The Goal of the Fathers’ Manifesto is to “eliminate fatherlessness”. Patriarchy is a social system which can do this, and in fact is the only known system which has proven, time and time again throughout history and throughout the modern world, to provide the social stability necessary to eliminate fatherlessness. Neither feminism, equal rights, nor matriarchy have ever been proven to improve family unity or reduce fatherlessness, and the US experience with it proves just the opposite.

Extensive debates on joint custody, aka equality, aka feminism, aka matriarchy, versus father custody, aka patriarchy, reveal that joint custody has not, cannot, and will not eliminate, or even reduce, fatherlessness. Joint custody is a trap, or a placebo, which:

  1. lulls unsuspecting fathers into a false sense of security regarding the future welfare of their own children
  2. gives the legal establishment time to strip away his rights, money, income, and future income
  3. firmly establishes this disposable father as the cash cow upon which matriarchy affixes itself
  4. places his children in the worst of all environments -- the mother headed household
  5. with overtaxation of the MALE, funds the resulting social pathology perpetrated by the single-MOTHER households this process creates
Webster's New World Dictionary, 3rd College Edition defines "Patriarchy" as:
patriarchy: A form of social organization in which the father or the eldest male is recognized as the head of the family or tribe, decent and kinship being traced through the male line.
This definition illustrates that patriarchy is not a political, economic, bureaucratic, government, or free enterprise system. It is simply a social system with one major requirement -- that the father be the head of the household. Every major religion in the world cherishes this concept. The US became the world’s most powerful nation with patriarchy, mainly through its Christian heritage. The American woman became the most envied person in the world with patriarchy, living in the nation with the world's highest per capita income. The American male became the wealthiest man in the world with patriarchy, the US had one of the lowest crime rates and one of the best education systems with patriarchy.

The slow decline into matriarchy in a misguided and failed effort to establish “equality in the family" almost completely destroyed the family, leading the US to the world’s highest divorce rate, one of the highest illegitimacy rates, and a rate of fatherlessness approaching 40%. The 92% mother custody rate is evidence enough that we are a matriarchal society, and in no way resemble a patriarchal society. Patriarchy demands that the father be the de facto head of the family, which requires that the father take all responsibility for the family, including custody of his children, without outside interference by anyone.

Societies which guarantee the father's role as head of the family through patriarchy, as this nation did until relatively recently, and as most nations do today, have:

  1. divorce rates as much as 95% lower
  2. illegitimacy rates 80% lower
  3. prison incarceration rates 90% lower
  4. education costs one third & student performance is much better
Feminists marvel at how few women embrace feminism. In FEMINISM IS NOT THE STORY OF MY LIFE: How Today's Feminist Elite Has Lost Touch with the Real Concerns of Women, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese Doubleday, New York 275 pages says:
"fewer than one in five college women now consider themselves to be feminist ... membership in NOW, the National Organization of Women in the United States, totals only 300,000"
While they lament that less than 20% of women are feminists, and that the largest feminist organization consists of less than 0.3% of the female population, and that even a majority of NOW members who have been interviewed recently fail to support the radical tenets of the current organization, we must be concerned about the tremendous damage done to society by so few. How and why did matriarchy displace patriarchy in the US with so few female supporters? Is this an accomplishment by women, or a failure by women?

It is neither. It is a failure by men. It is a failure by men to:

bulletunderstand and assert their rightful, important, and necessary role in the family
bulletunderstand that "equality" from the feminist perspective is nothing less than 92% mother custody, which is pure matriarchy in disguise
bulletunderstand the terrible damage caused to society by the resulting high rate of fatherlessness
Until the American male understands his important role, the destruction done to society by undermining this important role, and the