Paltalk: boycott this jew spyware

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UPDATE MAY 10, 2004: Cyber terrorism traced to a phone number in Israel which accessed Palnet (parent of Paltalk?) on the West Bank

For its racist practices 160,833 signatories to Petitiononline condemn Paltalk as of June 2004, and 220,612 as of August 7, 2004


On May 17, 2003, the House of Israel forum on Paltalk was banned, restricted or moved out of the Christian section, for the 29th time.  As of that date, 5 members had been banned or restricted from Paltalk, a company which allegedly pursues the protection of US laws, at the same time that it flagrantly and openly restricts free speech of Christians on the internet, condones flagrant insults both Christians and Israelites, and permits unrestricted blasphemy the holy spirit.

As one billion Christians and descendants of the House of Israel throughout the world are aware, the only unforgivable sin, the sin which shall not be forgiven, the sin even worse than blasphemy of God or Jesus Christ which SHALL be forgiven, is blasphemy of the holy spirit.

This is formal notice, and we hereby warn, that the following slanderers and blasphemers on Paltalk committed and may continue to commit the only unforgivable sin.  Those who love Jesus Christ will take notice and confess their sin before it's too late, but those who hate Jesus Christ, who say they are jews but are not, and are of the synagogue of satan, will continue in their slandering and blasphemous ways and shall never be forgiven.

UPDATE November 30, 2003:   the jews at Paltalk have now censored, shut down, or removed 52 Christian forums in the Christian section of Paltalk, and banned 12 Christians from even accessing Paltalk, based almost exclusively on one single jew who would complain that this CHRISTIAN discussion about the house of Israel is "anti-Semitic".  One particularly egregious jew who uses the Paltalk handle alpine22 FALSELY claimed that this forum advocates the killing of jews, even after being admonished numerous times that this was not at all true.  These jews who have nothing to do with Christianity and who HATE Christ demanded that this Christian forum be removed to the "religious section", even though they were jews in the Christian section where they don't belong.  In addition, Yahoogroups shut down 80 Christian oriented forums and terminated or restricted hundreds of email accounts of Christians for merely discussing Scripture, and AOL and many other ISPs censored email which even mentions Christ or Christians while permitting viagra, pornography, sodomy, and other vile email through with flying colors.

UPDATE MARCH 20, 2004: The jews at Paltalk have now shut down 55 of our forums, this time for discussing the phrases "man", "Adam", "Ish", and "Enosh", claiming, falsely, that this is a "racist room and must be shut down".

UPDATE APRIL 23, 2004: The jews of Paltalk unilaterally closed a Christian room entitled "House of Israel, not House of Judah", in the Christian section of Paltalk, claiming that our discussion of Jeremiah 31:27 was "racist".

UPDATE APRIL 26, 2004: The jews of Paltalk unceremoniously removed the House of Israel forum from the Christian Section of Paltal to the Religious Section, then later completely closed the forum banned the moderator from Paltalk.  Yacov Seedeater became extremely agitated regarding our discussion of Genesis 1:25, 1:27, and 2:7.

UPDATE MAY 15, 2004: for discussing the holocaust of 261 million Christians during WWII, the jews who run Paltalk closed or moved our forum out of the Christian section 3 times, bringing to 63 times that they've censored our right to discuss Christian-related matters in their supposedly "Christian section".

UPDATE AUGUST 7, 2004:  The utterly stupid jews who populate the CHRISTIAN section of Paltalk have gotten particularly vile, mainly because the Scriptural analyses have concentrated on the Hebrew words "mamzer" and "nokriy" who are non-Israelites and "ger" who are Israelites travelling in another Israelite territory, country, or tribe.  These hateful anti-Christ jews have gotten eager cooperation from Paltalk management to slander the Israelites who still participate in the forum, causing many of them to avoid Paltalk permanently.  Between May 15 and August 7, 21 Paltalk screen names were banned and the House of Israel forum was shut down, censored, or moved 12 more times, bringing the total to 75.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 27, 2004:   Some of the vilest hatemongers in the CHRISTIAN section of Paltalk are jews like VICMORROW who claim not to be jews, but who spend all their time complaining to admins about the content of our forums.  This vile jew managed to get us shut down or moved 6 more times, bringing to a total of 81 times our forum has been censored by the jews who run Paltalk.  The discussion today regarded Paul's allegory about flesh being Ishmael and spirit being Israel, a topic which offended VICMORROW so much that he demanded that we be closed down.  Paltalk, with no forewarning and no knowledge of the topic, removed the forum from the Christian section to the Social Issues section.

Where this is a social issue, there is no more important topic to CHRISTIANITY than Paul's exegesis of spirit.  Will we reach 100 before Christmas (or xmas as the jews call it) 2004?  Stay tuned.

UPDATE JUNE 9, 2005:  The VILE jews of Paltalk discovered that they can interrupt, censor, intimidate,  and disrupt our forum without even having to  officially shut it down by pretending that "software bugs" cause many of our forums to suddenly freeze up, many members to be booted and denied entry to the forums,  and trojans, viruses, and back doors to be installed on our hard drives.  Such tactics caused 19 more forums to be closed as of June 2, 2005, bringing us to a total of 100 times that Paltalk has participated in shutting down our Christian discussion groups.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2006:   The anti-Christ jew lover dks_5, in a forum in the CHRISTIAN section of Paltalk she called "Messianic Q & A", which she ADMITS is NOT a Christian forum--MUST BE BANNED FROM PALTALK FOR BLASPHEMY OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!



Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Mat 7:20

Mean jew list.

A delightful view of ryossef.

Blasphemy of the holy spirit.

Eastern Europeans are as bad as jews.


bulletHaganah: We need to maintain our respectability and not act like these animals
bulletHaganah: PLEASE MOVE TO THE ROOM "CLOSE HOUSE OF ISRAEL" in the religion section
bulletHaganah: thats why we are not leaving till the room is closed , for good
bulletHaganah: i am talking to another paltalk person,,, hopefully they will close the room
bulletHaganah: It is a hate group , uri
bulletHaganah: i am talking to another paltalk person,,, hopefully they will close the room
bulletHaganah: There are 3 Text Protest rooms. The Hate Room is in the Religion section. Please join the Text Room in Christian section, along with the 2 text rooms in the religions section
bulletHaganah: Oh really.... Ephraim I suggust you leave then.. We do not want hate mongers in here
bulletHaganah: It is time for this hate group to finally be shut down after a year of hate spweing
bulletHaganah: EPHRAIM. GET LOST
bulletHaganah: This room will not tolerate evil , hating, people. Paltalk Terms of Serice Prohibit the use of the paltalk program for hate.. it should not be tolerated in ANY section
bulletHaganah: Please DO NOT go to the hate group itself. To do so gives support to them in #s
bulletHaganah: There are 3 Text Protest rooms. The Hate Room is in the Religion section. Please join the Text Room in Christian section, along with the 2 text rooms in the religions section
bulletHaganah: roger we dont know lol..we have the right to free speach, which we are exercising .. thats all we can do i guess
bulletHaganah: They hate Jews, African Americans, Catholics,, in other words--any one who is not a white superemist
bulletHaganah: Donna, Thank you for comming.. You help is appericated by all those who are """"subhuman"""" according to those monsters
bulletHaganah: Please, this room is not designed for religions debate. We are here in unity to oppose those who are consumed by hate
bulletHaganah: If someone is engaging in religious debate, please place that user on ignore
bulletHaganah: Please ignore Brady_Mag, for example. Right click on name and press "ignore in group"
bulletHaganah: No, the Hate room is still in the religions section
bulletHaganah: the racists are using this as a forum for hate
bulletHaganah: Twister is a hillbilly
bulletHaganah: Ephraim Leave the room
bulletHaganah: If you are an anti semite, leave and join your brethren in the hate group. Thank you
bulletHaganah: Please do not engage in religous debate, this is a room for unity against those who are consumed by hate. Please place disrespectful/racists on ignore
bulletHaganah: **We have made our point. Please leave this and all text rooms at this time, thank you. **
bulletHaganah: Please leave the room
bulletHaganah: Please,,, Leave the room
bulletHaganah: This room is high on room list,,, too many racists in here
bulletHaganah: We need to leave so they dont get a forum un here
bulletHaganah: Please leave the room.. the room is becommign a forum for racists
bulletHaganah: neveragain, pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: dajavu pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: clay pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: pilgrim pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: mercy mercy pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: salsa pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: moshe pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: ephraim pelase leave the room
bulletHaganah: liioness pelase leave the room
bulletmercy mercy: 29th forum they had shut down.
bulletNEVERAGAIN1: ephraim....did you ever get back with your wife?\
bulletNEVERAGAIN1: i was not responsible for moving that room but i am glad it was moved..
bulletwa wa nee: stupid bastards lol
bulletMonkyRat: if people would have tried to stop hate long ago,,,6 million jews would not have died and there would be no deaths based on hate of skin color or beleiefs or hertiage
bulletMonkyRat: yes travelah,,,but this hate is a bit too close to home
bulletlioness_of_Judah: white supremists are scary
bulletprescious angel: get hold of miss purrrr who is an admin and complain to her
bulletaddress2000: if you need any help closing them down I have one of the e mails one of them sent me
bulletTravelah: Monky, these people would kill me in a heartbeat were they able and it were legal ... that is not the point ... they are out of Chrisitanity section which should make folks happy LOL
bulletMechanic111: they hate...thus they live in constant fear
bulletMechanic111: they try to bluff and a bully...but they are the ones that FEAR BIG TIME
bulletMechanic111: the thing is...Paltalk is owned...partly if not jewish Americans
bulletMechanic111: well I am part Cherokee Indian...but I look as white as any of them...I can't stand their ways
bulletMechanic111: what is cool is that they were removed on the Shabbot
bulletfluffy45_1: yeah u a jerk , mechanic , sorry to say and i dont say anthing mean very often
bulletsalsadance: they better watch it
bulletsalsadance: uri? u should report those to paltalk owner he is a jew...
bulletsalsadance: he can bann those poigs
bulletsalsadance: pigs
bulletTravelah: Monky, Christ is hated by the whole world ... dont be so sure ....
bulletMonkyRat: travleh,,hate whether it is against jews or chriostians or anyone shoiuyld not be tolerated in my opinion
bulletMonkyRat: we are asking that hate against anyone be stopped and the rooms that spew hate be romoved
bulletHaganah: They hate anyone not white
bulletMonkyRat: travlah,,i understand,,but my grandparnets left germany because of hitler and my grandmothers mother was killed by him
bulletUri Yosef (host): ephraim, it is a pig sty, that is why it got moved - too smelly even for the Christian section
bulletUri Yosef (host): You're in the wrong section - they moved that pig sty to the Religious section
bulletUri Yosef (host): ephraim, pigs don't belong in the Christian section, nor in the Islam section, nor in the Judaism section - that's why it's moved
bulletUri Yosef (host): ephraim13 - you got your head stuck somewhere where it can't see clearly
bulletUri Yosef (host): ephraim - oink, oink.........
bulletUri Yosef (host): Butch2rr - go oink a little with your brother ephraim - oink, oink, oink
bulletUri Yosef (host): Let's all move over to the religious section protest rooms - the pigs have their hate sty open there
bulletRickSnowy: all he teaches is hate
bulletpraxeus: and the name should not be allowed
bulletIsraelx: I guess you guys got that room closed?
bulletmocha4421: these people in here seem pretty hateful to me
bulletephraim13: i ask why you jews in the christian section?
bulletShalhevet: ephraim we want to exersize our teachings on countermissionary... :-)
bulletDonna-Loves-1God: Thank you and GBU for all you've done Haganah
bulletDonna-Loves-1God: Elli they are KKK
bulletDonna-Loves-1God: Travelah there are no hate rooms allowed on pal talk
bulletsweet_comfort_poems: HE JUST SPOKE OF HATE TOWARDS THE JEWS
bulletmoshe alter: ephraim you have been a hater from the firatalk days
bulletzella_2: The jews didn't kill Christ, we all did
bulletzella_2: but He came to give His life willingly
bulletOriginalNiceGuy: thing i don't understand is how a so called son of a diety can be killed at all
bulletLadyRocker: YOu guys are hopeless basketcases.
bulletMarcy_241: lady thats not nice
bulletMarcy_241: why the name calling?

As with all of God's holy people, there's always good news associated with the bad.  The good news this time is that tireless efforts by jews like dks_5, Mechanic111, moshe alter, Neveragain, Haganah, Yuri Josef, and LadyRocker to ban free speech made the House of Israel the most popular forum on Paltalk and set an all-time record of 250 members focusing on just what the House of Israel is.

By default, their unforgivable sin exposed them for who they are, laid their hatred bare, and tripled membership in The House of Israel forum.

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Usually there's only one good reason to boycott a company, but Paltalk has provided a dozen reasons that Paltalk shouldn't even be allowed to operate in the USA, much less use American dollars to develop such spyware.  The following summary is just a sliver of the truth about the "Israelis" [read: jews] who own and operate this jewish spyware:

  1. Spying on US citizens through Paltalk Software.
  2. Sabotaging computer programs through back doors in their programs.
  3. Causing continual computer crashes when key words are detected by their spyware.
  4. Closing sixteen different forums in the Christian section of Paltalk's discussion forums.
  5. Eviction of all Christians from the jewish section of Paltalk.
  6. Banning Christians from the Christian forums for merely mentioning Matthew 10:5.
  7. Terminating the memberships of Christians who started open forums about Israelites which the jews didn't like.
  8. Closing down a forum entitled "jews and Israelites" run by Moshe Hall in the jewish section, claiming that it belongs in the Christian section.
  9. Restricting the forum "jews and Israelites" because it was in the Christian section, after they insisted that it be moved to that section.
  10. Breaking their promise not to shut down a Christian discussion group by manipulating the listing of  that forum on the discussion list, making it invisible to many interested members, and selectively prohibiting key members from joining that forum.
  11. Permitting Christians to be called "nazis", even after they expressed their disdain for naziism.
  12. Prohibiting Christians from calling jews "jews", and shutting down forums because this was deemed to be a "violation" of their TOS.
  13. And finally, blasphemying Our LORD Jesus Christ by insisting that He was a jew, and banning all Christians who took exception to this blasphemy.

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From: Dave/

Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2003 2:34 PM

this is an e-mail I sent to of all people, misspurr, who appears to be the god of paltalk. It will probably end up just being a confirmation of her position also if we can get through to their supervisors or to prove other rights violations. Hey John keep in touch,


 I was in a room called "America's Satanic Foundation-NWO-" which became a very large room. The admin was Lkn4truth whom I'd never met.

    The main topic of course was some of the greek, babylonian and masonic foundations placed in america's traditions and symbols. Pretty typical 7th day adventist stuff. The room was very peaceful and orderly and no one was attacking anyone and there were some very interesting conversation going on. A "hacker" some said was "promoe"(I never saw that name in particular) began coming into the room under several names grabbing the mic and yelling out drunken sounding ignorance and name calling. He did this several times in a short period under dfferent names. The admin asked me to help so I did and he gave me a code. As I was trying to figure out how to do it. I heard someone say now he'll go to pal admin and try to get the room closed. When I came back as admin sure enough pal admin was there "medianoche." and he shut the room down saying it was a "satanic room."  I have to laugh in a way...thinking "just because you see the word satanic?" He pmed me instead of the admin and I tried to explain quickly because I knew he wasn't thinking or didn't understand or maybe just hates christianity and had his mind made up. He did shut the room down.

    Today, I went to help to simply get the contact inforrmation to his superiors figuring they would surely understand better than him what he did. He happened to be around jumped in and accused me of harassing pal help!!!! as follows;


u know why the room was closed
Medianoche (co-admin): and if you continue to harrass palsupport you will be removed from this program
LOST_ALIEN: I know why you said
ST_ALIEN: that was a mainstream christian room
LOST_ALIEN: that hacker went to you and lied
LOST_ALIEN: and you believed him
Medianoche (co-admin): it was the Santanic organizarion
Medianoche (co-admin): nased on title
LOST_ALIEN: christuans often talk about satanic influence in america
Medianoche (co-admin): Now as stated that is a religious topic not a Chritstianity
Medianoche (co-admin): and wi;ll not open there again
LOST_ALIEN: what is christianity?
LOST_ALIEN: I didnt agree with the admin
LOST_ALIEN: I wwas just helping with that hacker
Medianoche (co-admin): if it does any person wearing the @ will be removed 39 days
Medianoche (co-admin): 30
LOST_ALIEN: you are antichristian aren't you
LOST_ALIEN: tell the truth
Medianoche (co-admin): dont start
LOST_ALIEN: you are
Medianoche (co-admin): because I have no pronlem rmoving you right now
LOST_ALIEN: I have copied this

Then he banned me from paltalk.


Look, I didn't want to talk to him or palhelp anyway! Should he especially be blocking me in such a way from talking to his superiors?

        I would simply see his superiors warning him not to get sucked in by hackers.

Or maybe he does speak directly for paltalk? He is in their scope one way or the other. Maybe paltalk has an agenda???


     As a business owner I understand things that employees don't and one of those things is that employees don't always speak for the company or corporation and my best guess at this point is that he was not speaking or acting for paltalk in the matter regarding the room and then his blocking me from talking to his superiors. People make mistakes but covering up magnifies the probblem tremendously. Assuming you see the truth in this, the first thing you might do is undo my being banned simply for questioning him which again was his desire for me to do anyway not mine. He contacted me!!!

     David W. Ruckman

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Anne Smith from England.

Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by the symbols talked about in the bible, and I always thought that maybe it was talking about my country (Great Britain) but I couldn't work out how a country in the middle east could be related to my country.

Many years later, I mentioned this to a man on the AOL message boards, and he provided me with much information about how the symbols in the bible talk about my country, and how other countries are also linked to the bible. I read though many ancient documents such as the Anglo-Saxon chronicles where it said the Picts came from Scythia, and legends of Glastonbury. All this information fitted in with my intuition from when I was a child.

I decided to open a chat room on Paltalk to talk about this subject, so many others could share opinions about this subject. I had many people in who disagreed, and I was happy to discuss this with them, and to take their opinions into account.

I don't hold any racist beliefs, or try to spread racist messages. I don't see how talking about the 10 lost tribes would be anti-semitic, as some people have accused me of being in the room, because the Jews were 2 of the 12 tribes of israel, and not part of the 10 lost tribes in the northern kingdom, because the 10 lost tribes weren't from Judah. As any encyclopaedia will tell you, there were mass conversions to Judaism when the Khazars converted to Judaism, and the majority of Ashkenazi, or East European Jews, are related to the Khazars, but I don't encourage those discussions in my room, unless another person brings up the subject, and I even try to discourage any talk against jews, because my main interest is the lost tribes of Israel.

As well as my interest in the Lost tribes of Israel, I am also interested in general spirituality, so I look in all kinds of religion rooms on Paltalk. I don't believe in forcing my religion onto others, because you can't learn if you have a closed mind, so I like to ask questions, to learn about other points of view. One day I made a visit into one of the Judaism rooms on, and as I'm honest, I told them that I'm Anglican, and just wanted to find out about their religion. A hysterical woman in there started calling me a missionary and all sorts of other names. They were also being very rude about Christians. Somebody who came into my chat room on paltalk told me that the Jewish Talmud says that Christians like having sex with cows, so as I'm not anti-jewish, and like to find out about things for myself, I asked them if it really said that, and they started calling me an anti-semite, instead of acting normal and discussing it with me. I took all this light heatedly, as I thought that maybe Jews are a bit more sensitive to what you say to them, as they have been persecuted in the past, so took this into consideration. One of the women in there had the user name: miss-purrrr (co-admin) who worked for Paltalk. After a while in the room being polite, and just asking a few questions about their religion, I left and went back to my room. A few moments later the Miss-purrrr came into my room and we were talking about the legends of Glastonbury, so she didn't even stay to see what we were talking about, and started acting hysterical by embarrassing me in front of everybody, by shouting that I'm a missionary and anti-semite. I don't see how talking abut the 10 lost tribes of Israel is anti-semitic anyway, as the jews weren't part of the 10 tribes in the northern kingdom called Israel, because there were still two tribes left in the southern kingdom Judah. She shouted that she was going to keep an eye on me, then she left. The next day, I had another room, and we were just talking about the royal family of Britain, and how they might be related to the royalty in the bible, because a princess from the tribes of Israel went to Ireland, and suddenly a jewish man came in who was being really offensive against christians. I thought he was acting a bit strange, and even trying to get us to respond by saying nasty things about Jews, because he was being really offensive and calling us goyim and everything. The next minute, miss-purr came in and said she was closing the room because we were saying nasty things about Jews, and the administrator would be banned, so I couldn't sign on to Paltalk again.

I think it's terrible that a large organisation such as Paltalk can be so anti-free speech, and they can allow their admin staff to misuse their powers by getting their friends to set up people so they can ban the people, just because they don't agree with what they say.

I have tried to contact with my complaints, and to explain to them what their staff are doing, but they aren't interested, and still won't let me onto Paltalk.

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now...this is going to be a long sit back
..relax get ur coffee cup ( i prefer tea with
merameyya ) and pay attention..

today we will try and discuss this paltalk deal ...
so first off..let me get some points straight and a
1- paltalk is owned by ivm company..registered in new
york but with an isreali connection , their servers r
located in a small town in new jersy u.s. , if im not
mistaken caled demonstrate try tracking
this ip # of paltalk servers

2- paltalk is a pay service meaning they r in it for
the money (who isnt ) if u have a black name then
ur a poor refugee like my falla7y ass...and ur out of
luck ..they wont help or give the time a day dont
bother.. thats why they have blue screen names and
blue rooms..they want money..and (other things when it
comes to arabs )..hint ..hint :)

3- paltalk servers r one of the best guarded servers
many people have come a cross..better guarded than
yahoo..or hotmail.although some managed to bring them
down for a while mainly using DOS attacks

4- paltalk uses something that could be called
hardware registration system..meaning when u register
with them ...they snatch any packet of information
thats uniqe to ur computer...such as hard drive..sound
card..mother board..thats why u cannt log back on if u
were banned or go back to the same room that bounced
U..but (theres always a but ) that could be fixed and
we might get to it in time NOTE that even if u
reinstall ur operating system with a different key ..u
still wont be able to get in ..just to save u the
trouble f going through it for nothing :) .etc.

5- this method of registration is used by software
companies selling higher end expensive single license
software..meaning they sell it to u to be used n a
single machine once installed for the first time ..u
cannt install on a different machine although u can
reinstall it on the same machine...

THEY STOLE MY SCREEN NAMES !!!!!!!!!!??????????
REMEMBER : there are no easy answers in life..:) ..if
u want something bad enough..u have to work for it dont expect a stranger to go do the work and come
and hande u ur name back -and internet is a
part of life -..simply doesnt work that way

1- why would someone steal ur screen name :
many reasons but mainly its just human nature trying
to peek and see what other people r doing a
girl they r talking to ..or just plain insecure people
trying to show how good they r in networking .using
tools they know nothing about ..then theres r other
good worthy causes ..hint hint : )


there r many different ways and since 96% of internet
users ..use the most insecure operating system known
to man ..i.e windows..then its easy picking even for
morons or 7ameer who know nothing about computers .

1- one of the new trends thats going on these days is
this ...a guy send u a link to a page that looks
exactly like a paltalk page except for the address in
top...ull see a headline that reads like this

and u being the greedy 3araby always trying to get
stuff for like a batal and type ur name
and ur password is changed emmidiatly by
the guy then using ur name he sends the link t
everyone on ur list ..and since they trust u ..and
think its u ..they do the same now the guy
has ur name and almost every name on ur list.except
for those who r not lgged on ..r didnt click on the
link .

2-they could send u a link to a web page that would
contain some vb script (visual basic ) or a harmful
java script or an x control security bug embeded in
it..could be found at


 ..and since ur viewing the page means ur connected t
what ever server or computer the page resides on
they have access to ur files...and since windows
stores all ur passwords in .sam file be it encrypted
or otherwise..they snatch that file and whatever else
they want ..decrypt the file ..that takes time but its
doable and with win 98 and win me its even
much for windows..ha :)..we will get to that in time .

3- they could join a torjan and a file  using and exe
joiner ..exe joiners r found in many places on the web
just go to any search engine and type exe joiner..try
this one

send it to u ..ur firewall might detect and might
not..depending on what u have ..but if the file bypass
ur firewall ...sometimes even if u have th trojan on
ur hard drive ...ur firewall might be triggered once
they try a connection..all depends on the strength of
ur firewall ..but if u dont have one ..and they have
access..then they own you...

4- some guys that might know what they r doing..would
probably choose to use something called

steganography  allows one to conceal a file, or set of
files within a standard computer image. The new image
looks identical to the human eye, but can contain up
to 50k or so of secret data. The hidden files can also
be password encrypted, to prevent unauthorised access
to their is also  distributed as source code
in ANSI C and precompiled executables for DOS (any
version but 1.x - is there one outside the museum?),
OS/2 (Warp and up), and the Win32 console (9x and NT).
It's purpose is to hide any data in a way that the
viewer or listener does not recognize any difference..


it means they can hide the code in an image file like
jpg that could be executed once u open it..this MIGHT

this technology is widely used by corporation
employees exchanging information on the web ...code or
data might be encrypted and then decrypted at the
other end...all that to prevent whats called
industrial espinoge .

5- some guys might simply chose to use the infamous

Note that breaking into any computer that you do not
have permission to break into is illegal, and you
could go to jail, or be fined. This is cyber crime.

with that out of the way ..lets start :
first off u need that person's ip

i will try to make it as easy and as simple as
possible ..there r different more complicated methods
that we wont even ill try using methods
that might seem strange..strange yes..but easy enough
..and they work :)
depends on what program ur using..but we will stick to

now ..there r ways t get peopl's ips off of paltalk only going to discuss one way ..and that is
direct ip to ip communications file transfer
or web cam session

now many of these guys might not accept a file from u
..but the trick is to get the ip..goal is the ip
address not file trasnfer..once u click transfer
file..have ur ms-dos screen ready and type  "netstat
-a" without the quotation marks. If you are browsing
the WWW, or using FTP, or NNTP at the same time ,
several connections may show up. Generally, look for
one that has the name of a local Internet Service
Providor, or the word "dial-up" in the host name. or
copy all ips then see which one is not the web pag ur
looking at ..and is not paltalk server (process of
elimination ) .

u could also tell that person to switch from paltalk
to msn messanger or yahoo messanger..once they do
that..then u dont need to send a file..just get ur
self a good firewall..._neo watch is a good one _ .set
ur firewall to tight protection..or high
soon as u send that person a message itll trigger ur
firewall..yes a single message on yahoo messanger or
msn messanger will get u his ip ..given that u have a
good firewall set to high .

PORT SCANNING : port scanning is the computer
equivalent of going up to someone's house and checking
all the doors, and windows to see if they are locked.
You don't really break in, just test. In some
countries this is illegal. Even if it isn't illegal,
it often violates the terms of your ISP's user
agreement. This means that if you get caught, or
reported, there is a good chance that you will have to
find a new ISP.

With that out of the way...

You can obtain port scanners at:

Once you have your port scanner, enter your target's
IP address and scan away.

PortS 137, 138, and 139 are used by Windows for
NetBIOS network communication. Netbios is a somewhat
strange protocol, in that it is not a true protocol in
and of itself, and it isn't part of the TCP/IP family
of protocols, though NetBIOS _does_ work closely with
TCP/IP in enabling applications to communicate over a

NetBIOS is more of an API, or Application Programming
Interface. Thus when a person refers to NetBIOS, they
could be referring to either the API, or the NetBIOS
name of a host.

NetBIOS can use sessions or datagrams to communicate.
For actual communication, NetBIOS relies on other
protocols. NetBIOS can bind to the following

    * TCP/IP
    * NetBEUI
    * IPX/SPX

Probably the most common use of NetBIOS, and thus,
port 139, is for file/print sharing. Sometime, you
will be able to find an open (open = unpassword
protected) share on a windows machine, and be able to
explore the victim's files like they were on your hard

To connect to file shares, you must first make sure
that WINS (Windows Internet Naming System) is
disabled. WINS is used for dynamically resolving
NetBIOS names to IP addresses on the network. It
replaces the LMHOSTS file that is static, and used by
NetBIOS for the same purpose.

To disable WINS go Start->Settings->Control
Panel->Network. On the configuration tab, click
TCP/IP, then "properties". From there, selecte
"Disable WINS Resolution". You will have to reboot
(one more reason why windows sucks). After that  is
done, get your victim's NetBIOS name (if you don't
already have it) by typing    nbtstat -A [victim_ip] 
 in ur dos window

the netbios name  is the name on the line <00> UNIQUE

Open up your lmhosts file by typing edit lmhosts.sam
from your DOS shell. From there, enter the IP address,
NetBIOS name, and #PRE in the proper format.

Now, type nbtstat -R from the DOS shell you always
leave open (;-)) to refresh the lmhosts cache.
Now, go Start->Find->Computers and type in the IP
address to connect. If there is no password, you're

If there is a password, there are programs on the
Internet somewhere that can brute force it. Or write
your own.

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