for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. (Not language)

Nephesh: predestined to be called

Nephesh: and many are called

Nephesh: but few are chosen

cybart: So our exploration of the proper pronunciation of YWH is probably impossible - since we are using second level (material/biological) languages

Nephesh: because they have freewill and do not choose life

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kjv_2: Next please

les_99_1: Like Jesus struck down Paul

Coheirs: yes

Kape-: 1Peter:1,2 To God's elect, strangers in the world, scattered throughout Pontus,Galatia,Capp..,Asia,Bit.., who have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through the sanctifying work of the Spirit, for obedience to Jesus Christ and sprinkling his blood

Coheirs: its a second chance

cybart: Very nice quotation Kape

cybart: Which part are you placing emphasis on?

kjv_2: He that have an ear let him hear.

ZAKABOOTOOO: 2Pe 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

kjv_2: the elect.

Bummer-9: they quitened down when I came in!!

Kape-: chosen by the foreknowledge of God

cybart: Some people have hearing aids

Coheirs: thats true willie, i am glad to hear u say it

ZAKABOOTOOO: He is not willing that any of the ELECT should perish,,,,,,and none will.

kjv_2: The elect can't perish

cybart: Willie you could have gotten a stroke

Kape-: it says the elect througout the new testament

Bummer-9: what is the talmudd?

cybart: 63 volumes

Coheirs: is that the oral jew book

Bummer-9: big huh?

ZAKABOOTOOO: WOW, I need to go count sheep!!! NIGHT FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE YAHWEH, for HE is the POTTER not you!!!!

cybart: Black sheep?

les_99_1: you mean there is no handy book talmud?

Coheirs: nite zakabootooo. jPraise Yah love and peace

Kape-: peace Zak

cybart: Les - you not only wouldn't want to read the Talmud, but you can get a contract on your life for doing that.

cybart: Very interesting testimonial willie. What have you learned about the "stubborness" of people who don't want to believe

les_99_1: Do they have a talmud in English?

Coheirs: hi magilla

cybart: What is the best approach? Argue, get heart attacks?

cybart: Yes

Coheirs: look willie magilla came to see you

cybart: There is a Talmud in English

magilla_4: hey all

magilla_4: she was ????????????

cybart: Hi magilla

les_99_1: I read a man translated the Talmud back in the middle ages, and he was arrested for perversion.

Rowland60: Sounds like a jew to me

cybart: In the 1930's the whole edition - 63 volumes were translated into English, to teach the Talmudic believers

cybart: The students (Talaban?)

Kape-: lol

Nephesh: i agreee coheirs

Nephesh: amen

magilla_4: hey trapp

magilla_4: enoch very good

Nephesh: magilla good room tonight

cybart: There is also the Kabballa, which really could get you into shock

magilla_4: deep stuff

Nephesh: great topics

magilla_4: good nep

Nephesh: MEAT

Trapper62: hi magilla

les_99_1: Kabballa? Will any thing shock me any more?

magilla_4: ask trapper he heard him to

Coheirs: hi trapper mag tells me good things of u

magilla_4: yes i liked him

magilla_4: tell him thanks

les_99_1: Did this Talmud, Kabballa stuff come from Babylon?

Trapper62: lol gotta be careful about what magilla says

magilla_4: yes co he ok guy lol

Coheirs: kabala is pure evil

magilla_4: yes dont trust me

magilla_4: at all

Coheirs: oh trapper,:)

cybart: Jesus Christ identified those who followed the "Traditions of the Elders" - the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmud. This was an oral tradition originally. They used the Old Testament scriptures, but interpreted it all in Talmudic traditions. This rendered these interpretation to mean the opposite of what the original Old Testament scriptures meant

magilla_4: jerm says not to

les_99_1: This evil stuff sounds like what the cannanites practiced.

Rowland60: okay

magilla_4: CYBART AGREE


Coheirs: yeah my family is turning on the t.v so i just put on my head phones

Trapper62: eph I really enjoyed Pastor Jennings here last week end

ephraim13: GREAT

ephraim13: HES A GREAT GUY

cybart: So when someone uses the term "Torah" (Book of the Law) - one should wonder whether it meant the Old Testament or the Talmud - both have the "Torah"/Law

les_99_1: Didn't know willed could sing like that!

Trapper62: yes he is

Coheirs: praise Yah

Coheirs: forgiven is a nice thing

les_99_1: willie, where did you learn to sing?

cybart: He's playing the violin in the back


Coheirs: thats great nephesh i want a copy of this

Kape-: the talmud is rabbi's interpretation of the torah isn't it?

cybart: The talmud is the intellectual hair splitting of every conceivable human idea.

Coheirs: is the oral law supposedly written by pharisees, in babylon, at thats what i heard but

willie_175: The Talmud is where the rabbis violate every single law, statute, and judgment of God and give their perverted reasonings for it.

Coheirs: i dont know for sure


shepherds_staff: something to give thought to cybart

Kape-: thats what I thought willie

cybart: Coheirs the Talmud was oral tradition until it was put to writing in the 4th century AD

Coheirs: great song nephesh

Trapper62: where is that eph?

Coheirs: thanks bart

willie_175: Yeah Frank a nice song

Coheirs: wow that song made them depart

cybart: The Talmud has been increasing in numbers and pages ever since the 4th century AD. Now being 63 volumes

willie_175: Can anyone tell me where I can find a program that will read some of my studies out loud

Coheirs: i dont know willie

cybart: The music made it sound that Israel was a country and western operation


Nephesh: ReadPlease

Coheirs: yeah cy

Nephesh: is the program

Coheirs: hehehe

Nephesh: Read PLease

magilla_4: OK

willie_175: It is going to be held in Branson Missouri

Coheirs: what nephesh?

ephraim13: YES

cybart: I hope it will be taped

willie_175: You mean our own cc

Nephesh: willie_175: Can anyone tell me where I can find a program that will read some of my studies out loud

Nephesh: Read PLease

Nephesh: name of program

Nephesh: may be one word

cybart: Try Dragon program

Coheirs: oh read please will read willies programs

willie_175: I don't know the name of the program Sitt has one that sounds like a robot but I am looking for one that sounds better than that

Coheirs: nephesh says its called read please, willie

Rowland60: Read Please - Free Download -

Nephesh: ReadPlease

Nephesh: thats it willie

Nephesh: the one rowland posted

Nephesh: lol got it above tooo

Coheirs: thanks rowland

Coheirs: wow, thats great


magilla_4: GUY

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ephraim13: DON`T KNOW

Rowland60: no Mag, and they never will

Coheirs: i didnt know it either

Coheirs: and his wife too

Coheirs: yeah they were guilty as sin in the whole thing

Rowland60: Mag, if you go down where they were looking for Rudolf you will see why they will never find him.

Rowland60: One can hide out forever if you want to do so.

magilla_4: REALLY

magilla_4: OK

Coheirs: randy wrote a book?

ephraim13: YES

Rowland60: Yes, and the people there hate the police/FBI, etc., and would not help them at all

magilla_4: YES

magilla_4: KNOW HIM

Coheirs: i talked to bo too

Coheirs: i saw his website


magilla_4: AND SHORT WAVE

Coheirs: i saw his website

Rowland60: Welcome Twister

willie_175: Did you know that Bo Gritz was a member of the JDL and had some hip pocket orders from the government in his pocket

willie_175: Yea

Coheirs: i'm trying to remember if i got informed about him on or something

magilla_4: HIP POCKET ORDERS????

ephraim13: I HAVE HERD THAT

Rowland60: I've heard thatWillie

Coheirs: whose dead?

willie_175: It was on his web site for years

Twister1941: i am just listening and going to sleep. I won't be on the mic tonight.

willie_175: Ok Twister have a good night

magilla_4: BET HE SOLD OUT

willie_175: I don't think Oliver North was any hero either.


willie_175: No Twister didn't sell out

willie_175: Heheheh

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willie_175: Who ever gave me that url on the voice program thanks and I am down loding it now

Coheirs: goodnite nephesh


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Coheirs: praise Yah

Rowland60: No problem Willie

magilla_4: NITE

ephraim13: YAH BLESS NEP

cybart: Good night from me also. God bless all of you.

willie_175: Well Frank if we didn't want you to do that we would have stoped you long ago.

Kape-: i'm gone too, peace and blessings all

Coheirs: oh thank u cybarty

willie_175: Wow hes gone already

willie_175: Ok kape

Coheirs: praise Yah , shalom

magilla_4: THEY RUNNING


magilla_4: GO FOR IT

willie_175: Coheirs if you had been in the room with a bunch of jews like I have and heard what they said about Christ and laughing and saying shalom you would not use that word


magilla_4: LOL

magilla_4: SHE TRUST ME

magilla_4: I THINKN

willie_175: You can flurt with me I am 64 and useless so he doesn't have to worry

Coheirs: oh thats cute willie

willie_175: He took one of his 5 minute breaks


magilla_4: 2 Cor 3:2-3 2 Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: 3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart. (KJV)

willie_175: I just told you about what I heard not that you were offending me or anything

Coheirs: oh ok willie,

Coheirs: yes

Coheirs: mag

ephraim13: AGREE

ephraim13: BRB

Coheirs: ouch

willie_175: agree

Coheirs: :)

Coheirs: hehehe

willie_175: Talk a little louder mag

Coheirs: israel

Coheirs: israel

willie_175: 13 tribes

willie_175: and the mixed multitudes

Coheirs: oh yeah willie doent forget the half tribes

Coheirs: yes mag

Coheirs: mag?

Coheirs: hey mag corinth?

Coheirs: are u talking

willie_175: Ex 15:8: "And with the blast of thy nostrils the waters were gathered together, the floods stood upright as an heap, and the depths were congealed in the heart of the sea."

willie_175: You can see by this that Yahweh froze the water in the Red Sea to allow the Children of Israel to pass through

willie_175: Yea they don't want to give Yahweh credit for doing it naturally

Coheirs: sorry wiilllie

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Coheirs: oh the tares

Rowland60: go

fluffy45_1: this is magilla

Coheirs: hi magilla

Coheirs: welcome back

fluffy45_1: bless u rowland

Coheirs: thanks rowland, YAH bless youtoo

Coheirs: come on up mag

fluffy45_1: sometimes we see what our heart want to see

fluffy45_1: heart is decietful u know

fluffy45_1: above all things

fluffy45_1: hello

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fluffy45_1: chevy

fluffy45_1: dont forget hollywood

donny_chambers12: Hate kills but love heals because God is Love. God Bless you all. Night


fluffy45_1: willie catch u later ok nite

ephraim13: NITE ALL