Once We See Black We NEVER Go Back!


Vote with your dollars!

BOYCOTT Race Traitors


NEVER EVER again support the following WHITE RACE TRAITORS by purchasing their third world trash products!!

 There are too many drug stores around to support one which pushes such FILTH into the faces of the WHITE people who built this country and helped CVS become prosperous.

Office Live Messenger





NEWS FLASH:  Net2Phone becomes our latest subscriber!

owsbwngbnet2phone.jpg (71629 bytes)


Ebay deserves our uttermost disrespect, just as they DISRESPECT the White Race!

owsbwngbebay.jpg (30942 bytes)


As HP’s stock plunges NINETY FIVE PERCENT (-95%), they play Nero’s fiddle:


owsbwngbhp.jpg (69389 bytes)