We speak in Celsius around here...your temp is roughly 32C, which is very good

There are several versions of the 2200+...they all clock the same 13.5 x 133mhz (266FSB) = 1800mhz, but have different voltages (either 1.60 or 1.65v). You have PC2700 RAM which can run at 166mhz (333FSB), so I'd simply lower the CPU multiplier to say, 11.0x, & raise the FSB to 166mhz (333). Your CPU would only be slighly overclocked (1833mhz), but your entire system should benefit from the higher FSB.

If you want even more, you could try increasing the FSB a little at a time & testing the system for stability after each change. Or you could try a higher multiplier setting...11.5x would put the CPU at 1917mhz (11.5 x 166) guarantee it would run at this speed though.

There are a lot of may need to increase the CPU voltage to stabilize the overclock...possibly increase the RAM voltage as well. There's also the PCI/AGP speed to contend with...if you can lock them at their defaults (33/66mhz), it's not a factor, but if they overclock along with the FSB, it could cause problems.

I suggest you do some reading before attempting this forum & use Google to get reviews & overclock info relating to your motherboard. These will get you started: