since the Great Depression.

We went into hock to fund the jews so they could shoot that Palistinian boy and his father and have enough money to cover their crime.

Such bankruptcy is more than financial.  It is moral.  A Christian nation which funds the process, then watches it happen on world wide television, then stands by and does nothing to honor its Christian roots, is like an old man who has lost his glasses.

Without the $132 billion of our tax dollars, there would have been little to no incentive for "jews" (most of whose ancestors never came anywhere close to Israel) to go there, and that boy along with another 300 Arabs wouldn't have been killed recently.  The hypocrisy of booting Palestinians out of their homeland on the false claim that "jews" need a "homeland", at the same time that jews worldwide claim that our country is a "melting pot" which needs "multiculturalism", is confirmation of the type of duplicity demonstrated when they shot the little boy.  Why Americans, 86% of   whom say they are Christians when asked, would then permit this to happen, using their own tax dollars, is almost beyond comprehension.

The average GDP per capita in Israel over the time that we have funded their actions is $3,000, but the $132 billion in foreign aid so far is $33,000 for each man, woman, and child in Israel.  Our foreign aid to Israel is the equivalent of 11 years worth of income for Israelis.  If this foreign aid were outlawed, which it must be, not only would "jews" quit going to Israel to boot the Palestinians out of their homeland, but the Israeli economy would collapse--which it should.

That foreign aid must stop and Israel must pay back the $132 billion.

OK, if you think it's "anti-semitism" for a Christian to be outraged that his tax dollars were used to shoot an innocent little boy and bury his memory, then knock yourself out.  Pick any slur you want.  Call it "naziism", "fascism", or "communism" if it'll make you feel better.