Paltalk: boycott this jew spyware

Other jew spyware

Usually there's only one good reason to boycott a company, but Paltalk has provided a dozen reasons that Paltalk shouldn't even be allowed to operate in the USA, much less use American dollars to develop software. The following summary is just a sliver of the truth about the "Israelis" [read: jews] who own and operate this jewish spyware:

1-Spying on US citizens through Paltalk Software.
2-Sabotaging computer programs through back doors in their programs.
3-Causing continual computer crashes when key words are detected by their spyware.
4-Closing sixteen different forums in the Christian section of Paltalk's discussion forums.
5-Eviction of all Christians from the jewish section of Paltalk.
6-Banning Christians from the Christian forums for merely mentioning Matthew 10:5.
7-Terminating the memberships of Christians who started open forums about Israelites which the jews didn't like.
8-Closing down a forum entitled "jews and Israelites" run by Moshe Hall in the jewish section, claiming that it belongs in the Christian section.
9-Restricting the forum "jews and Israelites" because it was in the Christian section, after they insisted that it be moved to that section.
10-Breaking their promise not to shut down a Christian discussion group by manipulating the listing of that forum on the discussion list, making it invisible to 11-many interested members, and selectively prohibiting key members from joining that forum.
12-Permitting Christians to be called "nazis", even after they expressed their disdain for naziism.
13-Prohibiting Christians from calling jews "jews", and shutting down forums because this was deemed to be a "violation" of their TOS.
And finally, blasphemying Our LORD Jesus Christ by insisting that He was a jew, and banning all Christians who took exception to this blasphemy.



Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2003 2:34 PM

this is an e-mail I sent to of all people, misspurr, who appears to be the god of paltalk. It will probably end up just being a confirmation of her position also if we can get through to their supervisors or to prove other rights violations. Hey John keep in touch,

I was in a room called "America's Satanic Foundation-NWO-" which became a very large room. The admin was Lkn4truth whom I'd never met.

The main topic of course was some of the greek, babylonian and masonic foundations placed in america's traditions and symbols. Pretty typical 7th day adventist stuff. The room was very peaceful and orderly and no one was attacking anyone and there were some very interesting conversation going on. A "hacker" some said was "promoe"(I never saw that name in particular) began coming into the room under several names grabbing the mic and yelling out drunken sounding ignorance and name calling. He did this several times in a short period under dfferent names. The admin asked me to help so I did and he gave me a code. As I was trying to figure out how to do it. I heard someone say now he'll go to pal admin and try to get the room closed. When I came back as admin sure enough pal admin was there "medianoche." and he shut the room down saying it was a "satanic room." I have to laugh in a way...thinking "just because you see the word satanic?" He pmed me instead of the admin and I tried to explain quickly because I knew he wasn't thinking or didn't understand or maybe just hates christianity and had his mind made up. He did shut the room down.

Today, I went to help to simply get the contact inforrmation to his superiors figuring they would surely understand better than him what he did. He happened to be around jumped in and accused me of harassing pal help!!!! as follows;

u know why the room was closed
Medianoche (co-admin): and if you continue to harrass palsupport you will be removed from this program
LOST_ALIEN: I know why you said
ST_ALIEN: that was a mainstream christian room
LOST_ALIEN: that hacker went to you and lied
LOST_ALIEN: and you believed him
Medianoche (co-admin): it was the Santanic organizarion
Medianoche (co-admin): nased on title
LOST_ALIEN: christuans often talk about satanic influence in america
Medianoche (co-admin): Now as stated that is a religious topic not a Chritstianity
Medianoche (co-admin): and wi;ll not open there again
LOST_ALIEN: what is christianity?
LOST_ALIEN: I didnt agree with the admin
LOST_ALIEN: I wwas just helping with that hacker
Medianoche (co-admin): if it does any person wearing the @ will be removed 39 days
Medianoche (co-admin): 30
LOST_ALIEN: you are antichristian aren't you
LOST_ALIEN: tell the truth
Medianoche (co-admin): dont start
LOST_ALIEN: you are
Medianoche (co-admin): because I have no pronlem rmoving you right now
LOST_ALIEN: I have copied this

Then he banned me from paltalk.

Look, I didn't want to talk to him or palhelp anyway! Should he especially be blocking me in such a way from talking to his superiors?

I would simply see his superiors warning him not to get sucked in by hackers.

Or maybe he does speak directly for paltalk? He is in their scope one way or the other. Maybe paltalk has an agenda???

As a business owner I understand things that employees don't and one of those things is that employees don't always speak for the company or corporation and my best guess at this point is that he was not speaking or acting for paltalk in the matter regarding the room and then his blocking me from talking to his superiors. People make mistakes but covering up magnifies the probblem tremendously. Assuming you see the truth in this, the first thing you might do is undo my being banned simply for questioning him which again was his desire for me to do anyway not mine. He contacted me!!!

David W. Ruckman

PortS 137, 138, and 139 are used by Windows for
NetBIOS network communication. Netbios is a somewhat
strange protocol, in that it is not a true protocol in
and of itself, and it isn't part of the TCP/IP family
of protocols, though NetBIOS _does_ work closely with
TCP/IP in enabling applications to communicate over a

NetBIOS is more of an API, or Application Programming
Interface. Thus when a person refers to NetBIOS, they
could be referring to either the API, or the NetBIOS
name of a host.

NetBIOS can use sessions or datagrams to communicate.
For actual communication, NetBIOS relies on other
protocols. NetBIOS can bind to the following


Probably the most common use of NetBIOS, and thus,
port 139, is for file/print sharing. Sometime, you
will be able to find an open (open = unpassword
protected) share on a windows machine, and be able to
explore the victim's files like they were on your hard

To connect to file shares, you must first make sure
that WINS (Windows Internet Naming System) is
disabled. WINS is used for dynamically resolving
NetBIOS names to IP addresses on the network. It
replaces the LMHOSTS file that is static, and used by
NetBIOS for the same purpose.

To disable WINS go Start->Settings->Control
Panel->Network. On the configuration tab, click
TCP/IP, then "properties". From there, selecte
"Disable WINS Resolution". You will have to reboot
(one more reason why windows sucks). After that is
done, get your victim's NetBIOS name (if you don't
already have it) by typing nbtstat -A [victim_ip]
in ur dos window

the netbios name is the name on the line <00> UNIQUE

Open up your lmhosts file by typing edit lmhosts.sam
from your DOS shell. From there, enter the IP address,
NetBIOS name, and #PRE in the proper format.

Now, type nbtstat -R from the DOS shell you always
leave open () to refresh the lmhosts cache.
Now, go Start->Find->Computers and type in the IP
address to connect. If there is no password, you're

If there is a password, there are programs on the
Internet somewhere that can brute force it. Or write
your own.



The PalTalk Team

Jason Katz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jason founded PalTalk™ in 1998 based on a need for better video and voice communications over the Internet. Jason has over 15 years of general management experience. Prior to PalTalk™, Jason was a Principal in Roxann Management Corp, a real estate investment business, where he managed networking and information systems. Jason was previously the co-founder of MJ Capital, a commodity-trading advisor and money management firm. He received a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a J.D. from the New York University Law School.

PalTalk ID: JKatz (PalTalk)

Robert Lee, President and Chief Operations Officer

Bob joined PalTalk™ with over 12 years of general management and marketing experience. Most recently, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Lucent New Ventures Group. At Lucent he was the CEO of Proxymate, a venture that was sold to CMGI. Prior to Lucent, he was the founder and CEO of, the leading photo community on the web. Earlier in his career, he was a Case Leader with the Boston Consulting Group and an Associate with A.T. Kearney. He received a BA in Economics and Sociology from Brown and a M.S. in Management from MIT Sloan School.

PalTalk ID:Bob2000

John Silberstein, Executive Vice President and General Counsel

John previously was general counsel to The Mendik Company, which was the largest privately-owned owner/manager of Class A commercial office buildings in the New York metropolitan region. Prior to Mendik, John was a real estate attorney at the New York office of the law firm Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom. John earned a JD degree from New York University School of Law (1986) and a BA from Brown University (1982).

PalTalk ID: john

Perry Scherer, Chief Technology Officer

Perry leads the technical team with 18 years of commercial software development experience. Perry has worked at Credit Suisse First Boston, Morgan Stanley and ARCO Alaska. Perry is a leading expert in C, C++, Java, GUI development and has published in Dr. Dobbs Journal, a computer programmers’ publication. His publication topics include “Simplifying C++ GUI Development”. Perry has a patent pending for a “Genetic algorithm Approach for Heterogeneous Dependent Pressure Solutions”. He received a B.S. in Mathematics from University of Minnesota.

PalTalk ID: perryS

Mario Lattanzio, Director of Development

Mario manages the server side development and has over 20 years of software development experience. Mario has most recently worked for Credit Suisse First Boston developing Java based client/server applications. Mario also brings extensive experience in SQL, CORBA, RMI, TCP communications and graphic design . He received a BS in Computer Science from SUNY Stony Brook.

PalTalk ID: vexxler

Nancy Lieberman, Director of Business Development

Nancy concentrates on developing strategic alliances at PalTalk. She has experience in consumer package goods marketing and new product development. Her previous work experience includes product management in the chocolate division at NESTLE USA. Prior to coming to PalTalk, she was in project management for Motif Designs, a wallpaper and textile company. Most recently, she was a search consultant in the new media and marketing division at Koren, Rogers and Dowd. She received a BA in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from Columbia University.

Paltalk Spyware


Paltalk is currently installing Spyware on everyone's computer that downloads the program. This Spyware is located in C:\Paltalk\BtHook.dll authored by SteamCast Networks and is named Morpheus 1.9. If you remove BtHook.dll
Paltalk will NOT run. PestPatroll will allow you to quarantine or remove all SpyWare.

Morpheus Summary: StreamCast Networks counts the number of times its file swappers visit high-profile shopping sites. The company has begun installing a Web browser add-on that sends some Morpheus users on an invisible Web detour aimed at capturing data about file swappers' surfing habits. Don't just take my word for it get a free copy of PestPatrol and see for yourself.

Thus, when a file swapper visits a site such as, or a handful of others, their computer visits a separate site behind the scenes before loading the final destination site. Those separate servers, run by marketing companies including Be Free, count how many times Morpheus users stop by.

Paltalk also installs a Spy cookie called Spyware Cookie. This one can be removed and you will still be able to use paltalk. Both compromise your privacy.

Page Summary: Computer Pests (and these are) are malicious programs that go beyond typical viruses. Pests are a legal threat to corporations with sites on the Internet. This describes the threats in terms of vicarious liability, negligence, regulation, negative publicity and liability to shareholders. Corporations have abundant incentive to treat Pests with vigilance.

Although many don't think about it, it is common sense that managers should have a legal responsibility to police what is happening within their computer systems. This responsibility is manifest through different particular laws in different situations. As computer systems assume an ever-larger role in modern society, the legal system is responding by holding the custodians of those systems accountable for security. The person enforcing that accountability might be a regulator, a shareholder, an employee, a customer or anyone - including a fellow corporate resident of the Internet -- who suffers on account of lax security.

Please note that some cookies save your username as well as password so you need not log in to a site every time you go there these are helpful to some. The above SpyWare is just tracking you for whatever reason

Note: Paltalk does not have a corner on Spyware, most websites make use of it. We at respect your privacy and do not feel the need to
track our users. No spyware here H2K