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Welcome Msg: shalom

Masorti: ROFL

malawk: lol

urbanwolf2010: tangent

RabbiDov: what does talking torah have to do with child molestation and how are they related?

urbanwolf2010: he is stalling for time

RabbiDov: what does Torah have to do with Childen being molested?

tzfat: LOL

sappysongs2go: this is absurd???

RabbiDov: pooooor example..but typical

tzfat: stalling

RabbiDov: its typical tzfat..

tzfat: i asked 7 times

urbanwolf2010: yep...stalling

tzfat: lol

urbanwolf2010: trying to save face online

urbanwolf2010: lol

RabbiDov: amazing....typical...

RabbiDov: its the logical that fails you tzfat..but i dont like listening to your ill go..cuz its weak and angry logic...

Masorti: ROFL

urbanwolf2010: pharisee's? this is something masorti is very familar with!

Masorti: ooohhh, he's your Rebbe now? lol

Solar_Maid: why do people who hate Yahshua come to this section why dont they go to the sections that talk about what they do believe in instead of coming and insulting us :(

tzfat: who cares ?

tzfat: LOL

malawk: sorry about this solar

tzfat: he rose from the dead........

Solar_Maid: not your fault malawk its ok

tzfat: and he is alive NOW

Solar_Maid: but i dont understand it

Solar_Maid: i never go in islam section

Solar_Maid: i dont agree with them at all

woofti: too right solar

Solar_Maid: and if i went there i wouldnt be insulting them

woofti: right on

tzfat: many sick jews in the world today

tzfat: lol

woofti: perhaps they think they have something to do with this Jewish Jesus after all

woofti: lol

Masorti: and Luke 1:6 says what?

Solar_Maid: i dont know but i wont be like that i wont ever go in their section and do this

tzfat: masorti...u believe the moses atory ???

tzfat: story?

Solar_Maid: as much as he would care if someone ate corn

malawk: he was commanded not to

malawk: David was in the law

tzfat: you believe the moses story ?

woofti: no the Greek doesn't say tay

woofti: that

channingpro: Moses sinned thoguh


malawk: that means whole

Uriyah-: Masorti, type that in in the Hebrew, t..what?

malawk: not sinlees

malawk: for noah

woofti: amemptoi isn't "[email protected]

woofti: get your Greek right

woofti: come on

Uriyah-: Masorti, you said the Greek word is the same as some Hebrew word, can you type that Hebrew word it please?

Masorti: Tmim

woofti: masorti

Uriyah-: Thanks.

malawk: masorti doesnt that mean whole and not sinless

Masorti: BRB

woofti: amemptos

channingpro: zecariah sinned to


channingpro: thats why the Lord shut his mouth


Uriyah-: Where is amemtos located at, in What chapter and verse in Luke?

woofti: lk 1:16

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woofti: sorry 1:6

channingpro: lol true


Uriyah-: amemptoi, hmmm, I'll find out how this word functions in the Tanach if the word appears.

woofti: tmim does mean "whole" and not sinless

Solar_Maid: once an orthodox told me its better to be gay than to swollow a bug, that the obstain from blood law is way more important than dont be gay law

Solar_Maid: when he said that i was about to faint

malawk: seriously solar?

malawk: thats crazy

Solar_Maid: yes

Solar_Maid: my friend is very ultra orthodox

malawk: hey mag

tzfat: dont saw jewish people

Solar_Maid: hi mag

magilla_4: HEY MALAWK

tzfat: say

magilla_4: HEY SOLAR

magilla_4: BRB

tzfat: jusgood

Solar_Maid: ok

tzfat: right

channingpro: The Soverign G-d shows whom he will what he wants jew or gentile


Solar_Maid: but Yahshua also said if they didnt believe moses they wont believe me for moses spoke of me

tzfat: : the disciples of Hillel allowed to pick the heads of grain on the sabbath as long as it was done in a time that wasn't the harvest season (Mechilta, mesechta deShabbata 3:1)

Uriyah-: Gensis 17:1 amemptos appears in the LXX, here.

Uriyah-: Hmmm, the only time in Genesis.

woofti: exodus commentary?

woofti: mekilta

tzfat: yes

Uriyah-: Not in Exodus.

tzfat: mechiulta

Uriyah-: Not in Levitius.

Uriyah-: Not in Numbers.

malawk: lol

malawk: fat:)

Uriyah-: Not in Deuteronomy.

malawk: thats commentary of exodus

Uriyah-: Not in Jehoshua.

woofti: tamim = amemptos in Gen 17:1

Uriyah-: Not in judges.

Uriyah-: Not in Ruth.

woofti: = blameless, not "sinless" in any Christian theological sense

Uriyah-: Not in the first and second book of Samuel.

Uriyah-: Not in first and second book of Kings.

Uriyah-: Not in first and second book of Chronicles.

malawk: Luk 6:2 And certain of the Pharisees said unto them, Why do ye that which is not lawful to do on the sabbath days?

Solar_Maid: this is what i was looking for john 5:46 If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me

Uriyah-: Not in Ezra.

tzfat: a sect

tzfat: right

woofti: ok uriyah why not tell us when you find it, not when you don't find it lol

Uriyah-: Not in Nehemiah.

malawk: yeah it is

tzfat: in the process now

Uriyah-: Hmmm, Esther, chapter 3, verse 12. Chapter 8, verse ummm don't know.

malawk: right

malawk: pretty scary stuff

malawk: hey phawnzie

Phawnz: hey kids

Phawnz: (((FAT)))

tzfat: hi

Phawnz: did you say you've read the book of enoch? fat

tzfat: reading it now

Phawnz: weird stuff

tzfat: yeh

malawk: wow

Phawnz: thats how i was taught Fat

Solar_Maid: mormons teach a differnt view its kinda funny

malawk: fat:)

Shlomo Ishtov: What's the facination with Chanoch ?

Phawnz: and I was also taught that HaSatan is cast into the second heavens

Solar_Maid: hi shlomo

woofti: the Zohar was written long after Paul, though

Uriyah-: Job 1:1, John 1:8, Job 2:3, Job 4:17, Job 9:20, Job 11:4, Job 12:4, Job 15:14, Job 22:3, Job 22:19, and Job 33:9. Hmmm, amemptos appears a lot of places in Job.

Phawnz: sounds like a food not a drink

malawk: shlomo he mentions some interesting things

woofti: so it is a bit anachronistic

Phawnz: correct

Phawnz: he is between man and G-d

Phawnz: i agree Fat

Phawnz: but i don't like enoch

Phawnz: its like reading a sci fi movie script

Phawnz: gives me nightmares

justifiedbyfaith: who is fonz?

Solar_Maid: look up just

woofti: fonz is cool, justified

Solar_Maid: phawnz is Phawnz

Solar_Maid: ph sounds like F

tzfat: lol

HRLake: What is the main message of the book of Enoch?

Phawnz: you guys are so refreshing

barshalomway: i heard yesterday,,,,that Jesus quoted from cabala,,zohar,,,and a bunch more i cant remember.

malawk: hehe

justifiedbyfaith: is this a jewish room?

tzfat: yep

tzfat: jewish room

Solar_Maid: except me, im not jewish

tzfat: why ?

justifiedbyfaith: go to jewish section

tzfat: no we wont

tzfat: u go

justifiedbyfaith: this is christian section

Shlomo Ishtov: Sanhedrin 93a I believe

Shlomo Ishtov: or 97a

tzfat: yes

Shlomo Ishtov: Malawk, you want to understand that Gemera, find its Mishneh.

tzfat: lol

malawk: hehe

Shlomo Ishtov: malawk, there are many midrashim that predate revelation, which revelation is basically a corrupt version of it.

malawk: shlomo revelation is 90 ad

Phawnz: justified, chrsitianity comes from Judaism

malawk: how old are the oldest midrashim?

Shlomo Ishtov: sinai

malawk: sinai?

tzfat: lol

malawk: thats interesting

woofti: lolol

KhodaAfez: lol

Shlomo Ishtov: At the destruction of the beis hamikdash, there is record of 70 camel loads of midrashim which were lost fleeing to Egypt.

Shlomo Ishtov: Jerusalem Talmud is GEMERA only.

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Shlomo Ishtov: they have the same MISHNAH

Shlomo Ishtov: Rabbi Rafael Weingot

Shlomo Ishtov: hmm

Shlomo Ishtov: Megillah 9a


Shlomo Ishtov: Correct

Shlomo Ishtov: Do you know why ?

Shlomo Ishtov: Tell us why ?

Shlomo Ishtov: yes it does.

Shlomo Ishtov: please inform the room why.

Shlomo Ishtov: Malawk, I'm out, this anti semite is calling us pigs.

Shlomo Ishtov: control your room.

Shlomo Ishtov: He is no Yeshiva student.

malawk: tzfats jewish

KhodaAfez: he's gone

Masorti: ok, I'm back

KhodaAfez: sanhedrin

tzfat: im not......thats why I laugh at

Kami_153: shalom room! :)

tzfat: i have a big cup of vodka here...i am relaxed

iggy 2: shalom 5th

Phawnz: oy, shlomo is nasty no matter what day it is tzfat

FifthRebbi: chai iggy

tzfat: phawnz......yep

iggy 2: :)


tzfat: im more semetic then any of these ashekenazi white "jews"

tzfat: lol

tzfat: he called me anti semit ?

tzfat: lol

Uriyah-: woofti, you know how to read Greek?

woofti: yes

woofti: i do

Uriyah-: woofti, you got access to the Septuagint?

Masorti: so tell me woofi , what is amemptos in Greek? lol

woofti: yes i have

woofti: i just told you

woofti: listen

Phawnz: LOL

Masorti: this is from your Strongs Concordance 1) blameless, deserving no censure, free from fault or defect


Kami_153: <--hurridly explains she is a red skin

Kami_153: lol

Uriyah-: Woofti, look at Job 33:9 and tell me how amemptos cannot be talking about sin in that passage, thanks.

Phawnz: LOL kami

Kami_153: haha

Phawnz: you can poke him in the eye

Kami_153: tee hee

barshalomway: And it is yet more abundantly most evident, if according to the similitude of Melchisedek there doth arise another priest,

barshalomway: who came not according to the law of a fleshly command, but according to the power of an endless life,

tzfat: brb

KhodaAfez: sounds like you can be blameless

Masorti: Noah was sinless in all his generations

Uriyah-: Woofti, look at the Septuagint in Job 33:9, and tell me how amemptos cannot be talking about sin in that passage, thanks.

Masorti: tmim

KhodaAfez: elizabeth and zacharias are called blameless in luke 1:5

Phawnz: he was a tzadik

barshalomway: for the priesthood being changed, of necessity also, of the law a change doth come,

Phawnz: righteous

woofti: amemptos is in the mouth of elihu

woofti: i am still looking up

HRLake: Thank you all for this room. Most fascinating - in so many ways. Looking forward to more sometime. Must go. Bye.

malawk: shalom hr

barshalomway: And the sum concerning the things spoken of [is]: we have such a chief priest, who did sit down at the right hand of the throne of the greatness in the heavens

Phawnz: shalom lake

HRLake: shalom

Uriyah-: Woofti, as you can see, amemptos in Job 33:9 is surely dealing with sin against the Law.

tzfat: we care

tzfat: we care

KhodaAfez: He came to heal the sick/sinner, not the well/righteous

Masorti: Yeshua God?

Masorti: yes or no?

malawk: no masorti

White_Horse777: Yeshua is the Son of God

Uriyah-: Masorti, of course not.

Uriyah-: This isn't one of those rooms.

malawk: for some yes though

Phawnz: Isaiah 40:10

woofti: uriyah amemptos is translating haf

iggy 2: Masorti I am amazed at all the persons and rocks, words Jesus becomes


Masorti: why not? doesn't the Bible say that the Meshiakh is God? lol

White_Horse777: u know what Messiah means ????

woofti: that is "clean" apparently

Kami_153: He magnified the law and made it honorable..this made him sinless

malawk: wait masorti

malawk: nevermind

White_Horse777: Masorti are u from the tribe of Judah ?

iggy 2: the only one I haven't called Jesus is Noah


Uriyah-: Woofti, it's quite clear, he is blameless because he does not transgress the Law.

tzfat: we know

Phawnz: huh

Masorti: don't Christians attribute Isiah 9:6 to Jesus?

Masorti: yes or no?

KhodaAfez: yes they do

woofti: yet God comes and says of Elihu, Who darkens counsel?

Masorti: ok then

tzfat: not i dont

woofti: Elihu isn't exactly a good witness is he

White_Horse777: Jesus is the Son of the living God

barshalomway: can any jew prove beyond a shoadow of a doubt that they are physically descended from the patriarchs.

woofti: Elihu is a bit of a fool

Masorti: well Christians you are a heretic...have fun, lol

White_Horse777: are any self professed Jews from the tribe of Judah ????

Uriyah-: Woofti, it doesn't matter, have you not read Job where it uses amemptos? Here are all the places: Job 1:1, John 1:8, Job 2:3, Job 4:17, Job 9:20, Job 11:4, Job 12:4, Job 15:14, Job 22:3, Job 22:19, and Job 33:9

Masorti: of course not

White_Horse777: A jew is a descendant of Juahd

White_Horse777: Judah

woofti: thanks uri i will look those up. remember though that the LXX isn't normative for Christian theology

iggy 2: white and jerk is jerk


Uriyah-: Even GOD himself says Job is amemptos.

woofti: i am talkign CHRISTIAN theology

Masorti: great..I'm being handled now like Torqemada did with the Jews, lol

Phawnz: i am able to trace my line to 1250 ad

FifthRebbi: please try not to handle me at all

White_Horse777: He who does not have the Son does not thave the Father

Uriyah-: I don't care for christian theology, I care for Godly thelogy. :)

malawk: lol

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KhodaAfez: do you believe joseph was his biological father, tzfat?

barshalomway: bbl,,son needs to use phone. aleichem shalom

Phawnz: clearly i agree

White_Horse777: Rev 3:14

Kami_153: shalom bar

Uriyah-: Good for you, I view it as garbage, with all it's godmans, and hell for eternity, etc etc.

White_Horse777: Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God

tzfat: ooooops off topic ?

White_Horse777: Rev 3:12

Phawnz: y'shua is the Mighty Right ARM of HaShem Isaiah 40:10

White_Horse777: MY GOD

KhodaAfez: of those who have died and come back to life

Kami_153: lol tzfat

White_Horse777: Jesus calls his FATHER my God