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Subject: [christianidentity] Italy's Parmalat scandal

What's in a name? Especially when Sefardin steal them from their host
countries. Being familiar with Brasil, I learned quickly who were
Mendes, Seixas, Fonseca and Cardoso. They also take names of trees, like
Oliveira, Teixera and Pereira.
In the United States you know them as precious metals, GOLDberg, Diamond
and Silver, along with Wademan, Roth and Stein.
So it was merely a curiosity when Italy's number one company went belly
up, Parmalat, AC. We might know them for little cookies, condensed milk
and candies, even Parma Ham. Parma is a town, and lat is short for
latte, or milk. It is also from whence the name parmesan cheese comes.To
Itlay they are the the ruling business elite, the Tanzi family, pure
Aryan Italians, a dynasty. In Brasil, Parmalat is the number three
packaged foodstuffs producer, with Nestle being number one.
But good Italians can be ripped off by jews like everyone else has been.
Think of Enron, Worldcom and crazy Eddie Antar, those who rob billions
and flee to Israel for safe haven. I should have know it when I saw the
news reports. Jews, jews, jews, always jews. Italians don't do that sort
of thing.
Around Christmastime, the Parmalat collapse was considered to be a theft
equivalent to $5 BILLION dollars U.S. The family came under fire, the
patriarch was jailed, his son put in shame, the family splintered.
Within two weeks, CNN was calling the hole in their accounting system
one of $10 BILLION. We know that the jews have bilked countries of
billions, but a corporation? Brasil some $25 Billion the second time,
and then another $30 billion around 1998. The government didn't have
enough money to pay the jews, so the IMF and World Bank made a loan
which was quickly removed to Israel over a mere 6 week period. Interest
rates soared to more than 11% a month.
Seems now the culprits in Parmalat's total failure are none other than
the jews at Citibank and a major NYC accounting firm. Sound familiar? It
should. This may be the biggest heist by jews involving a corporate
entity. The scheme was rather simple when compared to the complicated
flim-flams of Enron.
Actual, physical bank accounts into which had been deposited more than
$10 BILLION dollars, and which were recorded on the company's books by
the NY jew auditors, certified by Citibank jews, were in fact EMPTY.
Bone dry. The fiasco was uncovered when payments of tens of millions to
farmers and dairymen bounced.
Low level employees will probably get the blame, maybe go to jail, but
the jews will be on the Riviera a long time with this heist. That's the
way it's done. Where's the beef?  Well, no one yet has followed the
money trail in Enron. What makes you think they would do a simple thing
like that for Tanzi's Parmalat?


Why do you pay a KOSHER TAX to jews?  Silly Goyim!  Look for the
>>secret codes<< on food package labels: U,  P,  K

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